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150+ Fierce Lion Names: With Cool Facts

These aggressive lion names will have you roaring with joy.

Are you looking for the fiercest roundup of lion names? We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of names for lions. These titles aren’t just for big cats, though. Many pet owners love giving their sweet kittens ferocious lion nicknames.

Whatever your reasoning, this buffet of options will make you feel like the king of the jungle. Sit back and get ready to find the perfect lion name for your majestic friend.

60 Handsome Male Lion Names

These dashing male lion names are the cat’s meow.

  1. Africa – means “land of the Afri” in Latin, or “sunny” and “without cold” in Greek.
  2. Amadeus – is of Latin origin, meaning “loved by God” or “love of God.”
  3. Apollo – the Greek god of medicine, often depicted with his airborne chariot.
  4. Ari – among the bluntest lion names, meaning “lion” in Hebrew and “eagle” in Scandinavian.
  5. Armani – an Italian option referring to a warrior, often connected to the cool fashion label.
  6. Asad – means “lion” in Arabic, a fitting pick for your awesome king.
  7. Aslan – a literary title borne by C.S. Lewis’ most powerful resident of Narnia.
  8. Augustus – means “great” or “magnificent” in Latin, a badass choice for your little cub.
  9. Beau – of French origin, meaning “beautiful” or “boyfriend.”
  10. Bon Jovi – is an American rock band named after lead singer Jon Bon Jovi.
  11. Clyde – a Scottish title meaning “friendly,” associated with the infamous crime duo, Bonnie and Clyde.
  12. Dior – taken from D’or, a French surname meaning “golden,” borne by designer Christian Dior.
  13. Duke – means “leader” in Latin, generally used for nobility.
  14. Enzi – a Swahili option meaning “powerful,” an obvious possibility for your pride and joy.
  15. Fang – of Chinese origin, meaning “fragrant” or “beautiful,” can also refer to a sharp tooth.
  16. General – a military ranking or a nickname for a bossy person.
  17. Harley – hailing from the U.K., means “hare’s meadow,” connected to a tough motorcycle brand.
  18. Hugo – unites Spanish, German, and Portuguese languages, meaning “intellect.”
  19. Hulk – of English origin, pointing to a large person, borne by Marvel’s green hero.
  20. Hunter – joins the ranks of frightening male lion names and describes a lion’s favorite hobby.
  21. Jack – an English variation of John that became popular in the Middle Ages.
  22. Jake – short for Jacob, a biblical title meaning “supplanter.”
  23. Johnny – a moniker for John that means “God is gracious” in English.
  24. Kalahari – of Tswana origin, meaning “the great thirst.”
  25. Karoo – possibly from an ancient African Khoekhoe word, meaning “land of thirst.”
  26. Kazi – is of Celtic origin, meaning “respect,” and Arabic origin, where it means “judge.”
