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350+ Beautiful Female Cat Names: From Cute to Funny

These female cat names are “pawsitively purrfect.”

Cats are some of the world’s most popular pets for a good reason. Their softness, sass, and fun personalities are unmatched. Of course, you’d want to find the perfect title for your favorite feline. This roundup of stellar female cat names will help you christen your pet with the best name.

We’ve included intelligent, sweet, and edgy options for pet owners. You’ll even discover fun facts, namesakes, and origins. We can guarantee you’ll never need another list of girl cat names. Take a seat; the show’s about to begin!

117 Beautiful Female Cat Names

We aren’t “kitten,” these female cat names are gorgeous.

  1. Adaline – of German origin, meaning “noble one,” often given to royals.
  2. Alice – taken from Adalheidis, which means “noble” in German, associated with the book Alice in Wonderland.
  3. Annabelle – means “favored grace” and “beauty” in French and Hebrew, ideal for the fancy cat.
  4. Annie – a cute alternative to Anne, meaning “full of grace” and “gracious” in Hebrew.
  5. Ashley – an Old English surname turned forename, given to families dwelling near ash trees.
  6. Audrey – of English origin, meaning “noble” and “strength,” borne by actress Audrey Hepburn.
  7. Bella – a Latin, Spanish, and Italian option that means “beautiful,” perfect for the pretty kitty.
  8. Belle – a moniker for Isabelle or a beautiful woman, borne by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast star.
  9. Bessie – an adorable variation of Elisabeth, meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  10. Betty – short for Elizabeth, which means “oath of God” in Hebrew, borne by actress Betty White.
  11. Blair – a Scottish habitational surname meaning “plain,” “field,” and “meadow.”
  12. Bliss – joins the ranks of unique religious female cat names, referring to a state of utter joy.
  13. Blu – a fun respelling of “blue,” ideal for the azure-eyed feline.
  14. Bonnie – of Scottish origin, meaning “pretty,” often used as a term of endearment.
  15. Callie – short for Callisto, meaning “lovely,” or a moniker for a calico cat.
  16. Cece – a moniker for Cecilia, the ideal pick for pet owners who keep it short and sweet.
  17. Chanel – taken from “canalis,” meaning “channel” in Latin, often associated with couture.
  18. Charity – of English origin, refers to “kindness” and “generosity,” once used for twins.
  19. Charlotte – the feminization of Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  20. Chelsea – hailing from the U.K., means “chalk landing place,” often shortened to Chels.
  21. Chloé – of Greek origin, meaning “bloom” and “fertility,” a cute title for the spring cat.
  22. Clementine – means “the gentle one” in Latin or a miniature variation of oranges.
  23. Cleo – short for Cleopatra, meaning “to praise,” borne by Egypt’s greatest female ruler.
  24. Cora – of Greek and Latin origin, means “daughter,” a good sentiment for your fur baby.
  25. Daffodil – a cheery, yellow flower symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings, often seen in spring.
  26. Daphne – inspired by a mythical nymph who turned into a laurel tree to evade her parents.
  27. Delilah – is of Hebrew origin, borne by a biblical figure known for her ability to trick men.
  28. Diana – a Greek and Latin pick, inspired by the goddess of hunting and daylight.
  29. Dior – of French origin, a unisex title meaning “golden,” associated with a famous fashion label.
  30. Dolly – short for Delores and Dorothy, meaning “gift of God,” borne by singer Dolly Parton.
  31. Dora – taken from Dorothea or Theodora, meaning “gift” in Greek.
  32. Eden – joins the ranks of biblical girl cat names, referring to Adam and Eve’s first home.
