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100 Evil/Demon Baby Names: Boys & Girls

Explore the darkly enchanting world of evil and demon baby names, where mystery and strength define your child's identity.

Evil and demon-themed baby names are intriguing choices for parents looking for something unique and edgy. These names often have mythological or historical roots, carrying a mysterious and powerful aura.

This article delves into a selection of evil and demon-inspired baby names, each with a compelling backstory and a strong presence. Ideal for those seeking a name with a dark, mystical twist.

50 Evil Boy Names

There are plenty of evil and demon baby names for boys. If you’re looking for a sinister-sounding name for your little devil, here are 50 of them.

1. Abaddon

Abaddon is a Hebrew name meaning ruin, destruction.

In the Christian New Testament, Abaddon is the Angel of the Abyss. He reigns over an army of giant locusts, the size of horses. The locusts have wings, lions’ teeth, human faces, and tails with a scorpion stinger.

2. Abchanchu

The meaning of the name Abchanchu is unknown.

Abchanchu is the name of a shape-shifting vampire from Bolivian legend. He takes on the form of an old, helpless traveler. Then, when people stop to help, Abchanchu attacks and drinks their blood.

3. Acheron

Acheron is Latin and means river of sorrow.

The River Acheron was one of five rivers in the underworld of Greek mythology. The newly dead would be ferried across the Acheron and in Roman mythology, it was said to be the place from which the Styx sprang.

4. Adbeel

Adbeel is a Hebrew name that means grieved by God.

The name evolved from the Hebrew verb adab, which is used only once in the Bible when speaking of Eli’s soul grieving over his family’s death.

5. Ahriman

Ahriman is the modern Persian form of the Avestan “Angra Mainyu,” which means evil spirit.

In early Iranian religion, Ahriman is the Lord of Darkness and Chaos, who is the root of all human disappointment, strife, and confusion.

6. Amon

Amon comes from the Greek Ammon, which means the hidden one.

In the 17th century, an anonymous spellbook called The Lesser Key of Solomon was compiled. It listed 72 demons, one of which is Amon, the Marquis of Hell, who commands forty legions of lesser demons.

7. Andras

Andras is the Welsh version of Andras, an Ancient Greek, name meaning manly, masculine.

According to the Dictionary of Demons, Andras was given the title Author of Discord and had the body of an angel with the head of a raven. He was said to appear riding on the back of a fierce, black wolf.

8. Anubis

Anubis is an Ancient Egyptian name that means royal child or prince.

In the Book of the Dead, Anubis was the God of Death and Guardian of the Scales. He determined whether the dead were good enough to enter the underworld.

9. Anwir

Anwir is a Welsh name that means liar.

In Dungeons and Dragons, one of the fictional worlds in which the game takes place, or campaign setting, is a Forgotten Realm. Anwir Dupretiskava is the name of an ancient blue dragon and head of state.

10. Arioch

The meaning of Arioch is unknown.

Arioch was a fallen angel, driven by revenge. It’s said if you listened to this demon, you would be destined to live a life of bitterness, spending your time lashing out against those you believe to have hurt you.

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11. Armaros

Armaros is thought to be a Greek form of the Ancient Hebrew name Armoni, which means palatial.

Watchers were angels sent to Earth to watch over humans. The Watchers defected, gave mankind forbidden knowledge, and took mortal wives. One of their leaders was called Armaros.

12. Azazel

A Hebrew name, Azazel, means scapegoat.

In the Bible, Azazel is a desolate place into which a goat bearing sin is sent. In Islam, Azazel is an angel given physical desires and sent to Earth to show how difficult it is for humans.

13. Balam

From the Semitic root bal, meaning possessor.

A powerful Prince of Hell, Balam was a demon who had the power to incite rebellion. It was said he had three heads, that of a bull, a man, and a ram. This allowed him to see past, present, and future events.

14. Belial

Belial means worthless in Hebrew.

Belial began as an adjective, but it later became another name for the devil. In Christian tradition, when Michael was instructed to show Hell to the followers of Jesus, Balial and 666 fallen angels were visible.

