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100 Powerful Native American Boy Names: Meanings

These traditional Native American boy names embody uniqueness and depth.

If you want to find a meaningful name for your son, then look no further than our complete list of Native American boy names. Honoring your son with a sweet Native American name could be a beautiful way to celebrate your family’s rich cultural heritage.

Whether the name shows respect to the earth and its animals or signifies a quality you hope to instill in your child, these Native American male names will always provide a unique story for your son to share throughout his life.

Below is an extensive list of names that have been curated for you to peruse at your leisure. Let’s get started!

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100 Strong Native American Names for Boys

Explore the following Native American boy names that radiate uniqueness and possess deep cultural significance.


Achak is a Native American Algonquian boy’s name meaning “spirit.”

This single-syllable name is a very rare name in America, holding a popularity ranking of 1,460,931 in the United States.

Rugged, Cool


Ahanu is a Native American Algonquian name meaning “he laughs.”

Ahanu is used globally, though it’s still not very popular in most places. Its light-hearted meaning could be a beautiful wish to bestow upon a new baby boy, insinuating a life full of laughter and joyful moments.

Sweet, Charming


Ahiga is a Native American Navajo name for boys meaning “he fights.”

Ahiga, pronounced ah-HEE-gah, is very rare among Native American boy names. In 2018, less than five boys were given the name Ahiga. If you choose it for your baby, it’s likely that he’ll be the only Ahiga he ever meets!

Unusual, Traditional


Ahote is a Native American Hopi name meaning “restless one.”

Ahote is a short and distinctly strong name for a boy. It is pronounced ah-HO-teh. Its meaning suggests a child who is bound to be a busy body- perfect for parents who want to cultivate a creative personality in their child.

Rugged, Interesting


Atohi is a Native American Cherokee name meaning “woods.”

The meaning of Atohi translates to woods, but it’s also known to depict someone deep within a forest. Atohi could be ideal for parents who love spending time in the depths of nature. It can also be spelled Adohi or Atohe.

Sweet, Nature


Bemidii is a Native American Ojibwe boy name meaning “river by a lake.”

Bemidii is a unique name for boys with earthy undertones. Its beautiful meaning conjures up a serene scene of water, which could be perfect if your new baby is born under an astrological water sign like Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio.

Unusual, Nature


Bidzii is a Native American Navajo name that means “he is strong.”

There have been less than 100 boys with the name Bidziil since 1880, making it quite the rare name choice. It has many alternative spellings, including Bidzill, Bidzil, and Bidiil. All of these spellings are equally as rare within the United States.

Interesting, Rugged


Bisahalani is a Native American Navajo name for men meaning “speaker.”

Though it may take a few years for someone to live up to the meaning of their name, boys named Bisahalani may be destined to make their voices heard. It is a reasonably long and complex name, pronounced as bi-SAA-hahl-aa-NEE. Several charming nicknames help shorten the name, such as Lani, Bisa, or Bi.

Unique, Eccentric


Chayton is a Native American Sioux name meaning “falcon.”

Though the name Chayton comes from Sioux heritage, it has an almost English ring to it. As of 2021, it is ranked #3,148 in the United States. This represents a jump in rank of 178 since the previous year.

Interesting, Nature


Chesmu is a Native American boy name meaning “witty.”

The name Chesmu has a quality to it that’s both charming and cute phonetically. The way it sounds matches up perfectly with its meaning. Other meanings of Chesmu include “rough, gritty or abrasive.”

Eccentric, Charming
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Chiqala is a Native American Dakota name that means “little one.”

Chiqala could be a fantastic choice if you’re hoping to find a solid traditional option among Native American male names! Pronounced as see-KAH-laa, Chiqala is fitting for a child who will always be your precious little one in your eyes. Although it has an adorable meaning, the name still emanates a level of masculinity to ensure that it’s still suitable as your son grows older.

Sweet, Traditional


Chogan is a Native American Algonquian name meaning “blackbird.”

Chogan is a two-syllable name that carries a strong, mysterious impression. There are several alternative spellings available, such as Chogen, Chogin, Chogyn, and Chogun.

Rugged, Nature


Choovio is a Native American Hopi name for boys meaning “antelope.”

