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100 Fabulous Names Meaning Blue: Boys & Girls

Discover the essence of life weaved into our choice of names meaning blue, one of the seven colors of the rainbow that will undoubtedly lift your spirit.

Names meaning blue might be the last thing on your mind as you may feel blue trying to find the perfect name for your baby! But blue names offer so much as they resonate with many positive attributes of life.

Think of the deep blue ocean, the vast expanse of the blue sky above, or your trusty pair of blue jeans! The color blue feeds our artistic soul and inspires unique expressions of vivid color. We have compiled a spectrum of names that mean blue, purely for your delight.

Leap into the blue expanse and explore the beauty of these blue names below.

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100 Cool Names that Mean Blue for Boys and Girls

Spread your wings and get a bird’s eye view of 100 fascinating names meaning blue.


Aeluin relates to the mesmerizing and exotic blue color of mountain lakes. One of the four crater lakes on Mount Gambier in Australia is known as Blue Lake, famous for changing colors from grey to blue in the summertime. Like the Blue Lake, Aeluin reflectsnature’s beauty and would be one of the most ideally suited girl names that mean blue.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Blue lake, mountain lake
  • Pronunciation: ay-LOO-een
  • Popularity: Aeluin is an uncommon name worldwide.
Unique, Gorgeous


The variant Afeena means “honesty” in Arabic, whereas Afina means “blueberry” in Romanian. Afina is used across religious lines, thanks to the neutral nature-inspired meaning. Blueberries represent good health and inner peace and are often used decoratively in desserts and drinks. Naming your baby girl, Afina, will give you a sense of satisfaction and ease with your choice.

Spiritual, Unique


Traditional Hawaiian names typically describe a feeling or refer to a setting. In this case, to see the meaning of Aouli, simply walk outside and look up. A vast blue sky represents an overly enthusiastic outlook on life, often associated with freedom, free will, and intuition. Aouli is a pretty cool name for a free-spirited young man and is a must for your shortlist.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Beautiful feeling, vast blue sky
  • Pronunciation: Ah-oh-oo-lee
Cool, Beautiful


Aqua derives from the Latin word for water and is usually associated with blue. Water is our lifeblood, and wide expanses of water mirror the blue sky above. Aqua inspires a sense of tranquility and peace, making it the perfect name for your newborn baby girl.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Water, sea blue
  • Pronunciation: A-kwa
  • Variations: Aquah
  • Popularity: Aqua is currently not ranked among popular U.S. names but is used globally.
Charming, Beautiful


Aquanetta is a relatively modern female name that is most popular among Spanish-speaking people and African Americans. Aquanetta is composed of two elements, “aqua,” of Latin and Greek origin meaning “water,” and the diminutive name element “etta.” Aquanetta can be shortened into cute nicknames like Aqua or Netta. Aquanetta is a breathtaking name that reflects the sea’s greenish-blue color, which is a place of solace for many.

  • Origin: Latin, Greek, Spanish, African American
  • Meaning: The one who has blue-green color, a water spirit
  • Pronunciation: AK-WA-NE-TA
  • Variations: Acquanetta
  • Popularity: Aquanetta is used in Spain, South America, and the U.S. but is not a very common name.
Cool, Creative


Azraq means “blue” in Arabic but also means “pure” when describing water. Other meanings include “hawk, falcon,” and “leopard.” Azraq was the name of a companion of Prophet PBUH, BIN Qays. Azraq radiates strong masculine charm and is one of the more meaningful boy names that mean blue.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Blue, companion of the prophet
  • Pronunciation: AZ-rak
  • Popularity: Azraq is a widely used name among Muslim people.
Spiritual, Historical


Azula derives from Spanish, Portuguese and Galician “azul,” meaning “blue.” Azula is a modern fictional name given to the princess of the Blue Flame, one of the leading characters in the TV series “Avatar, The Last Airbender.” Azula is becoming a trend-setting name in the entertainment industry and spreading like wildfire.

  • Origin: Persian, American.
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Pronunciation: ah-ZOO-luh
  • Variations: Azura
  • Popularity: Azula is a rare name worldwide.
Cool, Strong


Azure derives from the Old Persian “lazavard,” meaning “azure, heaven, sky.” Azure is the “stone of heaven, sky stone” or “azure stone.” The Latin word “lazulim” links to “Lapis lazuli,” a semi-precious gemstone with an intense blue color. Cyan is commonly referred to as sky blue, which is a prized Lapis lazuli color. Azure is a fancy feminine name that could suggest royalty.

  • Origin: Old Persian, Latin
  • Meaning: Sky blue
  • Pronunciation: AZH-ur
  • Variations: Azura
  • Popularity: Azure is widely used across most African and western English-speaking countries.
Cool, Wholesome


Azurine is the French and Spanish version of Azure. The “ine” suffix adds a nice feminine touch to Azurine. Although not as widely used as Azure, Azurine certainly has more appeal and sounds like a complete name. The meaning of Azurine adds calmness and prosperity to this already decadent gem of a name.

  • Origin: Spanish, French
  • Meaning: Sky blue, blue lapis stone
  • Pronunciation: a-ZU-rine, a ZU-reen
  • Variations: Azure, Azuree
Cool, Classic


Bay derives from the Middle English first name Baye which stems from the Old English Beaga (masculine) and Beage (feminine). Bay may also have originated from the Old English “beg,” meaning “berry” or “begbeam” for “berry-tree.” Bay is a modern addition to the growing list of nature-inspired names and will hopefully carry the trend further. Bay is also a popular nickname for Baylee or Bailey.

  • Origin: Latin, Middle English
  • Meaning: Berry, sea inlet
  • Pronunciation: BAY
  • Popularity: Bay is an uncommon name worldwide.
Caring, Charming
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Blue derives from the Old English “blaw,” which in turn derives from the Proto-Germanic “blewas,” meaning “blue, blue-colored, to shine, flash, light-colored.” Blue is a catchy gender-neutral name that works well as a first or middle name, unlike Brown, Grey, or Black, which are typical last names.

