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250+ Adorable Nicknames for Girls: With Catchy Meanings

These darling nicknames for girls will make your girl feel like a star.

Nicknames are something many parents consider when choosing a baby name. Thankfully, there’s no lack of nicknames for girls, from preppy to edgy. This list gives you over 250 girl nicknames to help you make an informed decision.

For fun, we’ve included a little background on each name, including origins. With a list this vast, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy. Grab a chair and put on your thinking cap; it’s time to cross one thing off your to-do list.

90 Beautiful Nicknames for Girls

These 90 beautiful nicknames for girls will capture anyone’s attention.

  1. Addie – a German title meaning “sweet,” perfect for the good-natured girl.
  2. Aggie – of Greek origin, a moniker for Agathodaemon, a mythical creature.
  3. Alex – short for Alexandra, often associated with Alexander the Great.
  4. Anna – a Hebrew title meaning “grace” or “beauty;” can be short for Annaliese.
  5. Ari – short for Ariana, a Greek title meaning “eagle” or “lion.”
  6. Barb – of Latin origin, meaning “foreign woman,” often connected to Barbara.
  7. Bea – a nice moniker for Beatrice, meaning “bringer of happiness.”
  8. Becca – a classic Hebrew title taken from Rebekah, the biblical mother of Isaac.
  9. Bella – of Italian origin, meaning “beautiful,” short for Isabella or Bellatrix.
  10. Belle – a French title meaning “lovely one,” often associated with Disney or Southern quips.
  11. Beth – means “pledged to God,” associated with Beth March from the classic novel Little Women.
  12. Bonita – finds a home in the Spanish dialect meaning “pretty” or “cute.”
  13. Bonnie – a cool Scottish term meaning “beautiful” and a moniker for Bonita.
  14. Callie – one of many mythical women’s nicknames connected to Callisto, Zeus’ love interest.
  15. Caro – of German, Roman, and Spanish origins, short for Caroline or Carol.
  16. Carrie – a German moniker meaning “free man,” connected to Carol or Carlos.
  17. Charlie – a German title short for Karl, meaning warrior, symbolizing strength.
  18. Chrissy – of Latin origin, meaning “follower of Christ,” a nickname for early Christians.
  19. Cindy – a Greek and Latin title referring to Mount Kythanos, the setting of many myths.
  20. Cora – of Greek origin, meaning “maiden” or “heart,” perfect for your little best friend.
  21. Dani – short for Danielle, a Hebrew title meaning “God is my judge.”
  22. Delia – the island where Apollo and Artemis were born; also an alias for Artemis.
  23. Dorie – a Greek title meaning “gift,” fitting for your beautiful little pet.
  24. Dot – a silly variant of Dorothy, a Greek title meaning “gift of God.”
  25. Drea – can be masculine or feminine, short for Andrea, a Greek title meaning “strong.”
  26. Elle – of Hebrew and Greek origin, meaning “sun ray,” symbolizing a warm personality.
  27. Ellie – a Hebrew moniker that’s hot in the U.K., short for Eleanor or Elizabeth.
  28. Elsa – of German and Hebrew origin, meaning “noble” or “consecrated to God.”
  29. Elsie – a Scottish variant of Elizabeth meaning “consecrated to God,” associated with the Elsie Dinsmore books.
  30. Emmy – of German origin, meaning “universal,” can be short for Emily or Amelia.
  31. Esme – a French and Spanish title short for Esmerelda, can be used for boys or girls.
  32. Eva – a variation of Eve, the first woman created, symbolizes life and girl power.
  33. Gabby – a great nickname for Gabrielle, a traditional French title meaning “God is my strength.”
  34. Gem – has Italian roots, the perfect option for your priceless jewel of a girl.
  35. Gracie – a Latin title derived from Grace, particularly prevalent among Christian and Muslim communities.
  36. Holly – of German origin, meaning “dove,” often used for Christmas babies.
  37. Ida – a German title short for Iounn, the Norse goddess of spring.
  38. Jazz – a flirty American title short for Jazmine, can also refer to a style of music.
  39. Jean – a French moniker meaning “God is gracious, connected to John.
  40. Josie – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God will increase,” a nickname for Josephine or Joseph.
  41. Kai – a powerful Hawaiian title meaning “sea,” symbolizing adventure and chaos.
  42. Kate – of Greek and English origin, meaning “pure,” perfect for an innocent little tot.
