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Mila Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Mila including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Mila Overview

  • Meaning: Mila has multiple meanings. In some Latin languages, the name comes from the word “milagros,” which means “miracles.” In Slavic, Mila means “gracious” or “dear one.” In Hebrew, Mila means “word,” referring to the word of God. And finally, in English, it can be short for Camilla, which can mean “helper to the priest.”
  • Gender: Mila is predominantly given to girls. There are few boys with the name.
  • Origin: Like its meanings, Mila has several origins as well. Most of them can be traced back to a Slavic root in Central and Eastern Europe where Mila was used as part of a larger name. When it was added to another name it meant “gracious” or “dear.”
  • Pronunciation: Meelah is most commonly pronounced: “MEE-lah,” with the short gasping “a” at the end. The other way is “MEE-luh,” with a shorter “u.”
  • Popularity: The name is very popular in Central and Eastern Europe. In the United States, it ranked number 20 for girls in 2020.
  • Nicknames: Lala, Lee-Lee, Mils, Mimi, Mimz.
  • Variations: Milada, Milah, Milan, Milana, Milena, Milica, Milka, Mile, Milen, Miloje, Milo, Miloš, Mylène.
  • Namesakes: Mila Kunis (American actress), Mila Mason (American country singer).

What Does the Name Mila Mean?

The female name Mila has a few different origins and meanings. In Latin rooted languages, the name comes from the word “Milagros,” which means “miracles” in Spanish and Italian. Elsewhere, in Slavic languages, it typically translates as “gracious” or “dear one.”

In Hebrew, Mila means “word,” referring to the word of God. And finally, in English, it can be short for Camilla, which can mean “helper to the priest” (1).

What Is the Origin of the Name Mila?

Mila has several origins. Many of them derive from a Slavic root. Originating in Central and Eastern Europe, Mila (sometimes Milla) was often used as one element of a name or as a diminutive. When part of another name, it meant “gracious” or “dear.”

How Popular Is the Name Mila?

In the United States, Mila ranked number 20 for baby girls born in 2020 (2). That represents a substantial surge in popularity as it occupied the 761st spot in 2006.

Mila is predominantly found in Slavic countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Indeed, the most prominent celebrity with the name is the actress Mila Kunis, who was born in Ukraine.

How Do I Pronounce Mila?

The name Mila is most commonly pronounced in one of two ways. The first is “MEE-lah,” with the short gasping “a” at the end. An alternative is “MEE-luh,” with a shorter “u.”

Is Mila a Boy or Girl Name?

Mila is a name traditionally given to girls. While there are few boys with the name, male iterations include Milos, Milo, and Milan.

Variations of Mila

Mila is primarily of Slavic origin, and that has led to it having numerous variations across multiple countries. Some of them include:

  • Milada (Czech)
  • Milah (German)
  • Milan (gender-neutral, Slavic)
  • Milana (Italian)
  • Milena (Slavic)
  • Milica (Slavic)
  • Milka (Slavic)
  • Mile (Slavic)
  • Milen (Slavic)
  • Miloje (Serbian)
  • Milo (masculine, German)
  • Miloš (masculine, Czech)
  • Mylène (French, Spanish)

Nicknames for Mila

While there are plenty of variations, there are not as many widely used nicknames:

  • Lala
  • Lee-Lee
  • Mils
  • Mimi
  • Mimz

Similar Names to Mila

There are also a handful of names similar to Mila. The following are some of those similar names:

Middle Names for Mila

Mila is a delightful choice and can pair well with some great middle names, such as:

Sibling Names for Mila

Many names go great alongside Mila for a sibling, whether boy or girl. Some of them include:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Mila

There are many famous people named Mila. Some of the most prominent include:

  • Mila Gojsalić: Croatian folk musician.
  • Mila Horvat: Croatian television host.
  • Mila Kunis: American actress best known for her role as Jackie in “That 70s Show.”
  • Mila Mason: American country music artist.
  • Mila Mulroney: Serbian-Canadian campaigner.
  • Mila Nikolova: Bulgarian mathematician.

Mila in Popular Culture

Many characters in pop culture have taken the name Mila over the years. From books to movies and video games, here are some of the most notable characters you might recognize:

  • Mila: Character from the video game “Dead or Alive 5.”
  • Mila: A character from the audio version of the TV series “Doctor Who.”
  • Mila: A character from the television series “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”
  • Mila: A character from the video game “Fire Emblem Gaiden.”
  • Mila: A character from the German version of the Japanese anime “Attack No. 1.”
  • Mila: Character from the children’s book by Karren Hesse “The Music of Dolphin.”
  • Mila Babicheva: A character from the anime “Yuri on Ice.”

Mila FAQs

There might be some other questions on your mind about the name Mila. Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions and interesting tidbits concerning the name Mila.

What Else Is Mila Short For?

On top of being short for Camilla, Mila is also short for a few other names. Those include Milena, Emilia, and Ludmila. These names are also Eastern-European.

Is Mila a Cute Name?

The Slavic name Mila is feminine, quick, and smooth. Since it appeared in the popularity charts for baby girls in the US in 2006, it’s been a favorite name. It hasn’t been beaten to death and alludes to softness, intelligence, and fashion.

The popularity of the television and movie state Mila Kunis assisted the name. She gave it an image of humor and grace for Western audiences.

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