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240 Cool Anime Usernames: For Adoring Fans

Channel your inner manga character with creative anime usernames of every kind.

Traditionally, fans of Japanese anime or manga are called Otaku. They watch anime films and series and play video games starring anime characters. Meanwhile, finding the best anime usernames isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Come with us to the wild and wonderful world of anime username ideas. They include badass choices that both guys and girls can enjoy. Our list includes unisex options for keeping your anime character to yourself.

80 Female Anime Usernames

Get familiar with the most magical female anime usernames in the anime universe.

  1. Aika – means “love song” in Japanese and is inspired by the 1990s anime Agent Aika.
  2. Akari – means “vermillion” in Japanese; a character in “More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers.”
  3. Ana – derived from the Hebrew Anne and Hanna; Ana Coppola appears in the series “Ichigo Mashimaro.”
  4. AnimeGoddess – a mythological choice among anime usernames for a female manga fan.
  5. Aoi – means “wild ginger” in Japanese; Aoi Kanzaki is a character in “Demon Slayer.”
  6. Arima – means “owns a horse”; Kana Arima appears in the “Oshi no Ko” manga series.
  7. Arisu – the Japanese variant of Alice, meaning “righteous” and “noble-natured,” used in “Alice in Borderland.”
  8. Asuka – from the Japanese “asu,” meaning “tomorrow,” and “ka,” meaning “fragrance,” used in “Neon Genesis Evangelion.”
  9. Balalaika – a Soviet slang term for the Dragunov rifle and a character in “Black Lagoon.”
  10. Beryl – named after Queen Beryl in the “Sailor Moon” wiki; means “green” in Greek.
  11. Celty – an adorable nickname for an Irish character, inspired by Celty Sturluson in the series “Durarara!!”.
  12. Chiaki – means “thousand,” “autumn,” and “light” in Japanese, for Chiaki Fujimiya in the “Isekai Ojisan” series.
  13. Chihiro – means “a thousand questions,” the heroine’s name in the Japanese film “Spirited Away.”
  14. Chouko – a Japanese girl’s name meaning “butterfly child,” appears as Chouko Fujita in “My Hero.”
  15. Dawn Masahiko – inspired by Masahiko Umezawa appearing in the series “Hajime no Ippo.”
  16. Diane – referred to as the “Serpent Sin of Envy” in the manga series “The Seven Deadly Sins.”
  17. Dita – means “prosperous in war” in Spanish as Dita Liebely in “Vandread.”
  18. Etsuko – a Japanese girl’s name, meaning “joyful child”; for Etsuko Kashima in City Hunter.
  19. Excel – means “to surpass others”; the name of the manga series “Excel Saga” by Kōshi Rikudō.
  20. Fuko – for someone with “wealth” and “abundance”; for Fuko Ibuki in “Clannad.”
  21. Guchuko – from “guchu,” meaning a “chocolate ball,” and “-ko,” a suffix for Japanese female names.
  22. Hanyuu – a goddess in the “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” series whose name means “clay place.”
  23. Haruhi – a nice Japanese name for a “spring princess” used for “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.”
  24. Himiko – a historical Chinese shamaness queen and an anime character in “Legend of Himiko.”
  25. Hitoha – belongs to Hitoha Marui, a character in “Mitsudomoe,” whose name means “one leaf.”
  26. Hitomi – means “pupil of the eye,” the name of a character in “Pupil of the Eye.”
  27. Ika – inspired by Ika Musume, a squid girl appearing in the series “Shinryaku!”.
  28. Izumi – means “spring” or “fountain” in Japanese, which is both a given name and surname.
  29. Kagura – denotes the Japanese dance and music ritual done to honor the Shinto gods.
  30. Kaori – described as “perfume” in Japanese; Kaori Miyazono appears in “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.”
  31. KawaiiKitten – from “kawaii,” a Japanese slang term for anyone as “cute” as a kitten.
  32. Kirimeans “joy” and “pleasure” as a character in the Japanese anime “Fourth World War.”
  33. Kisumi – means “mist,” “incense,” and “purity” in Japanese; it appears as Kisumi Shigino in “Free!”.
  34. Kotonoha – refers to the Japanese language and Kotonoha Katsura from the visual novel “School Days.”
  35. Kyoko – means “girl of Kyoto,” referring to the once-capital of Japan.
  36. Latifa – means “pleasant” in Arabic, linked to a character from the Beltrum kingdom in “Seirei Gensouki.”
