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100 Unique Dutch Boy Names: With Cute Meanings

Discover the creative artistry of stunning Dutch boy names from deep history to modern times.

Dutch boy names have purpose and function, but they also hold great beauty and charm, leading you into a name-tasting extravaganza of note. With foresight and timeless functionality, Dutch names for boys were created one by one to now fill the stars in heaven.

Like their wooden clog shoes, dykes, windmills, and tulip gardens, these gorgeous Dutch male names were created with zeal, inspiration, and absolute perfection.

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100 Unique Dutch Boy Names

Wander down this riveting list of Dutch boy names, breathing new life into timeless names.


Aart is a stunning Dutch boy name and is the shortened version of Arnold and Arthur. Aart has an air of righteousness and dignity, and it’s also subconsciously related to creativity, making this catchy name an ideal choice.

  • Origin: Dutch, German, Celtic
  • Meaning: Powerful like an eagle, rock, bear
  • Pronunciation: Ahrt
  • Variations: Art
  • Namesakes: Arthur “Art” Farmer, Arthur “Art” Garfunkel, Arthur “Art” Pepper, and Arthur “Art” Tatum, all American jazz musicians and singers.
  • Popularity: Aart is fairly popular in Dutch and German-speaking countries.
Powerful, Nature-inspired, Cool


Abbe will be a fine first name for your son. The pronunciation is short and sweet while also showing strength. It’s easy to remember, and it has international appeal, which is a big plus.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic, German
  • Meaning: Father, a nobleman
  • Pronunciation: Ah-be
  • Variations: Abbey, Abbas, Abba, Abo, Abbott
  • Popularity: Abbe is very popular in the Netherlands and Sweden but is rarely used elsewhere.
Cute, Cool


Abel, the Hebrew name of Adam and Eve’s younger son, relates to being capable, willing, competent, and ready. Abel is a beautifully warm biblical name hardly heard today.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Breath
  • Pronunciation: Ay-bel
  • Namesakes: Abel Kirui, a world-champion long-distance marathon runner. Abel Hernández, a footballer. Abel Tesfaye “The Weeknd,” a singer-songwriter and record producer.
  • Popularity: Abel is a popular name around the world. It’s never reached the top 100 but has been a well-known name since the dawn of history.
Biblical, Classic


Adrianus is the Dutch variant of Adrian and comes from the Latin name Hadrianus. Adrianus was a common name in early Christianity, and six Popes carried this gorgeous historic name.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: From Hadria
  • Pronunciation: Ah-dri-yahn-es
  • Variations: Adrian, Adriaan
  • Popularity: Adrianus is not a very popular name worldwide, but its variation Adrian is very popular in English-speaking countries.
Classic, Powerful, Unusual


Albert is a classic Germanic boy name and has been a favorite among royalty throughout history. The two syllables of Albert provide for two stand-alone nicknames, Al and Bert.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Noble, bright, famous
  • Pronunciation: Al-bert
  • Variations: Abert, Elbert, Alberto, Alpert
  • Namesakes: Albert Einstein, a world-renowned theoretical physicist.
  • Popularity: Albert ranked #760 in 2021 in the U.S. and has been a widely chosen name across the globe in the last few decades.
Popular, Regal


Aldert is the Dutch form of Adelhard, which is the German form of the English name Abelard. Meaning “noble” or “resolute,” Aldert gives one a sense of belonging, and the name will be carried with pride.

  • Origin: German, Dutch
  • Meaning: Noble strength
  • Pronunciation: Ahl-dert
  • Variations: Aldhard, Adalhard
  • Popularity: Aldert is a unique and extremely rare choice among Dutch boy names.
Unique, Inspiring


Ambroos is the Dutch variation of the popular name Ambrose. It’s originally derived from the word “ambrosios.” Ambroos would make a great name for your baby boy, who will remain immortal to you.

  • Origin: Dutch, Greek
  • Meaning: Immortal, divine
  • Pronunciation: Ahm-brooz
  • Variations: Ambrose
  • Popularity: Ambrose ranked #821 in 2020 in the U.S. and is also very popular among Nordic countries and other regions of the world.
Biblical, Powerful, Heroic


Andries is the Dutch version of Andrew, which is the English form of the Greek name Andreas. The meanings are also exactly what you hope your handsome son will one day become!

  • Origin: Greek, Dutch
  • Meaning: Strong, manly, brave
  • Pronunciation: Ahn-drees
  • Variations: Andres, Andris, Andras, Andrei, André, Andreas, Andrew
  • Popularity: Andries is a widely popular name in Southern Africa and the Netherlands.
Heroic, Cool


Anton is derived from the Latin name Antonius. Being a short, strong name, Anton has made its mark across cultures and languages, which gives this awesome name international recognition.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Priceless, inestimable, praiseworthy
  • Pronunciation: Ahn-tawn
  • Namesakes: Anton Yelchin, an American actor best known for his role in Star Trek and Star Trek Beyond.
  • Popularity: Anton is a fairly popular manly name throughout the world.
Classic, Free-spirited


Arie is another short Dutch boy’s name that will be perfect for your little lion, much like Simba in The Lion King. Arie is a straightforward name on the tongue and popular among old Dutch settlements such as in South Africa.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Lion, lion of God
  • Pronunciation: Ah-ree
  • Variations: Arieh, Aryeh, Ari
  • Namesakes: Arie Luyendyk Jr, a Dutch motorsport driver.
  • Popularity: Arie is fairly common among Jewish and Christian people worldwide.
Biblical, Fun, Nature-inspired
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Arne, sometimes spelled Arni is an Old Norse name that stems from their reverence of the mighty eagle, the ruler of the sky, but more importantly, a symbol of uncompromised freedom.

