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155 Adorable Names for Grandma: Modern to Traditional

These endearing names for grandma are filled with love and warmth!

Are you ready to take your grandma game to the next level? These adorable names for grandma will be your secret weapon!

Whether you’re a quirky queen, the mischief maestro, or the adorable ambassador, we’ve curated a collection of awesome grandmother names to fit various personalities.

From sassy to sweet, explore a variety of options that perfectly match your fun-loving flair, infusing an extra touch of enchantment into your journey as a grandma.

59 Traditional Names for Grandma

These 60 classic grandmother names are rooted in history and tradition.

  1. Abuela – an endearing Spanish term for grandmother, popular in the U.S. and South America.
  2. Amma – rooted in Icelandic tradition, this delightful name conveys grandmotherly grace and love.
  3. Ammachi – a sweet Malayalam (Indian language) word for a cherished and beloved grandma.
  4. Avo – a simple option among our grandparent names, given to grandmas and grandpas in Portugal.
  5. Baba – used in many cultures, Baba symbolizes a well-traveled grandmother.
  6. Babcia – a Polish treasure, Babcia symbolizes a deep love for family.
  7. Babciu – this uncommon Polish gem is ideal for grandmas who radiate individuality and distinction.
  8. Babunia – filled with Polish charm, Babunia is as warm as a grandma’s embrace.
  9. Babushka – derived from Russian, it conjures images of nurturing warmth.
  10. Babusia – primarily used in Poland, perfect for those with Polish heritage.
  11. Baka – hailing from Croatia, Baka exudes warmth and love.
  12. Bomma – this Flemish grandma name is primarily used in Belgium.
  13. Bommi – is a Belgian favorite, rarely used outside the country.
  14. Bubbe – reflecting Jewish heritage, this Yiddish term embodies the wisdom of a “grandmother.”
  15. Bunica – rooted in Romanian culture, Bunica radiates the gentle love of a “grandmother.”
  16. Busia – a Polish option among our grandmother names, symbolizing strong family bonds.
  17. Gammie – an affectionate Southern twist on “grandma.”
  18. Ganga – this graceful Sanskrit name captures a grandma’s role as a source of wisdom and guidance.
  19. Gogo – a charming Zimbabwean name signifying a cherished and respected elder.
  20. Grammie – an English variation of “grandma,” evoking sweetness and love.
  21. Gran – this straightforward grandma name exudes simplicity and affection.
  22. Grandma – a classic and universally recognized term for a grandmother.
  23. Grandmama – this timeless choice spans the ages.
  24. Grand-maman – of French origin, a sophisticated name for a chic grandma.
  25. Grand-mère – elegantly French, this term bestows timeless beauty upon a grandmother.
  26. Grandmom – like an anchor of love, Grandmom steadies hearts with generations of care.
  27. Granny – this popular grandma name invokes feelings of comfort and familiarity.
  28. Halmoni – the Korean term for grandmother, encompassing deep respect and generational strength.
  29. Lola – is rooted in Tagalog tradition, portraying a warm and nurturing grandmother.
  30. Maimeó – an Irish gem, Maimeó captures the love that echoes through generations.
  31. Mamaw – from the southern U.S., embodies a resilient yet affectionate grandmother.
  32. Mamó – this Scottish grandmother’s name hums with tenderness and love.
  33. Marmee – a literary-inspired name, embodying a wise grandmother who guides with love.
  34. MawMaw – a cherished grandmother name for those with Cajun heritage.
  35. Mémé – one of the most elegant options for grandmothers, often used in Quebec.
  36. Memere – a fun grandmother name with roots in Canada and Louisiana.
  37. Mhamó – of Scottish origin, rarely used elsewhere.
  38. Móraí – a traditional Gaelic term for a grandma.
  39. Mormor – evokes thoughts of love and care, reflecting the Swedish grandmother’s role.
  40. Nai Nai – a Mandarin Chinese name showing respect for a grandmother.
  41. Nana – one of the most popular names for grandma, conveying a comforting and nurturing presence.
  42. Nanny – one of the most popular names for grandmothers, linked to the occupation.
  43. Nenek – in Indonesian heritage, Nenek symbolizes grandmotherly love and affection.
  44. Ninny – quirky and endearing, representing a grandma with many exciting stories.
  45. Nonna – an Italian title evoking images of delicious food and heartwarming family gatherings.
  46. Obaasan – in Japan, this title shows honor for a treasured grandmother.
  47. Oma – of German origin, for a sweet grandma who cherishes traditions.
  48. Omi – this cute “grandmother” name is rooted in Swiss-German culture.
  49. Ouma – a cool “grandma” name used in South Africa and the Netherlands.
  50. Poh Poh – the adorable Chinese word for “grandmother,” reflecting a cherished family member.
  51. Savta – a Hebrew term for a grandma who imparts wisdom and guidance.
  52. Seanmháthair – the classic Gaelic term for a grandmother, means “old mother.”
  53. Tatik – rooted in Armenian tradition, Tatik embodies a grandmother’s inner strength.
  54. Tutu Wahine – this beautiful title symbolizes a grandmother’s importance in Hawaiian.
  55. Wai Po – this lovely title is perfect for a Chinese “grandma.”
  56. Yama – a Japanese-origin name honoring the wisdom of an elder.
  57. YaYa – used for Greek grandmas, capturing their joy of life.
  58. Yeay – a Cambodian treasure, Yeay is unique and distinctive.
  59. YiaYia – an alternative Greek term for “grandmother,” carrying love and family traditions.