  • Origin: Old English, Proto-Germanic
  • Meaning: Blue, blue-colored
  • Pronunciation: BLOO
  • Variations: Bleu, Blu,
  • Namesakes: Blue Ivy Carter, an American singer, and daughter of musician Beyoncé.
  • Popularity: Blue is widely used in English-speaking countries but is not very popular.
Unique, Caring


Bluebells pop up across western Europe in the springtime after long drab winters and add much-needed color to this winter wonderland. The English love this delicate flower that ranges from dark purple to pink to whites and shades of blue. Bluebell was in vogue toward the end of the 19th-century and may make a comeback as people slowly turn back to nature for inspiration.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Bluebell flower
  • Pronunciation: BLOO-bel
  • Variations: Bluebelle
  • Popularity: Bluebell is fairly popular among the English and ranked #998 in England in 2019.
Unique, Pretty


Bluesette is associated with music but remains a note away from popularity. The blues is a genre of music crafted by African-Americans who express their feelings through music. The blues might sound like sad music to some, but some blues music has a funky, upbeat tempo that makes you want to join in and sing or dance.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Blues song, instrumental jazz
  • Pronunciation: BLOO-set
  • Popularity: Bluesette is not a commonly used name worldwide.
Spiritual, Classic


Bluford is an old habitational English name meaning “the one who comes from the blue ford.” When automobiles became a thing, Henry Ford capitalized on this popular name. The “blue Ford” was designed by Henry Ford, who said the color blue “symbolizes strength, excellence, and grace that’s characteristic of the company.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Beautiful fort
  • Pronunciation: BLOO-ford
  • Popularity: Bluford is an uncommon name.
Classic, Creative


Caelum is a lovely Latin name related to a small constellation in the southern sky. Looking at the dazzling night sky, Caelum could be one of our future space pioneers, which may prove to be an excellent future investment.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Sky, heaven
  • Pronunciation: KIE-loom, KAY-lam
  • Variations: Calum
  • Popularity: Caelum is a fairly well-used name but is not common in any region.
Brave, Beautiful


Caeso stems from the Latin word “caesius,” meaning “blue-grey,” typically used to describe eye color. Caeso was a fairly common surname used by several prominent families, both patrician and plebeian. Caeso is a strong two-syllable name that could pass as a nickname.

  • Origin: Latin, Roman
  • Meaning: Blue-grey
  • Pronunciation: KA-SO
  • Variations: Kaeso
  • Popularity: Caeso is not a common first but is more common as a surname.
Historical, Creative


Carolina has a deep-seated origin that involves many nations. Carolina has Germanic, Middle English, French, and Roman roots. The spelling of Carolina is a Romanic construct that replaced the Germanic “H” with “C.” Carolina derives from “Carolus,” which is Latin for Charles and is also used to describe a specific shade of blue, including Yale blue and Columbia blue.

  • Origin: Germanic, French, Roman
  • Meaning: Free man, freeholder, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ka-ro-LEE-na
  • Variations: Caroline, Carolyn
  • Namesakes: Carolina Herrera, a Venezuelan fashion designer known for her personal style and dressing of various First Ladies.
  • Popularity: Carolina is a widely popular name and ranked #509 in the U.S. in 2021.
Historical, Lovely


Celestia derives from the Latin “caelum” or “caelestis,” meaning “heavenly, coming from the sky, the blue color of the sky.” Celestia was used in a Christian context to refer to the Virgin Mary or “Queen Mother in Heaven.” Celestia is an old regal name shortened to the now more popular Celeste. Celestia is a formal yet feminine name among girl names that mean blue.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Heavenly, of the sky
  • Pronunciation: se-LEST-ee-a
  • Variations: Caelestia, Celestiah, Selestia
  • Popularity: Celestia is widely used in Italy and some Nordic countries but is not very popular.
Caring, Beautiful


Cesidio derives from the Latin “caesius,” meaning “bluish-gray, gray-eyed, blue-eyed,” which in turn stems from Latin “caedo,” meaning “cut, hew, fell.” Cesidio Placido was martyred during the persecution of the Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax. Cesidio is a unique Italian name and the feminine form, Cesidea, carries equally as much charm.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Pronunciation: se-SI-dio
  • Namesakes: Cesidio Tallini, an analytic theologian and founder of the Cesidian Network.
  • Popularity: Cesidio is relatively common in Italy but uncommon elsewhere.
Strong, Brave


Chimalus is a cool gender-neutral Native American name derived from the indigenous Delaware tribe. Chimalus is a melodic nature-inspired name, much like the sweet song of the bluebird. Most Native American names relate to nature or specific events and are virtuous names, except a few that are seldom given to newborn babies.

  • Origin: Delaware Native American
  • Meaning: Bluebird
  • Pronunciation: Chim-a-lus
  • Popularity: Chimalus is not a commonly used name worldwide.
Brave, Wholesome
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Ciel is the French word for “sky,” but is rarely used as a first name in France. Ciel derives from the Latin “caecus,” and “caecilius.” Ciel is a unique name with great possibilities for a person in the arts.

  • Origin: Latin, French
  • Meaning: Heavenly, from heaven, one-eyed, blind
  • Pronunciation: SEEL
  • Variations: Cielo, Cecile, Cecelia
  • Popularity: Ciel is widely used in some English regions but is not a common name.
Spiritual, Gorgeous


Cielo comes from the title of the Virgin Mary, “Maria del Cielo,” meaning “Mary of the sky.” Translated directly from Italian, Cielo means “sky” and, in a religious context, also means “heaven” or God. It is also said that the Italians use Cielo as an alternative to “sweetheart or darling.”

  • Origin: Spanish, Italian
  • Meaning: Heaven, sky
  • Pronunciation: see-E-lo, SYE-lo
  • Variations: Ciel
  • Popularity: Cielo is a fairly common name among Italian and Spanish-speaking people.
Spiritual, Lovely


Cyan derives from the Greek “kyanos” and is an English word meaning “greenish blue.” Cyan is the complementary color of red, produced by removing red from white light. Alternatively, mixing the right amount of red and cyan will make white light. Cyan is a gorgeous unisex pick among blue names, complimented by the nickname Cy.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Greenish blue color
  • Pronunciation: SIE-an
  • Popularity: Cyan is an uncommon name worldwide.
Cool, Charming


Denim is a word everyone knows but is unusual as a name. The denim fabric comes in many colors, but blue is mainly associated with jeans. Denim brings to mind the characteristics of the fabric, which include quality, durability, robustness, coolness, and of course, versatility. Considering these qualities, you may want to give Denim more thought.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Strong cloth
  • Pronunciation: DEN-UHM
  • Variations: Dynham, Dinham, Dyneham
  • Popularity: Denim is an uncommon name.
Cool, Wholesome


Dion is the short form of Dionysios that drew inspiration from the Greek element “dios,” which means “of Zeus.” Another meaning is “Gift of God,” which elevates Dion further up the list of names that mean blue. Dion is also a surname carried by the iconic singer Celine Dion.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Child of heaven and earth, of Zeus
  • Pronunciation: DEE-ahn
  • Variations: Deon
  • Namesakes: Dion Bakker, a Dutch Youtuber and artist known for his YouTube channel Jelle’s Marble Runs.
  • Popularity: Dion is a rare name worldwide, ranked #7691 in the U.S in 2021.
Historical, Spiritual


Doli derives from the Navajo word “doliitchii,” meaning “bluebird.” Doli is a fairly popular name in India and featured in a 1969 Bollywood film called Doli. It must be awesome to have a film named after you.