  33. Eleanor – of Greek and French origin, meaning “shining light,” borne by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.
  34. Ellie – short for Helen or Eleanor, of English origin, meaning “ray of shining light.”
  35. Elsa – inspired by Elisabeth, meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew, mentioned throughout Disney’s Frozen.
  36. Elsie – a moniker for Elisabeth, Elspeth, and Elisheba, meaning “pledged to God” in Hebrew.
  37. Emmy – a good moniker for Emily and Emma, meaning “universal” in Latin.
  38. Eve – of Hebrew origin, meaning “life,” borne by the biblical mother of all.
  39. Fae – a French title meaning “fairy” and “confidence,” often used in fantasy books.
  40. Fairy – the Americanization of “faerie,” pointing to mythical pixies, delighting fantasy lovers.
  41. Faith – hailing from Britain, meaning “trust,” often quoted in tandem with Hebrews 11.
  42. Frida – means “peace” in German, borne by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, known for her portraits.
  43. Gypsy – of English origin, meaning “bohemian traveler,” ideal for the little adventurer.
  44. Hallie – an English surname turned forename referring to those dwelling near meadows.
  45. Hannah – one of many palindrome girl names for cats, meaning “grace” in Hebrew.
  46. Hazel – of Old English origin, meaning “hazel tree,” which was once considered magical.
  47. Holly – taken from “hol,” meaning “clearing by the hill” in English, connected to Christmas.
  48. Hope – means “expectation” and “belief” in English, the perfect title for any virtuous kit.
  49. Jada – of British origin, meaning “precious stone,” borne by actress Jada Pinkett Smith.
  50. Jane – the feminization of John, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  51. Jasmine – means “gift from God” in Persian, often shortened to Jazzy.
  52. Juliet – of Latin, French, and English origin, would be adorable paired with Romeo.
  53. Karma – a Sanskrit title that means “destiny,” doubling as a hit song by Taylor Swift.
  54. Katie – hailing from Britain, short for Katherine, which means “pure.”
  55. Kiara – of Italian origin, a respelling of Chiara, meaning “light.”
  56. Kira – means “mistress” in Greek and “beam of light” in Sanskrit.
  57. Kona – a breezy Hawaiian option that means “leeward woman” or “wife,” connected to coffee.
  58. Lana – short for Svetlana, meaning “shining” in Slavic, borne by vintage actress Lana Turner.
  59. Layla – of Arabic origin, meaning “night” and “dark,” mentioned in the namesake novel by Colleen Hoover.
  60. Louie – an unusual title for kittens, meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  61. Louisa – of German origin, meaning “famed warrior,” ideal for the feisty cat.
  62. Lucy – the feminization of Lucius, meaning “light” in Latin, can also be a moniker for Lucille.
  63. Lyric – a Greek and French title pointing to something songlike or a lyre.
  64. Maggie – short for Margaret, which means “pearl” in Greek.
  65. Mandy – of Latin origin, meaning “lovable,” a moniker for Amanda.
  66. Margo – a cool moniker for Margaret that means “pearl,” ideal for the white cat.
  67. Marilyn – hailing from the U.K., meaning “star of the sea” and “bitter.”
  68. Matilda – taken from Mahthildis, a German title meaning “mighty in battle.”
  69. Mavis – of French origin, meaning “songbird,” perfect for the loud kitten.
  70. Meredith Grey – inspired by the main character of Grey’s Anatomy, the perfect title for the gray cat.
  71. Mickey – a whimsical take on Michael, meaning “Who is like God?” in Hebrew.
  72. Milette – taken from Milet, meaning “good” and “generous” in French.
  73. Millie – short for Millicent and Mildred, meaning “gentle strength” and “strong in work.”
  74. Mina – a Persian option that means “azure sky” or a Spanish pick meaning “explosive woman.”
