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Connor Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Connor including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Connor Overview

  • Meaning: Connor means “lover of hounds” in Irish and “wise” in Scottish.
  • Gender: Connor is traditionally a name for baby boys.
  • Origin: The name Connor is of Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic origin.
  • Pronunciation: Connor is pronounced “CON-er” in American English. It is pronounced as “KON-uh” in British English.
  • Popularity: Connor is a very popular name ranking at #97 out of 1,000 names in the US.
  • Variations: Connah, Conner, Conor, Konner, Konnor.
  • Namesakes: Connor Alfred Barwin, Connor Corum, Connor Gibbs, Connor Jacobus, Connor Paolo, Connor Samuel John Ball, Connor Thomas Barth.

What Does the Name Connor Mean?

The name Connor means “lover of hounds” and “wise”. Other meanings include “dog lover,” “descendant of the hound,” or “desire.” The most popular meaning, “lover of hounds,” is of Irish origin. “Wise” and “descendant of the hound” originate from Scotland.

Irish myths hold dogs in high regard because of their loyalty and how they bring humans good fortune. One myth was about a dog named Cu Chulainn who had slain a party host’s guard dog. Because of his crime, he was made responsible for the slain guard dog’s duties.

What Is the Origin of the Name Connor?

The name Connor has Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic origins. The name primarily comes from the Gaelic boy’s name “Conchobhar,” which has the same meaning as “lover of hounds.”

The Scottish origin story involves a Viking clan called O’Connor that lived in Ireland before the 8th century. The clan continues to live today amongst six septs.

How Popular Is the Name Connor?

According to the Social Security Administration, Connor is a very popular name. It ranked 97 out of the top 1,000 names for boys in 2021 (1). Most people spell Connor using two N’s. The spelling “Conor,” using only one N, ranked 462 out of 1,000 in 2021.

The first year that Connor entered the top 1,000 baby boy names list was in 1981 at rank 923. 2004 was the most popular year when Connor ranked at 38 out of 1,000.

Connor transitioned from being in the top 1,000 to the top 100 when it jumped from rank 133 in 1991 to rank 80 in 1992. For almost three decades, Connor remained within the top 100 baby boy names in America.

How Do I Pronounce Connor?

Connor is pronounced as “CON-er” in American English. It can also be pronounced as “KON-uh” in British English.

Is Connor a Boy or Girl Name?

Connor is a name for baby boys. No Social Security Administration records indicate a girl ever being named Connor.

Variations of Connor

Connor has a couple of name variations. Some of them replace the C spelling with a K. Variations of Connor include:

  • Connah (Welsh)
  • Conner (Irish)
  • Conor (Irish)
  • Konner (Irish
  • Konnor (Irish)

Nicknames for Connor

There are many creative nicknames for Connor. Below are some of our favorites:

  • Con
  • Conair
  • Conan
  • Coner
  • Conn
  • Connar
  • Conny
  • Cons
  • Conster
  • Conzie

Similar Names to Connor

If you are weighing your options for naming your little boy Connor, you may want to consider some similar names. Here are a few of our favorites:

Middle Names for Connor

There are many middle name possibilities for Connor. We thought of some middle names that flow well with Connor and we’ve listed them below:

Sibling Names for Connor

If you have a boy named Connor, you’ll also want to look at what sibling names go well with it. Here are some of the top name suggestions for Connor’s baby brother or sister:

For a brother:

For a sister:

Famous People Named Connor

There are tons of famous individuals with the name Connor. Many are actors, NFL players, and band members. Some of the most famous Connors include:

  • Connor Alfred Barwin: American NFL player.
  • Connor Corum: American actor.
  • Connor Gibbs: American actor.
  • Connor Jacobus: Bassist for an American band called The Districts.
  • Connor Paolo: American actor.
  • Connor Samuel John Ball: Bassist for a British band called The Vamps.
  • Connor Thomas Barth: American NFL player.

Connor in Popular Culture

Considering Connor is a well-known name, you’ll hear it used many times in pop culture. Connor is a common name for characters in television shows, animated series, and video games.

  • Connor Deslauriers: Character on the television series, “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”
  • Connor Frio: Character on “The Sims 3” PC game.
  • Connor MacLeod: Protagonist in “The Highlander” movies.
  • Connor Jordan: Character on “The Vampire Diaries” television show.
  • Connor Kent (Superboy): Animated character in the series “Young Justice.”
  • Connor Kenway: Character in the video game, “Assassin’s Creed III.”
  • Connor Walsh: Character on the reality television series, “How To Get Away With Murder.”

Connor FAQs

As you consider Connor a potential baby name, here are some answers to any other questions you may have.

Does Connor Mean “Strong-Willed”?

Yes, Connor also means “strong-willed” in Irish origin. This matches the other meaning of Connor, “wise,” almost perfectly. They are both great traits for your little boy to have as he grows into an adult.

Does Connor Mean “Wolf”?

Besides meaning “lover of hounds,” Connor also means “lover of wolves” in Irish origin. If you love wolves or any dog breed in general, consider Connor as your baby boy’s name.

Who Spells the Name Connor With One N and Who Spells With Two N’s?

Irish individuals prefer to spell the name with one N, as Conor. American parents prefer to spell this name with two N’s.

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