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120 Awesome Names for Grandpa: From Trendy to Traditional

These endearing names for grandpa will shower him with love and appreciation!

Grandpa names are more than just words; they express the love, respect, and close connections we share across generations. In this article, we’ll explore a wide variety of names for grandpa, from traditional choices to modern alternatives.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect name for your grandpa or just curious about how people address their grandpas across the globe, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into traditional, cute, and badass nicknames for grandpa to find options that resonate with your family.

48 Traditional Names for Grandpa

These conventional grandfather names are perfect for a classic grandpa!

  1. Abuelito – in Spanish-speaking families, Abuelito represents a loving and cherished patriarch.
  2. Afi – of Icelandic origin, Afi is one of the simplest grandfather names on our list.
  3. Ataahua – a rare option among our grandpa names, primarily used in Māori culture.
  4. Athair Críonna – a formal and respectful Irish Gaelic name for grandpas.
  5. Babushka – this Russian grandpa name is funny and endearing.
  6. Dada Jaan – in Urdu, Dada Jaan is a loving name for a grandpa.
  7. Daideó – a common Irish Gaelic term for grandpas.
  8. Dede – in Turkish culture, Dede reflects an elder who passes down cultural values.
  9. Dziadzia – in Polish families, Dziadzia symbolizes a grandpa who shares traditions and a warm smile.
  10. Dziadzio – an alternative Polish spelling for grandpa.
  11. Farfar – the Swedish term for a paternal grandfather.
  12. Gramps – a playful term, perfect for a grandpa with a mischievous smile and tons of stories.
  13. Granda – this friendly variation of grandpa is often used in Scottish or Irish families.
  14. Grandad – an endearing term for a respected figure with plenty of stories and advice.
  15. Grandpa – a timeless English title, evoking warmth, wisdom, and a lifetime of cherished memories.
  16. Grandpappy – a traditional title often used in the southern United States.
  17. Grandpaw – this down-to-earth name suggests a warm and welcoming personality.
  18. Grand-père – the formal French term for grandfather, perfect for an elegant grandpa with white hair.
  19. Grandpop – a playful name for a grandpa who brings joy to every family gathering.
  20. Grossvater – in German, Grossvater represents a grandpa who values tradition, hard work, and family.
  21. Gunga – this Swahili term represents a grandpa who shares folktales and stories, keeping the tradition alive.
  22. Gung Gung – in Chinese culture, Gung Gung references a maternal grandfather.
  23. Halabeoji – in Korean culture, this grandfather’s name symbolizes love and support.
  24. Haraboji – an alternative Korean term for grandpa, signifying wisdom and respect.
  25. Jido – of Arabic origin, Jido signifies a grandpa with a strong moral code.
  26. Kakek – in Indonesian families, Kakek symbolizes a grandpa who is a source of wisdom and guidance.
  27. Koroua – this rare grandpa name is primarily used by Maori families.
  28. Lao ye – a Mandarin Chinese term for grandpa, conveying a deep sense of family heritage.
  29. L’avi – a rare option among our names for grandfathers, used by Catalan speakers.
  30. Lolo – a cool option among our names for grandpa, primarily used in the Philippines.
  31. Morfar – the Swedish term for a maternal grandfather.
  32. Nene – of Hawaiian origin – signifies an elder with a calming presence.
  33. Ojiisan – of Japanese origin, Ojiisan represents a grandpa who imparts traditional customs and wisdom.
  34. Opa – this German term reflects a grandpa who imparts wisdom and guidance.
  35. Opappi – of Italian origin, Opappi reflects a grandpa who imparts life lessons.
  36. Papi – a term of endearment in many Latin cultures.
  37. Pappou – of Greek origin, Pappou carries a strong sense of tradition.
  38. Pappous – an alternative Greek name for grandpa, suggesting a connection to Greek culture.
  39. Pop – this casual name for grandfathers is used across various cultures.
  40. Saba – in Hebrew, Saba represents a grandpa who brings laughter, joy, and love.
  41. Seanathair – a Gaelic term for a grandpa, deeply rooted in Scottish or Irish culture.
  42. Seedo – is an Arabic term for grandfathers, primarily used in Palestine.
  43. Tipuna – a Maori variation of Tupuna, signifying an elder who guards ancestral knowledge.
  44. Tupuna – in Maori culture, Tupuna represents a grandpa deeply connected to Maori traditions.
  45. Wai gong – in Cantonese Chinese, Wai gong signifies a grandpa who is highly regarded within the family.
  46. Wai zu fu – is the traditional name for a maternal grandfather in Mandarin Chinese.
  47. Zaydeh – a cool Yiddish term emphasizing the grandfather’s cherished role.
  48. Zu fu – this term is used for a paternal grandfather in Mandarin Chinese.