  • Origin: Norse
  • Meaning: Ruler, strong as an eagle
  • Pronunciation: Ahr-ne
  • Popularity: Arne is fairly common in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and Dutch-influenced countries like South Africa.
Nature-inspired, Free-spirited, Regal


Arnoud is the Dutch variant of Arnold, popular worldwide, especially in English, Dutch, and German-influenced countries. If you have a little bit of Dutch in your family tree, you may consider this nature-inspired name for your gorgeous son.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Eagle ruler, eagle power
  • Pronunciation: Ahr-nood
  • Variations: Arnaud, Arnold, Arend
  • Namesakes: Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former American actor, and governor of California.
  • Popularity: Arnoud has not ranked on any name lists, but its variants, Arnold and Arnaud ranked #1789 and #8492 respectively in the U.S. in 2021.
Powerful, Regal, Nature-inspired


Augustijn is a unique Dutch version of Augustine, which is stamped in Roman history as a respected name. An aura of power surrounds this charming name, and your son will undoubtedly live up to the meaning.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Venerable, to increase
  • Pronunciation: Awh-ges-teen
  • Variations: Augustine
  • Popularity: Augustijn is pretty popular in Holland, but its variant Augustine is widely used among Christian people worldwide.
Unique, Classic


The Dutch are masters at creating diminutives, and Bartel is the short form of the biblical name Bartholomew. Bartel is derived from an Aramaic word and means “having many furrows,” which sounds like a very productive name.

  • Origin: Dutch, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Son of a farmer, plowman
  • Pronunciation: Bahr-tel
  • Variations: Barthels, Bartels, Bartl
  • Popularity: Bartel is fairly well used in the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries.
Biblical, Classic


Bas is the diminutive of Sebastian or Bastiaan. This name is fashionable in its own right in the Netherlands and is a strong stand-alone name or cute nickname.

  • Origin: Dutch, Greek
  • Meaning: From Sebastia, revered, royal, kingly
  • Pronunciation: Bahs
  • Namesakes: Bas Rutten, a Dutch American actor. Bas Dost, a Dutch Footballer.
  • Popularity: Bas is an extremely popular name in the Netherlands, where it currently ranks in the Top 10 and is also widely used throughout Europe.
Regal, Inspiring


Berend is the Dutch variation of the male name Bernard and means “brave.” Berend has a soft pronunciation that could depict the calm nature of bears in the wild.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Strong and brave bear
  • Pronunciation: Beh-rahnt
  • Variations: Bernhard, Bernard, Bernt
  • Namesakes: Berend Botha, a South African rugby player now playing for the French rugby union.
  • Popularity: Berend is fairly common in Nordic countries.
Powerful, Nature-inspired


Boudewijn is the Dutch variation of Baldwin. This old Dutch name comes from the Old English name Bealdwine. Meaning “brave,” this unique Dutch boy’s name relates to a grounded friendship where loyalty offers protection.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Bold and brave friend
  • Pronunciation: Bow-de-vein
  • Variations: Baldwin
  • Namesakes: Boudewijn Zenden, a former Dutch footballer.
  • Popularity: Boudewijn is a well-used male name throughout Dutch-influenced regions.
Cute, Strong


Bram is the Dutch variation of Abraham. There is a certain charm and firmness of character to this great-sounding Dutch male name that will carry your heritage forward with pride.

  • Origin: Scottish, Irish, Gaelic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Bramble, a thicket of wild gorse, raven, father of multitudes
  • Popularity: Bram is not a globally popular name, localized to Dutch regions.
Unique, Cute, Biblical


Cas is a stylish short version of Casper, which sounds like a typical nickname but has been widely accepted as a stand-alone name. Cas is a trendy and versatile name that knows no gender and is not bound by culture.

  • Origin: Persian, Greek, Dutch
  • Meaning: King of the treasure, imperial, bringer of light
  • Pronunciation: Kahs
  • Namesakes: Cas Anvar, a Canadian actor and writer best known for his role in the internationally acclaimed series The Expanse.
  • Popularity: Cas is popular among Dutch boy names, especially in Holland, and Belgium but more popular as a girl’s name in the U.S.
Regal, Fun


Christoffel is the Dutch form of Christopher which is an Old Greek name meaning “bearing Christ” or “follow the leader.” Associated with bravery and religious virtues, Christoffel bears a shining light to guide a traveling soul.

  • Origin: Dutch, Greek
  • Meaning: Bearing Christ
  • Pronunciation: Kris-tawf-fel
  • Variations: Christopher
  • Popularity: Christoffel is fairly popular in Dutch regions but less so in other regions of the globe.
Biblical, Strong, Unusual
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Coen is the shorter version of Coenrad, the Dutch form of Conrad. Coen is also spelled as Koen and resonates with authority- a good quality for a baby boy to build upon.

  • Origin: German, Dutch
  • Meaning: Bold and brave advisor
  • Pronunciation: Kuw-n
  • Variations: Cohen, Conrad, Coenraad
  • Popularity: Coen is a somewhat popular name in western countries.
Strong, Inspiring


Daan is derived from Daniel and is another example of how the Dutch are able to shorten names without losing the essence of the original name. In the Netherlands, Daan has significantly increased in popularity since the1970s.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Dutch
  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Pronunciation: Dah-n
  • Popularity: Daan ranked #979 in 2021 overall, and has been in the Top 50 most popular names in the Netherlands for the past 7 years.
Biblical, Strong


Dewitt is very common both as a first name and surname in the Netherlands and refers to someone with very light-colored hair or a very light skin complexion. Dewitt is a unique Dutch boy’s name as it describes physical attributes without carrying any profound meaning.

  • Origin: Flemish, Dutch
  • Meaning: Blond, white complexion
  • Pronunciation: De-vit
  • Namesakes: Dewitt Jones, an American photographer, writer, film director, and public speaker.
  • Popularity: Dewitt as a first name is quite uncommon but is very popular in the U.S. as a surname.
Fun, Unique


Diederik stems from Theodoric and is pretty isolated to Holland and Dutch-influenced countries like South Africa and Namibia. Three-syllable names are not very common among Dutch boy names, making Diederik even more unique.