  27. King – hailing from Britain and means “ruler,” fitting as the lion is the king of the jungle.
  28. Knight – an English option meaning “warrior,” an honorable title in the Middle Ages.
  29. Kojo – a Ghanaian title that means “born on Monday.”
  30. Kujo – means “ninth son” in Japanese, a funny option for the cat with nine lives.
  31. Leo – is of Latin origin, meaning “lion,” often a moniker for Leonardo.
  32. Leonidas – a Greek title that means “son of a lion,” can be shortened to Leo.
  33. Lionel – means “little lion” in Latin, borne by singer Lionel Richie.
  34. Loki – of Norse origin, meaning “airy” or “trickster god,” connected to Marvel’s god of mischief.
  35. Max – a handsome Latin pick that means “greatest,” short for Maximus.
  36. Morocco – an African country known for its beautiful mosques and beaches.
  37. Mufasa – means “king” in Nigerian, featured in Disney’s Lion King.
  38. Musa – an alternative to Moses, meaning “drawn out of the water” in Hebrew.
  39. Napoleon – is of Italian origin, meaning “from Naples,” but can also refer to a new city.
  40. Odin – a Norse pick meaning “god of frenzy,” borne by the mythical god of poetry.
  41. Onyx – of Greek origin, a stone many believed came from the fingernail clippings of the gods.
  42. Prince – means “firstborn son” or “ruler” in English, fitting for your strong boy.
  43. Rebel – points to someone who disrespects or defies authority.
  44. Reign – an English option that means “rule” or “sovereign,” borne by Kourtney Kardashian’s son.
  45. Romeo – of Italian origin, meaning “pilgrim to Rome,” often connected to Shakespeare’s tragic duo.
  46. Sahara – means “desert” in Arabic, the title of the world’s hottest desert that spans multiple countries.
  47. Samson – an Old Testament figure known for his strength, often shortened to Sammy.
  48. Scar – Disney’s notorious animal villain featured in The Lion King.
  49. Scout – means “to listen” or “to discover” in French, borne by Harper Lee’s fictional protagonist.
  50. Sebastian – a Roman pick meaning “venerable” or “respected” – comes with the moniker Seb.
  51. Sergeant – is of Latin origin, meaning “to serve,” or a military and police ranking.
  52. Sikara – a Hindu option with a debatable interpretation. Many believe it means “brave one.”
  53. Simba – the star of Disney’s Lion King, means “lion” and “strength” in Swahili.
  54. Sparta – a Greek title meaning “frugal,” or a famous Grecian city known for its battles.
  55. Tatu – of Swahili origin, meaning “God is my judge.”
  56. Thor – the Norse god of thunder often depicted with his hammer.
  57. Troy – an Irish pick meaning “foot soldier,” or the city where the Trojan War occurred.
  58. Wolfgang – of Germanic origin, meaning “traveling wolf,” a symbol of courage and cunning wit.
  59. Xerxes – a Persian pick borne by a biblical king, means “ruler of heroes.”
  60. Zeus – the Greek god of the sky and thunder, a popular pick for dogs or lions.

