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220+ Adorably Funny Boy Names: With Hilarious Meanings

These funny boy names will have you rolling on the floor.

Life can be heavy at times, which is why many parents-to-be are choosing funny boy names. We’ve gathered the cream of the crop in one place, giving you the best selection of weird boy names. Whether you’re looking for hilarious meanings or want to name your son after a comedian, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve done the hard work for you, compiling over 200 silly boy names to choose from. With this many options, you can’t go wrong. Grab a drink and get ready for a side-splitting time!

63 Eccentric Boy Names

These cool and quirky boy names will leave you scratching your head.

  1. Aaron -means “mountain of strength,” an ironic pick for your cute newborn.
  2. Aladdin – of Arabic origin, means “nobility,” bound to remind hearers of the fun Disney movie.
  3. Angel -a Greek title meaning “heavenly messenger,” an interesting pick for little boys.
  4. Arrow -a weapon used in hunting and archery, means “fired from a bow” in French.
  5. Ash -short for Asher, means “happy” in Hebrew, ideal for the funniest kid on the block.
  6. Barker -an English occupational surname given to those who stripped bark from trees.
  7. Barney – is of English origin, a good pick if you’re looking for boy names that start with B.
  8. Basil -a derivative of Basileios, meaning “ruler” or a robust culinary herb.
  9. Bear -of German origin, borne by explorer and television star Bear Grylls.
  10. Benedict -a Latin option referring to the blessing given at the end of a religious service.
  11. Bergen – means “mountain” in Scandinavian, associated with the hilarious Trolls film.
  12. Billion – among the rarest funny boy names, can be shortened to Bill.
  13. Bishop -of English origin, means “overseer” or the head of a church.
  14. Bodhi -an Indian pick meaning “enlightened,” connected to nirvana.
  15. Boston -a bustling American city known for its rich history and cream pies.
  16. Bow -a ridiculous respelling of Beau, meaning “beautiful” in French.
  17. Branch -of Latin origin, means “paw” or “extension,” symbolizing the power of family trees.
  18. Brock -an English pick initially given to people with a stripe of white hair, like a badger.
  19. Brooklyn -was originally an English surname pointing to families living near brooks.
  20. Bucky -of American origin, means “little buck,” symbolizing the agility of a deer.
  21. Buddha -means “enlightened” in India, borne by the founder of Buddhism.
  22. Buzz -short for Busby, meaning “village of the woods” in English, associated with Toy Story.
  23. Cannon -hailing from the U.K., means “rule” or “wolf cub,” often connected to famous battles.
  24. Cedar -of Latin origin, refers to the cedar tree, symbolizing love and immortality.
  25. Clay -an English occupational surname given to clay workers, borne by singer Clay Aiken.
  26. Cosmo -a Greek pick meaning “beauty” and “order,” referring to the vast galaxies.
  27. Cuba – a popular tourist spot in the Caribbean, known for its crystal seas and warm temperatures.
  28. Deacon -derived from “diakonos,” a Greek pick meaning “helper.”
  29. Deck -can be short for Decker, meaning “piercing” in Hebrew.
  30. Duke -an English title of nobility or a brawling fight.
  31. Elrod – of English origin, means “noble counsel.”
  32. Ferris -means “of iron” in Irish and Gaelic and is associated with whimsical Ferris wheels.
  33. Gun -short for Gunner, means “warrior” or “battler,” often given to soldiers.
  34. Harry -of German origin, means “home ruler,” borne by the fictional hero Harry Potter.
  35. Hobbes -a vintage moniker for Robin or half of the cartoon duo Calvin and Hobbes.
  36. Irish -among weird boy names to show off your heritage, perfect for your little leprechaun.
  37. Jaeger – means “hunter” in German, pronounced “YAY-ger.”
  38. Kermit -of Irish origin, meaning “free man,” borne by Kermit the Frog of Muppets fame.
  39. King -hailing from Britain, meaning “ruler,” perfect for your little prince.
  40. Legend -a story passed down or someone leaving a mark on the world.
  41. London -of English origin, means “from the great river.”
  42. Luigi -an Italian pick meaning “renowned warrior” or a hilarious character from the Mario franchise.
  43. Oak -short for Oakley, perfect for the newest addition to your family tree.
  44. Oozy -means “dripping with moisture” in English, often used to describe slime.
  45. Paris -the City of Love, popular for girls but a goofy pick for boys.
  46. Phoenix -the mythical bird that rises from the ashes, or a busy city in Arizona.
  47. Prince -of Latin origin, traditionally given to firstborn sons.
  48. Raj -means “king” in Hindi, short for Rajah.
  49. Red -an English moniker given to those with red hair or the color of passion.
  50. Reign -an American option meaning “rule,” joining the ranks of great royal titles.
  51. Rock -short for Rocco or a stand-alone title symbolizing strength and faithfulness.
  52. Rolfe -means “famous wolf” in German, reminding hearers of Wiley Coyote, the butt of many jokes.
  53. Royal -of French and British origin, meaning “the kingly one.”
  54. Sage -a Latin nickname often given to Native American healers or a culinary herb.
  55. Scot – an alternate spelling of Scott, means “from Scotland.”
  56. Son -a term of endearment between a parent and their child or a Chinese surname.
  57. Steel -derived from Steele, an English surname for iron workers.
  58. Storm -among weather-related funny guy names, perfect for the chaotic tot.
  59. Thyme -an herb that the Romans used medicinally, associated with the goddess Venus.
  60. Wolfgang – of Germanic origin, means “way of the wolf,” borne by musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  61. Xan -short for Alexander, meaning “defending men” in Greek.
  62. Zen -a Japanese title meaning “meditation,” referring to the ultimate calm state.
  63. Zeppelin -of German origin, means “airship,” associated with the crazy band Led Zeppelin.