  • Origin: Navajo Native American
  • Meaning: Bluebird
  • Pronunciation: DAW-lee
  • Variations: Dolly
  • Namesakes: Doli Akhter, an Olympic swimmer known for competing in the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Olympic games for Bangladesh.
  • Popularity: Doli is not listed on any of the popular name charts.
Unique, Pretty


Douglas derives from a Scottish surname created from a town in Lanarkshire. The River Clyde, also known as the Douglas Water due to the water’s dark blue-black color, explains the meaning of Douglas perfectly. Douglas was a powerful lowland Scottish clan during the Medieval period.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Blackwater
  • Pronunciation: DUG-las
  • Variations: Doug, Doughlas
  • Namesakes: Sir Douglas Bader, a British Royal Air Force flying ace during the second world war.
  • Popularity: Douglas has been on the popularity list for as long as records have been kept, ranked #739 in the U.S. in 2021.
Classic, Strong


Fairuza is the Arabic variant of the Persian Firuzeh, the feminine form of Firus. Interestingly, Fairuza Balk was named after the color of her piercing bluish-grey eyes that could also have a touch of green. Such is the mystic beauty wrapped into this charming Arabic girl’s name.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Turquoise
  • Pronunciation: feye-ROO-zah
  • Variations: Fairuz, Fayruz,
  • Namesakes: Fairuza Balk, an American actress, musician, and visual artist known for portraying a “goth girl” in independent and Blockbuster films.
  • Popularity: Fairuza is not a commonly used name worldwide.
Beautiful, Pretty


Gazir is predominantly a Hindu name possibly derived from the Arabic Ghazir. Ghazir is more common among Muslims and has multiple Islamic virtuous meanings, including “comfortable, abundant, ample.” Gazir and Ghazir are spelled differently, and this difference reflects religious affiliation and possibly cultural practices.

  • Origin: Hindu, Arabic
  • Meaning: Blue, plentiful, ample
  • Pronunciation: Ga-zir
  • Variations: Ghazir
  • Popularity: Gazir is a widely used name on the Indian subcontinent.
Strong, Historical


Gökçe is a traditional Turkish name used among Muslim people as the meaning is neutral and inspiring. Gökçe is historically linked to the old Turkic and Mongolian religion Tengrism and means “sky goddess, ruler of the sky, celestial, and sky blue.” The amended meaning gave this unusual name a passport into other religions and cultures.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Blue, sky
  • Pronunciation: juuk-JEH
  • Variations: Gokce
  • Namesakes: Gökçe Bahadır, a Turkish film and television actress best known for her performances in the series Yaprak Dökümü, and Hayat Bilgisi.
  • Popularity: Gökçe is a popular name, ranking #29 in Turkey in 2021 but is rarely used elsewhere.
Lovely, Strong
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Gorman is an Irish surname derived from the word “gorm,” meaning “blue,” including the suffix “an.” Gorman as a first name is rather unique but not surprising as it also means “noble.” Gorman is a rough and tough Irish name that oozes masculinity.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Dark blue, small blue-eyed one, noble
  • Pronunciation: GAW-muhn
  • Namesakes: W. Gorman Kennedy, a Canadian journalist, advertising executive, and Canadian football league executive who served as the General Manager of the Montreal Alouettes from 1957 to 1959.
  • Popularity: Gorman is not a traditional first name but is a fairly common surname in English-speaking countries.
Brave, Historical


Gormlaith derives from the Old Irish elements “gorm,” meaning “blue, and “flaith,” meaning “prince, princess, sovereign.” Gormlaith first appeared in the annals of Inisfallen and was a trendy Irish female first name between the 8th and 16th-century. During this time, Gormlaith was one of the preferred names among Irish royalty.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Blue princess, illustrious princess
  • Pronunciation: GOORM-la, GORM-la, GUR-um-la
  • Variations: Gormflaith
  • Popularity: Gormlaith is a fairly well-used name, but only in Ireland and Scotland.
Charming, Historical


Indigenous American tribes take naming their children very seriously. A given name has to relate to something significant at the time of birth but could change according to the person’s character traits. Hinto is also said to mean “blue eyes,” a rare occurrence back then. Hinto is a charming name with a strong spiritual feel.

  • Origin: Dakota Native American
  • Meaning: Blue-haired, blue
  • Pronunciation: HEEN-toh, hin-to
  • Variations: Hintoe, Hynto, Hyntoe
  • Popularity: Hinto is a rarely used name.
Charming, Caring


Hyacinth derives from the ancient Greek “huakinthos, yakinthos” meaning “Hyacinth, reddish-blue or deep purple color.” In Greek mythology, Apollo accidentally killed Hyakinthos and caused the Hyacinth flower to rise from his blood. In nature, Hyacinth is a bluebell-like blossom and also a precious stone. The nickname Cinthie is a cute alternative if, at times, you find Hyacinth too long or awkward to use in social chit-chat.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: The blue larkspur flower, purple, precious stone
  • Pronunciation: HIE-a-sinth
  • Variations: Hyacintha, Hyacinthia
  • Namesakes: Hyacinth Bernard Wenceslaus Morgan, a renowned Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom.
  • Popularity: Hyacinth is widely used in English-speaking countries but is not very common.
Beautiful, Creative


Indigo stems from the Greek word “indikon” meaning “Indian, from India.” Indigo is a plant dye found in Asia over 4000 years ago. The color is one of the seven colors of the rainbow, between blue and violet. “Indigo Girl” is a deeply emotional song by the band Watershed, which may give you the nudge to consider Indigo for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Indian, from India
  • Pronunciation: IN-di-go
  • Namesakes: Indigo Rael, an American actress best known for her role in The Luck of Tarah Cartwright.
  • Popularity: Indigo is popular in English-speaking countries and ranked #906 in the U.S. in 2021.
Wholesome, Caring


Indivar is a nature-inspired masculine name meaning “blue lotus” and “blessing.” Indivar is popular among Hindu people and associated with the deity Vishnu. Indivar is also one of India’s greatest movie song lyricists.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Blue lotus
  • Pronunciation: In-di-var
  • Variations: Indivara, Indyvarr, Indyvar, Indeevar
  • Popularity: Indivar is widely used in India but uncommon elsewhere.
Brave, Lovely


Iris derives from the Greek word “iris,” meaning “rainbow” which is most prominent against a cloudy blue sky. In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, sea, and sky. She used rainbows as a bridge between heaven and earth to convey messages from the gods to the earthly mortals. Iris is a strong feminine name among other girl names meaning blue.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Rainbow, goddess of the rainbow, divine messenger
  • Pronunciation: IE-ris
  • Variations: Liris, Irida
  • Namesakes: Iris Murdoch, a prominent British philosopher best known for her moral philosophy.
  • Popularity: Iris is a popular name, ranking #107 in the U.S. in 2021.
Lovely, Cool


