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Xavier Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Xavier including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Xavier Overview

Meaning: Xavier translates as “bright” and “new house” from the Basque.
Gender: Xavier is primarily a masculine name, though there are females with the name as well. There are exponentially more male than female Xaviers.
Origin: Xavier originates from Francis Xavier, a saint named after his hometown of Javier. Xavier is the patron saint of Roman Catholic missionaries and traveled to Japan and the East Indies.
Pronunciation: Xavier has three pronunciations: Egs-zay-vee-ur, Hah-vee-air, Zaiv-yuhr
Popularity: Xavier is a popular choice. The name is most popular among Latino-Americans. In 2020, it ranked 92nd for boys born in the United States.
Nicknames: Javi, Javier, X, Xavi, Xavian, Zay.
Variations: Alexavier, Jaffar, Javier, Javy, Saverio, Savion, Xaviell, Xaver, Xaviero, Xayvion, Xever, Zavey, Zavier, Zaviero..
Namesakes: Xavier Abril (Peruvian poet), Xavier Cortada (American painter), Xavier “Xavi” Hernandez Creus (Spanish soccer player), Xavier Dolan (Canadian actor, costume designer, and filmmaker).

What Does Xavier Mean?

Xavier is a popular name with a long lifespan. Created for a saint named after a town, Xavier is a Basque-Spanish name that translates to “new house” and “bright.”

Xavier is a beautiful, hopeful name, moderately popular in the United States, with variations worldwide. Xavier began with Francis Xavier, a Jesuit and the patron saint of Roman Catholic Missions (1).

What Is the Origin of the Name Xavier?

Xavier began its life as a name in 1506, when Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta was born in Javier, Navarre (2). Francisco was a celebrated Jesuit and missionary to Japan and the East Indies.

His name evolved and adapted to reflect the village where he was born. Francisco became Francis Xavier, the latter name derived from Javier, which itself was a derivation of the Basque word “Etxeberria,” meaning “castle” or “new house.”

Xavier didn’t really take off as a name until the 1980s. However, once it did, its popularity remained steady, driven by both its religious pedigree and the unique quality of a name beginning with an “X.”

How Popular Is the Name Xavier?

The name Xavier has consistently been in the top 100 for newborn boys in the United States for the past two decades. Its highest placing was in 2007 when it ranked 68th. That might be linked to the popularity of the “X-Men” franchise at the time.

In 2020, Xavier held the 92nd spot for most popular baby names in the United States (3). The name Xavier is most popular among Latino-Americans. That is most commonly in the form of Javier.

How Do I Pronounce Xavier?

There are three accepted pronunciations of Xavier. They are:

  • “Egs-zay-vee-ur”
  • “Hah-vee-air”
  • “Zaiv-yuhr”

Whether or not the X is pronounced depends on the individual Xavier.

Is Xavier a Boy or Girl Name?

Xavier is primarily a name given to boys. However, there are girls with the name, and it can be a valid unisex option.

Variations of Xavier

You might be looking for a unique take on the classic name Xavier. If that’s the case, there are many options to consider as the name has multiple variations in numerous languages:

  • Alexavier (American)
  • Jaffar (Arabic)
  • Javier (Spanish)
  • Javy (Spanish)
  • Saverio (Spanish)
  • Savion (Hebrew)
  • Xaviell (Spanish)
  • Xaver (German/Slovenian)
  • Xaviero (Latin)
  • Xayvion (Spanish)
  • Xever (Spanish)
  • Zavey (Spanish)
  • Zavier (Spanish)
  • Zaviero (Latin)

Nicknames for Xavier

Xavier doesn’t have an abundance of available nicknames. However, no matter a parent’s intentions, a child’s name inevitably gets shortened. Xaviers can anticipate their name being turned into any of the below nicknames:

  • Javi
  • Javier
  • X
  • Xavi
  • Xavian
  • Zay

Similar Names to Xavier

If you like the name “Xavier” but don’t want to commit to that opening X, these names are similarly regal but spelled more phonetically:

Middle Names for Xavier

Every parent knows a child’s first name is only half the battle. A middle name should be complimentary, as any of the below options are to Xavier:

Sibling Names for Xavier

While siblings can have wildly divergent names, parents might want to give their offspring complimentary titles. Below are some solid suggestions for Xavier’s potential brothers and sisters:

For a Brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Xavier

Xavier has not been widely associated with celebrities. While there are famous Xaviers, they are most often athletes or behind-the-scenes artists. Some notable Xaviers include:

  • Xavier Abril: Peruvian poet.
  • Xavier Adibi: American football player.
  • Xavier Atencio: American animator.
  • Xavier Cortada: American painter.
  • Xavier Dolan: Canadian actor, costume designer, and filmmaker.
  • Xavier Henry: American basketball player.
  • Xavier Herbert: Australian writer.
  • Xavier “Xavi” Hernandez Creus: Spanish soccer player.
  • Xavier Leroux: French composer.
  • Xavier Rhodes: American NFL player.
  • Xavier Rudd: Australian singer-songwriter.
  • Xavier Williams: American NFL player.
  • St. Francis Xavier: Navarrese cofounder of the Jesuits.

Xavier in Popular Culture

Despite its popularity, there are few examples of the name Xavier in popular culture. Luckily for the Xaviers of the world, one is a superhero:

  • Charles Xavier: Character in the X-Men of the Marvel universe. He has appeared in movies, television shows, and comic books.
  • Xavier: Character in “L’Auberge Espagnol”andLes Poupées Rousses,” popular French films.
  • Xavier: Character in the Adult Swim animated television series “Xavier: Renegade Angel.”
  • Xavier Austin: Character in “Home and Away,” an Australian soap opera.
  • Xavier Desmond: Character in “Wild Cards,” a book series by George R. R. Martin.
  • Xavier Dolls: Character in the television series “Wyonna Earp.”
  • Xavier Harkonnen: Character in the universe of the science fiction franchise “Dune.”

Xavier FAQs

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the name Xavier.

What Is Xavier’s Spiritual Meaning?

Parents who value numerological interpretations of their children’s names will be pleased to know that Xavier translates to seven, making its namesakes understanding, intelligent and brave.

What Is the Most Common Female Form of Xavier?

The feminine form of Xavier is Xaviera, rooted in the same source as the masculine.

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