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Elias Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Elias including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Elias Overview

  • Meaning: Elias is a biblical name meaning “The Lord is my God.” Some other interpretations of Elias can mean “The strong Lord,” “Jehovah is God,” or “Yahweh is my God.” Elias is a take on Elijah, who was a Hebrew prophet.
  • Gender: Elias is typically designated to boys, though there are female iterations.
  • Origin: Elias is of Hebrew origins. They can be traced back to the Old Testament as Elijah. However, Greek translations of the bible brought Elias a popular name in its own right.
  • Pronunciation: Elias is most commonly pronounced, “EH-lie-ahs.” This can change depending on where you live, however.
  • Popularity: Elias is a globally popular name. The most popular place is in Pakistan, where 1 in every 750 boys is given the name.
  • Nicknames: Eli, Lee, Lias.
  • Variations: Male variations are often Ellis, Elia, Eliane, Elie, Elijah, Elijas, Eliou, Elis, and Helis. Female variations include Iliana, Ellie, Ilina, Ilinca, Ilinka, Eliana, Iliana, Éliane.
  • Namesakes: Elias Breeskin, a Ukrainian violinist, composer, and conductor.

What Does the Name Elias Mean?

Elias is a biblical name meaning “The Lord is my God.” It is typically given to boys. Some other interpretations of Elias can mean “The strong Lord” or “Jehovah is God.”

The name Elias is an alternative take on the name “Elijah(1). Other translations of the name can mean, “Yahweh is my God,” with Yahweh serving as another moniker for “Jehovah.”

What is the Origin of the Name Elias?

The name Elias has Hebrew origins that can be traced back to the Old Testament. In Greek translations, Elias was changed from Elijah. Elijah, or Eliyahu, was the Hebrew prophet in the Old Testament whose name also means “Jehovah/Yahweh is God.”

How Popular is the Name Elias?

The name Elias has crescendoed into one of the more popular names in the last half-century.

With fictional characters named Elias and Felix Mendelssohn’s eighteenth-century composition with the same name (2), Elias has entered the baby-name canon.

There was a similar trend in the 1960s that continues today. At present, it is in the top 100 names for boys in the United States.

Many believe the name’s usage came about because it was used in excess by saints and religious figures around 1400AD.

How Do I Pronounce Elias?

Elias is pronounced as “EH-lie-ahs,” though it can change based on where you live.

One of the most common alternative ways to say the name is “ee-LIE-uhs.” This pronunciation sharpens the E sound at the beginning.

Is Elias a Boy’s or Girl’s Name?

Elias is most commonly used as a boy’s name, though female variations include Iliana, Ellie, Ilina, Ilinca, Ilinka, Eliana, Iliana, and Éliane.

Variations of Elias

Elias has seen and taken on many forms and variations as such a globally spread name.

Some of them include:

  • Eelis (Finnish)
  • Elia (Hebrew)
  • Eliane (Greek and Latin)
  • Elie (French)
  • Elijah (Hebrew)
  • Elijas (Lithuanian)
  • Eliot (English)
  • Elis (Gaelic)
  • Helias (English)
  • Ilias (Greek)

Nicknames for Elias

There aren’t many nicknames for Elias. However, that gives plenty of space to make up our own.

Some of the nicknames that do exist include:

  • Eli
  • Ellie
  • Lee
  • Lias

Similar Names to Elias

There are also a handful of names that sound similar to Elias or play on the original while still giving it a new spin.

Some of those similar names include:

Middle Names for Elias

We’ve got you covered if you don’t know how or what to pair with the name Elias.

Some pairings for Elias can include:

Sibling Names for Elias

Similar to middle names, many names go great alongside Elias, despite the gender.

For a brother:

And for a sister:

Famous People Named Elias

There are only a few famous people named Elias. None of which are the first to come to mind when you hear the name. Maybe your baby will be the one!

Some of the most famous Elias’s include:

  • Elias Koteas: Canadian film and television actor.
  • Elias Breeskin: Ukrainian violinist, composer, and conductor.
  • Elias Hämäläinen: Singer and winner of Finnish X-Factor.
  • Elias Disney: Father of animator Walt Disney.

Elias in Popular Culture

On top of the list of famous Elias, are the fictional characters who use the name.

You might recognize:

  • Elias Bogan: Character in the Marvel Comics.
  • Elias (stagename): American professional wrestler and musician. He currently works for the WWE.
  • Elias Ryker: Character in Richard K. Morgan’s novel, Altered Carbon.
  • Elias “Eli” Thompson: Fictional character in the TV series Boardwalk Empire.
  • Elias “Blitz” Kötz: Fictional character in the video game “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.”

Elias FAQs

There might be some other questions in your mind about the name Elias. Let’s look at some.

Is Elias a Cool Name?

The name Elias has spread rapidly in the southwest of the United States. States like New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, and eastern state Vermont saw widespread popularity in the name. It ages well, too, sounding as good for a youngster as a grownup.

Is Elias a Latin Name?

Elias has many forms and variations, as we’ve covered earlier in this article. One of those iterations was the Greek take on Elijah (a Hebrew name), which was Elias itself.

The name ranges between languages with slight changes, yet the meaning stays close to the same, as does the gender.

Is Elias a Last Name?

As well as being a popular first name, Elias is a last name too. You can find it in Greek, Latin, Catalan, Portuguese, English, Welsh, French, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, and Jewish cultures. It maintains the same meaning as the last name.

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