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100 Cute Mysterious Names: For Boys & Girls

Explore our menagerie of mysterious names for newborns!

It’s no mystery that mothers and fathers worldwide want their baby’s name to be special — we get it! It can be tough to decide on the perfect moniker and harder to strike gold. But fear not, dear parents. From fantasy novels to heroes of ancient lore, this guide to the best mysterious names will be sure to kick-start your creative juices.

We’ve put together a collection of magical options along with their meanings, origins, and even a few interesting namesakes. There’s bound to be a hidden gem waiting for you to discover. So summon your courage and read on for your perfect pick!

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100 Cool Mysterious Names for Boys and Girls

Delve into the deep lore of these breathtakingly mysterious baby names.


In Greek myth, Achlys was a primordial goddess and the personification of sadness or the “death-mist.” It has been posited that she was a daughter of Nyx, the goddess of night, but this theory is unconfirmed. Since this name is so rare, it’s a great opportunity to be a trendsetter.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Mist, darkness
  • Pronunciation: AY-kleez, A-kliss
  • Popularity: Achlys doesn’t appear on any popularity charts.
Rare, Dark, Gothic


Adrienne is a French feminine form of Adrian that has not been as popular as its counterpart, Adriana. Why not give your little princess this classy name and revive this gorgeous epithet?

  • Origin: Latin, French
  • Meaning: Dark, from Adria
  • Pronunciation: A-dree-en, AY-dree-en
  • Namesakes: Princess Adrienne of Sweden, the Duchess of Blekinge. Adrienne Bailon, an actress, singer, and former member of the girl groups, 3 Little Women and The Cheetah Girls.
  • Popularity: Adrienne enjoyed peak popularity in the U.S. during the mid-to-late 20th century but has since dropped off the charts.
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Modern


Ahma is a relatively unknown name but has great potential. If you are looking for something that is both simple and has a mysterious and dark meaning, this is the perfect choice!

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Black rain, dark rain
  • Pronunciation: Ah-maa
Rare, Simple


This biblical name originally stemmed from the Greek King, Antiochus, and became the name of many cities. Among others mentioned in the Bible, the most notable was the Syrian capital city of Antioch. Despite its stubborn-sounding meaning, Antioch is still a cool name. Even J.K. Rowling used it in her Harry Potter series for the minor character, Antioch Peverell.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Resistant
  • Pronunciation: AN-tee-ok
Unique, Ancient, Religious


Sleeping Beauty’s name is Princess Aurora. Need we say more? Straight out of a fairytale, Aurora has an ethereal feel. Sprinkle a bit of fairy dust over your special one with this fantasy name.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Dawn
  • Namesakes: Aurora Antonia Quezon, the First Lady of the Philippines between 1935 to 1944.
  • Popularity: Aurora is very popular, holding its ranking of 36th on the U.S. popularity charts from 2020 to 2021.
Beautiful, Modern


In Islam and some traditions of Judaism, Azriel is the angel of death. Spooky, right? It could be just enough angel and bad boy for your little rebel. Azriel’s variant, Azrael, is just as well-liked in the U.S., bumping up to 837th on the charts in 2021.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my help
  • Pronunciation: Az-REE-el
  • Variations: Azrael
  • Namesakes: Azriel, the father of Seraiah in the Bible. Azriel, the father of Jerimoth and a ruler of Naphtali.
  • Popularity: Azriel jumped to 921st place in 2021 in the U.S.
Biblical, Cool, Unusual


Baelfire refers to a bonfire lit during the Celtic celebration of Beltane. To fantasy buffs and lovers of TV lore, it might refer to Rumplestiltskin’s son from ABC’s Once Upon A Time. For the record, Baelfire just screams dragon. You can’t get more fantastical than that!

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Bonfire
  • Pronunciation: BALE-fire
  • Popularity: Baelfire has been a rare name over the last 100-plus years.
Badass, Cool, Unique


Taken from Norse legends, this son of Odin and his wife Frigg is associated with beauty and light and is known for being immune to harm. Baldur or any of its variants is a powerful choice for a boy.

  • Origin: Norse, Scandinavian, Icelandic
  • Meaning: Prince, brave
  • Pronunciation: BALL-dur
  • Variations: Balder, Baldr
  • Namesakes: Baldur Ragnarsson, was an Icelandic poet and author.
  • Popularity: Baldur hasn’t scratched the top 1,000 on U.S. charts in over 100 years.
Mythological, Strong


Humans have looked to the stars for centuries, pondering the scale of the universe and using them as guides. Bellatrix is the third-brightest star in the Orion constellation, giving the moniker a sense of mystery and awe. Why not bestow that sense of wonder on your babe too?

Badass, Unique, Gothic


If ever there was a name that made one heck of a first impression, it would be Blackburn. Originally a last name derived from a geographical location, Blackburn can be used as a boy’s first name instead.

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: Black brook, dark stream
  • Popularity: Blackburn is very popular as a surname but not so much as a first name.
Unusual, Dark, Badass
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Brunhilde, more popularly known as Brunhild, was a valkyrie and shieldmaiden of Norse mythology. You could prep your tyke for battle with this fierce name of old.

  • Origin: Germanic, Norse
  • Meaning: Armed for battle, protected by the shield
  • Pronunciation: BROON-hilt, BROON-hild, BROON-hill-duh
  • Variations: Brunhild, Brunilde
  • Namesakes: Brunilde (Brunhilde) Bianchi, an Italian ice-dancing coach and choreographer, shows the competitive potential of this moniker.
  • Popularity: In Croatia, Brunhilde was most popular in 1943. Though Brunhilde is common in Germany, it is still quite rare worldwide.
Strong, Unusual, Mythological


Everyone knows Casper the Friendly Ghost, but not everyone has met Casper, the baby. You can add a touch of spookiness to your naming scheme this year, whether it’s Halloween or not. Not to mention, these two syllables are easy to remember.

