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Peyton Name Meaning (Origin, Popularity & Nicknames)

Learn about the name Peyton, including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Peyton Overview

  • Meaning: Peyton is an English word that means “fighting man’s estate,” and it refers to men with hot tempers. It can also refer to descendants of Peatan or those from Paega’s town.
  • Gender: Peyton is a unisex option that doubles as a surname.
  • Origin: Peyton has English and Irish roots, where it was initially a habitational and patronymic surname. Some believe Peyton is loosely connected to Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.
  • Pronunciation: Peyton is pronounced “PAY-tuhn” worldwide.
  • Popularity: In 1989, Peyton became popular among American boys, ranking #991. In 1992, Peyton became a famous unisex option, ranking #584 for girls.
  • Nicknames: Pay, Payt, PeyPey, Tinny, Ton.
  • Variations: Payten, Paytin, Paytn, Payton, Peyten, Peytn.
  • Namesakes: Peyton Manning, American football player. Peyton Siva, American basketball player.

What Does Peyton Mean?

Peyton is an English pick that means “fighting man’s estate.” It was initially a surname given to men with hot tempers. Peyton can also mean “Paega’s town,” potentially pointing to a mythical figure. Many consider Peyton an alternative to Patrick, an Irish classic. Peyton is a fabulous option for parents hoping their daughters or sons will always fight for what they believe in.

What Is the Origin of the Name Peyton?

Peyton has English roots, where it’s a variation of the Irish Ó Peatáin. In England, Peyton was originally a habitational title for families living near enclosures. Peyton was a popular surname until the late 1980s when it landed on American name charts. Today, you’re likelier to see Peyton used as a forename for boys and girls.

How Popular Is the Name Peyton?

Peyton is a popular option for American and European girls and boys. In 1989, Peyton became popular among American boys, ranking #991. In 1992, Peyton became a famous unisex option, ranking #584 for girls. Peyton peaked in 2009 as the 42nd most popular name for American girls. With sports jocks and glamour queen namesakes, Peyton is likely to be famous for some time.

How Do I Pronounce Peyton?

Peyton is pronounced “PAY-tuhn” worldwide.

Is Peyton a Boy or Girl Name?

Peyton is a unisex name option that doubles as a surname.

Variations of Peyton

Try one of these dashing variations of Peyton:

  • Payten
  • Paytin
  • Paytn
  • Payton
  • Peyten
  • Peytn

Nicknames for Peyton

Check out these adorable Peyton nicknames:

  • Pay
  • Payt
  • PeyPey
  • Tinny
  • Ton

Similar Names to Peyton

These names are similar to Peyton in meaning, origin, and pronunciation:

Middle Names for Peyton

Try one of these beautiful Peyton middle names:

Sibling Names for Peyton

These sibling names for Peyton make the perfect pair:

Famous People Named Peyton

Learn more about famous people named Peyton:

  • Peyton Clark: American actor.
  • Peyton Hillis: American football player.
  • Peyton Manning: American football player.
  • Peyton March: Former American Chief of Staff.
  • Peyton Meyer: American actor.
  • Peyton Randolph: American Founding Father.
  • Peyton Siva: American basketball player.

Peyton in Popular Culture

Keep an eye out for these references to Peyton in pop culture:

  • Peyton: Featured in the “Chaotic” cartoon.
  • Peyton Ritter: Character in TV’s “The X-Files.”
  • Peyton Sawyer: Main character in television’s “One Tree Hill.”
  • Peyton Westlake: Primary character in the hit film “Darkman.”

Peyton FAQs

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Peyton:

How Many Boys Are Named Peyton?

Like many surnames turned forenames, Peyton was originally a boy’s name. It has been popular in Europe for centuries but landed on American boy name charts in 1989. In 2023, there were 467 recorded male births with the name Peyton. Peyton was most popular in 2007 when over 3,000 American boys claimed the title.

What Does Peyton Mean in Irish?

In Irish, Peyton is a derivative of Ó Peatáin, which means “descendant of Peatan.” Peyton can also refer to the homes of men with a competitive spirit. Some believe that Peyton is connected to Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Whatever interpretation you choose, Peyton is a fabulous title for a little Irishman.

What Is a Nickname for Peyton?

Peyton comes with a variety of nicknames ranging from sweet to silly. Call your child PeyPey, Payt, or Ton if you prefer out-of-the-box options. Some parents will choose Tinny, a childish nickname that will make your child smile. Peyton doesn’t have as many nicknames as other titles, so feel free to get creative.

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