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100 Adorable Names That Mean Beautiful: Boys & Girls

These cute baby names that mean beautiful are as gorgeous as they come.

There’s no shortage in the world of baby names that mean beautiful. Every culture and historical era has its share of eye-catching names for boys and girls. With all the choices, you may be unable to narrow it down to the best option for the baby you’re expecting.

This fun guide to names meaning beautiful can break down every gorgeous possibility. It includes famous namesakes, multiple meanings, variations, and pronunciations. Plus, you’ll find an entertaining story around each of these beautiful names for babies to come.

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100 Baby Names Meaning Beautiful

Become enchanted by these memorable names that mean beautiful up ahead.


Adonis is based on the attractive creature in Greek myth who was Aphrodite’s favorite. It comes from the Phoenician “adon,” meaning “lord.” Adonis is the epitome of male names meaning beautiful for good-looking boys.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Manly beauty
  • Pronunciation: Ah-DAA-Nahs
  • Variations: Adohnes, Adones
  • Namesakes: Adonis Del Rosario, a Dominican baseball player for the New York Mets. Adonis Stevenson, a Haitian-Canadian boxer and winner of the lineal light heavyweight title in 2013.
  • Popularity: Adonis is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the Philippines, and ranked 554th in Cuba.
Masculine, Strong


Aglaja comes from the ancient Greek Aglaia, one of the mythological Charities who were goddesses of charm and beauty. Aglaja was also a daughter of Zeus and associated with law and orderly beauty for baby girls throughout history.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Splendor, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Ah-GLAH-Jhaa
  • Variations: Aglaïa, Aglaya, Aglaiah
  • Namesakes: Aglaja Brix, a German actress known for the TV detective series Die Pfefferkörner. Aglaja Orgeni (born Anna St. Jörgen), a Hungarian opera singer with the Berlin State Opera.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 107 people were named Aglaja worldwide, mostly in Germany, while it ranked 4,474th in Croatia.
Unusual, Obscure


Alana also means “precious” and “awakening” in Latin. It’s based on the Irish “leanbh,” a pet name meaning “child.” Alana means “elevated” or “exalted” in Aramaic, so she becomes a beautiful child put on a high pedestal.

  • Origin: Hawaiian, Latin
  • Meaning: Beauty, Fair
  • Pronunciation: Ah-LAEN-ah
  • Variations: Alanah, Alannah, Allanah, Alanna
  • Namesakes: Alana Paon, a Canadian politician in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly since 2017. Alana Patience is an Australian ballroom dancer and two-time Dancing with the Stars winner.
  • Popularity: Alana is uncommon worldwide, is most used in Brazil, and ranked 137th in Trinidad and Tobago.
Pretty, Uncommon


Alika also means “truthful” in Swahili and is a nickname for the name Alikecopeleabola. It’s also a Hawaiian form of Alex yet honors the little female beauty you love.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Most beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Ah-LIY-kaa
  • Variations: Aleeka, Aleka, Alicka, Alikah
  • Namesakes: Alika Smekhova, a Soviet Russian actress and Honored Artist of Russia (2008). Alika Del Sol, an American actress, known for Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013).
  • Popularity: Alika is rare worldwide, most used in Russia, and ranked 497th in Georgia.
Cute, Rare


Allen is based on the Scottish Gaelic “àlainn” and the Irish “ail,” meaning “rock.” It once meant “from the Alans people,” but your young Allen can be his own man with this adorable classic.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Handsome, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: AEL-ahn
  • Variations: Alan, Alon
  • Namesakes: Allen Ming, a Malaysian swimmer and double gold medalist at the Southeast Asian Games (2001 and 2003). Allen Ludden, an American game show host for Password between 1961 and 1980.
  • Popularity: Allen ranked 1,831st worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 96th in Uganda.
Common, Traditional


Alusia is rare among names that mean beautiful. Despite being Polish in origin, it’s most popular in Indonesia, but beautiful translates into any language for baby girls.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Beautiful, lovely
  • Pronunciation: Aeh-LUW-Zah
  • Popularity: In 2014, 601 people were named Alusia worldwide, mostly in Indonesia.
Feminine, Unique


Though used in Slavic culture, Ani is traditionally given to girls in Armenia. It also belonged to the medieval Armenian city of Ani in Tukey. Ani means “glass” in Hindi, yet is unique as far as nicknames with soul go.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Very beautiful
  • Pronunciation: AAH-Niy
  • Variations: Anee, Aney, Anie, Any
  • Namesakes: Ani Vardanyan, an Armenian figure skater and the 2005 Armenian national silver medalist. Ani Mirotadze, a member of the Georgia Parliament from 2012 to 2016.
  • Popularity: Ani ranked 2,415th worldwide, is most popular in Indonesia and ranked 21st in Armenia.
Common, Cute


Annabelle combines the Latin Anna, meaning “grace” in Hebrew, and the French “belle,” meaning “beauty.” Annabelle also means “beautiful” in English and is a pure example of beauty personified.

  • Origin: French, Latin
  • Meaning: Beautiful grace
  • Pronunciation: AEN-aeh-Behl
  • Variations: Annabel, Annabell
  • Namesakes: Annabelle, a French singer whose song “Fuis Lawrence d’Arabia” peaked at No. 12 on the French Singles Chart in 1987. Annabelle Rankin, an Australian politician and the first Queensland woman elected to parliament.
  • Popularity: Annabelle is uncommon worldwide and most used in the Philippines, where it ranked 351st.
Feminine, Formal


Anusha also means “dawn” and “auspicious morning” in Sanskrit and “immortal” in Persian. It may be based on the Tamil “anusham,” a celestial star, so the baby girl you’re expecting can soar into the sky.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Beautiful morning
  • Pronunciation: Ah-NEW-shah
  • Variations: Anoush, Anousha
  • Namesakes: Anusha Mani, an Indian playback singer in the Bollywood film industry. Anusha Dandekar, an Indian-Australian MTV VJ and TV host.
  • Popularity: Anusha is uncommon worldwide, most used in India, and ranked 93rd in Sri Lanka.
Unique, Uncommon


Aoife comes from the Gaelic “aoibh,” meaning “radiance.” In Celtic mythology, Aoife (or Aífe) is a strong warrior princess, just like your gorgeously strong-willed girl.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: IY-Fah
  • Variations: Aife, Aoiffe
  • Namesakes: Aoife-Grace Moore, an Irish journalist for the Irish Examiner. Aoife O’Rourke, an Irish boxer and gold medalist at the 2019 Women’s European Amateur Boxing Championships.
  • Popularity: Aoife is rare worldwide and mostly used in Ireland, where it ranked 157th.
Ancient, Mythological
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Aphrodite originally meant “risen from the sea” in Greek. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. She was also the goddess of fertility, from which your little girl is the perfect gift.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Beauty goddess
  • Pronunciation: Aeh-frah-DAIY-Tiy
  • Variations: Afrodite, Aphrodyte
  • Namesakes: Aphrodite Jones, an American author, and host of the TV series True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. Aphrodite Vuitton, an Australian reality TV actress and housemate on Big Brother Australia 4.
  • Popularity: Aphrodite is very rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 212th in Cyprus.
Ancient, Rare


Arabella comes from the Latin “oribilis,” meaning “prayerful.” It also means “eagle heroine” in German and “little Arabian woman” in Spanish, so Arabella is its own creation for your pretty girl to enjoy.

