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Ethan Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Ethan including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Ethan Overview

  • Meaning: The name Ethan is Hebrew, and means “strong,” “safe,” “solid,” “firm,” “long-lived,” and “wise.” These traits are associated with Ethan from the Bible, “the Ezrahite.”
  • Gender: It is traditionally a male name. There are no popular female versions of the name.
  • Origin: The name Ethan is the anglicization of “Eytan” or “Eitan.” It appeared over eight times in the Hebrew Bible, which led to its overwhelming popularity in the centuries to come.
  • Pronunciation: The most common pronunciation is “EE-thuhn.” Other ways to say it include “Eeth-uhn,” “EE-tan,” or “AY-tan.”
  • Popularity: Since the name “Ethan” appeared in the Hebrew Bible, the name has made it into the 5 most popular names for boys in Australia, and the top 10 in the USA. 95% of boys with the name Ethan in the US were born in 1990 or later.
  • Nicknames: Eeth, Ethell, Han, Ian, Tan.
  • Variations: Aithan, Eitan, Etan, Ethen, Ethyn, Eytan, Izan.
  • Namesakes: Ethan Hawke, the American novelist, director, singer, and screenwriter.

Ethan is a first name that was used during biblical times. What does it mean, how is it pronounced, and does it have any nicknames? Read on to find the answers to these questions and more.

What Does the Name Ethan Mean?

The name Ethan comes from Hebrew. The name has a bundle of attached traits, including “strong,” “safe,” “solid,” “firm,” and “long-lived.” It is traditionally a male name.

Another strong trait associated with Ethan is “wise.” That comes from the role of Ethan in the Hebrew Bible, who was “the Ezrahite” (1).

What Is the Origin of the Name Ethan?

The name Ethan is an anglicization of “Eitan” or “Eytan.” It appeared over eight times in the Hebrew Bible, which led to its overwhelming popularity in the centuries to come.

How Popular Is the Name Ethan?

Since the name appeared in the Hebrew Bible, its popularity rose. Since the turn of the 21st Century, it came into the top five most popular names for boys in Australia.

In the United States, the name consistently appeared in the top ten for years. It ranked as the 13th most popular choice in 2020 (2).

How Do I Pronounce Ethan?

There are two ways to say the name “Ethan.” The first, “EE-thuhn,” is the most common, though “Eeth-uhn ” is another way to pronounce it.

It may also be spelled or pronounced as “EE-tan” or “AY-tan.”

Is Ethan a Boy or Girl Name?

Ethan is primarily a name given to boys.

Like many other names, there are no widespread iterations for girls. The closest would be Emma or Etta.

Variations of Ethan

Ethan is a popular name with biblical ties that have spread between nations, beliefs, and cultures. Some popular variations include:

  • Aithan
  • Eitan
  • Etan
  • Ethen
  • Ethyn
  • Eytan
  • Izan

Nicknames for Ethan

But for how many variations there are, only a few nicknames exist in comparison.

Some of those nicknames include:

  • Eeth
  • Ethell
  • Han
  • Ian
  • Tan

Similar Names to Ethan

There are also a handful of names similar to Ethan, some of which are biblical names while others are not.

These include:

Middle Names for Ethan

Ethan is often a middle name itself, but some great pairings with it as a first name include:

Sibling Names for Ethan

Many names go great alongside Ethan for a sibling, whether boy or girl. Some of them include:

For a brother:

And for a sister:

Famous People Named Ethan

There are also many famous people named Ethan. The first that comes to mind is Ethan Hawke, the American novelist, director, singer, and screenwriter.

Some other famous Ethans include:

  • Ethan Coen: American screenwriter and director.
  • Ethan Cutkosky: American actor is known for his role in the television series “Shameless.”
  • Ethan Horton: American professional football player.
  • Ethan Laidlaw: American Western actor who appeared in over 350 films and made 500 TV appearances.
  • Ethan Suplee: American film and television actor.
  • Ethan Zohn: American reality-TV actor, motivational speaker, and professional soccer player.

Ethan in Popular Culture

Today, many Ethans are characters in pop culture as well.

You might recognize these fictional characters:

  • Ethan Edwards: A character in the Marvel Comics universe.
  • Ethan Hardy: A character on the British television drama series “Casualty.”
  • Ethan Hunt: The main character in the television and film series “Mission: Impossible.”
  • Ethan Lovett: A character on the American television soap opera General Hospital.
  • Ethan Rom: A character on the television series “Lost.”
  • Ethan Winters: A character in the video game series “Resident Evil.”
  • Ethan Winthrop: A character in the drama series “Passions.”
  • Ethan Zobelle: A character on the television series “Sons of Anarchy.”

Ethan FAQs

There might be some other questions in your mind about the name Ethan. Let’s look at some.

Is Ethan a Good Name?

The rise in popularity of the name Ethan (ranking consistently in the top 20 since 2000) suggests that it has a broad appeal.

With its biblical connotations and modern flair, the name Ethan has a timeless quality.

Is Ethan a Posh Name?

In the United Kingdom, the name Ethan has a posh image. This doesn’t mean that the person is posh. Instead, it can merely come off more as stylish or fashionable rather than snobby.

Is Ethan an Attractive Name?

That all depends on your taste! But, there’s no question that the name has been popular for a long time and is associated with many famous people.

Is Ethan a British Name?

Yes! Ethan is a very popular name in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

What Is Interesting About the Name Ethan?

Since the name takes its meaning from Hebrew, it has become connected to numerous positive qualities. Those qualities include strength, safety, solidarity, firmness, long life, and wisdom—interesting traits indeed.

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