40 Cute Grandpa Names

These sweet names for grandpa are as cute and charming as he is!

  1. Abba – the Hebrew term for “father,” used affectionately for grandpas, too.
  2. Bubba – a playful option among our grandfather names, perfect for Forrest Gump fans.
  3. Bubby – this affectionate name is often used in Jewish families.
  4. Buddy – a friendly choice for a grandpa who is also a true friend.
  5. Dada – the Hindi name for a paternal grandpa who is cherished and adored.
  6. Dandy – a charming choice for an elder with great style and sophistication.
  7. Dodo – perfect for a grandpa with a unique sense of humor, referencing the bird.
  8. Doodle – a whimsical name for a creative grandpa.
  9. Gamps – a quirky alternative to gramps.
  10. Gee-Gee – perfect for a loving grandfather who always stays in contact.
  11. Gong Gong – a cute option among our names for grandpa, primarily used in Taiwan.
  12. Grandfather Clock – a humorous nickname reflecting a grandpa’s age and wisdom.
  13. Grandy – well-suited for a “grand” grandpa whom his grandchildren adore.
  14. Grandykins – a delightful nickname combining “Grandy” with a touch of cuteness.
  15. Gumpy – a playful grandpa name reminiscent of the word “grumpy.”
  16. Jellybean – for a grandpa who’s as sweet as candy.
  17. Jiji – an adorable short form of Ojiisan, the Japanese term for grandpa.
  18. Kip – a cool and contemporary name, giving grandpa a youthful vibe.
  19. Koro – a shorter and more affectionate version of Koroua in Maori culture.
  20. Nana – often associated with grandmothers, Nana is common for grandpas in Hindi.
  21. Nonno – in Italian culture, this grandpa name represents family, togetherness, and cherished recipes.
  22. Oupa – a warm and affectionate Afrikaans term for grandpa, reflecting a close-knit family.
  23. Pa – this simple name conveys a close and loving relationship.
  24. Pappy – a charming option among our grandfather names, used for fathers and grandpas.
  25. Paw – perfect for a grandpa with southern charm.
  26. Pawpaw – a sweet name for a grandpa, loved dearly by his grandchildren.
  27. Peepaw – a cute southern name for a beloved grandpa.
  28. Pépé – an affectionate term for grandpas used in French-speaking cultures.
  29. Popcorn – this silly title is perfect for a grandpa who loves to snack.
  30. Popo – one of the cutest nicknames for grandpa, used in Hawaiian families.
  31. Poppie – this Dutch grandpa’s name is cute and playful – perfect for a funny grandfather.
  32. Pop-Pop – an affectionate English title for a hippie grandpa, exuding peace and love.
  33. Popsi – a cutesy option among our grandpa names, adding sweetness to his persona.
  34. Popsicle – a humorous grandpa name referencing the sweet treat.
  35. Shanti – in Sanskrit, Shanti means “peace,” perfect for a grandpa promoting tranquility.
  36. Snickerdoodle – for a grandpa who’s as delightful as a cookie.
  37. Snickers – a catchy option among our nicknames for Grandpa, referencing the chocolate treat.
  38. Sofu – another Japanese name for grandpa, reflecting a strong bond with his family.
  39. Vovô – the Portuguese term for grandpa, affectionately shortened to “Vô.”
  40. Yéyé – one of the best grandpa names for someone with Chinese heritage.