  • Origin: Persian, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Treasure bearer
  • Pronunciation: KASS-pur
  • Variations: Kasper
  • Namesakes: Casper ten Boom, a Dutch watchmaker who helped Jews escape Nazis during the Holocaust.
  • Popularity: In 1907, Casper reached its highest rank of 514th in the U.S. and hasn’t crossed the top 1,000 since 1933.
Modern, Simple


Coraline was popularized by the fictional character from the dark fantasy book and movie of the same title. If it’s a bit of a mouthful, you can shorten it to Cora for a bite-sized byname. For a baby as precious as corals and close to your heart, Coraline is sweet with a dash of sinister.

  • Origin: Greek, French
  • Meaning: Coral, heart
  • Pronunciation: KOR-uh-line
  • Namesakes: Coraline Thomas Hugue, a retired French cross-country skier.
  • Popularity: Caroline is a fairly popular name from the top 1,000 in 2012 to 643rd in 2020.
Beautiful, Cute, Modern


Want a name that sounds ominous and cryptic right down to its core? Look no further than Crona. The fictional character, Crona Gorgon, is infamously called the Demon Sword in the Japanese anime Soul Eater. But with little to no real-life recorded usage of this dark epithet, you can give yourself a pat on the back for discovering this secret gem.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Dark one, short for “Kuronamaku” or a black sea cucumber
  • Pronunciation: KRO-nah
  • Variations: Kurona
  • Popularity: There seems to be no record of Crona in the U.S.
Rare, Unique, Dark


This moody moniker isn’t just the name of a sparkly vampire. Cullen’s Gaelic root, Cuileannain, means “son of the holy one.” Think your baby can live up to a role like that?

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Handsome, good-looking lad, holly
  • Popularity: Despite its spike in popularity in recent years, Cullen is still underused. In 2021, it ranked 742nd in the U.S.
Cool, Modern


Cyfrin is the perfect mysterious name for a boy since it literally means secret. You can try out nicknames like Cy and Rin. Don’t be shy about its unique look.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Secret
  • Pronunciation: s-EYE-frin, SIH-frin, k-EYE-frin
  • Popularity: Cyfrin is a very rare name in the U.S.
Cool, Unusual, Mythological


Dagrun is an unusual female name that conjures images of dragons and dragon-riders. Players of Dungeons and Dragons would be jealous of a name like this! It could even slip right into George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels, and no one would bat an eye.

  • Origin: Norse, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Secret day
  • Pronunciation: DAG-ROON, DIG-ROON
Strong, Cool, Rare


The Dahlia flower was styled after the botanist Anders Dahl who first discovered it. As a personal name, Dahlia is elegant and floral but has a checkered past. Elizabeth Short was dubbed the Black Dahlia after being murdered, and her case became widely publicized. Despite this correlation, this valley flower still blooms as a strong candidate for beautiful female names.

  • Origin: Swedish
  • Meaning: Valley flower
  • Pronunciation: DAH-lee-uh
  • Namesakes: Dahlia Ravikovitch, an Israeli peacemaker, translator, and poet.
  • Popularity: Dahlia started high on the charts in its first year but has since declined in popularity. Only 846 babies were named Dahlia in the U.S. in 2016.
Vintage, Beautiful, Sophisticated


What can be more mysterious than the mystery of prayer? Show your little one your love and devotion with this precious name. Plus, it’s easy to write and spell, so your young Dua will pick it up in no time!

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Prayer, love
  • Pronunciation: DOO-ah
  • Namesakes: Dua Lipa, a popular British-Albanian singer, bears this moniker with style.
  • Popularity: Despite a rise in interest due to its famous namesake, Dua does not appear in the top 1,000 names in the U.S., making it fairly uncommon.
Simple, Cute, Modern


A diminutive of Elisabeth, Elisa is hinged on the concept of faith. And let’s not kid ourselves, such an adorable name can’t be passed up.

  • Origin: Greek, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God’s promise, Consecrated to God
  • Pronunciation: eh-LEE-sah, eh-LEE-zah
  • Variations: Eliza
  • Namesakes: Elisa Bonaparte (full name: Maria Anna Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi Levoy), the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte and an Imperial French princess.
  • Popularity: Elisa is a popular name coming in at 421st on U.S. charts in 2021 after maintaining a similar streak over almost 100 years.
Simple, Religious, Vintage
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Elysia stems from the word Elysium, a Greek concept of the afterlife or paradise. This name paints a picture of eternal happiness. A delightful designation for a blissful baby, don’t you think?

  • Origin: Greek, Latin
  • Meaning: From Elysium, heaven
  • Pronunciation: eh-LIH-zhee-uh
  • Namesakes: Elysia Rotaru, a Canadian actress known for her role on the TV series Arrow and the character Ingrid in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.
  • Popularity: Less than 1 in 100,000 people in America have this name, and it’s still very rare.
Mythological, Unique, Beautiful


Perceived as slightly effeminate by some, this male name has regal connotations. Etienne is a classic in French-speaking countries as it has an up-scale air. Do you fancy a tiny debonair running about the house? Or maybe you just like the implications of a little prince.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Garland, crown
  • Pronunciation: EH-TEE-en, AY-TEE-en
  • Namesakes: Étienne Aigner, founder of fashion companies, Etienne Aigner US and Etienne Aigner AG. Étienne Capoue, a French football player.
  • Popularity: Etienne is popular in France but less known in the English-speaking world. It doesn’t rank in the top 1,000 names on U.S. charts.
Unique, Sophisticated


Mysteriously, Faye boomed in the U.S. between 1900 and the end of the 1960s. From the Old French word meaning “belief” to the Middle English word “faie” meaning “fairy,” this name has its roots. Tinkerbell, step aside — there’s a new fairy in town, and her name is Faye!

  • Origin: French, Middle English
  • Meaning: Fairy
  • Pronunciation: FAY
  • Variations: Fae
  • Namesakes: Faye Wong, (born in Beijing as Xia Lin), a Chinese songstress and actress from Hong Kong.
  • Popularity: Faye topped the U.S. charts in 1934 at 146th and ranked 607th in 2021.
Mythological, Beautiful, Simple


The monstrous wolf of Norse myth and a child of Loki. Since ancient times, fantasy and folklore, the gothic and the macabre have all drawn on the imagery of wolves. If you crave a baby name that tells a story, look no further than Fenrir. You don’t have to be a giant wolf to carry the weight of the name.