The seven-letter name Choovio, pronounced sh-UUW-vee-oe, is an intriguing title that’s pretty easy to pronounce. The name is also spelled Chooveo. It’s very rare in the United States to the point of being practically never heard before.

Charming, Nature


Dyami is a Native American name meaning “eagle.”

Ranking at #6,626 in popularity as of 2020, the boy’s name Dyami has been experiencing a recent surge in popularity. Since 2019, it has risen 1,673 places in terms of popularity in the United States. However, Dyami reached its popularity peak in 2005 when 11 in every million American babies were named Dyami.

Smooth, Nature


Elsu is a Native American Miwok boy name that means “soaring falcon.”

Elsu is a short name, pronounced as el-SEW. It possesses a beautiful, mystical meaning, which could serve as a beautiful good luck charm for your child’s success.

Nature, Cool


Eluwilussit is a Native American Algonquin name meaning “holy one.”

Eluwilussit may be an excellent fit for your new baby boy, especially for the more religious parents. This particular name is a little more complex and lengthy than others. However, the name Eluwilussit still manages to be attractive.

Unusual, Traditional


Etu is a Native American name for guys meaning “the sun.”

This concise name carries a powerful meaning. As the piece of nature that keeps the entire planet alive, it’s may be quite an honor to have this natural name bestowed upon your son. It could also instill a fiery and confident personality in your sweet boy – perhaps with a little bit of badass too!

Nature, Cool


Ezhno is a Native American name meaning “solitary.”

Ezhno is a creative and smooth name that may encourage an independent demeanor in your boy from the get-go. This Native American name can also mean “he walks alone.” Ezhno remains unranked in the American popularity charts.

Smooth, Rugged


Fone is a Native American Santa Clara name for boys that means “snow child.”

Fone is a simple single syllable Native American male name that carries a delicate and beautiful meaning for a child.

Nature, Interesting


Gaagii is a Native American Navajo name meaning “raven.”

Pronounced as gah-JEE, this nature-inspired Navajo name is still very rare in the United States. It has yet to be listed on America’s list of the most popular names. However, it carries a marvelous flow and uniqueness.

Unique, Nature
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Gawonii is a Native American Cherokee boy name meaning “he is speaking.”

This is another Native American name that suits a little boy who may speak his mind one day. Gawonii emits a sort of strength and poise. Like many other Native American boy names, it is unranked on America’s popularity charts.

Masculine, Interesting


Gomda is a Native American Kiowa boy name meaning “wind.”

Gomda is a short and striking boy’s name, pronounced as gawm-DAH. Another way to spell the name Gomda without changing the pronunciation is Gomdah.

Eccentric, Nature


Halian is a Native American Zuni name meaning “full of youth.”

Though the name Halian refers to youthfulness, a spark of wisdom comes with the title as well. It is often considered the less common variation on the boy’s name Julian.

Charming, Classic


Hanska is a Native American Sioux name meaning “tall.”

The Sioux name Hanska bears a rich essence of strength. It’s an unconventional name in the United States and hasn’t been ranked in the country yet. Alternative spellings include Haanska and Hanskah.

Traditional, Charming


Hawiovi is a Native American Hopi boy name meaning “going down the ladder.”

The name Hawiovi, pronounced as hah-WEE-oh-vee, has quite the ambiguous meaning, but there’s something prominent and charming about it. The interesting flow of this Hopi name is enough to make most people stop and consider it for a moment longer.

Unique, Sweet


Helaku is a Native American name for boys meaning “sunny day.”

Helaku is another name that has a pleasant, natural meaning. When imagining a little boy who bears the name Helaku, an image of a smiling face full of joy comes to mind as he soaks in the warm and joyous rays of the sun.

Sweet, Nature


Hiamovi is a Native American Cheyenne boy name meaning “high chief.”

Hiamovi is a Native American boy’s name that bestows high honor to the child who carries it. A baby boy named Hiamovi may be destined to walk an influential path from birth. However, it’s still a very rare name to have in the United States. Less than 5 boys born in 2018 were given the name Hiamovi.

Honorable, Smooth


Hosa is a Native American name that means “little raven.”

