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Emma Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Emma including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Emma Overview

  • Meaning: The name Emma means “whole” or “universal” in German. When translated to Hebrew, it means “all containing.”
  • Gender: Emma is traditionally a female’s name.
  • Origin: The name Emma traces its origin to German’s ermen meaning “whole” or “universal.”
  • Pronunciation: The most common pronunciation is “Em-mah.”
  • Popularity: Very popular in many countries. It was ranked number one in the United States from 2014 to 2018.
  • Nicknames: Em, Emmaliya, Emmet, Emmie, Emmina, Emita.
  • Variations: Ema (Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish), Emalinda (German), Emmalyn (Latin), Emmeline (Latin), Erma (German), Ima (German), Irma (German), Irmina (Polish).
  • Namesakes: Emma Hayes (British coach), Emma Roberts (American actress), Emma Thompson (British actress), Emma Watson (British actress).

It is natural to choose a trendy name with deep meaning for your baby. So if you have decided to name your baby Emma, this is for you. Learn about the name Emma, including the meaning, its variations, origin, popularity, and more.

What Does Emma Mean?

Emma is a Germanic name meaning “whole” or “universal.” In Hebrew, it translates to “all containing.”

The Latin affiliation defines Emma as “industrious” and “all containing. “ More praise for your baby Emma.

What Is the Origin of the Name Emma?

The name Emma hails from the Germanic word “ermen,” meaning “universal” or “whole.” Emma has Latin ties as a diminutive to Emilia, Emily, and has become a ubiquitous English name.

How Popular Is the Name Emma?

Emma first rose to popularity when Emma of Normandy married Ethelred II and Cnut the Great. Through these unions, Emma became the queen of England, Denmark, and Norway (1).

By the 20th Century, Emma was a household name, climbing to the top 100 names in the States. The name’s popularity declined in the 1970s but broke back into the top 200 in the late 90s.

The popular sitcom “Friends” helped propel Emma into the top five names in the United States in the early 2000s. It claimed the top spot in 2014 and stayed there until 2018 (2).

It was ranked as the second most popular name in 2020, behind only Olivia.

How Do I Pronounce Emma?

There are varied pronunciations of Emma, depending on your region. However, the most consistently used pronunciation is “Em-mah.”

Is Emma A Boy Or Girl Name?

Emma is predominantly a girl’s name. But we believe in choosing a name that’s best for your baby regardless of gender affiliations.

Variations of Emma

Emma has many variants derived from diverse cultures across the world. Some common variations include:

  • Ema (Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Emalinda (German)
  • Emmalyn (Latin)
  • Emmeline (Latin)
  • Erma (German)
  • Ima (German)
  • Irma (German)
  • Irmina (Polish)

Nicknames for Emma

Nicknames are a fun way to add sass to Emma. Here are some cute nicknames that are often used:

  • Em
  • Emmaliya
  • Emmet
  • Emmie
  • Emmina
  • Emita
  • Mae
  • Memma
  • Mma

Similar Names to Emma

Emma is an easy to pronounce name and matches with many others. Here are similar names to Emma to consider:

Middle Names for Emma

The name Emma pairs well with many others. Here are some middle names that go well with the name:

  • Althia
  • Anita
  • Astrid
  • Breanne
  • Chantelle
  • Clarice
  • Fern
  • Giselle
  • Jane
  • Kathleen
  • Mae
  • Nariel
  • Sela
  • Sheila
  • Tania
  • Teresa
  • Watson
  • Yasmin

Sibling Names for Emma

After you name your baby Emma, your other kids will want an equally perfect name. In case you are overwhelmed with choosing the perfect sibling name, here are ideas to consider:

For a Brother:

For a Sister:

Famous People Named Emma

Do you know your Emma shares a name with some very famous people worldwide? Here are a few of them:

  • Emma Bunton: British actress and singer who rose to popularity for her role in the girl band “Spice Girls.”
  • Emma Goldman: Anarchist writer famed for her philosophies in North and West Europe.
  • Emma Hayes: British soccer coach for Chelsea women’s club.
  • Emma Mackey: French actress.
  • Emma Roberts: American actress who appeared in the televised series “American Horror Story.”
  • Emma Stone: Award-winning American actress.
  • Emma Thompson: British actress who has gained various accolades.
  • Emma Watson: English actress known for her role in the “Harry Potter” franchise.

Emma in Popular Culture

Given the popularity of the name, there are a slew of characters bearing the name Emma in popular culture. Notable mentions include:

  • Emma Frost: Character from “Wolverine” and “X-Men.”
  • Emma Geller-Green: Character from the TV series “Friends.”
  • Emma Morley: Protagonist in the film “One Day” based on David Nicholls’ novel.
  • Emma Peel: Character from the 1960 series “The Avengers.”
  • Emma Swan: Protagonist of “Once Upon a Time” from seasons 1-6.
  • Emma Woodhouse: Protagonist in Jane Austen’s 1815 novel “Emma.”

Emma FAQs

Emma is a fascinating name. Therefore it should not surprise you why many people ask about Emma. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Emma.

Is Emma a Biblical Name?

Emma is a popular name among religious households. In Hebrew, it means “all containing” or “my God has answered.” We can link Emma as an adaptation of Emanuel from the Bible, which means “God with us.”

What Color Is the Name Emma?

Emma is predominantly associated with the color orange. However, shades of dark green seem to resonate with many Emmas. Now you know what to wear if you ever meet an Emma!

What Are the Zodiac Signs for Emma?

Aries, Leo, Gemini, and Libra are some popular zodiac signs for many Emmas, with Aries ruling the roost. In fact, Emma Thompson and Emma Watson are Aries.

Is Emma a Royal Name?

For eons, Emma has been a name gifted to queens and saints. Queen Emma of Normandy and Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont are nobles who had the name Emma. Even the protagonist from the Jane Austen novel “Emma” belongs to the landed gentry.

What Personality Does Emma Represent?

Emma signifies a free-spirited and loving person. Emmas are known for their love of adventure, wit, and wealth.

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