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105 Strong Celtic Boy Names: With Ancient Origins

These Celtic boy names are strong and bold enough for a Gaelic warrior!

Celtic refers to an Indo-European branch of languages consisting of Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Manx, and Cornish. Since Celtic boy names derive from so many cultures, there will likely be at least one or two that’ll strike your fancy!

However, narrowing down the extensive list of Celtic names for boys can be challenging since many options exist. Luckily, we’ve researched and compiled the top Celtic male names with various styles, origins, and popularity levels to help you find “the one” for your Celtic prince.

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105 Popular Celtic Names for Boys

Discover powerful Celtic male names for your brave little warrior.


In Irish mythology, Aengus was the god of youth, love, summer, and poetry. Later, it belonged to several Irish and Pictish kings, bishops, and saints, including Oengus mac Nad Froich, the first Christian ruler of Munster. Angus hasn’t made the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1940s, appealing to vintage name enthusiasts.

  • Origin: Irish, Scottish Gaelic
  • Meaning: One strength
  • Pronunciation: ANG-ges
  • Variations: Angus, Innes, Oengus, Aonghus
  • Namesakes: Aengus Fanning, an Irish journalist for the Sunday Independent, rated as one of the most “influential people” in Irish society. Angus McKinnon Young, an Australian musician part of the popular rock band AC/DC.
  • Popularity: Angus fell out of the U.S. top 1,000 in 1948.
Old-fashioned, Mythical, Traditional


Aidan is the anglicized version of Aodhán, derived from the Celtic god of the underworld, Aed, whose name means “fire.” Aidan took off in the 20th-century, becoming the 39th most popular U.S. boys’ name in 2003. Although Aidan’s popularity has decreased, its cute sound and adorable meaning ensure your little firecracker will be instantly adored.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Little fire
  • Variations: Aodhán
  • Namesakes: Aidan of Lindisfarne, a 7th-century Irish monk and missionary credited with converting Anglo-Saxons to Christianity in Northumbria.
  • Popularity: Aidan was a top 50 choice in the U.S. during the early 2000s, falling to 286th in 2021.
Popular, Modern


Alan’s have a way of making history, with bearers like the first American in space, Alan Shepard, and British mathematician and father of artificial intelligence, Alan Turing. Your son Alan could also leave a lasting mark!

  • Origin: English, Scottish, Breton, French
  • Meaning: Little rock, handsome
  • Variations: Allan, Allen, Allyn, Alen
  • Namesakes: Alan Rickman, an English actor best known for his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series.
  • Popularity: Alan’s a typical choice for U.S. boys’, ranked 197th in 2021.


Alpin is an anglicized version of Ailpean – a Scottish Gaelic name meaning “white” in Pictish (an extinct language primarily used in Northern Scotland during the Early Middle Ages). Alpin’s close resemblance to Alpine (referring to high mountains) and its association with four Scottish kings will make your son feel like he’s on top of the world!

  • Origin: Scottish Gaelic, Pictish
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: al-PEEN
  • Variations: Ailpean
  • Namesakes: Alpin mac Echdach, a 9th-century king of Dal Riata – an ancient kingdom including parts of Ireland and Scotland.
Ancient, Unique


Alwyn is a natural choice among our Celtic boy names, derived from a river in Northern Wales. Let your son flow through life with this laid-back name.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Friend
  • Namesakes: Alwyn Terrell Petre Williams, a 20th-century Bishop of Durham and Winchester.
Natural, Friendly, Cute


Arran hails from an island off the west coast of Scotland. With place names like Phoenix, Hudson, and Austin ranked in the U.S. top 300, Arran is undoubtedly on-trend. Arran could also be an excellent Celtic alternative for Aaron, currently ranked as the 65th most popular boys’ name in the States.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: High place
  • Namesakes: Arran Emrys Gare, an Australian philosopher known for his work in environmental philosophy.
  • Popularity: Arran is most prevalent in its homeland, Scotland, ranked 54th in 2021.
Natural, Strong, Cool


Artair is the Scottish Gaelic form of Arthur. While its meaning is uncertain, it may be derived from the Celtic elements “artos” (bear) combined with “wiros” (man) or “rixs” (king). Artair is just as strong as Arthur but has an old-world feel, making it a suitable choice for your Celtic prince.

  • Origin: Scottish Gaelic
  • Meaning: Bear king, bear man
  • Pronunciation: AHR-ter
  • Variations: Arthur
Strong, Natural


Balor’s associated with a giant king in Irish mythology who used his “evil eye” to destroy enemies. Balor’s connection to this legendary ruler and close resemblance to “valor” make it a bold choice for your Gaelic warrior.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: The flashing one
Mythical, Unique


Bedivere was a handsome, one-handed warrior who served under King Arthur in Welsh legends. Choosing Bedivere may encourage your son to be courageous as his legendary predecessor.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Birch man
  • Variations: Bedwyr
Mythical, Sophisticated, Unique


Bernez is the Breton form of Bernard. Where Bernard is old-fashioned and stuffy, Bernez is spunky and original, making it the hipper choice for your 21st-century babe.

  • Origin: Breton
  • Meaning: Brave as a bear
  • Variations: Bernard
  • Namesakes: Bernez Tangi, a French singer, and poet.
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Bowen is derived from the Welsh surname “ap Owain” (son of Owain). It first made the U.S. charts in 2011, climbing to the top 500 by 2016. If you like Owen but prefer something fresher, Bowen may be calling your name.

  • Origin: English, Welsh
  • Meaning: Son of Owain
  • Pronunciation: BO-en
  • Namesakes: Bowen Wells, a retired British Conservative Party politician who served as a member of Parliament from 1979 to 2001.
  • Popularity: Bowen’s ranked as the 367th most popular U.S. boys’ name in 2021.
Modern, Popular


In Celtic culture, ravens were believed to be messengers of Odin who could see the future and communicate with the dead. This is likely why Bran (meaning “raven”) was chosen for the clairvoyant Three-Eyed Raven character in Game of Thrones. Bran has never made the U.S. top 1,000, making it a truly original choice for your wise little Raven.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Raven
Natural, Cool, Unique


Brendan is derived from the Irish Breanainn, which, in turn, arose from the Old Welsh Breenhin (king, prince). If you’re Christian, you may associate the name with Saint Brendan – a 6th-century Irish abbot who voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean with 16 monks to search for the Garden of Eden.