15. Birsha

Birsha is a Hebrew name and means son of wickedness.

In Genesis, Birsha was the King of Gomorrah, a city that was, along with Sodom, destroyed by God because of their abhorrent behavior.

16. Bǫlverkr

An Old Norse name, Bǫlverkr, means malefactor or evil-doer.

Bǫlverkr was a name used by Odin when he spent the summer working for Baugi. During that time, he did the work of nine men.

17. Boruta

The meaning of the name Boruta is unknown.

In Slavic mythology, the Boruta protected flora and fauna of the forest. Christianity cast the Boruta as demonic, although they were said to kill people lost in the forest by tickling them to death. So not too diabolical.

18. Buer

Buer is a Germanic name meaning temporary dwelling.

In the 16th century, Buer emerged as a Great President of Hell who commanded 50 legions of demons. He appeared during the period of Sagittarius, was capable of healing all ailments, and would bestow familiars on those who practiced magic.

19. Cerberus

Cerberus is a Greek name that means spotted.

In Ancient Greek mythology, Cerberus is the name of the dog that guards the gates of the underworld, preventing the dead from making their escape. He is sometimes referred to as the Hound of Hell.

20. Charon

A Greek name, Charon, means fierce brightness.

Charon was the name of the ferryman who took the dead across the River Styx to the Underworld. The Ancient Greeks would bury their dead with a coin in their mouth so they could pay him for their journey.

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21. Dagon

Dagon is of unknown meaning but may mean fish or cloudy.

In Philistine mythology, Dagon was a sea-devil. There is some evidence to suggest he may have been depicted as part man, part fish, essentially a merman.

22. Dáinn

Dáinn is an Old Norse name meaning deceased.

In Norse mythology, Högni is a king, and his sword is called Dáinn’s legacy. The weapon is cursed, and it is said that every time it is drawn, it must kill a man before it can be resheathed.

23. Damien

Damien is a name that’s Greek in origin and means to tame or subdue.

The name Damien still can run a chill down the spine of people who were raised in the 1970s. It’s the name of the main character in The Omen film franchise, a child who is the Antichrist. The franchise was so popular, it led to a remake in 2006.

24. Doyle

Doyle is derived from an Irish surname and means dark stranger.

While not overtly evil in itself, the meaning of Doyle can suggest dark undertones. It became popular in the U.S. in the first decades of the 20th century but saw a gradual decline after 1930.

25. Eligor

Eligor is a variant of Abigor, a Hebrew name that means unwilling.

In Christian demonic legend, Eligor, sometimes written as Abigor, is a demon and one of the Great Dukes of Hell. He rode a skeletal horse and sold warriors the secrets to victory in return for their souls.

26. Forneus

Forneus comes from the Latin fornus, which means oven.

In his most frequent form, Forneus is seen as a sea monster. However, he is a demon who imparts the knowledge of understanding and language and can sometimes take the form of a man.

27. Gadreel

Gadreel is a Hebrew name that means wall of God.

The archangel Gadreel was said to be one of the five leaders of the Watchers. He led Eve astray and taught humans about murder and weapons.

28. Gresill

Gresill is a French name of unknown meaning.

French Inquisitor Sebastien Michaelis claimed that the demon Berith told him about demonic hierarchies while he was performing an exorcism on a nun. Gresill was one of the demons and tempted men with impurities.

29. Helel

Helel is the Hebrew word for bright or shiny.

The son of the morning, Helel, was cast into the underworld after he flew too high. In the King James version of the Christian Bible, his name is translated as Lucifer.

30. Iblis

The meaning of Iblis is disputed, but it may come from an Arabic root and mean remain in grief.

In the Quran, God orders all the angels to bow before his new creation, Adam. Iblis refuses as he sees himself superior to humans. For this, God cast him out of Heaven and into Hell.

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31. Lestat

Lestat is a fictional name with no meaning.

In the novel series, The Vampire Chronicles, Lestat de Lioncourt is a vampire who is nicknamed the Brat Prince by his seniors because of his behavior.

