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240 Cool Gang Names: For Tough Guys and Gals

Stay strong with unique gang names that show the world how rugged your group is.
Who doesn’t love unforgettable gang names? Once you’ve got a group worth naming, you’ll have to work on what name defines your gang. Whether going for strength, power, or respect, you only get one shot at greatness.

Let us show you some of the coolest gang names around, from modern inventions to classics you’ll love. This way, you can decide which fun gang names for friends work best for you and your buddies.

80 Cool Gang Names

These awesome gang names are as classic as they come.

  1. Angels of Death – a dangerous yet cool classic among gang names that personifies death as a plural.
  2. Apache – from the Zuñi “apachu,” meaning “enemy,” or the Ute name for Apaches.
  3. Arsenal – named after a famous squad or team of soccer players based in London.
  4. Baby Sharks – when you want scary yet cute, a gang called Baby Sharks is your best bet.
  5. Bad Company – this tough-as-nails moniker is inspired by the 1970s classic rock band of the same name.
  6. Bandits – from the Italian “bandito,” meaning “outlaw,” linked to many Old West gangsters.
  7. Bear Trap – emphasizes a posse of guys or gals who can take down a grizzly bear.
  8. Black Angels – a rock band and a Latino street gang based in Ontario, Canada.
  9. Black Guerilla – an African-American prison gang that’s as scary as it reads.
  10. Black Spider – the made-up name of a rap gang or collective of friends from the hood.
  11. Blackjack – associated with a Jack of Spades or a Jack of Clubs among card players.
  12. Bonafide – refers to the “real deal” or the “real McCoy,” i.e., someone who is genuine.
  13. Boston Tea Party – named after the destruction of tea shipments in the Boston harbor in 1773.
  14. Boys Next Door – is included among gang name ideas for tough guys who are also nice sometimes.
  15. Brass Eagles – historically used as an image on a Puritan church pulpit as a show of strength.
  16. Butterfingers – a euphemism for someone clumsy that is as funny as gang names for friends get.
  17. Crips and Bloods – include both of L.A.’s notorious gangs in one unique gangsta name.
  18. Dead Rabbits – the iconic title of one of the first top New York City street gangs.
  19. Devil’s Rejects – taken from a Rob Zombie horror movie title that stands out among gang names.
  20. Diamond Snakes – a snake found on the East coast of Australia, tailor-made for Instagram.
  21. Dirty Money – describes money that was gotten illegally, whether by a gang or not.
  22. Doom – named after the famous 1990s shooter video game by ID software.
  23. Dream Team – named after the 1992 U.S. basketball team that competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics.
  24. Fast and the Furious – the title of the film franchise ideally suited to a car or motorcycle club.
  25. Freestyle – a wild style among skateboarders from the 1960s to 1990s that may be unused today.
  26. Gambino Family – from an Italian nickname for someone with short or peculiar legs; the famous mafia crime family.
  27. Gone in 60 Seconds – is a very popular film and refers to the time it takes to steal a car.
  28. Hot Shots – originally meant “reckless person” or “fast train” in the 1920s and 1930s.
  29. Jawbreakers – first a vintage hard candy known for breaking a jaw.
  30. Jesters – a good name for people who want to entertain everyone they know.
  31. Kitchen Knives – less innocent than it seems for killers in the kitchen and beyond.
  32. Laughing Lunatics – from the Latin “lunaticus,” referring to someone known for crazy behavior.
  33. Matrix – a nod to the iconic 1990s science fiction blockbuster; means “womb” and “mother” in Latin.
  34. Merry Pranksters – the name of a 1960s cultural movement headed up by Ken Kesey.
  35. Misfit Marauders – from the Middle French “maraud,” meaning “rascal,” combined with a misfit.
  36. Murder Inc. – a 1930s organized crime group known as one of the most badass gangster groups around.