  • Origin: Irish, English, Breton, Welsh
  • Meaning: King, prince
  • Variations: Breandán, Brenden, Brendon
  • Namesakes: Brendan Francis Aidan Behan, an Irish poet, and novelist named one of the greatest Irish writers of all time.
  • Popularity: Brendan has been in the U.S.’s top 1,000 boys’ names since the 1930s, ranked 761st in 2021.
Common, Friendly, Cute


Are you looking for a traditional Celtic name that isn’t too “out there?” Then consider Brian, a U.S. favorite since the 1920s. Brian’s been a top choice in Ireland for even longer thanks to Brian Boru – an 11th-century king who prevented the Vikings from overtaking Ireland.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Hill, power
  • Variations: Bryan
  • Namesakes: Brian May, an English musician who was the lead guitarist for the rock band Queen.
  • Popularity: Brian’s a long-standing favorite in the U.S., ranked within the top 500 boy’s names since 1933.
Traditional, Common, Strong


Although Brodie’s meanings of “ditch” or “mire” (an area with swampy ground) aren’t very pleasant, its association with Brodie Castle in Scotland could be redeeming. The nickname, Bro, may also sweeten the pot, especially if your son has siblings.

  • Origin: Scottish, English, Hungarian
  • Meaning: Ditch, mire
  • Variations: Brody
  • Namesakes: Brody Hutzler, an American actor best known for his role as Patrick Lockharton in Days of Our Lives.
  • Popularity: Brody’s popularity for U.S. boys’ has decreased since the mid-2000s, going from 77th in 2009 to 186th in 2021.
Friendly, Cute


Caden is derived from the Irish Mac Cadáin (son of Cadán) or the Welsh Cadell (loyalty, spirit of battle). Caden first garnered attention in the U.S. during the 90s when names like Braden and Hayden were in fashion. Caden’s one of the few “den” names whose popularity hasn’t dwindled, remaining in the top 300 since 1999.

  • Origin: Irish, Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Son of Cadán, spirit of battle
  • Variations: Caiden, Cayden, Kaden, Kaeden, Kaiden, Kayden
  • Popularity: Caden received its highest ranking of 91st in the U.S. in 2006.
Modern, Cute


Cador is a powerful choice among our Celtic names for boys, associated with King Arthur’s heroic relative who helped win a battle against the Saxons by killing their leader, Cheldric. Cador was also a guard for Queen Guinevere before her marriage to Arthur. Perhaps your little Cador will be as courageous as his legendary namesake.

  • Origin: Cornish, Welsh
  • Meaning: Battle king
  • Variations: Cadorius, Cadwr, Catgur
Unique, Strong, Cool


Cael is a legendary name born by a warrior of the Fianna who was the lover of Credhe in Irish myths. It’s derived from the Old Irish “cael,” for “narrow” or “slender.” Veggie lovers may enjoy Cael’s similarity to its cruciferous cousin, kale.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Slender
  • Pronunciation: KAYL
  • Variations: Cáel, Caelan, Kaolin, Keelan Caolan
  • Namesakes: Cael Norman Sanderson, an American wrestler who won an Olympic Gold medal and was a four-time NCAA Division I champion from 1999 to 2002.
  • Popularity: Cael made the U.S. top 1,000 from 2002 to 2011 before falling out of favor.
Mythical, Cute


Cahir is the anglicized version of Cathaoir – an Old Irish name derived from “cath” (battle) and “fer” (man). Cahir’s deeply intertwined with Ireland’s history, associated with an Irish town, castle, and ruler. If you’re looking for a traditional Celtic name, you can’t go wrong with Cahir.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Battle man
  • Pronunciation: ka-HEER
  • Variations: Cathair, Cathaoir
  • Namesakes: Sir Cahir O’Doherty, the last Gaelic ruler of the O’Doherty clan.
Strong, Ancient, Cool


Cai is an old Welsh name derived from Gaius – a Roman name from the Latin “gaudere” (to rejoice). Sir Cai (or Sir Kay in English) appears in several Welsh legends as a brutish relative of King Arthur. You can use Sir Cai as an exemplary figure to teach your little Cai right from wrong.

  • Origin: Welsh, Roman
  • Meaning: To rejoice
  • Variations: Kay
Cute, Ancient
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Cairbre was a popular name in Medieval Ireland. It’s associated with several historical and mythical figures, including a prominent Ulster warrior and two semi-legendary High Kings of Ireland. Whether your son’s brave as a warrior or intelligent as a king, Cairbre honors his accomplishments.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Charioteer
  • Pronunciation: KAHR-bra
  • Variations: Cairpre, Coirpre
  • Namesakes: Cairbre Cinnchait, a legendary 1st-century usurper High King of Ireland.


Carlisle is a Scottish/English border city, initially used as a surname by Scots residing in the area. Today, Carlisle’s rare, with few famous bearers since the early 20th-century (other than the handsome vampire patriarch from Twilight)! If you love old-timey names, Carlisle could be the perfect choice for your “flesh and blood.”

  • Origin: English, Scottish
  • Meaning: From the walled city
  • Pronunciation: kahr-LIEL
  • Popularity: Carlisle hasn’t made the U.S top 1,000 since the 1890s.
Old-fashioned, Sophisticated


Author Walter Scott first invented Cedric for his 1819 novel, Ivanhoe. The name was inspired by Cerdic – a 6th-century Anglo-Saxon king. Cedric took off in the U.S. during the late 1800s after the release of Frances Burnett’s famous book, Little Lord Fauntleroy, featuring protagonist Cedric Errol.

  • Origin: Brittonic
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: SEHD-rik
  • Variations: Cerdic
  • Namesakes: Cedric Kyles, better known by his stage name Cedric the Entertainer, is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and game show host.
  • Popularity: Cedric ranked as the 970th most popular name for U.S. boys’ in 2021.
Sophisticated, Modern


In Irish mythology, Cian was the father of Lugh Lamhfada – a prominent god portrayed as a warrior, king, craftsman, and savior. Cian made waves in England and Ireland but hasn’t gained notice in the U.S. It could be a distinctive choice for an American of Celtic ancestry.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Ancient, enduring
  • Pronunciation: KEE-en
  • Variations: Kian
  • Namesakes: Cian Healy, a prominent Irish rugby player.
  • Popularity: Cian’s a long-standing favorite in Ireland, ranked in the top 30 since 1998.
Mythical, Popular, Cool


Colin’s been in the top 1,000 in 11 countries, currently ranked in France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the U.S.’s top 500. It’s the anglicized form of Cailean, an Old Scottish name associated with Cailean Mor – a 13th-century lord and influential ancestor of Clan Campbell. If you’re looking for a classic Celtic name that’s charming and well-liked, you can’t go wrong with Colin.

