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100 Cool U Names for Boys

Discover the ultimate boy names that start with U, from the recognizable to the ancient and uncharted.

Most of us would be hard-pressed to come up with ten boy names that start with U on the spot. What if you had to list 100 U names for boys? There’s only so much research you can do without exhausting yourself quickly.

Well, you don’t have to study for endless hours because we’ve compiled a list of 100 male names that start with U just for you. You’ll find every kind of U name available, from ancient biblical names to offbeat cultural traditions and modern inventions. You’ll come away knowing every aspect, from origin and meaning to variation.

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100 Best Male Names That Start with U

Become a pro with boy names that start with U.


While Ua is a Native American boy’s name meaning “true wife,” it sometimes appears as Uà in Vietnamese. In Vietnamese, Ua means “wow” and “show surprise.”

  • Origin: Native American, Vietnamese
  • Meaning: True wife
  • Pronunciation: YUW-aey
  • Popularity: Ua is rare worldwide, mainly used in India, and ranked 773rd in Vietnam in 2014.
Unusual, Rare


Uaithne comes from the Gaelic “uaine” and Old Irish “úanne,” meaning “green.” In Irish mythology, Uaithne represents the Dagda’s harp, but also means “wood,” “work,” “pillar,” or “harmony.” Uatihne has no available popularity statistics as a name, but the Uaithni were an early Irish people based in medieval Limerick.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Green
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-AETH-nee
  • Variations: Uaethne, Uathne, Uaythne
Rare, Ancient


Ualan means “strong” and is a Scottish derivative of the English Valentine. It’s one of many Gaelic-based boy names that start with U, referring to “one who is strong and healthy.”

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Healthy
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-AH-lahn
  • Variations: Uailean
  • Popularity: Ualan is extremely rare worldwide, with 75 known occurrences in 2014, primarily in Brazil.
Masculine, Strong


Uarkhag has its roots in Ossetian mythology and means “like a wolf,” from the Scythian “varka,” meaning “wolf.” Uarkhag is the ancestor of the Narts in the Ossetian epic.

  • Origin: Russian, Ossetian
  • Meaning: Like a wolf
  • Pronunciation: Unknown
  • Variations: Uark Hag
  • Popularity: Uarkhag is extremely rare worldwide, with only seven known occurrences in 2014 in Russia.
Strong, Unusual


Uasilla is an alternative spelling for Hory-Uacilla, a name used for Saint Elijah in Ossetian culture. It’s also the title of an agricultural holiday taking place after Pentecost. In Ossetian mythology, Uacilla is the thunderer and lord of storms, while this version of Oscilla has no popularity stats.

  • Origin: Ossentian
  • Meaning: God of thunder
  • Pronunciation: Oow-AHT-sihl-Ah
  • Variations: Uacilla
Unique, Ancient


Uatu is one of a few fictional male names that start with U on the list. Uatu is also known as The Watcher, a fictional character appearing in stories by Marvel Comics. Uatu first appeared in The Fantastic Four and has barely been used outside the comic world.

  • Origin: Fictional
  • Meaning: The watcher
  • Pronunciation: Uw-AH-tuw
  • Popularity: Uatu is extremely rare worldwide, with just six known occurrences in 2014, mostly in India.
Cool, Modern


Ubaldo is an Italian variation of the Old German Hugbald, related to Hugo. It’s made up of “hugu,” meaning “mind” and “thought,” plus “bald,” meaning “brave” and “bold.” Ubaldo is also a rare Spanish surname primarily known in the Philippines and Mexico.

  • Origin: Italian, Spanish
  • Meaning: Bold mind
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-BAAL-doh
  • Variations: Uboldo, Ubald
  • Namesakes: Ubaldo Ranzi, an Italian decathlete and gold medalist at the 1999 FIBT World Championships. Ubaldo Righetti, an Italian footballer for A.S. Roma.
  • Popularity: Ubaldo is rare worldwide and mainly used in Mexico, ranking 466th in 2014.
Unique, Unusual


Ubbe is a diminutive of Germanic names like Ulfr, Wolfhard, and Urbanus. Ubbe first belonged to a 9th-century ruler of the mighty Viking army.

  • Origin: German, Norse
  • Meaning: Wolf, unfriendly
  • Pronunciation: OOW-bah
  • Variations: Ubba
  • Popularity: Ubbe is extremely rare worldwide, with 75 known occurrences in 2014, primarily in Germany.
Masculine, Unique


Uberto is the Italian equivalent of the German Hubert, meaning “bright mind.” It’s composed of the Germanic “hugu,” meaning “spirit,” and “beraht,” meaning “bright.” Uberto can appear as everything from Abert and Ulberto to Umberto and Obert.

  • Origin: Italian, German
  • Meaning: Bright or shining intellect
  • Pronunciation: UW-BEHR-toh
  • Variations: Umberto
  • Namesakes: Uberto Zanolli, an Italian-Mexican composer and the Orquesta de Cámara de la ENP-UNAM director from 1972 to 1994. Uberto Pasolini, an Italian film producer known for The Full Monty (1997).
  • Popularity: Uberto is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Italy, where it ranked 1,714th in 2014.
Informal, Uncommon


Ubirajara derives from the Brazilian-Tupi language, meaning “lord of the spear.” It’s made up of “ybyra,” meaning “stick” or “spear,” and “îara,” meaning “lord” and “master.” Ubirajara also refers to an ancient Brazilian dinosaur and an 1874 novel by José de Alencar.

  • Origin: Brazilian, Tupi
  • Meaning: Lord of the spear
  • Pronunciation: Uw-BIY-raa-Jah-raa
  • Popularity: Ubirajara is rare worldwide and mainly used in Brazil, ranking 1,113rd in 2014.
Masculine, Formal
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Uche means “thoughts” and “wisdom” in the Nigerian-Igbo language, but also means “intention,” “will,” or “sense.” It’s often a diminutive for Uchechukwu and Uchendu.

  • Origin: Nigerian, Igbo
  • Meaning: Thinker
  • Pronunciation: Uw-CHEAY
  • Namesakes: Uche Nduka, a Nigerian-American writer awarded the Association of Nigerian Authors Prize for Poetry in 1997. Uche Iheruome, a Nigerian football player for Thanh Hóa.
  • Popularity: Uche is rare worldwide and primarily used in Nigeria, where it ranked 134th in 2014.
Traditional, Informal


Udo is a Germanic nickname for Ulric and Otto, meaning “heritage” and “one with great fortune.” Udo also means “peace” in the Nigerian-Igbo language.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Heritage
  • Pronunciation: UW-Dow
  • Variations: Uto
  • Namesakes: Udo Kier, a German actor known for Shadow of the Vampire (2000). Udo Hempel, a German road and track cyclist and gold medalist at the 1972 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Udo is rare worldwide and mostly used in Germany, ranking 156th in 2014.
Cute, Informal


Uduak is quite popular in Nigeria, meaning “desire or will” in Ibibio, a language spoken in southern Nigeria. Outside of Nigeria, Uduak is among the rarest U names for boys.