  • Origin: Ditch, German
  • Meaning: Ruler of the people
  • Pronunciation: Dee-de-rik
  • Variations: Diderik, Diederick
  • Popularity: Diederik is an unusual name, only used in Dutch-influenced countries.
Regal, Powerful, Fun


Dion is a melodic Dutch unisex name that has bridged cultures and languages into a sought-after international baby name. Because of the wide use of this gorgeous name, Dion looks set to continue its rise in popularity.

  • Origin: French, Greek
  • Meaning: Child of heaven and earth, of Zeus, god of wine and revelry
  • Pronunciation: Dee-on
  • Variations: Deon, Dione, Dian
  • Popularity: Dion ranks higher as a boy’s name than a girl’s. Dion ranked #951 in the U.S. in 2020 and ranks even higher in European countries, making it a very popular boys’ name.
Biblical, Powerful, Inspirational


Dirk, like Diederik, is also derived from Theodoric. Dirk is a short masculine name rooted in Dutch history. Dirk is compatible with all personality types as a boy’s name and might be a good choice for your shortlist.

  • Origin: German, Dutch
  • Meaning: Gifted ruler of the people
  • Pronunciation: Dur-k
  • Popularity: Dirk is a fairly popular name worldwide and ranked #5,251 in the U.S. in 2021.
Regal, Inspiring, Strong


Eduart is a beautiful name more in line with the Dutch and Germanic languages. If you find Eduart an appealing name, you will still be able to pronounce this stately name in your mother tongue.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Rich guard
  • Pronunciation: Eh-doo-ahrd
  • Variations: Edward
  • Popularity: Eduart is relatively well-used but not popular. Its variant Edward is well-known throughout English-influenced countries.
Cool, Free-spirited


Egbert has a fancy meaning that bolsters the regal stature of this historic name. Oddly enough, the more you say Egbert, the more the name grows on you. Using a nickname may diminish the essence of this royal name.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Bright edge of a sword
  • Pronunciation: Ehg-bah-t
  • Variations: Ecgberht, Ecgbert, Ekbert, Ecbert
  • Namesakes: Ecgberht, the King of Wessex from 802 to 839.
  • Popularity: Egbert is fairly well used in many countries in Europe but not as much in the U.S.
Regal, Powerful, Cool


Saint Erasmus, the patron saint of the sailors, is believed to be the source of this electrifying Dutch boy’s name. It gave rise to Saint Elmo’s fire that describes the plasma glow seen dancing around ship masts during thunderstorms. Elmo is the fire within that fuels passion and resourcefulness in our lives.

  • Origin: Latin, Greek, Italian
  • Meaning: To love, God’s helmet, protector
  • Pronunciation: El-mo
  • Namesakes: Elmo, a Muppet character from Sesame Street, adored by children worldwide.
  • Popularity: Elmo is not a popular name and ranked #8 485 in 2021 in the U.S.
Biblical, Cute, Fun


Espen is a free-spirited Dutch baby name that knows no boundaries. When spoken, Espen is soft on the tongue and will make for a charming name for your little bundle of love.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: God of bears
  • Pronunciation: Es-pen
  • Namesakes: Espen Lind, a Norwegian record producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Popularity: Espen ranks higher as a boy’s name than a girl’s, ranking #6,229 in 2021 in the U.S.
Powerful, Nature-inspired, Free-spirited
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Fabian is a classic Dutch boy name. It carries a strong, adventurous tone, which could explain its use in many famous literary works.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Bean grower
  • Pronunciation: Fay-bee-uhn
  • Namesakes: Fabián Ruiz, a Spanish football player.
  • Popularity: Fabian is fabulously popular in the U.S., especially in Latin-American communities, ranking #477 in 2021.
Nature-inspired, Fun, Cool


Fedde is a cute Dutch male name and has a serious tone that will become more prominent with age. Fedde amplifies the freedom to live and love from within.

  • Origin: German, Dutch
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Pronunciation: Feh-deh
  • Namesakes: Fedde Le Grand, a Dutch DJ and record producer.
  • Popularity: Fedde is somewhat popular and ranked #4057 worldwide in 2021 but is in the Top 50 in the Netherlands.
Free-spirited, Fun


Finn is an Old Norse name derived from Finnr, which means “a person from Finland,” but is also derived from the Gaelic “Fionn” and Irish “Fionn,” meaning “fair” or “white.” This predominantly Dutch boy’s name is also given to girls around the globe.

  • Origin: Old Norse, Irish
  • Meaning: A person from Finland, fair, white
  • Pronunciation: Fih-n
  • Variations: Finnr
  • Namesakes: Finn Wolfhard, an award-winning Canadian actor.
  • Popularity: Finn is an extremely popular name in the U.S. and ranked #153 in 2021 and #8 in the Netherlands in the same year.
Classic, Cute


Filip is the Dutch, Scandinavian, and Slavic version of Philip derived from the Greek Philippos. Nature-inspired names are always a winner, and Filip is up there with the best.

  • Origin: Dutch, Scandinavian, Slavic
  • Meaning: Lover of horses
  • Pronunciation: Fil-ip
  • Variations: Philip, Filipo, Filipe
  • Namesakes: Filip Kostic, a Serbian football player.
  • Popularity: Filip is a pretty popular name in the U.S. and ranked #900 in 2021.
Nature-inspired, Free-spirited


Floris is the Dutch male version of Florence. The deeper meaning of Floris relates to flowers blooming, which is typically feminine. But showing this side of a man is a more down-to-earth and in-touch sentiment.

