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100 Hot and Sexy Names for Boys

These masculine names scream hot and sexy!

Some names give you an impression of someone long before you meet them. According to women everywhere, the names on this list are thought to give off seriously hot and sexy vibes.

If you want to give your son a name that screams gorgeous when they’re older, or if you want to avoid a name that gives the impression he’s an airhead, check out this list of sexy male names.

100 Sexy Boy Names and Meanings

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👦 Boy

Aaron is a Hebrew name of unknown meaning.

In the religious texts of the Christian, Hebrew, and Muslim faiths, Aaron is the brother of the prophet Moses and a prophet in his own right. Aaron and Moses preached to the Egyptian Pharaoh of the Exodus.


👦 Boy

Abel comes from the Hebrew name Hevel, which means “breath.”

In the Bible, Abel was the first child born to Adam and Eve. He was a shepherd who made an offering that was pleasing to God. His jealous brother Cain murdered him when his own offering was rejected.


👦 Boy

Adrian is from the Roman name Hadrianus, meaning “from Hadria.”

In March 2020, Adrian Phillips signed a two-year, six-million-dollar contract with the New England Patriots. He also received a signing bonus of one point five million dollars.


👦 Boy

The Breton name Alan means “handsome,” which makes it fit perfectly on this hot boy names list.

Alan Turing is widely credited as being the father of artificial intelligence. He is the creator of the Turing Test, which says that a machine can be considered intelligent when a human can interact with it and not realize it’s a computer.


👦 Boy

Aldo comes from Germanic name elements and can mean “old” or “noble.”

An American scientist, naturalist, and ecologist, Aldo Leopold was pivotal in the development of modern environmental ethics. Leopold had an ecocentric philosophy and founded the scientific discipline of wildlife management.


👦 Boy

Alexander is from a Greek name, meaning “defender of man.”

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård became famous for his roles in the HBO series “Generation Kill” and “True Blood” and has since become a major movie star. Oh, and he’s been voted Sweden’s Sexiest Man. Five times.


👦 Boy

This Spanish and Italian form of Anthony is of unknown meaning.

José Antonio Domínguez Bandera, better known as Antonio Banderas, broke into U.S. films, despite speaking minimal English. Instead, he learned all of his lines phonetically. Since then, he’s become famous for roles as diverse as “Pablo Picasso” and the voice of Puss-in-Boots.


👦 Boy

The Hindi name Aryan means “noble.”

Aryan first appeared on the U.S. top 1,000 boy names chart in 2002, debuting at #872. It peaked at #613 in 2007 and has bounced around in the 700–900 bracket ever since.


👦 Boy

Atticus is a Latinized Greek name, meaning “from Attica.”

“Lovecraft Country” is a novel set in the Jim Crow era. The book opens with Atticus Turner as he searches for his father, a publisher of a guide for black travelers.


👦 Boy

The name Austin means “to increase.”

Although Austin is considered an English name, the French first used it as a shortened form of Augustine, and French names are often regarded as sexy. And, of course, there’s always Austin Powers to prove the point.

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👦 Boy

The Norse name Balder means “lord, prince, hero.”

In Norse mythology, Balder, the son of Odin and Frigg and the brother of Thor, was impervious to harm. Gods amused themselves by throwing things at him, knowing he couldn’t be hurt, but Loki tricked one into throwing the only thing that could kill Balder — mistletoe.


👦👧 Unisex

Although it’s considered an English name, Beau comes from the French word for beautiful.

Grammatically speaking, beau is a masculine adjective in French but is listed as a gender-neutral name in many places. In Europe, it is used for boys and girls, but it is almost exclusively used as a boy name in the U.S.


👦 Boy

Beckett is an English name that could mean “stream, brook” or “beak.”

Even though most people assume the whole “last names used as first names” trend is a modern thing, in reality, it began in Victorian times. For example, Beckett Bould was a British actor born in 1880.


👦 Boy

The English name Benedict means “blessed.”

Benedict was first popular as a name to honor saints and popes, which doesn’t give the name a sexy vibe at all. However, Benedict Cumberbatch was enough to bring this name over to the knee-wobbling side.


👦 Boy

Blake is from the Old English words blac, meaning “pale” or blæc, meaning “black.”

Blake was the family name of one of the 14 Tribes of Galway, families who controlled Galway’s social, economic, and political scene from the 13th to the 19th century. So Blake is the perfect name for a family with Galway roots.