This four-letter stout name sounds dignified and handsome. Though it means “little raven,” it can also mean “little crow.”

Sweet, Nature


Huritt is a Native American Algonquian boy name that means “handsome.”

Huritt oozes class and charisma, making it quite the fitting name for a handsome young boy. There are several alternative spellings for Huritt, such as Huryt, Hurett, and Huret.

Rugged, Classic


Istaqa is a Native American Hopi name for boys that means “coyote man.”

Pronounced as izh-TAH-ka, this Hopi name sounds masculine and wild all at once. If you value confidence and strength within your son, then perhaps Istaqa is one for the shortlist?

Unusual, Nature
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Iye is a Native American name meaning “smoke.”

This is a very short Native American name carrying a strong mystical appeal. Though it’s not very popular, the name Iye does have a lengthy history in America. The oldest recorded birth certificate from the Social Security Administration for Iye is Dec. 3, 1879.

Nature, Unique


Jacy is a Native American boy name meaning “moon.”

The boy’s name Jacy exudes an instinctual coolness. Jacy is a slightly more popular Native American name in the United States, ranking at approximately #6,000. In the United States, Jacy was the most popular name in 1977, when 15 in every million baby boys were named Jacy. There are also several similar name variations available, such as Jayce, Jace, and Jayson.

Nature, Charming


Joweese is a Native American name meaning “chirping bird.”

Joweese softly glides off the tongue, which could make it more tolerable to call out to a toddler a million times or more! Pronounced as jou-EH-z, Joweese is considered very rare across the world today.

Nature, Smooth


Kaga is a Native American boy name meaning “chronicler.”

The honorable meaning behind Kaga could encourage a future writer or historian to emerge within your midst. Besides having a delightful meaning, Kaga is also a short and appealing traditional name for a young boy.

Honorable, Unusual


Keme is a Native American Algonquian name meaning thunder.

It boasts a concise and pleasant sound, despite its more boisterous and imposing meaning. It is also easy to pronounce and offers an indescribable sense of style.

Nature, Cool


Kitchi is a Native American Algonquian name that means “brave.”

Though Kitchi is another boy’s name carrying an element of innocence and cuteness, it also offers a wonderful meaning of courage and honor. Alternative spellings of Kitchi include Ketchee and Kytchi.

Honorable, Charming


Kohana is a Native American Sioux name meaning “swift.”

The Native American Sioux name Kohana has a gratifying rolling quality to its pronunciation. The name is pronounced as koh-HAA-nuh. The flow of the name Kohana matches perfectly with its meaning of swift.

Smooth, Cool


Koi is a Native American Choctaw boy’s name that means “panther.”

When picturing the little boy whose name is Koi, there’s an immediate lovable image that comes to mind. Koi is a Native American name that gets directly to the point- short and sweet, but also quite captivating. As of 2021, Koi is ranked #3,148 in the United States.

Charming, Nature


Kuruk is a Native American Pawnee name meaning bear.

Kuruk is a powerful and sensible Native American boy’s name that signifies a mighty creature. You pronounce it as koo-rook, and it is sometimes spelled as Karuk.

Nature, Classic


Lallo is a Native American Kiowa name meaning “little boy.”

Lallo is an appealing boy’s name, neatly packed into two syllables. The name is used in several different cultures around the globe, but mainly from Native American Kiowa heritage. Lallo may be well-suited for any precious new baby boy.

Smooth, Sweet
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Lapu is a Native American Hopi name for boys meaning “cedar bark.”

Lapu comes from the Hopi tribal people and is another Native American name that seeks to honor our natural heritage. Lapu refers to a highly valued ceremonial tree, often used as incense or as a purifying herb. Cedar bark is specifically used for creating vests, capes, and skirts by Native American tribes.

Traditional, Nature


Liwanu is a Native American boy’s name meaning “growling bear,” indigenous to the Miwok tribe.

Though the meaning behind the burly Native American name Liwanu represents a ferocious beast, the name still harbors a certain sweetness. This combination of likability and strength could make a well-balanced boy’s name.

Nature, Rugged


Lonan is a Native American Zuni name meaning “cloud.”

