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138 Cute and Funny Girl Names: With Exciting Origins

These funny girl names will make your daughter stand out from the crowd!

In a world where regular names just won’t cut it anymore, the quest for funny girl names that are refreshingly rare and uniquely awesome is gaining momentum. It’s time to wave goodbye to the ordinary and give a warm welcome to weird girl names that not only set your daughter apart, but also wholeheartedly embrace her one-of-a-kind personality.

In this article, we’re diving headfirst into the whimsical realm of funny female names. Get ready to discover many hidden gems that will elevate your daughter’s individuality, letting her quirky charm shine brighter than ever.

46 Weird Girl Names

Nowadays, being weird is cool, making weird girl names awesome options for your future trendsetter!

  1. Alcyonein Greek mythology, Alcyone symbolizes tranquility and calm.
  2. Allegra – is an Italian name meaning “joyful” or “lively.”
  3. Amalthea – is the goat that nurtured Zeus in Greek mythology, a quirky option for animal lovers.
  4. Amaryllis – a unique floral name representing beauty and grace.
  5. Andromeda – is a constellation and a princess in Greek mythology, symbolizing cosmic beauty.
  6. Astraia – inspired by the Greek goddess of justice, Astraia symbolizes fairness and righteousness.
  7. Calistameans “most beautiful” in Greek, embodying elegance and allure.
  8. Calliope – named after the Greek muse of epic poetry, representing creativity and inspiration.
  9. Circe – known for her enchanting powers in Greek mythology, Circe embodies magic and allure.
  10. Elara – associated with one of Jupiter’s moons, Elara represents the mysteries of space.
  11. Elowen – of Cornish origin, Elowen means “elm tree,” representing growth and resilience.
  12. Elysia – inspired by the Elysian Fields in Greek mythology, Elysia signifies heavenly bliss.
  13. Eulalia – this unusual name means “well-spoken,” carrying an air of eloquence and charm.
  14. Fara – a girl’s name from southern Africa, signifying happiness and laughter.
  15. Freesia – a unique floral name, Freesia evokes the delicate scent of springtime flowers.
  16. Gwyneth – meaning “blessed” or “happy,” Gwyneth reflects a joyful and positive spirit.
  17. Haniyawith roots in Arabic, Haniya means “happy” or “delighted.”
  18. Hypatia – born by a renowned ancient mathematician and philosopher, Hypatia represents intelligence and wisdom.
  19. Ilaria – derived from Italian, meaning “joyful,” reflecting a girl’s infectious laughter.
  20. Indigo – one of the top wonderful and weird girl names for a future artist.
  21. Iolanthe – a whimsical name meaning “violet flower,” symbolizing nature’s beauty.
  22. Isabeau – a medieval French form of Isabelle that’s strangely cool.
  23. Isolt – an alternative spelling of Isolde associated with passionate love.
  24. Ithilien – from Tolkien’s Middle-earth, a top weird girl name for fantasy lovers.
  25. Lirael – from fantasy literature, Lirael is associated with mystery and magical abilities.
  26. Lysandra – a regal name meaning “liberator of mankind,” embodying strength and freedom.
  27. Marcelline – a pretty variation on the classic name Marceline.
  28. Mariposa – of Spanish origin, Mariposa means “butterfly,” signifying transformation and beauty.
  29. Melusine – hails from European folklore and represents a captivating mermaid-like creature.
  30. Nebula – associated with the beauty and mystery of space.
  31. Nemesis – in Greek mythology, Nemesis is a badass goddess representing retribution and justice.
  32. Nyx – an edgy name derived from the Greek goddess of the night.
  33. Ondina – a variation of Ondine, connected to water nymphs and aquatic beauty.
  34. Ondine – with roots in French folklore, Ondine is associated with water nymphs.
  35. Pandora – in Greek mythology, Pandora opened a box, releasing good and evil into the world.
  36. Selene – inspired by the Greek moon goddess, Selene is a lovely first or middle name option.
  37. Seraphina – a celestial name meaning “fiery ones,” perfect for a sassy little girl.
  38. Serenata – of Italian origin, Serenata means “serenade,” symbolizing romantic beauty.
  39. Solene – a French girl name meaning “sun,” Solene radiates warmth and positivity.
  40. Thalassa – inspired by the Greek sea goddess, a top choice for mythology lovers.
  41. Thalia – named after the Greek muse of comedy, representing laughter and joy.
  42. Valkyrie – inspired by Norse mythology, a badass name representing bravery in battle.
  43. Veridian – a funny name inspired by the Spanish word “verde” (green), representing growth and renewal.
  44. Vespera – derived from the Latin word for “evening,” Vespera is edgy and cool.
  45. Zephyra – inspired by the gentle west wind, signifies a calm and soothing presence.
  46. Zinnia – a distinctive floral name, Zinnia represents vitality and beauty.

