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100 Cute Baby Boy Names: With Meanings 

Find a name for baby boy that reflects just how cute he is.

Choosing a cute boy name can be rife with problems. You’ll want to find a name that you and, if applicable, your partner like. But you’ll also want to consider the name’s meaning, popularity, and any potential negative associations.

Having spent many hours two reading through name lists, books, and websites, we have all we need to compile a list of the cutest boy names and their meanings. We also have a handy factoid or two that may help you with your decision-making process.

100 Cute Names for Boys

Here are our top 100 choices for cute baby boy names.

1. Adric

Adric is an English boy’s name with no meaning.

In the television show, “Dr. Who,” Adric is a companion of the fourth and fifth doctors. The name is an anagram of the surname of physicist Paul Dirac who shared the Nobel Prize for Physics with Erwin Schrödinger in 1933.

2. Aldous

Aldous is an English name meaning “old”.

Aldous Huxley was the English author and philosopher famous for his written works which include “Brave New World,” the dystopian novel about a future where humans are bio-engineered.

3. Alf

Alf is a short form of Alfred which means “elf counsel.”

Alf is also a stand-alone Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian name that means “elf.” It is also the short form of Adolf, which means “noble wolf.”

4. Andris

Andris is a Hungarian and Latvian diminutive of Andrew, meaning “manly” or “masculine.”

In some countries where Christianity is the dominant religion, name days are celebrated. On a name day, everyone with a specific forename celebrates. The name day for Andris is November 30th.

5. Aodhán

Aodhán, pronounced AY-DAWN (with a soft D sound), is an Irish name, meaning “little fire.”

This name began as a nickname for people called Áed, or Adoh, which means fire. In Irish mythology, Áed was a god of the underworld who was cursed to spend 900 years as a swan.

6. Asher

Asher is a Hebrew name that means “happy” or “blessed.”

In the US, Asher has grown in popularity since the early 1990s. Currently, it is still climbing in the top 1,000 boy names. In 2021, it is #42 on the charts (1).

7. Avi

A Hebrew name, Avi, means “my father.”

Avi is the pen name of author Edward Irving Wortis, who has published over 70 books for children and young adults. In 2003, Avi won The Newberry Medal for his YA book “Crispin: The Cross of Lead.

8. Beau

Beau means “beautiful” in French.

The name Beau is used almost exclusively as a boy’s name in the US, but in other countries, especially European countries, Beau is used for both genders.

9. Bede

Bede is an Old English name that means “prayer.”

Bede, also known as St. Bede and Bede the Venerable, was an English monk, author, and scholar who wrote the “Ecclesiastical History of the English People.” He is also a saint in many branches of Christianity.

10. Bertie

Bertie is an English name that means “bright.”

Bertie is often seen as an abbreviated form of other names with the element bert, such as Albert, Herbert, or Norbert.

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11. Blaze

Blaze is a modern English form of Blaise which means “lisping.”

Blaze is also the English form of the Russian name Vlasiy, so if you’re looking for a cute boy’s name with links to your family’s Russian heritage, Blaze could be the one.

12. Bram

Bram is a short form of Abraham, which means “father of many.”

Bram Stoker, the Irish author of the horror classic “Dracula,” was the business manager of Henry Irving’s Lyceum Theatre, making Bram a cute boy’s name for literary, horror, and theatre fans.

13. Brogan

Brogan is derived from the Gaelic word bróg, meaning “shoe.”

Brogan is a cute alternative to the somewhat overused Logan. However, be prepared to put up with this being shortened to “Bro.”

14. Buck

Buck is an English name that means “male deer.”

Buck, as a forename, was relatively common in the US until the 1940s, when it fell out of fashion. It has made a few brief comebacks, most notably during the late 1970s and early 80s, but we think it’s ripe for revival.

15. Cam

The name Cam has Scottish roots and means “crooked nose.”

In English, Cam is generally used as a short form of Cameron. In addition, Cam is also a Vietnamese name that means “orange” (as in the fruit, not the color).

16. Cash

Cash is an English name that means “box.”

Despite the common assumption that this name is connected to money, it’s actually an old English occupational surname. A cash was a box maker, with the word coming from the French “casse,” meaning “box.”

17. Chidi

Chidi is an Igbo name, meaning “God exists.”

Chidi is the ideal cute name for a boy whose family has Igbo heritage, especially if the family has strong religious beliefs.