  • Origin: English, Latin
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: AA-raa-BEHL-Laa
  • Variations: Arabela, Arabelle, Arebela
  • Namesakes: Arabella Edge, an Australian writer whose book The Company won a 2001 Commonwealth Writers Prize. Arabella Ng, a Chinese alpine skier who competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  • Popularity: Arabella is rare worldwide, most used in the U.S., and ranked 2,377th in England.
Pretty, Formal


Argider is based on the Basque “argi,” meaning “light” and “eder,” meaning “beautiful.” It’s not common outside of Spain and is one of the most fantastical-sounding names for boys.

  • Origin: Basque, Spanish
  • Meaning: Beautiful light
  • Pronunciation: AHR-gi-Derr
  • Popularity: In 2014, 19 people were named Argider worldwide, occurring in Spain.
Unusual, Obscure


Astrid comes from the Old Norse Ástríðr, made up of “áss,” meaning “God” and “fríðr,” meaning “beautiful.” It also means “star-like radiance” from the Greek “astron,” allowing rare beauty to shine for baby girls.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Divinely beautiful
  • Pronunciation: AA-Strahd
  • Variations: Astrad, Astread, Astred, Astryd
  • Namesakes: Princess Astrid (Astrid Ingeborg), daughter of King Olav V and the Crown Princess Märtha of Norway. Astrid Pereira, a Colombian coffee producer and winner of the Colombian Cup of Excellence in 2015.
  • Popularity: Astrid ranked 2,577th worldwide, is most popular in Germany, and ranked 34th in Norway.
Cool, Common


Aysun is another version of the Old Greek boy’s name Aeson. Its full definition is “a person whose face is as beautiful as the moon,” so celebrate the beauty of the night sky with your little Aysun.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Beautiful as the moon
  • Pronunciation: EY-Sahn
  • Variations: Azym
  • Namesakes: Aysun Özbek, a Turkish volleyball player for the Turkish national team. Aysun Aliyeva, an Azerbaijani footballer for Turkish club Çaykur Rizespor.
  • Popularity: Aysun is uncommon worldwide and primarily used in Turkey, where it ranked 212th.
Unusual, Uncommon


Beauregard has associations with Southern American culture but names various locales in France known for their “beautiful view.” It means “admirer” in English and can garner your attention for boys with handsome genes.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Beautiful gaze
  • Pronunciation: Bow-rey-GAARD
  • Variations: Beaureguard, Boregard
  • Namesakes: Larry Pitchford (known as Beauregarde), an American wrestler and winner of the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship in 1968.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 280 people were named Beauregard worldwide, mainly in the U.S.
Formal, Traditional


Bella means “God is my oath” and is used as a diminutive for names ending in “-bella.” Bella also means “beautiful” in Spanish, French, Latin, Portuguese, and Greek, so it’s got your lovely girl covered across an entire continent.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Variations: Bela, Belah, Belle
  • Namesakes: Bella Abzug, an American social activist, and leader in the women’s movement. Bella Chagall, a Jewish-Belarusian writer and the first wife of painter Marc Chagall.
  • Popularity: Belle ranked 4,975th worldwide, is most popular in Russia, and ranked 186th in Cameroon.
Pretty, Cute


Bellezza started as an Italian last name based in the Southern Campania region. It derives from “bellezza,” meaning “beauty,” making this ode to loveliness one for the ages.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: Beh-LEH-Zaa
  • Variations: Belleza
  • Popularity: In 2014, 43 people were named Bella worldwide, mostly in Italy, while it ranked 8,651st in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Unique, Rare


Bellini was an Italian surname and the plural form of Bellino. It’s also a variation of Bella, appearing as Belle and Bello. The diminutive “-ini” makes this beautiful girl’s name especially pretty for you.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Little beautiful one
  • Pronunciation: Beh-LIY-niy
  • Variations: Bellina
  • Popularity: In 2014, 953 people were named Bellini worldwide, mostly in Italy, where it ranked 1,732nd.
Unique, Rare


Bello comes from the Latin “bellus” and was a surname for a handsome man. It became a personal name in Medieval times for young boys who turned heads- like your little fellow surely will.

  • Origin: Italian, Spanish
  • Meaning: Handsome, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: BEH-Low
  • Variations: Belo
  • Namesakes: Bello Nock, an American daredevil clown and circus performer included in Time magazine’s list of “America’s Best Artists and Entertainers.”
  • Popularity: Bello ranked 1,610th worldwide and is most popular in Nigeria, where it ranked 32nd.
Unique, Common
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Belva means “lovely vista” and is a variant of Bella in Latin. It’s a unique nickname for girls named Annabella, Isabella, or even Belinda, so your choices are laid out for you.

  • Origin: Latin, Italian
  • Meaning: Beautiful view
  • Pronunciation: BEHL-Vaa
  • Variations: Belvah
  • Namesakes: Belva Davis (born Belvagene Melton), an American journalist and the first female African-American TV reporter on the U.S. West Coast. Belva Plain, an American author whose novel Evergreen topped the New York Times Bestseller List in 1978.
  • Popularity: Belva is rare worldwide, primarily used in the U.S., and ranked 1,397th in Aruba.
Unusual, Rare


Belvedere is based on the Italian “bel,” meaning “beautiful,” and “vedere,” meaning “view.” It’s popularly used for buildings with scenic vistas but can be the old-fashioned name for your baby boy with the best view to come.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Beautiful view
  • Pronunciation: BEHL-vah-Dihr
  • Variations: Belveder
  • Popularity: In 2014, 128 people were named Belvedere worldwide, mostly in the United Arab Emirates, where it ranked 7,256th.
Formal, Rare


Bonnie comes from the Gaelic “bonny,” meaning “attractive” and “fair.” It’s based on the French “bonne” and the Latin “bonus,” which both mean “good” and have the stamp of approval for sweet little girls named Bonnie.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Beautiful, pretty
  • Pronunciation: BAAN-iy
  • Variations: Bonney, Bonni, Bonny
  • Namesakes: Bonnie Tyler (born Gaynor Sullivan), a Welsh singer known for the hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in 1980. Bonnie Fuller, a Canadian executive, owner, and editor-in-chief of Hollywood Life.
  • Popularity: Bonnie ranked 1,968th worldwide and is most popular in the U.S., where it ranked 165th.
Cute, Common


Cadhla began as the Irish surname Ó Cadhla, referring to a descendent of the Cadhla family. It also means “comely” and “graceful” for the latest pretty baby girl to arrive.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: CAADH-Laa
  • Popularity: In 2014, 10 people were named Cadhla worldwide, mostly in England.
Ancient, Obscure


Calixto is based on the Greek “kallistos,” meaning “most beautiful.” It became “calix” from the Latin for “chalice.” Calixto was the name of three Spanish popes, including Saint Callixtus I, so it’s surrounded by historic beauty.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Kaa-LIYKS-tow
  • Variations: Callisto, Calisto
  • Namesakes: Calixto Zaldivar, a Filipino Supreme Court Justice from 1964 to 1974. Calixto Leicea, a Cuban musician and first trumpeter of the group Sonora Matancera.
  • Popularity: Calixto is uncommon worldwide, is most used in Mexico, and ranked 448th in Cuba.
Unusual, Uncommon


Callidora also means “gift of beauty” in Greek. It’s a variant of Cailida, and if its ancient Greek roots prove too complicated, you can always call her Calle for short.

