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200+ Cute Betta Fish Names: With Fascinating Facts

These fancy betta fish names are swimmingly awesome.

Are you looking for betta fish names? With over 200 betta fish name ideas, your search ends here. From sassy to sweet, we’ve got options that will fit every fishy friend.

We’ve even included fun facts so you can make an informed decision. With this many choices, you can’t go wrong! We’ve got you covered whether you’re naming your favorite pet store animal or a beloved family pet. Drop your line; the greatest list of names for betta fish is about to bite.

70 Adorable Female Betta Fish Names

You “betta” watch out for these cute girl betta fish names.

  1. Angel – of Greek origin, means “messenger,” perfect for your cherubic girl.
  2. Ariel – a biblical title that will make many think of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  3. Athena – joins the ranks of mythical female betta fish names inspired by the goddess of wisdom.
  4. Aurora – of Latin origin, meaning “dawn,” doubles as Sleeping Beauty’s given name.
  5. Bea – short for Beatrice, which means “bringer of happiness” and “blessed” in Latin.
  6. Beauty – an English pet name given to those with exemplary looks.
  7. Bess – of Hebrew origin, short for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  8. Bonnie – a Scottish term of endearment given to pretty girls, borne by actress Bonnie Hunt.
  9. Buffy – a badass variation of Elizabeth that will remind many of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  10. Ceto – means “sea monster” in Greek, inspired by the mythical goddess of sea and marine life.
  11. Chanel – derived from “canalis,” meaning “water channel” in Latin, borne by designer Coco Chanel.
  12. Chica – of Spanish origin, meaning “little girl,” can also be a term of endearment.
  13. Chloe – a Greek pick meaning “blooming” and “fertility,” often given to spring babies.
  14. Cinderella – borne by Disney’s most popular princess, meaning “little ashes” in French.
  15. Cleo – short for Cleopatra, a great female ruler, giving this title a hint of girl power.
  16. Colbie – hailing from the U.K., means “from the coal town,” borne by singer Colbie Callait.
  17. Cupcake – a delicious mini-cake often topped with sweet icing and sprinkles.
  18. Daisy – an Old English title meaning “day’s eye,” or a cool flower symbolizing purity.
  19. Destiny – of French and Latin origin, referring to someone’s ultimate fate or fortune.
  20. Devina – a Scottish title meaning “beloved,” “divine,” and “heavenly,” perfect for your unique fish.
  21. Diva – means “goddess” in Latin, often used to refer to celebrities or successful women.
  22. Dory – borne by Pixar’s famous blue fish, meaning “gift from the sea” in Greek.
  23. Elsa – a cute variation of Elisabeth, inspired by Disney’s popular ice queen from Frozen.
  24. Eurydice – of Greek origin, meaning “wide justice,” joining the ranks of virtuous betta fish names.
  25. Eve – a biblical title mentioned in the Old Testament as the first woman created, meaning “life.”
  26. Evelyn – hailing from Britain, meaning “wished for,” “desired,” and “island.”
  27. Felina – the feminization of Felix, meaning “lucky” and “catlike” in Latin, often shortened to Lina.
  28. Fifi – short for Josephine, which means “the Lord increases” in French and Hebrew.
  29. Flora – of Latin origin, meaning “flower,” ideal for your gorgeous betta fish.
  30. Fuego – a Spanish option that means “fire,” fitting for the fish with red scales.