  • Origin: Scottish Gaelic, English
  • Meaning: Young dog
  • Variations: Collin, Cailean
  • Namesakes: Colin Powell, an American politician, statesman, and diplomat who served as the 65th United States Secretary of State.
  • Popularity: Colin’s common in the States, ranked 269th in 2021.
Popular, Common, Cute


Connor‘s very on-trend, currently ranked in the top 100 boys’ names in 5 countries. While the “double-n” version is popular globally, “single-n” Conor is preferred in Ireland. Connor is derived from the ancient Irish name Conchobar, which belonged to several rulers of Ireland, including the mythical king of Ulster, Conchobar mac Nessa.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Lover of hounds
  • Variations: Conor, Conchobar
  • Namesakes: Connor McDavid, a Canadian professional ice hockey player. Conor McGregor, an Irish professional mixed martial artist, ranked #9 in the UFC lightweight rankings.
  • Popularity: Connor’s a popular choice in the U.S., ranked 97th in 2021.


Corentin is an elegant name little known outside of France. It’s often associated with a 5th-century holy man, considered one of the founding saints of Brittany, France. If Corentin sounds too “old-world,” pair it with Corey for a modern revamp.

Unique, Old-fashioned


Cormac belonged to several Irish rulers, including Cormac mac Airt, a legendary High King of Ireland famous for his wisdom, honesty, and impartial judgments. Cormac comes from the Old Irish “corb” (chariot, wagon) combined with “macc” (son).

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Son of the charioteer
  • Namesakes: Cormac McCarthy, an American novelist, and playwright regarded as one of the greatest contemporary American writers.
  • Popularity: Cormac fell out of Ireland’s top 100 in 2017.


Mighty and strange, Dagda makes us think of a Celtic warrior rather than a baby boy. It’s derived from the Old Irish words for “good” (dag) and “god” (dia). In Irish myths, Dagda was the god of strength, magic, and wisdom. He was known for his magic staff, the handle of which he used to revive the dead.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: The good god
  • Pronunciation: DAHG-da
Mythical, Strong, Strange


Daire mac Fiachna was a legendary cattleman in Irish mythology who owned Donn Cuailnge, a mighty bull over whom the Tain Bo Cuailnge (Cattle Raid of Cooley) was fought. Daire’s predominantly used in Northern Ireland, leaving it ripe for the taking outside the Emerald Isle.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Fruitful, fertile
  • Pronunciation: DAW-ra
  • Variations: Dara, Daragh, Darragh
  • Namesakes: Daire Cerbba, a 4th-century Irish king of Munster.
  • Popularity: Daire was the 53rd most popular boys’ name in Northern Ireland in 2021.
Unique, Ancient
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Declan is a holy choice among our Celtic male names, associated with a 5th-century saint who was one of the first to bring Christianity to Ireland after Saint Patrick. Although Declan’s been popular in the Emerald Isle for decades, it didn’t debut in America until 1998, inspired by a protagonist in the 1997 thriller, The Jackal. We think Declan’s adorable enough to make it to the top 50 boys’ names in no time.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: DECK-lan
  • Variations: Deaglán, Declán
  • Namesakes: Elvis Costello, born Declan Patrick MacManus, an English singer-songwriter and record producer.
  • Popularity: Declan’s been on the rise in the U.S. since the late 90s, making its way to #105 in 2021.
Cool, Popular


Delwyn is very modern, first used as a boys’ name at the start of the 20th-century. It’s derived from the Welsh “del” (pretty) combined with “gwyn” (fair, white, blessed). Delwyn’s whimsical sound makes it a magical choice for your tiny elf.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Pretty fair, pretty blessed
  • Pronunciation: del-WIN
  • Namesakes: Delwyn Williams, a British former Conservative Party politician and solicitor.
Cute, Modern


A mythical choice among our Celtic names for boys, Diarmaid was a legendary Irish warrior and demi-god. He fell in love with princess Grainne, but she was already betrothed to another, so the lovers had to flee. Diarmaid’s romantic and tragic, like an Irish Romeo!

  • Origin: Without envy
  • Meaning: Irish
  • Pronunciation: dear-mad
  • Variations: Dermot, Diarmuid, Diarmait, Diarmuid
  • Namesakes: Diarmaid Ferriter, an Irish historian, broadcaster, and university professor.
Ancient, Mythical, Unique


Dollin is the Manx Gaelic version of Domhnall – the Irish form of Donald. Donald’s on the way out, with its popularity plummeting since the 1950s. Dollin, on the other hand, is fresh and exciting, rarely used outside the Isle of Man. If you love Donald’s powerful meaning but prefer something original, Dollin could be a dream come true.

  • Origin: Manx
  • Meaning: Ruler of the world
  • Variations: Dollen, Dolen, Dolyn
Unique, Strong


Dougal is a variation of Dubhghall, a Scottish Gaelic name from “dub” (dark) and “gall” (stranger). This mysterious name belonged to several medieval Scottish rulers, including Dubhgall mac Ruaidhri, a 13th-century king of Argyll and the Isles. Nickname options range from mature Doug to cute Dougie.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Dark Stranger
  • Pronunciation: doo-GUHL
  • Variations: Dugald
  • Namesakes: Dougal Wilson, an English director of commercials and music videos.
Traditional, Strong


Drustan is an old-world name associated with a 7th-century Scottish abbot who founded the monastery of Old Deer in Aberdeenshire. It’s likely derived from the Old Celtic “trusto” (noise, tumult). If your son is born with a strong set of pipes, calling him Drustan could be a fun way to honor his loud voice.

  • Origin: Pictish
  • Meaning: Noise
  • Variations: Drust
Ancient, Unique


Duncan was born by two rulers of Scotland, one of whom featured in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Macbeth. Choosing this name for your son could make him feel as powerful as a Celtic king.