54 Beautiful Female Lion Names

These gorgeous female lion names are the “mane” attraction!

  1. Aaliyah – of Arabic origin, meaning “exalted,” is the perfect pick for your empowered lioness.
  2. Amani – means “peace” in Swahili and “wishes” in Arabic, often shortened to Mani.
  3. Angel – a derivative of Angelos, a Greek title meaning “messenger.”
  4. Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love, connected to aphrodisiacs.
  5. Ariana – a variation of Ariadne, a Greek pick that means “most holy.”
  6. Artemis – is among the unique female lion names, meaning “butcher” in Greek.
  7. Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom, justice, warfare, and art.
  8. Aurora – is of Latin origin, meaning “dawn,” connected to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  9. Bella – short for Isabella, an Italian option meaning “beautiful.”
  10. Beyoncé- a Creole pick meaning “beyond others,” borne by a legendary singer.
  11. Bianca – meaning “pure” and “white” in Italian, comes with the nickname Bee.
  12. Bonnie – a Scottish term of endearment that means “pretty,” often used for young girls.
  13. Cecil – derived from Sextus, meaning “sixth” in Latin, can be shortened to CeCe.
  14. Chanel – of French origin, likely to be connected to designer Coco Chanel.
  15. Cleopatra – a Greek option meaning “glory of the father,” borne by Egypt’s most famous ruler.
  16. Crystal – a derivative of “krystallos,” meaning “ice” or “earth mineral” in Greek.
  17. Devi – a popular title for Indian girls, meaning “goddess” and “anything of excellence.”
  18. Diamond – April’s birthstone, symbolizing abundance and strength under pressure.
  19. Duchess – the feminization of Duke, meaning “leader” in Latin.
  20. Elsa – a cute variation of Alice that means “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  21. Huntress – refers to someone who hunts, an obvious choice for your aggressive girl.
  22. Jasmine – a derivative of Yasmin, meaning “fragrant flower” or “gift from God” in Persian.
  23. Jezebel – the wife of biblical King Ahab, known for her evil influence over Israel.
  24. Juliet – of Latin origin, meaning “Jove’s child,” often shortened to Etta or Julie.
  25. Lady – a title for nobility, but can refer to a feminine woman.
  26. Leah – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “weary” or “delicate,” a juxtaposition for the strong lioness.
  27. Leona – the feminine version of Leon, meaning “lioness” in Latin, borne by singer Leona Lewis.
  28. Lexie – connected to Alexandra, meaning “man’s defender” in Greek.
  29. Lioness – an English word meaning “female lion,” symbolizing maternal instinct and power.
  30. Loni – which means “lion” in French, can be pronounced “LOH-nee” or “LAH-nee.”
  31. Luna – the Roman goddess who personified the moon, perfect for the cub born at night.
  32. Nala – means “queen” and “successful” in Swahili, borne by Simba’s best friend in The Lion King.
  33. Nalea – of African and Hawaiian origin, means “queen” and “lei of love,” uniting multiple cultures.
  34. Nelia – means “horn” and “little flower” in Latin and Spanish and can be short for Cornelia.
  35. Nova – a derivative of Novus, meaning “new” in Latin, often associated with astronomy.
  36. Opal – is of Sanskrit origin, meaning “precious stone,” symbolizing purity and honesty.
  37. Pearl – a gemstone found in oysters, meaning “precious” in English, and also June’s birthstone.
  38. Penny – short for Penelope, a Greek title meaning “weaver,” pointing to the mythical Queen of Ithaca.
  39. Peppa – a derivative of Guiseppa, which means “Jehovah increases” in Italian.
  40. Princess – refers to the daughter of a king, a popular pick for female lions.
  41. Prowess – an English option that means “distinguished bravery” and “extraordinary ability.”
  42. Queen – derived from “cwene” meaning “ruler” and “monarch” in English.
  43. Sabrina – rooted in English, Italian, and Latin, meaning “legendary princess” and “from the border.”
  44. Sarabi – of Swahili origin, pointing to a mirage or illusion.
  45. Sarafina – an alternate spelling of Seraphine, a Hebrew title that means “burning ones.”
  46. Savannah – a grassy area in Africa with widely spaced trees, a common habitat for lions.
  47. Serena – means “peaceful” and “tranquil” in Roman and Latin, borne by tennis star Serena Williams.
  48. Shakira – of Arabic origin, meaning “grateful,” connected to the Latin singer.
  49. Sierra – a Spanish title that means “mountain range” and “saw.”
  50. Tatiana – means “fairy queen” in Russian, a cute pick for the petite pet.
  51. Vega – an Arabic and Spanish surname meaning “swooping eagle” or “meadow dweller.”
  52. Venus – the Greek goddess of love or a planet that resides close to the sun.
  53. Zalika – of Swahili origin, meaning “well-born,” fitting for the regal lioness.
  54. Zarina – the feminization of Zarin, a Slavic title meaning “golden.”

55 Cool Names for Lions

These rad names for lions will make your pet the coolest cat around.

