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Jude Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Jude including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Jude Overview

  • Meaning: Jude has several meanings, including: “praised,” “Judas,” “servant of Jesus Christ,” “minor ruler,” “prince,” “mayor,” or “judge.”
  • Gender: Jude is a unisex name and can be appropriate for any gender. Still, it tends to be most common among boys.
  • Origin: Jude is from the Hebrew Bible. It was a shortened form of the name “Judah,” which is typically anglicized as “Judas.”
  • Pronunciation: Jude is pronounced “JOOD.”
  • Popularity: Jude is a popular name, staying consistently around the top 150 for male babies in the United States. It ranked 150th for the first time in 2021.
  • Nicknames: Jay Jay, Jay, Ju, Judd, Judie, Ju-ju.
  • Variations: Jud, Juda, Judah, Judas, Judd, Judge, Judsen, Judson.
  • Namesakes: Jude Bellingham, Jude Law, Jude Deveraux.

What Does Jude Mean?

Jude is a Hebrew boy’s name that has several meanings, the first of which is the most common and means “praised.” That is due to it being derived from Judah.

Jude also references someone from “Judea,” the mountainous region of the ancient Levant.

One of the final books of the Christian New Testament is also titled “Judas.” The significance of the name in this iteration of the Bible is “servant of Jesus Christ.”

Further meanings of Jude include: “minor ruler” and “prince.” In ancient Romania, it referred to the “mayor,” “judge,” or other authoritative officer. It retained those meanings when it became a name in that country (1).

What Is the Origin of the Name Jude?

The name came from the Hebrew Bible and was a shortened form of “Judah,” commonly anglicized as Judas. There were two characters in the Christian Bible called “Judas,” and Jude was a way to tell which Judas was being referred to. In this case, Jude was the Apostle Judas Thaddaeus from Judas Iscariot.

From there, the name traveled many years, primarily staying within Jewish and Christian households (2).

How Popular Is the Name Jude?

The name Jude is popular. Since 2000, it has risen in the United States from being in the top 700 names to reaching 150th for newborn boys for the first time in 2021 (3).

How Do I Pronounce Jude?

Jude is pronounced as “JOOD.” There are no other common pronunciations, and since it has been such an international name, it is not often mispronounced.

Is Jude a Boy or Girl Name?

Despite being traditionally male, Jude is a unisex name and can be used by any gender. More commonly, it is given to boys.

Variations of Jude

Biblical names such as Jude often have a multitude of variations as they easily make their way across languages, like:

  • Jud (Hebrew)
  • Juda (Hebrew)
  • Judah (Hebrew
  • Judas (Greek)
  • Judd (Hebrew)
  • Judge (Romanian)
  • Judsen (Greek)
  • Judson (Greek)

Nicknames for Jude

For a name as short as Jude is, there are many nicknames to go along with it, with some endearing choices being:

  • Jud
  • Jay Jay
  • Jay
  • Ju
  • Ju-ju
  • Judie

Similar Names to Jude

Many names are similar to “Jude,” and offer parents the opportunity to take inspiration from options that have a similar origin or sound. Some of those that come to mind for either gender include:

For boys:

For girls:

Middle Names for Jude

Jude has plenty of middle names that sound great with it and add something unique. Let’s take a look at a few:

For boys:

For girls:

  • Ivy
  • Jillian
  • Josephine
  • Kaleigh
  • Ona
  • Ophelia
  • Stella

Sibling Names for Jude

Jude goes so many ways due to its meaning and gender while always sounding fresh. You need a sibling name to compliment that. Some of our favorite sibling names include:

For a Brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Jude

The name Jude is quite old, and over time there have been many famous people with the name, from sport to the acting world, such as:

  • Jude Adjei-Barimah: Italian-American cornerback in the NFL.
  • Jude Angelini: Radio jockey in America known as “Rude Jude.”
  • Jude Anthany Joseph: Indian film director, screenwriter, and actor. He is best known for his films “Ohm Shanthi Oshaana,” “Street Lights,” and “Oru Muthassi Gadha.”
  • Jude Bellingham: English soccer player.
  • Jude Deveraux: American novelist who is known for historical romance novels such as “A Knight in Shining Armor” and “Remembrance.”
  • Jude Law: British actor known for his film roles in “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Fantastic Beasts” and “The Holiday.”

Jude in Popular Culture

The name has seeped into films, books, and movies for character names. Some of the most famous fictional Judes include:

  • Jude: A character in the film based on the music of The Beatles titled “Across the Universe.”
  • Jude: A character from the Canadian teen soap opera “The Next Step.”
  • Jude Duarte: A character from “The Folk of the Air” books by author Holly Black.
  • Jude St. Francis: A character from the novel “A Little Life” by writer Hanya Yanagihara.
  • Jude Lizowski: A character from the Canadian animated shows “6teen” and “Total DramaRama.”

Jude FAQs

There is plenty more information about the name Jude, so keep reading.

Does the Name Jude Have the Same Meaning for Girls and Boys?

Yes, the name Jude carries the same meaning for girls as boys, at least when it comes from Hebrew origins. This meaning is “praised,” as we’ve covered above.

Is Jude a Negative Name?

No, it is not. Of course, Judas, from which it is derived, does have negative connotations due to the biblical character portrayed as betraying Jesus. Although the name “Judas” has been unused in Christianity for many years, Jude remains a positive alternative. That lets the original name not be lost and ignores the negative associations.

Is “Judy” a Derivative of “Jude?”

Yes, “Judy” is derived from “Jude.” However, it does have a slightly different meaning. In the Hebrew Bible, it means “she will be praised” and “woman of Judea.” Whereas Jude means strictly “praised.”

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