81 Unconventional Boy Names

These extraordinary boy names are worth a second glance.

  1. Aries -the Roman god of war, a great pick for the March or April baby.
  2. Artie -short for Arthur or a stand-alone option meaning “bear” in Celtic.
  3. Bandit -of English origin, means “thief,” borne by the lovable cartoon Bluey’s mother.
  4. Beau -means “beautiful” in French and can also refer to someone’s lover.
  5. Boo -among funny male names that double as pet names, used between couples.
  6. Booker -an English occupational surname given to those who bound books.
  7. Buster -means “tough guy” in English, an adventurous option for your little fighter.
  8. Cam -short for Cameron, initially given to those with crooked noses.
  9. Chief -derived from Caput, meaning “leader” in Latin, ideal for the boy who rules the roost.
  10. Chuck – short for Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  11. Chucky -a cute moniker for Chuck, means “free man” in German.
  12. Common -means “guest” or “newcomer” in English.
  13. Conan -of Irish origin, means “lover of dogs,” borne by television host Conan O’Brien.
  14. Congo -an African pick meaning “gather” or a country in Africa.
  15. Coop -an English occupational surname meaning “barrel maker.”
  16. Crash -of American origin, often given to clumsy, awkward men.
  17. Diablo – a Spanish option meaning “devil.”
  18. Dickie -means “powerful leader” in German, perfect for your outgoing son.
  19. Diesel -of German origin, short for Mathias, meaning “gift of God,” or a fuel type.
  20. Dieter -short for Dietrich, means “army of the people” in German.
  21. Dion -means “child of heaven and earth,” fitting for the badass hippy.
  22. Dior -a derivative of D’or, a French surname meaning “golden.”
  23. Dix -short for Dixon, meaning “son of Dick” in English.
  24. Dusty -of German origin, means “brave warrior” or a dirty surface.
  25. Edison – a unique British option meaning “son of Edward,” borne by inventor Thomas Edison.
  26. Elvis – stems from Alviss, meaning “all wise” in Norse, associated with energetic rocker Elvis Presley.
  27. Falcon -of Latin origin, originally given to men or women known for their swift feet.
  28. Fender -an English moniker meaning “defender,” connected to cars.
  29. Fester -of English origin, means “to rot,” a strange option for your lovely boy.
  30. Flint -means “born near an outcrop of flint” in English.
  31. Genesis -a biblical title meaning “beginning” and the Bible’s first book.
  32. Gobind -of Indian origin, a pet name given to cow finders.
  33. Gray -hailing from the U.K., refers to the man with silvery hair.
  34. Harlem – means “home on the wooden hill” in Dutch or a crazy cool New York neighborhood.
  35. Hawk -of English origin, means “bird of prey,” symbolizing freedom and majesty.
  36. Hughie -short for Hugo, meaning “intellect,” great for the boy you’d never call stupid.
  37. Indie -a moniker for Independence or a generic style of folk music.
  38. Ixaka -an alternate spelling of Isaac, meaning “child of laughter” in Hebrew.
  39. Jason means “healer” in Hebrew, perfect for the future doctor.
  40. Jax -short for Jackson, means “son of Jack” or “God is gracious” in English.
  41. Jedi -of Hebrew origin, meaning “beloved by God” or primary characters in Star Wars.