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Brown battle
  • Namesakes: Duncan Lloyd, an English singer-songwriter and guitarist for the rock band Maximo Park.
  • Popularity: Duncan’s popularity is declining in the U.S., falling out of the top 1,000 in 2021.


Sleek and edgy, Dylan is a badass Welsh name consisting of “dy” (to, toward) and “llanw” (tide, flow). The name emanates from Welsh myths, born by a sea god who was the twin brother of Lleu Llaw Gyffes, the god of light. Dylan first hit the U.S. charts in the late 60s after American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan rose to fame.

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Towards the tide
  • Pronunciation: DIL-en, DUL-an
  • Variations: Dilon, Dillon, Dillan
  • Namesakes: Dylan Thomas, a Welsh writer famous for his poems, “Do not go gentle into that good night” and “And death shall have no dominions.”
  • Popularity: Dylan is a top choice for U.S. boys, ranked 44th in 2021.
Natural, Popular, Common


Edern’s an Old Welsh name derived from “edyrn,” meaning “immense,” “heavy,” “prodigious,” or “wonderful.” Some say it’s a variation of the Latin Aeternus (eternal), but this is inaccurate. Famous Edern’s include a 9th-century monk and father of the 5th-century Welsh warrior and leader, Cunedda.

  • Origin: Welsh, Breton
  • Meaning: Heavy, wonderful
  • Pronunciation: ED-ern
  • Namesakes: Saint Edern, an Irish or Welsh monk often depicted riding a stag.
Religious, Old-fashioned


This beautiful name is unknown outside of France. The only notable bearer was an obscure 6th-century saint who served as a missionary to the pagans of Armorica, located in the Brittany region of France in the present day. Elouan will dazzle your friends and family with its distinctiveness and elegance.

  • Origin: Breton, French
  • Meaning: Light
  • Pronunciation: eh-LOU-an
  • Variations: Loan, Loann, Lohan
  • Popularity: Elouan peaked in France in 2006, falling out of the top 500 by 2019.
Cool, Unique, Religious
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Emlyn’s a pleasant option among Celtic boy names for your little bundle, derived from the Welsh words “around” (am) and “valley” (glyn). This picturesque name conjures mental images of the beautiful Welsh countryside, with its rolling hills and sweeping ravines.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Around the valley
  • Pronunciation: EHM-lin
  • Namesakes: George Emlyn Williams, a Welsh writer, dramatist, and actor known for his hit plays Night Must Fall, and The Corn is Green.
Natural, Cute, Friendly


Enda’s a heroic choice among our Celtic names for boys, belonging to several Irish heroes and kings. It’s the anglicized form of Eanna, derived from the Old Irish “en” for “bird.” While Enda’s predominantly male, it’s occasionally given to females, appealing to gender-neutral name lovers.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Bird-like
  • Variations: Eanna, Enna
  • Namesakes: Saint Enda, a warrior-king of Oriel in Ulster described as the “patriarch of Irish monasticism.”


Faolan comes from the Old Irish word for “wolf” (fael). Wolves are an essential part of Irish mythology, with several heroes able to talk and transform into wolves. If Faolan’s pronunciation is too difficult, try Phelan and Whelan instead.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Little wolf
  • Pronunciation: FE-lawn
  • Variations: Faelan, Fillin, Phelan, Whelan
Natural, Strong, Unique


Fergus mac Roich was a legendary hero in Irish mythology noted for his massive size, manliness, and success with the ladies. His name means “man of vigor” from “fer” (man) and “guss” (strength, vigor, force). Choosing Fergus implies your son will be as tough as nails.

  • Origin: Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Man of vigor
  • Pronunciation: FUR-ges
  • Variations: Fearghas, Fearghus
  • Namesakes: Fergus Suter, a Scottish stonemason and soccer player who became one of the first professional athletes in the sport.
  • Popularity: Fergus fell out of England’s top 500 boys’ names in 2013.
Strong, Old-fashioned


Finley is a unisex name primarily given to females in the U.S. and males in England, Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands. It’s derived from Findlaech – an Old Scottish name born by the father of a prominent 11th-century king, Macbeth.

  • Origin: Scottish Gaelic, English
  • Meaning: White warrior
  • Pronunciation: FIN-lee
  • Variations: Finlay, Findlay, Fionnlagh
  • Namesakes: Finley Peter Dunne, an American humorist, and journalist in the early 20th-century. Finley Quaye, a Scottish musician who won the 1997 MOBO award for best reggae act.
  • Popularity: Finley’s more popular for U.S. girls than boys, ranked 211th in 2021.
Cute, Popular


Gael refers to speakers of Gaelic – a series of Goidelic languages primarily spoken in the highlands and islands of Western Scotland. Choosing Gael for your son shows your Scottish Gaelic pride.

  • Origin: Breton
  • Meaning: Gaelic
  • Pronunciation: GAYL


Gawain recently entered the spotlight with David Lowery’s 2021 rendition of the 14th-century chivalric romance, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. While the name’s meaning is uncertain, some believe it derived from Gwalchmai – a Welsh name meaning “hawk of the field.” This old-world title could be perfect for your future knight in shining armor.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: GAH-win
  • Variations: Gavin, Gauvain, Gualguainus, Walganus


While the exact meaning of Goronwy is unknown, many think it comes from the Old Welsh “gur” for “man.” The most famous bearer was Goronwy Owen, considered the 18th-century’s most notable Welsh poet.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Man
  • Namesakes: Goronwy Owen, a Welsh poet who played an important role in the 18th-century literary movement in Wales.


Gwythyr is unknown outside of Wales, where it’s considered the Welsh form of Victor. In a Welsh tale, Gwythyr is a prince who competes to win the hand of the beautiful English princess, Creiddylad.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Victor, champion


Hamish is the Scottish Gaelic form of James – a religious name meaning “supplanter” (i.e., replacer) belonging to two disciples of Jesus. Hamish is very successful in Scotland, Australia, England, and New Zealand but has yet to travel Westward. If you want an original Celtic name that’s more traditional than Declan or Malcolm, Hamish could be a strong contender.