  75. Mindy – an adorable moniker for Melinda, meaning “gentle” and “honey” in Latin.
  76. Molly – a pet name for Mary, meaning “star of the sea” and “bitter” in Hebrew.
  77. Mononoke – is mentioned in Japanese folklore as an evil spirit that haunts the living.
  78. Monroe – of Scottish origin, meaning “mouth of the River Roe,” borne by actress Marilyn Monroe.
  79. Noel – taken from “nael,” which means “born on Christmas” in French, used in many holiday tunes.
  80. Nora – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “light,” perfect for your little sunshine.
  81. Odie – short for Odell, meaning “wealthy” and “of the valley.”
  82. Olive – means “olive tree” in English, a universal symbol of peace.
  83. Pearl – of English origin meaning “precious,” doubling as June’s birthstone.
  84. Penelope – means “weaver” in Greek, inspired by the mythical Queen of Ithaca.
  85. Persephone – among mythical female names for cats, means “bringer of death.”
  86. Phoebe – of Greek origin, meaning “bright” and “radiant,” often shortened to Bee.
  87. Pip – hailing from Britain, meaning “lover of horses.”
  88. Plume – of Old English origin, referring to a decorative feather placed on a hat.
  89. Precious – means “of great worth” and “highly esteemed” in Latin.
  90. Rose – a Latin title meaning “flower,” symbolizing passion and friendship.
  91. Ruby – of Latin origin, meaning “dark red stone,” doubling as July’s birthstone.
  92. Rue – an English and Greek option meaning “herb,” featured in The Hunger Games books.
  93. Sadie – a moniker for Sarah meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  94. Salem – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “safe” and “perfect.”
  95. Samantha – a Hebrew title that means “God has heard,” connected to Samuel.
  96. Sarah – of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess,” borne by the biblical wife of Abraham.
  97. Savannah – a Spanish pick meaning “plain grassland,” or a bustling city in Georgia.
  98. Scarlette – an alternate spelling of Scarlett traditionally given to cloth dyers.
  99. Serena – a derivative of “serenus,” meaning “serene” and “tranquil” in Latin.
  100. Simone – the feminization of Simon which means “hearkening” in Hebrew.
  101. Snow White – is among Disney’s oldest and most popular princesses, known for her raven locks.
  102. Sophie – of Greek origin, meaning “wisdom,” perfect for the sage kitten.
  103. Stella – means “star” in Latin and Italian and is often shortened to Ella or Elle.
  104. Sugar – a sweet pick for the pet you can’t live without, associated with sweet treats.
  105. Sylvia – the female version of Silvanus, the Roman god of the woods, comes with the nickname Sylvie.
  106. Tashi – of Tibetan origin, meaning “good fortune,” perfect for your good luck charm.
  107. Toffee – a salty sweet candy made from butter and sugar, often seen during the holidays.
  108. Twiggy – means “slender” in English, borne by Twiggy, a supermodel most famous in the 1960s.
  109. Venus – of Latin origin, points to the Roman goddess of romance and attraction.
  110. Violet – a brilliant shade of purple or a flower symbolizing “modesty” and “humility.”
  111. Viv – short for Vivian, which means “lively” and “alive” in Latin.
  112. Wanda – of Slavic origin, meaning “wanderer” and “shepherdess.”
  113. Yuki – means “snow,” “happiness,” and “snow flower” in Japanese, depending on the characters used.
  114. Yuzu – is of Japanese origin, meaning “kindness” and “superiority.”
  115. Zelda – a German pick meaning “gray fighting maid,” borne by the legendary video game character.
  116. Ziggy – means “victory” and “peace” in German, perfect for pet owners who love “Z.”
  117. Zoe – of Greek origin, meaning “life,” hailed as the equivalent of Eve.