  42. Jiles – an alternate spelling of Giles, meaning “young goat,” a moniker given to dumb children.
  43. Joop -short for Josef, meaning “God will increase” in Hebrew.
  44. Joyce -means “Lord” in Latin, a rare pick for boys, though popular for girls.
  45. Judge -someone who makes decisions within the legal system or a moniker for a judgmental person.
  46. Kenta -means “healthy” and “strong” in Japanese, a good omen for your son.
  47. Kenzo – of Japanese origin, means “vitality” and “health.”
  48. Kidder -an English occupational surname given to those who cared for goats.
  49. Kimmel -a German surname for those who sold caraway seeds, borne by funny man Jimmy Kimmel.
  50. Leo -of Latin origin, means “lion” or a holy oil to anoint the church.
  51. Lorde -a variation of Lord, given to those who worked for nobility.
  52. Mando -of Spanish origin, means “to be loved,” associated with Star Wars’ Mandalorian.
  53. Mason -an English title given to stoneworkers or brick layers.
  54. Odin -the Norse god of frenzy, known for his annoying hyperactivity.
  55. Onyx -of Greek origin, means “fingernail,” a gemstone rumored to be the god’s fingernails.
  56. Pikachu -means “sparkle mouse noise” in Japanese, connected to the Pokemon franchise.
  57. Price -a Welsh pick meaning “son of Rhys” or how much something costs.
  58. Ranger -of French origin, means “forest guardian,” perfect for the baby born on Arbor Day.
  59. Raven -a bird featured in literature symbolizing the thin veil between the living and the dead.
  60. Rex -means “king” in Latin, often connected to dinosaurs.
  61. Robin -short for Robert, means “bright” and “famous one,” borne by the late actor Robin Williams.
  62. Rogue -an English option meaning “unpredictable” and “mysterious.”
  63. Rusty -a term of endearment for redheads, making it ideal for your little ginger.
  64. Sailor – means “boat person” in German, can also be spelled “Saylor.”
  65. Saint -of Latin origin, meaning “holy,” a title for memorable churchgoers.
  66. Scoop -a Native American pick meaning “stands and looks back,” a moniker for wimpy warriors.
  67. Sire -an English option meaning “father” often refers to breeding animals.
  68. Sparrow -means “small” and “chirpy” in English, perfect for your little songbird.
  69. Story -of Norse origin, points to a beloved tale, a source of comfort for many.
  70. Swain – connected to Sven, means “youth” or “young man” in English.
  71. Talon -hailing from the U.K., meaning “bird claw,” fitting for your ferocious chicky.
  72. Taro -a Japanese option traditionally given to the oldest son.
  73. Tex -an American pick meaning “from Texas,” a way to show pride in your home state.
  74. Urban -means “from the city” in Latin, ideal for the sophisticated darling.
  75. Villain -derived from “villanus,” an option rebellious parents will love adding to their list.
  76. Vonmeans “hope” in Norse, can also be a respelling of Vaughn.
  77. West – of English origin, means “western stream” or a direction.
  78. Xenon -derived from Xenos, meaning “stranger” in Greek.
  79. Zach -short for Zachary, means “God remembers” in Hebrew.
  80. Zero -of Greek origin, meaning “empty” or “none,” featured in Disney’s Holes.
  81. Zeus -the Greek god who ruled all other gods, meaning “sky.”