  • Origin: Scottish Gaelic
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Pronunciation: HAY-mish
  • Namesakes: Hamish Linklater, an American actor known for playing Matthew Kimble in The New Adventures of Old Christine and Andrew Keanelly in The Crazy Ones.
  • Popularity: Hamish is most popular in its home country of Scotland, ranked as the 54th most popular boys’ name in 2021.
Traditional, Religious, Popular
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Heilyn’s meaning of “wine bearer” implies your son will be as rich, bold, and delightful as the drink. In Welsh mythology, Heilyn was the son of the Welsh king Gwyn. He was one of only seven warriors to escape after Bran’s invasion of Ireland.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Wine bearer, dispenser
Mythical, Unique


Herve is the Breton form of Harvey – from “haer” (battle) and “viu” (worthy, honor). It’s often associated with the 6th-century holy man Saint Herve, considered one of the most popular Breton saints. Herve’s rare outside of France, making it a distinctive choice for your brave warrior.

  • Origin: Breton
  • Meaning: Battle worthy
  • Variations: Hervé
  • Namesakes: Herve Villechaize, a French-American actor and painter known for his role as the evil henchman in the 1974 James Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun.
  • Popularity: Herve fell out of France’s top 500 in 2000.
Cool, Strong


Regal and strong, Hywel was the name of several Welsh kings. The most famous was Hywel Dda or “Hywel the Good,” known for enacting laws that were just, compassionate, and focused on the rights of his citizens, especially women.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Eminent, prominent
  • Pronunciation: HUW-ehl
  • Variations: Howell
  • Namesakes: Hywel the Good, a 10th-century Welsh king.
Traditional, Old-fashioned


Once an obscure name, Idris is now trending in four countries thanks to beloved English actor Idris Elba. It’s derived from the Old Welsh “iudd” (lord) combined with “ris” (ardent, enthusiastic). If you enjoy trendy old-world names, Idris should make your shortlist.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Ardent lord
  • Pronunciation: IH-driss
  • Namesakes: Idris Elba, a famous English actor known for his roles as Stringer Bell in the HBO series, The Wire, and DCI John Luther in the BBC series Luther.
  • Popularity: Idris first entered the U.S. charts in 2018, rising to 856th in 2021.
Popular, Cool, Sophisticated


Do you love the name William but want something more original? Look no further than Illiam, the Manx Gaelic form of William. Illiam is strong and masculine as William but more distinctive. Choosing Illiam ensures your son will be one of a million instead of just one in the crowd.

  • Origin: Manx
  • Meaning: Desire protection, will-helmet
Strong, Unique


Jowan is the Cornish form of John – a religious title meaning “Yahweh is gracious,” referencing the Hebrew God. Jowan is an excellent option for followers of the Christian faith.

  • Origin: Cornish
  • Meaning: Yahweh is gracious
  • Namesakes: Jowan Le Besco, a French actor, scriptwriter, and cameraman, known for Yapo (2007), Polisse (2011), and Manhattan Romance (2013).


Kevin is a contemporary name, rarely used before the 20th-century. It’s derived from the Irish Caoimhin, composed of “coem” (dear, beloved, gentle) and “gein” (birth). Although Kevin’s popularity has diminished since the 90s, it’s still well-liked in 20+ countries. You can’t go wrong with this classic.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Beloved birth
  • Variations: Kevan, Kevyn, Caoimhín
  • Namesakes: Kevin Bacon, an American actor featured in the films Footloose, JFK, A Few Good Men, and Apollo 13.
  • Popularity: Kevin is a long-standing favorite in the U.S, ranked in the top 200 since 1946.
Common, Modern


A fitting choice for a boy with dark features, Kieran comes from the Old Irish word for “black” or “dark” (ciar). Kieran is most prevalent in the U.S., whereas Ciaran is favored in Ireland and Scotland. Attractive nickname options are Key (for the “key” to your heart) or Ran (for a fast little guy).

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Little dark one
  • Pronunciation: KEER-en
  • Variations: Ciarán, Kieron, Kyran, Keiran, Kiaran
  • Namesakes: Kieran Culkin, an American actor featured in the films Home Alone, Father of the Bride, and Cider House Rules.
  • Popularity: Kieran’s popularity is increasing in the U.S., ranked 488th in 2021.
Popular, Cool


Lir was an ancient Irish god of the sea. If you want your son to love the ocean as much as you do, naming him Lir is a great first step.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: The sea
  • Pronunciation: LEER
  • Variations: Ler
Mythical, Unique


Elegant and traditional, Llywelyn was the name of several Welsh rulers. Its best-known bearer was Llywelyn the Great, who used war and diplomacy to dominate Wales for 45 years. Name your son Llywelyn, and he will be among the greats.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Strong, leader
  • Pronunciation: loo-EHL-in,
  • Variations: Leolin, Llewellyn, Llewelyn, Llywellyn
  • Namesakes: Llywelyn mab Lorwerth, otherwise known as Llywelyn the Great, was a powerful king of Wales.
Sophisticated, Traditional, Old-fashioned
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Locryn’s origins are uncertain. It may have derived from Lloegyr, the medieval Welsh name for an area in southeastern Britain. The region was likely named after Locrinus – a descendant of the Trojan hero Aeneas, Britain’s first king.

  • Origin: Cornish
  • Meaning: Unknown


Lonan comes from the Old Irish word for “blackbird” (ion). This sweet-sounding boy’s name was born by several early saints, giving it a religious vibe.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Little blackbird
  • Pronunciation: LUW-nan
  • Variations: Lonán
Natural, Religious, Cute


Your little warrior will feel brave and strong with a name like Lorcan. This “fierce” name belonged to the powerful 12th-century Archbishop of Dublin, Lorcan Ua Tuathail, who helped make peace after the Normans invaded Ireland. Perhaps your Lorcan will use his strength to create harmony.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Little fierce one
  • Pronunciation: LOR-kan
  • Namesakes: Lorcan Cranitch, an Irish actor whose first major role was Tim Healy in the 1991 BBC series Parnell and the Englishwoman.
  • Popularity: Lorcan’s prevalent in Northern Ireland, ranked 57th in 2021.
Cool, Strong


Lugh was a Celtic god of justice, nobility, and commerce and a leader of the supernatural race, the Tuatha De Danann. He killed the giant, Balor, by shooting a stone through his eye – like an Irish David and Goliath. Lugh is derived from Lugus – a Gaulish name either from “lewk” (light, brightness) or “lewgh” (oath).