  37. Ñetas – a Puerto Rican prison gang that brings an exotic feel to gang name ideas.
  38. Organized Crime – the most literal way to show the world your clique means business.
  39. Out for Blood – given to someone who wants to obliterate everything and everyone they see.
  40. Patriots – you don’t have to be a patriot to use this name for your posse.
  41. Plug Uglies – the name of a notorious 1800s gang in New York City.
  42. Predators – from the Latin “praedator,” which denotes a “plunderer” or “pirate.”
  43. Rascal – based on the Middle English “rascaile,” to describe a slightly cheeky outlaw.
  44. Razor – taken from the Latin “rasare,” meaning “to scrape or shave,” and known for its sharpness.
  45. Rednecks – a slang term for rural folks based on the back of farmers’ necks.
  46. Roadkill – refers to a creature killed by traffic and sounds intimidating to non-gang members.
  47. Roadrunners – linked to the Spanish “correcaminos,” from “correr,” meaning “to run,” and “caminos,” meaning “roads.”
  48. Skullcrusher – the name for exercises designed to build upper body strength; it also denotes pirates.
  49. Snitches – refers to those who tell the gang’s secrets when they shouldn’t.
  50. Speed Demons – initially used in the 1940s for those who drive recklessly on the road.
  51. Speed Freaks – given to those who love driving fast sports cars and motorcycles.
  52. Sticky Fingers – a slang term that describes a group that likes to steal things.
  53. Street Hazard – when your gang makes the road more dangerous, call them Street Hazard.
  54. Street Preachers – a term for those who preach religiously on the street.
  55. Team America – the patriotic name of a 2004 comedy film starring comedic puppets.
  56. The Black Badgers – if you are a fan of digging like a badger, this cute gang name is all yours!
  57. The Black Bulldogs – bulldogs symbolize strength and courage for gangs who want to prove themselves.
  58. The Black Hand – describes extortion methods used by the mafia in New York history.
  59. The Buzzards – from the Middle English “busard,” as a nickname for someone who acts like a buzzard.
  60. The Dandies – while not the scariest name, it’s ideal for gangs who have excellent dress sense.
  61. The Family – when you love your fellow gang members more than anyone, they’re like family.
  62. The Flame Owls – perfect for nature lovers who want to have the wisest group of people.
  63. The Order – usually refers to a sect of priests, but is a formal way of naming gangs.
  64. The Pistols – a term for a gun that speaks to strength and intimidation.
  65. The Pre-Schoolers – the sweetest name for a group with as much energy as a bunch of four-year-olds.
  66. The Punisher – a villain in the Spider-Man comic book series who is feared.
  67. The Sopranos – shows the world how tough you are while paying homage to the mafia TV series.
  68. The Untouchables – a name given to police fighting Al Capone’s outfit in Chicago known for their morals.
  69. The Yellow Leopards – considered a watchman in various mythologies who makes a wonderful symbol.
  70. Trash Talkers – when a gang loves to diss enemies, this is the best name on the list.
  71. Triad – though not a 3-letter name, Triad denotes a group of three.
  72. Uptown Riders – an African-American motorcycle club appearing in GTA, or Grand Theft Auto.
  73. Urban Legends – made for gangs who consider themselves part of modern folklore legend.
  74. Valkyries – means “chooser of the slain” for attendants of Odin in Norse mythology.
  75. Voodoo – making magic when based on the Haitian Fon-Ewe “vodún,” meaning “spirit.”
  76. Westies – the name of an Irish-American gang in mid-20th-century New York City.
  77. Wild Hogs – a biker gang appearing in the 2007 film of the same name.
  78. Wild Ones – inspired by the 1950s biker film starring the baddest biker, Marlon Brando.
  79. Yakuza – means “good for nothing” for a hand in a card game; describes the Japanese mafia.
  80. Young Turks – refers to a Turkish reform movement and has been used in pop culture numerous times.