This two-syllable name is elegant and brooding at the same time. Perhaps a perfect name for a boy who you hope will be a big dream throughout his life.

Nature, Smooth


Lusio is a Native American Zuni boy name that means “light.”

Pronounced as loo-SEE-oh, this Native American boy’s name is radiant in its sound and meaning. Lusio is currently ranked #3,535 in the United States. It’s undoubtedly a mesmerizing name, carrying a powerful energy to it.

Cool, Classic


Makya is a Native American Hopi name meaning “eagle hunter.”

Makya is a very rare name in the United States with a popularity ranking of #13,193. The Hopi name is pronounced mah-KEE-uh.

Nature, Classic


Mantotohpa is a Native American Cheyenne boy’s name meaning “four bears.”

This unusual name has the very specific meaning of not two, not three, but four bears. Though it’s a bit long and complex, it lends itself to many delightful nicknames like Manny or Toto.

Traditional, Eccentric


Masichuvio is a Native American Hopi boy name meaning “grey deer.”

Though the title Masichuvio is on the lengthier side, it’s still poised and well put together. It is pronounced as ma-SEH-choo-VEE-oh and is very uncommon throughout the world.

Rugged, Nature


Mato is a Native American Sioux name that means “bear.”

Mato is a nature-inspired Native American boy’s name and a unique alternative to Matthew or Mateo. The name is used most commonly in Switzerland. In the United States, there were only five Matos born between 1880 and 2019.

Classic, Nature


Micco is a Native American Seminole name for boys meaning “chief.”

This cute and plucky name is pronounced as mee-KOH and was ranked #14,309 in 2020. This represents a jump of 3,371 places from the previous year. It’s an interesting alternative to the name Nicco with a very honorable meaning. In 2019, a whopping 100% of children born under the name Micco were boys.

Sweet, Honorable


Misae is a Native American name that means “white-hot sun.”

The Native American name Misae, pronounced Mee-SAH-eh, portrays a touch of innocence and sweetness. However, to complement this character, Misae also carries a powerful meaning.

Interesting, Smooth
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Misu is a Native American Miwok boy’s name meaning “rippling water.”

As with many names of Native American origin, Misu is considered a very unique boy name in the United States. Despite its rarity, Misu also offers a beautiful simplicity which could easily make it a super trendy name for that shortlist of yours!

Sweet, Nature


Muata is a Native American Miwok boy name meaning “yellow jackets inside a nest.”

Muata paints quite a vivid image. There are some lovely variations available, such as Muadh and Muatah. Yellowjackets are a widespread yet unique wasp species, most prevalent in the summer and fall periods in the United States. Each year, they make their nests by mixing their saliva with old, chewed wood, creating a paper mache-type effect.

Nature, Unique


Napayshni is a Native American Sioux name meaning “courageous.”

The name Napayshni is ideal for a daring young boy. There are some stunning variations of Napayshni, such as Napaishnea and Napayshney. Though the name is on the longer side, it has certainly has a catchy ring to it!

Honorable, Unusual


Nashoba is a Native American Choctaw name for boys meaning “wolf.”

Pronounced as naa-sh-OH-bah, this Choctaw name comes with the southern-sounding nickname of Nash. It isn’t a common name today, ensuring that your little boy will likely be the only one bearing the name in his class.

Nature, Rugged


Nayavu is a Native American Hopi name that means “clay.”

Nayavu is spoken as nah-YAH-voo and comes from the Hopi tribe. As with many Native American boy names, it is a medium-length, offering a few possibilities for shortened nicknames such as Naya.

Smooth, Cool


Nikan is a Native American Potawatomi boy’s name meaning “my friend.”

Nikan could work as a fantastic alternative to the ever-popular titles of Nick or Nicholas. It’s used in several different cultures and countries, but as a Native American name, it could make quite a lovely moniker to carry around.

Sweet, Classic


Niyol is a Native American Navajo boy name meaning “wind.”

Pronounced as n-EYE-ohl, Niyol is unranked in popularity across most countries, making it extremely rare. It has a pleasing but straightforward meaning, making it even more attractive as a name for your little one. If you happen to love the essence and power associated with wind, consider naming your son Niyol.