  • Origin: Irish, Gaulish
  • Meaning: Brightness, oath
  • Pronunciation: LOOG
  • Variations: Lugus, Lug, Luga


Mabon is a primary character in the Welsh tale Culhwch and Olwen, born by a member of King Arthur’s war band. His character emanated from Maponos – the ancient Celtic god of youth. Mabon’s youthful energy makes it an excellent choice for your “great son,” who will be forever young in your eyes.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Great son
Mythical, Ancient


Theater fans will appreciate the connection to Macbeth, a Shakespearian tragedy about a general who’s told by three witches he’ll become the next king of Scotland. The main character in the play was loosely based on Macbeth, a real Scottish king who lived during the 11th-century.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Son of life
  • Variations: Mac Beatha
Sophisticated, Strong, Unique


Macsen is the Welsh form of Maximus – an ancient Roman title derived from the Latin “maximus” (greatest). This powerful title is associated with Macsen Wledig, a 4th-century emperor of the Roman Empire who founded several medieval Welsh kingdoms. Try shortening Macsen to Mac for a friendly, youthful vibe.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Greatest
  • Pronunciation: MAK-sehn
  • Namesakes: Macsen Wledig, a ruler of the Western Roman Empire.
  • Popularity: Macsen received its highest ranking of #469 in England and Wales in 2019.


This badass Welsh name caught the public eye after actress Angelina Jolie chose it for her son in 2002. Maddox’s popularity has increased since, making its way to the top 200 in 2009. If you want a cool Celtic name on the up-and-up, look no further than Maddox.

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Son of Madoc
  • Pronunciation: mad-DUX
  • Popularity: Maddox is trendy in the U.S., ranked as the 174th most popular boys’ name in 2021.
Modern, Cool, Popular


A classic choice among our Celtic names for boys, Malcolm refers to Saint Columba, a 6th-century Irish monk credited with converting Scotland to Christianity. Malcolm was the name of four Scottish kings and a character in Shakespeare’s tragic play, Macbeth. Malcolm’s an appealing option for history and theater nerds.

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Disciple of Saint Columba
  • Pronunciation: MAL-kem
  • Variations: Malcom
  • Namesakes: Malcolm III, a Scottish ruler who became king after killing his father Macbeth.
  • Popularity: Malcolm has prevailed in the U.S. since the 1800s, ranked 282nd in 2021.
Common, Old-fashioned, Religious


Malo is a rare name outside of France. It’s given in honor of Saint Malo, a 6th-century holy man and founder of Brittany, France. Malo’s religious ties make it a pure choice for your baby from above.

  • Origin: Breton
  • Meaning: Bright pledge
  • Namesakes: Saint Malo, a 6th-century Breton monk and disciple of Saint Brendan.
  • Popularity: Malo’s risen in popularity in France since the 1990s, ranked 42nd in 2021.
Religious, Unique
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Most associate Merlin with King Arthur’s powerful warlock and advisor, created by 12th-century British author Geoffrey of Monmouth. Merlin’s character was based on Myrddin Wyllt, a legendary madman who lived in the Caledonian Forest of Scotland. Choosing Merlin could bless your son with a life full of magic.

  • Origin: English, Welsh
  • Meaning: Sea fort
  • Pronunciation: MUR-lin
  • Popularity: Merlin peaked in the U.S. during the 20s and 30s before falling out of favor.
Mythical, Old-fashioned


Mian is the Manx Gaelic form of Matthew – a Hebrew title born by Matthew the Apostle, one of Jesus’s disciples. Mian might call your name if you love Matthew’s religious significance but prefer something unique.

  • Origin: Manx
  • Meaning: Gift of god
Religious, Unique


In Irish legends, Naoise was the forbidden lover of Deirdre, a beautiful princess betrothed to King Conchobar. Naoise is romantic enough for your little heartbreaker.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: NEE-sha
  • Variations: Noise


In early Irish myths, Nechtan was the first king of the supernatural race, the Tuatha De Danann, and husband of the river goddess Boann. Nechtan was later born by a 5th-century saint and several Pictish kings. Whether you prefer the mythical, saintly, or regal connection, Nechtan’s a time-honored choice for your Celtic prince.

  • Origin: Mythical
  • Meaning: Damp
  • Pronunciation: neck-TIN
  • Variations: Nuada
Mythical, Unique, Ancient


Neil is the English version of Niall – an Irish name from the Old Celtic “nitu” (fury, passion), “nia” (hero), or “nel” (cloud). Famous Neil’s aren’t hard to come by, including world-famous astronaut Neil Armstrong, One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan, and powerful Irish king Niall of the Nine Hostages. Choose Neil, and your son will have an endless supply of role models.

  • Origin: Irish, Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Passionate, hero, cloud
  • Pronunciation: NEEL
  • Variations: Niall, Neal, Nigel
  • Namesakes: Neil Armstrong, an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the moon.
  • Popularity: Neil’s been in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1800s.


Odhran is a bonafide Irish name famously belonging to a 6th-century saint who accompanied Saint Columba to the Scottish island of Iona. Oran or Orrin may be the preferred options for a Celtic-American.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Tan
  • Pronunciation: O-rawn
  • Variations: Odran, Oran, Orrin
  • Namesakes: Odhran Mac Niallais, an Irish Gaelic soccer player regarded as one of Ireland’s most naturally gifted players.
  • Popularity: Odhran’s a top choice in Northern Ireland, ranked 42nd in 2021.
Cool, Religious


In Irish mythology, Oisin was a legendary warrior, hero, poet, and demigod. His name means “little deer,” chosen because his mother, Sadhbh, gave birth to him after she was transformed into a doe by the villainous druid, Fear Doirche. If Oisin is too challenging to pronounce, try anglicized Osheen instead.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Little deer
  • Pronunciation: aw-SHEEN
  • Variations: Isian, Ossian, Osheen
  • Namesakes: Oisin Hurler, an Irish hurler for Dublin and Cuala’s club teams.
  • Popularity: Oisin was the 11th most popular boys’ name in Ireland in 2021.
Natural, Cute