80 Powerful Girl Gang Names

Girl power never had names as wonderfully creative as these girl gang names.

  1. Aphrodite – the name of the Greek goddess of love and beauty (who is also strong).
  2. Athena – refers to the Greek goddess of wisdom, the moon, warfare, and archery.
  3. Babes in Toyland – the title of a 1961 Disney film included in girl gang names with spunk.
  4. Barbie Land – the world of Barbie becomes gang turf when the ladies get involved.
  5. Barbies – plural nickname for Barbara for girls who love Barbie and need a fabulous gang name.
  6. Belladonna – means “beautiful woman” in Italian; slang for the poisonous nightshade plant.
  7. Belle Starr – a famous female American outlaw to encourage a gang of tough chicks.
  8. Black Daughter – an unusual choice for a fictional name given to tough women.
  9. Black Pearls – would make a fabulous name for a girl group of female pirates, too.
  10. Black Rose Syndicate – the name of a gang appearing in the Chicago Zero wiki.
  11. Black Widow – the famously dangerous female spider who ritually eats her mate.
  12. Bombshell – a “shattering or devastating thing” in the form of a beautiful woman (or a few).
  13. Calamity Jane – the name of an outspoken female outlaw in the Old West.
  14. California Girls – you don’t have to love surfing and the beach to be one of these gals.
  15. Charlie’s Angels – celebrate the iconic 1970s TV show if your gang includes three girls.
  16. Cherrybomb – a highly explosive red firecracker known for its ability to spread fire and destruction.
  17. Corset – from the Old French “cors,” meaning “body,” the most elegant among girl gang names.
  18. Cougar – a good title for a gang of attractive older ladies known for courting younger men.
  19. Diamond Divas – used for a girl gang who love to show off their diamonds to everyone.
  20. Doll Squad – a late 1980s American alternative rock band of women based in Seattle, Washington.
  21. Drama Queens – for those who like their gang activity loud and dramatic.
  22. Duchess – the most royal of girl gang names; the feminine of the Latin “dux,” meaning “commander.”
  23. Ebony Ghosts – the leaders of this spooky gang can haunt their enemies well.
  24. Elektra – a mortal heroine in Greek mythology whose name means “amber.”
  25. Fembots – dates back to Fritz Leiber’s “The Silver Eggheads” (1959) and is short for “feminine robot.”
  26. Femme Fatale – means “deadly or lethal woman” in French for the best thug name of old.
  27. First Ladies – get presidential with gang names for girls who want to rule the world.
  28. Flower Power – when your gang of gals cherishes peace over war, you’ve got flower power!
  29. Fly Girls – a slang term for a unique and stand-alone lady when multiplied in numbers.
  30. Gertrude – Hamlet’s mother in Shakespearean drama, which means “strong spear” in German.
  31. Girl Bosses – the name of a 2015 book by Sophia Amaruso that spiked in popularity.
  32. Girl Power – invented by the 1990s girl punk band Bikini Kill to inspire ladies to greatness.
  33. Girls Next Door – if your gang is super traditional, you’d love being known as the Girls Next Door.
  34. Goddess – get mythical with this name inspired by ancient Greek leaders of men.
  35. Hello Kitties – when cuteness is the goal, inspire your gang to be as adorable as Hello Kitty!
  36. Jade Riders – inspire lady luck with a name referring to the power of the jade stone.
  37. Jezebels – means “Baal exalts” in Hebrew, also a biblical name for an unmarried woman.
  38. Leading Ladies – girl groups who want Hollywood stardom will love this fun and exciting name.
  39. Lemon Drops – the cutest gang name for friends in the ghetto or anywhere you crave some citrus.
  40. Lioness League – a name linked to the top players in the English female football league.