  • Origin: Spanish, Greek
  • Meaning: Golden-voiced beauty
  • Pronunciation: Kae-liy-DOR-ah
  • Variations: Calidora, Callidorah, Callidorra, Callydora, Calydora
  • Popularity: In 2014, 3 people were named Callidora worldwide, mostly in China.
Unusual, Ancient


Callista comes from the Greek “kalos,” meaning “fair.” In Greek mythology, Calista transformed into a she-bear known as the Great Bear constellation. You can admire the ancient beauty in the black sky or just name your little cub Callista!

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Most beautiful
  • Pronunciation: KaeL-IHS-taa
  • Variations: Calista, Calysta
  • Namesakes: Calista Flockhart, an American actress known for the Fox TV series Ally McBeal (1997–2002). Callista Chapola-Chimombo, the First Lady of the Republic of Malawi from 2010 to 2012.
  • Popularity: Callista is rare worldwide, is mainly used in Nigeria, and ranked 485th in Saint Lucia.
Feminine, Ancient


Caoimhin is composed of “caomh,” meaning “dear” and “noble,” along with “gein,” meaning “birth.” It also means “kind” in Irish and is a variation of Kevin worth reviving for the nicest little boy you know.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Beautiful, handsome
  • Pronunciation: KAAYM-Hihn
  • Variations: Caoimhghín
  • Namesakes: Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, an Irish fiddler whose album Kitty Lie Over was named the No.1 Traditional Album of 2003 by the Irish Echo newspaper.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 146 people were named Caoimhin worldwide, mostly in Ireland, where it ranked 1,471st.
Obscure, Rare


Carolina originated as the Latin name Carolus, a version of Charles that means “free man.” It also means “song of happiness “ in French, which makes sense if she’s the prettiest gal in this or any other galaxy.

  • Origin: Spanish, Latin
  • Meaning: Prettiest woman of the universe
  • Pronunciation: Kaer-ah-LEE-nah
  • Variations: Caroleina, Carolinah, Carolyna
  • Namesakes: Carolina Gomez, an Argentine cyclo-cross cyclist who competed at the 2016 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships. Carolina Östberg, a Swedish opera singer with the Royal Swedish Opera.
  • Popularity: Carolina ranked 718th worldwide, is most popular in Mexico and ranked 18th in Chile.
Pretty, Formal


Cavanaugh was originally the Irish surname Caomhánach, meaning “son of Caomhan.” It also means “chubby” and “comely,” which makes this rare first name one you’ll want for your lovable guy who’s a looker from the start.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Born handsome
  • Pronunciation: KAEV-ah-Naow
  • Variations: Cavanagh
  • Popularity: In 2014, 103 people were named Cavanaugh worldwide, mostly in the U.S.
Formal, Unique
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Cemile is the Turkish variant of the Arabic “jamīlaḧ,” meaning “beautiful” and “radiant.” It specifically refers to “beauty in behavior” and “kindness,” which makes Cemile one of the more meaningful names that mean beautiful for girls.

  • Origin: Turkish, Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: JEH-mih-Leh
  • Namesakes: Cemile Sultan, an Ottoman princess and the daughter of Sultan Abdulmejid I. Cemile Giousouf, a German member of the Bundestag from 2013 until 2017.
  • Popularity: Cemile is uncommon worldwide and most used in Turkey, where it ranked 59th.
Unusual, Uncommon


Cosima comes from the Greek Kosmâs, meaning “order” and “decency.” It also means “universal harmony” and speaks to the beautiful, organized nature of the universe as seen in your little Cosima’s eyes.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: Kow-SIY-maa
  • Variations: Cosema, Cosiema, Cosyma, Cozima
  • Namesakes: Cosima Diamond, the daughter of British TV chef Nigella Lawson. Cosima De Vito, an Australian pop singer whose song “When the War Is Over” (2004) reached No. 1 on the ARIA Singles Chart.
  • Popularity: Cosima is uncommon worldwide and most used in Italy, where it ranked 314th.
Pretty, Uncommon


Cosmo was an Italian surname meaning “decency.” Cosmo became the English version of Cosimo after Cosimo III de’ Medici. It’s best associated with Cosmo Kramer, a beloved character on the TV series Seinfeld, but you can bring this organized beauty home too.

  • Origin: Italian, Greek
  • Meaning: Beauty, order
  • Pronunciation: KAHZ-Mow
  • Variations: Cozmo, Cozmos, Cosimo
  • Namesakes: Cosmo Landesman, a British-American journalist who founded the Modern Review magazine. Cosmo Maciocia, a Canadian member of the National Assembly of Quebec.
  • Popularity: Cosmo is uncommon worldwide, most used in Brazil, and ranked 780th in Italy.
Cute, Masculine


Eavan means “he was gracious” or “Jehovah has favored” in the Hebrew Bible. It’s an Anglo version of the Gaelic name Aoibheann, meaning “beautiful sheen,” a unique way for a baby to be called the unisex Evan.

  • Origin: Irish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Fair one, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: AY-Vaen
  • Variations: Evan, Ebyn
  • Namesakes: Eavan Boland, an Irish poet and recipient of the Lannan Literary Award for Poetry in 1994.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 13 people were named Eavan worldwide, mostly in Northern Ireland, where it ranked 866th.
Traditional, Unique


Ece derives from the Turkic “eçe,” meaning “mother.” In Turkish mythology, Ece (called Umay) is the goddess of the earth and fertility, so she is remembered through the maternal spirit and beauty of little girls everywhere.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Beautiful woman, queen
  • Pronunciation: EH-jeh
  • Namesakes: Ece Ege, a Turkish-French fashion designer and founder of prêt-à-porter line Dice Kayek. Ece Temelkuran, a Turkish TV presenter on Habertürk TV (2010–2011).
  • Popularity: Ece is uncommon worldwide, most used in Turkey, and ranked 231st in Northern Cyprus.
Unusual, Mythological


Eileen connects to the word “inlet,” meaning “of water” or “island.” The Irish equivalent of the Scottish Eileen is Aileen. Eileen means “torch of light” in Arabic, so it has plenty of background to offer anyone looking for beautiful names for girls.