  1. Abbas – a Hebrew surname that means “fatherly” or “stern.”
  2. Albus – means “white” in Latin and is commonly associated with Harry Potter’s Albus Dumbledore.
  3. Alex – short for Alexander, meaning “defender of the people” in Greek.
  4. Bear – joins the ranks of ironic names for lions, a good pick for the burly cat.
  5. Boots – an English occupational nickname referring to someone who makes shoes.
  6. Caesar – derived from Caesaries, meaning “head of hair,” connected to Julius Caesar.
  7. Cat – short for Catherine, a Greek title meaning “pure” or a lovable feline.
  8. Cleopawtra – an adorable pun that will remind hearers of Egyptian queen Cleopatra.
  9. Congo – a Central African Republic and river known for its rich history.
  10. Cowardly Lion – featured in The Wizard of Oz, joining the likes of other cinema-inspired lion nicknames.
  11. Cupcake – a tasty little cake often topped with frosting and sprinkles.
  12. Diablo – the Spanish word for “devil,” perfect for the naughty lion.
  13. Diego – is of Spanish origin, meaning “supplanter,” a cute nickname for Santiago.
  14. Fahari – a unisex Swahili title that means “fame,” “honor,” and “splendor.”
  15. Fluffy – commonly used by pet owners everywhere, describing a lion’s coat to a tee.
  16. Goldie – a moniker for Golda, meaning “made of gold” in Yiddish.
  17. Honey – once considered the nectar of the gods, a valuable bargaining chip in the Middle Ages.
  18. Inesh – an Indian pick meaning “a strong king” or “king of kings.”
  19. Inez – of Portuguese origin, meaning “pure” and “chaste,” a derivative of Agnes.
  20. Julius – means “devoted to Jove” in Greek, pointing to the god of sky and thunder.
  21. Jungle – a tropical forest, fitting as lions are known as the rulers of the jungle.
  22. Kenya – an Eastern African country famous for its safaris and trade ports.
  23. Kitten – refers to a young cat, but it can also be a term of endearment.
  24. Kitty – a moniker for a “kitten” that can be a nickname for Catherine.
  25. Kong – of Chinese origin, meaning “bright,” associated with King Kong, a large black gorilla.
  26. Kula – a Sanskrit option that means “tribe” or “family,” perfect for the lion who loves his pack.
  27. Kya – an African title meaning “diamond in the sky,” possibly connected to angels.
  28. Lassie – America’s favorite Collie dog or a nickname for a sweet young girl.
  29. Leonardo – of German origin, meaning “brave as a lion,” borne by actor Leonardo di Caprio.
  30. Leoni – which means “lioness” in Latin, can be shortened to Leo.
  31. Lev – is of Hebrew and Russian origin, meaning “lion” or “heart.”
  32. Lion King – a famous Disney movie starring lions, released in 1994.
  33. Little Lion Paws – a nonsensical option for the cat with adorable feet.
  34. Mane – of Irish origin, meaning “great,” or a lion’s halo of hair.
  35. Mohatu – is the Lion King’s great king of the past and Simba’s grandfather.
  36. Muffin – a pet name between lovers or a breakfast pastry.
  37. Odysseus – of Greek origin, meaning “wrathful,” borne by Homer’s fictional explorer.
  38. Ozzie – short for Oswald, but can be a stand-alone option meaning “bear god.”
  39. Pandora – of Greek origin, associated with the famous myth of Pandora’s box.
  40. Prince John – Disney’s first lion villain, featured in Robin Hood.
  41. Puma – a ferocious wild cat or a hip brand of athleticwear and shoes.
  42. Purr – points to the sound that all cats make when they’re happy.
  43. Roary – a punny take on Rory, meaning “red king” in Irish.
  44. Rudo – of Shona origin, meaning “love,” is the perfect pick for your African hero.
  45. Sher – meaning “lion” in Persian, can be a take on Cher, borne by a talented musician.
  46. Sprinkles – a colorful garnish for desserts and beverages, an excellent pick for foodies.
  47. Stark – of English and German origin, meaning “strong” and “harsh.”
  48. Sudan – means “land of the blacks” in Arabic, a beautiful African country known for its pyramids.
  49. Sugar – a term of endearment for someone with a sweet personality.
  50. Tiny Tim – an American musician known for his falsetto or a nickname for a petite male.
  51. Uru – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “wide” or “broad.”
  52. Vitani – means “demon of war” in Swahili, connected to the Lion King’s first female villainess.
  53. Whiskers – a popular cat name referring to one of their cutest features.
  54. Zambia – an African country hailed for its rich wildlife reservations.
  55. Ziggy – of German origin, meaning “victorious protector.”

Lion Names FAQs

What Is the Best Name for a Lion?

There’s no shortage of fantastic lion names. Among the best are titles inspired by famous rulers like Cleopatra and Caesar. Lions are known for their toughness, so sweet options are also a funny pick. For example, naming a lion Fluffy, Sugar, or Honey will surely get a second glance.

What Names Mean Lion?

Most dialects have a word for lion, referring to the animal itself or a person with fierce qualities. Ari means “lion” in Hebrew and Scandinavian languages, while Leo means “lion” in Latin. Simba refers to lions in Swahili, and Leona means “lioness” in Latin. Other picks include Sher, Lev, and Leonardo.

Who Are Famous Cartoon Lions?

By far, the most famous cartoon lions appeared in Disney’s The Lion King. Simba is the franchise leader, with his partner Nala right behind him. Simba’s father, Mufasa, is a fan favorite, while his uncle Scar is a villain everyone loves to hate. Other famous cartoon lion names include Prince John, featured in Robin Hood.

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