  • Origin: Norse, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Fen-dweller
  • Pronunciation: FEN-reer
  • Popularity: Fenrir is most commonly used in Germany but still very rare in western territories like the U.S.
Ancient, Mythological


Do you have a budding goddess at home? Freya comes from the Norse goddess of love, war, fertility, and death. Freya or any of its variations make for a unique baby name that will certainly catch people’s attention.

  • Origin: Norse, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Noblewoman
  • Pronunciation: FRAY-uh
  • Variations: Freyja, Freja
  • Namesakes: Freja Beha Erichsen, a Danish model dubbed the “Queen of Cool.”
  • Popularity: Freya has been rising in popularity since 2013. In 2021, it placed 152nd in the U.S.
Strong, Modern, Mythological


Grimoire is recorded as a surname in France and Russia but is extremely rare as a first name. Gothic fans may be drawn to Grimoire — think the Brothers Grimm. Then just imagine having Grim as a nickname!

  • Origin: Latin and French
  • Meaning: Book of spells and invocations
  • Pronunciation: grim-WAHR
  • Popularity: Grimoire has not appeared in U.S. charts for over 100 years.
Unusual, Gothic, Dark


Guinevere is a sweet name with a vintage ring. Mythical names are just not complete without one meaning fairy. Give your darling daughter wings with Guinevere.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White fairy/white phantom, fair one
  • Pronunciation: GWIN-ah-veer, GWIN-ah-veeuh
  • Variations: Guenevere, Gwynnevere
  • Namesakes: Guinevere Jane Turner, an American actress and screenwriter, noted for writing the film American Psycho.
  • Popularity: Guinevere is becoming a fairly popular name in the U.S., holding the 965th spot in 2021.
Sophisticated, Mythological


In the poetic work, The Life of Merlin, Gwendolen was the titular magician’s wife. Talk about magical ties! Like Gwendolen, many variations of this name have been in general use since the 19th-century, but Gwendolyn is the most popular of its cousin’s spellings in the U.S., and perhaps it will always stay that way.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair bow, blessed ring
  • Variations: Gwendolin, Gwendolyne, Gwendoline⁣, Gwendolen
  • Namesakes: Gwendolyn McDonald Black, a musician, activist, and educator from Canada.
  • Popularity: Gwendolyn enjoys frequent spikes in the U.S. It neared the top 100 over the last century before settling at 399th in 2021.


Hanifa is a powerful name. It’s the feminine form of Hanif, which means “to incline” (to the right religion). If you’re considering names that show deep faith, Hanifa might be a good option. It may not be very popular in the west, but in countries with a large Islamic population, it’s sure to show up.

  • Origin: True believer
  • Meaning: Arabic
  • Pronunciation: ha-NEE-fah
  • Variations: Haneefa, Haneefah
  • Popularity: Hanifa is an unusual name in the U.S. as it doesn’t appear on popularity charts.
Religious, Unique


Hannibal is famously associated with Hannibal Lector, a cannibalistic serial killer created by the author Thomas Harris. Thinking of naming your baby something that will strike fear into the hearts of their enemies? A commanding epithet like Hannibal will definitely get the knees shaking.

  • Origin: Phoenician/Carthaginian
  • Meaning: Grace of Baal
  • Pronunciation: HA-nuh-bl
  • Variations: Hunnable, Honeyball, Honeybell
  • Namesakes: Hannibal of Carthage, a renowned North African military leader of antiquity.
  • Popularity: Hannibal is quite rare and does not appear on U.S. popularity charts.
Strong, Ancient, Badass
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Hemsa is a rare gem that sounds as soft as a whisper and peaceful as a hymn. Information about Hemsa is hard to come by, but some propose that in Sanskrit, it means “sun.” Overall, it appears to be a well-kept secret since it’s uncommon around the globe.

  • Origin: Arabic, Indian
  • Meaning: whisper, secret, sun
  • Popularity: Hemsa is uncommon around the world.
Cute, Unusual


Hex is extremely rare, probably because of its dark connotations. Taken from Pennsylvania German, “hexe” means “to practice witchcraft.” If you really want to call your baby Hex, just beware of its association with curses and black magic. Perfect for goths, though.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Magic spell, curse
  • Popularity: Hex doesn’t appear on U.S. popularity charts.
Gothic, Rare, Simple


More frequently used as a male name, Hyde is gender neutral and harkens back to the story of Jekyll and Hyde. Gothic horror would not be the same without the maniacal Edward Hyde. For a more toned-down version of this mystery name, try Hide. In Japan, the variation Hide is pronounced HEE-day and simply means “to excel” or “flourish.”

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: From the hide
  • Variations: Hide
  • Namesakes: Sir Hyde Parker, a British admiral of the Royal Navy, knighted in 1779.
  • Popularity: Hyde is uncommon in the U.S.
Dark, Vintage


Inanna has a unique look among mythical girl names that begin with I. It denotes an ancient Mesopotamian goddess known as the “Queen of Heaven.” That’s a weighty title to bear for a little one, but maybe it’s actually perfect?

  • Origin: Sumerian
  • Meaning: Lady of Heaven
  • Pronunciation: EE-na-nah
  • Namesakes: Inanna Sarkis, a Canadian Youtuber, actress, and director of Bulgarian and Assyrian descent.
Unique, Religious, Mythological


In Sanskrit, Ira can be masculine or feminine, however, in western countries, it is more commonly used as a male name. There are many men called Ira in the Bible, but most notable of all was a priest or minister to King David. Quite the respectable role. Consider this sophisticated yet mysterious name for a son or daughter.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Indian
  • Meaning: Watchful, earth
  • Pronunciation: EYE-rah, EE-rah
  • Namesakes: Ira Alterman, an American journalist and writer.
  • Popularity: Once very popular, Ira has slowly fallen out of favor, just barely reaching the top 1,000 in the U.S.
Simple, Biblical


The jade gemstone has long had ornamental usage throughout Eastern and Southern Asia. In China, a pierced jade disc symbolizes heaven. Jade comes from the Spanish word for “stone of the side/bowels” promoted as a curative. Jade is a popular choice for both boys and girls for its simplicity, historical importance, and refreshing quality.