  31. Gaia – means “the earth” and “earth mother” in Greek, borne by the mother goddess.
  32. Geisha – of Japanese origin, meaning “entertainer,” given to those who sang or acted in theater.
  33. Ginger – an English title meaning “pure” and a warm spice used in gingerbread.
  34. Hera – the Greek goddess of marriage and queen of the Olympian gods.
  35. Honey – is of English origin, meaning “nectar,” and was once a priceless sweetener.
  36. Iris – a Greek title given to the personification of the rainbow, symbolizing color and vibrancy.
  37. Kaida – of Japanese origin, meaning “little dragon,” fitting for the revered betta fish.
  38. Lang-Tai – a Thai title meaning “female warrior,” ideal for your fierce girl.
  39. Lilith – an Akkadian option that means “belonging to the night,” mentioned in Jewish mythology.
  40. Lily – of Latin origin, meaning “pure,” inspired by a flower used in Easter decorations.
  41. Little Red – mentioned in the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tales, ideal for your ruby fish.
  42. Lorelei – a German pick that means “alluring” and “temptress,” borne by mythical sea nymphs.
  43. Lucy – is of Latin origin, meaning “light” and “light bringer,” often short for Lucille.
  44. Luna – the Roman personification of the moon, borne by an aloof Harry Potter character.
  45. Mermaid – a fantastical title given to mythical sea creatures that are part human and part fish.
  46. Millie – short for Millicent, meaning “gentle strength” and “strong in work” in German.
  47. Mrs. Puff – a fictional title borne by SpongeBob SquarePants’ driving teacher.
  48. Nessie – used as a moniker for the Loch Ness monster, meaning “pure” in Scottish.
  49. Persephone – a fierce Greek option meaning “bringer of death,” borne by Zeus’ daughter.
  50. Rainbow – mentioned in the Bible as a sign of a covenant between God and man.
  51. Rosa – a Hispanic option that means “rose,” symbolizing friendship and passion.
  52. Ruby – of Latin origin, a deep red gem doubling as July’s birthstone.
  53. Sage – means “wise” in Latin, once given to the village medicine men.
  54. Saraswati – a Hindi title meaning “possessing water,” ideal for your little swimmer.
  55. Sassy – an English title meaning “fresh” and “bold,” often given to snarky little ones.
  56. Scarlet – of French and English origin, meaning “red,” symbolizing passion and power.
  57. Sima – a Hebrew title meaning “treasure,” perfect for the beloved pet.
  58. Siren – of Greek origin, meaning “severe” and “fair victory;” can also refer to mythical nymphs.
  59. Sirikit – a Thai pick given to those with queenly qualities.
  60. Snow White – a fictional raven-haired princess that later became a Disney adaptation.
  61. Sunny – short for Sunshine, given to those with cheery, pleasant dispositions.
  62. Sweetie – a moniker for Sweetheart, a modern term meaning “beloved.”
  63. Tilly – short for Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle” in German, borne by William the Conqueror’s wife.
  64. Violetta – an Italian option that means “purple,” the color of royalty.
  65. Vivi – is short for Vivian, meaning “alive” and “lively” in Latin.
  66. Wanda – of Slavic origin, meaning “shepherdess” and “wanderer,” ideal for the adventurous fish.
  67. Yami – an Indian title traditionally given to someone’s sister-in-law or a noblewoman.
  68. Yoshe – of Japanese origin, meaning “beauty,” describing your fish to a tee.
  69. Zelda – meaning “gray fighting maid” in German, reminding hearers of video games.
  70. Zoe – the Greek equivalent of Eve, which means “life.”