80 Hilarious Boy Names

These funny boy names are bound to make you crack a smile.

  1. Ace -means “unity” in Latin, associated with a winning hand of cards.
  2. Achilles -a derivative of Achos, meaning “pain” in Greek.
  3. Anthem -an uplifting song meant to draw people together.
  4. Anvil -a steel tool used in blacksmithing, ideal for a boy as tough as nails.
  5. Audi -of Latin and English origin, means “noble strength” or a luxe car brand.
  6. Baron -an English title meaning “noble landowner,” a title for wealthy men.
  7. Base -joins the demeaning silly boy names club, which means “the short one” in English.
  8. Bill -short for William, meaning “resolute protector” in German.
  9. Blaze – means “flame” in Latin, but can also refer to someone who stutters.
  10. Blue – a brilliant hue symbolizing tranquility and wisdom.
  11. Brad – short for titles like Bradley or Bradford, meaning “wide” in English.
  12. Cameron -among the funniest boy names, means “crooked nose.”
  13. Carver -an English occupational surname referring to woodworkers.
  14. Castle -derived from “castellum,” meaning “fortified place” in Latin.
  15. Chaos -a Greek pick meaning “pandemonium,” a great pick for your tumultuous kid.
  16. Chase -of French origin, meaning “to hunt,” often used as a middle name.
  17. Chasen -means “huntsman” in French and Hebrew.
  18. DJ -an American pick meaning “believer of truth” or a person who plays music.
  19. Doc -short for doctor, likelier to be used as a nickname.
  20. Eden – the biblical home of Adam and Eve, means “place of pleasure” in Hebrew.
  21. Esau -means “hairy” in Hebrew, joining the ranks of funny biblical man names.
  22. Evers -of English origin, means “wild boar,” a dangerous animal in many countries.
  23. Famous -the art of being well-known, perfect for your future movie star.
  24. Finch -an English title meaning “songbird” or a nickname for a singer.
  25. Flip -a Dutch pick from Philip, meaning “lover of horses” or the act of turning something over.
  26. Foster – stems from Forester, meaning “woodman,” perfect for the tiny tree hugger.
  27. Friday – means “day of Frig,” connected to the Roman goddess Venus.
  28. Gage -of French origin, meaning “oath” or “pledge.”
  29. Gold -an English surname for gold miners or a precious metal of monetary value.
  30. Gopi -means “cow herder” in Indian.
  31. Grover -an English habitational surname for those dwelling near groves of trees.
  32. Hannibal -a Carthaginian title meaning “grace of Baal.”
  33. Hart -hailing from the U.K., means “bear” or “stag,” symbolizing strength and wits.
  34. Hawkeye -an English pick for someone known for being vigilant.
  35. Hawkins -of Irish and Scottish origin, meaning “hawk” or “brown.”
  36. Hermes -means “messenger” in Greek, pronounced “AIR-mehz.”
  37. Ike -short for Isaac, means “laughter” in Hebrew.
  38. Indigo – of English and Greek origin, means “deep blue dye.”
  39. Issay -means “hairy” in African, connected to Esau.
  40. Jett -refers to the darkest shade of black, symbolizing mystery and intellect.
  41. Koda -short for Dakota, meaning “friend” in Native American, connected to Disney’s Brother Bear.
  42. Kota -of Japanese origin, means “happiness” and “good fortune.”
  43. Leod – a Gaelic title meaning “ugly,” often shortened to Leo.
  44. Linkin -an alternate spelling of Lincoln, meaning “lake town.”
  45. Lyric -derived from “lyrikos” meaning “lyre,” connected to poetry.
  46. Mack -short for Maximilian, meaning “greatest” in Greek.
  47. Makkapitew – a hilarious Native American option meaning “he has large teeth.”