  • Origin: Arabic, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Beautiful, desired
  • Pronunciation: Ay-LEEN
  • Variations: Eileane, Eileene, Eiliene, Eilleen
  • Namesakes: Eileen Ford, an American model agency executive and co-founder of Ford Models. Princess Eileen of Albania, an Englishwoman who became the wife of Carol Victor, Hereditary Prince of Albania.
  • Popularity: Eileen ranked 2,125th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 27th in Ireland.
Traditional, Common


Elu also means “beautiful” in Hebrew and “full of grace” in the Zuni tribe of the Southwestern U.S. In Sanskrit, Elu means “unmixed,” but your baby girl can honor the prettiest meaning of this new world name.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Beautiful, fair
  • Pronunciation: IH-Luw
  • Variations: Eloo, Elue
  • Popularity: Elu is rare worldwide, most used in India, and ranked 2,596th in Congo.
Unusual, Rare


Fritha also means “beloved” in Indian and “strong peace” in Old Norse. It’s a short version of Frithswith and may be connected to Frida, but it stands out just as your young gal!

  • Origin: Norse
  • Meaning: Fair, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: FRIH-Dhah
  • Variations: Firtha, Freyth
  • Namesakes: Fritha Goodey, a British actress known for the film About a Boy (2002).
  • Popularity: In 2014, 205 people were named Fritha worldwide, mostly in England, while it ranked 5,979th in Scotland.
Cool, Rare


In Japanese, Fumiko specifically means “child of treasured beauty.” It also means “child of beautiful wealth” and “child of abundant beauty,” making it a girl’s name to treasure wherever your young lady lives.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful, child
  • Pronunciation: FUW-miy-Kow
  • Namesakes: Fumiko Okuno, a Japanese synchronized swimmer and bronze medalist at the 1992 Summer Olympics. Fumiko Saiga, the first female Japanese judge on the International Criminal Court.
  • Popularity: Fumiko ranked 1,435th worldwide and is most popular in Japan, where it ranked 19th.
Traditional, Common


Harika refers to the Goddess Parvati, associated with beauty in Hindu culture. It also means “wonderful” and “a superior woman” in Turkish- perfect for little girls who strive for big things.

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: Beautiful, a miracle
  • Pronunciation: Haa-RIY-kaa
  • Variations: Hareeka, Hareekah, Harikah, Haryka, Harykah
  • Namesakes: Harika Dronavalli, an Indian chess player and FIDE Grandmaster. Harika Narayan, an Indian Tollywood playback singer, and finalist in the National Hindi Singing Competition Sing Dil Se.
  • Popularity: Harika is uncommon worldwide, is mostly used in India, and ranked 727th in Northern Cyprus.
Pretty, Uncommon
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Hassan also means “benefactor” in Arabic and was the name of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson. It’s associated with a “doer of good,” which makes this classic Muslim name a symbol of all good things for your little guy.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Handsome, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Haa-SAEN
  • Variations: Hasan, Hasson
  • Namesakes: Prince Hassan bin Talal, a member of the Jordanian royal family and Crown Prince from 1965 to 1999. Hassan Ali Maatouk, a Lebanese footballer and captain of the Lebanon national team.
  • Popularity: Hassan ranked 60th worldwide, is most popular in Iran, and ranked 5th in Syria.
Traditional, Popular


Hermosa literally means “pretty” and “beautiful” in Spanish and is the feminine form of Hermoso. It comes from the Latin “fōrma,” meaning “beauty,” and represents all the pretty little girls out there.

  • Origin: Spanish, Latin
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Ehr-MOW-saa
  • Variations: Hermosah, Hermossa, Hermoza
  • Popularity: In 2014, 907 people were named Hermosa worldwide, mostly in the Philippines, where it ranked 7,837th.
Feminine, Rare


Indira is based on the Hindu Indra, the god of heaven and thunderstorms. It’s also one of 1,000 names for Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and beauty, making this one of the more divinely beautiful names for girls.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Meaning: Beauty, splendid
  • Pronunciation: Ehn-DIY-raa
  • Variations: Indeera, Indeerah, Indeira, Indirah
  • Namesakes: Indira Varma, a British actress known for the TV series Game of Thrones. Indira Hridayesh, an Indian politician on the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council from 1974 to 2000.
  • Popularity: Indira ranked 2,448th worldwide, is most popular in India, and ranked 143rd in Kazakhstan.
Pretty, Common


Irvin may have come from the surname Irvine, made up of “ir,” meaning “green,” and “afron,” meaning “water.” It also means “handsome” and “fair of face” for the super cute young man you love.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ER-Vihn
  • Variations: Irven, Irvine, Irvyn, Irvyne
  • Namesakes: Irvin Duguid, a Scottish musician, and member of the rock band Stiltskin. Irvin Yeaworth Jr., a German-American director, best known for the film The Blob.
  • Popularity: Irvin is uncommon worldwide, primarily used in the U.S., and ranked 539th in El Salvador.
Masculine, Uncommon


Jacinta is taken from the name of a precious stone and is based on the Greek “hyakinthos,” meaning “hyacinth.” It’s also the Spanish name for the Greek Hyacinth flower, making this beauty a symbol of gorgeous jewels and florals.

  • Origin: Greek, Spanish
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Haa-SIYN-Taa
  • Variations: Jacintah, Jacynta, Jazinta
  • Namesakes: Jacinta Tynan, an Australian news presenter on Sky News Australia. Jacinta Gray, a New Zealand road cyclist who competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Jacinta ranked 3,759th worldwide and is most popular in Kenya, where it ranked 231st.
Feminine, Common


Jaeda also means “goodness” and is a variation of Jade. It can mean “good and beautiful woman” and “wise,” which makes it a representation of all great things for baby girls.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Long-necked beauty
  • Pronunciation: JHEH-Dah
  • Variations: Jada, Jayda, Jadah
  • Namesakes: Jaeda Miller, a Canadian actress known for the PBS animated series Ready Jet Go!
  • Popularity: Jaeda is very rare worldwide and is mostly used in Bangladesh, where it ranked 8.534th.
Cute, Rare


Jaffa appears as Yaffa in Hebrew. The city of Jaffa was an ancient Phoenician city ruled by Israelites, Arabs, and Turks. It was known for its oranges, which is why many modern orange-flavored products are called Jaffa.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful, lovely
  • Pronunciation: JHAEF-aa
  • Popularity: In 2014, 380 people were named Jaffa worldwide, mostly in the U.S., while it ranked 5,259th in Austria.
Unique, Rare


Jamil also means “grace” in the Bible and derives from the Arabic “jamila,” meaning “beautiful.” It appears as Gamil in Latin and Cemil in Turkish, but wherever your baby boy calls home, he can shine brightly with this attractive name.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful, handsome
  • Pronunciation: Jhaa-MIYL
  • Variations: Jamille, Jamill, Jamile
  • Namesakes: Jamil al-Zahawi, an Iraqi poet known for his defense of women’s rights. Jamil al-Ulshi, a Syrian politician and two-time prime minister of Syria.
  • Popularity: Jamil ranked 1,747th worldwide, is most popular in India and ranked 42nd in Oman.
Traditional, Masculine