18. Chip

Chip is used as a short form of the names Christopher, Richard, and Charles.

Chip is also used in place of “Junior” in some instances. This usage generally pertains to children who are deemed “a chip off the old block” (meaning they’re just like their father).

19. Clem

Clem is a short form of Clemment which means “gentle” or “merciful.”

In The Database of British and Irish Hills, a “clem” is a category of hill with an assent of 100 meters all around. These were named after the author of the list “Yeamans of England & Wales,”written by E. D. Clements.

20. Cosmo

Cosmo is an Italian boy’s name meaning “decency” or “order.”

It’s cute but cool, modern-sounding but with plenty of history. What’s not to like? The only downside we can think of is that some people might associate it with the women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan.

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21. Dai

The Welsh name Dai means “to shine.”

Pronounced DYE, Dai is also a Japanese name, meaning “title.” This makes Dai a cute boy’s name especially suitable for those with either Welsh or Japanese heritage.

22. Dante

Dante is an Italian name that means “enduring.”

Dante is a medieval short form of Durante. It was the full name of poet Durante di Alighiero Degli Alighieri, more commonly known as Dante, author of “The Divine Comedy”.

23. Dexter

Dexter comes from the Latin word meaning “skilled” or “right-handed.”

Dexter became an occupational surname for someone who dyes fabrics. It then morphed into a forename that may bring to mind the TV series “Dexter’s Laboratory” or the Dexter Morgan franchise.

24. Ebbe

From the Germanic word element ebur, Ebbe means “wild boar.”

Pronounced EH-BUH, Ebbe is one of those rare cute boy names with a rugged, nature-inspired meaning. But brace yourself as people new to this name will constantly pronounce it “Ebbie.”

25. Eben

Eben is an English short-form of Ebenezer, meaning “stone of help.”

Eben is an attractive alternative to the longer, old-fashioned-sounding name. Ebenezer conjures images of an old man with a hatred for the Christmas season. But in our books, Eben is an adorable name for a baby boy.

26. Egil

A Norwegian name, Egil means “awe” or “terror.”

Egil One-Hand is the name of a legendary Viking hero. His story is told in “The Saga of Egil One-Hand,” an Icelandic tale that was first penned in the 13th century.

27. Eli

Eli is a Hebrew name meaning “ascension” or “my God.”

Eli Lilly was the founder of the Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company. He was an early pioneer of systematically standardizing and producing drugs so patients would receive a high-quality product.

28. Emerson

Emerson is an English name, meaning “the son of Emery.”

Emerson is a surname that became a forename. It indicated that a child was Emery’s son. Emery is the English form of the Ancient Germanic name Emmerich, which means “ruler.” Theoretically, you could say Emerson is your “little prince.”

29. Ferdi

Ferdi is a short form of a Germanic name, meaning “brave journey.”

Due to this name’s meaning, it’s a good choice for a baby boy who has experienced a difficult journey before being born — and it sounds adorable too!

30. Flick

Flick is a diminutive of Felix which means “successful” or “lucky.”

A flick is a unit of time that is equal to 1/705,600,000 of a second. It was created so times commonly associated with the frequencies of audio sampling and video frame rates could be represented by integers.

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31. Flynn

Flynn is an Anglicized form of Ó Floinn, which means “descendant of Flann.”

Another surname as a first name example, Flynn’s root word, Flann, is Gaelic for “red.” That makes Flynn the ideal cute boy’s name for the child of a redheaded parent.

32. Gabe

Gabe a shortening of Gabriel, which means “God is my strongman/hero.”

While Gabe feels like a cute modern name, it was a popular US boy’s name in the late 1800s and has hovered around the 700–800 mark for most common names of the last decade.

33. Gage

Gage is an Old French surname meaning either “pledge” or “measure.”

This cute boy name was virtually unknown until the 1989 release of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel Pet Cemetery. Following the movie, Gage hit the top 1,000 boy names lists, peaking at #136 in 2003.

34. Gus

Gus is a short form of Augustus, meaning “the dignified.”

Augustus was an honorific title given to Roman Emperors, Empresses, and select members of the Imperial family. The month of August has the same root, so this cute boy’s name could be a clever choice for babies born in August.

35. Hamnet

Hamnet is an archaic English name that means “home” or “home protector.”