  • Origin: Nigerian, Ibibio
  • Meaning: Desire
  • Pronunciation: UW-doo-Ahk
  • Popularity: Uduak is rare worldwide and mainly used in Nigeria, where it ranked 377th in 2014.
Unique, Traditional


Ueli means “rich, powerful heritage,” as the Swiss form of Ulrich. It’s made up of the Germanic “uodal,” meaning “heritage” and “rihhi,” meaning “powerful” and “mighty.”

  • Origin: Swiss
  • Meaning: Rich heritage
  • Pronunciation: UW-liy
  • Namesakes: Ueli Maurer, a member of the Swiss Federal Council from 2009 to 2022. Ueli Sutter, a Swiss cyclist who competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Ueli is rare worldwide and primarily used in Switzerland, ranking 171st in 2014.
Unusual, Informal


Uew may look like one of the strangest boy names with U, but it has many possible origins. It’s linked to a Frisian variation of Old German names beginning with “Ul-,” “Ud-,” or “Od-.” Some associate Uew with the Scandinavian Ove, meaning “inheritance” or “edge of a sword.”

  • Origin: German, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Heritage
  • Pronunciation: YUW
  • Namesakes: Uwe Freiler, a German footballer for FC 08 Homburg. Uwe Hüser, a German member of the Bundestag from 1987 to 1990.
  • Popularity: Uew is extremely rare worldwide, with just five known occurrences in 2014, mostly in Malaysia and Thailand.
Rare, Unusual


Ufuk is a unisex Turkish name meaning “horizon.” It’s based on the Arabic “ufuq,” which has the same meaning and is most typical in Turkey.

  • Origin: Turkish, Arabic
  • Meaning: Horizon
  • Pronunciation: Uw-FOOK
  • Namesakes: Ufuk Sarıca, a Turkish basketball player and current head coach of Pınar Karşıyaka. Ufuk Bayraktar, a Turkish actor appearing in Destiny (2006).
  • Popularity: Ufuk is rare worldwide and mainly used in Turkey, where it ranked 306th in 2014.
Unique, Traditional


Ugene is an unconventional take on Eugene. It originated as the Greek “eugenēs,” meaning “well-born,” when composed of “eu,” meaning “well,” and “genos,” meaning “stock.”

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Pronunciation: Uw-JHIYN
  • Variations: Eugene
  • Popularity: Ugène is extremely rare worldwide, with just one known occurrence in 2014 in Belgium.
Rare, Ancient


Ugo is a distinctly Italian form of Hugo taken from the Old German “hugu,” meaning “heart,” “mind,” and “spirit.” Its diminutive is Ugolino in Italian, but it is also a Nigerian-Igbo name.

  • Origin: Italian, Spanish
  • Meaning: Mind
  • Pronunciation: YUW-goh
  • Variations: Hugo
  • Namesakes: Ugo Tognazzi, an Italian actor known for Barbarella (1968). Ugo Gabrieli, an Italian footballer for Martina.
  • Popularity: Ugo is rare worldwide and primarily used in Italy, ranking 189th in 2014.
Cute, Informal


Uğur means “luck” in Turkish and is occasionally used for girls too. It also points to a “good omen” for your blessed baby boy.

  • Origin: Turkish, Azerbaijani
  • Meaning: Good luck
  • Pronunciation: UWJHS
  • Namesakes: Uğur Dündar, a Turkish journalist and anchorman for Star TV. Uğur Pektaş, a Turkish actor best known for the series Arka Sokaklar.
  • Popularity: Uğur is rare worldwide and mostly used in Turkey, where it ranked 64th in 2014.
Masculine, Unique


Uhtread is sometimes related to the Old English “raed,” meaning “counsel,” but its exact origins are unclear. It shows up alongside the variation Wihtred and the similar surname Oughtred.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Advice
  • Pronunciation: UW-Trehd
  • Namesakes: Uhtred, the Welsh Bishop of Llandaff from 1140 to 1148. Uhtred mac Fergus, the Scottish Lord of Galloway from 1161 to 1174.
  • Popularity: Uhtred is extremely rare worldwide, with just four known occurrences in 2014.
Unusual, Rare
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Uhuru means “freedom” in Swahili, as well as “independence.” It pops up as the Uhuru Movement, founded in 1972 and led by the African People’s Socialist Party.

  • Origin: African, Swahili
  • Meaning: Freedom
  • Pronunciation: Uw-HUW-roo
  • Variations: Uhura
  • Namesakes: Uhuru Hamiter, an American football player for the New Orleans Saints. Uhuru Kenyatta, the fourth president of Kenya from 2013 to 2022.
  • Popularity: Uhuru is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Kenya.
Cool, Unique


You may never link Uilliam to Liam, but it’s an obscure medieval version of William, meaning “strong-willed warrior” and “protector.” Uilliam is associated with the Frankish Willahelm, meaning “helmet of will.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Helmet of will
  • Pronunciation: UW-liy-Aem
  • Variations: William
  • Popularity: Uilliam is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Brazil.
Ancient, Rare


Ùisdean derives from the Old Norse Eysteinn, made up of “ei,” meaning “forever,” and “steinn,” meaning “stone.” Some believe it to be a version of Hugh. Ùisdean doesn’t register on the worldwide popularity scale.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Intelligent
  • Pronunciation: UWS-Deeyn
  • Variations: Hùisdean
  • Namesakes: Ùisdean MacIllFhinnein (known as Hugh Dan MacLennan), a Scottish broadcaster with BBC Radio nan Gaidheal. Uisdean MacDonald (also known as High MacDonald), a Scottish vice-chairman of the Scottish National Party in 1969.
Unusual, Rare


U-Jin uses the Korean boy’s name Jin, meaning “jewel” or “truth, and sometimes appears as Yu-jin. It can also mean “abundant” and “valuable.”

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Genuine, blessing
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-JIHN
  • Variations: Yu-Jin
  • Namesakes: Kim U-jin, a Korean writer known for the poem Theory of Life and Death.
  • Popularity: U-Jin is rare worldwide and mostly used in South Korea, where it ranked 38th in 2014.
Traditional, Unique


Ukiah is best known as a town in Mendocino County, California, founded by Pomo Indians. Ukiah relates to the Pomo “yokoyo,” meaning “deep valley,” and sounds hip yet unique for modern baby boys.