  43. Kay – a Greek moniker short for Katherine, meaning “pure of heart.”
  44. Kenzie – short for Mackenzie or Kenneth, can mean “fair one” or “son of Ken.”
  45. Laney – a sweet French title meaning “bright light,” symbolizing charisma and strength.
  46. Lee – an English surname referring to those who live near a clearing in the woods.
  47. Leese – a charming moniker for Alice, a German title meaning “noble.”
  48. Leigh – connected to Lee, a Celtic moniker meaning healer, perfect for the future doctor.
  49. Lena – a versatile title with Arabic, Hindi, Russian, and Swedish roots, meaning “shining.”
  50. Lexa – has Greek origins and is connected to Alexandria, a top city in Egypt.
  51. Lil – of Latin origin, referring to the lily flower and connected to the Virgin Mary.
  52. Linda – a Spanish option associated with the Linden tree, symbolizing love and riches.
  53. Lou – of French and German origin, a short pick meaning “famous warrior.”
  54. Lucy – has English roots, meaning “as of light,” traditionally given to girls born at daybreak.
  55. Lux – of Latin origin, meaning light, but can also refer to a luxurious lifestyle.
  56. Lynne – of Celtic origin, referring to a brilliant pool or lake, short for Kaitlynne.
  57. Maddie – a Hebrew option short for Madeline, meaning “maiden” or “woman from Magdala.”
  58. Maisie – a variant of Margaret, a Scottish title meaning “little pearl,” perfect for your little treasure.
  59. Mandy – means “worthy of love,” a derivative of Amanda, meaning “lovable.”
  60. Meg – one of many 3-letter nicknames, short for Megan or Margaret.
  61. Mickey – a derivative of Michelle and connected to Michael, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  62. Mindy – an American option meaning “black and beautiful,” short for Melinda.
  63. Nan – of Hebrew origin meaning “favor” or “grace” – short for Channah or Hannah.
  64. Nessa – a Greek title short for Vanessa, meaning butterfly, symbolizing freedom and elegance.
  65. Nette – meaning “clean,” a derivative of Annette and Jeanette, French titles popular in Europe.
  66. Nev – one of the edgiest nicknames for girls, of Latin origin, meaning “holy” or “new village.”
  67. Nina – of Hebrew and Spanish origin, meaning “God is gracious” and “little girl.”
  68. Nita – short for Anita or Juanita, where it has Spanish and Hebrew origins meaning “to plant.”
  69. Nora – of Hebrew origin, meaning “light,” symbolizing positivity and joy.
  70. Nova – derived from Novus, meaning “new,” associated with astronomy.
  71. Oak – an Old English option referring to the oak tree, connected to longevity and endurance.
  72. Ollie – short for Oliver, meaning “olive tree,” a universal symbol of peace and unity.
  73. Ona – of Slavic and Hebrew origins, meaning “God is gracious” and “full of fire.”
  74. Penny – short for Penelope, meaning “weaver” in Greek, associated with the tale of Penelope’s weaving loom.
  75. Percie – of French and Latin origin, meaning “one who pierces the valley,” referring to a warrior.
  76. Polly – connected to Molly, meaning “star of the sea,” ideal for the girl born oceanside.
  77. Prissy – a great nickname for Priscilla, a title with Latin roots meaning “ancient.”
  78. Rae – of Hebrew origin, connected to the biblical title, Rachel, meaning “ewe.”
  79. Rena – a Hebrew nickname meaning “joy” or “music,” perfect for the girl with a song.
  80. Rosie – has Latin roots referring to the lovely rose, symbolizing friendship or passion.
  81. Sophie – of Greek origin, short for Sophia, meaning “wisdom,” perfect for your old soul.
  82. Stacie – a Hebrew option short for Anastasia, meaning “resurrection,” ideal for the Easter baby.
  83. Stella – has Latin and Italian roots, meaning “celestial star,” possibly a nickname for an astronomer.
  84. Susie – of Hebrew origin meaning “lily,” symbolizing fertility – fitting for this season in your life.
  85. Sylvie – a French option referring to someone from the forest, symbolizing depth and introversion.
  86. Tina – among the most versatile female nicknames, can be short for Bettina, Katherine, or Christina.
  87. Toni – a derivative of Antonia, a French pick meaning “beyond praise,” perfect for your high-class darling.
  88. Tori – a kawaii Japanese option meaning “bird,” symbolizing the ability to soar to new heights.
  89. Val – of Latin origin, a derivative of Valerie, but can also point to valiant.
  90. Wren – an unassuming English option connected to the brown bird seen in many fables.