  • Origin: Latin, Dutch
  • Meaning: Thriving, flower, in bloom
  • Pronunciation: FLO-ris
  • Variations: Flo, Flor, Flora, Florence
  • Namesakes: Floris van Dijck, a historic still-life painter.
  • Popularity: Floris is not popular in the U.S., but it is well-known across Europe.
Nature-inspired, Cute


Gerben was created using two Germanic elements: “ger” meaning “spear,” and “bern,” meaning bear. This rare exotic Dutch boy’s name is perfect for parents who wish to raise a brave little boy.

  • Origin: Dutch, German
  • Meaning: Spear bear
  • Pronunciation: Ger-ben
  • Popularity: Gerben is an unusual name, mostly used in Dutch-influenced regions.
Nature-inspired, Powerful, Unique


Gerrit is a shortened form of Gerhard, a classic Germanic name given to many prominent people throughout history.Gerrit is a strong one among Dutch boy names, and it will be a blessing for your baby boy to carry this powerhouse name.

  • Origin: German, Dutch
  • Meaning: Brave spearman
  • Variations: Garret, Garett, Gerhard, Gerard
  • Namesakes: Gerrit Badenhorst, a South African world champion powerlifter.
  • Popularity: Gerrit is rare worldwide but is fairly popular in Dutch-influenced countries.
Strong, Unique, Cool


Hauke is definitely a fine Dutch name that slipped under the radar. The meaning of Hauke embodies our highest aspirations of perfection within. As it developed from the Germanic “Habuk” meaning “hawk,” Hauke could inspire your brave boy to have tactical foresight and the ability to perform under pressure.

  • Origin: Frisian, Dutch
  • Meaning: Heart, spirit, mind
  • Pronunciation: Haw-kah
  • Popularity: Hauke is widely used in Europe but not very common.
Powerful, Regal


Hendrik is the Dutch and Scandinavian versions of Henry. Being the ruler of one’s home means fulfilling many obligations, and most men take pride in accepting this role, more as a provider than a ruler.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Home ruler
  • Pronunciation: Hen-drik
  • Popularity: Hendrik is a very popular name in all Dutch and Germanic countries.
Strong, Classic


Hennie is the diminutive of Hendrik and the feminine name Henriette which gives this adorable name a unisex tag. In German, Hennie consists of “hagan” or “heim,” meaning “home,” and “rihhi,” meaning “powerful, rich, or mighty ruler.”

  • Origin: Dutch, German
  • Meaning: Home ruler
  • Namesakes: Hennie Muller, one of South Africa’s greatest rugby players.
  • Popularity: Hennie is a popular name in Dutch, Germanic, and French countries.
Unusual, Cool
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Isaak is the Dutch variation of the popular Isaac from the Holy Bible. The “c” at the end of Isaac is substituted with a “k”- a typical way the Dutch like to simplify names, making them more versatile. Isaak with a “k” is growing in popularity across the world.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Dutch
  • Meaning: One who rejoices, he laughs
  • Pronunciation: Ee-sak
  • Variations: Isaac, Isac, Isaak, Isak, Izak
  • Popularity: Isaak and its spelling variants are very popular among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim people.
Biblical, Heroic


Jaap is a shortened version of Jacobus, Jacob, and the English name James. Jaap is a cute nickname that’s become a fashionable, stand-alone first name.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Namesakes: Jaap van Lagen, a Dutch racing driver.
  • Popularity: Jaap is very common in Holland and Dutch-influenced countries.
Fun, Cute


Jaco is a short cute baby boy name that stems from Jacob and is not overly used, which still gives room to move. Jaco has a beautiful, gentle pronunciation but can also be a forceful name when the need arises.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Following after, to follow
  • Pronunciation: Yah-kow
  • Popularity: Jaco is widely used in many regions of the world.
Strong, Cute


Jacob stems from the Latin Jacobus, which came from the Hebrew name Ya’aqov. Jakob with a “k” is a unique Dutch, Scandinavian, and German spelling. Jacob is a recognized boy name all over the world.

  • Origin: Late Latin, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Supplanter, may God protect
  • Pronunciation: Ya-kawp
  • Popularity: Jacob is an extremely popular name around the world.
Biblical, Strong


Jan is the Dutch form of John and is often combined with other first names, either before or after the name, such as Jan Peter, or Klaas Jan. Jan is never considered a second name and, while being unisex, is very seldom given to girls.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: Yahn
  • Namesakes: Jan Koller, a former Czech football player.
  • Popularity: Jan is a common name across the globe.
Classic, Fun


Jasper is a Dutch, Frisian, and English variant of Casper. Although very popular, Jasper is an old yet current-sounding name and is not excessively used if you exclude all the family pets named Jasper.

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: Treasurer, treasure keeper
  • Pronunciation: Yas-pur
  • Popularity: Jasper is a widely popular name across the globe.
Inspiring, Classic, Regal


Jelke stems from the Latin name Julius, a more common name across the world. The meaning refers to the fine soft hair that some babies are born with on their face.

  • Origin: Frisian, German, Latin
  • Meaning: Jupiter’s child, downy
  • Pronunciation: YEHL-ka
  • Popularity: Jelke is a fairly common name in Germanic and Dutch countries.
Unique, Cool


Jelle is often used as a nickname for Willem. Jelle also comes from the Dutch word “gelt,” meaning “money.” Jelle is a sweet-sounding stand-alone option among Dutch boy names, perfect for your handsome baby boy.

  • Origin: Frisian, Dutch
  • Meaning: Sacrifice, payment, resolute protector
  • Pronunciation: Yeh-le
  • Popularity: Jelle is popular in the Netherlands and fairly common in Europe.
Inspiring, Unique


Johan is an old classic name that keeps gaining popularity, thanks to celebrities who resonate with this universal boy’s name.