  48. Montaro -of Japanese origin, means “big boy,” fitting for the future linebacker.
  49. Nesbit -means “bend shaped like a nose” in English.
  50. Newt -an English option meaning “new town” or a type of salamander.
  51. Norm -short for Norman, means “Northman” in German or an abbreviation of normal.
  52. Nova -a derivative of Novus, meaning “new” in Latin, associated with astronomy.
  53. Octavius – of Latin origin, traditionally given to the eighth child.
  54. Patrice -an alternative to Patrick, means “noble” in French.
  55. Rad -means “advisor” or “joyful” in English and can be short for radical.
  56. Radko -a Bulgarian pick meaning “joy” or “care.”
  57. Radley – of British origin, means “of the red meadow,” ironic for your little ginger.
  58. Raphael -means “God has healed” in Hebrew, borne by the archangel of healing.
  59. Reardon -an Irish surname given to royal bards, perfect for the boy with an angelic voice.
  60. Reece -means “enthusiasm” in Welsh, a variation of Rhys.
  61. Reed -a derivative of Read, meaning “has red hair” in English.
  62. Rocket – a type of jet connected to space exploration.
  63. Sadman -the most ironic title on the list, means “smiling moon” in Arabic.
  64. Seven -of Turkish origin, means “loving one” or the spiritual number of completion.
  65. Silver -a grey hue, can also mean “white” or “bright” in Latin.
  66. Skipper -of English origin, means “ship captain” or “master.”
  67. Sky -means “cloud” in Norse or “atmosphere” in English.
  68. Teddy -of French origin, means “brave people,” or a moniker for Theodore.
  69. Tesla -a Slavic pick meaning “of the axe” or a brand of electric cars.
  70. Thor -the Norse god of thunder, adapted by Marvel for the big screen.
  71. Thunder -an English option meaning “stormy tempered” or “loud rumbling.”
  72. Trace -short for Treacy, meaning “brave” in Irish.
  73. Tru -short for Truett, an English habitational surname for those living near rivers.
  74. Van -a derivative of Vance, meaning “marsh” or referring to a vehicle.
  75. Wilder -means “untamed” or “wild” in English.
  76. Wiley – connected to William, meaning “resolute protector” in German.
  77. Wolf -of German origin, meaning “traveling wolf,” given to those with cunning personalities.
  78. Yahya -an Arabic pick meaning “Yahweh is merciful.”
  79. Zealand -means “from the sea land” in English, connected to New Zealand.
  80. Ziggy -a German pick meaning “victorious protector.”

Funny Boy Names FAQs

What Are Boy Names for Laughter?

Many boy names mean laughter, most finding a home in the Hebrew dialect. Ixaka (ihk-ZAH-kuh) is an edgy option derived from Isaac, meaning “child of laughter” or “laughs.” Ike is a mainstream option for your little comedian, often used as a nickname for Isaac, meaning “laughter.” Both titles are great reminders to take time for joy.

What Is an Odd Name for a Boy?

Odd boy names are sure to bring a chuckle to the toughest critic. Feminine-sounding titles like Indigo, Genesis, Angel, and Joyce will always get a second glance. Hippy-inspired names are also eccentric, including Basil, Branch, Sage, and Cedar. Cuba, Paris, London, and Congo round out the odd options for boys, inspiring hearers to pack their bags.

What Is an Edgy Boy Name?

Funny boy names don’t have to be wimpy; many are downright tough and edgy. Nature-inspired names include Storm, Rock, Clay, and Oak. Mythical figures such as Thor, Aries, and Odin are also considered uniquely edgy picks. Parents who don’t mind tooting their own horn may want to consider Famous and Legend as names.

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