  37. Lina – ironically means “tenderness” to describe Lina Inverse, otherwise known as “Lina the Dragon Slayer.”
  38. Machi – means “knowledge” and “understanding”; Machi Komacine appears in the series “Hunter x Hunter.”
  39. MagicalGirl – translates to “mahou shoujo” in Japanese and indicates an anime character with special powers.
  40. MagicalMavenX – means “one who understands” in English, a character in the anime “Ghost in the Shell.”
  41. MagicalWitch – one of the anime username ideas that is perfect for a manga sorceress.
  42. Mary Bakaa – inspired by Mary Saotome, a lead character appearing in “Kakegurui.”
  43. Marymemary – means “bitter sea” in Hebrew, linked to the anime film “Mary and the Witch’s Flower.”
  44. Megumimeans “blessing” and “grace” and is a character in “Jujutsu Kaisen.”
  45. Miki – a Japanese girl’s name, meaning “three trees together” or “beautiful tree.”
  46. Mizuki – a divine white snake in the “Kamisama Kiss” series, meaning “beautiful moon.”
  47. Mononoke – means “spirit princess” and is the title of a Japanese anime series.
  48. Motoko – means “resourceful child”; Motoko Kusanagi appears in the series “The Ghost in the Shell.”
  49. Murasaki – means “bloom” and “flourish” as a character from the “Senran Kagura” series.
  50. Nagisa – denotes the “water’s edge” in Japanese and is the main character of “Assassination Classroom.”
  51. Nanami – means “seven seas” in Japanese; a character’s name in “Kamisama Kiss.”
  52. Nano – the number seven in Japanese; the name for a modern series called “Nano Invaders.”
  53. NinjaMistress – related to the badass ninja characters appearing in anime films and TV.
  54. Noelle – the French word for “Christmas”; Noelle Silva is a character from “Black Clover.”
  55. OtakuPrincess – Otaku denotes any super fan or lover (especially of anime).
  56. Popura – for Popura Taneshima, a character in the “Working!” anime series, means “truth” or “pearl.”
  57. Quayleen – popular among the best anime usernames on TikTok; pronounced “KAEY-leen.”
  58. Reimeans “beautiful” in Japanese for Rei Ayanami, a character in the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” franchise.
  59. Rika – means “beautiful village” in Japanese and is also common among Scandinavian nicknames.
  60. Ryoko – given to an “excellent” or “helpful” child; Ryoko Hakubi appears in “Tenchi Muyo.”
  61. Sakaki – describes a “sacred or divine tree” in Japanese; Sakaki appears in the series “Azumanga Daioh.”
  62. Sakura – is one of the prettiest female anime usernames, meaning “cherry blossom.”
  63. Shiki – means “perseverance” or “fortitude” as the title for a 2010 horror anime series.
  64. Shizuka – means “calm” and “flower” in Japanese; Yoshimoto Shizuka is on the series “The 100 Girlfriends.”
  65. ShoujoPrincess – the Japanese word for a “girl” who wants to be her own anime princess.
  66. ShoujoSorceressX – when a “shoujo,” or “girl,” wants to be a clever sorceress, they choose this name.
  67. Sofiya – the phonetic spelling for Sophia, meaning “wisdom,” and a very popular anime character.
  68. Suigintou – one of the Rozen Maiden dolls in anime, meaning “mercury lamp” in Japanese.
  69. Sun – one of many Japanese anime usernames focused on the sun, a character in “Soul Eater.”
  70. Taiga – the surname of Aisaka Taiga, a character whose name means “great river.”
  71. Tamaki – means “jewel” and “gem” in Japanese, and it is linked to Tamaki Kotatsu in “Fire Force.”
  72. Tomoko – refers to a “friendly,” “wise,” or “knowing child” and a character in the “WataMote” series.
  73. Tsukasameans “light” and “purity” in Japanese; Tsukasa Tsukuyomi is a character in “Tonikaku Kawaii.”
  74. Usagimeans “moon” and “field,” a character’s name in the popular anime series “Sailor Moon.”
  75. Violet Evergarden – the title female character appearing in a coming-of-age steampunk anime.
  76. Yoko – means “sun child” or “ocean child,” Yoko Littner appears in “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.”
  77. Yui – a word meaning “only” and “alone,” Yui Yuigahama is a character in the “OreGairu” series.
  78. Yukihira – means “blessing” in Japanese; Sōma Yukihira is a character in “Food Wars!”.
  79. Yumi – means “archery bow” and is the name of Yumi Shirayanagi in the “Charlotte” series.
  80. Yumeko – attends the Hyakkaou Private Academy as a character in “Kakegurui.”