  • Origin: Hebrew, German
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: YO-hahn
  • Namesakes: Johan Kenkhuis, a Dutch swimmer.
  • Popularity: Johan ranked #598 in the U.S in 2020 and is a widely popular boy’s name.
Powerful, Free-spirited


Joost has a uniquely beautiful pronunciation with the addition of the “t” at the end. Derived from Jodocus, Joost will be a true inspiration for your son to live up to the examples of yesteryear’s heroes.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Just
  • Pronunciation: Youst
  • Variations: Joos, Josse
  • Namesakes: Joost van der Westhuizen, one of the great South African rugby legends.
  • Popularity: Joost is very popular in Dutch and Germanic countries and was ranked the 325th most popular boy’s name in Germany in 2016.
Popular, Heroic
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This rich earthy Dutch male name is derived from the Greek Christian name Georgios, meaning “farmer” or “earth worker.” The Dutch are masters at sound land management. Your son may come to appreciate the connection that Jürgen has with the land.

  • Origin: Ancient Greek
  • Meaning: Farmer, earth-worker
  • Pronunciation: YUYW-gen
  • Namesakes: Jürgen Blin, a retired German world champion boxer.
  • Popularity: Jürgen is widely used in western countries but is especially popular in the United States, Finland, and Germany.
Inspiring, Free-spirited


Jurre is a short form of the Dutch and Frisian name Jurryt, derived from Gerard. Jurre is a classical Dutch boy name with a soft melodic ring, sometimes associated with computer geeks – not a bad thing at all!

  • Origin: Dutch, Frisian
  • Meaning: Brave spearman
  • Pronunciation: You-ri
  • Variations: Jurryt
  • Popularity: Jurre was ranked the 53rd most popular boy’s name in the Netherlands in 2021 and is pretty popular in other Dutch and Germanic countries.
Classic, Strong


Kaj is a super short but strong male name typical for the region. Kaj relates to the earth, and one can identify how Kaj carries a natural earthy sound, giving a strong impression of belonging to the soil.

  • Origin: Danish
  • Meaning: Earth
  • Pronunciation: Kai
  • Variations: Cai, Kay
  • Popularity: Kaj is a common Dutch name but not very popular.
Cool, Unusual


Karel is related to Carolus (Latin Karolus), which is linked to the English name Charles in a strange string of historical events. Karel is a friendly-sounding name that might be beneficial when diplomacy is needed.

  • Origin: Dutch, Old High German
  • Meaning: Manly, free man
  • Pronunciation: Ka-rel
  • Variations: Carolus, Carel
  • Namesakes: Karel Appel, a Dutch artist.
  • Popularity: Karel is fairly popular in Dutch and Germanic countries, including Czechoslovakia and the West Indies but rare elsewhere.
Classic, Fun


Kees is the Dutch form of Cornelis. This sweet-sounding Dutch name for boys could suggest being adequately defensive yet intimidating enough to restore calm and peace.

  • Origin: Dutch, Latin, Old French
  • Meaning: Horn, calm
  • Pronunciation: Kay-se or Case
  • Variations: Cees, Corne
  • Namesakes: Kees Tol, a Dutch professional footballer.
  • Popularity: Kees is very popular in the Netherlands but less so elsewhere.
Inspiring, Heroic


Kilian is the Dutch version of the Irish name Cillin. The German version is also spelled Kilian and sometimes Killian. Kilian is a one-stop sporty and fun name and a powerful regal name designed for all occasions.

  • Origin: Celtic, German
  • Meaning: Little warrior, bright headed, church
  • Variations: Cilian, Killian, kylian
  • Popularity: Kilian is a very popular boy’s name in most western countries.
Regal, Strong


Klaas is a traditional Dutch name and the short form of the Greek Nicholas. Klaas has a soothing appeal with a worthy meaning that could easily motivate a young boy to excel at his talents.

  • Origin: Dutch, Greek
  • Meaning: Victor of the people
  • Variations: Klaus
  • Namesakes: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, a retired Dutch professional football player.
  • Popularity: Klaas is a popular name in Germanic and Dutch countries.
Free-spirited, Cool


Kornel stems from a Latin clan name that was a recognized family name during the Roman Empire. In modern times Kornel is used as a first name and has a stately sound when spoken. Kornel is a refreshing option among our Dutch names for boys, uniquely linked to significant historical records.

  • Origin: Latin, Czech, Dutch
  • Meaning: Kingly, like a horn
  • Pronunciation: KAWR-nehl
  • Variations: Cornelius, Kerneels, Cornelis, Korneel
  • Popularity: Kornel is a very popular name in Poland and was listed as the 67th most popular name in 2021. Kornel is also popular in South Africa and Namibia.
Strong, Unique


Lars is the masculine version of Lara, meaning victory or success, which is a good start to this charming Dutch name. Lars is a multicultural name on the rise and might be that unique gem you’ve been looking for!

  • Origin: Latin, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Crowned with laurel
  • Namesakes: Lars Ulrich, the Danish drummer for the heavy metal band Metallica.
  • Popularity: Lars ranked #30 among popular Dutch male names in the Netherlands in 2021 and is moderately used in many western countries.
Regal, Inspiring


Levi is associated with quality and permanence, as the meaning suggests. Levi is a beautiful unisex name with international appeal and is a name to carry through life proudly.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: United, joined, joined in harmony
  • Popularity: Levi has been in the top 500 male names in the U.S. since 1900.
Biblical, Heroic
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Lex is a diminutive of Alexander and shorter than Alex but less popular than Xander, both stemming from Alexander. Lex is a strong Dutch boy name that spells mystery and intrigue, spurring others to get to know the person behind the name.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Defending men
  • Namesakes: Lex Schoenmaker, a Dutch former footballer and manager.
  • Popularity: Lex is very popular in the Netherlands and widely used in other western countries.
Powerful, Cool


Liam is derived from William and is a beautiful name for a baby boy. The meaning makes Liam even more alluring and could be a decisive winner when considering a trendy name for your gorgeous son.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Strong-willed warrior, protector
  • Pronunciation: Li-am
  • Variations: Lyam
  • Namesakes: Liam Neeson, a renowned Irish actor.
  • Popularity: Liam is the most popular U.S. boy’s name, remaining in 1st place since 2017 but is also widely popular around the world.
Popular, Cool


Lodewijk is the Dutch form of the High German Ludwig and might be a bit formal-sounding, but if a strong, unique name is what you want, Lodewijk could be a keeper! There is a sense of seriousness around this Dutch boy’s name that may give way to a fun and accepting nickname like Loodt.