119 Cool Girl Cat Names

These rad girl cat names are as cool as an ice cube!

  1. Abby – is short for Abigail, meaning “my father’s joy” in Hebrew.
  2. Alley Cat – a funny tongue-in-cheek pick referring to a woman with loose morals.
  3. Angel – taken from Angelos, meaning “messenger” in Greek.
  4. Aphrodite – inspired by the Greek goddess of love and beauty, meaning “sea foam.”
  5. Ariel – of Hebrew origin, meaning “lion of God,” a fierce pick for any kitty.
  6. Arya – a respelling of Aria, meaning “song” and “melody” in Italian and Indian.
  7. Ashlin – of Irish origin, meaning “dream,” perfect for your snuggly kitten.
  8. Athena – inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom, crafts, and warfare.
  9. Ava – a derivative of “avis,” referring to someone with birdlike qualities or features.
  10. Bailey – taken from “baegel,” which means “steward” or “steward of the king’s castle.”
  11. Bianca – an Italian option that means “pure” and “white,” borne by human rights activist Bianca Jagger.
  12. Billie – is short for William and became unisex with the rise of singer Billy Holiday.
  13. Boba – of Chinese and Russian origin, points to boba tapioca balls or a courageous person.
  14. Buffy – a badass moniker for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  15. Buttercup – of English origin, referring to the bright yellow flower but can also be a pet name.
  16. Calypso – a Greek title that means “to conceal” or “to keep hidden,” ideal for the sneaky cat.
  17. Catarina – an exotic variation of Catherine, meaning “pure of heart” in Greek and Portuguese.
  18. Catwoman – a superhero created by DC Comics, known for her ability to sneak under the radar.
  19. Celeste – of Latin origin, meaning “heavenly,” perfect for your little cherub.
  20. Charlie – a moniker for Charline or Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  21. Clawdia – a funny take on Claudia, which means “enclosure” in Roman and Latin.
  22. Crystal – derived from “krystallos,” pointing to ice or a clear gemstone.
  23. Dakota – a powerful Native American option that means “friend” and “ally.”
  24. Destiny – of French and Latin origin, points to someone’s fate or fortune.
  25. Diamond – a precious gemstone symbolizing strength under pressure, doubles as April’s birthstone.
  26. Dixie – a derivative of “dix,” meaning “ten” in French, can also refer to a portion of the U.S.
  27. Doja Cat – joins the ranks of celebrity-inspired girl cat names borne by a famous rapper.
  28. Dot – short for Dorothy, a Greek title meaning “gift of God,” often shortened to Dottie.
  29. Eleven – a fictional character featured in Stranger Things, hailed for her psychic ability.
  30. Feline – an English word referring to any type of cat.
  31. Fiona – a Gaelic title meaning “fair stranger,” borne by Shrek’s fictional princess.
  32. Frankie – short for Francesca, meaning “free” and “truthful.”
  33. Freya – the Americanization of Freyja, a Norse title that means “a noblewoman.”
  34. Fuego – the Spanish word for “fire,” perfect for the orange tabby cat.
  35. Fur-Gie – inspired by Fergie, an American singer and member of The Black Eyed Peas.
  36. Gemma – of Latin origin, meaning “gem” or “jewel,” fitting for the priceless feline.
  37. Georgie – a gender-neutral Greek option that means “farmer” can be short for Georgia.
  38. Gracie – of Latin origin, meaning “favor” and “blessing,” mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible.
  39. Greta – short for Margareta, meaning “pearl” and “prosperous.”
  40. Halle Purry – a punny take on Halle Berry, an American actress known for her role in Catwoman.
  41. Honey – of Old English origin, means “sweetness” and was once a priceless trading tool.
  42. Iris – a Greek title meaning “rainbow,” a sign of God’s covenant with the world.
  43. Isis – an Egyptian title meaning “goddess,” borne by the fictional example of a perfect mother.
  44. Izzy – short for Elisabeth and Isabelle, means “beautiful” and “promise of God” in Hebrew.
  45. Jade – a bright green gemstone once worn for protection and luck.
  46. Jennifur – the feline variation of Jennifer, meaning “the fair one” in Welsh.
  47. Jewel – of French origin, means “gemstone,” borne by an American singer and songwriter.
  48. Josie – a Hebrew title meaning “God will increase,” often associated with Josie and the Pussycats.
  49. Juniper – of Latin origin, meaning “young” and “evergreen,” can be shortened to Junie.
  50. Kiki – a French title that means “double happiness,” fitting your sweet girl to a tee.
  51. Kit – short for Catherine and Christian, can also point to a baby fox or kitten.
  52. Kylie Kat – featured in HBO Max’s hit show Legendary, known for her dance skills.
  53. Lacey – of French origin, meaning “from Lassy,” also points to a type of embroidery.
  54. Leia – means “weary” in Hebrew and “child of heaven” in Hawaiian.
  55. Lexi – short for Alexandra and means “man’s defender” in Greek.
  56. Libby – a cute moniker for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  57. Lily – of Latin origin, pointing to the flower often seen during Easter.
  58. Lizzo – inspired by the American rapper and singer known for her cheeky lyrics.
  59. Lola – a moniker for Delores, meaning “lady of sorrows,” an alias for the Virgin Mary.