  • Origin: Native American, Pomo
  • Meaning: Deep valley
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-KAEY-aa
  • Variations: Ukia, Ukya, Ukyah
  • Popularity: Ukiah is very rare worldwide and mainly used in Indonesia.
Ancient, Unique


Ukko refers to a “grandfather” or “old man” in Finnish. It was first inspired by Uku, the god of the sky, harvest, and thunder in Finnish and Estonian mythology.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Grandfather
  • Pronunciation: YUW-Kow
  • Variations: Ucco, Ucko, Uco, Uko
  • Namesakes: Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, a Finnish ice hockey player for the Buffalo Sabres.
  • Popularity: Ukko is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Finland, ranking 1,525th in 2014.
Informal, Cute


Uladzimir is the Belarusian equivalent to Vladimir, based on the Old Slavic Volodiměrŭ. It was originally composed of “vladět,” meaning “to rule” or “master,” and “mir,” meaning “peace.” Uladzimir means “to rule with greatness” and is one of many guy names that start with U with an alternative spelling.

  • Origin: Belarusian, Slavic
  • Meaning: To rule peacefully
  • Pronunciation: Uw-LAHD-sih-Mear
  • Variations: Vladimir
  • Namesakes: Uladzimir Navumau, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus from 2000 to 2009. Uladzimir Karatkievich, a Belarusian writer known for the 1964 novel King Stakh’s Wild Hunt.
  • Popularity: Uladzimir is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Belarus, where it ranked 791st in 2014.
Formal, Strong


Ulderico is a fancy Italian version of Ulric, based on the Old German Uodalrich. It’s composed of “audaz,” meaning “homeland” and “rīkijaz,” meaning “royal.” Ulderico means “the power of richness,” inspired by the German Saint Ulrich, the 10th-century Bishop of Augsburg.

  • Origin: Italian, German
  • Meaning: Merciful ruler
  • Pronunciation: Uhl-deh-RIYK-ow
  • Variations: Uldericco
  • Namesakes: Ulderico Pesce, an Italian actor known for Passannante (2011).
  • Popularity: Ulderico is very rare worldwide and mainly used in Italy, ranking 1,052nd in 2014.
Fancy, Formal


Ulf comes from the Old Norse “úlfr,” meaning “wolf.” It was first used in 11th-century Sweden, and Ulf’s female equivalent is Ylva.

  • Origin: German, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Wolf
  • Pronunciation: AUHLF
  • Variations: Ulv
  • Namesakes: Ulf Samuelsson, a Swedish-American ice hockey assistant coach for the Florida Panthers. Ulf Pilgaard, a Danish actor known for Farligt venskab (1995).
  • Popularity: Ulf is rare worldwide and primarily used in Sweden, where it ranked 23rd in 2023.
Masculine, Cute


Ulfin’s meaning is officially unknown, but it may relate to the Scandinavian “ulf,” meaning “wold.” Ulfin is also a prominent surname in Asia, where 75% of those with the surname Ulfin reside.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: AULF-ihn
  • Variations: Ulf
  • Popularity: Ulfin is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Indonesia.
Rare, Unusual
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Ulfric is composed of the Nose “ulf,” meaning “wolf,” and “ric,” meaning “ruler.” It may also refer to “the king of the elves” and may be an Old Swedish variant of Ulfrikr. Ulfric’s only popularity statistics exist with Ulfrick only used once in Russia in 2014.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Norse
  • Meaning: Wolf ruler
  • Pronunciation: AUL-frik
  • Variations: Ulfrik, Ulfrick
Strong, Rare


Úlfur most directly means “wolf” in Icelandic and is a variation of Ulfr. It’s made up of the Old Norse “úlfr,” but can refer to someone “as fierce as a wolf” too.

  • Origin: Icelandic
  • Meaning: Wolf
  • Pronunciation: AULF-ehr
  • Variations: Ulfer
  • Namesakes: Úlfur Hansson, an Icelandic songwriter named the 2013 Young Composer of the Year at the International Rostrum of Composers,
  • Popularity: Úlfur is extremely rare worldwide, with 20 known occurrences in 2014, mainly in Iceland, ranking 1,689th.
Traditional, Unusual


Uli means “young” as the short form of multiple Scandinavian U names for boys beginning with “Ul-.” It also relates to the Latin “ursus,” meaning “little bear,” but is best known for meaning “rich, powerful heritage.”

  • Origin: German, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Young
  • Pronunciation: UW-liy
  • Variations: Ulli, Ulie, Ueli
  • Namesakes: Uli Kusch, a German heavy metal drummer for Helloween. Uli Edel, a German director known for the 1996 TV movie Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny.
  • Popularity: Uli is rare worldwide and mostly used in Germany, ranking 679th in 2014.
Cute, Informal


Ulick is a super obscure Gaelic boy’s name meaning “little William,” based on the Irish Uilleac and Uilleag. It’s linked to the Old Norse Hugleikr, meaning “spirit play,” and is among the names for boys that start with U based on Hugo.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Little William
  • Pronunciation: YUW-lihk
  • Variations: Ulic, Ulik, Ulyc, Ulyck, Ulyk
  • Namesakes: Ulick Burke, an Irish Teachta Dála for Galway East from 2007 to 2011. Ulick Lupede, a French footballer for C.O. Saint-Saturnin Arche.
  • Popularity: Ulick is rare worldwide and primarily used in Ireland, where it ranked 1,857th in 2014.
Unique, Cute


Ulloriaq is primarily Greenlandic and comes from the Eskimo-Aleut Uvdloriak, meaning “star.” It uses the root “uvlu,” meaning “morning,” referring to anyone who’s “star-like,” like your shining baby boy.

  • Origin: Greenlandic
  • Meaning: Star
  • Pronunciation: Uw-LOHR-iy-Ak
  • Variations: Uloriaq, Uloryaq
  • Popularity: Ulloriaq is extremely rare worldwide, with 17 known occurrences in 2014, mainly in Greenland.
Unusual, Rare


Ulmer originated as a German surname for someone “from the city of Ulm.” It’s also associated with the German “dolmar,” made up of “odal,” meaning “inherited property,” and “mār,” meaning “famous.”

  • Origin: Norse, German
  • Meaning: Famous wolf
  • Pronunciation: AHL-Mer
  • Variations: Ullmer, Ulmar
  • Popularity: Ulmer is very rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Masculine, Strong


Like Ulmer, Ulmo means “from Ulm” in Germany. The character of Ulmo is also known as King of the Sea among the Ainur in a Tolkien-focused Dungeons & Dragons. Ulmo is, therefore, not alone among fiction-based boy names that start with U.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: From Ulm
  • Pronunciation: UHL-Mow
  • Variations: Ulmer
  • Popularity: Ulmo is extremely rare worldwide, with just 11 known occurrences in 2014, mostly in Indonesia.
Rare, Unusual


Ülo comes from the ancient Finnish Ilo, meaning “joy,” and is also linked to the Estonian “ülev,” meaning “noble.” In German, Ülo means “the blade of a harpoon or lance.”