Hamnet was the only son of Anne Hathaway and William Shakespeare. Hamnet was also the son of Vikus and Solovet in “Gregor the Overlander,” a fantasy novel by Suzanne Collins, author of “The Hunger Games.”

36. Harvey

Harvey is an English name that means “battle-worthy.”

Harvey evolved from the Bretton name Haerviu which was probably introduced to England after the Norman Conquest. It became a rare name after the late medieval period but was revived in the late 18th century.

37. Henning

Henning is an evolution of Henrick, meaning “home ruler.”

Henrik is common in many Northern European regions, especially Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Also related to Henry, Heinz, and Enrico, Henning is a cute alternative to a range of more traditional family names.

38. Herb

Short for the English name Herbert, Herb means “bright ruler.”

Herb is a cute boy’s name which can also become Herbie. When they see this name, some people will think of plants used to flavor food, while others may be reminded of “Herbie the Love Bug.”

39. Howie

Howie is an English name with ambiguous meaning.

Howie may come from an Anglo-Norman name, Huard, which itself comes from the Germanic name Hughard meaning “mind,” “heart,” “brave,” or “hardy.” It could also be from the Norse Hávarðr, meaning “high defender.” Regardless of its origins, we think this cute boy name is perfect for modern babies.

40. Hugo

Hugo is a Latinized form of Hugh which means “heart, mind, spirit.”

HUGO was the Hawaiian Underwater Geological Observatory which was installed on the summit of Lōʻihi Seamount, an active underwater volcano. The name Hugo is growing in popularity and is one of the cutest boy names around.

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41. Husayn

Husayn is an Arabic name. It means “handsome.”

Husayn is a diminutive of the popular Arabic name Hassan. And Husayn ibn Ali was the name of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s grandson.

42. Iggy

Iggy is an English name of unknown meaning.

Born James Newell Osterberg Jr, American musician, record producer, singer, and actor Iggy Pop was the founder of The Stooges and is often referred to as The Grandfather of Punk.

43. Ike

Ike is an English name that stems from the Hebrew name Isaac, meaning “he will laugh, rejoice.”

Peaking in popularity in the US during the 1880s, by the late 1950s, Ike had fallen out of the top 1,000 boy’s names. We think it’s time for this cute boy name to make a comeback.

44. Ivo

Ivo has different meanings, depending on where in the world it is used.

In Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, and the Czech Republic, Ivo comes from an Ancient Germanic root which means “yew.” In Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia, Ivo is a form of Ivan, a version of John, which means “God is gracious.”

45. Jack

The Medieval English name Jack means “God is gracious.”

Jack could either be a form of John — hence the gracious meaning, or it could have evolved from the French name Jacques, a form of James, which grew from Jacob, which means “supplanter.”

46. Jaska

Jaska is a Finnish pet form of Jafet, meaning “beautiful, bright, enlarged.”

Also found in Sweden, Jaska has become more popular in Finland than the original name from which it evolved, Jafet. This is further evidence that Jaska is one of the cutest names for baby boys.

47. Jep

Jep is an archaic English nickname for Geoffrey, meaning “region stranger.”

Jep could be a suitable cute boy name if you feel pressured to name your child after a family member called Jeffrey but you would rather not use that particular name.

48. Jesse

Jesse is a Biblical name that means “the Lord exists” or “gift.”

Jesse comes from the Hebrew name Yishai. In the Old Testament, Jesse was the father of David, who became King of the Israelites. Jesse is an ancestor of Jesus, a role depicted in The Tree of Jesse.

49. Jonty

Jonty is an Old English contraction of Jonathon, which means “God has given.”

Jonty is a sweet alternative to Johnny and is becoming quite a popular choice in the UK and South Africa. However, it might be mistaken for “jaunty” and may not seem quite as appealing by the time your little one turns 50.

50. Jude

Jude is an English form of Judah, which means “praise.”

The Ancient Hebrew name Judah became the Ancient Greek name Judas. In some English versions of the Christian New Testament, Jude is used to distinguish the second apostle of Jesus, named Judas, from Judas Iscariot.

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51. Kai

The name Kai is found in multiple countries and cultures, with different meanings in each.

In Nordic countries, Kai’ is a nickname for Gaius (which means “to rejoice”), Cornelis (meaning “horn”), Gerhard (which means “spear” or “hardy”), or Nicolas (meaning “victory of the people”). In China, Kai means “victory” or “triumph.” And in Hawaii, Kai means “sea.”