  41. Mademoiselle – means “miss” or “my young lady” as a title in French for an unmarried woman.
  42. Medusa – one of three Greek gorgons, whose gaze turned anyone who looked at her to stone.
  43. Minx – its many meanings include “flirtatious young woman,” “prostitute,” or “mistress.”
  44. Naughty Girls – translates to the “nothing girls,” but is cheeky enough for a fun group of ladies.
  45. Pandora – the first mortal woman in Greek mythology whose name means “all gifts.”
  46. Peachy Keen – referred to an “attractive woman” in the 18th-century, also means “good person.”
  47. Pink Ladies – inspired by the original girl gang, appearing in the film Grease.
  48. Pretty in Pink – a 1980s song and movie title that is perfect for pink-loving gals.
  49. Pussycats – best associated with the 1970s cartoon “Josie and the Pussycats.”
  50. Queen Bees – the nickname used by Beyoncé if you want her music to be your gang playlist.
  51. Red Hots – describes a hot variety of sausage and a retro cinnamon candy.
  52. Ruby Razors – when your girl gang’s official color is red for the sharpest corner in the ghetto.
  53. Sable Serpents – for a girl group as soft as black sable and sly as a snake.
  54. Scarlet Shadows – don’t hide in the shadows when a gang of ladies is as red as scarlet.
  55. Scatty Girls – means “eccentric” and “odd” in Old English for truly unique girls.
  56. She Wolf – a way to describe the mother of Romulus and Remus, who founded Rome.
  57. Shield Maiden – from Old Norse, which refers to any female warrior who’s tough as nails.
  58. Shy Girl – for the women who like to keep to themselves more than talk out loud.
  59. Skate Witches – skaters will appreciate this combination of a witch or priestess with the sport of skating.
  60. Southern Belles – when your gang comes from the south, the Southern Belles is the most sophisticated choice.
  61. Switchblade Sisters – scare off your enemies with a female family of knife-wielding women.
  62. The Blackbirds – in Celtic mythology, blackbirds are considered messengers of the gods.
  63. The Butterflies – linked to the soul and psyche in Greek, and is a symbol of rebirth.
  64. The Eternals – this gang of gals will rule forever with such an everlasting name.
  65. The Lizzies – the name of the girl gang in the 1970s film “The Warriors.”
  66. The Orange Blossoms – are associated with purity and fertility, along with a feminine citrus scent.
  67. The Rockettes – the famous chorus girl line who perform at Radio City Music Hall.
  68. The Sanguine Coyotes – take a bite out of other gangs as coyotes, representing the color of blood.
  69. The Sapphire Sisters – girls born in August and September will appreciate this nod to the Virgo birthstone.
  70. The Sirens – ancient beings in Greek mythology whose song hypnotizes men at sea.
  71. The Spider Sisterhood – form a bond as strong as a spider’s web, perfect when your sisters need a name.
  72. The Tomcats – repurpose a vintage term for a male cat and make it your own.
  73. Thelma And Louise – any gang of two will love this nod to the 1991 movie hit.
  74. Vamp – is slang for an “attractive” and “flirtatious woman” who also likes vampires.
  75. Venus Vipers – one of the most astonishing gang name ideas inspired by the Roman goddess of love.
  76. Vixens – given to an “ill-tempered” or “alluring” woman, which might describe the girls in your gang.
  77. Whisper – from the Old English “hwisprian,” meaning “to mutter” or “to murmur.”
  78. White Tights – related to a Russian legend about female snipers dressed in white winter attire.
  79. Wild Horses – a song by the Rolling Stones ideal for girls who need to run free.
  80. Women Scorned – a line from the English play “The Mourning Bride” by William Congreve.