32. Leviathan

Leviathan is a Hebrew name that means twisted in folds.

In early Christian symbolism, Leviathan was used as an image of Satan and became associated with the Hellmouth. He was also said to be one of the Seven Princes of Hell, associated with Envy. This name would be a mouthful for a baby, but you could call him Levi for short.

33. Lucifer

Lucifer means bringing light in Latin and was initially used to refer to Venus, the morning star.

In early translations of Middle Eastern religious texts, Lucifer, referring to the morning star, became capitalized and used as a name. The star’s movement was thought to be Satan’s fall from heaven, and so Lucifer became the devil.

34. Malacoda

Malacoda is Italian and means evil tail.

In Dante’s Inferno, Malacoda is the leader of the Malebranche, evil demons who guard the Eighth Circle of Hell. Their job is to keep corrupt politicians from escaping the pit of boiling pitch.

35. Morfran

Morfran is a Welsh name meaning sea crow.

In Welsh Arthurian legend, Morfran is a hideously ugly warrior. It was said that others were too scared to strike him in battle because he was so ugly, he must be the devil. Morfran’s nickname was Afagddu, meaning utter darkness.

36. Naberius

Naberius may have evolved from Cerberus, which means spotted.

Naberius is a demon in the form of a three-headed dog said to be cunning and exceptionally gifted in rhetoric. He first appeared in 16th-century literature and was said to command 19 legions of demons.

37. Náli

Náli is an Old Norse name that means dead person.

The Vǫluspá is an Old Norse poem that tells of the creation of the world. In it, there is a dwarf named Náli, who was originally a demon of the dead.

38. Narfi

The name Narfi is Icelandic, and it means narrow.

In Norse legends, Narfi is the son of Loki and Sigyn, and it is thought he was a demon of the dead. Some experts believe the Na element of the name is from the Old Norse nár, which means corpse.

39. Orobas

The meaning of Orobas is unknown, but in demonology, he is a Prince of Hell.

In the 2012 horror movie, Lovely Molly, Orobas is implied to be the demon who encourages the title character’s malicious actions.

40. Peter

Peter is a Greek name that means stone.

When Serbian peasant Peter Plogojowitz died in 1725, villagers claimed he visited them in the night. Consequently, they exhumed him, and upon discovering his hair and nails had “grown,” declared him a vampire and drove a stake into his corpse.

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41. Radna

The meaning of Radna is unknown.

Radna was a medieval demon who was also known as the King of Demons. He was able to influence people, filling them with envy and greed. As a person’s heart became corrupted by power, Radna too became powerful.

42. Ravana

In Sanskrit, Ravana means roaring or screamer.

In Hinduism, Ravana is widely seen as a symbol of evil. However, Sri-Lankan mythology claims him as a great ruler.

43. Ruthven

Ruthven is a fictional name without meaning.

The vampire Lord Ruthven is thought to be the first vampire to appear in English Literature. He was the title character of the book, Vampyre.

44. Samael

Samael is a Hebrew name. It means venom of God or poison of God.

In the Talmud, Samael is the angel of death and the head of Satans. Some see Samael as the source of evil as he engineered the fall of Adam and Eve.

45. Sedit

Sedit is a name from Wintun mythology.

In Wintun mythology, Obelbis is the creator and intends for humans to live without birth or death. Sedit inadvertently brings death to the human race, and when he tries to escape his fate, he becomes the first person to die.

46. Seth

Seth is Greek for dazzle and Hebrew for appointed.

Seth was the Greek form of Set, the Egyptian god of storms, violence, and disorder. Originally, there were no value judgments of him, but he was cast as evil by Christians.

47. Teivel

Teivel is a Yiddish word that means devil.

While usually seen as a surname, Teivel also works as a first name for your little devil, without being too obviously demonic.

48. Typhon

The meaning of Typhon is disputed. It may mean smoke, abyss, or whirlwind.

The Infernal Names is a list of names intended for use in Satanic rituals. In this document, Typhon is listed as the Greek personification of the Devil. In other places, Typhon is equated with the Egyptian god Set.

49. Ubel

Ubel is a German word that means evil.