Jaibrian is an Arabic female name used mainly by people of the Islamic faith. The neutral meaning and strong cultural and linguistic connection make Jaibrian a preferred Muslim name. In Native American mythology, the bluebird is considered a spirit in animal form, symbolizing the dawn of a new day. Jaibrian is a sweet melodic name that carries strength in its meaning.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Bluebird, strength, noble
  • Pronunciation: JAY-bri-an
  • Popularity: Jaibrian is an uncommon name globally but widely used in Arabic countries.
Gorgeous, Classic


Jainil is associated with the god Swami Narayan and also means “triumph of Lord Vishnu.” This association makes Jainil a revered name among believers. Baby boys named Jainil are believed to be born with good fortune.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu
  • Meaning: Victory of blue, victory over gems, victorious God Swami Narayan
  • Pronunciation: JAI-nil
  • Popularity: Jainil is a commonly used Indian name globally.
Historical, Charming


Jay derives from the Greek and Hebrew roots “Iason” and Ya’Akov” but is also used as a diminutive of names beginning with “J.” Jay was first used in America in honor of founding father John Jay, whose surname was derived from the Jaybird.The Blue jay has the most electrifying blue plumage with an intricate pattern on the lower back and tail. In Sanskrit, Jay means “victory” and “triumph.”

  • Origin: Greek, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Healer, may God protect, holder of the heel, supplanter, jaybird
  • Pronunciation: JAY
  • Variations: Jai, Jaye,
  • Namesakes: Jay Pickett, an American actor best known for his role in the TV series “General Hospital.”
  • Popularity: Jay is a popular name in English-speaking countries, ranking #377 in the U.S. in 2021.
Charming, Classic
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Although Juggy is often used as a nickname, it’s also a stand-alone name. The meaning suggests an association with Lord Vishnu, the god of preservation. In Hinduism, blue is a brave and manly color that symbolizes determination and a strong character.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Victory of blue
  • Pronunciation: Juh-GEE
  • Namesakes: Juggy D, a British-Indian singer-songwriter, actor, and recording artist known for his many hits and collaboration with other music stars like Madonna and Ricky Martin.
  • Popularity: Juggy is a fairly popular name among Hindu people.
Unique, Creative


In Roman mythology, Juno was the wife of Jupiter. She was the queen of the heavens and protectress of marriage, women, and finances. Juno is believed to watch over young ladies through their pregnancies. The award-winning 2007 film Juno reflects the unselfish traits of Juno.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Queen of the heavens
  • Pronunciation: YOO-no
  • Variations: Juneau
  • Namesakes: Juno Birch is an English drag queen, sculptor, and Youtuber.
  • Popularity: Juno enjoys worldwide popularity and ranked #411 in England in 2020.
Beautiful, Lovely


Kehlani is very similar to its sister name Keilani. “Ke” means “sea,” and “lani” means “sky/heavens,” which to Polynesian Islanders encompasses their world. Kehlani symbolizes endless love, limitless possibilities, and great potential.

  • Origin: Polynesian
  • Meaning: Sea and sky
  • Pronunciation: key-LA-nee
  • Variations: Keilani, Kaylani, Kailani
  • Namesakes: Kehlani Ashley Parrish, an American singer-songwriter and dancer who achieved her initial fame as a member of the teen group Poplyfe.
  • Popularity: Kehlani is a trendy name and ranked #150 in the U.S. in 2021.
Charming, Pretty


Keilani is a royal Hawaiian girl name derived from “kei” meaning “dignified, proud, glorious,” and “lani,” meaning “sky, heaven, spiritual, royal, noble, and aristocratic.” Keilani beautifully reflects the emotional high that parents experience when they see their baby daughter for the first time.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Heaven, sky, glorious chief, royal one
  • Pronunciation: kay-LA-nee
  • Variations: Kehlani, Kaylani, Kailani
  • Namesakes: Keilani Arelannes, an American actress best known for her role in the TV series The Fugitive and Euphoria.
  • Popularity: Keilani is a very popular name and ranked #694 in the U.S. in 2021.
Unique, Cool


Keyne is truly unique as the pronunciation sounds very close to Cain in the Bible. Keyne is said to be a boy’s name, yet Saint Keyne was a 5th-century holy woman. Either way, Keyne is a strong blue name with good historical associations.

  • Origin: Cornish
  • Meaning: Man of the eastern sky
  • Pronunciation: K-EYN
  • Variations: Keyn, Keen, Kean
  • Namesakes: John Maynard Keynes, an English economist whose work fundamentally changed the theory and practice of macroeconomics and policies of governments.
  • Popularity: Keyne is an uncommon first name, used more as a surname.
Brave, Caring


Lake stems from the old English word “lacu,” meaning “lake.” Lake was initially used as a habitational surname for someone living close to a lake. In recent years, Lake has been used as a first name and is said to symbolize the transition of life and a mirror of self-contemplation.

  • Origin: British, Anglo Saxon
  • Meaning: Body of water
  • Variations: Lacke
  • Namesakes: Lake Siegel Bell, an American actress, screenwriter, and director known for her roles in various television series, including Boston Legal and Surface.
  • Popularity: Lake is rising in popularity but remains an uncommon first name.
Wholesome, Brave


Lapis is an old Persian name that stems from lapis lazuli, a blue gemstone believed to cure many ailments. The gem is about as rare as the number of people with this gorgeous eye color, roughly 8% of the world’s population.

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: Azure blue stone
  • Variations: Lapi, Lape, Lappi
  • Popularity: Lapis is an uncommon name globally.
Unique, Spiritual


Larmina is a sweet girl’s name with Persian roots. In the Islamic faith, a name is a lifetime identity, making the meaning of Larmina all the more important. To most people, a blue sky represents the beauty of heaven, and Larmina is a reflection of that beauty.

  • Origin: Persian, Afghani
  • Meaning: Blue sky
  • Pronunciation: lam-uh-nee
  • Popularity: Larmina is a widely used name among Muslim people.
Lovely, Gorgeous


Lilac is an English name of Persian/Arabic roots and derives from the name of the lilac flower. Lilacs are beautiful bluish-purple and white flowers and only bloom after harsh winters. Like the flower, your baby girl should bloom with grace after a tough nine months in mommy’s belly.

  • Origin: English, Persian
  • Meaning: Bluish-purple, flower
  • Pronunciation: LIE-lak
  • Variations: Laylak
  • Popularity: Lilac is widely used in English-speaking countries but is uncommon.
Gorgeous, Pretty


Linna is the Nordic variation of Linn or Lina. Linna is a common Finnish and Estonian surname but is also widely used as a first name. Linna also means “free woman, warrior, lamentation” from “Lina” and “soft, mild, flexible” from “Linn.” Directly translated from Finnish, Linna means “castle” or “fortress.”