  • Origin: Dutch, Old High German
  • Meaning: Famous warrior
  • Pronunciation: LO-de-vayk
  • Popularity: Lodewijk is widely used throughout Western countries but is not a very common name.
Unique, Heroic


Luuk is the Dutch short version of the Latin Lucas and carries the same meaning. It’s a beautiful name choice for your son as Luuk is widely used and easy to relate to.

  • Origin: Dutch, Latin
  • Meaning: Man from Lucania
  • Variations: Loek, Luke
  • Namesakes: Luuk de Jong, a Dutch professional footballer.
  • Popularity: Luuk was the 12th most popular boy name in the Netherlands in 2021.
Cool, Fun


Mads is the diminutive of Mathias and Mathew. The pronunciation is relatively easy because the “d” is silent. Mads could confuse people unfamiliar with the name and be the reason for some light-hearted humor.

  • Origin: Danish
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Pronunciation: Mas
  • Namesakes: Mads Mikkelsen, a Danish actor.
  • Popularity: Mads is popular in Germany, Holland, and Scandinavia.
Popular, Fun


Markus is the Dutch and German version of Marcus, derived from Mars, the Roman god of war. Markus sounds very Roman but is a well-rounded name with great nickname possibilities.

  • Origin: Dutch, German, Latin
  • Meaning: Dedicated to Mars
  • Popularity: Markus was in the top 50 names in Denmark in 2019 and Norway in 2017 and 2018.
Classic, Heroic


Meese is the diminutive of Bartholomeus, also a Dutch name with the same meaning. Meese follows the trend of shortening aged yet revered names, which is a novel way of injecting new life into these historic names.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Farmer
  • Pronunciation: Mah-seh
  • Popularity: Meese is widely used in Holland and Nordic countries
Cute, Classic


Nicolaas is the Dutch form of Nicholas, which is derived from the Greek Nikolaos. The meaning is promising as it’s also the name of Father Christmas. If you decide to name your baby boy Nicolaas, some good nickname options include Nick, Nico, Kai, or Laas.

  • Origin: Dutch, Greek
  • Meaning: Victor of the people
  • Namesakes: Nicolaas Bloembergen, a Dutch-American physicist and Nobel laureate.
  • Popularity: Nicolaas is pretty common in the Netherlands and Nordic countries.
Free-spirited, Inspiring


Noah is a form of the Hebrew name Noach and has been in the top 50 names in the Netherlands since 2016. Noah may be too popular for some people, but it will never become old-fashioned as it’s a name for all ages.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Rest, repose, comfort
  • Namesakes: Noah Ashenhurst, an American author.
  • Popularity: Noah has been in first and second place as the most popular boy name in the U.S. since 2013.
Biblical, Heroic


Olaf is a royal name in Norway, yet this daunting name remains unusual to English speakers for unknown reasons. Repetition gives this smiley name an ever-increasing melodic tone. It’s time Olaf was unfrozen!

  • Origin: Old Norse
  • Meaning: Ancestor’s descendent
  • Variations: Olav
  • Popularity: Olaf was in the top 50 male names in Finland in 2021 and is popular in the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, and Poland.
Cute, Unusual
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Olric is derived from the English name Ulric with the meaning signifying a prestigious position of authority. This gem of a name will be a perfect fit for anyone with an affinity for animals and nature.

  • Origin: German, Dutch
  • Meaning: Wolf ruler, ruler of all
  • Pronunciation: Owl-Rihk
  • Popularity: Olric is moderately used in Germany, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia.
Nature-inspired, Heroic


Oscar is a Norse name from the Old English “Osgar,” which strangely enough is a variation of the Old Norse name “Asgeirr,” and the meaning is of Irish origin. Oscar is connected to royalty in Sweden and is very popular in English, French, and Spanish countries.

  • Origin: Norse, Irish
  • Meaning: Deer friend, God spear, champion warrior
  • Namesakes: Oscar Isaac Hernández Estrada, an American actor.
  • Popularity: Oscar ranked #89 in the Netherlands in 2021 and #215 in the U.S. in 2020.
Nature-inspired, Cool


Pascal is a masculine name derived from the Latin term for Easter, “pascha.” It’s also mentioned that Pascal stems from the Late Latin name “Paschalis,” which sounds plausible. Pascal is a gorgeous name for a baby boy that spans a few cultures already.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Relating to Easter
  • Namesakes: Pascal Legitimus, a French actor, comedian, and theater director.
  • Popularity: Pascal is a widely used name in Dutch, Germanic, and French-speaking countries.
Biblical, Classic


Pieter is the Dutch version of the Greek name Peter and has been a common name in the Netherlands for centuries. Pieter is a beautiful-sounding name for a baby boy with a very good meaning to match.

  • Origin: Dutch, Greek
  • Meaning: Rock
  • Variations: Piet
  • Namesakes: Pieter Zeeman, a Dutch physicist who was one of the 1902 Nobel prize winners in Physics.
  • Popularity: Pieter was ranked #92 in the Netherlands in 2019.
Nature-inspired, Strong


Pim is a unique choice among our Dutch names for boys, not well known outside the country. Pim is a sweet, timeless name for a baby boy. Pim carries a significant meaning that will shine through more and more with age, perhaps just the perfect one for you.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Resolute protector
  • Namesakes: Pim Walsma, a professional Dutch baseball player.
  • Popularity: Pim was ranked #94 in the Netherlands in 2021.
Powerful, Unique


Raf is the diminutive of Rafael, and being a typical short Dutch name, there is a sense of strength and pride portrayed in the name. Raf may do well in a combination name where Raf remains the first dominant name. Raf will make a fine name for a baby boy of any nationality.

