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Logan Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Logan including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Logan Overview

  • Meaning: Logan is an old Gaelic name that means “little hollow.” Some historians think it could’ve also come from the Gaelic word for duck, although there’s little evidence for that.
  • Gender: Logan is primarily a boy’s name. However, in the late 20th century, it became increasingly popular for girls, too.
  • Origin: Logan originated in old Gaelic culture. It stems from the word “Lagan,” which means “Little hollow,” which is a derivative of the Gaelic surname “Ó Leocháin.”
  • Pronunciation: Logan is pronounced LOH-gun.
  • Popularity: Logan’s popularity has increased significantly in the last century. Currently, it sits at 17th most popular for boys and 317th for girls.
  • Variations: The main variations of Logan are Loggan, Logen, Logon, Logun, and Logyn.
  • Namesakes: Logan Bailly, Logan Green, Logan Lerman, Logan Miller, Logan Paul.

Logan is a firm name with deep Gaelic and Irish roots. Meaning “little hollow,” Logan is a common boy’s name in the United States, but many girls also bear the name.

So, if you want to learn a bit more about Logan’s history and the meaning behind the name, you’ve come to the right place.

What Does Logan Mean?

Logan is an old Scottish name that means “little hollow.” It was initially a surname derived from the Gaelic word “lag,” which meant “hollow.” A derivative of lag, “lagan,” eventually led to the modern name and meaning.

What Is the Origin of the Name Logan?

The name Logan originates from Scottish Gaelic. It started out as a surname in Auchinleck, Ayrshire. Although it’s a derivative of the word “lagan” or “little hollow,” its history goes back much farther.

The original surname was an Irish form of the Gaelic “Ó Leocháin,” which meant “son of” or “descendent of” Leocháin. An older spelling of Leocháin was Lothchán, although its origin is still up for debate.

Another less widespread theory about the origin of Logan also traces it to its Gaelic roots. Historians had incorrectly translated the name O Leocháin to “duck” because they thought it was a derivative of “lacha,” or duck.

How Popular Is the Name Logan?

Logan’s popularity over the decades has waxed and waned quite a bit. This is true for the boy and girl uses (1).

Popularity of Logan for Boys

At the start of the 20th century, Logan was 501st in popularity in the United States. However, it gradually declined over the next few decades, hitting a low point in 1962 when it fell to 961st place.

Its popularity increased sharply after that, peaking in 2017 when it hit 5th place. Currently, it’s still very popular, residing in 17th place.

Popularity of Logan for Girls

Logan as a girl’s name was uncommon in the US until the late 1980s. In 1988, it broke 1000 for the first time when it hit 766th place.

Since then, it’s remained fairly popular, although it’s never reached the same level as the boy’s name. It peaked in 1996 at 257th place and currently resides at 317th place.

How Do I Pronounce Logan?

Logan is pronounced LOH-gun.

Variations of Logan

There aren’t many variations of Logan, but here are a few to consider.

  • Loggan
  • Logen
  • Logon
  • Logun
  • Logyn

Similar Names to Logan

Logan is a great name, but maybe you’re looking for something that has a similar tone. Here are a few ideas.

Boy Names Similar to Logan

Girl Names Similar to Logan

  • Leighanne
  • Leighna
  • Lisanne
  • Louisa

Middle Names for Logan

Middle names can be the hardest thing to choose. So here are a few ideas for names that sound great with Logan.

Boy Middle Names for Logan

Girl Middle Names for Logan

Sibling Names for Logan

Are you looking for sibling names that ring nicely with Logan? You might want to consider these.

Brother Names for Logan

Sister Names for Logan

Famous People Named Logan

Logan has been a popular name for more than a century. It shouldn’t be a surprise that your Logan is in good company.

  • Logan Bailly: Belgian football player.
  • Logan Browning: American actress.
  • Logan Carnell: American baseball player.
  • Logan Green: Co-founder of Lyft.
  • Logan Henderson: American actor and musician.
  • Logan Lerman: American actor.
  • Logan Mankins: American football player.
  • Logan Miller: American actor.
  • Logan O’Brien: American actor.
  • Logan Paul: American internet star.
  • Logan Ryan: National football player.
  • Logan Schafer: American baseball player.
  • Logan Swann: New Zealand rugby player.
  • Logan Tom: Olympic volleyball player.
  • Logan West: Miss Teen USA in 2012.
  • Logan Whitehurst: American musician.

Logan in Popular Culture

Here are just a few of the most famous Logans in popular culture.

  • James “Logan” Howlett: Alias of the Wolverine in X-Men.
  • Logan Bruno: Character from The Baby-Sitters Club.
  • Logan Cale: Character in Dark Angel.
  • Logan Echolls: Character from Veronica Mars.
  • Logan Fell: Character from The Vampire Diaries.
  • Logan Hayes: Character from General Hospital.
  • Logan Huntzberger: Character from Gilmore Girls.
  • Logan Keller: Character from Tomy Clancy’s Rainbow Six.
  • Logan Reese: Character from Zoey 101.
  • Logan Swift: Character in The Edge of Night.
  • Logan Roy: Character in Succession.

Logan FAQs

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to the name Logan.

What Does Little Hollow Mean?

A hollow is a small place, typically in the woods or meadow. It’ll likely be depression or space surrounded by higher ground. This indicates Logan may have also been a place name in addition to a surname.

Does Logan Mean “Little Warrior”?

Logan comes from the Gaelic word “lag” or “lagan,” which means hollow. However, the Gaelic word for warrior is “laoch,” so it’s unsurprising some might think Logan is a derivative.

Is There a Saint Logan?

There was never a Saint named Logan. However, Bishop Vincent Paul Logan was one of only nine high-ranking bishops in Scotland in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He was one of the youngest bishops ever.

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