  • Origin: Swedish, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Small blue flower
  • Pronunciation: LEE-NAH
  • Variations: Linnea, Linn, Lina
  • Popularity: Linna was ranked #2 in the top 50 girl names in Germany in 2020.
Spiritual, Pretty
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There is some speculation on the exact meaning of Linnaeus. The Latin meaning is “lime tree,” derived from the Swedish name “Linden,” which in turn derives from the word “lind.” Carl Linnaeus named a species of “morning glory” flower Ipomoea Nil, where “Nil” means “blue” in Arabic. This could be the reason for citing “blue flower” as the meaning of Linneaus.

  • Origin: Swedish, Latin
  • Meaning: Blue flower, twinflower
  • Pronunciation: LI-NEE-UHS
  • Namesakes: Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist famous for devising new systems for naming and grouping all living organisms and thousands of species.
  • Popularity: Linnaeus is not a commonly used first name.
Caring, Strong


Livia is the feminine form of Livius, an ancient Roman family name. Livia is derived from the Latin “liveo, livius,” meaning “to envy, be blue, grow blue.” Livia is one of the few blue names that relate to being “blue with envy” as it should be “green with envy.” Blue relates to sadness and not jealousy or envy, so the meaning might be misleading.

  • Origin: Spanish, Latin
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Pronunciation: LEE-vya
  • Variations: Olivia, Livius, Lividus
  • Popularity: Livia ranked #774 in the U.S. in 2021 and is popular worldwide.
Charming, Beautiful


Lynae is another Scandinavian name with uncertain meaning. Lynae has the same meaning as Linnaeus, “lime or linden tree.” Perhaps Lynae is the feminine form of Linnaeus, in which case “small blue flower” would be a nice feminine touch for this soft melodic name.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Small blue flower, twinflower
  • Pronunciation: Lu-Y-AH, LAH-NAY
  • Variations: Linnaea
  • Popularity: Lynae is widely popular in Nordic countries but uncommon elsewhere.
Classic, Unique


Marlais is more common as a surname than a first name but is still rare on both accounts. Oddly enough, the highest concentration of people with the surname Marlais resides in Croatia. Perhaps Marlais, with its simple yet charming meaning, will gain more popularity in our modern technological world.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Pronunciation: Mahr-LEH
  • Namesakes: Michael Culme-Seymour, better known as Marlais, a British folk singer known for his 2016 debut album Warm at Last.
  • Popularity: Marlais is rarely used as a first name globally.
Historical, Wholesome


Mazarine was used as a first name in honor of the 17th-century Cardinal Mazarin and is a deep shade of blue that resembles royal blue. Cardinal Mazarin was a brave Italian cardinal deserving of his French name and meaning. Mazarine is a fresh take on other names ending in “rine” or “lene,” like Katherine or Marlene.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Deep blue color
  • Pronunciation: mah-ZAH-reen
  • Variations: Mazarin
  • Namesakes: Mazarine Pingeot, a French journalist, writer, and professor named after the oldest library in France, known for her first novel Premier Roman.
  • Popularity: Mazarine is a relatively new French name and is currently uncommon.
Spiritual, Brave


Minjonet is a decadent French feminine name that carries the meaning so well. Did you know there is a Christian lady’s hostel in Potchefstroom, South Africa, named Minjonet? The hostel refers to its lady residents as “Ladies with style.”

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Petite, beautiful blue flower
  • Pronunciation: Min-YO-ne
  • Popularity: Minjonet is widely used in France and French-influenced countries but uncommon elsewhere.
Beautiful, Gorgeous


Mora is steeped in history, derived from the early days of Spanish blueberry farming. Families who worked on these farms were given the surname Mora as a form of habitational and work-related identification. Although not of Irish origin, Mora as a first name is fairly common in Ireland and means “star of the sea.”

  • Origin: Latin, Roman, Spanish
  • Meaning: Blueberry
  • Pronunciation: MAWR-a
  • Variations: Maura
  • Popularity: Mora is an uncommon first name globally but is more common as a surname.
Brave, Caring


Nabhas is often used to refer to someone who is “like the blue sky.” Being closely linked to the heavens above implies a connection to higher powers, and blue is a revered color in the Hindu faith. Nabhas has a deep spiritual meaning and rates highly among boy names that mean blue.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hindu
  • Meaning: Sky, ocean, heavenly, celestial, appearing in the sky
  • Pronunciation: NAB-has
  • Popularity: Nabhas is fairly common in India but uncommon elsewhere.
Creative, Brave


Neel derives from the Latin “Cornelius,” meaning “like a horn,” and the Irish and Gaelic meaning is “champion.” The Sanskrit meaning refers to blue, which relates to Lord Vishnu. Neel is also an Old French personal name derived from the Latin Nigellus.

  • Origin: Hindu, Latin, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Sapphire blue, Lord Shiva, sky, cloud, like a horn, champion
  • Pronunciation: N-EE-L, NAYL
  • Variations: Neeltjie, Neilina, Nelly, Nel
  • Namesakes: Neel Jani, a Swiss professional Porsche factory driver famous for winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016.
  • Popularity: Neel is a fairly common name across different world regions.
Historical, Wholesome
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Neeladri is not only lovely but also profound as it directly refers to a mountainous region in southern India. Neeladri is one of the seven peaks of the Tirumala Hills. Neeladri is a stunning nature-inspired name that brings to life blue mountains in the distance.

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Hindu
  • Meaning: Nilgiris, blue mountain
  • Pronunciation: NEE-lah-dri
  • Popularity: Neeladri is widely used in India but is uncommon elsewhere.
Cool, Lovely


Nila is the short form of Danila. Meaning “dark blue, sapphire” in Sanskrit, Nila also takes on Danila’s meaning, which is “God is judge.” Nila is a charmingly short name sprinkled with grace.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Blue, dark blue
  • Pronunciation: NIL-a, NEE-la
  • Variations: Neela, Nyla, Nylah
  • Namesakes: Nila Mack, an American producer best known as the creator and director of the CBS radio series Let’s Pretend for children.
  • Popularity: Nila is popular in India and in many western countries.
Gorgeous, Unique


Nilam is a revered Hindu name due to its blue-color association. In the Hindu faith, the positive attributes of Nilam include being stable, calm, home-loving, detail-oriented, obedient, trustworthy, logical, active, organized, and responsible. Over and above the positives, Nilam is a lovely musical name that’s as sweet as Mary’s little lamb.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Blue sapphire, blue stone
  • Pronunciation: NEE-lahm
  • Variations: Nealam, Neelam, Nylam
  • Popularity: Nilam is widely used by Hindu people but uncommon in other religions and cultures.
Strong, Wholesome


Nilashri directly relates to blue, the color used to depict Lord Vishnu. Blue is a strong spiritual color in the Hindu religion and is used in the meanings of many names. Blue indicates a connection to Lord Vishnu, which makes Nilashri a name of purity and inner strength.