70 Handsome Male Betta Fish Names

These dashing male betta fish names are the king of the sea.

  1. Abott – of English origin, meaning “father,” often describing a priest.
  2. Ace – means “one” and “leader” in Latin and can also refer to a hand of cards.
  3. Admiral – a British and Arabic title meaning “commander of the seas.”
  4. Apollo – of Greek origin, meaning “destroyer,” inspired by the mythical God of healing.
  5. Aquaman – borne by DC’s waterlogged superhero played by actor Jason Momoa.
  6. Archer – a French and English occupational surname for those with awesome archery skills.
  7. Asher – joins the ranks of biblical male betta fish names, which means “happy” in Hebrew.
  8. Astor – means “hawk” and “thunder god” in Scandinavian, inspired by tales of Thor.
  9. Attila – a Hungarian choice meaning “like his father”- is perfect for the Daddy’s boy.
  10. Austen – an alternate spelling of Austin, a Latin title meaning “great” and “magnificent.”
  11. Billy – is of German origin, meaning “will-helmet,” and is often short for William.
  12. Blue Fish – a cute nod to the classic Dr. Suess books, a good pick for readers.
  13. Bodhi – means “enlightenment” and “awakening” in Sanskrit, inspired by Buddha.
  14. Bono – taken from Bonus, meaning “good” in Italian, borne by a famous singer and activist.
  15. Bruce – a Scottish, English, and French habitational surname that means “the willowlands.”
  16. Buddha – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “awakened,” borne by the founder of Buddhism.
  17. Captain Hook – inspired by Peter Pan’s archnemesis, a cruel pirate with a pet crocodile.
  18. Charlie – short for Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  19. Christian – of Latin origin, meaning “follower of Christ,” often shortened to Chris.
  20. Cosmo – a mystical Greek title meaning “order,” “chaos,” and “beauty.”
  21. Costello – an Irish surname given to those who resembled a deer, borne by singer Elvis Costello.
  22. Darth – means “dark” and “father” in German, inspired by the Star Wars villain Darth Vader.
  23. DaVinci – of Italian origin, meaning “of Vinci,” borne by artist Leonardo DaVinci.
  24. Dino – an Italian title meaning “little sword” and “brave as a bear” associated with dinosaurs.
  25. Draco – taken from Drakon, meaning “dragon” in Greek, inspired by a Harry Potter villain.
  26. Einstein – of German origin, meaning “to cover with stone,” borne by genius Albert Einstein.
  27. Elvis – is an Old Norse title that means “all wise,” associated with rocker Elvis Presley.
  28. Flipper – the part of a whale that allows it to balance and glide effortlessly in water.
  29. Fox – an animal-inspired moniker given to those with cunning, sly personalities.
  30. Gandalf – a fictional title created by Tolkien for the Lord of the Rings books.
  31. Guido – of Italian origin, meaning “guide,” a cute way to show pride in your nation.
  32. Harry – short for Harold or Henry, meaning “home ruler” in German, borne by singer Harry Styles.
  33. Henry – of French origin, means “home ruler” and is most prevalent in Europe.
  34. Houdini – inspired by a Hungarian American escape artist known for dodging death.
  35. Ignacio – of Spanish origin, meaning “fiery one,” perfect for your red-hot fish.
  36. Jaws – borne by a killer shark featured in a 1970s film, giving this title star power.
  37. Jonah – an Old Testament title of a man swallowed by a large fish, meaning “dove.”
  38. Kenny – short for Kenneth, a Gaelic title that means “handsome” or “the handsome one.”
  39. Kraken – a sea monster featured in many European legends, an ironic pick for the tiny swimmer.
  40. Kujo – of Japanese origin, means “ninth street” and can be shortened to Jojo.
  41. Larry – a moniker for Lawrence, meaning “crowned with laurel” in English, associated with champions.
  42. Leo – short for Leonardo, meaning “lion” in Latin, borne by actor Leo DiCaprio.
  43. Leviathan – the biblical term for a sea monster, means “to twist” or “to coil” in Hebrew.
  44. Louie – is of German origin, short for Louis, meaning “famous warrior.”
  45. Marlin – a large billfish that fishermen often target for its large size.
  46. Maui – is of Hawaiian origin, meaning “trickster god,” borne by a character in Disney’s Moana.
  47. Miles – a Middle Ages title traditionally given to any type of soldier.
  48. Milo – taken from Miles, a Latin and Slavic word meaning “soldier” or “beloved.”
  49. Morgan – of Welsh origin, meaning “sea-born” and “sea-song” doubling as a surname.
  50. Naruto – is inspired by a Japanese manga series about a boy who wants to lead his people.
  51. Nemo – of Latin origin, meaning “nobody,” borne by Pixar’s infamous clown fish.
  52. Neptune – taken from Neptunus, meaning “god of water,” connected to Roman mythology.
  53. Nile – a variation of Neil or Africa’s longest river known for its ability to fuel crops.
  54. Noah – borne by an Old Testament figure known for his obedience in building an ark.
  55. Oceanus – of Greek origin, meaning “of the ocean,” perfect for your betta fish.
  56. Orlando – the Spanish variation of Roland, meaning “famous land,” borne by actor Orlando Bloom.
  57. Otto – of German origin, meaning “wealth,” perfect for your distinguished pet.
  58. Phorcys – an ancient sea god featured in Greek legends, hailed for his ability to control the sea.
  59. Poseidon – is a Greek title meaning “lord of the earth” and “husband of the earth.”
  60. Red Fish – featured in Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Suess.
  61. Rocky – means “rest” in English and can also point to unstable land.
  62. Sergeant – a French title that means “officer,” often associated with military rankings.
  63. Shark – inspired by a fierce ocean fish known for their ability to regrow teeth.
  64. Smith – hailing from the U.K., traditionally given to blacksmiths.
  65. Theo – of Greek origin, meaning “God’s gift,” often short for Theodore.
  66. Thor – a Norse title meaning “thunder,” borne by Marvel’s hammer-wielding hero.
  67. Tigre – means “tiger” in Italian and Spanish, ideal for your ferocious boy.
  68. Titan – an English word pointing to someone with immense brains and brawn.
  69. Willy – short for William, meaning “helmet of protection” in German.
  70. Zeke – an edgy moniker for Ezekiel, meaning “strength of God” in Hebrew.