Jolie comes from the French “joli,” meaning “one who was agreeable.” It also means “merry,” and though it’s best known as Angelina Jolie’s surname, it’s also a unique first name choice for pretty little girls.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Pretty, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: JHOW-Liy
  • Variations: Joely, Jolee, Joley, Joli, Joly
  • Namesakes: Jolie Rickman, an American musician known for political songs with social activism themes. Jolie Gabor, Countess de Szigethy, a Hungarian-American socialite and mother of Zsa Zsa Gabor.
  • Popularity: Jolie ranked 3,704th worldwide and is most popular in DR Congo, where it ranked 29th.
Cute, Unique


Kauno is based on the Finnish “kauneus,” meaning “beauty.” It’s relatively unheard of outside Finland but can make a comeback for your beautiful boy.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: KAO-Now
  • Namesakes: Kauno Kleemola, a Finnish politician and Deputy Prime Minister in 1961.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 880 people were named Kauno worldwide, mostly in Finland, where it ranked 735th.
Unusual, Rare
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Kavanaugh was originally the Gaelic surname Caomhánach, meaning “son of Caomhan.” It may be connected to Kevin, but it makes a special name for boys who were cute from the get-go.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Born handsome
  • Pronunciation: Kae-VAH-Nah
  • Variations: Kavanagh
  • Popularity: In 2014, 47 people were named Kavanaugh worldwide, mainly in the U.S.
Formal, Rare


Kazumi also means “harmony” in Japanese. It’s connected to Kazuki and Kazuo, but stands on its own merit among cool, unusual names meaning beautiful.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful peace
  • Pronunciation: KAA-Zuw-miy
  • Variations: Kasumi
  • Namesakes: Kazumi Onishi, a Japanese figure skater, and a four-time Japanese national champion. Kazumi Yamashita, a Japanese manga artist and winner of the 2003 Kodansha Manga Award.
  • Popularity: Kazumi is uncommon worldwide and is mainly used in Japan, where it ranked 202nd.
Unique, Uncommon


Keefe was originally the Irish surname O’Keeffe, from “caomh,” meaning “kind.” It also means “gentle” and “lovable” for your favorite well-behaved little boy.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Handsome, noble
  • Pronunciation: KIYF
  • Variations: Keafe, Keeffe, Keif, Keiff, Kiefe
  • Namesakes: Keefe Cato, an American baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds in 1983 and 1984. Keefe Brasselle, an American actor in The Eddie Cantor Story (1953) film.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 909 people were named Keefe worldwide, mostly in the U.S.
Cute, Rare


Keely comes from the Gaelic “cadhla,” meaning “beautiful” and “graceful.” It may also be associated with the Irish “cael,” meaning “narrow” and “slender,” but it’s adorable for all girls, not just prima ballerinas.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: KEE-Lee
  • Variations: Keeley, Keelie, Keylee
  • Namesakes: Keely Smith (born Dorothy Keely), an American jazz singer of the 1960s with her husband, Louis Prima. Keely Smith, an American journalist, and correspondent for the TV series Unsolved Mysteries from 1995 to 1997.
  • Popularity: Keely is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 1,192nd in England.
Pretty, Cute


Keeva also means “kind” and “precious” in Gaelic. In Hebrew, Keeva (spelled Kiva) means “protected,” so it’s ready to bestow wonderful qualities on your baby girl.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Beautiful, gentle
  • Namesakes: Keeva Fennelly, an Irish camogie player who competed in the 2009 All Ireland camogie final.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 375 people were named Keeva worldwide, mostly in the US., while it ranked 1,176th in Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Unusual, Rare


Kenneth also means “born of fire” in Gaelic. It’s the Anglo version of Cainnech and Cináed, meaning “comely,” another word for a good-looking lad.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Handsome, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: KEHN-Nehth
  • Variations: Kennath, Kennyth, Keneth, Kennith
  • Namesakes: Kenneth Branagh, a British actor, and filmmaker, listed No. 20 on The Irish Times list of Ireland’s greatest film actors. Kenneth Tynan, an English theater critic at The Observer.
  • Popularity: Kenneth ranked 282nd worldwide and is most popular in the U.S., where it ranked 37th.
Popular, Masculine


Kevin comes from the Irish Caoimhín, composed of “coém,” meaning “handsome,” and “gein,” meaning “birth.” Saint Kevin was Ireland’s patron saint, making Kevin a famous name for some time now.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Handsome
  • Pronunciation: KEHV-ihn
  • Variations: Kevinn, Keven, Kevyn
  • Namesakes: Kevin Bridges, a Scottish stand-up comedian with his own 2012 TV series Kevin Bridges: What’s the Story? Kevin Molino, a Trinidadian footballer for the Trinidad and Tobago national team.
  • Popularity: Kevin ranked 199th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S. and ranked 21st in Canada.
Traditional, Popular


Very little is known about the African Kitoko, other than it’s mostly used in Africa. It also means “handsome man,” yet is gender-neutral for lovely boys and girls to use today.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Kiy-TOW-kow
  • Variations: Kytoko
  • Namesakes: Kitoko (born Patrick Bibarwa), a Rwandan Afrobeats and hip-hop singer who released Ifaranga in 2010.
  • Popularity: Kitoko is rare worldwide, mostly used in DR Congo, and ranked 1,065th in Chad.
Unique, Rare


Kyomi is made up of the Japanese “kiyo,” meaning “purify,” and “cleanse,” and “mi,” meaning “beauty.” It can also mean “clean” and “clear,” as a lovely Japanese tradition for your young lady.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Pure and beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Kiy-YOW-Miy
  • Variations: Kiyomi
  • Namesakes: Kyomi Hirata, a Japanese foil fencer who competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Kyomi is rare worldwide and is mainly used in Japan, where it ranked 2,299th.
Cute, Rare


Leinani is a Pacific Islander name also meaning “heavenly blossoms.” Leinani comes from the Hawaiian root “lei,” meaning “flower,” and “lani,” meaning “royal” and “heaven,” for precious baby girls to grow into.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Beautiful child
  • Pronunciation: Lay-NAA-niy
  • Namesakes: Leinani Melville, an American author known for the book Children of the Rainbow.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 158 people were named Leinani worldwide, mostly in the U.S., while it ranked 3,210th in Guam.
Pretty, Rare
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Linda also comes from the German “lind,” meaning “tender.” It could be connected to the Linden tree but is best known as a version of the Spanish “lindo,” meaning “beautiful” and “cute” as can be.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Beautiful, pretty
  • Variations: Linnda, Lynda
  • Namesakes: Linda Burney, an Australian House of Representatives member. Linda Hamilton, an American actress, best known for the Terminator film series.
  • Popularity: Linda ranked 91st worldwide and is most popular in the U.S., where it ranked 10th.
Traditional, Popular


Lydia comes from the Greek “ludía,” meaning “noble one,” and “from Lydia” (Persia). It also means “dark-haired maiden,” but can be a lovable name for girls with any hair color.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Beautiful one
  • Pronunciation: LIHD-iy-Ah
  • Variations: Lidiya, Lydea, Lidia
  • Namesakes: Lydia Hearst-Shaw, an American heiress and the great-granddaughter of newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. Lydia Stahl, a Soviet-born secret agent for Soviet Military Intelligence in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Popularity: Lydia ranked 633rd worldwide and is most popular in Uganda, where it ranked 62nd.
Popular, Feminine


Mabs also means “intoxicating” in Irish and is an Anglo variation of Medb, famously the queen of the fairies in literature. It also means “happiness,” which is what your little girl has in store!