  • Origin: Hindu
  • Meaning: Blue beauty, loveliness, or attractiveness of blue color
  • Pronunciation: NEE-lash-ree
  • Popularity: Nilashri is widely used among people of the Hindu faith.
Lovely, Caring


Ocean is an English name from the ancient Greek Oceanus. The sea was thought to be a vast river that surrounded the entire world. If you love Greek mythology, you’ll feel at ease naming your baby after one of the oldest Greek Titans.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: O-shan
  • Namesakes: Christopher Francis Ocean, known professionally as Frank Ocean, an American singer, songwriter, and rapper noted by music critics for featuring avant-garde styles and introspective, elliptical lyrics.
  • Popularity: Ocean ranked #887 in the U.S. in 2021 and #441 in England in 2020.
Cool, Gorgeous


Oceane is the French variation of Ocean, with the same Greek origin. Like most things French, Oceane sounds more sophisticated and stylish than the everyday English word Ocean. Oceane could pass as a super fancy version of Anne, the cake-eating type.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: From the ocean
  • Pronunciation: AW-SHE-AN
  • Variations: Ocean
  • Namesakes: Océane Dodin, a French professional tennis player who reached a career-high of 46 as a singles player.
  • Popularity: Oceane ranked #98 in France in 2019 and is also very popular in Canada and other French-influenced countries.
Lovely, Charming


Odeta is said to be of Albanian and Romanian origin, derived from “deti,” meaning “blue sea.” Another origin is possibly Germanic, derived from Auda and the word “audaz,” meaning “prosperity, fortune, riches, wealth, and heiress.” Both origins have flattering meanings and leave nothing to feel blue about.

  • Origin: Albanian, Romanian
  • Meaning: Blue sea
  • Pronunciation: Ow-det-ah
  • Variations: Odette, Odetta
  • Namesakes: Odeta Nishani(born Odeta Kosova), the Albanian first lady of the 6th President of Albania, Bujar Nishani.
  • Popularity: Odeta is an uncommon name globally, while Odette is a more popular choice.
Pretty, Beautiful


Okelani has a beautiful meaning, and a baby girl is a precious gift from heaven. Okelani derives from the Hawaiian word “lani,” meaning “heaven, sky, royal.” Okelani is a melodic name that is soft, feminine, and regal, as the meaning implies.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: From heaven
  • Pronunciation: OKE-LANI, O-kie-la-nee
  • Variations: Okalanee, Okalaney, Okaloni
  • Popularity: Okelani is an uncommon name worldwide.
Historical, Creative


Okko has several origins and may relate to other names like Oscar. Okko is also used as a suffix or diminutive of other names. In Germany and France, Okko means “wealth and fortune,” while in Finnish, it means “the color of blue” or “the blue-colored person.” The English/Irish meaning of Okko is “God’s spear, deer-lover or champion warrior.”

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: The color of blue, blue colored, God’s spear, deer lover, champion warrior
  • Pronunciation: AWK-kaw
  • Popularity: Okko is an uncommon name globally.
Strong, Brave


Oldrik derives from the Old High German Uodalrich, composed of two elements that relate to homeland, territory, and being kingly and royal. “The blue hill, blue peak” could relate to a specific mountainous territory. Oldrik has gone through many spelling variations over the decades but has emerged stronger.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: The blue hill, blue peak, the power of richness
  • Pronunciation: AWLD-rik
  • Variations: Ulrich, Ulrik
  • Popularity: Oldrik is an uncommon name globally.
Unique, Cool
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Owaissa is a Native American girl name from the area of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, U.S. Owaissa also means “the song of Hiawatha,” a beautiful poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1855. The Native American folklore story “Legend of Owaissa” is one of true friendship that tugs at your heartstrings.

  • Origin: Native American, English
  • Meaning: Bluebird
  • Pronunciation: O-wai-sah
  • Namesakes: Josephine Owaissa Cottle, known professionally as Gale Storm, an American actress and singer known for her six hit songs and TV show, The Gale Storm Show.
  • Popularity: Owaissa is an uncommon name globally.
Gorgeous, Spiritual


Prairie derives from the French word “prairie,” meaning “meadow.” A prairie is an endless flow of grassland that meets the blue sky from horizon to horizon. Prairie could be that unusual nature-inspired gem that makes it onto your shortlist of blue names.

  • Origin: French, English
  • Meaning: Meadow, grassland
  • Pronunciation: preuh-ree
  • Popularity: Prairie is an uncommon name globally.
Unique, Pretty


The Hindi deity Brahmin, also known as Pushkara, was ordered by Lord Shivas to live in water. His task was to purify the rivers, hence the connection to the blue lotus. Pushkaram is an annual Indian festival dedicated to the worship of rivers. Pushkara is also a type of thorny tree that has medicinal qualities. There is a lot more packed into this ancient name that could add value to names meaning blue.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: One who gives nourishment, blue lotus, fountain
  • Pronunciation: Push-KA-RAH
  • Popularity: Pushkara is widely used in India and central Asia.
Historical, Unique


In Sanskrit, Puskar means “blue lotus flower,” and in Hindu, it means “lotus.” Unlike Pushkara, Puskar is mostly used by people of the Hindu faith. Puskar is also a Slavic name from the Baltic region and is an occupational name for a gun maker.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindu, Slavic
  • Meaning: Deepwater, water
  • Pronunciation: pus-KAR
  • Popularity: Puskar is a widely used name in India and Slavic countries.
Strong, Brave


In Chinese history, Qing can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (1600 – 1046 BC). Qing is also said to mean “clarity, to be clear, or pure,” depending on the symbols used. Qing relates to the greenish-blue aqua color of water, which is comforting and soothing.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Blue, green, young
  • Pronunciation: CHEENG
  • Namesakes: Hai Qing, a Chinese actress known for her roles in the films Finding Mr. Right and Operation Red Sea.
  • Popularity: Qing is not commonly used as a first name and appears more as a surname in Asian countries.
Lovely, Pretty


River derives from the Latin “ripa,” meaning “river bank.” The French word “riviera” is another possible origin of this nature-inspired name. Rivers are generally depicted on maps as thin blue lines that mainly connect with the blue oceans. River is one of the more refreshing blue names that could be a fantastic option for your little one.