44 Quirky Girl Names

These quirky girl names will surely add a dash of uniqueness to your daughter’s identity.

  1. Acacia – a quirky nature-inspired name, symbolizing the acacia tree’s beauty and strength.
  2. Annalise – elegance meets quirkiness with this English combo of Anna and Lise.
  3. Arabella – a charming old lady name with a timeless appeal.
  4. Azura – a unique name inspired by the azure blue of the sky or sea.
  5. Bixlee – one of the weirdest names on our list, with cute nicknames Bix or Lee.
  6. Calanthe – a unique and botanical name representing orchid flowers.
  7. Clementine – this vintage English name meaning “gentle” is ridiculously cute.
  8. Cosima – a random Italian name related to the cosmos.
  9. Cressida – is an uncommon and quirky name with literary roots.
  10. Dixie – a Southern-inspired girl name for an adventurous spirit.
  11. Eowyn – inspired by the famous Lord of the Rings character.
  12. Fae – short and enchanting, Fae adds a touch of magic to any girl’s identity.
  13. Fern – a nature-inspired name evoking images of lush greenery and tranquility.
  14. Frankie – for a girl who’s the life of the party and never takes herself too seriously.
  15. Galadriel – a character from Tolkien’s Middle-earth, perfect for your quirky princess.
  16. Juniper – a nature-inspired name associated with the aromatic juniper tree.
  17. Larkspur – one of the most creative choices among funny female names, reflecting the beauty of wildflowers.
  18. Lavender – this floral name has a soothing and aromatic quality.
  19. Magnolia – is one of the best choices for fans of floral old-lady names.
  20. Maisie – a vintage name for a delightfully unique girl.
  21. Maris – meaning “of the sea,” Maris is cute enough for your little mermaid.
  22. Matilda – a quirky vintage name with an old lady feel.
  23. Nerida – an Australian female name meaning “sea nymph” or “mermaid.”
  24. Nola – perfect for a girl who’s as vibrant as the city of New Orleans.
  25. Octavia – a punny name for a girl with eight brothers and sisters.
  26. Odalys – meaning “fortune,” Odalys suits a girl who’s far from stupid when it comes to money.
  27. Odette – this unique alternative of ​​Odilia is pretty enough for a fairy tale princess.
  28. Onyx – inspired by the precious gem, Onyx is edgy and distinctive.
  29. Ophelia – hopefully, your Ophelia will have better luck than the Shakespearean character!
  30. Oslo – with a cosmopolitan flair, Oslo suits a worldly and adventurous girl.
  31. Phoebe – one of the cutest quirky girl names, meaning “bright” or “shining.”
  32. Rosemary – a long old lady name associated with the beautiful herb.
  33. Saffron – a silly choice for parents who are crazy about spices.
  34. Saskia – an internationally appealing name, referring to “a Saxon” in Old German.
  35. Seren – an edgy Welsh girl’s name meaning “star.”
  36. Serendipity – this could be perfect for a girl with endless dumb luck.
  37. Solstice – is one of the best funny names for girls who love the planet and the seasons.
  38. Sonnet – a ridiculous choice for Shakespeare fans.
  39. Sugar – this sweet name is better suited for dogs than babies.
  40. Tabitha – a vintage name with a quirky charm, often associated with grace.
  41. Tallulah – this quirky pick was inspired by a waterfall in Georgia.
  42. Xanthe – a strange Greek name for a girl with “golden hair.”
  43. Xia – in Chinese, Xia means “laughter” or “joy.”
  44. Zadie – a cool and unusual spin on Sadie.

48 Silly Girl Names

Let’s dive into the world of silly girl names, ideal for your fun-loving and playful little girl.