70 Cool Betta Fish Names

These stellar betta fish names are cooler than a cucumber.

  1. Atlantis – is of Greek origin, meaning “island of Atlas,” often called “the lost empire.”
  2. Avalon – first featured in Arthurian legends, meaning “island of apples” in Celtic.
  3. Azalea – a Greek title that means “dry,” inspired by azaleas, a brilliant shrub.
  4. Azure – of French origin, meaning “sky blue,” inspiring visions of serene landscapes.
  5. Bermuda – a style of long shorts or a luxurious group of islands.
  6. Blanco – of Spanish origin, meaning “bright white,” an ironic pick for the blackfish.
  7. Blossom – a young flower or a funny member of the Powerpuff Girl gang.
  8. Bluey – joins many fictional betta fish name ideas from Disney’s friendly blue heeler.
  9. Brite – of Swedish origin, meaning “strong” and can also be an alternate spelling of “bright.”
  10. Casper – a Persian title meaning “treasure bearer,” inspired by the friendly cartoon ghost.
  11. Cerulean – of Latin origin, meaning “dark blue,” fitting for your navy-hued pet.
  12. Chardonnay – means “thistle-covered place” in French, often connected to fine wine.
  13. Cyan – an American title meaning “light blue-green,” featured in many Crayola boxes.
  14. Dee – of Welsh origin, meaning “dark” and can be short for Deanne or Deidre.
  15. Diesel – a variation of Matthias that will undoubtedly remind hearers of gasoline.
  16. Doll – short for Dorothy, meaning “gift of God,” in Greek or a term of endearment.
  17. Earl Grey – is among the funniest names for betta fish, inspired by England’s favorite tea.
  18. Flash – one of DC’s oldest superheroes or a moniker for a fast runner.
  19. Flounder – a yellow and blue fish featured in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  20. Godiva – of Old English origin, means “God’s gift” and is often associated with chocolate.
  21. Goliath – a biblical giant mentioned in the Old Testament, meaning “exile” in Hebrew.
  22. Grouper – points to any large fish that dwells near the bottom of an ocean or lake.
  23. Gumbo – a West African word meaning “okra,” referring to a delicious stew famous in Louisiana.
  24. Indie – short for Indigo, a royal shade of blue, but can also be a moniker for Independence.
  25. Jag – a badass nickname for Jacob or Jagger, meaning “carter” in English.
  26. Kibble – taken from Kibbel, a German surname for those who crafted drinking vessels.
  27. Killer – points to a mighty beast but can also be a funny moniker for a small fry.
  28. Lee – an English title meaning “meadow,” can be a surname or a forename.
  29. Limon – the Spanish word for “lemon,” perfect for your little sourpatch.
  30. Mandarin – a type of sweet orange or an Asian dialect famous in China.
  31. Mekong – means “mother ganga” in Chinese, inspired by the Mekong River in Tibet.
  32. Midnight – the first minute of a fresh day, symbolizing new chances.
  33. Miso – a cute variation of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?” in Hebrew.
  34. Misty – is of English origin, meaning “mist,” “light fog,” and “haze.”
  35. Mojo – taken from “moco,” a Creole word meaning “magic” and “the power to get things done.”
  36. Naga – means “snake” in Sanskrit and is often mentioned in folklore and songs.
  37. Nami – means “wave” in Japanese and “of great repute” in Sanskrit.
  38. Noir – means “black” in French, ideal for the dark, mysterious pet.
  39. Nuk Soo – a Thai title given to warriors or sumo wrestlers.
  40. Onyx – of Latin and Greek origin, a black gemstone rumored to be the god’s fingernails.
  41. Pal – a term of endearment for a friend, among the most popular pet names.