80 Male Anime Username Ideas

Manga-loving guys will appreciate the following male anime username ideas.

  1. Ash – known for Ash Ketchum, who appears in the Pokémon franchise.
  2. Astro – a good name inspired by Astro Boy, the character and title for an anime series.
  3. Batou – means “horse” in Japanese and appears in the well-known “Ghost in the Shell” series.
  4. Benjiro – its unique meaning includes “enjoys peace,” a bounty hunter character in the “One-Piece” series.
  5. Brock – a popular male character in the Pokémon series whose name means “rock.”
  6. Captain – relates to anime squad captains who achieve victory through teamwork.
  7. Chibi – given to a “little” or “small” girl as a slang term for a cute gal.
  8. Cygnus – means “glacier,” inspired by Cygnus Hyoga, a character in the manga series.
  9. Dai – the coolest name for a character in “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.”
  10. Daiki – associated with Daiki Aomine, who appeared in “Generation of Miracles.”
  11. Edward – one of the cutest names for an anime character (Edward Elric), appearing in “Fullmetal Alchemist.”
  12. Elric – the last name of Edward Elric of the “Fullmetal Alchemist” manga series.
  13. Ensnare Masuyo – a play on words related to Masuyo Watari who appeared in “Demon Slayer.”
  14. Enthral Masaru – a dope variation on Masaru Saiga, who appeared in the film “Akira.”
  15. Erehx – a name used by Erehx Anime Edits, a popular creator on YouTube.
  16. Eren – for Eren Yeager of the “Attack on Titan” manga series, means “saint” in Turkish.
  17. Erigor – called the “Death God,” a member of the Dark Guild Eisenwald in “Fairy Tale.”
  18. Gentle Sakimeans “hope” and “blossom” in Japanese for a funny version of the name.
  19. Goku – means “martial artist,” a translation of the Chinese name Sun Wukong, meaning “monkey king.”
  20. Goro – the Japanese word for “fifth”; a baseball star in the “MAJOR” series.
  21. Hachiro – common among anime username ideas and character names; means “eighth son.”
  22. Harutomeans “sun” in Japanese, associated with Haruto Amō of the “Shichisei no Subaru” series.
  23. Hatashita Hishiki – one of the popular anime usernames for Instagram; also a surname meaning “field.”
  24. Hideaki – means “excellent” and “beauty” in Japanese; known as Hideaki Anno, creator of the “Evangelion” franchise.
  25. Hideo – the name of Hideo Shimada, an “excellent” male character in the “Kiseijuu” series.
  26. Hiro – means “abundant” and “tolerant” in Japanese; Hiro appears in “Darling in the Franxx.”
  27. Hiroto – a Japanese boy’s name meaning “great glide” as a character in the “Liar Liar” series.
  28. Ichigo – means “strawberry” or “best guardian”; the name of a character in the “Bleach” series.
  29. Inuyasha – a part dog or “yasha” (or supernatural being) in Japanese anime.
  30. Isamu – a male name meaning “courage” used in the manga series “Kōya no Shōnen Isamu.”
  31. Itachi – a name for a “weasel” used by Itachi Uchiha, a character in “Naruto.”
  32. Jin – means “benevolence” in Japanese and is a character appearing in “Samurai Champloo.”
  33. Kaito – a Japanese word for the “ocean, belonging to Kaito Kuroba in “Magic Kaito.”
  34. Kaname – means “pivot” in Japanese, and one half of Yuki & Kaname, a couple in “Vampire Knight.”
  35. Katashi – refers to anything “firm” or “hard” and is very popular among Japanese boy names.
  36. Kawaiiruna – composed of the Japanese “kawaii,” a term for anything cute, and “runa,” denoting the “moon.”
  37. Kazuki – made up of the Japanese “kazu,” meaning “one,” and “ki,” meaning “hope.”
  38. Kenshiro – for a “fearless warrior”; a character from the “Fist of the North Star” manga series.
  39. KnightOfAnime – in anime, “knights” are known as the bravest characters in the series.
  40. Kouki – means “bright light” and “hopeful fortune,” a character in “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest.”