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Beautiful lover
  • Pronunciation: MAEBS
  • Variations: Mabe, Maebh
  • Namesakes: Mabs Howth, an Irish actress known for The Christian (1911) film.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 147 people were named Mabs worldwide, mostly in England.
Rare, Unusual


Maliha derives from the Arabic “malāḥah,” meaning “state of being gorgeous” or “state of grace.” It also means “well-spoken” and “woman with a happy, glowing face,” which promises great things for the baby girl you’re expecting.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Attractive, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Mah-LEE-ha
  • Namesakes: Maliha Khan, a Pakistani Member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. Maliha Masood, a Pakistani-American writer of the travel memoir Zaatar Days, Henna Nights.
  • Popularity: Maliha is uncommon worldwide, most used in Bangladesh, and ranked 258th in Afghanistan.
Pretty, Uncommon


Mckenna started as a 13th-century Scottish surname, meaning “beloved of Aodh.” It also means “fiery love” and is a diminutive of McKenzie, but your beautiful child named Mckenna only has you to thank for their good looks.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Child of the handsome one
  • Pronunciation: Mihk-KEHN-naa
  • Namesakes: Makenna Cowgill, an American voice actress known for the film The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009). Mckenna Grace, an American actress, named one of the top 30 stars under age 18 by The Hollywood Reporter in 2018 and 2019.
  • Popularity: Mckenna is rare worldwide, primarily used in the U.S., and ranked 7,088th in Ireland.
Unique, Rare


Mei is the Chinese version of May and is Latin for “great one.” It also means “gorgeous” and “plum,” which provides multiple strands of meaning for baby girls named Mei.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: MEH
  • Variations: Meiko
  • Namesakes: Mei Fong, a Malaysian-Chinese-American staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Mei Miura, a Japanese ice hockey player for the Japanese national team.
  • Popularity: Mei ranked 150th worldwide, is most popular in China, and ranked 14th in Hong Kong.
Cute, Popular


Memphis is the Greek variant of the Egyptian Menefer. It’s associated with the pyramids and was famously known as the place where Elvis Presley lived, at Graceland. Memphis also means “abode of the good” in the Bible for any place your little one lives.

  • Origin: Greek, Egyptian
  • Meaning: Enduring and beautiful
  • Pronunciation: MEHM-Fihs
  • Variations: Memphus, Memphys
  • Namesakes: Memphis Depay, a Dutch footballer for the Netherlands national team. Memphis Eve Hewson, an Irish actress known for the 2014 Steven Soderbergh series The Knick.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 685 people were named Memphis worldwide, mostly in the U.S., while it ranked 4,817th in Ghana.
Cool, Rare


Menefer (as Mennefer) was the ancient capital of Inebu-hedj in Lower Egypt, known as Memphis. It also means “the beautiful city,” which can be anywhere your little one calls home.

  • Origin: Egyptian
  • Meaning: Established and beautiful
  • Pronunciation: MEH-nih-Fer
  • Variations: Menefar, Menefir, Menefur, Menefyr
  • Popularity: In 2014, two people were named Menefer worldwide, occurring in the Philippines and Turkey.
Obscure, Unusual


Mika is used in Hungarian, Japanese, Russian, and Finnish cultures, meaning “beautiful fragrance.” It’s a girl’s name in Japan, but a short form of Mikael (Michael) in Scandinavian culture, so it fits any and all Mikas you’re expecting.

  • Origin: Japanese, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Beautiful, good
  • Pronunciation: MIY-Kaa
  • Variations: Micha
  • Namesakes: Michael Penniman Jr. (known as Mika), a Lebanese-born British singer-songwriter, named the number-one breakthrough act of 2007 in a BBC poll. Mika Zibanejad, a Swedish ice hockey player for the New York Rangers.
  • Popularity: Mika is uncommon worldwide, mainly used in Japan, and ranked 16th in Finland.
Cute, Uncommon


In Japan, Misaki refers to supernatural spirits, from gods to demons and everything in between. It can also mean “ocean,” “chronicle,” and “flower,” making it quite varied for spirited little girls to have.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful bloom
  • Pronunciation: Miy-SAA-Kiy
  • Namesakes: Misaki Iwasa, a Japanese pop star and member of the Japanese idol group AKB48. Misaki Kumakura, a Japanese rower who competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Misaki is uncommon worldwide and mostly used in Japan, where it ranked 838th.
Unique, Uncommon
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Miya means “relax” and “temple” or “shrine” in Japanese. It’s also associated with “mian,” a traditional Persian title for a Muslim man, but your little Miya can hold fast to the most beautiful meaning.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: MIY-Yaa
  • Variations: Miyah
  • Namesakes: Miya Cech, an American actress, appearing in the film Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019). Miya Tachibana, a Japanese synchronized swimmer and silver medalist at the 2004 Olympics.
  • Popularity: Miya is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in India, and ranked 1,742nd in Japan.
Unique, Uncommon


Miyeon also means “kind-hearted” and “pleasing” in Korean. It’s very rare but has been used more recently in the U.S., so Miyeon could be a new way to name your sweet baby girl.

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: MEE-Yon
  • Namesakes: Miyeon (born Cho Mi Yeon), a South Korean singer and member of the South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 156 people were named Miyeon worldwide, mostly in the U.S., while it ranked 5,370th in South Korea.
Unusual, Rare


When Japanese characters are arranged differently, Miyo takes on unique meanings. It can also mean “night,” “pearl,” and “light,” but you’d probably agree that “beautiful child” sounds perfect for your young girl.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful child
  • Pronunciation: MIY-Yow
  • Namesakes: Miyo Ichikawa, a Japanese curler and 2012 Pacific-Asia silver medallist. Miyo Okamoto, a Japanese footballer, and coach of the Thailand women’s national football team.
  • Popularity: Miyo is uncommon worldwide and is mostly used in Japan, where it ranked 137th.
Cute, Uncommon


Naava also means “delightful” and “pretty” in Hebrew. When spelled Nava, it’s a diminutive of the boy’s name Navit, but your Naava can be the most pleasant choice ever.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: NAAH-Vaa
  • Variations: Nava
  • Popularity: In 2014, 175 people were named Naava worldwide, mostly in Uganda.
Feminine, Obscure