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: Joy, noble
  • Pronunciation: UW-low
  • Namesakes: Ülo Mattheus, an Estonian writer and press consultant for the Riigikogu from 2005 to 2013. Ülo Varul, an Estonian basketball player for the Estonia men’s national basketball team.
  • Popularity: Ülo is very rare worldwide and mainly used in Nigeria.
Cute, Unique


Ulric derives from the Old English Wulfric, composed of “wulf,” meaning “wolf,” and “ric,” meaning “rule.” It also means “power of the home,” based on the Old German Uodalrich, meaning “rich heritage.”

  • Origin: English, German
  • Meaning: Power of the wolf
  • Pronunciation: UHL-rik
  • Variations: Ullric, Ulrick, Ulrik, Ulryck
  • Namesakes: Ulric Browne, an English actor known for the soap opera EastEnders. Ulric Nisbet, an English writer of Thoughts on the Purpose of Art (1934).
  • Popularity: Ulric is very rare worldwide, primarily used in the U.S., and ranked 467th in Barbados in 2014.
Strong, Traditional


Ultan means “a man from Ulster” in Northern Ireland. It inspired St. Ultan’s Hospital, the first hospital for infants in Ireland, and was previously used for 18 Irish saints.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Man from Ulster
  • Pronunciation: UHL-Tahn
  • Variations: Ulltan, Ulltann, Ultann, Ulttan
  • Namesakes: Ultan Cooke, an Irish head chef awarded a Michelin star for his work at Aniar in Galway. Ultan Dillane, an Irish rugby union player for La Rochelle.
  • Popularity: Ultan is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Ireland, where it ranked 727th in 2014.
Masculine, Uncommon
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Ultron means “avenger” in ancient Latin, but was only used as a surname by one person in South Africa in 2014. Ultron is a villainous character in Marvel Comics and first appeared in The Avengers. Ultron rules over clones of himself called Ultron Drones, which makes a fine story for your little Ultron to tell.

  • Origin: Latin, Fictional
  • Meaning: Avenger
  • Pronunciation: UHL-trohn
Cool, Modern


Ulugbek is made up of “Ulug,” meaning “great,” and “bek,” meaning “leader.” It can refer to the “greatest of the leaders” and “the great king.” Ulugbek is inspired by Ulugh Beg, a 15th-century sultan, while Ulugbek is a town in the Tashkent Region of Uzbekistan.

  • Origin: Uzbek, Turkish
  • Meaning: Great king
  • Pronunciation: UHL-ugg-Bek
  • Variations: Ulug’bek
  • Namesakes: Ulugbek Rashitov, an Uzbekistan taekwondo practitioner and gold medalist at the 2020 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Ulugbek is rare worldwide and mainly used in Uzbekistan, ranking 19th in 2014.
Common, Strong


Ulysses is the Latin spelling of the Greek Odysseus, meaning “epic voyage” or “adventure.” It’s best known as the hero of Homer’s Odyssey and the main character in James Joyce’s Ulysses.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Wrathful
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-LIHS-iyz
  • Variations: Ulices, Ulyssees
  • Namesakes: Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th president of the U.S. from 1869 to 1877. Ulysses Cuadra, an American actor known for the series Rocket Power.
  • Popularity: Ulysses is rare worldwide, primarily used in the U.S., and ranked 1,375th in the Philippines in 2014.
Cool, Masculine


Umar is a commonly used variation of Omar, meaning “prospering,” “thriving,” and “flourishing.” It’s composed of the Arabic “umr,” meaning “lifetime,” and “amara,” meaning “to live long.”

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Prospering
  • Pronunciation: UW-Maar
  • Variations: Omar, Omer
  • Namesakes: Umar Mustafa Al-Muntassar, the prime minister of Libya from 1987 to 1990. Umar Wirahadikusumah, the 4th vice-president of Indonesia from 1983 to 1988.
  • Popularity: Umar ranked 387th worldwide and is mostly used in Nigeria, where it ranked 8th in 2014.
Popular, Traditional


Umberto means “renowned warrior” as an Italian variation of the German Humbert. It’s made up of the Old German “han,” meaning “warrior,” and “berhtl,” meaning “bright.”

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Famous
  • Pronunciation: Uwm-BEHRT-oh
  • Variations: Uberto
  • Namesakes: Umberto Eco, an Italian writer known for the 1980 novel The Name of the Rose. Umberto Panerai, an Italian water polo player and silver medalist at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Umberto is rare worldwide and mainly used in Italy, ranking 109th in 2014.
Traditional, Common


Umbriel is one of the created male names that start with U, brought into existence by a writer. English poet Alexander Pope named a melancholy sprite Umbriel in the 1712 poem, The Rape of the Lock. It may be based on the Latin “umbra,” meaning “shadow,” and is also a moon of Uranus, named in honor of the poet.

  • Origin: Latin, Fictional
  • Meaning: Shadow
  • Pronunciation: UHM-Bree-ehl
  • Popularity: Umbriel is extremely rare worldwide, with just six known occurrences in 2014, primarily in Brazil.
Modern, Unusual


Umid means “hope” in Uzbek as derived from the Persian “omid.” Its other meanings include “expectation,” “wish,” “desire,” and “trust.” Umid isn’t found much outside Uzbekistan but is quite popular there for hopeful boys.

  • Origin: Uzbek
  • Meaning: Hope
  • Pronunciation: UW-Mihd
  • Variations: Umit
  • Namesakes: Umid Irgashev, an Uzbek actor known for Oqpadar (2012). Umid Isoqov, an Uzbek footballer for Neftchi Farg’ona.
  • Popularity: Umid is rare worldwide and mostly used in Uzbekistan, where it ranked 21st in 2014.
Unique, Traditional


Umran is somewhat associated with other Arabic-based boys’ names with U, like Umar. It means “prosperity” and “populated” and is a Turkish magazine founded in 1991.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Exalted nation
  • Pronunciation: UWM-raan
  • Namesakes: Umran İnan, the Turkish president of Koç University from 2009 to 2021. Umran Malik, an Indian cricketer for the Indian national cricket team.
  • Popularity: Umran is very rare worldwide and mainly used in Indonesia.
Strong, Uncommon


Umut means “hope” in Turkish, while it means “wonder” in Kurdish. In Turkey, it’s unisex but more popular for boys.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Hope
  • Pronunciation: UW-Muht
  • Variations: Umit, Umitt, Umutt
  • Namesakes: Umut Atakişi, a Turkish chess player and three-time Turkish Chess Champion. Umut Aral, a Turkish director known for the series The Protector.
  • Popularity: Umut is rare worldwide, primarily used in Turkey, and ranked 200th in Northern Cyprus in 2014.
Unique, Uncommon


Unaduti is taken from the Cherokee “unddena,” meaning “wooly” and “duti,” meaning “head.” It also describes a “bushy head” and isn’t on the popularity charts. Unaduti is inspired by Dennis W. Bushyhead, a mixed Cherokee chief based in Tennessee.