  41. Kryptoleaf – an offshoot of best anime usernames taken from “Krypto,” a DC Comics superdog character.
  42. Kuro – composed of the Japanese “ku,” meaning “nine,” and “rō,” meaning “son.”
  43. Madoka – named after Kaname Madoka in “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” meaning “rounded” and relaxed.”
  44. Masaru – a character from the film “Akira,” whose name means “victory” or “intelligent.”
  45. Masashi – means “graceful purpose” in Japanese and is the name of the artist behind “Naruto.”
  46. Maslonom – related to the Arabic “maẓlūm,” meaning either “oppressed” or “ill-treated.”
  47. Munda Shinzahisa – known as one of the cool aesthetic anime usernames, using “munda,” meaning “futility.”
  48. Naruto – means “maelstrom” or “roaring gate” for Naruto Uzumaki, the title character in the “Naruto” series.
  49. Natsu – means “born in the summer” in Japanese; Natsu Dragneel stars in the “Fairy Tail” series.
  50. Noboru – a Japanese boy’s name meaning “rise” when used for the anime character “Noboru Taki.”
  51. Noburo – famous for Noburu Ishiguro, a Japanese anime artist and director.
  52. Poornasie – is considered a good anime name for Instagram that any weeb would love.
  53. Raiden – inspired by Raijin, the Japanese god of thunder and lightning.
  54. Riku – means “handsome” in Japanese as a character in the anime “Kingdom Hearts.”
  55. Rio – describes “the place of the cherry blossoms,” a character in the “Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles.”
  56. RockerAsta – a wonderfully weird name, using the Danish Asta, a girl’s name meaning “star-like.”
  57. Rollingthundaa – a funny way to define the Japanese Nishinoya, meaning “rolling thunder.”
  58. Ryoichi – means “good” in Japanese; famous for Ryoichi Ikegami, a manga artist known for “Crying Freeman.”
  59. Ryoto – means “a person who is like a dragon,” which can mean “splendidly stout” in Japanese.
  60. Ryuunosuke – one of the gamertags for Xbox (aka an online alter ego); means “dragon” in Japanese.
  61. Seiji – a Japanese boy’s name meaning “lawful” used for a Japanese samurai or warrior.
  62. Shikamaru – refers to anyone described “as a deer,” which is used for a set of characters in Naruto.
  63. Shin – can mean “true” or “new”; Shin Wolford appears in the “Kenja no Mago” series.
  64. Shinichi – given to boys who believe in “truth first,” like Shinichi Izumi in “Sword Art Online.”
  65. Shiro – for someone as “brave as a samurai” also denotes the color white in Japanese.
  66. Shōta – the term for any young or cute male characters appearing in manga or anime.
  67. SummerAsta – a warm-weather version of Asta, meaning “star” or “divine strength.”
  68. Tadashi – means “faithful” or “proper” in Japanese for Tadashi Kikuchi, from “SK8 the Infinity” anime series.
  69. Takao -refers to a “high mountain ridge,” a character in “The Garden of Words.”
  70. Tanjiro – traditionally for a “high-valued second son,” used by a character in “Demon Slayer.”
  71. Toshiro – means “talented” in Japanese; for Tōshirō Hitsugaya, starring in “Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion.”
  72. Tydinteer – the name of an anime villain you might find playing games on Roblox.
  73. Ushio – named after “Ushio & Tora,” a well-known manga series; means “tide” or “saltwater” in Japanese.
  74. Yahiko – means “increasing boy” and is the name of a redheaded character in “Naruto.”
  75. Yasushi – a Japanese male name associated with “peaceful determination” or “tranquil knight.”
  76. Yoshikazu – related to meanings including “justice” and “beautiful”; also given to a “righteous first son.”
  77. Yuichi – used for a “brave first-born son,” and also appears as Yuuichi.
  78. Yukiomeans “snow” and “male” in Japanese; Yukio Okumura appears in the “Blue Exorcist” series.
  79. Zen Noboru – made up of the Japanese “zen,” meaning “thought,” and “noboru,” meaning “rise.”
  80. Zetsu – means “tongue,” associated with the anime character Black Zetsu, called “Wicked Tongue.”