90 Unique Nicknames for Girls

These 90 unique nicknames for girls will give your daughter the spotlight.

  1. Ace – a Latin option meaning “unity” that refers to a winning card.
  2. Allie – short for Allison, a German title meaning “exalted one,” perfect for your sophisticated sweetie.
  3. Ang – of Greek origin, short for Angela, meaning “messenger of God.”
  4. Ash – means “happy” in Hebrew, chosen for its Pokemon association.
  5. Aubs – short for Aubrey, a German and French option meaning “ruler of the little people.”
  6. Auggie – of Latin origin, can be short for August, making it perfect for the autumn baby.
  7. Barbie – short for Barbara, often associated with the Barbie franchise from Mattel.
  8. Battie – means “relative of Bartholomew,” also a term for a corny, eccentric person.
  9. Bebe – of Persian origin, short for Barbara, Beatrice, and a variant of Bibi.
  10. Beck – means “brook” or “stream” in German, short for Rebecca and Becky.
  11. Bex – an edgy English pick short for Rebecca, meaning “captivating.”
  12. Birdie – of English descent, connected to songbirds, but also means “bright” and “famous.”
  13. Blake – a nonbinary option of English origin meaning “dark” and “shining.”
  14. Bobbie – of English and German origin, short for Barbara, meaning “foreign woman.”
  15. Bucky – an American pick meaning “little buck,” symbolizing the strength and agility of a deer.
  16. Cat – short for Catherine, a Greek title meaning “pure of heart,” the perfect name for your angel.
  17. Chels – of British origin, short for Chelsea, meaning “chalk landing place.”
  18. Cherry – an English option referring to the cherry blossom tree, symbolizing fresh starts.
  19. Cilla – of Latin origin, short for Priscilla, meaning “ancient” or “venerable.”
  20. Coco – a French pick referring to the decadent cocoa bean or designer Coco Chanel.
  21. Daze – short for Daisy, pointing to the flower symbolizing joy and affection.
  22. Dee – a Welsh option meaning “dark” that can be short for Deanna.
  23. Dixie – a Latin pick meaning “tenth” or the southern portion of the U.S.
  24. Dolly – of English origin, meaning “gift of God,” perfect for Dolly Parton fans.
  25. Etta – an English pick, short for Henrietta, meaning “ruler of the home,” perfect for your princess.
  26. Evie – of Hebrew origin, associated with Eve, the biblical first woman.
  27. Fifi – short for Josephine, a French and Hebrew title meaning “God will increase,” symbolizing abundance.
  28. Finn – a moniker for Finley, a unisex option meaning “fair,” ideal for the little blondie.
  29. Flo – rooted in Latin, can be short for Florence or Flora, fitting for your little bloom.
  30. Flossie – a funny variant of the Latin favorite Florence, meaning “flourishing” and “prosperous.”
  31. Frankie – a French pick typically associated with Frank, also short for Francesca.
  32. Georgie – a moniker for Georgina, meaning “earth worker,” perfect for your little naturalist.
  33. Gigi – of French origin, connected to George or Georgina, meaning “farmer.”
  34. Ging – short for Ginger, also a Chinese title meaning “respectful.”
  35. Goldie – hailing from Britain, meaning “made of gold,” ideal for your priceless gem.
  36. Gus – of Latin origin, short for Augustus, meaning “majestic.”
  37. Hales – an Anglo-Saxon pick that can also be short for Haley, meaning “hay clearing.”
  38. Hart – of British origin, short for Hartley, referring to a deer meadow or field of flowers.
  39. Hattie – rooted in the German and English dialect, a variant of Harriet meaning “home-ruler.”
  40. Henny – of Dutch origin, can be short for Henrietta, Henri, or Harriet.
  41. Indy – an American option short for Indigo or Independence, a great pick for NASCAR fans.
  42. Izzy – a badass moniker for Isabella, an Italian title meaning “God’s promise.”
  43. Jax – of English origin, short for Jackie, meaning “may God protect” or “holder of the heel.”
  44. Jovie – an American pick meaning “joyful” or the leading lady in the hit Christmas film Elf.
  45. Jude – among the most unique girl nicknames, short for Judith, meaning “praised.”