👦 Boy

Brad comes from an Old English place name, meaning “broad clearing.”

Brad. Pitt.

That’s it. Only two words are needed to convince you this is definitely a sexy boy name.


👦 Boy

Bran is an ancient name from both Welsh and Irish mythology. It means “raven.”

However, the downside to this name is that today, most people will assume you’ve named your child after a “Game of Thrones” character.


👦 Boy

Brett comes from the middle English surname for a person from Brittany.

There are currently 177,471 Bretts in the U.S., give or take one or two that may have come or gone since this was written.


👦 Boy

Brody is a Gaelic name that likely stems from the words that mean “ditch” or “mire.”

Reality TV personality Brody Jenner is known for “The Hills” and a variety of Kardashian family shows. However, before that, he was in “The Princes of Malibu” and “Bromance.” He’s currently part of the cast of “The Hills: New Beginnings.”


👦 Boy

Brooks began as an English name for someone living by a brook.

E.B. White was the author responsible for such classic children’s books as Charlottes Web and Stuart Little. His full name was Elwyn Brooks White, but he chose to go by the name Brooks.

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👦 Boy

Caden evolved from the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Cadáin, meaning “son of Cadán.”

Several websites say Caden is also an Arabic name, meaning “friend” or “companion.” However, in Arabic, friend translates as “Sadiq” and companion as “Rafiq,” and we couldn’t find any evidence to support the “friend or companion” meaning.


👦 Boy

Callum is from the Latin name Columba, meaning “dove.”

Callum shares the same roots as the significantly less-sexy boy name Colin. This makes Callum, or Calum, a viable alternative to naming your child in honor of a relative called Colin.


👦👧 Unisex

The Scottish name Cameron means “crooked nose.”

Cameron is one of those rare gender-neutral names that carry seriously sexy vibes whether the Cameron in question is male, female, or non-binary.


👦 Boy

Christian is from the Greek Christos, meaning “anointed.”

Most names that cross the gendered and gender-neutral divide begin as a boy name and move into gender-neutral use. Christian has traveled in the opposite direction, starting as a gender-neutral name and evolving into a boy name.


👦 Boy

Christos is a Greek name. It means “anointed.”

The early Greek-speaking Christians applied the name Christos to Jesus. Christos is a Greek translation of the Hebrew word mashiyach, a term that translates to “Messiah” in English.


👦 Boy

Connal means “strong wolf” in Irish.

In Irish mythology, Conall Cernach is a military hero with one bright blue eye and one black eye. He was said to have waist-length curly, red-blonde hair.


👦 Boy

Coinneach is from the Gaelic word caoin, meaning “handsome.”

There are just 36 people known to wear the name Coinneach, and 23 of them are in Scotland. It has the distinction of being the 1,717,090th most popular name in the world.


👦 Boy

Cavanaugh comes from an Irish surname of disputed meaning.

The Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Texas, not only displays historic aircraft, but they also repair, maintain, and fly them and display a range of aviation art.


👦 Boy

Damon is an English name, meaning “to tame.”

The Edge, of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fame, briefly wrestled in the WCW under the name Damian Striker. However, the caption writers got it wrong and wrote Damon, making it the perfect excuse to include Damon on this list.


👦 Boy

Dante is an Italian name that means “enduring.”

Dante is an example of a short name that becomes a forename in its own right. It also shows that this is not a modern phenomenon. Dante is a medieval nickname for those called Durante.

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👦 Boy

Darius is an English name, meaning “possessing goodness.”

If you think of Darius as a modern name, think again. It comes from the ancient Persian name Dārayavahush. The ancient Greeks pronounced this as Dareios. The ancient Romans later spun it into Darius.


👦 Boy

Dax is an English name of unknown meaning.

American actor, comedian, podcast host, writer, and director Dax Shepard began dating fellow actor Kristen Bell in 2003. The pair vowed not to marry until same-sex marriage was legal in California, and they tied the knot in October 2013.


👦 Boy

The English name Dominic means “of the Lord.”

Among Christians, the name Dominic was traditionally given to boys who were born on a Sunday because that was the day “of our Lord.”


👦 Boy

An Irish name, Doran means “son of the wanderer.”

American football cornerback Doran Grant is, at the time of writing, a free agent. Picked 121st overall in the 2015 NHL draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was released in 2016.