44 Modern Grandmother Names

Check out these stylish and contemporary names for grandmothers.

  1. Abba – a unique choice among our grandmother’s names, perfect for fans of the band.
  2. Abbi – a modern and endearing twist on “Abuela.”
  3. Apa – conveying respect and wisdom, uniting generations with enduring love.
  4. Babs – sweet and silly, perfect for fans of the TV show Family Guy.
  5. BeBe – this badass choice is perfect for a modern grandmother whose name starts with “B.”
  6. Big Mama – a delightful name for a strong and nurturing matriarch with a humorous edge.
  7. Birdy – as free as a songbird’s melody, Birdy carries the magic of grandma’s nurturing tune.
  8. Coco – a trendsetting grandmother name portraying a young and spirited soul.
  9. Gigi – radiating chic style, this name suits a contemporary and fashion-forward grandma.
  10. Glammaw – a glamorous option among our names for grandma, perfect for a chic grandmother.
  11. G-Ma – a cool and modern abbreviation for “grandma,” perfect for a hipster.
  12. G-Madre – a fun spin on “G-Mom,” with a Spanish twist.
  13. G-Mom – trendy and sleek, ideal for a grandma who’s too cool for the basics.
  14. G-Money – perfect for a fun-loving grandma who showers her grandkids with gifts.
  15. G-Motion – symbolizes an energetic and dynamic grandma, always embracing new adventures.
  16. Gram-Gram – a playful twist on the classic “grammy” or “grandma.”
  17. Gramma Bear – a protective and affectionate grandmother displaying strength and care.
  18. Grams – a charming short form of “grandma,” encapsulating warmth and love.
  19. Granda – this fusion of “grand” and “anda” is perfect for a grandma who is absolutely “grand.”
  20. Granno – an iconic grandma name, sort of like Bono.
  21. Gummy – a sweet and playful choice connected to gummy bears.
  22. Hopie – filled with dreams and optimism; Hopie captures the bond between generations.
  23. Instagran – a tech-savvy grandma, capturing moments with every click.
  24. Kiki – perfect for a hip grandma, especially if she loves Drake.
  25. Lala – reflecting a youthful spirit, this trendy name suits a grandma with a zest for life.
  26. Lolly – demonstrating a grandma’s playful and sweet nature, like a lollipop.
  27. Ma’amie – blends “ma” and “grammie” in a modern and endearing way.
  28. Marmar – a fresh and lively alternative among modern grandparent names, full of affection.
  29. Máthair Mhór – an Old Celtic title meaning “great mother.”
  30. Maw Maw – a charming grandma name, popular in black communities.
  31. MeMaw – sassy and fun, perfect for a southern grandma.
  32. Mimzy – this imaginative title suits a grandma with boundless creativity.
  33. MomMom – portrays a grandma who’s so loving she’s like two moms combined.
  34. Momo – a cute and modern grandma name (despite the creepy internet hoax).
  35. Mu – minimalistic and heartwarming, perfect for a hipster grandma who sets trends.
  36. Nene – this smile-inducing form of “Nana” will put a grin on the grandkids’ faces.
  37. Nini – a contemporary twist on “Nana.”
  38. Nona – elegantly chic, this name represents a sophisticated and poised modern grandma.
  39. Pittypat – one of the silliest names for Grandma, showcasing her sense of humor.
  40. Queenie – perfect for a grandma who’s as special as a queen.
  41. Twinkles – ideal for a fun grandma with a twinkle in her eyes.
  42. Viva – full of life and energy; this name suits a grandma with a vibrant spirit.
  43. ZsaZsa – embodying glamor and confidence, this name radiates a zest for life.
  44. Zuzu – a modern and whimsical option, bringing a touch of fun and charm.

52 Cute Nicknames for Grandma

These super adorable names for Grandma are almost as cute as she is!