80 Unique Gang Names for Boys

These gang name ideas for boys cover every group of guys who want to rule.

  1. Agrippa – an ancient Roman male name meaning “wild horse” and “born feet first.”
  2. Barrio Boys – a Latin-American take on the Bowery Boys and a street gang in New York.
  3. Billy The Butcher – linked to Bill the Butcher, featured in Gangs of New York, only cuter.
  4. Black Cobra – one of the most poisonous snakes on the African continent.
  5. Black Mambas – a nickname used by Kobe Bryant, a code name in the 2003 film “Kill Bill.”
  6. Blaze – from the Old English “blæse,” meaning “firebrand,” “torch,” and “flame.”
  7. Blood Brotherhood – a mafia term for the ritual involving a group of blood brothers in a gang.
  8. Blood King – the blood sage monarch character in the Lost Girl Wiki.
  9. Bounty Hunters – a group of guys who find and capture criminals on the run.
  10. Bromance – a combination word of “brother” and “romance,” for guys who love each other.
  11. Brotherhood of the Skull – related to the infamous Skull and Bones secret society at Yale University.
  12. Brothers’ Circle – stay in the circle with your brothers to remain safe from outside harm.
  13. Chaos Boys – dates back to Chaos, the first created in Greek mythology.
  14. Chief Strike – the head of this gang outfit will love this title, symbolizing strength and action.
  15. Cross the Track Boys – for the gang of guys who hang out on “the wrong side of the tracks.”
  16. Cyclops – means “circle eyes” or “round eyes,” and refers to a Greek race of one-eyed giants.
  17. Cyrus – means “sun,” “throne,” or “one who bestows care” in Persian.
  18. Danger Don – an imposing title that uses the Italian word for “boss,” Don.
  19. Diablos – means “accuser” or “slanderer” in Latin, as a Spanish term for “devils.”
  20. Dillinger – given to someone from Dillingen in Baden, Germany, a notorious bank robber in the 1920s.
  21. Dracula – when only the most famous vampire worldwide will do for your gang.
  22. Errol Flynns – among gang names for boys inspired by the 1920s swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn.
  23. Fat Tony’s – the name for a mafia character appearing in “The Simpsons” TV series.
  24. Gentlemen’s Club – the sort of place any rough-and-ready gang would hang out after hours.
  25. Geronimo – derives from the Greek Jerome, meaning “sacred name,” and a great Native American leader.
  26. Godfathers – the ultimate gang name for those who love the famed mafia film series.
  27. Good Fellas – another great mafia entry among gang names for friends who love movies.
  28. Hammer Boys – first given to a maker of hammers as the surname Hammer.
  29. Han Solo – show the world your gang are also fans of science fiction and Star Wars.
  30. Highwaymen – a term for the original train robbers who terrorized travelers.
  31. Hounds of Hell – known as the intimidating guardians of the ancient Greek underworld.
  32. Iron Stallion – a beefed-up version of “iron horse,” a term used for a railway.
  33. Jack White – fans of The White Stripes will love this lighthearted gang name honoring the guitarist.
  34. James Dean – call upon the bad boy actor of the 1950s for cinematic gang names for boys.
  35. Jesse James – inspired by the famous bank robber, outlaw, and gang member.
  36. Jets – the name of the gang appearing in the theatrical production of “West Side Story.”
  37. Kill Bill – use this Quentin Tarantino film title, and violence will surely ensue.
  38. Kingpin – a slang term for the large pin used in kayles, a game similar to bowling.
  39. Knightriders – your gang can move as fast as the sports car in the 80s series “Knightrider.”
  40. Kool and the Gang – one of the coolest gang names for boys associated with the 1980s R&B group.
  41. Latin Kings – a Puerto Rican gang based in Chicago in the mid-1960s.
  42. Lion’s Pride – a ferocious yet regal name for a gang of lions (or boys).
  43. Mad Dog – a popular term for a canine with rabies or anyone who is super tough.
  44. Magnificent Sevens – refers to the iconic 1960s western film directed by John Sturges.
  45. Masher – an antiquated word used to describe a “charming young man” or a gang of them.
  46. Marauders – a 17th-century English and French term for a “rascal.”
  47. Miami Boys – this moniker is named after a boys’ choir, but you can pretend it’s scary.
  48. Misfits – refers to an “outcast” or “oddball,” which any good gang of boys needs.
  49. Mothman – a fantastical winged creature appearing in modern West Virginia folklore.
  50. Narcissus – a figure in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection.
  51. Naughty Boys – when you’re the kind of guy who isn’t a goody two shoes.
  52. Nice Guys – the perfect antidote to the Naughty Boys for the ultimate battle between good and evil.
  53. Obsidian Knights – go medieval and honor obsidian, the “stone of clarity.”
  54. Pistols – name your weapon with this gun-influenced gang name that has weight.
  55. Playboys – first referred to as “wealthy bon vivant,” or man who loves life.
  56. Popeye – inspired by real-life and the cartoon character of the same time.
  57. Praetorian – the name of a Roman group of bodyguards used by the emperor.
  58. Red Dragon – a term for the 7th-century Welsh king of Gwynedd called the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr.
  59. Rough Riders – a nickname given to the first U.S. volunteer cavalry under Theodore Roosevelt.
  60. Rude Boys – a term used for ska music fans in 1960s Jamaica.
  61. Scarface – associated with the 1970s film and a nickname given to Al Capone.
  62. Sonny Red – the name of a character appearing in the film “Donnie Brasco.”
  63. Sons of Anarchy – the title of a TV series about a tough motorcycle gang.
  64. Sons of Lucifer – when your gang of guys are named after the most devilish leader of all.
  65. Suicide Kings – the name for the King of Hearts playing card; a 1990s film about a kidnapping.
  66. The Donnie Darkos – inspired by the film, perfect when you’ve got a scary gang on your hands.
  67. The Fab Four – get creative with your boy gang using this fun nickname for The Beatles.
  68. The Furies – the “goddesses of vengeance” in Greek mythology; called The Baseball Furies in “The Warriors” film.
  69. The Greasers – a derogatory term for poor laborers also used to describe many gang members.
  70. The King’s Men – William Shakespeare’s acting company, which also denotes support for the Crown.
  71. The Lost Boys – this movie title says it all for fans of vampires by the beach.
  72. The Rat Pack – the informal term given to a group of 1950s entertainers like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.
  73. The Warriors – the 1979 cult film that follows a New York City gang trying to get home.
  74. Thunderbirds – a supernatural and powerful birdlike being in Native American mythology.
  75. Tommy Twitch – for gaming nerds, this name refers to a popular Twitch influencer called Tommy.
  76. Vice Kings – from the Latin “vice,” meaning “in the place of,” and the French “roi,” meaning “king.”
  77. Vito – a simple choice when your ultimate mafia leader is Vito Corleone from “The Godfather.”
  78. Warlocks – a plural term for a male “witch” or “wizard,” for gangs obsessed with casting spells.
  79. Wolfpack – when a group of wolves joins forces to gain victory.
  80. Young Gunners – refers to younger shooters in a party of gunfighters and a 1988 film title.

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