  • Origin: English, Spanish
  • Meaning: Precious stone, stone of the colic
  • Variations: Jayde
  • Namesakes: Jade Barbosa, a Brazilian artistic gymnast and a two-time bronze medalist at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.
  • Popularity: Jade ranks in the top 100 American girl names but has fallen out of the top 1,000 for boys since 2001.
Simple, Modern


Sounds like John, but with a twist! Korean names don’t have to be intimidating. In particular, Jeong is a first and last name with a tender side. Meaning “silent” and “gentle,” your sweet Jeong could one day come to embody these qualities.

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Silent, gentle, chaste
  • Pronunciation: j-O-ng
  • Variations: Jung, Jong, Chong, Chung
  • Namesakes: Jeong Jang (family name Jang), a professional golfer from South Korea who won the Korea Women’s Open as a teenager.
  • Popularity: Jeong doesn’t rank on American popularity charts since it’s not common in the west.
Unique, Simple


Some may recognize Jinx as a Joker-esque, weapon-wielding character from League of Legends and its popular Netflix show, Arcane. Others may hear the name and think of an evil spell. Either way, Jinx is definitely in the public eye. There may be a fresh wave of babies named Jinx soon, so maybe you want to be ahead of the crowd.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Spell, magic charm
  • Variations: Jynx
  • Namesakes: Jinx Godfrey, a London-based film editor known for her work on the biographical film The Theory of Everything.
Gothic, Unusual, Cool


Kadmiel certainly gives off an old-fashioned vibe. From the Hebrew word “qedem,” meaning “antiquity,” and el, which refers to God, this is a name for those with strong faith. Or perhaps you’re simply a fan of the old-school, and we mean really old!

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God of Antiquity
  • Pronunciation: KAD-mee-el
  • Popularity: Kadmiel does not even rank in the top 1,000 names in the U.S.
Biblical, Ancient, Religious


Have you seen Kieran Culkin in HBO’s Succession? He’s the embodiment of a dark-haired mischief-maker. If your baby has dusky locks or an impish grin, consider taking up Keiran. With a celebrity namesake at its back, it’s hardly likely to go out of style anytime soon.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Little dark one, black-haired
  • Pronunciation: KEE-run
  • Variations: Ciaran
  • Namesakes: Kieran Culkin, a well-known American actor and brother of Macaulay Culkin.
  • Popularity: Kieran is the 488th most popular name in the U.S. for 2021.
Simple, Dark, Modern
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Kronos carries a powerful punch alongside some muddled history. In Greek mythology, Kronos was the leader of the titans and Zeus’s father. In early Greek philosophy, Khronos was the personification of time. These two are frequently associated with each other through purposeful conflation or confusion. Thankfully, there’s no doubt that for this mythological name, the rule of cool is all that matters.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Time
  • Variations: Cronos, Cronus, Chronos, Khronos
Mythological, Cool, Strong


Laguna is a mysterious name that is topographical in nature. It looks like a combination of Lagoon and Luna — eerie and beautiful. Although it’s usually a last name, don’t be shy about using it as a first.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Pond, lake
  • Pronunciation: lah-GOO-nah
Unique, Sophisticated


Lobo is the Spanish word for wolf and may sound strange to English ears. Helping to popularize the name among English-speakers is DC Comics’ villainous character, Lobo, with his super grim and gritty style. So the next time your sweet Lobo asks you to dress up as a werewolf for Halloween, you can just save the costume for his birthday!

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Wolf
  • Pronunciation: LOH-boh
  • Namesakes: Roland Kent LaVoie, known by his stage name Lobo, an American folk rock and country pop singer and lyricist.
Unusual, Cool


Lorna is a similarly honorable title for your child, related to the laurel tree, which symbolizes victory and honor. What’s so mysterious about that, you ask? To some, Lorna looks like La Llorna, and although the pronunciations differ, it gives Lorna a certain darkness.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Laurel
  • Namesakes: Lorna Bennett, a Jamaican reggae artist who topped the Jamaican singles chart twice.
  • Popularity: Lorna places in the top 1,000 for U.S. baby names, making it a fairly popular choice.
Beautiful, Dark


Moon-based names like Luna and Moon are a staple among mystery names. Why not move away from those more common choices and try out Mahina instead? This harmonious-sounding name is based on the Hawaiian lunar goddess and has great potential for its uniqueness. After all, you want your baby’s name to be as special as she is.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Moon, moonlight
  • Pronunciation: mah-HEE-nuh
Mythological, Beautiful, Cute


Midna is a fiction name created for the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, based on the English word “midnight.” It has become a beloved baby name over time, though it still hasn’t cracked the top 1,000 on U.S. charts. Midna could be the moonlit fantasy you always dreamed of for those who prefer simpler mysterious names.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Midnight
  • Pronunciation: MID-nah
Beautiful, Dark, Modern


Milagros is uncommon even within Hispanic communities because of its dated and highly religious feel. It only becomes less popular in English-speaking circles. But we believe in miracles! A list of mystical names isn’t complete without the magic of Milagros, and what greater miracle is there than the birth of your little one?

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Miracles
  • Pronunciation: mee-LAH-gross
  • Namesakes: Milagros Cerrón Arauco, a young Peruvian survivor of Sirenomelia.
  • Popularity: Until 2011, Milagros barely stayed in the top 1,000 names in the U.S. and hasn’t appeared on charts since.
Religious, Unusual


Originally based on the Greek god of dreams and sleep. The fictional character, Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix movie franchise, popularized this mythical name. But enough dream talk. This badass baby name is no illusion, so it could be worth a shot.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Shaper of dreams
  • Variations: Morpheus, Morfeus
Sophisticated, Mythological, Cool


Mystique checks all the boxes for one of the best mysterious names. It looks cool, sounds cool, and means what it says. It was popularized by the comic book character Mystique (Raven Darkhölme), a shapeshifter typically portrayed as an enemy of the X-Men. This sultry name might be a bit on the nose, but it’s still a gorgeous pick.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Air of mystery
  • Pronunciation: miss-TEEK
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Cool


Unfortunately, Naadira is not very popular in the west, but that can change. Stroke your daughter’s ego with this name that lets her know how precious she is to you!