  60. London – means “the great river” in English or the capital of England.
  61. Lotty – short for Charlotte, which means “free woman” in German.
  62. Luna – the Roman personification of the moon, mentioned in the Harry Potter series.
  63. Lupa – of Polish origin, means “wolfish,” traditionally given to sly people.
  64. Macy – means “weapon” and “hill” in French, associated with Macy’s Department Store.
  65. Madame – a French term of respect meaning “my lady,” ideal for the proper kitten.
  66. Maddie – of Hebrew origin, means “woman from Magdala” and is short for Madeline.
  67. Magnolia – joins the ranks of floral titles, meaning “Magnol’s flower” in Latin.
  68. Marley – hailing from the U.K., meaning “marshy meadow, borne by singer Bob Marley.
  69. Mattie – short for Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle” in German.
  70. Mia – a Spanish and Italian word that means “mine” can be short for Amelia.
  71. Miley – of African origin, meaning “vine,” borne by singer and actress Miley Cyrus.
  72. Mimi – means “sea of bitterness” in French, Latin, and Hebrew, a popular title for pets.
  73. Mimsy – a moniker for Miriam, meaning “sea of sorrow” and “sea of bitterness,” connected to Mary.
  74. Minerva – means “the mind” in Latin, borne by the mythical goddess of wisdom.
  75. Minka – of Polish origin, meaning “strong,” borne by American actress Minka Kelly.
  76. Minnie – inspired by Disney’s most famous female mouse who doubles as Mickey’s lover.
  77. Misha -means “Who is like God?” in Hebrew and is considered the feminization of Michael.
  78. Misty – of British origin, meaning “light fog” and “haze,” joining the ranks of hippy feline titles.
  79. Mochi – of Japanese origin, meaning “Japanese rice cake,” ideal for your sweetie.
  80. Nova – a derivative of “novus,” meaning “new” in Latin, often referring to space.
  81. Nyx – of Greek origin, inspired by the goddess of the night, who terrified Zeus.
  82. Ollie – short for Olivia, meaning “olive tree” in Latin, symbolizing unity.
  83. Onyx – of Greek origin, means “claw” and “nail,” once rumored to be the god’s fingernails.
  84. Ophelia – a Greek title that means “help,” comes with the moniker Opie.
  85. Paisley – of Scottish origin, meaning “church” and “cemetery,” can also point to a fabric print.
  86. Pandora – means “all gifts” in Greek, connected to the myth of Pandora’s box.
  87. Paris – of Greek origin, meaning “the lover,” or France’s romantic city.
  88. Patches – the perfect cat name for the multicolored kitten.
  89. Pepper – a warm spice used to season many dishes, often paired with salt.
  90. Piper – of British origin, meaning “flute player,” traditionally given to the king’s minstrels.
  91. Poppy – a Latin and English title that means “red flower,” associated with veterans.
  92. Priscilla – of Latin origin meaning “venerable” and “ancient,” often shortened to Prissy.
  93. Queenie – points to a woman with queenlike qualities, perfect for the regal pet.
  94. Rainbow – a bright, naturally occurring arc and a symbol of pride and promise.
  95. Raven – among the best mysterious female cat names, pointing to the bird mentioned in literature.
  96. Riley – of English origin, meaning “courageous” and “valiant,” can be used for girls or boys.
  97. Ripley – a British habitational surname meaning “clearing in the woods.”
  98. Roxie – short for Roxanne, a Persian pick that means “dawn” and “star.”
  99. Sabrina – of Celtic, Latin, and Italian origin, meaning “legendary princess.”
  100. Sammie – short for Samantha, the feminization of Samuel meaning “God hears” in Hebrew.
  101. Sandy – a moniker for Alexandra, meaning “defender of man” in Greek.
  102. Sasha – of Slavic and Russian origin, meaning “defender” and “helper of mankind.”
  103. Scout – means “to listen” in French and is mentioned in two of Harper Lee’s novels.
  104. Shadow – of English origin, means “shade,” perfect for the black cat.
  105. Sheba – a biblical kingdom, means “promise” in Hebrew.
  106. Sierra – means “saw” or “mountain range” in Spanish, associated with the Sierra Mountains.
  107. Skittles – a colorful candy popular in the United States and Europe.
  108. Spot – among the most popular names for dogs and cats, ideal for the polka-dotted pet.
  109. Stellar – of Latin and American origin, meaning “of the stars.”
  110. Stevie – taken from Stephanos, a Greek title meaning “crown,” borne by singer Stevie Nicks.
  111. Sunshine – of English origin, refers to the warm sun or someone with a sunny personality.
  112. Sushi – a Japanese dish meaning “sour rice,” reminding many of their favorite appetizers.
  113. Taffy – of Welsh origin, means “beloved” and “friend,” can also refer to a sticky candy.
  114. Tiffany – a Greek title meaning “manifestation of God,” often shortened to Tiffy.
  115. Tiger Lily – featured in Disney’s Peter Pan as a brave girl known for her sass.
  116. Tillie – of German origin, means “mighty in battle” and is connected to Matilda.
  117. Tink – a moniker for Tinkerbell, the snarky fairy featured in Peter Pan.
  118. Twinkie – a nickname for a dense person or a sweet, cream-filled treat.
  119. Willow – of English origin, means “willow tree,” symbolizing the power of strong roots.