52. Kelsey

Kelsey is an English name meaning “fierce island.”

It was originally a surname that means “Cenel’s island.” Cenel was an Old English name meaning “fierce.” Although it was first used for boys, Kelsey has recently become more popular as a girl’s name. However, we think it still makes a cute name for boys.

53. Kip

An English name, Kip means “male salmon.”

Kip is a cute boy name that saw a flare of popularity in the US between the 1940s and the 1980s. It was most popular in 1965, when it reached #379 in the top 1,000 boy names chart.

54. Kyle

The name Kyle comes from the Galic word caol, meaning “narrow, straight, channel (of water).”

Although it was tremendously popular in the US during the 1990s, by 2019, the name Kyle had slipped to #262 on the popularity charts. However, Cáel, the original Irish version of the name, is now growing in popularity.

55. Lalo

Lalo is a Spanish name meaning “rich guard.”

American cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz is the author of the nationally syndicated comic strip “La Cucaracha.” He is also the co-host of the radio show “Pocho Hour of Power” and co-founder of political comedy troupe Chicano Secret Service.

56. Lars

Lars is a Scandinavian form of Laurence, meaning “from Laurentum.”

American anthropologist Lars Krutak is famous for his research about tattoos and their cultural significance. Krutak starred in the 10-part Discovery Channel series “Tattoo Hunter” in which he traveled the world exploring tattoos and body modifications.

57. Levi

Levi is a Hebrew name that means “united,” “attached,” or “joined.”

The standard pronunciation of Levi depends on which part of the world you are in. Most English-speaking countries pronounce this LEE-vie, while in non-English speaking countries, it is often pronounced LEH-vee.

58. Linus

Linus is a Greek name, meaning “flax.”

Linus Pauling was an American author, chemist, chemical engineer, biochemist, and peace activist. He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work on the nature of the chemical bond and the Nobel Peace Prize for his work against nuclear weapons. This cute boy name would be a great choice for babies of science-minded parents.

59. Luca

Luca is an Italian form of the name Luke, which means “person from Lucania.”

Some experts suggest that the Southern Italian region of Lucania is connected to the Latin word lux, meaning light. Consequently, Luca is sometimes associated with light.

60. Lugh

Lugh (pronounced LOO) is an Irish name that may mean “to bind by oath.”

A prominent god in Irish mythology, Lugh was a king, warrior, and craftsman. Often equated with the Roman god Mercury, Lugh was revered at Lughnasadh, a Gaelic harvest festival still celebrated today.

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61. Manny

This short form of the Hebrew name Emmanuel means “God is with us.”

Manny can also be a short form of the German name Manfred (which means “strength” or “peace”), the Spanish name Manuel, and the Finnish name Manu.

62. Marley

Marley is an Old English surname, meaning “boundary wood,” “pleasant wood,” or “pine martin wood.”

Another member of the last name as a first name family, Marley is seen exclusively as a masculine name in France and predominantly as a male but sometimes female name in the UK, and is overwhelmingly used as a female name in the US.

63. Martie

The name Martie comes from the Roman name Martis, connected to Mars, meaning “male.”

Martie is also the Romanian word for the month of March, so Martie could be a cute boy’s name for little ones born that month.

64. Max

Max is an English name, meaning “the greatest.”

Max can be short for Maximillian’, which evolved from Maximus, which is Latin for “greatest.” It’s also short for Maxwell, meaning “Mack’s stream,” with Mack being the English form of the Scandinavian name Magnus, also meaning “great.”

65. Micha

Micha is a Biblical Latin name that means “who is like Yahweh?”.

Micha is from the Ancient Hebrew name Micaiah or Micah, which is found with multiple spellings. Yahweh was the name used for God in the ancient Kingdom of Israel. Michael is a related name that means “who is like God?”

66. Milo

Milo is an Ancient Germanic name, meaning “gracious.”

In 2019, Milo was the 162nd most popular name for boys, and 2,416 baby boys were given the name that year. The same year, Milo was #66 in France, #108 in England & Wales, and #32 in Finland.

67. Nate

Nate is from a Hebrew word meaning “gave” or “given.”