Nature, Sweet


Nootau is a Native American Algonquian name that means “fire.”

Hailing from the Algonquian tribe, Nootau has a straightforward pronunciation while still maintaining a unique feel. Similar name alternatives for Nootau include Noutau and Nutau.

Eccentric, Charming


Noshi is a Native American Algonquian boy name meaning “father.”

There is something so pleasant about Noshi, as it provides a sense of warmth and comfort. It lends the impression of a boy who is sure to be a delight from the get-go. While it sounds perfect for a little boy’s name, it could also be fitting when your son becomes a father one day.

Sweet, Traditional


Ogima is a Native American Potawatomi name for boys meaning “chief.”

Ogima is another Native American name that represents a great honor. Granting your son with this name could start him out as a natural-born leader. It is pronounced as oh-JEE-mah and is also spelled Ogyma.

Handsome, Honorable
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Ohanzee is a Native American Sioux name that means “shadow.”

Ohanzee is an intriguing name with a fun spelling. You pronounce it just as it’s spelled and could easily be transitioned into the nickname Zee or Han.

Interesting, Cool


Ojai is a Native American boy’s name meaning “moon.”

In addition to being the name of a city in California, Ojai is also a stout Native American boy’s name. It is pronounced oh-HAY and can also be spelled as Ojay. It is very scarce in the United States with a popularity ranking of #17,680 in 2019.

Nature, Handsome


Otetiani is a Native American boy name meaning “he is prepared.”

It’s a beautiful sentiment to set your son up with a name that wishes him continual preparedness for all the different things he will take on in life. This traditional masculine name has a bouncy quality to its interesting syntax while still being effortless to say.



Pachu’a is a Native American Hopi boy’s name meaning “feathered water snake.”

Pachu’a is another Native American male name that qualities as rare with its popularity ranking of #14,309 in 2020. It is pronounced as pah-CHEW-ah and is sometimes shortened to Pachu.

Nature, Eccentric


Pallaton is a Native American name that means “warrior or fighter.”

The powerful boy’s name of Pallaton has an equally fierce and daring meaning, perfect if you hope to raise a confident and independent young man. It is dubbed as a rarity in the United States and in most English-speaking countries.

Honorable, Handsome


Pezi is a Native American Sioux name meaning “grass.”

Here’s a short, catchy name pronounced PEH-zee. Pezi is thought to be a derivative of Peter or Petrus. Variations like these come from various countries such as Germany, Italy, Finland, and Bulgaria.

Cool, Sweet


Piav is a Native American name for boys meaning “honeydew of the mountains.”

Here’s another Native American boy name perfect for parents wanting a unique, natural name for their little boy.

Nature, Cool


Pushmataha is a Native American boy name meaning “the spring is ready for him.”

The four-syllable name of Pushmataha has a few spelling variations, such as Pooshawattaha and Pooshamallaha. The name has historical relevance because it belonged to a high chief of the Choctaw Native American group who was in office from 1815 to 1824. He is said to be one of the greatest chiefs in all of Choctaw history.



Qaletaqa is a Native American Hopi name meaning “guardian of the people.”

Pronounced as kaa-LEH-tah-KAH, Qaletaqa carries a special essence of bravery, strength, and warrior-like qualities. It is another rare name in most cultures, largely unranked on popularity lists.

Unique, Honorable


Quana is a Native American Comanche name that means “aromatic.”

Quana has both an attractive meaning and sound- pronounced as koh-AH-naa. Its alternative spellings include Kwana and Quanna.

Cool, Unusual
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Rowtag is a Native American Algonquian boy name meaning “fire.”

This unconventional and fascinating name is not ranked on popularity charts, making it quite a unique find. Alternative spellings include Roetag and Rotag.

Unique, Rugged


Samoset is a Native American Algonquian name that means “he walks over much.”

An unusual alternative to Sam or Samuel, Samoset holds a fascinating meaning for a young boy. Its eloquent appeal could certainly make one pause and think. Samoset was also the name of an Abenaki chief, known as the first Native American to make contact with Pilgrims in Plymouth.

Rugged, Traditional


Satanta is a Native American Kiowa name for boys meaning “white bear.”