  46. Jules – a French pick short for Julia, Julie, or Juliette, meaning “youthful.”
  47. Junie – associated with the juniper tree or Juno, the goddess of marriage and fertility.
  48. Lenny – derived from Leonora, a British title connected to Leo, meaning “lion.”
  49. Lex – a staunch Greek pick associated with Alexandra and Alexander, short for Alex or Lexy.
  50. Lissie – of Hebrew and Greek origin, can be a derivative of Alyssa, Elisabeth, or Elsie.
  51. Liv – in Hebrew, this uncommon title means life, a wonderful dedication to your newborn.
  52. Livvy – a great option for parents looking for female nicknames that mean “peace.”
  53. Lola – a spiritual Spanish pick connected to the Virgin Mary and Delores.
  54. Lulu – a shortened variant of Louisa or Luella, meaning “famous warrior” or “pearl.”
  55. Mads – a Scandinavian title that comes with a variety of great usernames like “madsdog101.”
  56. Mak – short for Makenzie, but also an occupational title for someone who grows flowers.
  57. Mar – of Spanish and Portuguese origin, short for Marianna, Mary, and Marilyn.
  58. Marley – short for Marlene, meaning “star of the sea,” perfect for Bob Marley fans.
  59. Millie – the best moniker for Millicent, a great pick for parents looking to modernize vintage titles.
  60. Mimi – means “sea of bitterness,” a moniker for titles like Mary or Mimzy.
  61. Mitzi – a weird pet name for Maria, a Latin title meaning “rebellious” or “bitter.”
  62. Mo – a diverse Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, and Irish nickname, often connected to Morgan or Moses.
  63. Pippa – this Greek moniker is associated with the British royal family, meaning “lover of horses.”
  64. Pixie – a popular slang term among teenagers, can also mean “fairy.”
  65. Rach – a classic Hebrew moniker for Rachel referring to an ewe.
  66. Ria – short for the Spanish Maria, can also refer to a river, symbolizing times of refreshment.
  67. Ro – a German pet name referring to someone with red hair, perfect for your little ginger.
  68. Romy – short for Romelda, a Latin title meaning “dew of the sea.”
  69. Ronnie – a masculine pick connected to Veronica, meaning “true image” or “she who brings victory.”
  70. Rory – is of Irish descent, short for Lorelei, perfect for Gilmore Girls fans.
  71. Roxy – hails from Persia and is short for Roxanne, meaning “dawn” – ideal for the girl born at sunrise.
  72. Rue – a French pick referring to a street or medicinal herb used for ocular health.
  73. Scout – a traditional French pet name meaning “to listen,” often connected to Girl Scouts.
  74. Skye – of Scottish origin, meaning “island of clouds,” short for Skylar or Skyla.
  75. Sonny – short for Addison or Emerson, perfect for fans of Sonny and Cher.
  76. Sully – of French and British origin, meaning “stain” or “south meadow.”
  77. Tallie – a Hebrew option meaning “gentle dew from heaven,” short for Natalie or Natalia.
  78. Tate – a gender-neutral British pick with plenty of swag, short for Tatelyn.
  79. Tavi – of Arabic origin, meaning “good,” can be used as a moniker for Octavia.
  80. Tay – a French pick meaning “tailor,” often associated with Taylor Swift.
  81. Teddy – of French origin, meaning “wealthy protector,” short for Theodora.
  82. Thea – means “goddess” in Greek, associated with Dorothea, a spiritual martyr.
  83. Trixie – finds its roots in Latin dialect, short for Beatrice, meaning “bringer of joy.”
  84. Tully – a general Irish moniker meaning “flood” or “peaceful,” a fun juxtaposition for your daughter.
  85. Vee – a classic nickname for any “V” name, giving your girl a cultured, sophisticated air.
  86. Vi – short for Viola or Violet, symbolizing royalty and marital faithfulness.
  87. Via – a variant of Octavia or the Spanish word for “street,” symbolizing bustle and community.
  88. Wave – an ultrarare moniker referring to the ocean, perfect for the beach babe.
  89. Zee – a great nickname for any “Z” forename, rumored to mean wolf.
  90. Zo – short for Zoe, also an African title meaning “spiritual leader.”