Nate Dogg was the stage name of American rapper, singer, and songwriter Nathaniel Dwayne Hale. Together with his cousin Snoop Dogg and Warren G, he formed 213, then provided guest vocals to artists such as 50 Cent, Ludacris, Mos Def, Eminem, and 2Pac.

68. Newt

Newt is a form of Newton, an English surname, meaning “new town.”

“The Free State of Jones” is a movie based on the life of freedom fighter Newton (Newt) Knight who led a revolt against the Confederacy during the Civil War. A popular name in the 1800s, Newt is slowly making a comeback in recent years. However, it’s still a very rare name, making it a great choice for your cute and unique baby boy.

69. Niko

The Finnish form of Nicolas, Niko means “victory of the people.”

Niko Lalos is an outside linebacker for the American football team, the New York Giants. On the morning of his first game, Lalos received a Twitter shout-out from fellow St. Vincent-St. Mary High School alumni Le Bron James.

70. Oscar

Oscar is an English name of disputed meaning.

Oscar may come from the Gaelic words os, meaning “deer” and cara, meaning “friend,” combined to mean “deer friend.” Alternatively, it could be from the Old English words os “god” and gar “spear,” combined to mean “God’s spear.”

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71. Otto

Otto is an Old High German name meaning “fortune” or “wealth.”

Otto von Bismarck was a German statesman responsible for the unification of Germany in 1871. Perhaps because of this, the name Otto was exceptionally popular with German immigrants to the US at the end of the 19th century.

72. Pau

Pau is the Catalan form of Paul, which means “small, humble.”

Pronounced POW, this cute name for boys, is a fabulous alternative to the rather mundane boy’s name Paul. In Catalan, Pau is also the word for peace, giving a lovely extra layer of meaning.

73. Remi

Remi is from the Latin word remigis, which means “rower, oarsman.”

Remi is the Anglicized spelling of the French boy’s name Rémi. It can also be a short form of the Biblical boy’s name Remiel, which itself is a variant of Jeremiel which means “God will have pity.”

74. Rolo

The name Rolo is related to the name Rudolf, meaning “famous wolf.”

Rolo has a complicated evolution. It’s a variant spelling of Rollo, which is the Latinized form of Roul. Roul is an Old French version of Rolf, a German contracted form of Hrodulf or Rudolf.

75. Ryan

Ryan is an English name that means “little King.”

This name comes from the Irish surname Ó Riain, which means “descendant of Rían,” with Rían meaning “little king.” In the US, it has also been used as a feminine name since the 1960s.

76. Sander

Sander is a Dutch form of Alexander, meaning “defender of man.”

Sometimes seen with the modern spelling of Xander or Zander, Sander is also a popular boy name in Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, and Norway.

77. Percy

The English name Percy was given to people of the Norman town of Perci.

Percy can also be a nickname for the longer name Percival, which means “hard spear.” In the 17th century, it was also a nickname for boys called Peter or Piers.

78. Rufus

Rufus is Latin and means “red-haired.”

Rufus began as a Roman cognomen which went after the forename and surname. Originally a nickname given to one person, eventually cognomen were adopted by families and inherited from father to son.

79. Ryker

The meaning of the modern English name Ryker is unknown.

Some theories suggest that Ryker could be a variant of the Germanic surname Riker which comes from the Low German name rike, meaning “rich.”

80. Scotty

Scotty is from the surname Scott, meaning “a person from Scotland.”

The largest Tyrannosaurus-Rex fossil ever discovered was unearthed in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1991. Cataloged as RSM P2523.8, the specimen is affectionately known as Scotty. For parents interested in paleontology, Scotty would be a cute name for a baby boy.

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81. Shai

Shai is a Hebrew name that means “gift.”

The gender-neutral name Shai is pronounced SHY. In addition to being a Hebrew name, in Ancient Egyptian mythology, Shai was the god of fate.

82. Shiloh

The Biblical name Shiloh means “tranquil” or “bringer of peace.”

Different versions of the Old Testament translate Shiloh as “he that is to be sent,” “until tribute comes to Him,” and “until He whose right it is comes,” leading some to postulate it refers to the Messiah.

83. Shug

Shug is a Scottish name meaning “spirit, mind, heart.”

Pronounced to rhyme with hug, Shug is also an obsolete slang word from England that means “to wriggle or writhe in your clothes to create friction,” like you would if you had an itch.

84. Taj

Taj is an Arabic boy’s name meaning “crown.”