  • Origin: Latin, English
  • Meaning: River bank, a flowing body of water
  • Pronunciation: RIV-er, RIV-uh
  • Variations: Ripa
  • Namesakes: River Jude Phoenix, an American actor, and musician known for his role in the film Stand By Me.
  • Popularity: River is widely popular and ranked #110 in the U.S. in 2021.
Strong, Beautiful


Royal derives from the Latin “rex,” meaning “ruler, king, or monarch” from “regalis,” meaning “regal, royal, king, or worthy of a king.” Royal is associated with the English word “imperial,” which can be traced back to the Latin origin of Royal. When you think Royal, you think Royal Blue, a color with a distinct purpose of elevating one’s status in society.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: A color blue, of the king
  • Pronunciation: ROI-al
  • Variations: Royale
  • Namesakes: Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor known for his microscopes that could view microorganisms with a magnification considered impossible at that time.
  • Popularity: Royal ranked #370 in the U.S. in 2021 and is widely used in English-speaking countries.
Classic, Gorgeous


Ruka is also believed to be the Middle English and Anglo-French form of Lucas. Ruka is also an Islamic girl’s name, meaning “gold.” Despite the contrasting origins and meanings, Ruka remains a charming name meaning blue.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Bright blue flower, spiritual
  • Pronunciation: ROO-kah
  • Namesakes: Ruka Matsuda, a Japanese actress known for her role as Kamen Rider in many films and TV programs.
  • Popularity: Ruka is a widely used name across cultures and languages.
Spiritual, Charming


Ruqa is very close to its variant Ruka, but the spelling and extended meaning are specific to its Arabic origin. The meaning of Ruqa carries praise and reflects an appreciation of feminine beauty.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Pretty, beautiful, one who is a bright blue flower
  • Pronunciation: ROO-kwa
  • Variations: Ruka
  • Popularity: Ruqa is widely used in Arabic regions, specifically among Muslims.
Creative, Cool


Safaia is a Polynesian Island name after the sapphire gemstone, specifically the blue sapphire. Safaia is used as a first name and surname in Malaysia and a few other regions. Safaia is an attractive nature-inspired name and might be the gem you’re looking for among names that mean blue.

  • Origin: Tongan, Polynesian
  • Meaning: Sapphire stone, blue
  • Pronunciation: SA-fai-yah
  • Variations: Safia, Safya
  • Popularity: Safaia is an uncommon name globally.
Wholesome, Gorgeous
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Sama is a delightful Arabic feminine name with concentrated use in North Africa and the Middle East among Muslims. Sama is an indirect Quranic name for girls, meaning “her status was raised,” “she became exalted,” and “she became honored.” Sama is also a Catalonian habitational name related to the blue sky.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Sky
  • Pronunciation: SA-MA
  • Popularity: Sama ranked #989 in England in 2020 and is widely used globally.
Classic, Caring


Sapphire derives from the Greek “sappheiros,” from the Hebrew “sappiyr,” meaning “blue stone, sapphire, and lapis lazuli.” These stones represent prosperity, beauty, and inner peace. Blue sapphires contain at least 85% blue hue with a 15% secondary hue, excluding a green hue or grey mask. By all accounts, Sapphire is a royal name among names meaning blue.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Greek, Latin
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Pronunciation: SAF-ie-er
  • Namesakes: Sapphire Chrystalla Elia, an English actress, model, and singer known for her roles in the musical drama Britannia High and the soap opera Emmerdale.
  • Popularity: Sapphire ranked #396 in England in 2020 and is fairly well used globally.
Spiritual, Gorgeous


Sena is a short form of the Croatian Srebrenka but has several other origins, each with different virtuous meanings. Sena is also a beautiful version of the Greek name Selene and symbolizes the power of nature, eternity, and life itself. Blue relates to heaven and the purity that mortals revere and live toward.

  • Origin: Slavic, Korean, Hindu, African
  • Meaning: This world’s beauty, grace, bringing heaven to earth
  • Pronunciation: SEE-nah, say-nah
  • Variations: Seina, Seena
  • Popularity: Sena is popular in Turkey, ranking #67 in 2021 and #461 in Germany in 2016, and is widely used globally.
Historical, Lovely


Shyam derives from the Sanskrit “syama,” meaning “black, dark-colored, dark blue, brown, grey, green, sable, having a swarthy complexion.” Shyam is the alternative name for the Hindu god Krishna who is usually portrayed with blue skin. Being associated with Lord Krishna adds spiritual value and reverence to Shyam, one of the more attractive boy names that mean blue.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Dark, black, blue
  • Pronunciation: SHY-am
  • Variations: Shyamal
  • Popularity: Shyam is very popular in India.
Cool, Strong


Sinikka stems from the Finnish “sini,” meaning “blue color.” A typical short form of Sinikka is Sina. This name-day is celebrated on the 2nd of September in Nordic countries. Sinikka became popular in the 1930s and peaked in the 80s and 90s. From 2012 records, Sinikka was carried by over 9000 Finnish women, which gives credence to names that mean blue.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Variations: Sini, Sinia
  • Namesakes: Sinikka Langeland, a Norwegian traditional folk singer and musician known for combining traditional music with elements of jazz.
  • Popularity: Sinikka is fairly common in Scandinavian countries but uncommon elsewhere.
Charming, Pretty


Skye is a modern nature-inspired name that is light and breezy. The Isle of Skye is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. The alternative spelling of the name is also shared by American singer, actress, and model Sky Ferreira.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Island of clouds
  • Pronunciation: SKIE
  • Variations: Sky
  • Namesakes: Skye Alexandra Sweetnam, a Canadian singer, actress, and music video director known for her debut single Billy S.
  • Popularity: Skye is a widely popular name in English-speaking countries.
Classic, Wholesome


Slate stems from the Middle Ages as a word derived from the French “escalate,” meaning “to split, break,” describing slate rock. Slate splinters were used to create cutting utensils and arrowheads during this time. Slate also serves to contain heat for cooking and to frame fireplaces. Slate is a modern American name that could give the more common Slater a good go.

  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Grained greenish-blue rock
  • Pronunciation: SLAYT
  • Variations: Slade
  • Popularity: Slate is an uncommon first name but more popular as a surname.
Strong, Brave


Sunilla is predominantly a Hindu girl’s name derived from the element “nila” or “neela,” which translates to “blue.” Sunilla is the feminine form of Sunil, meaning “deep dark blue,” and refers to a blue jewel belonging to Lord Vishnu. Sunilla has a spiritual connection to Lord Vishnu through the color blue.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Very blue, blue sky
  • Pronunciation: SUW-NIY-lah
  • Variations: Sunila, Suneela
  • Popularity: Sunilla is fairly common among Hindu people.
Classic, Pretty


The Aboriginal Australian meaning of Talia is straightforward. In Hebrew, the elements “tal,” meaning “dew,” and “yah,” meaning “God in heaven,” makeup Talia. Talia is a sweet feminine name with modern appeal.