90 Classic Nicknames for Girls

These 90 classic nicknames for girls have stood the test of time.

  1. Abby – of Hebrew origin, short for Abigail, the biblical wife of King David.
  2. Adel – a variant of Adelina, an Italian title meaning “noble.”
  3. Alice – of German origin doubling as a moniker for Alicia, a Mexican title meaning “exalted.”
  4. Amy – a derivative of the Latin Amata and Old French Amée, meaning “lovable.”
  5. Andie – stems from Andrew, a biblical disciple, or Andrea, meaning “brave.”
  6. Ann – a virtuous Latin moniker short for Anna or Hannah – honored women in the Bible.
  7. Annie – of Hebrew origin, a playful alternative to Anne or Anna, meaning “gracious.”
  8. Becky – an abbreviation of Rebecca, a Hebrew pick meaning “captivating” or “captivated.”
  9. Bertie – a masculine German pick meaning “bright raven,” symbolizing wisdom and moodiness.
  10. Betsy – a great pick for Christian families as it means “worshipper” or “daughter.”
  11. Betty – a classic nickname for Elizabeth, meaning “oath of God.”
  12. Bev – of English origin, meaning “beaver stream,” short for Beverly or Bevelyn.
  13. Billie – a nickname for tough German titles like Wilhelmina or soft options like Willow.
  14. Brielle – of French origin, short for Gabrielle, meaning “God is my strength.”
  15. Brynne – a Welsh option meaning “black-haired,” perfect for the raven-tressed beauty.
  16. Buffy – hails from Britain, a great alternative to Muffy that can be used for any female name.
  17. Cady – a Greek and English pick associated with Cady Heron from the hit film Mean Girls.
  18. Carol – short for Caroline, can also refer to a song sung at Christmastime.
  19. Cassie – a moniker for the Greek title Cassandra, a famous prophetess in Greek mythology.
  20. Cece – of Latin origin meaning “blind,” short for Cecily or Cecelia.
  21. Cleo – derived from “kleo,” a Greek word meaning “to make famous.”
  22. Della – means “noble” in German, short for Delanor or Dellarosa.
  23. Dora – a Greek pick short for Theodora or the main character from Dora the Explorer.
  24. Dottie – a youthful take on Dorothy, pronounced “DAH-tee” or “DOH-tee.”
  25. Drew – of Welsh origin, considered a male moniker until actress Drew Barrymore changed the game.
  26. Dusty – among the most surprising women’s nicknames, short for Mary, the mother of Christ.
  27. Edie – an Anglo-Saxon pick short for Edith, meaning “prosperous in war,” ideal for the little fighter.
  28. Effie – a manageable variant of the Greek title Euphemia, meaning “well-spoken.”
  29. Eliza – short for Elizabeth, meaning “God is satisfaction,” perfect for families of faith.
  30. Emma – of German origin, short for Emily or Emmaline, meaning “whole” or “universal.”
  31. Fawn – an English pet name referring to a young deer, symbolizing wide-eyed innocence.
  32. Flora – the Latin word for “flower,” perfect for the girl who comes up smelling like roses.
  33. Frannie – a French title meaning “from France,” short for Francine or Frances.
  34. Gwen – of Welsh descent, short for Gwenyth or Gwendolyn, meaning “white” or “holy.”
  35. Jackie – associated with Jacob or Jacquelyn, perfect for fans of Jackie Kennedy.
  36. Jamie – a moniker for Jemima, a great pick for parents seeking gender-neutral Hebrew options.
  37. Janie – short for Jane, meaning “Yahweh is merciful.”
  38. Jen – of Welsh origin, short for Jenna, Jennifer, or Jenevieve.
  39. Jenny – a Celtic pick meaning “lady of the people,” fitting for the future world leader.
  40. Jess – derived from the Hebrew title Jessica, meaning “God exists” or “wealthy.”
  41. Jill – short for Jillian or Julia, meaning “youthful,” ideal for the forever young girl.
  42. Jo – an American pick short for Joseph or Josephine, meaning “God is gracious.”
  43. Jojo – a moniker for Josephine or a Ghanaian forename meaning “Monday born.”
  44. Judy – derived from the Hebrew title Judith, meaning “He will be praised” or “woman of Judea.”
  45. Katie – an English and Greek option short for Kaitlin or Katherine, meaning “pure of heart.”
  46. Kiki – means “double happiness” in French, making it perfect for a twin.
  47. Kit – a sacred moniker for Christians as it means “bearing Christ.”
  48. Kitty – short for Catherine, can also refer to the slinky cat, symbolizing flexibility and awareness.
  49. Kris – traditionally a moniker for Christians, meaning “follower of Christ.”
  50. Lexy – a sassy nickname for Alexandra or Alexandria, an Egyptian hot spot.
  51. Libby – derived from Elizabeth, a Hebrew title meaning “God is my promise.”