  1. Angel – a spiritual option for a grandma who was sent from above.
  2. Bibi – an endearing Swahili term for a “lady,” perfect for a joyful grandmother.
  3. Bobo – a name like a snuggle; Bobo captures grandma’s tender kisses.
  4. BooBoo – for a caring grandma who heals scrapes and hearts.
  5. Brownie – ideal for a grandma who’s as sweet as the chocolatey treat.
  6. Bubba – this cutesy pick is perfect for Forrest Gump fans.
  7. Bubbles – one of the best nicknames for a grandma with a bubbly personality.
  8. Bubby – a sweet and slightly quirky name adding a unique twist to grandmotherhood.
  9. Bunny – this name embodies grandma’s warm cuddles and playful spirit.
  10. Cee Cee – playful and delightful, Cee Cee is ideal for a grandma whose name begins with “C.”
  11. Cha-Cha – with a rhythmic touch, Cha-Cha radiates a grandma’s vibrant energy.
  12. Cookie – conveying comfort and sweetness, like a grandma’s homemade treats.
  13. Deeda – perfect for a hip grandmother whose name begins with “D.”
  14. Didi – sweet and to the point; Didi is simple yet charming.
  15. Gabby – a friendly and approachable grandma name.
  16. Ga-Ga – a joyful and spirited choice related to baby talk or the singer.
  17. Gam Gam – adorable and kind, befitting a grandma who’s a friend to all.
  18. Gan Gan – this name brings soothing love, a testament to timeless bonds.
  19. Gammaw – a variant of “Gammie,” emphasizing a strong bond.
  20. GigiBear – combining “Gigi” with a touch of cuddly warmth and affection.
  21. Grampoo – a chuckle in a name; Grampoo sprinkles giggles and love with every grin.
  22. Granny Pie – as comforting as homemade pie, this name brings warmth and sweetness.
  23. Honey – an adorable choice among names for grandmothers, perfect for a grandma who’s sweet like honey.
  24. JoyJoy – embracing happiness and delight; perfect for a grandma who spreads joy.
  25. Lita – a lovely Spanish short form of “abuelita” (grandma).
  26. Lovey – a name that whispers affection; Lovey wraps grandkids in an embrace of endless love.
  27. Lulu – vibrant and full of life, reflecting a grandma who embraces adventure.
  28. Ma Ma – an endearing and universal name that embraces the joy of grandmotherhood.
  29. Mamaw – a southern U.S. name for a grandma with a down-to-earth nature.
  30. Mamie – has vintage charm, reflecting timeless elegance and grace.
  31. Meemaw – an alternative southern grandma name that radiates a charming and endearing aura.
  32. MeMawMaw – like a cozy quilt, MeMawMaw wraps generations in love, warmth, and precious memories.
  33. Meme – this unique take on “Mimi” is just as cute and more distinctive.
  34. Mimi – a beloved classic embodying a grandmother’s playful side.
  35. Momsie – a cute spin on “mom,” for a grandma as close as a mother.
  36. Moochie – one of the quirkiest grandma nicknames, perfect for unique individuals.
  37. Mumu – fun and adorable; Mumu is perfect for animal lovers (especially the cow).
  38. Nani – the adorable Indian term for “grandma,” also common stateside.
  39. Nanna – like a comforting melody, Nanna’s name sings of love in every note.
  40. Nooni – this distinctive grandmother name is sure to stand out.
  41. Peaches – for a grandma who’s as sweet as a peach.
  42. Pippa – is effortlessly playful and lively, like the storybook character.
  43. RooRoo – a delightful and modern twist to “grandma,” linked to kangaroos’ nurturing nature.
  44. Snuggums – perfect for an affectionate grandma who’s in constant contact.
  45. Suggy – as sweet as a kiss, Suggy wraps warmth and affection in every hug.
  46. Sunny – embracing the warmth of a grandmother’s love.
  47. Sweets – a name like a candy jar; Sweets pours love and joy into every moment.
  48. Tee Tee – this silly name is ideal for a grandma who doesn’t take herself too seriously.
  49. Tita – a cute, short form of “Abuelita,” the affectionate Spanish word for “granny.”
  50. Toots – a vintage gem for a sassy grandma with exciting stories.
  51. Tootsie – this playful name represents a grandma as sweet as the candy.
  52. Tutu – borrowed from Hawaiian culture, signifying a beloved island grandma.


What Is a Cool Name for a Grandmother?

One of the hippest names for grandma is Glammy – a fusion of “glamor” and “gammy.” This could be perfect for a grandma who’s stylish and modern.

Another cool option is Gigi, a classic choice that adds an elegant flair. If your name begins with the same letter, you might also like Bibi, Kiki, Didi, or Lulu. There are plenty of cool grandparent names to choose from, so go with the one that fits your grand-parenting style the best!

What Is the Most Popular Nickname for a Grandmother?

What’s the most beloved nickname for a grandma? Well, it’s simply Grandma! This is one of the grandmother names that is cherished across the globe and has stood the test of time.

There are plenty of other popular nicknames for grandma, too. Whether you prefer the timeless affection of “Nana,” the warm coziness of Grammie, or the worldly elegance of Abuela or Nonna, you have plenty of special options to make your grandma’s name truly special!

What Is a Southern Name for Grandma?

One of the most common grandma names in the southern United States is Mamaw, which captures the cozy and close-knit vibe of the South. Nana, Meemaw, or Gammaw are also great options for cute Southern grandma names. These reflect the Southern warmth and love that make grandma’s role extra special in this region.

What Do the Irish Call a Grandma?

In Irish culture, a grandmother is affectionately known as Nana or Mamó. Seanmháthair and Mhamó are more traditional choices, well-suited for a grandma with a rich Irish heritage. Each name carries a touch of the Emerald Isle’s warmth and love, showcasing a grandma’s importance in Irish families.

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