80 Unisex Anime Usernames

These gender-neutral anime usernames will suit any online character you have in mind.

  1. AdventureSeeker – an ode to Anime Adventure, a defense game created by Gomu.
  2. AnimeAdept – a fine way to show the world how knowledgeable you are about all things anime.
  3. AnimeAmigo – for a “friend” of anime, whether you say it in Spanish or not.
  4. AnimeLover – get literal with anime username ideas that tell everyone how much you love anime.
  5. AnimeTraveller – like “Anime Soul Discord,” “AnimeTraveller” means you include yourself in the community of anime lovers.
  6. BattleMage – in anime, a “BattleMage” is a wizard known for close magical combat.
  7. ChibiChamp – you are a champion of Chibi, a caricature style that originated in Japan.
  8. ChibiChaser – a ChibiChaser might run very fast to achieve the fantastic Chibi style of Japanese art.
  9. ChibiChibi – for a superfan of Chibi-style animation made popular by manga and anime.
  10. ChibiHero – sometimes, you need to be the hero of your own Chibi image.
  11. CosplayCommando – when you can’t be your favorite anime character, call yourself “CosplayCommando.”
  12. CosplayConnoisseur – for someone well versed in cosplay and the best anime conventions around.
  13. CosplayCrafter – this fun-sounding anime username is for those who sew their own cosplay costumes.
  14. CosplayCrazeXX – made with the cosplayer in mind who wants an X or two in their name.
  15. CosplayWizard – be a cosplay expert and a wizard who can’t be defeated at an anime convention.
  16. CyberpunkChampion – choose this name when you are the number one player in Cyberpunk 77.
  17. CyberpunkGuru – for those who love to play Cyberpunk 77 on the PSN or PlayStation Network.
  18. CyberPunkPro – inspired by the Cyberpunk 277 role-playing video game from 2020.
  19. FairyTailEnthusiast – only a huge fan of the Japanese manga series “Fairy Tail” appreciates this name.
  20. FairyTailWizard – the “Fairy Tail” series features mages or wizards with unique magical powers.
  21. FantasyAddict – simply put, a fantasy addict believes in anime’s storytelling power.
  22. FujoshiFrenzyX – uses the anime term “fujoshi,” which means “rotten girl,” for any crazy female fans.
  23. GeekyGamer – gamers will appreciate celebrating their inner geek with this cool anime name.
  24. GhostInShell – a celebration of the famed 1995 anime film “Ghost in the Shell.”
  25. HarajukuHeartthrob – refers to Harajuku, a Japanese fashion and street art movement.
  26. HikikomoriHacker – a Japanese term for someone who avoids social conflict (or many gamers).
  27. Hinata – describes a “sunny place” in Japanese and appears as Hinata Hyuga in the “Naruto” series.
  28. IdolFollower – refers to anime idols, young entertainers known for their great relationship with their fans.
  29. KawaiiDemon – “kawaii” means “lovely” or “cute” in anime culture, so KawaiiDemon is an evil twist.
  30. KawaiiEnthusiastX – for those who consider themselves the best (and cutest) anime enthusiasts.
  31. KawaiiPanda – be a “cute” or “Kawaii” panda, a symbol of friendship between China and Japan.
  32. KawaiiWolf – is an ode to the “cutest” wolf characters appearing in many anime series.
  33. KitsuneKunoichiX – “kunoichi” indicates a Japanese ninjutsu practitioner, while kitsune appears in many anime projects.
  34. LoliLegendXX – refers to a “young looking” character in Japanese anime and the lolicon genre.
  35. MagicalStoryteller – a boyfriend might consider himself a magical storyteller in anime and manga.
  36. MangaAddict – when you have to admit how addicted you are to anime and manga series.
  37. MangaCollectorX – denotes one who reads manga as a hobby (some might say an obsession).
  38. MangaFanatic – top manga fans will love this online name to describe their personality.
  39. MangaManiac – there is no denying someone’s love of anime or manga when called a MangaManiac.