119 Unique Female Names for Cats

These rare female names for cats will leave you in awe.

  1. Amber – means “jewel” in Arabic and “amber-colored” in French, ideal for the tan tabby.
  2. Angelicat – a fun twist on Angelica, meaning “messenger of God” in Latin.
  3. Artemis – of Greek origin, means “twin of Apollo” and “butcher,” often shortened to Artie.
  4. Aurora – means “dawn” in Latin, borne by Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  5. Autumn – of Latin origin, means “fall” and “season of harvest.”
  6. Baby – an adorable title describing the pet that’s more like a child.
  7. Baby Girl – describes an infant child but can also be a term of endearment between couples.
  8. Bandit – an American title meaning “thief,” ideal for the sneaky feline.
  9. Basil – a fragrant green herb or a Greek title that means “brave” and “strong.”
  10. Blue – a brilliant group of hues representing freedom, creativity, and nature.
  11. Boo – refers to a ghost but can also be a pet name between couples.
  12. Boots – a popular title for kittens that appear to be wearing booties.
  13. Brie – of French and Latin origin, means “marshland” or gooey cheese.
  14. Bubbly – refers to champagne or someone with a bright personality.
  15. Bunny – points to a baby rabbit or a small, jumpy child.
  16. Cat – among the most straightforward girl names for cats, mentioned in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  17. Catnip – a plant used to calm cats, rumored to make felines feel bliss upon ingestion.
  18. Catniss – an adorable take on Katniss, the heroine of The Hunger Games series.
  19. Cattie LaBelle – a punny alternative inspired by singer Patti LaBelle, hailed as the godmother of soul music.
  20. Catty Perry – inspired by Katy Perry, an American singer known for her hit song Hot N Cold.
  21. Chesapeake – a picturesque city in Virginia, often shortened to Chesa.
  22. Chyna – an alternative spelling of China, ideal for the Siamese kitty.
  23. Cinder – of English origin, means “low burning ash,” connected to the fictional Cinderella.
  24. Cindy Clawford – inspired by American supermodel Cindy Crawford, perfect for the model cat.
  25. Cinnamon – of Greek origin, means “spice” and is often used to flavor baked goods.
  26. Cleopawtra – a fun take on Cleopatra, Egypt’s greatest ruler who remains a female icon.
  27. Cloudy – means “of the clouds” in American, often given to grey cats.
  28. Clover – a plant abundant in meadows and considered lucky by many.
  29. Coco – means “cocoa bean” in French, borne by designer Coco Chanel.
  30. Comet – taken from “kometes,” meaning “a head with long hair” in Greek.
  31. Cookie – a delicious treat popular worldwide, the ideal title for your sweetheart.
  32. Cougar – refers to a ferocious breed of cat or a woman who prefers younger men.
  33. Daisy – an Old English title that means “day’s eye,” symbolizing joy and purity.
  34. Dottie – short for Dorothy, meaning “gift of God” in Greek, often shortened to Dot.
  35. Duchess – a regal European title referring to the wife or widow of a Duke.
  36. Dumpling – points to any dish that contains cooked dough, often used in American and Asian cuisine.
  37. Dusty – of German origin, meaning “brave warrior,” can also point to a dirty surface.
  38. Ebony – means “deep black wood” in Latin often given to dark animals.
  39. Gidget – a combination of “girl” and “midget,” the perfect title for your Munchkin cat.
  40. Giggles – of English origin, refers to the sound of lilting laughter, perfect for the funny cat.
  41. Gigi – short for Georgine, which means “earth worker” in Greek and French.
  42. Ginger – a warm spice used to flavor baked goods or a nickname for red-haired people.
  43. Glinda – a respelling of Glenda, which means “fair” in Welsh.
  44. Goldie – of British origin, meaning “made of gold,” perfect for your priceless kitten.
  45. Grey – a mixture of black and white, mentioned throughout the hit show Grey’s Anatomy.
  46. Grizzly – refers to a grizzly bear, an adorable pet name for your grouchy girl.
  47. Harley – a unisex English title meaning “hare’s meadow” associated with the motorcycle brand.
  48. Hermione – means “messenger” in Greek, borne by Harry Potter’s bestie.
  49. Ivy – of English and Latin origin, means “vine,” symbolizing unity and love.
  50. Juno – refers to the mythical Queen of the gods and can also mean “June.”
  51. Kimchi – a delicious Korean dish of fermented vegetables, can be spicy or sour.
  52. Kit Kat – a cute homage to the popular crispy candy bar that’s a global sensation.
  53. Kitty – short for Katherine, meaning “pure of heart” in Greek, can also point to a kitten.
  54. Lady – hailing from the U.K., describing a ladylike woman or the head of the house.
  55. Latte – a delicious coffee drink made with milk, ideal for the tan kitty.
  56. Lilo – of Hawaiian origin, meaning “generous one,” mentioned in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch.
  57. Linx – a respelling of Lynx, a wild cat breed, perfect for your chaotic cutie.
  58. Liona – of Italian origin, meaning “lioness,” fitting for your cat who’s the “mane” event.
  59. Lizzy – short for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my promise” in Hebrew.
