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Garrett Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Garrett including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Garrett Overview

  • Meaning: “spear strength” in Irish and “defender” in Norse.
  • Gender: Garrett is traditionally a male’s name.
  • Origin: The origin is Irish and is derived from a variation of the names Gerard and Gerald.
  • Pronunciation: “GEHR-it”
  • Popularity: The name is fairly popular in the United States but is extremely popular as a surname in Europe and Asia.
  • Nicknames: Barrett, Gare, Garrison, Gars, Gary, Jerry, Rhett
  • Variations: Garratt, Garret, Garrod, Jarrett, Jared, Jarratt, Jerrold (German and French)
  • Namesakes: Garrett Gilbert, Garrett Clayton, Garrett Gilbert, Garrett McNamara, Garrett Morris.

What Does Garrett Mean?

If you are looking for a name for your future baby boy who is strong, assertive, and confident, then the name Garrett might be perfect. Dating back to Dark Ages, 500-1500 AD, the name Garrett has held a firm place in the naming of boys.

Since war and battles for land and power were common in the Dark Ages, the name became popular because it means “spear strength.” In other cultures, the name Garrett primarily holds the same meaning. In the Norse and American cultures, Garrett means “defended,” while in Teutonic culture, it means “spear strength.”

What Is the Origin of the Name Garrett?

Typically considered a boy’s name, the origin of the name Garrett is the Irish word “spear strength.” The name came from using a variation of the names Gerard and Gerald and combines parts of each name, such as gēr or gār (meaning “spear”) and hard (“brave,” “hard” or “strong”), and wald (“to rule”) to create this mighty name (1).

How Popular Is the Name Garrett?

Considered to be fairly popular, the name Garrett appears throughout the list of prevalent names on the Social Security Administration list. According to the Social Security Administration, at present, there are a total of 770 baby boys who have the name Garrett.

However, the name Garrett was most prevalent in the year 2000 with nearly 3% of the population of babies born given that name (2). Across Europe and Asia, Garrett is immensely popular as a surname but not a first name.

How Do I Pronounce Garrett?

You pronounce the name Garrett as “GEHR-it.”

Is Garrett a Boy or Girl Name?

Garrett is primarily a boy’s name. Nevertheless, even though Garrett has never appeared in the top 1,000 names for any year as a girl’s name, you can still consider it as a name for your newborn daughter (3).

Striving to live beyond the socially created “gender” titles might be precisely what your future warrior goddess needs. A unique name might end up fitting a child better than a common one depending on their personality.

Variations of Garrett

The name Garret appears in many diverse cultures and has several variations. Some examples of the name Garrett and their origins are:

  • Garratt (Ireland)
  • Garret (Welsh)
  • Garrod (French)
  • Jared (Hebrew)
  • Jarratt (English)
  • Jarrett (German)
  • Jerrold (German and French)

Nicknames for Garrett

Since Garrett is such a notable name, you may not even want to call your baby anything but that. But, if you are looking for some cool and trendy nicknames for Garrett, some examples are:

  • Barrett
  • Gare
  • Garrison
  • Gars
  • Gary
  • Jerry
  • Rhett

Similar Names to Garrett

We have some fantastic ideas if you are searching for a name comparable to Garret in meaning, origin, or sound, but you do not want to use the actual name.

Some examples of names similar to Garrett are:

  • Barry
  • Garrison
  • Gareth
  • Gary
  • Gerald
  • Lance

Middle Names for Garrett

Did you know that during the Middle Ages, Christian families often could not select between naming a young child after a saint or a family member, so they went with both? Picking a middle name for your baby can be fun and exciting, but if you are struggling to find an ideal match, we have some suggestions.

Some great names to give your child Garrett for a middle name are:

Sibling Names for Garrett

Selecting a sibling’s name that pairs nicely with Garrett’s name might feel overwhelming, but we can help.

Some great names to consider for a sibling of Garrett’s name are:

Famous People Named Garrett

There are several well-known people named Garrett, including athletes, actors, and professionals. Here are a few examples of famous people named Garrett:

  • Garrett Clayton: American actor, singer.
  • Garrett Gilbert: American football player.
  • Garrett McNamara: American professional surfer.
  • Garrett Morris: American actor and comedian.
  • Garrett Reisman: American astronaut.

Garrett in Popular Culture

Sadly, there are few examples of the first name Garrett in popular culture, which is one of the reasons the name is so unique.

Here are a few examples of the name Garrett in popular culture:

  • Garrett: a character from the “Twilight” book and film series.
  • Garrett: a character from the “Thief” video game series.
  • Garrett Breedlove: a character from the movie “Terms of Endearment.”
  • Garrett Hawthorne: a character from the TV series “American Gothic.”
  • Garrett: a character from the movie “Feeling Butterflies.”

Garrett FAQs

Although this article answered many questions about the name Garrett, a few common questions might still linger in your mind.

Is Garrett a Viking Name?

In Norse culture, Garrett means “defender” and is a mighty Viking name. One of the best qualities of the name is its inherent might across cultures.

Is Garrett a Good Name?

Since Garrett means “defender” or “spear strength,” it is a tremendous name to symbolize strength and authority. So, regardless of whether it is a prevalent name, it is a great moniker.

Is Garrett a Name in the Bible?

While the actual name Garrett does not appear in the Bible, it is a prevalent Christian name.

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