  • Origin: Native American, Cherokee
  • Meaning: Wooly head
  • Pronunciation: Uw-naa-DUW-tiy
Ancient, Unusual
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Unathi originally meant “he or she is with us” in the South African Xhosa language. It’s based on the prefix “u-,” meaning “he/she” and “nathi,” meaning “with us.” Unathi has come to mean “God is with us,” especially for those in Zimbabwe.

  • Origin: South African, Xhosa
  • Meaning: God is with us
  • Pronunciation: Uw-NAE-Thiy
  • Variations: Unathee, Unathey, Unathie, Unathy
  • Popularity: Unathi is rare worldwide and mostly used in South Africa, ranking 573rd in 2014.
Cute, Unique


In European mythology, Undine refers to “elemental beings of the water,” like sea nymphs. It’s linked to the Latin “unda,” meaning “wave,” and was officially a name when Swiss author Paracelsus used it in his book.

  • Origin: Latin, Fictional
  • Meaning: Of the waves
  • Pronunciation: UHN-Diyn
  • Variations: Ondine
  • Popularity: Undine is very rare worldwide, mainly used in Germany, and ranked 536th in Barbados in 2014.
Ancient, Fancy


Unika originated with the South African Ngoni tribe, where it means “shine” and “glitter.” It’s associated with the Latin “unicus,” meaning “unique,” for your one-of-a-kind baby boy.

  • Origin: African, Ngoni
  • Meaning: Shining
  • Pronunciation: Uw-NIY-kaa
  • Variations: Unikah
  • Popularity: Unika is very rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Rare, Unusual


Unique dates back to the Latin “unicus,” made up of “ūnus,” meaning “one,” and “-icus,” meaning “unique.” Unique is a wonderful middle name that lets everyone know your little one is “unlike anything else.”

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Only one
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-NIYK
  • Variations: Unik
  • Namesakes: Unique Salonga (known as Unique), a Filipino singer-songwriter and member of the group IV of Spades.
  • Popularity: Unique is very rare worldwide, mostly used in DR Congo, and ranked 1,818th in Malawi in 2014.
Cool, Modern


Uno is one of the guy names that start with U, appearing in many countries. It comes from the Old Norse Une and relates to the Latin “unus,” meaning “one.” In Japanese, Uno means “roof” and “field.”

  • Origin: Latin, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: One
  • Pronunciation: UW-Nouw
  • Variations: Unno
  • Namesakes: Uno Hildén, a member of the Parliament of Finland from 1936 to 1945. Uno Öhrlund, a Swedish ice hockey player and silver medalist at the 1964 Winter Olympics.
  • Popularity: Uno is rare worldwide, mainly used in Sweden, and ranked 357th in Estonia in 2014.
Cool, Unusual


Unwin derives from the Old English Hūnwine, meaning “bear cub friend.” Some link it to the Old English “unwine,” meaning “unfriend,” while it’s also a variation of the Welsh Hennion.

  • Origin: English, Welsh
  • Meaning: Bear cub friend
  • Pronunciation: AON-Wihn
  • Variations: Unwinn, Unwinne, Unwyne, Unwynn
  • Namesakes: Unwin Brown, an English drummer and member of the folk band Trees.
  • Popularity: Unwin is extremely rare worldwide, with 21 known occurrences in 2014, primarily in Papua New Guinea.
Ancient, Unique


Uolevi comes from the Old Norse Ólafr, meaning everything from “to shine” and “elf” to “legacy of ancestors.” It’s said to be the original name for St. Olaf, the king of Norway, from 1015 to 1028.

  • Origin: Finnish, Norse
  • Meaning: Descendent, ancestor
  • Pronunciation: UW-aa-Leh-viy
  • Variations: Uolevee, Uolevey, Uolevie, Uolevy
  • Namesakes: Uolevi Kahelin, a Finnish weightlifter who competed at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Uolevi Raade, a Finnish industrialist and managing director of the Neste oil company.
  • Popularity: Uolevi is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Finland, where it ranked 827th in 2014.
Ancient, Strong


Upton is an English variation of Upperton, which first appeared as Upper Ton. It referred to someone “from the high hill” or “town on the heights.” Upton is composed of the Old English “upp,” meaning “upper,” and “tūn,” meaning “farmstead,” for your well-traveled boy.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Upper settlement
  • Pronunciation: UHP-Tahn
  • Variations: Uptan, Upten, Uptun
  • Namesakes: Upton Sinclair, an American writer awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1943. Upton Bell, an American football commentator for Sports Channel New England.
  • Popularity: Upton is very rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S.
Fancy, Rare


Upwood means “from the upland forest” and appears more as a surname than a first name. It’s likely meant for someone from Upward Village in Huntingdonshire, England.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: From the upper forest
  • Pronunciation: UHP-Wuhd
Traditional, Unique


Ural became a name used for those from the areas near the Ural Mountains in the 16th- and 17th-centuries. It’s based on the Turkish “aral,” meaning “island,” but differs from the nearby Caucasus Mountains, meaning “white with snow.”

  • Origin: Uzbek, Turkish
  • Meaning: From the Ural mountains
  • Pronunciation: YUHR-Ahl
  • Variations: Urale, Urall, Uralle
  • Namesakes: Ural Latypov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus from 1988 to 2000. Ural Amirov, Russian footballer for FC Gazovik-Gazprom Izhevsk.
  • Popularity: Ural is rare worldwide, primarily used in Uzbekistan, and ranked 783rd in Russia in 2014.
Unusual, Uncommon
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Uranus is best known as a planet named after the Greek god of the sky. In Greek mythology, Uranus is the father of Saturn and grandfather of Jupiter.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Heavenly
  • Pronunciation: Yuh-REY-nahs
  • Variations: Uranas, Uraynas, Uraynus
  • Popularity: Uranus is very rare worldwide, mostly used in Indonesia, and ranked 1,306th in Saint Lucia in 2014.
Cool, Ancient


Urbain is the elegant French version of Urban, originally used by eight different popes. It stems from the Latin “urbanus” and means “from the city.”