  • Origin: Dutch, Spanish
  • Meaning: God’s heals
  • Popularity: Raf is a fairly popular name overall.
Classic, Strong


Ravi is the title of the Hindu sun god and is a masculine given name among Hindu people. Ravi fits the Dutch name profile being a short name with a solid neutral meaning. It’s unusual to see Indian names used by other cultures, but beauty has no bounds.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, India
  • Meaning: Sun, conferring
  • Popularity: Ravi was ranked #133 in the Netherlands in 2015 and remains pretty popular.
Regal, Inspiring


Rik is a stand-alone name derived from the suffix “rik” in names like Hendrik, Frederik, Eric, and Rikkert. Rik is a practical male name and could be adapted to create a nickname like Rikki. Rik has already filtered into the world and has the potential to cross into other cultures, religions, and languages.

  • Origin: Germanic, Dutch
  • Meaning: Rich, powerful, ruler, mighty
  • Variations: Ric, Rick, Ryk
  • Popularity: Rik is not overly popular but is used in many regions worldwide.
Heroic, Strong


Ruben is the Dutch, Scandinavian, French, and Armenian version of the Hebrew biblical name Rueben. Ruben is the most popular spelling of this charming name that carries a strong statement in its meaning.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Behold a son
  • Variations: Rouben, Rueben
  • Popularity: Ruben is a trendy name across Europe and is widely used in other world regions.
Biblical, Classic


Ruud is a first name meaning “famous wolf” and a surname meaning “clearing” related to farmlands. Ruud is also a diminutive of Rudolf, which gives flexibility with a connecting name or a nickname. Ruud has an earthly connection in both meanings which adds so much value and depth to this awesome baby boy name.

  • Origin: Old Norse
  • Meaning: Famous wolf, clearing
  • Pronunciation: Rude
  • Namesakes: Ruud Boffin, a Belgian professional footballer.
  • Popularity: Ruud is a first name used widely in Europe.
Powerful, Unusual
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Sander is the Dutch diminutive of Alexander and is also a spelling variation of Zander and Xander. The meaning of this eloquent Dutch boy’s name is priceless, and every father would be proud to have a son called Sander.

  • Origin: Dutch, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Defending men
  • Variations: Zander, Xander
  • Popularity: Sander ranked #21 in Norway in 2020 and is widely popular in other countries in the region.
Heroic, Classic


Sem is a variation of the biblical name Shem who was one of Noah’s sons. Sem is a stunning simplified version of Shem with a stronger pronunciation but more fluid than the Hebrew Sam. The Dutch name Sem is short for Samuel, but it could also possibly be a short version of the West Frisian name Sjamme.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Dutch
  • Meaning: Name, renown
  • Pronunciation: S-eh-m
  • Namesakes: Sem Schilt, a former Dutch kickboxer.
  • Popularity: Sem ranked #3 among popular Dutch names for boys in the Netherlands in 2021.
Cute, Unusual


Sepp is a short German version of the biblical Hebrew Joseph. Sepp is a casual name with pizazz that sounds like a nickname yet isn’t. Sepp is a wonderful German name sporting Dutch creativity.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: He will add, God increases
  • Variations: Sep
  • Popularity: Sepp is very popular in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Cute, Fun


Simon is rooted in many nations that include English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, and Jewish. Interestingly, the meaning of Simon in Greek comes from an adjective meaning “flat-nosed,” which is funny because no babies are born with sharp noses. Anyway, if you choose Simon as the name for your bundle of joy, you’ll be giving him an international name with a significant meaning attached.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Greek
  • Meaning: Listen, hearing
  • Namesakes: Simon Cowell, a British television personality.
  • Popularity: Simon is a popular name across the world.
Biblical, Popular


Sjef is the Dutch diminutive of Jozef and has an appealing, sophisticated tone. The “j” in Sjef is usually silent in English, which makes the variants, Jef, and Zef, more credible.This unique Dutch boy name may just be that hidden gem you’re looking for!

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Addition
  • Pronunciation: Sh-eh-f
  • Variations: Jef, Zef
  • Popularity: Sjef is a moderately used name in the Netherlands
Fun, Unique


Sjors is derived from the Ancient Greek name Georgios from which George was created. Sjors has been fenced into Dutch culture and language yet will be a great alternative to the more popular George.

  • Origin: Greek, Dutch
  • Meaning: Farmer
  • Pronunciation: SHAWRS
  • Namesakes: Rapper Sjors, a Dutch musical artist.
  • Popularity: Sjors is widely used in the Netherlands and Dutch-influenced countries.
Free-spirited, Cool


Sky is originally an Old Norse word meaning “cloud” and is an exciting nature-inspired name, thanks to the ever-changing characteristics of the heavens above. This bountiful name reflects all the colors of our emotions as we learn to deal with them all. Sky is a name where being blue means happiness and warmth instead of feeling down in the dumps- showing the wonderful life lessons attached to this inspiring name.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Atmosphere seen from Earth
  • Variations: Skye
  • Popularity: Sky is a very popular unisex name in many western countries.
Cute, Inspiring


Stijn is the Dutch short form of Constantin (Constantijn) and is not an easy name for other language groups to pronounce, hence the obscurity around the world. Nevertheless, Stijn is a strong Dutch boy name, as the meaning suggests.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Exalted, venerable, steadfast, constant
  • Pronunciation: STAYN
  • Popularity: Stijn is limited to but most popular in the Netherlands and other Dutch-influenced countries.
Powerful, Regal


Sven is an attractive Dutch name with a cheeky pronunciation emphasizing strength. Sven stems from an ancient Swedish tribe, the Saviars, who gave the name to Svealand, eventually becoming Sweden. Sven is a solid cultural name that makes you think of Vikings and beautiful blonde people living for Valhalla. You should add Sven to your shortlist if you have Nordic roots, as many people do without even knowing.