  1. Alabaster – a ridiculous name inspired by the white rock used to carve statues and ornaments.
  2. Apple – a modern, quirky choice; Apple sounds crisp and refreshing.
  3. Blondie – is a nod to the classic rock band, perfect for rock n’ roll lovers.
  4. Blue – your little one will never feel “blue” with this punny name!
  5. Buffy – for a girl as sassy as the vampire slayer.
  6. Cashmere – one of the funniest names for a rich girl who only wears cashmere.
  7. Charisma – a clever choice for a girl who’s the princess of laughter and charm.
  8. Charleigh – this quirky spelling of Charlie could be seen as bizarre or whimsical… you choose!
  9. Chrysanthemum – this long flower-inspired name is delightfully eccentric.
  10. Clover – as lucky as a four-leaf clover.
  11. Crimson – bold and fiery; Crimson suits a girl with an intense personality.
  12. Cyan – a fun color name inspired by the shade of blue.
  13. Dottie – one of the cutest nicknames for Dorothy.
  14. Fanta – a playful choice for parents with an embarrassing obsession with the soda.
  15. Flor – a pun for a baby who is always crawling and eating stuff off the “floor.”
  16. Florida – this silly state-inspired name evokes images of sunshine and warmth.
  17. Flower – a fun hippy name for a girl who spreads joy wherever she goes.
  18. Folly – ideal for a little girl who loves foolish fun, from sarcasm to dumb jokes.
  19. Gigi – will fit right in with fluffy lap dogs.
  20. Happiness – from the English word, perfect for a girl who’s always smiling.
  21. Hurricane – this girl is very competitive… especially during board games!
  22. January – a unique name inspired by the first month of the year.
  23. Journey – perfect for a girl who enjoys life’s random twists and turns.
  24. Joy – everyone wants to be her best friend because she’s always so happy.
  25. Lady – an English name for a girl who’s as sophisticated as a little lady.
  26. Lark – always singing a silly tune or soaring through life with a carefree attitude.
  27. Leelah – a silly combo of Leah and Layla (that’s actually kind of cute).
  28. Lennon – we bet you can guess her parents’ favorite musician.
  29. Makenzee – a crazy variation of Mackenzie.
  30. Maybelline – one of the top silly girl names for fans of beauty and glamor.
  31. Mercedes – perfect for parents who love cars.
  32. Merrily – this happy girl will be everyone’s bestie.
  33. Minnie – an old lady’s name associated with Minnie Mouse.
  34. Mocha – is one of the best funny girl names
for coffee enthusiasts.
  35. Moonbeam – a mystical yet goofy name for nature lovers.
  36. Moxie – perfect for a girl who’s unapologetically herself.
  37. Pippa – ideal for a girl who is as charming as the cartoon pig.
  38. Princess – fit for royalty, this name is perfect for a girl who embraces her inner princess.
  39. Rusty – suits someone with a love for vintage cars and a knack for fixing them up.
  40. Scout – is ideal for an adventurous little girl who isn’t afraid to get dirty.
  41. Sissie – a pun name for a tough girl who isn’t a “sissy.”
  42. Sunny – perfect for a girl whose goofy antics brighten everyone’s day.
  43. Tempest – her favorite usernames are “troublemaker” and “stormbrewer.”
  44. Tigerlily – for a girl as crazy as a tiger or as sweet as a flower.
  45. Tindra – a sarcastic choice for a child whose parents met on Tinder.
  46. Trixie – for a girl who’s always up for a bit of mischief.
  47. Velvet – a good choice for a baby with velvety soft skin.
  48. Zelda – her parents are huge fans of the Zelda video games.

Funny Girl Names FAQs

What Is the Rarest Girl Name?

Regarding super rare girl names, consider options such as Faelan, Zephyra, Seraphine, Calista, or Ondine. These unique names are not something you come across every day. Of course, there are countless unusual names out there, and what’s rare often depends on where you live and your cultural background.

What Is a Funny Nickname for a Baby Girl?

Some casual and funny nicknames for a baby girl are Gremlin, Stinker, Jelly Bean, or Bubbles. These playful titles add a touch of humor. They are a great way to add youthful energy to your daughter’s title, especially if she has a sophisticated or older-sounding name like Magnolia or Rosemary. Just be mindful of how these nicknames might evolve and ensure they always maintain a loving and light-hearted tone.

What Girl Name Means Laughter?

If you’re looking for girl names associated with laughter and happiness, think about Gwyneth, a Welsh name meaning “happiness,” or Felicity, an English name related to cheerfulness. Other options include Hilary (cheerful), Letitia (joy), and Allegra (lively). Although Asher is more common for boys, it means “happy” or “blessed” and can be a unique girl’s name, reflecting your baby’s positive and joyful spirit.

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