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Precious, rare
  • Pronunciation: nah-DEE-rah
  • Variations: Nazira, Nadirah, Naadirah
  • Namesakes: Naadira Alli, a singer and former child star living in South Africa.
Religious, Unique
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Namid is a name of Ojibwa/Cheppewa origin. If you’re a fan of unique names, you’ll be pleased to know that Namid is rare in the U.S. Dancing with the Stars has nothing on this name.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Star dancer
  • Pronunciation: nah-MEET


This one’s a tad long, but it’s as sweet as nectar. Despite never being used in Greece as a name until much later in history, Nectarios was mostly used by monks and bishops from 300 AD onward. Its etymology stems from the Greek word “nektar,” which was a miraculous beverage of honey and meant “overcoming death.”

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Of nectar, ambrosia
  • Pronunciation: nek-TA-ree-ohs
  • Variations: Nektarios, Nectarius
  • Namesakes: Saint Nectarios of Aegina, a widely renowned Greek saint whose feast day falls on November 9th.
Mythological, Cool, Ancient


Nero’s most famous namesake is the Roman emperor, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. Quite the mouthful! Your baby’s name doesn’t have to be so wordy, especially since Nero is already so short. This commanding name will give the illusion of power from a tender age.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Black, stern, powerful
  • Namesakes: Alexandre Nero Vieira, a Brazilian actor, musician, and musical director, nominated for the International Emmy Awards for Best Actor in 2016.
Cool, Simple


Norne may have two etymologies. In Norse mythology, the Norn were three deities of fate, but it’s also suggested that “norn” has ties to the Swedish dialect word “norna” which means “to secretly communicate.” You don’t have to be psychic to see that with all this twining of fate and telling of secrets, Norne is chock full of mystery.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Norse
  • Meaning: Fate, secret communication
  • Pronunciation: NOHR-n
  • Variations: Norn
  • Popularity: Norne does not appear on U.S. popularity charts, which means it might be very rare.
Simple, Cute, Unusual


Nova is a unisex name most often used for girls. In astronomy, a nova indicates the dramatic appearance of a bright new star. Is there any other name perfect for a shiny new addition to your family than that?

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: New
  • Namesakes: Nova Spivack, an American venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and author who co-founded The Arch Mission Foundation non-profit.
  • Popularity: In the U.S., Nova is more popular among girls, at a whopping 32nd place in 2021. For boys in the same year, it ranked 853rd.
Cool, Modern


Oleg of Novgorod is the most famous bearer of this saintly moniker. Also called Oleg the Seer, he was a prince who ruled over the Rus people. With a forebear like that, Oleg seems to be a name fit for a young prince.

  • Origin: Russian
  • Meaning: Holy, sacred
  • Pronunciation: OH-leg
  • Namesakes: Oleg Andronic, a Moldovan football player who plays as a forward.
  • Popularity: Oleg is very popular in Russia, Belarus, and surrounding nations.
Cute, Simple, Religious


A tad Shakespearean, Ophelia is surprisingly in fashion. Although widely known for the tragic heroine, your baby can still benefit from such an outstanding epithet. It certainly has a sophisticated air and isn’t going out of style. Already fairly short, it needs no nicknames, but Phee or Lia could work if your heart is truly set.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Help
  • Pronunciation: oh-FEE-lee-ah
  • Namesakes: Ophelia Gordon Bell, a British sculptor and the daughter of painter Winifred Gordon Bell.
  • Popularity: More popular between 1900 and the early 1930s, Ophelia still holds up in 2021 at 321st in the U.S.
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Vintage


Though short, Orion is a name that can yield a few nicknames if you so desire. From Ori to Rion and even Rin, there are a few options to choose from. Related to the stars in the night sky, the Orion constellation is visible worldwide. With this celestial pick, your young Orion can shine as bright as the stars.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Dawning, boundary
  • Namesakes: Orion Metcalf Barber, an American federal judge, and Vermont state politician.
  • Popularity: Orion was popular in the U.S. at 314th in 2021.
Unusual, Mythological


A symbol of purity and resurrection, many world religions and cultures have long regarded the lotus flower as sacred. It’s no wonder that Padma, which means “lotus,” would have such deep, spiritual roots. Keep it simple and bless your baby with this floral mythical name.

  • Origin: India
  • Meaning: Lotus
  • Namesakes: Padma Sachdev, an Indian poet, and novelist and the first modern female poet of the Dogri language.
Simple, Mythological


Pandora has been associated with locked boxes for ages from security systems to jewelry companies. We all know the Greek story about Pandora opening that darned box. But let’s take a moment to appreciate that the name means “all gifts.” What parent doesn’t want their child to be gifted beyond compare?

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: All gifts
  • Namesakes: Pandora Colin, a British actress known for her roles in Penny Dreadful and the 2019 mini-series Chernobyl.
  • Popularity: Pandora made U.S. charts in 1952 at 784th spot but hasn’t ranked in the top 1,000 since.
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Some have related this word to the Hindi word “pari” which means “fairy,” and although this may not be the true meaning, parents may not mind-bending it a little. Fairies are depicted as soft and delicate anyway, so there may be something there!

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Soft, delicate
  • Pronunciation: pah-REE-nah
  • Namesakes: Parina Chopra, an Indian actress and model.
  • Popularity: Parina does not appear on U.S. popularity charts.