A gorgeous name, perfectly capturing the beauty of a polar bear. Most Native American tribes do not have direct contact with polar bears in the wild, apart from the coastal Cree communities. However, they are best known by the Inuit or Eskimo people in Canada, Northern Alaska, and Greenland as carrying great spiritual power. According to tradition, a Polar Bear spirit taught humans the art of seal hunting.

Smooth, Nature


Shilah is a Native American Navajo boy’s name meaning “brother.”

Shilah is a super cute name, ranked #14,309 in 2020. Other potential spellings include Shyla, Shyllah, and Shillah. This could make a stunning name if you hope to keep your babie’s gender a surprise!



Songaa is a Native American boy name meaning “strong.”

There’s something quite modern and stylish about this charming two-syllable name. Songaa is pretty uncommon around the globe, but it’s likely to be appreciated anywhere.

Unique, Cool


Sotsona is a Native American name meaning “fox.”

This medium-length name has an appealing flow to it and a meaning that will perfectly fit a young boy’s witty personality. Pronounced as saht-SOH-naa, Sotsona has not reached any popularity charts in the world.

Nature, Charming


Steltella is a Native American boy name meaning “thunder.”

Steltella has a playful tone to it, with a little bit of badass. It is extremely rare to hear a boy named Steltella in most parts of the world. Bestowing this cool and unique name upon your new son may help him become an independent and strong individual.

Smooth, Interesting


Tadi is a Native American Omaha boy’s name meaning “wind or breeze.”

Tadi is a short and adorable Omaha name for boys that still emulates power and manliness. It is another name that is extremely rare in the United States and internationally.

Nature, Unique


Takoda is a Native American Sioux name meaning “friend to everyone.”

Takoda is one of the more popular Native American boy names around, with a slightly higher, more impressive ranking of #2,857 in 2021. However, Takoda saw its highest peak in popularity in 1998 when 54 per every million babies born were given the name. It also sounds quite similar to Dakota.



Tawa is a Native American Hopi name that means “sun.”

Another short and catchy Native American boy’s name available for your sweet boy. The bright and lively meaning behind the name Tawa is very fitting to the sound of the name itself.

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Tocho originates from the Native American Hopi tribe, meaning “mountain lion.”

Pronounced as toe-CHOE, the boy who bears this Hopi name may become quite a force to be reckoned with! It could be quite a keeper among our Native American names for boys, especially if you love the solid masculine quality it emulates.

Nature, Rugged


Tuari is a Native American Laguna name meaning “young eagle.”

Tuari is ideal for a new son who is about to begin his journey of learning and discovery in life. A fantastic name for parents who hope to see their son reaching all of his potential in life.

Nature, Sweet


Ujarak is a Native American boy name that means “like a rock.”

Ujarak is a one-of-a-kind Native American boy’s name, also carrying ties to Greenland. As you might’ve guessed, Ujarak is exceptionally rare in the United States and internationally.

Unusual, Handsome


Utah is a Native American boy name meaning “people of the mountain.”

Utah is the title of a mountainous state in America. Since it’s a well-known state and pretty easy to pronounce and remember, Utah could be quite the keeper for expecting parents.

Sweet, Classic


Viho is a Native American Cheyenne name meaning “chief.”

Viho is pronounced as vee-HOE and is another inspiring name signifying a great leader. This particular name is short enough for many to remember and is also very masculine in its appeal.

Rugged, Honorable


Waban is a Native American Algonquian name for boys meaning “east wind.”

This two-syllable name is pronounced exactly as it looks. It also hits all the boxes for a powerful and fascinating Native American name, offering natural and masculine qualities.

Nature, Interesting


Wahkan is a Native American Sioux boy’s name meaning “sacred or holy.”

Though everyone’s new baby is a special blessing, denoting your son with the name Wahkan may make it extra apparent that your son means the world to you!



Wanikiy is a Native American Sioux name that means “savior.”

Pronounced as wah-NEE-kee, Wanikiy beautifully describes the way many people may feel about their new child. It is unranked in the United States, making it a unique name to bestow upon your son.

Honorable, Cool


Wapi is a Native American Sioux name for boys that means “lucky.”

