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George Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name George including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

George Overview

  • Meaning: George means “farmer” or “earth-worker.”
  • Gender: George is typically a male name but has various female versions.
  • Origin: George originates from the Greek word Georgios.
  • Pronunciation: “j-ow-r-j” and rhymes with “forge.”
  • Popularity: George is most popular in the Western hemisphere and has ranked in the top 200 most popular names since its origin.
  • Nicknames: Geo, Gordy, Joe.
  • Variations: George variations differ by region, but the most popular are Georges, Georogi, and Jorge
  • Namesakes: Curious George, George of the Jungle, and George McFly.

What Does George Mean?

George is a popular name that means “farmer” or “earth-worker” due to a combination of two Greek words meaning soil and work (1). Its origin dates back to the Greek god Zeus as his early title was Zeus Georgos.

The name’s rise to fame started with Saint George, a Christian martyr that died on April 23, 303. Along with George’s association with the martyr. You will also find George a popular name in Egland and Scotland due to its original religious significance.

What Is the Origin of the Name George?

The name George comes from Greek origin from Georgios, which originates from the name Georgos (2). Gerogos comes from the Greek words “ge,” meaning earth or soil, and “ergon,” meaning work.

Because Zeus Georgos was also known as “Zeus the Farmer,” due to the meaning of the name, he was sacrificed to the agricultural gods for the upcoming harvest.

How Popular Is the Name George?

The name George has significant popularity in the Western hemisphere. In the 1880s, it went back and forth from number 4 and number 5 on the chart of most popular names. George has dropped in ranking throughout the years but has remained in the top 200 list of most popular names.

In 1997, George ranked number 121 in popularity and didn’t rise higher on the list until 2019, when it sat at number 119. Since 2019, it has slowly dropped in place.

In 2020, George ranked number 134 of the most popular names and maintained that spot through 2021. However, the percentage of the name used dropped by 0.001 percent from 2020 to 2021. George currently sits on the list of top 200 popular names and doesn’t seem to be losing any traction.

How Do I Pronounce George?

The English pronunciation for George is “j-ow-r-j”. George rhymes with “forge.” Depending on where you are in the United States or the Western hemisphere, the pronunciation may change slightly as accents will vary.

Is George a Boy or Girl Name?

George is traditionally a male name and has maintained that way throughout the years. While it is prominently a males name, popular derivatives of George for females are Georgia, Georgina, and Georgie.

Variations of George

George is a common name in the Western areas of the world. When you find your way to the Asian or Middle East area of the world, the name keeps its meaning but has a slight variation. This is also true for other parts of the world. Cultural variations of George include:

For Males

  • Georg (Swedish)
  • Georges (French)
  • Georgi (Bulgarian)
  • Gewargis (Aramaic)
  • Giorgio (Italian)
  • Gjergi (Albanian)
  • Gjorgji (Macedonian)
  • Gorka (Basque)
  • Jerzy (Polish)
  • Juraj (Slovak)
  • Jordi (Catalan)
  • Jorge (Spanish)
  • Jori (Finnish)

For Females

  • Georgeta (Romanian)
  • Georgina (Spanish)
  • Georgette (French)
  • Gergana (Bulgarian)
  • Giorgia (Italian)
  • Jorgija (Albanian)
  • Jorgina (Portuguese)

Nicknames for George

George isn’t as easy of a name to abbreviate into a nickname. While it is not as easy as other names, there are still nicknames that come from George. Some of the more popular nicknames for George are:

  • Curious George
  • G-man
  • Geo
  • Geordie
  • Georgie
  • Gordy
  • Joe
  • Jojo

Similar Names to George

If you want your son or daughter to possess a name relevant to a farming background, these names will give you that meaning. While the origins of these names vary from English to Greek to Nigerian, each one means “farmer.”

  • Bond
  • Diji
  • Georgia
  • Georgiana
  • Georgie
  • Georgina
  • Giorgio
  • Jerzy

Middle Names for George

The flow from the first to the middle name is vital. However, it can be a difficult task to pick a name that you know will flow well with George, but also keep the strong meaning of the name. Here are some of the best middle names for George:

Sibling Names for George

The prominent nature of the name George can make it tough to select a sibling’s name. You don’t want the siblings’ name to sound weak compared to George, and you don’t want an incredibly unique name paired with a relatively popular name.

Here are some of the best siblings’ names for George to keep a balance.

For Boys

For Girls

Famous People Named George

Due to the popularity of the name George, you will find a handful of famous people with the name George. Celebrities and other famous people with the name George include:

  • George Alexander Louis: Prince of Cambridge.
  • George Clooney: American Actor.
  • George H Bush: Former United States President.
  • George Harrison: Guitarist for The Beatles.
  • George W Bush: Former United States President.
  • George Washington: Former United States President.
  • George Michael: American Singer.

George in Popular Culture

George is common throughout recent and previous popular culture. Here are some of the more popular George’s in the entertainment industry:

  • Curious George: The main protagonist in the children’s TV series “Curious George.”
  • George Bailey: Character in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
  • George Costanza: Character in “Seinfeld.”
  • George Darling: Character in the film “Peter Pan.”
  • George Jetson: Character in “The Jetsons.”
  • George Little: Character from the movie “Stuart Little.”
  • George McFly: Character in “Back to the Future.”
  • George of the Jungle: Main character in “George of the Jungle.”

George FAQs

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to the name George.

What Is the Biblical Meaning of the Name George?

The meaning of the name George remains the same throughout cultures. In Biblical times, the name George means “One who works the earth,” which is an elaborated version of its Greek origin meaning, “farmer” or “earth-worker.”

How Old Is the Name George?

The earliest recording of the name George is in 303, following the death of the Christian martyr Saint George. However, its origins date further back to the Greek god Zeus Georgos who was sacrificed as a means to produce a successful farm harvest.

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