  40. MangaMastermind – perhaps inspired by the online novel “I Treated The Mastermind And Ran Away.”
  41. MangaMaverick – for the manga style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels made famous by Takahashi.
  42. MangaObsessed – when you love manga, you’re not just “into it” — you’re obsessed.
  43. MangaSamurai – call yourself after one of the most iconic characters in anime and manga.
  44. MechaEnthusiast – describes Japanese manga and anime focused on mechanics, like robots and cyborgs.
  45. MechaManiac – denotes a role in gaming called “mech mechanic,” where you can work with iron machines.
  46. MechaPilotX – in anime, mecha pilots go about their business in big mechanized suits.
  47. MechWarrior – linked to MechWarrior, a group of video games in the BattleTech universe.
  48. NekoMage – created to celebrate Neko Mage, a character appearing in “Final Fantasy XIV.”
  49. NekoNinjaXX – the name of a 2017 anime film focused on a family of ninjas.
  50. NezukoChan – a song written by anime-producing Brazilian musician BNT Beatz.
  51. NinjaAssassinX – the name of a 2009 martial arts film that makes a great online handle.
  52. NinjaMaster – works with the NinjaMaster app, which helps those taking part in a ninja competition.
  53. NinjaSlayer – ideal for big fans of the novel series “Ninja Slayer.”
  54. OnePieceTreasure – named after the fun One Piece Treasure Cruise video game.
  55. OtakuEmperor – refers to anyone with an “obsessive interest” in anything (anime most, of course).
  56. OtakuEmpire – create your online anime empire made for those obsessed with the genre.
  57. OtakuGamer – is one of the best anime usernames for gamers who love manga.
  58. OtakuHero – the hero in the anime stories you’re most obsessed with.
  59. Oturna – an anime name also part of a divination system found in Nigerian culture.
  60. PhantomThief – the popular anime character type typically steals from other people.
  61. PirateCaptain – named after Space Pirate Captain Harlock from a 1978 anime TV series.
  62. RamenRockstar – the star of Japanese cuisine that often appears in many anime storylines.
  63. RobotMaster – the nickname for the humanoid robots of the Stage Select Screen appearing in Mega Man.
  64. SailorScout – an anime term for a teenager (usually a girl) who can transform into a warrior.
  65. SamuraiSwordsman – an action-packed online username for a samurai wielding a sword.
  66. SamuraiWarlord – the name of a strategy game set in feudal Japan.
  67. ShonenSageX – links to shōnen manga, a subsection of anime meant for adolescent boys.
  68. SpiritedAwayFan – the title for the only known hand-drawn Japanese anime film.
  69. SpiritMageX – a 2017 book by Layton Green about a “magic slayer monster.”
  70. SpiritSummonerX – in anime, a summoner can summon any person or creature they wish to contact.
  71. SupernaturalFan – named after Supernatural: The Animation TV series inspired by the live-action version.
  72. SushiSamuraiX – when you love sushi as much as anime, make yourself a samurai of sushi.
  73. VampireHunter – inspired by “Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust,” a 2000 anime film.
  74. VocaloidFan – when you love Vocaloid, a voice synthesizer software that adds vocals to music.
  75. VocaloidMaster – if you’re a pro with Vocaloid software, choose this masterful name.
  76. WaifuWarlordX – for fans of the “DemonLord Waifu,” who can be found in the Roblox virtual universe.
  77. YaoiYakuza – uses the Japanese “yakuza,” referring to gangsters or members of organized criminal gangs.
  78. YeriLoverX – is considered one of the K-pop anime names that stands out on any social media account.
  79. YokaiYokel – when appearing as Yokel Yokai, it describes a “ghost or spirit of the countryside.”
  80. YuriYakuzaX – inspired by Yuri Fukuda, the musical composer for the Yakuza series.

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