In Sanskrit, Pavani is rendered as Goddess Ganga, the Hindu goddess of purification and forgiveness. In Marthi, Pavani simply means “pure” and “kind-hearted.” Either way, it’s a wholesome choice.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Goddess Ganga, holy, pure
  • Pronunciation: pah-VAH-nee
  • Namesakes: Pavani Reddy, an Indian model and actress for Indian television and film.
Mythological, Religious


Persephone is based in Greek myth as Demeter’s daughter, Hades’ wife, and the “Queen of the Underworld.” This mythological name may seem heavy, but it rings lyrical. Its comeback into the mainstream might stem from TV and comic appearances.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Bringer of death
  • Pronunciation: per-SEF-ah-nee
  • Namesakes: Persephone Vandegrift, an award-winning American playwright and screenwriter. Persephone Apostolou, an American actress famous for her role in the movie 7 Witches.
  • Popularity: Persephone has recently gained traction, and in 2021, it ranked 778th in the U.S.
Dark, Beautiful, Mythological


Phoenix is inspired by the mythical bird from ancient Egypt and classical antiquity, symbolizing immortality. Associated with sun worship, the phoenix would combust at the end of its life and rise from the ashes. Already a popular name, the American actor Joaquin Phoenix, may have further pushed this name into the spotlight.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Dark red
  • Namesakes: Phoenix List, an American TV actor known for his roles in Rabbit Hole and American Viral.
  • Popularity: Phoenix ranks near the top 100 for both boys and girls in the U.S.
Badass, Mythological


Pixie might be suited for a child or young woman rather than a full-grown adult. Regardless, it has a fun, quirky feel and is an obvious reference to fairies. It may work better as a nickname, but if you’re feeling brave, go for it first!

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Fairy
  • Namesakes: Pixie Davies, a young British actress known for her roles in Humans, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, and Mary Poppins Returns.
Cute, Mythological


There are tons of names that mean moon for girls but not as many for boys. How unfair is that? Ease your fears, mom and dad, we’ve got your back. Qamar may look strange, but it can be used for both girls and boys. Another perk is that it’s considered unique in the west, so you don’t have to worry about someone else stealing it.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Moon, brighter by the light of the moon
  • Pronunciation: KAH-mar
  • Variations: Qemer
  • Namesakes: Qamar Javed Bajwa, a Pakistani military general and Chief of the Army Staff of the Pakistan Army.
Simple, Unusual


Quirin comes from the name of a Roman war god, Quirinus, but it’s also the name of a bishop, Quirinus of Sescia. Whether a god or a revered holy one, Quirin looks and sounds wonderfully unusual.

  • Origin: Latin, German
  • Meaning: Spear, wielder of the spear
  • Pronunciation: KEE-rin
  • Namesakes: Quirin Moll, a German professional football player for 3. Liga club.
  • Popularity: Quirin does not rank in the top 1,000 names in the U.S.


Raven is a mystery name you can’t pass up if you love the gothic, the dark, and the intellectual. In Norse mythology, the raven was a symbol of wisdom. You just have to think of Edgar Allan Poe or Game of Thrones, and you’ll see that Raven is firmly rooted in literary genius.

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: Blackbird, dark-haired
  • Namesakes: Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman-Maday, an American actress and songstress, probably the most popular bearer of this name.
  • Popularity: Raven is a popular name in the U.S. It held the 409th spot in 2021.
Cool, Gothic, Modern


In Welsh myth, Rhiannon was a goddess of fertility, the moon, and possibly associated with horses. Let your queen-to-be conquer the world with this name of a lunar legend!

  • Origin: Celtic, Welsh
  • Meaning: Great queen, goddess
  • Pronunciation: REE-AH-nuhn
  • Namesakes: Rhiannon Beth Roberts, a Welsh footballer for Liverpool Women’s Football Club.
  • Popularity: Rhiannon reached peak popularity in the U.S. during 2000 before its last appearance in 2007 at 942.
Unique, Strong


Sigourney Weaver played the still-beloved character of Ripley in the Alien movie. Beyond its badass fictional namesake, Ripley is but a simple name. It’s a habitational moniker that seems more popular in Britain than in America.

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: Strip of clearing in the wood, from the shouter’s meadow
  • Namesakes: Ripley Parker, an upcoming British writer and daughter of actress Thandiwe Newton.
Simple, Cute
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Technically, you could write your baby’s name using runes. Runes were a Germanic writing system used before the Latin alphabet was adopted. Nowadays, a rune denotes a symbol with occult purposes. All this makes Rune both practical and mystical. Rune appears to have been kept secret from the U.S. But a lack of popularity doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

  • Origin: Norse
  • Meaning: Secret, a rune
  • Pronunciation: ROON
  • Namesakes: Rune Klan, a Danish comedian and magician.
Unusual, Simple, Cool


Start your baby’s story off right with the name Saga. It’s an epic girl’s name popular in Sweden and Finland. In America, the space opera fantasy graphic novel Saga, may give it a futuristic flair.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Swedish
  • Meaning: Seeing one, fairytale, story
  • Namesakes: Saga Becker, a Swedish actress known for her role in Something Must Break. Saga Gärde, a Swedish actress and director, noted for the T.V. drama S.P.U.N.G.
Cool, Simple, Modern


Inspired by the term for a profoundly wise person and the medical herb you stuff into your turkey at Thanksgiving, Sage is soothing to the ear. The Latin root word “salvia” means “healing plant.” You could bring a little health and wisdom into your household with Sage.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Wise, from the sagebrush plant
  • Namesakes: Sage Kotsenburg, an American snowboarder.
  • Popularity: Sage ranked 427 in the U.S. in 2021 for boys. It ranked higher for girls at 179th place.
Cute, Modern, Sophisticated


Yes, we know this one is overly obvious. Some parents like to be straightforward and get to the point. Secret is a mystery name that cuts out all the guesswork. You wanted mysterious? Here it is.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Mysterious, hidden, unknown
  • Popularity: There are about 579 people named Secret in the U.S.
Unique, Simple