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: City dweller
  • Pronunciation: Uhr-BAEN
  • Variations: Urban
  • Namesakes: Urbain Dubois, a French chef and the creator of Veal Orloff. Urbain Braems, a Belgian footballer for K.S.V. Sottegem.
  • Popularity: Urbain is rare worldwide, mainly used in the DR Congo, and ranked 180th in the Central African Republic in 2014.
Masculine, Formal


Urban derives from the Latin “urbanus,” given to someone “of the town or city,” from “urbs,” meaning “town.” Urban is also used for various Slavic U surnames like the Slovenian Urbančič, which is why it’s super popular there.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: From the city
  • Pronunciation: UHR-Bahn
  • Variations: Urbane, Urbayn, Urbayne
  • Namesakes: Urban Gad, a Danish director known for Hannele’s Journey to Heaven (1922). Urban Blitz, an English rock musician with the band Doctors of Madness.
  • Popularity: Urban is rare worldwide and primarily used in Slovenia, ranking 173rd in 2014.
Cool, Unusual


Urgell stems from the Latin “urgellum,” but relates to the Iberian “uŕki” and Basque “ur.” Urgell is the name of a county located in Ponent, Catalonia, Spain.

  • Origin: Catalan, Spanish
  • Meaning: Catalan place name
  • Pronunciation: UHR-Jhehl
  • Popularity: Urgell is extremely rare worldwide, with 43 known occurrences in 2014, mostly in Spain.
Unusual, Rare


Uri also means “my flame” in Hebrew and is a nickname for Uriah and Uriel. It’s more commonly spelled Yuri, but either way, it means “the light of God” in Hebrew.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: My light
  • Pronunciation: YUW-Riy
  • Variations: Yuri
  • Namesakes: Uri Lupolianski, the mayor of Jerusalem from 2003 to 2008. Uri Gallin, an Israeli discus thrower who competed at the 1952 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Uri is rare worldwide, mainly used in Indonesia, and ranked 1,692nd in Ecuador in 2014.
Cute, Informal


Uriah means “my light is Yahweh” when taken from the Hebrew Uriyah. It’s composed of “ur,” meaning “flame,” and “yah,” meaning “God.” In the Old Testament, Uriah is a Hittite warrior in King David’s army.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Flame of God
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-RAEY-ah
  • Variations: Uria
  • Namesakes: Uriah Duffy, an American bassist for the rock band Whitesnake. Uriah Hall, an American mixed martial artist for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  • Popularity: Uriah is rare worldwide and primarily used in Jamaica, where it ranked 146th in 2014.
Formal, Masculine


Uriel, along with Uriah, both refer to the “flame of God” in Hebrew. Uriel is one of the seven archangels in the Bible, ready to bless this name for your precious baby boy.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Fire of God
  • Pronunciation: YUHR-iy-Ehl
  • Variations: Uriell, Urielle, Uryel, Uryell, Uryelle
  • Namesakes: Uriel Antuna, a Mexican footballer for the Mexico national team. Uriel Emil, an Israeli actor known for the series Casualty (2019 to 2021).
  • Popularity: Uriel is rare worldwide, mostly used in Mexico, and ranked 207th in Puerto Rico in 2014.
Ancient, Traditional


Urien has English origins but is best known as a medieval Welsh name based on Urbgen. It uses the Celtic “rbo-,” meaning “heir,” and the suffix “gen,” meaning “born of.” Urien was a 6th-century Welsh king of Rheged whose name occasionally pops up in Arthurian tales.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Of privileged birth
  • Pronunciation: YUW-riy-Ahn
  • Variations: Urienn, Urienne, Uryenn, Uryenne
  • Popularity: Urien is extremely rare worldwide, with 89 known occurrences in 2014, mainly in Uganda.
Rare, Fancy


Urizen is the coolest of fictionalized names for boys that start with U. It appears in William Blake’s Book of Urizen, where the character symbolizes reason and law. It either means “your reason” or is linked to a Greek word meaning “to limit.”

  • Origin: Fictional
  • Meaning: Your reason
  • Pronunciation: YUW-rih-Zehn
  • Popularity: Urizen is extremely rare worldwide, with just four known occurrences in 2014 in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, and Portugal.
Cool, Strong


Urmas derives from the Estonian “urm,” meaning “frost” and “catkin,” which is similar to a willow or hazel tree. Urmas was first used by the Finnish writer Johannes Linnankoski in his 1908 play Kirot. If you need a cuter variation of Urmas, Urmo is a great nickname.

  • Origin: Estonian, Fictional
  • Meaning: Frost
  • Pronunciation: UHR-maas
  • Variations: Urmo, Urmet
  • Namesakes: Urmas Ott, an Estonian TV journalist and host of the series Television Acquaintance in 1986. Urmas Välbe, an Estonian cross-country skier who competed at the 1994 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Urmas is rare worldwide and primarily used in Estonia, ranking 32nd in 2014.
Modern, Unique
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Uroš is composed of the Hungarian “úr,” meaning “lord” and “ruler,” and the suffix “-oš,” often used by Slavic cultures. One of the first namesakes was Uroš I, a 12th-century Serbian grand prince.

  • Origin: Slavic, Hungarian
  • Meaning: Little lord
  • Pronunciation: YUW-rowz
  • Namesakes: Uroš Umek, a Slovenian dance music producer who won Best Techno Artist at the 2010 Beatport Music Awards. Uroš Tripković, a Serbian basketball player for the Serbian national basketball team.
  • Popularity: Uroš is very rare worldwide, mostly used in Serbia, and ranked 865th in Slovenia in 2014.
Strong, Cute


Urs is based on the Latin first name Ursus, meaning “bear.” It mostly appears in parts of Switzerland where German is spoken due to the popularity of Saint Ursus.

  • Origin: German, Latin
  • Meaning: Bear
  • Pronunciation: UHRZ
  • Namesakes: Urs Freuler, a Swiss cyclist named 1983 Swiss Sports Personality of the Year. Urs Egger, a Swiss journalist for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper from 1974 to 1997.
  • Popularity: Urs is rare worldwide and mainly used in Switzerland, where it ranked 13th in 2014.
Masculine, Traditional


Ursinus derives from the Latin “ursus,” meaning “bear.” It spawned other “bear” boy names that start with U, like the Italian Urso.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Bear
  • Pronunciation: UHR-siy-Noos
  • Popularity: Ursinus is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Indonesia.
Formal, Rare


Ury is a much less common spelling of Yuri or Uri. In France, it’s a form of Oury, a nickname for Ulrich, and links to Urey in English. Ury has found popularity in Mexico because it’s a new form of an old name that’s still quite endearing.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Russian
  • Meaning: Shining
  • Pronunciation: YUW-Riy
  • Variations: Uri, Yury, Yuri
  • Namesakes: Ury Benador (pen name of Simon Grinberg), a Romanian playwright awarded the 1924 Romanian Dramatic and Music Critics’ Association Prize.
  • Popularity: Ury is rare worldwide and mostly used in Mexico.
Informal, Cute


Usain is a much less popular variation of the Arabic Hussein. It still means wonderful things like “handsome,” “good-mannered,” and “virtuous” for your well-behaved little guy.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful, good
  • Pronunciation: Uw-SEYN
  • Variations: Husain
  • Namesakes: Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter and gold medalist at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Usain is very rare worldwide and mainly used in India.
Masculine, Uncommon


Ush may be a nickname for the English Usher, but it also means “dawn” and “early morning” in Sanskrit. Ush was also the ancient Sumerian King of Umma, a city-state in Sumer around 2450 BCE. There’s also a place called Ush Island off the northern coast of Sakhalin in eastern Russia.