👦 Boy

The Welsh name Dylan means “great tide.”

Dylan Minnette is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the alternative rock band Wallows. However, you are more likely to know him as the actor who played Clay Jensen in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”


👦 Boy

Eder is a Basque name, meaning “handsome” or “beautiful.”

Eder is also a Hebrew name that evolved from the Basque version. The Ancient Hebrew name Eder means “flock.” Eder is pronounced EE-der. This name is currently the 3,744 most common name in the U.S., so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something unique.


👦 Boy

Eduardo is a Spanish form of Edward, meaning “wealth, guard.”

The Spanish and Portuguese pronunciation of this name is eh-DHWAR-dho with a rolled “r.” This pronunciation sounds much sexier than the general English language pronunciation of the name.


👦 Boy

The English Elijah has Hebrew roots and means “my God is Yahweh.”

Stories of the prophet Elijah were popular in medieval Europe, making the name fashionable at the time. It was often written with the Latin spelling Elias, except in England, where it was Elis. This name has skyrocketed since the late 80s and now sits in the #4 position on U.S. popularity charts.


👦 Boy

Elliot evolved from the Hebrew name Eliyyahu, meaning “my God is Yahweh.”

The popularity of the name Elijah and its subsequent evolution into Elis laid the foundations for Elliot. Eliot began as a pet name for boys called Elis.


👦 Boy

Emery is a Germanic name that means “home-ruler.”

Emery is also the name of a type of rock. Dark grey or black in color, emery is ground into what’s termed “black sand” and used as an abrasive. You’ve probably used it yourself on an emery board for filing your nails.


👦 Boy

Ethan is a Hebrew name, meaning “firm, solid, enduring.”

Ethan Hawk’s first film role was alongside River Phoenix in “Explorers.” He dropped out of acting until landing a role in “The Dead Poets Society.” He has since starred in roles as diverse as “Training Days,” “Boyhood,” and “First Reformed.”


👦 Boy

Ford is from the English name for people who lived near fjords.

In Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” books, Ford Prefect is the alien journalist who befriends befuddled human Arthur Dent. The character was named after the Ford Prefect, a car produced by Ford U.K. from 1938 until 1961.


👦 Boy

A Hebrew name, Gabriel, means “God is my strong man.”

Born into slavery on a Virginian tobacco plantation in 1776, a man was named Gabriel by his enslaver, Thomas Prosser. Hired out as a blacksmith, Gabriel was hanged in 1800 after planning a slave revolt.


👦 Boy

Gerard is an English name, meaning “brave, spear.”

Scottish actor Gerard Butler rose to fame following his role as King Leonidas in the movie “300.” However, his status as a sex symbol was severely impaired by movie duds such as “The Bounty Hunter” and “London Has Fallen.”


👦 Boy

The Hebrew name Gideon means “hewer” or “feller.”

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Gideon was not especially popular in the U.S. However, Gideon has been in the top 1,000 boy names since the turn of the century, peaking at #304 in 2017.


👦 Boy

Grant is from the Norman French word gran, meaning “very large.”

Grant Wilson co-founded The Atlantic Paranormal Society and co-starred and produced the cable TV series “Ghost Hunter.” Wilson is also a developer and art director at Rather Dashing Games.


👦 Boy

The German and Slovene form of Gregory, Gregor means “watchful, alert.”

Biologist Gregor Mendel was born in what is now the Czech Republic. He became famous for his experiments in genetics, demonstrating the scientific process of heredity, now known as the laws of Mendelian inheritance.


👦 Boy

Griffin is the Anglicized form of Gruffudd, meaning “strong prince.”

A griffin is a mythological creature with the tail, back legs, and body of a lion with the wings, head, and front legs of an eagle. However, it is a common misconception that the name Griffin comes from this creature.


👦 Boy

The name Harrison comes from an English surname, meaning “son of Harry.”

Harrison Bader is a baseball center fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals MLB team. While attending the University of Florida, Bader played for the Florida Gators.


👦 Boy

Holden is an English name that means “deep valley.”

Holden might be the ideal sexy boy name for astronomers. Why? Because of the lunar impact crater Holden, the Holden Martian crater, and 2974 Holden — a minor planet.


👦 Boy

Hugo is a Germanic name, meaning “mind, spirit, heart.”