Taj Gibson played college basketball for the USC Trojans and now plays in the NBS with the New York Nicks.

85. Tate

Tate comes from an English nickname meaning “cheerful.”

The modern spelling of Tate evolved from the Old English tāt, which meant “glad” or “cheerful.” This, in turn, came from the Nordic name Tado and the Frisian name Tade, meaning “daddy.”

86. Theo

Theo is a short form of names beginning with Theo, such as Theodore or Theophilus.

Theo doesn’t necessarily have a clear meaning of its own. Theodore means “gift from God,” while Theobald means “bold people” and Theodoric means “ruler of people.”

87. Tilo

Tilo is an Old High German name, meaning “people.”

In German-speaking countries, Tilo is a term of endearment for people whose names have a “ric” element. So, if you have a Derrick, Richard, Frederick, or Terry in the family, you can name your child Tilo in their honor.

88. Toivo

Toivo is a Finnish name meaning “hope.”

In 1994, Toivo Suursoo became the first Estonian-born professional hockey player to be drafted into America’s National Hockey League. He was the 283rd overall pick and was picked up by the Detroit Redwings.

89. Tucker

Tucker is an English occupational surname for a cloth fuller.

A cloth fuller cleaned and felted cloth, usually wool, by either stamping on it or pounding it. This removed impurities, oils, and dirt while making the fabric thicker. This was also known as tucking, so fullers became known as tuckers.

90. Ty

Ty is a Modern English name with no meaning.

If you’re looking for a short, cute boy’s name, they don’t come much shorter or cuter than this. What began as a short form of names beginning with Ty, such as Tyler or Tyson, has become a name in its own right.

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91. Wasi

Wasi is an Arabic name, meaning “learned” or “broad-minded.”

Wasi Shah is an author, poet, screenwriter, journalist, actor, talk show host, and spoken word performer famous for his romantic Urdu poetry.

92. Wemba

Wemba is an Old English name, meaning “belly.”

This began as a nickname for men with big round bellies and morphed into a forename. We think this is an incredibly cute boy name that can be used both before and after birth!

93. Wes

The name Wes stems from the Old English name Wesley and means “west” or “western meadow.”

Film director Wes Craven is famous for his distinctive narrative and visual style in his horror movies. So Wes may be the perfect cute boy name for movie buffs.

94. Wiebe

Wiebe is a Dutch and Frisian name, meaning “war.”

Wiebe is pronounced VEE-bah, which can confuse those who do not speak Dutch or other languages with Germanic roots.

95. Wyatt

Wyatt is an Old English name, meaning “brave in battle.”

Wyatt saw regular usage in the 1800s, hovering around the #500 mark on the top 1,000 boy names charts. It slowly dropped in popularity before witnessing an explosion in use in the 1990s. It is currently ranked at #29.

96. Yanni

Yanni is a Greek name beginning with Y that means “God is gracious.”

Greek-American composer, record producer, and musician Yanni creates music that is a fusion of soft rock, classical, jazz, and world music genres. His Live at the Acropolis concert was one of the most popular programs on PBS.

97. Yasha

Yasha is a Russian form of both Jake and Josh.

Yasha is also the name of an award-winning Japanese manga series, published in 12 volumes and adapted into a dramatic television series in 2000. For manga lovers, Yasha is a cute boy name you’ll want to keep in mind.

98. Zac

Often a short form of Zachary, the English name Zac means “God remembers.”

We prefer this spelling to the alternative Zak. Not that there’s anything wrong with Zak, but in some languages, a zak is a cerement — the wax cloth used for wrapping a corpse.

99. Zane

Zane is an English name of unknown meaning.

Zane was a surname until American author Pearl Zane Grey used his middle name, which was his mother’s maiden name, as his first name.

100. Zeke

Zeke is also a stand-alone English name that means “strengthen.”

American hardcore punk band Zeke was formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1992. Often compared to Motorhead, Zeke’s music has been featured on multiple video game soundtracks.

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It’s in His Name

While what is considered cute can be debatable, something we can all agree on is that naming a baby is an important moment in both your life and theirs.

Choosing a name that reflects your child’s personality, their heritage, or your aspirations for them is how many cultures around the world and throughout history have named their children. So cute names are always popular.

Let us know what you think about our cute baby boy names. And if your favorite isn’t on the list, tell us all about it, and we may add your suggestion to the next list.

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