  • Origin: Indian, English
  • Meaning: Daybreak
  • Pronunciation: UHSH
  • Variations: Usher
  • Popularity: Ush is very rare worldwide and primarily used in India.
Informal, Rare


Usher means “blessed,” and “doorkeeper” as an Old English occupational name. It dates back to the Latin “ustiarius,” from “ostium,” meaning “door” and “gate.” Usher is also a Yiddish variant of the Hebrew Asher, meaning “happy” and “blessed.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Blessed
  • Pronunciation: UHSH-ehr
  • Variations: Ushar, Ushur, Ussher, Usshir
  • Namesakes: Usher Raymond IV, an American singer known for the album Confessions (2004).
  • Popularity: Usher is rare worldwide and mostly used in Malawi, where it’s slightly uncommon.
Unique, Cool


Ushi is one of the U names for boys with multiple origins. In Chinese, it means “strong as an ox” or “a plant.” Ushi is also a variant of Uschi, the short form of Ursula. It’s even a Hindi girl’s name meaning “wish” or “desire.”

  • Origin: Chinese, German
  • Meaning: The ox
  • Pronunciation: UW-Shiy
  • Variations: Ushee, Ushey, Ushie, Ushy
  • Popularity: Ushi is very rare worldwide and mainly used in Ecuador, ranking 965th in 2014.
Strong, Cute


Usko is a Finnish boy’s name meaning “faith” or referring to someone who “has much faith.” It’s very rare outside of Finland but is short and sweet, making it quite catchy.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Faith
  • Pronunciation: UWSK-oh
  • Variations: Uscco, Uscko, Uskko
  • Namesakes: Usko Meriläinen, a Finnish composer who conducted the Finnish Opera Choir from 1954 to 1956. Usko Kemppi, a Finnish screenwriter known for “Linnaisten vihreä kamari” (1945).
  • Popularity: Usko is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Finland, where it ranked 769th in 2014.
Traditional, Unique


Usoa relates to the Basque “uxue,” meaning “pigeon” or “dove.” It’s also associated with the Basque town of Ujué. Usoa is an African form of Usoah and, as the acronym USOA, it stands for the Underwater Society of America.

  • Origin: Spanish, African
  • Meaning: Dove
  • Pronunciation: Uw-SOW-ah
  • Variations: Usoah
  • Popularity: Usoa is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Spain.
Unusual, Uncommon
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Though Usul partly derives from an Arabic word meaning “fundamental principles (of Islam),” it’s also a sci-fi name. Usul is a Fremen name for the Dune character Paul Atreides, meaning “the strength at the base of a pillar.”

  • Origin: Arabic, Fictional
  • Meaning: Fundamental principles
  • Pronunciation: Uw-SUWL
  • Variations: Usuli
  • Popularity: Usul is very rare worldwide and mainly used in Indonesia.
Modern, Unusual


Utah is one of the coolest male names that start with U with Native American heritage. It’s based on the Ute tribe that helped name the U.S. state of Utah, meaning “people of the mountain.”

  • Origin: Native American, Ute
  • Meaning: People of the mountain
  • Pronunciation: YOO-Tah
  • Variations: Yutah
  • Popularity: Utah is very rare worldwide and primarily used in the U.S.
Ancient, Rare


Uther comes from the Welsh “uthr,” meaning “wonderful” and “astonishing.” It’s better known through Arthurian legend, where Uther Pendragon was Arthur’s father. This gave Uther a new meaning, including “cruel” and “terrible.”

  • Origin: Welsh, Fictional
  • Meaning: Marvelous
  • Pronunciation: UW-Dher
  • Variations: Uthar, Uthr, Uthyr
  • Namesakes: Uther Moukimou, a Congolese basketball player with the 2009 AfroBasket squad.
  • Popularity: Uther is extremely rare worldwide, with 75 known occurrences in 2014, mostly in the U.S.
Rare, Unique


Uthman has many meanings among boy names with U, like “wise,” “most powerful,” and “dragon cub.” In Arabic culture, Uthman was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, who appeared as a snake.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Wise
  • Pronunciation: UWTH-Maen
  • Variations: Othman
  • Namesakes: Uthman ibn Ali, the sixth leader of the Husainid Dynasty and ruler of Tunisia in 1814.
  • Popularity: Uthman is rare worldwide, mainly used in Nigeria, and ranked 1,208th in Saudi Arabia in 2014.
Ancient, Strong


Though Utku is unisex, it’s much more common for Turkish boys. It derives from “utkuyu,” meaning “victory” and “triumph,” and is ready to win big for your baby boy.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Victory
  • Pronunciation: Uwt-KOO
  • Namesakes: Utku Şen, a German footballer for Vanspor. Utku Dalmaz, a Turkish electronic music producer who founded Sound Mass Records.
  • Popularity: Utku is rare worldwide and primarily used in Turkey, ranking 1,070th in 2014.
Strong, Traditional


Utopia dates back to Greece, where it means “no place.” It was first used in 1516 in Sir Thomas Moore’s book Utopia as a somewhat modern concept, meaning “paradise.”

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Imagined place of perfection
  • Pronunciation: Yuw-TOW-piy-Ah
  • Variations: Utopea, Utopeah, Utopiah
  • Popularity: Utopia is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Egypt.
Cool, Modern


Utsidihi is one of the most mysterious guy names that start with U with no popularity statistics. It means “man killer” in Cherokee but is more of a title than a name. Utsidihi is inspired by Ostenaco, an 18th-century Cherokee leader whose name also means “mankiller.”

  • Origin: Native American, Cherokee
  • Meaning: Mankiller
  • Pronunciation: Ut-SIH-deh-Haey
Strong, Unusual


As a Hindi name, Uttar means “son of a king” or “son of King Virata.” One of five locations in India called Uttar is Uttar Dinajpur, located in the district of West Bengal, India.

  • Origin: Indian, Hindi
  • Meaning: Son of a king
  • Pronunciation: Uw-TAAR
  • Namesakes: Uttar Kumar, an Indian director known for Dhakar Chhora (2004).
  • Popularity: Uttar is rare worldwide, mainly used in India, and ranked 722nd in Nepal in 2014.
Strong, Masculine


Uttuni is a rare Sicilian form of the Italian Ottorino and Ottone. It’s also a derivative of the German Otto, meaning “wealth.” Uttuni is an Italian male name for “arsenical brass,” made with a small amount of arsenic.