  42. Peanut – a delicious savory nut or a moniker for a sweet little child.
  43. Pearly – points to something with a pearl-like sheen, which can also be a vintage nickname.
  44. PeeWee – is typically given to the runt of a litter or a petite child.
  45. Phantom – another word for “ghost” or “spirit,” perfect for the spooky fish.
  46. Pinky – is a moniker for Pink that can also refer to your smallest finger.
  47. Plakat – of Thai origin, meaning “betta fish,” perfect for your beloved swimmer.
  48. Rama – an Indian title that means “pleasing” and “charming,” doubling as an alias for Vishnu.
  49. Raphael – means “God has healed” in Hebrew, often associated with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  50. Raven – an English surname traditionally given to dark-haired families or a black bird.
  51. Rebel – a respelling of Rebelle, a French title for those who disrespected authority.
  52. Romeo – of Italian and Latin origin, meaning “pilgrim to Rome.”
  53. Rouge – means “red” in French and is often connected to makeup.
  54. Sal – an Indian pick that means “saint,” “master,” and “lord.”
  55. Samurai – of Japanese origin, meaning “knight” and “warrior,” a highly sought-after title.
  56. Sapphire – among color-inspired betta fish names, means “blue” in Latin.
  57. Skittles – a colorful candy that’s popular in America and Europe.
  58. Small Fry – an adorable nickname for the smallest pets, perfect for your little fishy.
  59. Smokey – means “smoke-colored” in English, borne by the cartoon activist Smokey Bear.
  60. Sparky – of English and Norse origin, meaning “lively” and “high-spirited.”
  61. Star – a luminescent light in the night sky or a person of celebrity status.
  62. Stormy – an English title that means “storm” and “tempest,” ideal for the temperamental pet.
  63. Suki – of Japanese origin, meaning “beloved,” can be a form of Susan.
  64. Sumo – inspired by a Japanese form of wrestling featuring large competitors.
  65. Sunshine – a warm light that shines during the day or a person with a cheery disposition.
  66. Sushi – means “sour rice” in Japanese, reminding many of their favorite appetizers.
  67. Taffy – of Welsh origin, meaning “beloved” and “friend,” doubling as a sticky candy.
  68. Tilson – means “son of Till” in English, joining the ranks of patronymic fish names.
  69. Tuna – a saltwater fish that is a popular entree or salad ingredient.
  70. Valhalla – of Norse origin, meaning “hall of the fallen,” a common subject in mythology.

Betta Fish Names FAQs

What Are Good Betta Fish Names?

Everyone’s definition of good betta fish names varies, but thankfully, there are enough options for everyone. Some prefer sweet betta fish name ideas like Cupcake, Bonnie, Beauty, or Angel. Others love tough pet names like Attila, Bruce, Darth, Kujo, and Ignacio. Literature-inspired fish titles include Austen, Captain Hook, Gandalf, and Leviathan.

Are Betta Fish Named After Warriors?

Yes, betta fish are named after warriors. Betta comes from Bettah, the rumored title of a tough band of fighters. Betta fish are the ocean’s warriors, once used in fish fighting, an ancient Asian sport. Betta fish are indeed some of the fiercest fish. Their name even means “biting fish.”

What Are Male Fish Names?

You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for the perfect title for your male betta fish. If you like character-inspired betta fish names, try Draco, Harry, Jaws, and Flipper. Other heroic picks include Flash, Aquaman, Einstein, Maui, and Oceanus. If you desire biblical betta fish name ideas, try Jonah, Noah, or Christian.

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