  • Origin: Norse
  • Meaning: Young man, young warrior, youth
  • Variations: Svein, Svend
  • Popularity: Sven was ranked #57 in the Netherlands in 2021 and is also a very popular name in Sweden and Germany.
Cool, Classic


Sverre is derived from the Old Norse name Sverrir and has a wild west meaning. But don’t all boys figure things out for themselves by bumping their heads repeatedly? Sverre is an unusual Dutch boy name of Scandinavian origin with a lovely fresh sound that beckons.

  • Origin: Old Norse
  • Meaning: Wild swinging, troublemaker
  • Pronunciation: SVAIR-reh
  • Popularity: Sverre is fairly common in the Netherlands and other countries in the region.
Unique, Fun
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Thijs is the Dutch short form of Matthew and is pronounced to rhyme with “rice.” Thijs has a beautiful meaning which is true for every child born.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Pronunciation: Ta-ice
  • Namesakes: Thijs Joris Al, a Dutch cyclist.
  • Popularity: Thijs was ranked #33 in the Netherlands in 2021.
Biblical, Strong


Timo may sound like a timid nickname, but this catchy name has strength. Timo is a stand-alone trendy German Finnish-inspired name for any baby boy. You can pronounce Timo as “tee-mo,” as soft and gentle, or add a serious edge by using a forceful “tah-mo.” Having a versatile name like Timo gives you wider emotional use of the name.

  • Origin: Dutch, German, Finish
  • Meaning: Honoring God
  • Namesakes: Timo Glock, a German motor racing driver.
  • Popularity: Timo is very popular in Germany, Holland, and Switzerland.


Tygo is the Dutch version of Tycho derived from Tyche, the Greek goddess of luck. Tygo is a lovely short Dutch name that will do well as the first name in a combination name. Tygo is a great-sounding Dutch boy name, not common in other parts of the world, and will be a bold but worthy pick for an English family.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: Luck, fortune
  • Variations: Tycho
  • Popularity: Tygo has been in the Netherlands top 50 names since 2016.
Cool, Strong


Van is used as a suffix or prefix for names by logically connecting the first name and surname. Van’s meaning of “from” refers to the “first name” van (from) the “surname.” Van is one of the most famous Dutch names for boys.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Meaning: From, of
  • Popularity: Van ranked #870 in the U.S. in 2020, making it an internationally popular name.
Classic, Popular


Viggo is derived from the Old Norse word “vig,” meaning battle or war. This unusual name is a head-turner and worth adding to your shortlist if you want a unique or rare name for your baby boy.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Warrior
  • Pronunciation: Viy-gow
  • Variations: Vigo, Vego, Vig
  • Namesakes: Viggo Jensen, a Danish professional footballer.
  • Popularity: Viggo is a very popular name in Denmark and Sweden and widely used in other parts of Europe.
Strong, Unique


Willem is the Dutch version of William, derived from the Old High German name, Willahelm. Willem is a strong-sounding boy’s name, and the “W” is pronounced as a “V” giving the name that added punch. Willem will be a fine choice if you’re looking for a versatile name for your son that can be both serious and fun.

  • Origin: Dutch, Germanic
  • Meaning: Guardian, resolute protector
  • Popularity: Willem was rated #60 in the Netherlands in 2021 and #443 in Germany in 2016.
Classic, Strong


Wolter and its variation Wouter are not as old-fashioned as Walter, which is pretty much a granddad name by most standards. Wolter offers a fresh pronunciation to Walter and will typically be pronounced with a “V.

  • Origin: Germanic
  • Meaning: Powerful warrior
  • Pronunciation: Vol-tah
  • Variations: Walter, Wouter
  • Popularity: Wolter is popular in Dutch and Germanic countries.
Strong, Heroic


Xander stems from the Greek Alexander, where the first part has been chopped off. Having a snazzy name that begins with an “X” is unique, and Xander is a beautiful-sounding boy’s name. Xander is mostly a Dutch name while Zander is more American, so you have a choice between a home-grown and a fast-food name that both carry the same nutritious meaning.

  • Origin: Greek, Dutch
  • Meaning: Defender of man
  • Pronunciation: Zan-der
  • Namesakes: Xander Venema, simply known as Xander, a Dutch singer.
  • Popularity: Xander is very popular in Australia and New Zeeland and widely used in other western countries.
Cool, Unique


Xavi is the diminutive of Xavier and is a sweet but masculine stand-alone nickname. Most names beginning with “X” tend to be avoided as the “X” can seem intimidating when reading or spelling. Yes, Xavi is an unusual name, but it has an international flair and is already breaking new ground. You, too, can become a pioneer on your son’s behalf.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: The new house
  • Pronunciation: Za-vi
  • Namesakes: Xavi Lleonart, a Spanish field hockey player.
  • Popularity: Xavi ranked #67 in Holland in 2021 and is widely popular in Spanish countries.
Cute, Inspiring


Yannick is a Scandinavian name derived from John, Jam, and Johanna and is widely popular in western countries. This adopted Dutch boy name sounds like the first two opening notes of a folk song and will make a stunning first name for your little boy.

  • Origin: Hebrew, French
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Variations: Jannik, Yannik
  • Namesakes: Yannick Agnel, a French swimmer, and Olympic champion.
  • Popularity: Yannick is a very popular name across Europe, the U.S., and Canada.
Classic, Heroic
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