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Trevor Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Trevor including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Trevor Overview

  • Meaning: The meaning of the name Trevor comes from the words “tre” and “fawr,” meaning homestead and large.
  • Gender: The name Trevor is most frequently used as a boy’s name.
  • Origin: Trevor comes of Welsh origin and is a variation of the Welsh surname Trefor.
  • Pronunciation: “TREH-VahR”
  • Popularity: Trevor is a popular name and has ranked in the top 100 boy names 21 times since the 19th century.
  • Nicknames: Teddy, Trapper, Tre, Trev, Trevy, Trey.
  • Variations: Treabhar, Trebor, Trefor, Trevares, Trevaris, Trevarus, Trever.
  • Namesakes: Trevor Donavan, TV Actor; Trevor Lawrence, NFL Quarterback.

What Does Trevor Mean?

The name Trevor has a long history as a surname, but in today’s culture, it’s much more popular as a given name. The name Trevor has several meanings, all of which relate to the word homestead in some form.

Some translate the name to mean “of the large homestead or settlement.” (1). This definition is the composition of two words: tre and fawr, meaning homestead and large, respectively.

What Is the Origin of the Name Trevor?

The name Trevor comes of Welsh origin. It is a variation of the name Trefor, a Welsh surname that combines the Welsh language words tref and fawr, mentioned above, to create the meaning noted above.

The name Trevor also has roots in Irish origin and is thought to be an Anglicized version of O Treabhair, which is Gaelic for a descendant of Treabhar. It’s possible that O Treabhair also traces back to the Welsh version of the name (2).

How Popular Is the Name Trevor?

The name Trevor has been used by Welsh families since the 10th century but didn’t become popular among English speakers until the 19th century.

Trevor has been a popular name in the United States for at least the past two decades, though it has fallen off somewhat from its peak popularity as the 75th most chosen boys’ name in 2000. Last year it was the 459th most popular name for boys in the US, according to the Social Security Administration (3).

Among boy names starting with the letter T, Trevor sits at rank number 13 under other popular boy names like Thomas and Tyler.

How Do I Pronounce Trevor?

The name Trevor has two syllables and is easy to pronounce. The official pronunciation of the name Trevor in English is TREH-VahR. However, some people put a greater emphasis on the letter o and pronounce it like the word “or.”

Is Trevor a Boy or Girl Name?

Trevor has traditionally been used as a first name for boys, but it is also commonly used as a gender-neutral surname. If you want to put a spin on it for your baby girl, check out the list of variations that we’ve provided for you below.

Variations of Trevor

There are many variations of the name Trevor. If you like this name, you may also like one of these variants:

  • Travar
  • Travor
  • Treabhar
  • Trebor
  • Trefor
  • Trevares
  • Trevaris
  • Trevarus
  • Trever
  • Trevorrow
  • Trevur
  • Trevyr

Nicknames for Trevor

It’s always a good idea to consider some of the possible nicknames for any given name. Here are a few nicknames for the name Trevor:

  • Teddy
  • Trapper
  • Tre
  • Trev
  • Trevi
  • Trevs
  • Trevy
  • Trevy Chase
  • Trey
  • Trooper
  • T-Vor

Similar Names to Trevor

The name Trevor has a very unique meaning, so it may be difficult to find another one similar. However, some names sound similar or come from similar origins:

Middle Names for Trevor

Not everyone has a middle name, but most full names include one. These are a few options for middle names for someone name Trevor:

Sibling Names for Trevor

Parents of multiples can understand the importance of sibling names. If you want to secure a solid sibling name for Trevor, check out these boy and girl options:



Famous People Named Trevor

Although not incredibly important in choosing a name, it can be fun to know that you share a name with a celebrity. Here are a few famous people named Trevor:

  • Trevor Bauer: MLB Dodgers Pitcher.
  • Trevor Daley: Hockey Player.
  • Trevor Devall: Actor.
  • Trevor Donovan: Television Actor.
  • Trevor Engelson: Producer.
  • Trevor Jackson: Television Actor.
  • Trevor Lawrence: NFL Jaguars Quarterback.
  • Trevor Moore: American Comedian.
  • Trevor Moran: YouTuber.
  • Trevor Noah: Comedian, The Daily Show.

Trevor in Popular Culture

As cool as it is to share a name with someone famous, sometimes it can be even more fun to recognize your name in popular culture. Check out these examples:

  • Trevor Evans: Character in TV series Suits.
  • Trevor Jordache: Character on the soap opera Brookside.
  • Trevor Langan: Recurring character on TV series SVU.
  • Trevor: Neville’s pet toad in Harry Potter.
  • Trevor Slattery: Villain in Iron Man 3.

Trevor FAQs

If you’re looking for some additional information about the Welsh name Trevor, keep reading to find a few frequently asked questions below.

Does the name Trevor appear in the Bible?

The name Trevor does not appear in the Bible at all. Although it is popular in both Christian and Catholic families, it’s not a biblical given name.

Is Trevor also a Cornish name?

The name Trevor is most commonly associated with Welsh origin, although it does have a lesser-known Cornish heritage. The Cornish equivalent of Trevor is Trevorrow. The name also has Gaelic roots.

What is the Expression Number of the name Trevor?

In numerology, the Expression Number of the name Trevor is 8. The number 8 signifies the ability to accomplish great things in life. Those named Trevor may find success in their field and always strive to be the best, boasting competitive traits. Those named Trevor enjoy a challenge.

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