The 2011 Martin Scorsese movie “Hugo” tells the story of Hugo Cabret, a boy who lives alone in the Gare Montparnasse railway station in Paris.


👦 Boy

The Old English name Hudson means “son of Hudd,” with Hudd being a form of Hugo.

Hudson Mohawke is the stage name of Scottish DJ, record producer, and composer Ross Matthew Birchard. Mohawke has produced tracks for Kanye West, Drake, Anohni, and A$AP.


👦 Boy

An English name, Hunter was the surname of someone who hunts.

Eccentric American writer Hunter S. Thompson is considered the inventor of Gonzo Journalism. There are no claims of objectivity in this style, and the journalists often become part of the story themselves.


👦 Boy

Isaac is a Hebrew name, meaning “he will rejoice, he will laugh.”

Isaac Asimov was a Russian-born writer who moved to the U.S. with his family in 1923. Famous for his popular science and science fiction writings, Asminov coined the term “robotic” and developed the Three Laws of Robotics.


👦 Boy

A Welsh name, Iorworth, means “handsome lord.”

The meaning of Iorworth makes it ripe for any sexy male names list, and it may seem surprising that it is not in wider use. Until you discover the usual nicknames are IoIo and Iolyn, which are less sexy.


👦 Boy

Ivan is a Slavic form of John which means “Yahweh is gracious.”

Ivan Tsarevich is a stock character name often used in Russian fairy tales. The character is usually the youngest of three sons, making this a good option for your third son.


👦 Boy

Jack could be a form of John, or from the French name Jacques which means “supplanter.”

Jack was the #1 choice for boys in England and Wales from 1996 until 2008. It has also recently spent time at #1 in Australia, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and New Zealand.


👦 Boy

Jacob is a Hebrew name, meaning “holder of the heel.”

Jacob and James both evolved from the Latin name Iacobus. English is one of the few languages that use these two forms of what other cultures consider to be a single name.


👦 Boy

Jake is a medieval English form of Jack.

The name Jake is not just a short form of Jacob; it was also a medieval variant of Jack. With all of the last three names being so deeply intertwined, it’s no wonder they all made it to the sexy boy names list.


👦 Boy

Jamal means “beauty” in Arabic.

Jamal is a hugely popular name in many Arabic-speaking countries, but many English speakers do not realize this because Jamal is transliterated differently in different countries. For example, in Turkey, it’s written as Cemal; in Egypt, it’s Gamal; and in Algeria, it’s Djamel.


👦 Boy

James is An English name that means “supplanter.”

Since records began in 1880, James has never been lower than #19 on the U.S. boy names charts, and before 1993, it was never in a position lower than #9.


👦 Boy

The Spanish name Javier means “the new house.”

Spanish actor Javier Bardem won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the Joel and Ethan Cohen movie “No Country for Old Men.” Bardem credits the music of AC/DC for helping him learn and become fluent in English.


👦 Boy

Jesse is a Hebrew name, meaning “gift.”

Jesse James was originally responsible for this name earning an outlaw vibe. But the “Breaking Bad” character Jesse Pinkman inspired a resurgence of the bad-boy Jesse feels.


👦 Boy

An English form of a Biblical name, Joshua means “Yahweh is salvation.”

While Joshua is the English form of Yehoshu’a, it wasn’t popular in Europe until the 16th century. Before then, it was considered inappropriate because the short form of Yehoshu’a is Yeshu’a, the birth name of Jesus.


👦👧 Unisex

The Chinese name Jun can mean “handsome, talented, king, or ruler.”

Jun is also a gender-neutral Japanese name that can mean “pure,” “moisture,” “clean,” or “simple” depending on the kanji chosen to write it.


👦 Boy

The Bulgarian name Kaloyan means “handsome John.”

Kaloyan began as a nickname for a Tzar of Bulgaria who was ruler from 1196 to 1207. He was the youngest of three brothers and became king after the death of his two siblings. Not happy being king, he declared himself Tzar in 1196.


👦 Boy

The English name Kit evolved from Christopher, meaning “bearing Christ.”

The male form of Kit began as a nickname for Christopher and was rarely used until the 2010s. It’s thought that the recent popularity of Kit has a lot to do with “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harrington.


👦 Boy

Leland is from an Old English place name, meaning “fallow land.”