  52. Lila – short for the Hebrew Delilah, a biblical temptress who revealed the secret of Samson’s strength.
  53. Lily – a moniker for Lillian or a beautiful flower traditionally given to newlyweds.
  54. Lottie – a vintage variant of Charlotte, a French title meaning “little and womanly.”
  55. Maddy – derived from English, short for Madeline, a popular series of children’s books.
  56. Mae – short for Margaret, Mary, or Mabel, can be used independently.
  57. Maggie – the Greek form of Margaret, commonly seen in the U.S.
  58. Mamie – short for the Greek title Margaret, often associated with Mammy from Gone With the Wind.
  59. Margo – the French moniker for Margaret, meaning “pearl,” a fabulous option for your priceless treasure.
  60. Max – associated with Maximus, earns unisex status as a moniker for the Latin title Maxine.
  61. Mia – an Egyptian pet name meaning “beloved,” also short for Amelia.
  62. Miley – a stand-alone title turned famous nickname thanks to American singer and actress Miley Cyrus.
  63. Minnie – derived from the Roman name Minerva, meaning “woman of great wisdom.”
  64. Molly – a popular moniker of English origin meaning “star of the sea” or “bitter.”
  65. Mona – associated with the Italian title Madonna, meaning “aristocratic” or “noble.”
  66. Muffy – a universal favorite, can be used as a moniker for any girl’s name.
  67. Nellie – means “horn” or “sun ray,” short for Cornelia, Eleanor, and Helen.
  68. Nels – of Scandinavian and Greek origin, short for Helen or Ellen, meaning “light.”
  69. Nico – a unisex Greek option meaning “people of victory,” perfect for the competitive cutie.
  70. Pam – short for Pamela, a British pick meaning “all sweetness.”
  71. Patty – stems from the Latin name Patricius, a form of Patrick and Patricia.
  72. Peggy – of English and Greek origin, means “pearl” and “child of light.”
  73. Queenie – can refer to a member of royalty, the short form of Regina meaning “queen.”
  74. Quinn – hails from Ireland, short for Quincy or a standalone title meaning “wise.”
  75. Ree – of Hebrew origin meaning “to bind,” short for Rebecca or Valerie.
  76. Rosa – a fun variation of Rose commonly seen in Spanish-speaking communities.
  77. Sadie – short for Sarah or Sarai, a biblical title meaning “princess.”
  78. Sally – an English option short for Sarah, belonging to astronaut Sally Ride.
  79. Sam – derived from the Hebrew Samuel or Samantha, meaning “told by God” or “God hears.”
  80. Sammy – short for Samantha, a rare pick for girls that’s popular for American boys.
  81. Sandy – is of Greek origin, short for Alexandra, meaning “defender of the people.”
  82. Sasha – a Russian option short for Alexandra; some claim it’s short for Natasha.
  83. Savvy – hails from America, short for Savannah, or a smart individual.
  84. Sue – short for Susan, a Hebrew title meaning “lily,” symbolizing beauty and grace.
  85. Tabbie – an Aramaic pick short for Tabitha – can also point to a type of cat.
  86. Tessa – of Greek origin, a moniker for Teresa meaning “to reap.”
  87. Trudy – short for Gertrude, a German title meaning “universal strength.”
  88. Vicky – a Latin option derived from victory, also short for Victoria.
  89. Willa – of German origin, a moniker for Wilhelmina, meaning “helmet.”
  90. Winnie – a Disney-inspired option short for Winifred, meaning “friend.”

Nicknames for Girls FAQs

What Is the Cutest Nickname?

Everyone’s opinion differs, but the cutest nicknames are often short and sweet. The most adorable monikers include Bea, Etta, Gigi, and Skye. Cute nicknames for girls that aren’t popular include Rue, made famous by the Hunger Games series. Titles associated with adorable namesakes are also darling, for example, Coco, inspired by designer Coco Chanel.

What Are Badass Girl Nicknames?

Parents who value tenacity will be delighted to know there are endless badass girl nicknames. Bex is one fabulous option, appearing edgy because of the “X factor.” Daze is also a great pick as it means “to stupefy,” perfect for the girl who leaves you starstruck. Tomboyish nicknames also appear badass, including Frankie, Bobbie, and Gus.

What Is a Unique Nickname for a Girl?

Unique nicknames for girls can make your daughter feel cherished. Obscure options like Muffy are always extraordinary and work with any forename. Titles like Ro and Mo are also unusual, as they can be short for most R and M names. Many parents view hippy aesthetic titles as rare gems, for example, Skye, Jude, and Lenny.

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