Nohea also means “beautiful” and “pretty” in Hawaiian since it’s gender-neutral. It may be short for Nohealani, yet it is unique even among names that mean beautiful for the little one in your life.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Handsome
  • Pronunciation: Now-HHEH-aa
  • Popularity: Nohea is extremely rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S.
Unique, Rare


Nomi comes from the Hebrew “no’am,” meaning “pleasantness,” and “na’ám,” meaning “to please.” It also means “delightful,” which are all great things to offer to the baby girl you’re expecting.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: NOW-Miy
  • Variations: Noami, Noemie
  • Namesakes: Nomi Prins, an American author who writes about Wall Street. Nomi Ruiz, an American singer, known for her work as Jessica 6.
  • Popularity: Nomi is rare worldwide, most used in Indonesia, and ranked 700th in Papua New Guinea.
Cute, Rare


Omarosa more specifically means “my beautiful and precious child.” It also means “graceful child,” which can prepare your little girl for great things.

  • Origin: African, Nigerian
  • Meaning: My beautiful child
  • Pronunciation: OW-maa-RAO-Saa
  • Variations: Omarose
  • Namesakes: Omarosa Manigault, an American reality TV participant and political aide to former US President Donald Trump.
  • Popularity: In 2014, two people were named Omarosa worldwide, occurring in Colombia and the U.S.
Obscure, Feminine


Oregon is based on “ogwa,” meaning “river,” and “pe-on,” meaning “west,” both meaning “river of the west.” It also means “good and beautiful river” in Algonquin and is based on the natural world’s beauty.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Beautiful river
  • Pronunciation: OHR-eh-Gaan
  • Popularity: In 2014, 90 people were named Oregon worldwide, mainly in the U.S.
Cool, Rare


Ratih also means “god-like” in Indonesian. It means “goddess of beauty” and “grace” in Sanskrit, which makes it a ringing endorsement for divine little girls like yours.

  • Origin: Indonesian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Most beautiful
  • Pronunciation: RAAH-tee
  • Namesakes: Ratih Hardjono, an Indonesian journalist for the Indonesian newspaper Kompas.
  • Popularity: Ratih is uncommon worldwide and mostly used in Indonesia, where it ranked 428th.
Traditional, Uncommon


Reiko means “next child” and “wise child” in Japanese. It’s also a German boy’s name meaning “gratitude,” but it may best name your gorgeous baby girl when she comes.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful, lovely child
  • Pronunciation: REY-Kow
  • Variations: Raiko, Reyko
  • Namesakes: Reiko Mori, a Japanese novelist, who won the Akutagawa Award in 1979. Reiko Aonuma, a Japanese basketball player who competed in the 1976 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Reiko ranked 1,818th worldwide and is most popular in Japan, where it ranked 29th.
Cute, Common
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Rosalind is based on the German Roslindis, meaning “gentle horse.” It’s mainly derived from the Spanish “rosa,” meaning “rose” and “linda” meaning “beautiful”- perfect for your budding flower girl.

  • Origin: Spanish, German
  • Meaning: Beautiful rose
  • Pronunciation: RAAZ-aa-Lihnd
  • Variations: Rosalin, Roslyn, Rosalinda
  • Namesakes: Rosalind Cornett, a British table tennis player who competed at the World Table Tennis Championships between 1951 and 1955. Rosalind Blauer, a Canadian economist, dealing with the effects of inflation.
  • Popularity: Rosalind is uncommon worldwide, is mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 395th in Scotland.
Pretty, Uncommon


Rumi also means “flow” and “lapis lazuli” in Japanese, referring to the blue gemstone. In Arabic, it means “peaceful” and “good,” so you can adorn your young lady with these positive qualities either way.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: RUW-Miy
  • Namesakes: Rumi Okubo, a Japanese voice actress and winner of a Best Female Newcomer award at the Seiyu Awards. Rumi Suizu, a Japanese figure skater and the 2007 Japan Junior champion.
  • Popularity: Rumi is uncommon worldwide and mainly used in Bangladesh, where it ranked 140th.
Cute, Uncommon


Rupin also means “embodied beauty” in Sanskrit. It’s the ultimate name for a “handsome, good-looking man,” so you can give your little guy a head start with this cool name.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Handsome
  • Pronunciation: RUW-Pin
  • Variations: Rupinder
  • Popularity: Rupin is very rare worldwide, primarily used in India, and ranked 8,745th in Kuwait.
Unusual, Rare


Sabeh is a Muslim name meaning “pretty” and “handsome.” Sabeh is a small village in Iran and is used more as a surname, but it can also be a rare gem for your handsome boy.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: SAA-beh
  • Variations: Sabah
  • Popularity: In 2014, 490 people were named Sabeh worldwide, mostly in Pakistan, while it ranked 1,376th in Tunisia.
Rare, Unique


Shakila also means “well-shaped” in Arabic. It’s a female version of Shaquille, and can be just as memorable for the perfect baby girl you’re expecting.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hindi
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Shey-KEE-Lah
  • Variations: Shakeela, Shakeila, Shakilah, Shaquila, Shekila
  • Namesakes: Shakila (born Badshah Begum), an Indian actress known for the film C.I.D. (1956). Shakila Sedaghat, an Iranian-American singer and Global Music Award winner in 2015.
  • Popularity: Shakila ranked 2,396th worldwide, is most popular in India, and ranked 56th in Afghanistan.
Feminine, Common


Shana also means “lily” in Hebrew. It may be a female version of John, meaning “God is gracious.” Shana is also a short version of Shoshana and Shana, both as beautiful for girls named Shana.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: SHAA-Naa
  • Variations: Shanna
  • Namesakes: Shana Alexander, an American journalist and the first woman columnist for Life magazine. Shana Swash, an English actress, known for the BBC One soap opera EastEnders (2004 to 2006).
  • Popularity: Shana is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 919th in Belgium.
Pretty, Uncommon


Shaquille comes from the Arabic Shakil, meaning “beauty.” It also means “pretty” and “good looking,” pointing to a very special young boy named Shaquille.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Handsome
  • Pronunciation: Shah-KEEL
  • Variations: Shakeel, Shakil, Shaquil, Shaquile, Shaquill
  • Namesakes: Shaquille O’Neal, an American basketball player, and a four-time NBA champion. Shaquille Adams, a Kittian footballer for Garden Hotspurs FC.
  • Popularity: Shaquille is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Trinidad and Tobago, where it ranked 394th.
Masculine, Rare


Shiva is the supreme, Great God who creates and protects the universe in Hindu culture. It also means “auspicious,” “pure,” and “divine,” and covers all ground, both divine and mortal, for your little one.

