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Carson Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Carson including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Carson Overview

  • Meaning: English for son of Car or Scandinavian for the son of marsh-dwellers. Also, Scottish or Irish with no distinct meaning.
  • Gender: Can be gender-neutral but more popular for boys.
  • Origin: Scandinavian, Scottish, or Irish.
  • Pronunciation: “KAR-sun”
  • Popularity: Very popular in the United States, consistently ranking in the top 100 baby names for boys. It also appears in the top 100 names in Scotland.
  • Nicknames: Cari, Cars, Son, Sonny.
  • Variations: Carsen, Carsyn, Karsen, Karson, Karsyn.
  • Namesakes: Ben Carson, Carson Daly, Carson Kressly, Carson Palmer, (Carson) Wayne Newton, Johnny Carson.

What Does Carson Mean?

Carson was historically a surname in English as in Johnny Carson. However, it has become more popular lately as a first name.

Carson is a name of various possible origins. It may be of Scandinavian origin meaning “the son of marsh-dwellers.” But, that is not the only possibility.

What is the Origin of the Name Carson?

Besides its Scandinavian roots, it could also come from Scottish and Irish backgrounds with no definite meaning (1). It is a surname found on the border of Ireland and England as well as being a first name.

A third possibility is that it is a variation on the English Norman name Curzon meaning a person from Nore Dame de Courson in France (2).

Lastly, it could indicate being the son of a Car such as Carter or another name beginning with those letters. This variation has Anglo-Saxon roots.

How Popular is the Name Carson?

Carson is a consistently popular name, according to data from the Social Security Administration (3). It has been ranking in the top 100 boy names in the United States for over two decades. It was also recently in the top 100 names in Scotland.

How Do I Pronounce Carson?

Carson is a fantastic two-syllable name pronounced as it sounds with the emphasis on the first syllable. To pronounce Carson, say “KAR-sun.”

Is Carson a Boy or Girl Name?

Carson is historically a boy’s name, considering it means to be a son. However, the name springing from Scottish and Irish roots could be regarded as gender-neutral. Currently, you’ll find many more boys with the name.

Variations of Carson

Giving your child a popular name has many benefits. You can put your unique spin on a classic name like Carson by using an alternative spelling or other variation.

  • Carsen
  • Carsyn
  • Carvell

While Carson is typically a boy’s name, there are some girls’ variations.

  • Karsen
  • Karson
  • Carsen

Nicknames for Carson

Two-syllable names that easily roll off the tongue are not usually subjected to nicknames. There are a few that you might consider.

  • Cari
  • Cars
  • Son
  • Sonny

Similar Names to Carson

If you are considering the name Carson, there are some alternatives similar in sound, origin, or meaning that you might like too.

Middle Names for Carson

Carson is a versatile name given its varied historical background. Several middle names sound lovely following it.

  • Andrew (Greek)
  • Anthony (Latin)
  • Amory (German)
  • Blake (English)
  • Dallas (Scottish)
  • Elijah (Hebrew)
  • Ellis (Hebrew)
  • Frederick (French)
  • Harold (Welsh)
  • Jade (Spanish)
  • Keith (Scottish)
  • Louis (French)
  • Miles (Latin)
  • Ollie (Latin)
  • Perry (English)
  • Reid (English)
  • Ross (Scottish)
  • Scott (Old English)
  • Vincent (English, French)
  • Wyatt (English)

Sibling Names for Carson

The name Carson has the advantage of being classic but also sounding modern. It is timelessly classy. Both traditional and modern siblings’ names fit right in beside Carson.

Famous People Named Carson

From talk-show personalities to professional football, you’ll find plenty of Carsons among the famed and fortunate.

  • Carson W. Blair: American baseball player.
  • Carson Chamberlain: American songwriter.
  • Carson Cole: Canadian singer.
  • Carson Daly: American talk show host.
  • Carson Fagan: Caymanian footballer.
  • Carson Fox: American artist.
  • Carson Kressly: American television personality.
  • Carson Lambos: Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Carson Palmer: American NFL quarterback.
  • (Carson) Wayne Newton: American singer and entertainer.
  • (Clarence) Carson Parks: American singer and songwriter.
  • Carson Wen: Hong Kong businessman.

Famous people with the last name Carson include:

  • Alex Carson: Canadian football player.
  • Ben Carson: American surgeon and politician.
  • Deb Carson: American radio personality.
  • Johnny Carson: American talk show host.
  • Kit Carson: American frontiersman.
  • Sophia Carson: American actress.

Carson in Popular Culture

You’ll find Carsons among television and literature characters.

  • Carson Drew: Father of the character Nancy Drew in the Nancy Drew Mystery series.
  • Carson Phillips: Character from the book and movie Struck by Lightning.
  • Cave Carson: Character from DC Comics.
  • Charles Ernest Carson: Called Mr. Carson in the television series Downton Abbey.
  • Dr. Carson Beckett: Characterfrom the television series Stargate: Atlantis.
  • Roy Carson: Character from Final Destination 5.

Carson FAQs

With so much history and personality behind this simple yet lovely name, Carson is probably approaching the top of your list for baby names. Here are a few more facts about the name Carson.

Where Did the Last Name Carson Come From?

At the top, we mentioned that Carson has long been a surname as well as a first name. As a last name, Carson has Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon roots. Some related surnames, Carlton and Carleton, were heard in Scandinavian settlements in England.

What Does the Name Carson Mean for a Girl?

In its Scottish and Irish roots, Carson can be for a boy or a girl, and we don’t know the definite meaning. It sounds delightful for either. You may consider an alternate spelling such as Karsen or Karsyn when using this name for a girl.

Is Carson a Biblical Name?

While the name Carson is popular among Christians in English-speaking parts of the world, it does not appear in the Bible. Its roots are strongly European.

What clan does Carson belong to?

In its Irish roots, Carson is from the southern area that borders England, which today is the border between Dumfries and Galloway. The people there are believed to descend from the Irish Clan MacCarrghama of the Hy Fiachra.

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