  60. Loki – of Norse origin, meaning “airy,” borne by Marvel’s God of Mischief.
  61. Lucky – means “success” and “good fortune,” perfect for the St. Patrick’s Day kitten.
  62. Lulu – of Swahili, Hawaiian, and Tanzanian origin, means “precious” and “protected.”
  63. Mama – a casual alternative to Mother, fitting for the matronly cat.
  64. Mango – refers to a tropical fruit and would be a good option for the little ginger.
  65. Margarita – among many people’s favorite alcoholic beverage, featuring lime and salt.
  66. Marshmallow – a puffy treat used to make s’mores, often pictured in bonfire scenes.
  67. Max – short for Maxine, meaning “greatest” in Latin, joining the ranks of androgynous cat names.
  68. Maya – of Indian origin, means “illusion,” perfect for the elusive kitten.
  69. Mellow – an English word describing someone with a chill personality.
  70. Meowna-Lisa – a cute take on the infamous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
  71. Midnight – the start of a new day or a top album by Taylor Swift.
  72. Mila – of Slavic origin, means “hard working” and “industrious one.”
  73. Miranda – a Latin title that means “worthy of admiration,” fitting your girl to a tee.
  74. Miss Kitty – an adorable pick for the cat who demands a proper title.
  75. Mittens – a cozy pick for the cat who appears to be wearing mittens on its paws.
  76. Mitzi – of German origin, means “bitter” and is connected to Mary.
  77. Mocha – a delicious coffee drink made with chocolate and milk, ideal for the brown cat.
  78. Mouse – an ironic title paying homage to a cat’s worst enemy.
  79. Moxie – of English origin, means “energetic” and can refer to one with a lot of nerve.
  80. Muffin – a sweet breakfast pastry often served at cozy restaurants.
  81. Myrtle – means “evergreen shrub” in Latin, joining the ranks of vintage female cat names.
  82. Nala – an African title that means “queen,” mentioned in Disney’s The Lion King.
  83. Noir – of French origin, meaning “black,” perfect for the dark and mysterious kitten.
  84. Nutmeg – a warm brown spice used in holiday baking and fancy quiches.
  85. Oreo – points to the chocolate and cream cookie most popular in America and Europe.
  86. Paw-la Abdul – a “pawsitively” adorable tribute to American singer and dancer Paula Abdul.
  87. Peaches – a sweet fruit that Georgia is best known for, connected to Mario’s Princess Peach.
  88. Penny – short for Penelope, meaning “weaver” in Greek, a cute pick for the copper cat.
  89. Pixie – another word for “fairy” or a stylish short haircut for women.
  90. Princess – a classic title for any pet owner, fitting for your little diva.
  91. Pumpkin – an orange squash that’s most popular in autumn, doubles as a term of endearment.
  92. Puppy – among ironic female names for cats, pointing to a cat’s archnemesis.
  93. Roo – an English pick meaning “baby kangaroo,” featured in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh.
  94. Rory – means “red king” in Irish, also short for Lorelei, as seen in the Gilmore Girls.
  95. Rye – taken from “ri,” which means “royal” in Gaelic, fitting for the regal cat.
  96. Sassy – of English origin, meaning “fresh,” often referring to those with bad attitudes.
  97. Sheila – an Irish and Latin pick that means “blind” and “heavenly.”
  98. Silky– a cozy tribute to your kitten’s luxurious fur, can also point to a type of fabric.
  99. Sissy – a moniker for Cecilia or a nickname for a sister.
  100. Smokey – an American option that points to something smoke-colored or smokey air.
  101. Snowball – the perfect option for your kitten with pure white fur, or the cat born in winter.
  102. Socks – joins the ranks of clothing-inspired names for cats, fitting for the cat with “boots.”
  103. Spooky – refers to all things creepy and gross, a superb option for the Halloween kitty.
  104. Spunky – of English origin, means “full of spirit, courage, and determination.”
  105. Star – a bright ball of gas in the night sky or a person with celebrity potential.
  106. Suki – of Japanese origin, meaning “beloved,” is an accurate pick for your pet.
  107. Summer – a lively pick that will bring to mind visions of sunny skies and beach days.
  108. Sunny – points to a day full of warmth and sunshine or an optimistic person.
  109. Sweetie Pie – a fun combination of Sweetheart and Cutie Pie.
  110. Sweets – short for Sweetheart, likely to be seen in British dramas.
  111. Tabby – a moniker for Tabitha, which means “gazelle” in Aramaic or a colorful cat breed.
  112. Tasha – short for Natasha, which was traditionally given to girls born on Christmas.
  113. Teacup – a dainty cup used for formal teas, can also describe something small.
  114. Tigger – inspired by the bouncy character in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh.
  115. Tigre – the Spanish word for “tiger,” a fitting pick for your brave little kitten.
  116. Tinkerbell – featured in Disney’s Peter Pan as a small, sassy fairy.
  117. Tootsie – a term of endearment or a chocolate candy famous in the U.S. and Europe.
  118. Winter – a seasonal title that will bring memories of cozy, snowy days to mind.
  119. Zippy – an English pick referring to something quick or speedy.