  • Origin: Sicilian, Italian
  • Meaning: Owner
  • Pronunciation: Uw-TOON-ee
  • Variations: Ottone
Rare, Unusual


Utu goes all the way back to the Sumerian “ud,” meaning “sun.” In Sumerian mythology, Utu (also known as Shamash) was the god of the sun, also associated with the underworld. Utu is also a Finnish boy’s name meaning “fine mist.”

  • Origin: Sumerian
  • Meaning: Sun
  • Pronunciation: UW-tuw
  • Popularity: Utu is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Indonesia.
Strong, Ancient
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Utz is a very German variation of Ulric, meaning “prosperity and power.” In Yiddish, it means “to tease” and is the name of an American snack food company known for potato chips.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Rich, noble heritage
  • Pronunciation: UWTZ
  • Namesakes: Utz Chwalla, an Austrian bobsledder who competed at the 1972 Winter Olympics. Utz Rothe, an Austrian artist known for his self-described Depressionismos style.
  • Popularity: Utz is rare worldwide and mostly used in Germany, where it’s slightly uncommon in 2014.
Unique, Masculine


Uvedale is better known as a surname for someone from Yewdale in Lancashire, England. It’s made up of the Old English “yew,” for a “yew tree,” and the Old Norse “dalr,” meaning “valley.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Place of yew trees
  • Pronunciation: UWV-dale
  • Variations: Uvedall, Uvedail
  • Namesakes: Uvedale Price, an English member of the House of Commons from 1713 to 1734. Uvedale Corbett, an English member of Parliament from 1945 to 1951.
  • Popularity: Uvedale is extremely rare worldwide, with just three known occurrences in 2014, in England, South Africa, and the U.S.
Rare, Unusual


Uxío originated with the Greek Eugénios, meaning “well-born” and “well come.” It’s ultimately a very Spanish variation of a rare informal version of Eugene.

  • Origin: Spanish, Greek
  • Meaning: Well-born
  • Pronunciation: UW-siy-Oh
  • Variations: Uxo, Uxyo
  • Namesakes: Uxío Novoneyra, a Spanish-Galician writer for the Association of Writers in the Galician Language. Uxío Marcos, a Spanish footballer for CCD Cerceda.
  • Popularity: Uxío is extremely rare worldwide, with just eight known occurrences in 2014, mainly in Spain.
Fancy, Ancient


Uz means “counsel” or “advice” in Hebrew and is the biblical place where Job resided. It also appears as the father of Aram and the grandson of Shem in the Bible.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Counsel, words
  • Pronunciation: UWS
  • Popularity: Uz is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Sudan, where it ranked 1,295th in 2014.
Ancient, Unique


Uzair is an Arabic variation of the Hebrew Ezra, meaning “helper” or “strength.” It’s influenced by the Islamic prophet Uzair, also equivalent to the Hebrew Ezra.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Helper
  • Pronunciation: Uw-ZAER
  • Variations: Uzayr
  • Namesakes: Uzair Cassiem, a South African rugby union player for Bayonne. Uzair Jaswal, a Pakistani singer-songwriter and the youngest performer of Coke Studio Pakistan.
  • Popularity: Uzair is rare worldwide, mostly used in Saudi Arabia, and ranked 731st in Bahrain in 2014.
Ancient, Masculine


Uzay comes from the Turkish “uzamak,” meaning “to extend,” “stretch,” or “grow longer.” It also means “space” but specifically refers to “infinite space.”

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Space
  • Pronunciation: Uw-ZAEY
  • Namesakes: Uzay Hepari, a Turkish composer who performed on the Akrep Nalan album Dağ Çiçeği (Flower of the Mountain).
  • Popularity: Uzay is rare worldwide and mainly used in Turkey.
Unique, Rare


Uzi means strength” and “Jehovah is my strength” in Hebrew. It represents “might” or “fierceness” and is a short form of Uziel, Uzziah, and Uzzah. The Uzi Israeli submachine gun was designed by Uziel “Uzi” Gal in the late 1940s.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Power
  • Pronunciation: UW-Ziy
  • Variations: Uzzi
  • Namesakes: Uzi, a Congolese-French rapper known for the album Cœur abîmé (2021). Uzi Landau, an Israeli member of the Knesset from 1984 to 2006.
  • Popularity: Uzi is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Israel, ranking 590th in 2014.
Strong, Informal


Uzochi is a Nigerian-Igbo name made up of “uzo,” meaning “road” or “way,” and “chi,” meaning “God.” It’s one of many religious Nigerian names for boys that start with U.

  • Origin: Nigerian, Igbo
  • Meaning: God’s way
  • Pronunciation: Uw-ZOH-chee
  • Popularity: Uzochi is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Nigeria.
Traditional, Rare


Uzoma means “good path in life” based on the Nigerian Igbo “uzo,” meaning “way” and “oma,” meaning “lovely.” Uzoma also means “born during a journey” for an unexpected birth while traveling!

  • Origin: Nigerian, Igbo
  • Meaning: Beautiful way
  • Pronunciation: Uw-ZOH-maa
  • Variations: Uzomah, Uzomma, Uzommah
  • Namesakes: Uzama Douglas, a Nigerian footballer for the Nigerian U-17 team. Uzoma Nwachukwu, an American football player for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Popularity: Uzoma is rare worldwide and mainly used in Nigeria, where it ranked 577th in 2014.
Traditional, Unique


Uzziel means “strength” or “power” in Hebrew. It originated as Uzzîʾēl, meaning “God is my strength” as a biblical boy’s name. Uzziel is also a Jewish surname used in 15th-century Spain.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Pronunciation: Uw-ziy-EHL
  • Variations: Uziel
  • Namesakes: Uzziel Ndagijimana, the Rwandan Minister of Finance and Economic Planning since 2018.
  • Popularity: Uzziel is very rare worldwide and primarily used in Mexico, where it’s slightly uncommon.
Ancient, Strong
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U Names for Boys FAQs

What Are Unique Boy Names That Start With U?

Most U names for boys are already unique in and of themselves. Among the list can be found unusual name variations, like Uilliam, an Irish version of William. There’s also Umar, a distinct spelling of the usual Arabic Omar, and Urizen, a fictional name created by William Blake.

What Are Some Rare Boy Names That Start With U?

Boy Names with U are filled with rarities, ranging from ancient spellings to obscure cultural traditions. Some super rare finds include Urbano, meaning “from the city” in Italian, and Ubaldo, Germanic for “bold mind.” Some other interesting ancient boy names that start with U include Uriyah, Uzziel, and Uthman.

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