  • Origin: Hindi, Persian
  • Meaning: Beautiful, charming
  • Pronunciation: Shiy-Vah
  • Namesakes: Shiva (born Andrea Arrigoni), an Italian rapper whose 2020 single “Auto blu” reached number 1 on FIMI’s singles chart. Shiva Raichandani, a British-Indian semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.
  • Popularity: Shiva ranked 3,898th worldwide, is most popular in India, and ranked 80th in Qatar.
Common, Cool


Sigrid comes from the Old Norse Sigríðr, made up of “sigr,” meaning “victory” and “fríðr,” meaning “beautiful.” It also means “peace” and “fair,” making this lovely Viking name a measured one for good young girls.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Beautiful victory
  • Pronunciation: SIY-Griyd
  • Variations: Sigryd, Sigryde, Siegrid
  • Namesakes: Sigrid Lidströmer, a Swedish author who translated Oscar Wilde’s The Ballad of Reading Gaol into Swedish. Sigrid Undset, a Norwegian-Danish novelist who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928.
  • Popularity: Sigrid ranked 3,861st worldwide and is most popular in Germany, where it ranked 132nd.
Unique, Common


Very little is known about Suchin, except that it carries the same meaning in Hindi. Suchin isn’t found much outside of Thailand, so it may be a unique choice for your little gal.

  • Origin: Thai
  • Meaning: Beautiful thought
  • Pronunciation: SUW-Chihn
  • Variations: Sujin
  • Namesakes: Suchin Borihanwanakhet, a Thai writer and teacher, awarded the Outstanding Woman in Buddhism award by the UN.
  • Popularity: Suchin is uncommon worldwide and is mostly used in Thailand, where it ranked 184th.
Uncommon, Unusual
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Tove originated as the Old Norse Tófa, meaning “beautiful Thor” or “good.” It’s one of many Norse names taken from the ancient god Thor, yet it rolls off the tongue much easier than the longer version, Thorfrithr,

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: TUW-Vah
  • Variations: Tova
  • Namesakes: Tove Larsen, a Danish politician and Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs from 1981 to 1982. Tove Jansson, a Swedish-Finnish author of the Moomin children’s books.
  • Popularity: Tove is uncommon worldwide and most used in Norway, where it ranked 53rd.
Unique, Uncommon


Usain is a variation of the more recognizable Arabic Husain and Hussein. It also means “good-mannered” and “virtuous,” thereby adding even more meaningful qualities to your baby boy’s name.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful, good
  • Pronunciation: YUU-Sane
  • Namesakes: Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter, considered the greatest sprinter of all time.
  • Popularity: Usain is very rare worldwide, mostly used in India, and ranked 3,886th in Bulgaria.
Rare, Masculine


In the Bible, Vashti was a queen of Persia in the Book of Esther. It comes from the Persian “vahišta,” meaning “excellent.” Vashti also means the “best of women,” which your baby girl can become in no time!

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: Lovely
  • Pronunciation: VAESH-Tiy
  • Variations: Vashtee, Vashtey, Vashtie, Vashty
  • Namesakes: Vashti Cunningham, an American track and field athlete who won the 2016 USA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Vashti Bartlett, an American nurse with the American Red Cross during World War I.
  • Popularity: Vashti is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 262nd in Trinidad and Tobago.
Feminine, Rare


Venus was the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology. She is the equivalent of the Greek Aphrodite and Egyptian Isis. Venus also means “loved one” and “beloved.” Names meaning beautiful don’t get more classic than the alluring Venus.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: VIY-Nahs
  • Variations: Venis, Venys
  • Namesakes: Venus Williams, an American tennis player with seven Grand Slam singles titles. Venus Faiq, an Iraqi-Kurdish-Dutch journalist for Kurdistan’s People Television.
  • Popularity: Venus is uncommon worldwide and is mostly used in the Philippines, where it ranked 586th.
Cool, Uncommon


Westlyn is a modern creation that combines the surname West with the first name Lyn. When spelled West Linn, it’s a place name in Oregon but can be just as vibrant as your baby girl’s name.

  • Origin: English, American
  • Meaning: Beautiful west
  • Pronunciation: WEST-Lin
  • Variations: Westlynn
  • Popularity: In 2014, 17 people were named Westlyn worldwide, mainly in the U.S.
Unusual, Rare


Yamileth is a Spanish version of the Hebrew Yamilet. It’s also derived from Yamila, a Spanish form of the Arabic Jamila, meaning “beautiful.” Yamileth also means “elegant” and is a beautiful old-world name ready to make a comeback.

  • Origin: Arabic, Spanish
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Yaa-MIY-Lehth
  • Variations: Yamilet
  • Namesakes: Yamileth Duarte, a Mexican boxer and WBC female super bantamweight champion since 2019.
  • Popularity: Yamileth is uncommon worldwide, is most used in Venezuela, and ranked 62nd in Panama.
Uncommon, Unusual


Zaine also means “gift from God” in Hebrew. It comes from the Arabic Zayn, originally meaning “beautiful little queen,” yet exists in Malaysian and English for babies worldwide.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ZEYN
  • Variations: Zain, Zane, Zayn, Zeine
  • Namesakes: Zaine Pierre, a Saint Lucian footballer for Manchester City.
  • Popularity: Zaine is very rare worldwide, mainly used in Brazil, and ranked 4,358th in Ecuador.
Rare, Cool


Zeynep is the Turkish version of the Arabic Zaynab, meaning “precious rock or gem.” It was originally the name of the prophet Muhammed’s daughter and also means “ornament” to adorn lovely little ladies like yours.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: ZAAY-Nep
  • Namesakes: Zeynep Algan, the Turkish Ambassador to Senegal in 2012. Zeynep Sevde, a Turkish writer who owns a publishing house for children’s books.
  • Popularity: Zeynep ranked 1,805th worldwide and is most popular in Turkey, where it ranked 14th.
Unique, Common


Zinedine also means “growth” and “progress” in Arabic. It comes from the Arabic “zayn,” meaning “grace” and “beauty,” and “din,” meaning “religious belief.” The North Algerian version of Zidane means “delightful” and is ideal for the charming baby boy you’ll soon meet!

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beauty of the faith
  • Pronunciation: ZIYN-ah-Diyn
  • Variations: Zidane
  • Namesakes: Zinedine Zidane, a French footballer named FIFA World Player of the Year in 2000 and 2003. Zinedine Soualem, a French actor, best known for the 1992 film Riens du tout.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 877 people were named Zinedine worldwide, mostly in Algeria, where it ranked 2,374th.
Unusual, Rare


Zuri can also be a boy’s nickname for the Hebrew Zuriel. It means “white” and “light” in Arabic, yet Zuri’s beautiful Swahili meaning is the most direct way of naming a gorgeous newborn.

  • Origin: Swahili
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ZUW-Riy
  • Variations: Zuree, Zurey, Zurie, Zury
  • Namesakes: Zuri Hall, an American entertainment reporter for Access Hollywood on NBC. Zuri Tibby, an American model and first black spokesmodel for Victoria’s Secret PINK.
  • Popularity: Zuri is rare worldwide, primarily used in Mexico, and ranked 1,658th in Georgia.
Cute, Rare
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