Oscar was popularized by the 18th-century creator of Ossianic poetry, James Macpherson. Napoleon chose the name for his godson, King Oscar I of Sweden, in honor of the Irish poet. Oscar remains a top pick in Europe, especially in Scandinavian countries.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Deer friend
  • Variations: Oskar
  • Namesakes: Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet who was one of the most famous playwrights in London in the early 1890s.
  • Popularity: Oscar’s been in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1900s, receiving its lowest ranking of #226 in 2021.
Natural, Common


Owen is sweet, charming, and mature – the entire package! This adorable boy’s name is the anglicized form of Eoghan – derived from the Old Irish “eo” (yew) and “gen” (born). Legendary Owen’s are plentiful, including a son of Niall of the Nine Hostages and a King of Farney, Ireland.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Born from the yew tree
  • Variations: Eoghan, Owain
  • Namesakes: Owen Wilson, a prominent American actor featured in Zoolander (2001), Wedding Crashers (2005), and Midnight in Paris (2011).
  • Popularity: Owen is very trendy in the States, ranked as the 22nd boys’ name in 2021.
Popular, Common, Cute


Percy hasn’t made the U.S. charts since the late 80s. However, the popularity of the fantasy novel Percy Jackson and the Olympians could turn the tide. If Percy is too informal, try old-fashioned Percival instead.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Hard spears
  • Variations: Perce
  • Namesakes: Percy Shelley, an English romantic poet known for his works Adonais and Ozymandias.
  • Popularity: In the States, Percy received its highest ranking of 114th in 1900.
Unique, Cool
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Piran may suit a boy born under cover of darkness, below the moon and stars. The most prominent bearer was a 5th-century Irish monk who founded a monastery in Cornwall. Today, no famous Pirans exist, leaving an opening for your future star.

  • Origin: Cornish
  • Meaning: Dark, black


Price is a typical surname in Wales, initially spelled Pryce and pronounced PREESE. Experts believe it was changed from a “y” to an “i” to make it appear English and more prestigious. Price has a sophisticated, high-class quality for your little gentleman.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Son of Rhys
  • Variations: Pryce
  • Namesakes: Price Cobb, an American race car driver who won the 1990 24 Hour of Le Mans race with John Nielsen and Martin Brudlein.
  • Popularity: Price fell out of the U.S. top 1,000 in 1923.
Sophisticated, Old-fashioned


Attractive and charismatic, Rhys was favored in Europe for decades. It didn’t enter the U.S. charts until the early 2000s and has risen in popularity since. Several Welsh rulers bore this name, including the 12th-century prince of Southern Wales, Rhys ap Gruffydd, who defended his homeland against Norman invaders.

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Enthusiasm
  • Pronunciation: REES
  • Variations: Reece, Reese, Rees
  • Namesakes: Rhys Ifans, a Welsh actor who was the frontman for the rock bands The Peth and Super Furry Animals.
  • Popularity: Rhys received its highest U.S. ranking of 413th in 2021.
Popular, Cute, Friendly


Give your son the power of a king by naming him Rian. It’s the typical Irish version of Ryan and an uncommon English variant. Rian is unusual outside the Emerald Isle, only making the U.S. top 1,000 from 1977 to 1979. If you love unique titles with strong meanings, Rian might be the Celtic boy name for you.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Little king
  • Pronunciation: RIE-en
  • Variations: Ryan
  • Namesakes: Rian Craig Johnson, an American filmmaker best known as the writer and director of the popular space opera Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017).
  • Popularity: Rian received its highest U.S. ranking of #904 in 1979.
Cool, Unique


Roderick is derived from the Germanic “hrod” (fame) and “ric” (ruler, mighty). It’s also the anglicized form of the Scottish Ruaridh (red king) and Welsh Rhydderch (exalted king). Roderick was introduced to England by Norman and Scandinavian settlers but died out in the Middle Ages. Scottish poet Walter Scott revitalized the name from his 1811 poem, The Vision of Don Roderick.

  • Origin: Scottish, Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Famous ruler
  • Pronunciation: RAHD-er-ik, RAHD-rik
  • Variations: Ruairi, Ruairidh, Ruaraidh, Ruaridh, Rhydderch
  • Namesakes: Sir Roderick David Stewart (AKA Rod Stewart), a British rock and pop singer, songwriter, and record producer, ranked as one of the best-selling music artists of all time.
  • Popularity: Roderick was most popular in the U.S. during the 50s and 60s.
Traditional, Old-fashioned


Ronan comes from a Celtic myth about a mother seal who was swept ashore, transforming into a human. She becomes a fisherman’s wife, bearing him children called “ronans” or “little seals.” The wife finds her seal skin and goes back to the ocean but remains by the shore to keep a loving eye on her family.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Little seal
  • Variations: Rónán
  • Namesakes: Ronan Keating, an Irish singer, songwriter, and TV presenter best known as the co-lead singer of the Irish group Boyzone.
  • Popularity: Ronan first entered the U.S. charts in 2001, rising to 274th by 2021.
Cute, Popular


Rory’s the anglicized form of Ruaidhri – an Old Irish name born by the last High King of Ireland. Rory’s traditionally masculine but received some popularity among girls after being used in the hit TV series Gilmore Girls (2000-2007). Relaxed yet confident, Rory has potential for a baby of either sex.

  • Origin: Irish, Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Red king
  • Pronunciation: RAWR-ee
  • Namesakes: Rory Mcllroy, an Irish professional golfer formerly ranked as the best player in the world.
  • Popularity: Rory’s more popular for U.S. boys, ranked #295 in 2021.
Friendly, Cute, Common


Ruadh means “red” – often chosen as a nickname for babies with ginger hair. This fiery name is often associated with outlaw Raibeart Ruadh MacGregor, regarded as a Scottish Robin Hood.

  • Origin: Irish, Scottish Gaelic
  • Meaning: Red
  • Pronunciation: RWOO
  • Namesakes: Raibeart Ruadh MacGregor (AKA Rob Roy), a Scottish outlaw and folk hero.
Strange, Unique


There’s no better name for a wise boy beyond his years than Senan. This sophisticated title has yet to leave Ireland’s shores. If you live in the U.S., your little Senan will stand out from the crowd (in more ways than one).

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Little old one
  • Pronunciation: she-NAWN
  • Variations: Senán
  • Namesakes: Senan mac Geircinn, a prominent Munster saint considered one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.
  • Popularity: Senan’s a top pick in Ireland, ranked 56th in 2021.
Unique, Sophisticated


Shaw has dual ancestries, derived from the Old English “sceaga” (thicket) and the Scottish “sitheach” (wolf). Whether your son’s as strong as a thicket or as intelligent as the wolf, Shaw rings true.