Female Cat Names FAQs

What is a Lucky Name for a Female Cat?

Consider yourself lucky if you’re the proud owner of a cat. Many pet owners choose titles that tell the world how blessed they are. The most obvious lucky cat name is, of course, Lucky. Other charmed titles include Clover, which is considered a lucky charm. Honorable mentions include Destiny and Tashi, meaning “good fortune.”

What Are the Most Popular Female Cat Names?

Cats are among the most common pets, so there’s no shortage of popular female cat names. Among the most famous are titles describing the cat’s appearance. Names that fall under this category include Boots, Mittens, Socks, Spot, and Dot. Titles pointing to the cat’s breed are also popular, such as Tabby, Callie, and Munchkin. Other standard titles include Alley, Dolly, Mila, and Star.

What Are Rare Female Cat Names?

If you desire rare cat names, you’re in luck. Among the rarest cat names are titles inspired by celebrities. Cleopawtra, Cindy Clawford, Catty Perry, and Meowna Lisa will surely get a second look. Obscure titles, such as Cloudy, Blu, Fairy, and Yuzu, are also rare. Other names in this category include Calypso, Boba, Sushi, and Brie.

What Cat Names Mean Beautiful?

Cats are among the most stunning pets, inspiring many pet owners to name their kitty a title meaning “beautiful.” You can’t go wrong with Bonnie, a Scottish moniker for a pretty, young lass. Other titles include Izzy and Bella, which is short for Isabella and means “beautiful.” Honorable mentions include Callie, a moniker for Callisto, meaning “lovely.”

What Cat Names Mean Love?

Pets are one of the greatest sources of affection. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for cat names meaning love. First up is Aphrodite, inspired by the mythical goddess of love. Other options include Paris, pointing to the infamous city of love. You could also name your kitten a term of endearment, like Sweetie Pie, Sweetheart, or Sugar.

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