We know you love your baby to the moon and back. That’s why we picked this pretty name based on the Greek lunar deity, Selene, whose Latin equivalent was the Roman goddess Luna. Although the Latin variant, Selena, is more popular, we think Selene is a better choice to have in orbit.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Pronunciation: seh-LEEN
  • Variations: Celine, Celene, Selena
  • Namesakes: Selene Luna, an American actress, burlesque performer, and comedian.
  • Popularity: Since 1992, Selene has placed in the top 1,000 U.S. names, holding a spot at 721 in 2021.
Mythological, Beautiful, Sophisticated


Serafina is a name of angelic origin. Inspired by the seraphim in biblical texts — it’s perfect for your angelic bundle. All children burn with a passion for something, and Serafina represents that fire within their souls. A name this awesome definitely won’t douse your baby girl’s flame.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Latin, Italian
  • Meaning: Burning ones, ardent one
  • Pronunciation: seh-rah-FEE-nah
  • Variations: Seraphina
  • Namesakes: Serafina di dio, or Serafina of God, was born in Naples and became the founder of seven Southern Italian Carmelite monasteries of nuns.
Beautiful, Religious, Badass


Seren is seriously popping in Wales. In 2009 it was the 3rd most common name for girls. It has fans in England and Turkey too. We believe this star has the potential to shine brightly in the west if only it could get its big break!

  • Origin: Welsh, Turkish
  • Meaning: Star
  • Pronunciation: seh-REN
  • Namesakes: Seren Bundy-Davies, a track and field athlete from Wales.
  • Popularity: Seren is very popular in Wales, recently falling out of the top 10 and settling below the top 100.
Beautiful, Unique


Shadow the Hedgehog is one of the most prominent fictional characters with this dark name. Many may believe that it’s better suited as a nickname or for naming a pet. But why should pets have all the cool-sounding fun?

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Shade
  • Popularity: Shadow is not common in the U.S. as it doesn’t even place in the top 1,000.
Simple, Badass, Unique


This thorny title is a popular last name in the U.S. and is topographic. Sure, you could name your baby Thorn, but adding the “e” makes it special. Besides, Thorne just looks so cool.

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: From the thorn bush
  • Variations: Thorn
  • Namesakes: James Thorne Smith Jr., an American supernatural fantasy fiction author.
Badass, Gothic, Modern


If you can’t get enough Norse mythology in your life, Thoryn is a perfect fit. A bold choice, this name can also mean “daring one.” A variant of Thoryn was used in The Hobbit trilogy for a fictional character who embodies the name perfectly — Thorin Oakenshield. Go ahead and try this mythical name out. Thoryn would be proud to be named after your little one.

  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Thunder, God of thunder
  • Variations: Toryn, Thorin
Mythological, Cool
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Tigris certainly has teeth for a mythical name that is both refreshing and fierce. The Tigris is one of the two great Mesopotamian rivers alongside the Euphrates, and its name is derived from a Sumerian word interpreted as “swift river.” However, to the Greeks, Tigris and our modern-day English word tiger mean the same thing — a big cat with stripes.

  • Origin: Greek, Latin, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Tiger
  • Variations: Tygris, Tygrys, Tigrys
Cool, Unique, Ancient


Ulysses has a classic quality about it. With famous literary ties to the novel by Irish writer James Joyce and nautical pips for its relation to the MV Ulysses car ferry, this mythical “U” name comes across as cultured. Few favor it because of its length and vintage sway. At the very least, Ulysses is more approachable than its Greek counterpart Odysseus.

  • Origin: Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Wrathful
  • Pronunciation: YOOL-ih-seez
  • Namesakes: Ulysses S. Grant, born Hiram Ulysses Grant, the Ohio-born President of the United States of America between 1869 and 1877.
  • Popularity: Ulysses enjoyed significant usage in the U.S. between the 1900s and 1950s. It ranked 983 in 2005 but hasn’t ranked in the top 1,000 since.
Mythological, Strong, Vintage


The umbra is the innermost and darkest part of a shadow. Sound creepy? It should! Standing within an umbra is to experience a total eclipse. Naming your kid after shadows is one thing, but Umbra is a touch shadier. Just don’t try to come up with a nickname, or you might be left with some odd bits.

  • Origin: Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Shade, shadow, ghost
  • Popularity: Umbra is a rare name in the U.S. that doesn’t appear in the top 1,000 names.
Dark, Gothic, Unusual


Leaning toward a faith-based name but want to keep it short and sweet? Urias is a five-letter name with a familiar look for being a derivative of the Hebrew name Uriah. It’s recorded as a surname in Spain, where it’s more likely to be seen.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Spanish
  • Meaning: Jehovah is my light
  • Variations: Uriah
  • Namesakes: Urias McGill, a 19th-century free-born African-American who emigrated to Liberia and started a successful trading business with his brothers.
  • Popularity: Not in the top 1,000, Urias isn’t a very popular name in the U.S. but is more common in Brazil.


Urielle is the feminine form of Uriel, an archangel mentioned in certain Rabbinic and Christian traditions. Uriel is deemed the patron saint of confirmation and the sacrament in Catholicism. If you’re trying out Urielle, some nicknames could include Uri or Elle.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Light of God
Religious, Vintage


You thought of Ursula, the evil sea witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, didn’t you? For lovers of the villainous witch, that may be perfect. For other concerned moms, you can tuck your little she-bear in with her teddies at night without worry. Though similar, Ursa has a lighter history than its dark variant. The Ursa Major constellation is proof of that.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Little she-bear
  • Variations: Orsa, Ursula
Cute, Simple


Vesper has a hushed sound to go with its atmospheric meaning. A vesper can refer to evening prayers or Venus as the evening star. Vesper is an ideal name for a baby born in the evening.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Evening star
Beautiful, Cool


If you know a thing or two about horoscopes, you know a thing or two about Virgo. The Virgo constellation is named after the Latin word meaning “maiden” and refers to the Star Maiden, Astraea, from Greek legends. Virgo seems more popular as an English surname, but it’s catchy enough to be a first.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: The virgin, maiden
  • Namesakes: Virgo Williams, an American R&B singer.
Mythological, Unusual


Russia isn’t just the home of vodka and sauerkraut. Badass names are born there too! Volkov may be a last name, but it certainly won’t hurt to name your son something that means “wolf.” If you’re not having a boy, you could try the feminine form, Volkova.

