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Christian Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Christian including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Christian Overview

  • Meaning: Christian is an English word derived from the Latin “Christianus” and means “follower of Christ.”
  • Gender: Christian is traditionally a male’s name.
  • Origin: The name first appeared in the Christian Bible in the New Testament and refers to the early disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Pronunciation: Christian is pronounced “kris-CHIN.”
  • Popularity: The name hit its peak of popularity in the mid-2000s and remains widely used today. It ranked as the 62nd most popular name for boys in 2020.
  • Nicknames: Cris, Chris, Chrys, Kris, Krys.
  • Variations: Cristian, Cristiano, Christan, Christin, Karsten, Kristian, Kristo, Kristen, Krystian, Krisztian, Kristjan, Kristijonas, Kristijan.
  • Namesakes: Christian Bale (British actor), Christian Doppler (Austrian physicist) Christian Taylor (American athlete), Christian Slater (American actor).

What Does Christian Mean?

The name Christian is the penultimate biblically historical name, as it references the fellowship of which it gleaned its name. Christian is an English word derived from the Latin “Christianus” and means “follower of Christ.”

What Is the Origin of the Name Christian?

The name first appeared in the Christian Bible in the New Testament and refers to the early disciples of Jesus Christ. Christian originates from the Latin word “Christianus” and from the Greek meaning “Anointed.”

It originated as a baptismal name (1). First seen in the Middle Ages and was predominately used for girls, although the female version of Christian has evolved into the feminine Christine, Christina, and Christa.

How Popular Is the Name Christian?

Christian as a baby name gained traction in Europe during the Middle Ages. Many royals used it as a name for their noble heirs. In Denmark, the name has been held by ten kings since it was first used by Christian I when he acceded to the throne in 1448.

In the United States, Christian has been steadily popular since the early 1900s and peaked in 2006, holding the number 21 spot. Since then, the name Christian has been on a downward trajectory.

In 2020, Christian ranked as the 62nd most popular boys’ name, while it only clocked in at number 3,310 for girls in terms of popularity (2). About 1 out of every 363 baby boys are named Christian and only 1 in 38,066 baby girls are named Christian.

How Do I Pronounce Christian?

The two-syllable name Christian is pronounced “kris-chin”, the first syllable sounded like “criss” in “criss-cross,” and the last syllable is pronounced like the facial body part.

Is Christian a Boy or Girl Name?

Christian began as a female name but has increasingly become synonymous with males. Most feminine forms of the name Christian have morphed into Christa, Christina, or Christine.

Variations of Christian

While most people still use the popular spelling of the English version, there are several variations. Most notable variations come from non-English speaking countries.

  • Cristian (English)
  • Cristiano (Italian and Portuguese)
  • Christan (English)
  • Christin (English)
  • Karsten (German)
  • Kristian (Scandinavian)
  • Kristo (Greek)
  • Kristen (Scandinavian)
  • Krystian (Polish)
  • Krisztian (Hungarian)
  • Kristjan (Estonian and Slovenian)
  • Kristijonas (Lithuanian)
  • Kristijan (Slavic)

Nicknames for Christian

Nicknames for Christian are moderately limited, noting the simplicity of the name. Some nicknames for Christian include variations of the name Chris.

  • Cris
  • Chris
  • Chrys
  • Kris
  • Krys

Similar Names to Christian

The most similar name to Christian will have the suffix of Christ, including Christopher which translates to “Christ Bearer.” However, many other names that give off the same vibe as Christian that are very popular, including:

Middle Names for Christian

With such a classic name like Christian, you can’t go wrong with adding another solid, two-syllable name for the middle name. Some suggestions are:

Sibling Names for Christian

With Christian being so empirically biblical, finding a sibling name is as easy as choosing another name from religious figures. Here are some suggested sibling names:

For a Brother:

For a Sister:

Famous People Named Christian

Many famous people have been named Christian. You might recognize the following:

  • Christian Bale: British actor noted for his portrayal of Batman in three films.
  • Christian Dior: French fashion designer.
  • Christian Doppler: Austrian mathematician and physicist who discovered and subsequently named the Doppler Effect.
  • Christian Serratos: American actress who is known for her role on “The Walking Dead” and the popular Netflix series “Selena: The Series.”
  • Christian Slater: American actor who was a heartthrob in the 1990s.
  • Christian Siriano: American fashion designer and winner of “Project Runway.” Christian Taylor: American athlete and winner of the gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games for the triple jump.

Christian in Popular Culture

The name Christian is so well-liked and fashionable that it is no wonder it is so ubiquitous in popular culture. A few examples include:

  • Christian Grey: Love interest of Anastasia Steele in the novel and subsequent film franchise, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”
  • Christian Troy: One-half of a plastic surgeon team in the television series “Nip/Tuck.”
  • Christian the Lion: A real-life Lion cub raised by Anthony Bourke and John Rendall who helped the cub assimilate into the wild. Their heartwarming reunion was viewed on YouTube millions of times.
  • Christian Shephard: Character in the ABC television show “Lost.”
  • Christian Clarke: Character from the British soap opera “EastEnders.”

Christian FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about the name Christian.

Does the Name Christian Have Any Personality Traits?

The given name Christian is often linked to strong personalities with an emphasis on independence and purpose. People named Christian tend to be creative, intuitive, and accomplished storytellers.

Are There Any Colors Associated With the Name Christian?

Christian is connected to the colors green and white. In addition, it is linked with moonstone, pearl, and jade.

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