For those who find intelligence to be sexy, Leland could be the name you are looking for. Leland Stanford was the politician and businessman who founded Stanford University, but you do have to overlook his robber baron status.


👦 Boy

The Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese form of Leonard, Leonardo means “brave lion.”

Leonardo de Caprio has said he doesn’t think people should focus on appearance. That didn’t stop Empire magazine from including him on their list of 100 Sexiest Movie Stars or Harper’s Bazaar on their 50 Hottest Men of All Time.


👦 Boy

Logan means “little hollow” in Scottish Gaelic.

Sometimes it’s the movie version of a character that gives a name the sexy label, and that’s likely the case with Logan. James Howlett is better known as Logan or Wolverine in “X-Men,” and Hugh Jackman is famous for the role.


👦 Boy

Lorenzo is a Spanish name, meaning “from Laurentum.”

“Lorenzo” is an animated film from Walt Disney Studios which features a cat, Lorenzo. Lorenzo makes fun of a black cat with no tail, so the cat curses Lorenzo, who discovers his tail now has a personality of its own.


👦 Boy

Louis is a French name. It means “famous battle.”

Louis has multiple pronunciations, all correct. In English, it can be pronounced LOO-ee, with the emphasis on the first syllable, or LEW-is. In French, it is pronounced LWEE, and in Dutch, it’s pronounced loo-EE, focusing on the second syllable.


👦 Boy

The English name Luke means “from Lucania.”

In the Christian church, Luke the Evangelist is considered the patron saint of artists, brewers, doctors, glaziers, and goldsmiths, making this a good name for families with a heritage in any of these professions.


👦 Boy

Lucian evolved from the Latin lux, meaning “light.”

There are multiple forms of Lucian, all of which have their roots in the Roman name Lucius. The Basque form is Luken, which is why there’s a common misconception that Luke means “light.”


👦 Boy

The name Marcelo comes from the Latin word mas, meaning “male.”

Some people claim Marcelo comes from the Spanish words for sea and sky. However, the Spanish words for sea and sky are “mar” and “cielo.” If you split the name into “mar” and “celo,” it translates as “sea zeal.”


👦 Boy

The Spanish form of Matthew, Mateo means “gift of Yahweh.”

Mateo Romero is a native American artist and a member of the Cochiti Pueblo. Romero produces art documenting narrative scenes of contemporary Pueblo life and, in 2019, was the recipient of the Native Treasures Living Treasures award.


👦 Boy

Miles is an English name of uncertain meaning.

In early Christian Scotland, Miles was used as an Anglicized form of the Scottish Gaelic name Maoilios which means “servant of Jesus.”


👦 Boy

Nikolaj is the Danish form of Nicolas. It means “victory of the people.”

Danish actor and producer Nikolaj Coster-Waldau began his U.S. acting career in “Black Hawk Down” before becoming famous for “Game of Thrones.” Coster-Waldau is a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador working in campaigns for gender equality and sustainable development.


👦 Boy

The Italian form of Roland, Orlando means “famous land.”

In 2012, Orlando the cat beat three finance professionals in an investment contest. Orlando’s owner drew a grid, and the financial move to make was decided by where Orlando’s toy mouse fell on the grid while he was playing.


👦 Boy

An English name, Oscar could mean “God’s spear” or “friend of deer.”

In 2007, David Dosa wrote a book about Oscar, a cat living at a Nursing home in Rhode Island. Staff noticed that when Oscar jumped on patients’ beds and slept with them, the patient would die a few hours later.


👦 Boy

Oswald is an Anglo Saxon name, meaning “god, power, ruler.”

Oswald is the protagonist of Roald Dahl’s book, “My Uncle Oswald.” A rare Dahl adult novel, it’s the story of fictional Uncle Oswald, a man who plans to steal the semen of “great” men and sell it to women who want to have genius babies.


👦 Boy

Otto is a German name. It means “wealth” or “fortune.”

From its peak popularity in the U.S. in 1880, Otto experienced a slow, steady decline, eventually falling off the charts altogether in 1974. However, this cute palindromic name made a surprise chart reappearance in 2011. It’s currently #386 and climbing.


👦 Boy

Pierce is an English name, meaning “stone.”

Pierce Freelon has the unusual professional combination of politician, musician, and academic. The founder of Blackspace, a hub for Afrofuturism, digital media, and social entrepreneurship in North Carolina, Freelon is also the award-winning co-founder of Beat Making Lab.