Wapi is an interesting name that will hopefully bring your son a lifetime of happiness and joy. It has a short and charming sound to it and is incredibly uncommon.

Sweet, Eccentric


Wikvaya is a Native American Hopi name meaning “one who brings.”

There is something both incredible and simple about the meaning behind this delightful name. Pronounced as wek-VEH-yuh, Wikvaya could be a wonderful way to capture the new love and purpose your new boy will bring into your life.

Traditional, Unique
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Wuyi is a Native American Miwok boy’s name meaning “soaring turkey vulture.”

This four-letter Miwok name hasn’t yet made it to the list of the top 1,000 most popular names in the USA. However, it’s an excellent option for parents who want a very unique name for their son.

Nature, Classic


Wynono is a Native American male name meaning “firstborn.”

This lovable name could be the perfect choice for your firstborn son. It is pronounced as it sounds and also offers some fun nicknames, such as Wyn or No.



Xochitl is a Native American name that means “flower.”

Pronounced as SO-chee-tl, this Native American boy’s name has a more delicate meaning than others. It is a unisex name that arises in many other different cultures, including Aztec and Mexican origins.

Nature, Interesting


Yaholo is a Native American boy’s name meaning “one who yells.”

While the meaning behind Yaholo is a little intense, it can also be interpreted as something positive. It may even encourage your boy to make his voice heard no matter the circumstances. It is pronounced as yah-HOE-loh and is unranked on the top 1,000 list of most popular names for boys.

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Yahto is a Native American Sioux name for boys meaning “blue.”

From Sioux origins, Yahto has a simplistic yet attractive meaning, depicting a well-known color associated with boys. Yahto is mainly used in English-speaking countries, but it is still very rare to hear. It could also work quite well as a middle name.

Charming, Handsome


Yantse is a Native American Tewa boy name meaning “yellow willow.”

Yantse is a gender-neutral name and could fit a young boy perfectly. As with many Native American boy names, it is vastly uncommon in the United States and beyond. Yantse also holds a vivid and beautiful meaning, referring to a tree species (Salix lutea) predominantly found in California along stream edges and water-logged meadows.

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Yas is a Native American Navajo boy’s name meaning “snow.”

Perhaps one of the shortest Native American male names available. Yas was the most popular in 2014 when 8 out of every million babies born were given the name. Other possible spellings include Yaz and Yez.

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Yiska is a Native American Navajo boy name meaning “the night has passed.”

Yiska is pronounced as yiz-KAH and has an ambiguously positive meaning. This meaning implies the arrival of a bright new day, which is perfect for the arrival of a new baby boy into the world. Several different countries and cultures use Yiska for boys, and its meaning can change depending on the origin.



Yuma is a Native American boy’s name that means “son of the chief.”

There is a fullness and wisdom to this powerful Native American boy’s name. Perhaps a fitting way to bring great honor and purpose to your new boy. It’s also dignified and deeply meaningful but still very easy to pronounce and spell.

Honorable, Cool


Zitkaduta is a Native American name for boys meaning “red bird.”

This attractive Native American boy’s name offers a delightful nature-inspired meaning, pronounced as zih-KAH-doo-TAH. Though Zitkaduta is fairly long, its pronunciation still glides off the tongue effortlessly. You’ll be hard-pressed to find many boys with this free-spirited and beautiful name.

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Native American Name FAQs

How Do You Say Baby In Cherokee?

Usdi is the word for baby in Cherokee, pronounced as uus-DEE.

What is the Cherokee Name for Love?

The name for love in Cherokee is Adageyudi, pronounced as ah-DAH-gai-yoo-DEE.

Which are Popular Native American Boy Names?

The most popular Native American boy names are Dakota, Takoda, Ace, Jalen, and Kai. Many Native American names aren’t overwhelmingly popular in most places. Even these slightly more common titles remain very unique.

Which are Rare Native American Boy Names?

The rarest Native American boy names are Ohanzee, Masichuvio, Napayshni, Wapi, Niyol, and Steltella. While the vast majority of Native American names for boys are uncommon, these particular titles are exceedingly hard to find in the world. They’re so rare in the United States that less than five children have been born under these names in the past few decades.

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