32 Badass Nicknames for Grandpa

If your grandpa is super tough, he’ll love to have one of these awesome grandfather names!

  1. Ace – a grandpa who’s a master in his field, passing on expertise to the next generation.
  2. Bear – grandpas with this name are strong, protective, and fiercely loyal to their loved ones.
  3. Big Daddy – for a fun grandpa who is the life of the party.
  4. Boppa – a unique and modern twist on Grandpa.
  5. Buzz – an energetic name suited for a grandpa with a vibrant personality.
  6. Captain – a grandpa name for a natural leader, guiding the ship of family life.
  7. Gaffer – a British term for an older man, often used affectionately for a grandpa.
  8. G-pa – this hip grandpa name is cool enough for a celebrity.
  9. G-Pop – a modern twist on grandpa, especially those who embrace the latest trends.
  10. Grampster – a combination of “Grandpa” and “Hipster,” suggesting a grandpa with a modern flair.
  11. Grampy – a friendly and approachable variation of Gramps.
  12. Grandmister – a rare and playful choice for a British grandpa.
  13. Grand Sire – this formal and dignified title is perfect for a revered elder.
  14. Grizzle – a funny choice for a grandfather who’s rough around the edges.
  15. Gunner – represents bravery and courage, ideal for a grandpa with a Viking spirit.
  16. Hawk – perfect for a grandfather with a sharp eye, always watching over his family.
  17. Ironman – this grandpa is strong, enduring, and unbreakable, like the superhero.
  18. Maverick – a grandpa with this name is adventurous, independent, and unafraid.
  19. Old Chap – a funny British nickname for a grandpa.
  20. Papa Cool – a trendy choice for a grandpa who’s young at heart.
  21. Paps – slang for pappy or papa, conveying familiarity and affection.
  22. P-Daddy – a unique and trendy grandpa nickname, perfect for a hipster.
  23. Popper – an excellent choice among grandpa names, perfect for a lively individual.
  24. Poppit – a distinct Cajun grandpa name, perfect for someone who likes being different.
  25. Pops – an endearing nickname for a grandpa who adds laughter and fun to family gatherings.
  26. Rambo – for a grandpa who’s tough as nails (or loves the movie)!
  27. Ranger – this grandpa’s name brings to mind someone tough and resourceful.
  28. Sarge – this military-inspired name is ideal for a disciplined grandpa who commands respect.
  29. Skip – a carefree and adventurous name for a grandpa who loves having fun.
  30. Tank – for tough grandfathers who are proud of their military service.
  31. Zeus – a grandpa called Zeus is authoritative wise, and commands respect.
  32. Zayde – a Yiddish term for grandpa, often used in Jewish families.

Grandpa Names FAQs

What’s a Cool Way to Say Grandpa?

There are many cool grandfather names, depending on the style you’re aiming for. Names like Papa Cool, G-Pop, or Grampster add a modern twist to the traditional title, making it sound trendy and cool. Some badass grandpa names include Ranger, Gunner, or Tank, which are well-suited for a grandpa who is as tough as he is loving. The best cool names for Grandpa depend on his unique personality and interests.

What Do You Call a Southern Grandpa?

Southern names for grandfathers are warm and affectionate, reflecting the region’s friendly culture. Common terms include Pa, PawPaw, Poppy, or Gramps. These grandpa names carry a sense of closeness and family tradition, emphasizing the strong bonds between grandparents and grandchildren in Southern families.

What Is Grandpa in Cajun?

In Cajun culture, an alternative and different way to say Grandpa is Grand Père, reflecting the French influence in the region. Another popular alternative is Paw Paw, used throughout the southern United States. These unique titles reflect the region’s distinctive heritage and the important role of a grandpa in Cajun culture.

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