  • Origin: Russian
  • Meaning: Wolf
  • Pronunciation: VOHL-koff
  • Variations: Volkova
  • Popularity: Volkov is very popular in Russia as a surname.
Cool, Strong


“Winter is coming” is what they’ll say when your son or daughter steps into a room. With this chilly moniker, your baby Winter will have an entire season of their own! But not to worry, Winter is beloved by celebrities who keep it in vogue all year round.

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: Winter season
  • Variations: Wynter
  • Namesakes: Winter Lunde, a Canadian fashion model. Winter Ave Zoli, an American actress, and model known for her role in Sons of Anarchy.
  • Popularity: Winter is popular in Britain, Wales, and America. In the U.S., it ranked 324 in 2021.
Simple, Unique, Beautiful
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The Wisteria is a purple blossom named after an American physician and anatomist, Caspar Wistar. The given name Wysteria comes from that gorgeous flower and sounds strangely similar to the word “whisper.” Whispery Wysteria should definitely be on your list of mysterious names!

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Wister’s flower
  • Variations: Wisteria
Beautiful, Sophisticated


Xenagoras is an intense name, not only for its spelling but its definition. Still, it sounds awesome. Names that start with “X” are not always easy to come by or even that mainstream. Don’t be a stranger. Bring home a baby Xenagoras even if you have to make it his middle name.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Strange, foreign, marketplace
  • Pronunciation: ZEE-nah-GOHR-ahs
  • Namesakes: Xenagoras was a Greek historian from Pontoheraclea who wrote a work called Chronicle.
Ancient, Cool


Hoping your baby will grow up loving philosophy and the arts? The Greek philosopher and military leader, Xenophon, was a student of Socrates himself. Bring this ancient name into modern times for another round of the strange and mysterious.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Strange voice
  • Pronunciation: ZEH-nah-fon, ZEE-nah-fon
  • Variations: Xenofon
  • Namesakes: Saint Xenophon was a wealthy citizen of Constantinople noted for his deep piety.
Cool, Ancient


If you’re tired of Xavier but still like the look of the X, then Xoán could be a great fit. Xoán is the Galician version of the timeless and now stale John. Spice up your baby’s naming day with this Spanish alternative.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: ZOH-an
  • Namesakes: Xoán M. Paredes, a Galician geographer, teacher, and ordained druid.
Religious, Cool


Yacoub comes from the biblical Jacob, who was a prophet and patriarch in Islam. The name has a strong pronunciation that will catch people’s attention. It’s also widely used as a last name, as in the case of Sir Magdi Habib Yacoub, a famous Egyptian cardiothoracic surgeon who has since retired.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Form of Jacob, supplanter
  • Pronunciation: YA-koob
  • Variations: Yaqub, Yakub
  • Namesakes: Yacoub Al-Mohana, a Kuwaiti film and music director.
  • Popularity: Yacoub is uncommon in the U.S. but is much more common in Arab and Muslim societies.
Religious, Biblical


Yami in Japanese holds a lot of meaning that we don’t have time to get into here, but it essentially boils down to “dark.” Searching for a cryptic mystery name that starts with Y? Consider Yami for a more unusual flair.

  • Origin: Japanese, Indian
  • Meaning: Darkness, light in dark, pair
  • Pronunciation: YA-mee
  • Namesakes: Yami Gautam, an Indian film and TV actress and model born in Bilaspur.
  • Popularity: Yami is a rare name and doesn’t appear on U.S. popularity charts.
Unusual, Dark


This awesome “Y” name is found in various languages and cultures. In Hebrew, Yara’s close cousin, Yaara, means “woodland” or “honeycomb.” In Muslim, it instead means “light of dawn.” Yara is pretty enough without the extra baggage. Your Yara can be as elusive as a butterfly or as spectral as the fabled Brazilian lady of the lake.

  • Origin: Brazilian, Arabic
  • Meaning: Water lady, small butterfly
  • Namesakes: Yara Sallam, an Egyptian feminist, and human rights activist. Yara da Silva Amaral, a Brazilian actress in many telenovelas and movies.
  • Popularity: Yara gained popularity in the U.S. in 2017 and shot up to 659th in 2021.
Simple, Cute


Zelda is a nickname for Griselda, but stands on the battlefield on its own two feet. Princess Zelda comes to mind if you’re into fantasy and video games. If you’re not a gamer, perhaps you simply enjoy how it sounds. Either way, be sure to add Zelda to your top list of mystical names.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Gray fighting maiden, battle maid
  • Namesakes: Zelda Fitzgerald (née Sayre), an Alabama-born novelist, painter, and socialite. Zelda May Rubinstein, an American actress known for her role in the Poltergeist films.
  • Popularity: Zelda has maintained a spot in the top 1,000 most popular U.S. names since 1900 and ranked 606 in 2021.
Strong, Mythological, Beautiful


Septima Zenobia was an ancient queen of the Palmyrene Empire who helped foster multiculturalism, intellectualism, and tolerance in her kingdom. This history gives Zenobia a cultured vibe. Despite its lack of popularity in America, if put into the hands of the right person, Zenobia could be the next Zendaya.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Life of Zeus
  • Pronunciation: zeh-NOH-bee-ah
  • Namesakes: Zenobia was a 3rd-century queen of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria.
  • Popularity: Zenobia made the top 1,000 U.S. names between 1902 and 1925, and it hasn’t ranked since.
Ancient, Rare, Beautiful


Blow away the competition with Zephyr. The Greek god of the west wind was known as Zephyrus, of which Zephyr is a diminutive. He was a messenger of spring and the gentlest of the personified cardinal winds. Follow the wind with this airy epithet before someone else beats you to it!

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: West wind
  • Pronunciation: ZEH-fir
  • Popularity: Zephyr doesn’t place in the top 1,000 U.S. names.
Cool, Mythological, Rare
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