👦 Boy

Raphael is a Hebrew name that means “God heals.”

Raphael is one of the top names suggested when we were polling women about sexy boy names, but as moms, this name reminded us of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


👦 Boy

Rami is an Arabic name, meaning “archer, thrower, shooter.”

Rami is also a Finnish nickname for Reimund, which means “advice, protector”; a Sanskrit feminine name, meaning “night, darkness”; and a Hebrew nickname for Ram, which means “exalted.”


👦 Boy

The name Ryder comes from an English surname, meaning “messenger” or “mounted warrior.”

Science fiction author Ryder Windham has authored more than 60 Star Wars books ranging from novels, comics, and graphic novels to reference books.


👦 Boy

Scott is an English name; it means “someone from Scotland.”

Scott Disick became a reality TV star when he appeared in “Keeping up With the Kardashians.” Disick was Kourtney Kardashian’s partner for ten years. They have three children whom they now co-parent.


👦 Boy

Seán is an Irish form of John, meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”

Seán William McLoughlin is better known by his YouTube name Jacksepticeye. McLoughlin is known for his “Let’s Play” series and vlog videos, and he also uses his popularity to raise money. For example, one of his Livestream events raised $100,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


👦 Boy

The name Sebastion evolved from the Greek word sebastos, meaning “venerable.”

In the anime “Black Butler,” Sebastian Michaelis is a demonic butler bound by a Faustian contract. Subsequently, this is a double-duty sexy and anime boy’s name.


👦 Boy

Taranis is a Celtic name that means “thunder.”

Taranis was the Gaulish god of thunder, an equivalent to the Norse thunder god, Thor, and the Roman god Jupiter.


👦 Boy

Tate is an English name of unknown meaning.

In the U.K., Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St.Ives, and Tate Modern are a network of four well-known art galleries. This makes Tate an ideal sexy male name for the child of artists or art lovers.


👦 Boy

Theo is short for Theobald, meaning “bold people” and Theodore, meaning “gift of God.”

Theo Seuss Geisel is the birth name of children’s author Dr. Seuss. Before writing and illustrating his children’s books, Geisel was an illustrator for advertising campaigns and a political cartoonist.


👦👧 Unisex

Toby traces back to the Hebrew name Tobias, meaning “Yahweh is good.”

Seen as a uniquely masculine name in most of the world, Toby is growing in popularity as a girl’s name in the U.S.


👦 Boy

The name Travis comes from an English surname for someone who collected tolls or lived near a bridge.

Travis Willingham is a prolific voice actor whose dulcet tones you are likely to recognize from the animated series “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Camp Camp,” the web series “Critical Role,” and a slew of video games.


👦 Boy

Tristan is an Old French name, meaning “tumult” or “riot.”

Like many names in the middle ages, the spelling of Tristan was changed to align with a Latin word. In this case, Druston was changed to align with the Latin word tritis, which means “sad.”


👦 Boy

Victor is a Roman name, meaning “to conquer.”

The only two countries to have more boys called Victor than the United States are Mexico and Nigeria. However, the country with the highest density of Victors is Moldova, where 1 in 67 people are called Victor.


👦 Boy

Vincent is an English evolution of Victor, meaning “to conquer.”

The 1982 movie “Vincent” is a stop motion animated horror film by Tim Burton. Narrated by Vincent Price, the movie can only be found on the 2002 Special Editions of The Nightmare Before Christmas.


👦 Boy

The English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish name Xavier means “the new house.”

The pronunciation of Xavier is dependent on the language in which it is spoken. In English, it’s usually pronounced ex-ZAY-vee-er or ig-ZAY-vee-er, while in European Portuguese, it’s pronounced shu-vee-EHR, and in Brazilian Portuguese, it’s pronounced sha-vee-EHR.


👦 Boy

Short for Zachary, the English name Zac means “Yahweh remembers.”

Actor and singer Zac Efron’s career took off after his appearance in the 2006 movie “Highschool Musical.” Efron has also won multiple awards, including a 2021 Daytime Emmy for his web series “Down to Earth with Zac Efron.”


👦 Boy

The English name Zane is of unknown meaning.

Zane is also an entirely separate name in Latvia, where it is a form of the girl’s name Susanna, meaning “lily” or “rose.” This makes Zane an excellent way to honor a family member or ancestor called Susanna.

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