  • Origin: Indigenous Australian, Hebrew
  • Meaning: By the water, gentle dew from heaven
  • Pronunciation: ta-LEE-a
  • Variations: Tahlia, Talya
  • Popularity: Talia is a widely popular name and ranked #337 in the U.S. in 2020.
Beautiful, Pretty


Tallie derives from the Irish Gaelic Tuilelaith, where “the element “tuil” means “flood, deluge” and “flaith” means “princess.” The native American meaning is derived from a river and waterfall in Georgia, and the Hebrew meaning talks about the morning dew. Water, the common element, reflects an image of the blue sky, even from the tiniest drop.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Gaelic, Native American
  • Meaning: Gentle dew from heaven, princess of abundance, leaping waters
  • Pronunciation: TAHL-lee, TAL-ee
  • Variations: Tallulah, Tula, Tulisa, Tallula, Talulla
  • Namesakes: Tallie Medel, an American actress best known for her role in the film Unspeakable Act.
  • Popularity: Tallie is widely used in English-speaking countries but is not very common.
Strong, Caring
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Teal is derived from the Middle English and Eurasian word “tele” and refers to the color of a type of duck that migrates south in winter. The Teal duck species have striking blue and green plumage patterns against teal, a low-saturated bluish-green or greyish color. Teal is framed in vivid green and blue, which is visually satisfying.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Greenish blue color
  • Pronunciation: TEEL
  • Variations: Teel, Teale
  • Popularity: Teal is widely used in English-speaking countries but is not very common.
Strong, Brave


Thanh is a Sino-Vietnamese name that also means “brilliant blue” and “delicate sky.” In writing, Thanh could also mean “sound, voice, tone,” depending on the symbols used. If you’re looking for an unusual yet simple name, Thanh could be a keeper.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Blue, green, young
  • Pronunciation: TIENG, TAN
  • Popularity: Thanh is a very popular name among Vietnamese and some Chinese people in the region but is uncommon in other cultures.
Caring, Wholesome


Turquoise is derived from the French “pierre turquois,” meaning “Turkish stone,” a blueish-green gemstone from the Ottoman Empire. Turquoise is very similar in color to Aqua, but Persian turquoise, named “robin’s egg blue” or “sky blue” is the accepted measure to determine its quality. Turquoise has some interesting nickname possibilities and might be worth a closer look.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Turkish, light blue-green color
  • Pronunciation: TUR-KWOYZ
  • Popularity: Turquoise is a rare name globally.
Historical, Classic


Ulanni is a variation of U’i lani and relates to beauty. Oddly enough, Ulani with one “n” means “cheerful” and is fairly well used in the U.S. Ulanni is another melodic “U” name of Polynesian origin that’s right up there with the best blue names.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Heavenly beauty
  • Pronunciation: yoo-LAHN-nee
  • Variations: Ui lani
  • Popularity: Ulanni is on the top trending baby Girl names list in the U.S.
Unique, Creative


In Greek mythology, Urania was one of the nine goddesses of music, song, and dance. Derived from the ancient Greek Ouranos, Urania was later titled the muse of astronomy and astronomical writings. Urania is a decadent yet heavenly name for a dearly loved baby princess.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Heavenly
  • Pronunciation: yoo-RAY-nee-ah
  • Popularity: Urania is not a very common name.
Lovely, Spiritual


Urdin derives from the Basque word for “blue.” The Basque were an ethnic group in southwestern Europe, hence the Spanish origin. Urdin is also a surname found in France, Spain, and Spanish-influenced countries. Urdin is an old but strong masculine “U” name that compliments other names that mean blue.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Pronunciation: ooh-r-din
  • Popularity: Urdin is an uncommon name globally.
Historical, Classic


Viorel stems from the Romanian word for the alpine squill or sweet violet flower, which is ultimately derived from the Latin “viola.” Viorel is a gorgeous nature-inspired name associated with the tranquil blue hue of violet flowers.

  • Origin: Romanian, Latin
  • Meaning: Bluebell flower, sweet violet flower
  • Pronunciation: Vio-rel
  • Variations: Viorea
  • Namesakes: Viorel Simion, a Romanian professional boxer known for his bronze medal achievement at the 2005 World Championships.
  • Popularity: Viorel is a common name in Romania but rare elsewhere.
Gorgeous, Creative


Yahto is a Native American boy’s name that simply means “blue,” possibly derived from the color of the wide-open blue skies of the flatlands. Some scholars suggest Yahto is a Sioux name, while others say Lakota, and some assume a Hebrew origin. Yahto is a charming male name fit for royalty.

  • Origin: Lakota Native American
  • Meaning: Blue
  • Pronunciation: YAA-tow
  • Variations: Yahtoe, Yahtow, Yahtowe
  • Namesakes: Yahto Kraft, a South African singer-songwriter best known as a stand-out contestant on season 3 of The Voice South Africa.
  • Popularity: Yahto is not a common name globally.
Lovely, Wholesome


Zeru derives from the Basque word for “sky.” Zeru is also a common name in Eritrea and Ethiopia, used in their respective languages, Tigrigna and Amarigna. It means “his seed” or “his offspring,” referring to God.

  • Origin: Basque
  • Meaning: Sky
  • Pronunciation: seh-ROO
  • Popularity: Zeru is an uncommon name globally.
Beautiful, Spiritual


Žydrūnas is linked to lapis lazuli, the intense blue or azure gemstone derived from the Old Persian “lazavard,” meaning “stone of heaven.” Lapis lazuli is a rare gemstone prized for its alluring beauty. If you’re having a boy, consider Žydrūnas to complete your shortlist of names meaning blue.

  • Origin: Old Persian
  • Meaning: Light blue
  • Pronunciation: ZYH-dru-nas
  • Namesakes: Žydrūnas Savickas, a Lithuanian powerlifter and professional strongman considered the greatest strength athlete of all time.
  • Popularity: Žydrūnas is mostly used in Lithuania but is uncommon.
Strong, Caring
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Blue Names FAQs

What Name Means Sky Blue?

Several names mean “sky blue,” including the Old Persian name Azure and its Spanish and French variation Azurine, both related to lapis lazuli, a cyan blue or sky-blue gemstone. Gökçe is a rare Turkish option, and the amended Mongolian meaning includes “sky blue” and “sky goddess.” Turquoise is an attractive French masculine name as the Persian turquoise, named “robin’s egg blue” or “sky blue,” is used to determine turquoise quality.

What Name Means Blue Flower?

The Scandinavian feminine name Linna means “small blue flower” but also means “castle” or “fortress.” Linnaeus, Lynae, Minjonet, Ruka, and Ruqa are other names that mean “blue flower.” Some of the meanings derive from Arabic and Latin words, which give rise to the meaning “blue flower.”

What Name Means Blue Fire?

Azula is a typical American modern fictional name given to the Princess of the Blue Flame, one of the leading characters in the Avatar, The Last Airbender series. Azula derives from Spanish, Portuguese and Galician “azul”, meaning “blue.”

What Name Means Blue Eyes?

The old English name Blue means “blue, blue-colored, to shine, flash, or light-colored” and usually refers to babies born with blue eyes. Another name that means “blue eyes” is the Dakota Native American unisex name, Hinto. Blue-eyed babies were a rare occurrence among the Dakota people in the early days, and the Indigenous American people would name their children after rare events or sightings at the time of birth.

Is Blue A Unisex Name?

Yes, Blue is a unisex name and can be used for any gender. It stems from Old English and Proto-Germanic words that relate specifically to the color blue. Blue is a gorgeous color offering a myriad of beautiful meanings and connotations.

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