  • Origin: English, Scottish
  • Meaning: Thicket, wolf
  • Namesakes: Shaw-Han Liem, better known by his alias I Am Robot and Proud, is a Canadian indie electronic musician and video game designer.
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Are you looking for a poetic name that exudes elegance and sophistication? If so, Sheridan may be the one you’ve been “searching” for. Although it comes from the Irish surname O’Sirideain, it’s also used as a personal name. Sheridan’s meaning may inspire your son to search for his true calling.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Searcher
  • Namesakes: Sheridan Le Fanu, an Irish novelist regarded as the leading ghost-story writer of his time.
  • Popularity: Sheridan peaked for U.S. boys in 1891.


Sloane is the anglicized form of O’Sluaghadhain – an Irish surname meaning “raider” or “mobilization.” While the name’s technically gender-neutral, Sloane has taken off for U.S. girls, ranked 143rd in 2021. However, Sloane’s badass meaning and sleek sound could also suit your little warrior.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Raider
  • Pronunciation: SLON
  • Variations: Sloan
  • Namesakes: Sloan Wilson, an American author known for his bestselling books The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1955) and A Summer Place (1958).
  • Popularity: Sloane’s more popular for U.S. girls than boys, ranked in the top 1,000 since 2009.
Sophisticated, Cool


An excellent choice for a boy with brown eyes, Sullivan is derived from the Irish “suil” (eye) and “dubh” (black). Monster’s Inc. fans will appreciate the connection to the lovable blue monster featured in the 2001 film. Sully is youthful, whereas Sullivan is more mature, permitting the name to grow with your son.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Dark eyes
  • Namesakes: Sullivan Stapleton, an Australian actor known for his role in the TV series The Secret Life of Us, Strike Back, and 300: Rise of an Empire.
  • Popularity: Sullivan’s popularity is increasing for U.S. boys, ranked 373rd in 2021.
Cute, Sophisticated


Taliesin belonged to a semi-legendary Welsh poet known for his collection of poems named the Book of Taliesin. Perhaps your son will inherit the creative genius of his talented namesake.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Shining brow


Mighty and bold, Taranis is associated with a Gaulish thunder god, often paralleled with the Roman god of heaven and light, Jupiter. Taranis has very few modern bearers, so your son will stand out from the start.

  • Origin: Gaulish
  • Meaning: Thunder
Mythical, Strange


Teague comes from Tadhg – an Old Irish name born by several medieval kings of Ireland. While Tadhg is more authentic, Teague is easier for non-Irish folks to pronounce. Choose whichever version appeals to you the most.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Poet
  • Pronunciation: TEEG, TAYG
  • Variations: Tadhg
  • Namesakes: Teague Rook, an Australian actor best known for his role as Steve Everson in the children’s TV drama series Silversun.
Cute, Friendly


Tierney is a holy choice among our Celtic male names, born by a 6th-century Irish saint known for his piety, self-disciple, and a miracle in which he raised the archbishop of Armagh from the dead. Tierney could be a great option if you plan to raise your son in the church.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Lord, princely
  • Pronunciation: TEER-nee
  • Variations: Tighearnach
Religious, Unique


Is your son as strong as iron? Then, consider Trahern, a Welsh title from “tra” (very, over, like) and “haearn” (iron). The name belonged to a legendary king of the Britons featured in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s fictional classic, Historia Regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain).

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Very iron like
Ancient, Strong


Trevor comes from Trefor – a Welsh town derived from “tref” (village) and “maur” (large, big). Trevor rose to prominence in the 1960s, peaking for U.S. boys in the 90s. It could be a nostalgic choice for parents born during this decade.

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: Big village
  • Variations: Trefor
  • Namesakes: Trevor Noah, a South African comedian and actor who hosts The Daily Show on Comedy Central.
  • Popularity: Trevor was the 58th most popular name for U.S. boys in 1994 and 1998.
Common, Modern


Tristan comes from a 12th-century chivalric romance about a Cornish knight who falls in love with the Irish princess Iseult after drinking a love potion. It’s likely derived from the Celtic Drustan combined with “triste,” the French word for “sad.”

  • Origin: Pictish, English, French
  • Meaning: Noise
  • Variations: Tristen, Tristin, Triston
  • Namesakes: Tristan Tzara, a Romanian and French poet, playwright, and literary critic, known as a founder of the anti-establishment Dada movement.
  • Popularity: Tristan has decreased in popularity since the early 2000s, ranked 208th in the U.S. in 2021.
Common, Popular
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Tudor was the surname of five monarchs of England, beginning with the 15th-century ruler, King Henry VII. This prestigious title could be a classy choice for your Celtic prince.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Ruler of the people
Strong, Strange, Unique


Once a place name for a county in Northern Ireland, Tyrone is now a common given name, especially among the African American community in the U.S. It was likely popularized by Tyrone Davis, a famous American blues and soul singer in the 60s and 70s.

  • Origin: English, Irish
  • Meaning: Land of Eoghan
  • Namesakes: Tyrone Braxton, an American pro football player who played in four Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos from 1987 to 1999.
  • Popularity: Tyrone peaked in the U.S. in 1970, ranking #132.


Urien was a powerful 6th-century king of Rheged – an early British kingdom. He was a wise leader and military commander who led many victories against the Anglians. Any boy named Urien is destined to be a great leader.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Of privileged birth
  • Pronunciation: ooh-ree-in
  • Variations: Urbgen
  • Namesakes: Urien Rheged, a British king.
Strong, Ancient


Naming your son Vaughan ensures he will always be your “little” boy (even when he’s all grown up)! It’s derived from the Welsh “bychan” (little, small), making it an excellent choice for the “smallest” member of your family.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Little
  • Pronunciation: VAWN
  • Variations: Vaughn
Unique, Cute


Wynn is a gender-neutral name of Welsh origin, from “gwyn” meaning “blessed, white, or fair.” Bestow this sweet choice among Celtic boy names on your son for a life full of blessings.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Blessed
  • Pronunciation: WIN
  • Variations: Wyn, Wynne, Gwyn
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