If you’re looking for a name that means evil and don’t mind where it comes from or whether there is a story behind it, you could do worse than to simply choose a word that translates as evil. In this case, the German translation, Ubel.

50. Zagan

It’s not clear what the origin of this name is.

Zagan, a fallen angel, was a servant of Lucifer in demonology. If you’re looking for an original name, this is it. In 2019, it was only the 17,334 most popular boys’ name.

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50 Evil Girl Names

There are fewer evil and demon baby names for girls to choose from, but we do have 50 to share with you.

51. Abyzou

Abyzou is thought to have evolved from the same root as the word abyss.

In early European folklore, Abyzou was a demon who was driven mad by envy after discovering she was infertile. Consequently, she caused miscarriages and the death of newborns. If you want a demon baby name for your girl that you can use a nickname with, you can call your daughter Abby for short.

52. Achlys

Achlys is a Greek name that means death mist or mist over the eyes at death.

Achlys was a figure in Greek mythology who was said to be the personification of misery. She was an Ancient Greek demoness of the death-mist that appeared over the eyes of the dead.

53. Agash

Agash is an ancient Iranian word meaning evil eye.

Agash was a demon in Persian mythology who was the personification of evil curses laid through the sense of sight.

54. Akeldama

Akeldama is an Aramaic name that means field of blood.

In Christian legend, Akeldama is a field that was bought with the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas Iscariot for his betrayal of Jesus.

55. Akuji

Akuji is said to mean dead and awake, but we couldn’t find any reliable evidence to confirm this.

Akuji is a pretty sounding name and could make a good choice for anyone who is a big zombie fan.

56. Alabasandria

The name Alabasandria means like the goddess Bast.

In Coptic Egyptian legends, Alabasandria is a demon who attacks women and children, feeding on their flesh and blood, and the milk of breastfeeding women.

57. Allatou

The meaning of Allatou is unknown.

Allatou was a medieval demon who whispers into your ear, tempting you to abandon your principles. Those who listened to her were said to be damned to a state of perdition.

58. Ammit

Ammit comes from Ancient Egyptian, meaning devourer of the dead.

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Ammit was a demon who had the head of a crocodile, the upper torso of a lion, and the lower body of a hippopotamus.

59. Antaura

Antaura has Greek roots and means a light breeze.

The demon Antaura was responsible for causing headaches, specifically migraines. She would rise up from the sea and send pain on the wind.

60. Aynat

Aynat is a Coptic word that means evil eye.

In the mythology of Ethiopia, Aynat is the personification of the evil eye. This demon would walk among people sowing death and bad feelings.

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61. Batibat

In the Ilocano language, Batibat means nightmare.

Ilocano legends tell of the Batibat, an obese tree-dwelling demon. When the tree in which she lived is felled, a babibat will move into the home built with that tree and torment the people who live there.

62. Bushyasta

Bushyasta is a Zoroastrian name that means the long-handed.

The Zoroastrian demon Bushyasta was the cause of laziness and procrastination. She lulls people to sleep and keeps them there to prevent them from being productive.

63. Carman

Not to be confused with Carmen, the meaning of the name Carman is unknown.

In Irish mythology, Carman was a witch from Athens. She had three sons named Dub, Dother, and Dian, translating as black, evil, and violence. They attempted to invade Ireland and, in the process, laid waste to the country.

64. Carmilla

Carmilla evolved from carmel, meaning garden.

Carmilla is a Gothic novel from 1872. It is about a young woman who is preyed upon by a female vampire, Carmilla. If you’re looking for a subtle vampire baby name, this one is a good choice.

65. Claudia

Claudia evolved from Ancient Greek and means lame or crippled.

In the movie, Interview With A Vampire, Claudia is the child vampire who starts innocent and becomes progressively more bitter and twisted. Use this as your inspiration at your own risk.

66. Cozbi

Cozbi is a Hebrew name meaning liar, deceiver.

In the Christian Old Testament, Cozbi was a Midianite princess who seduced Isralie men, leading them into idolatry and sin.

67. Druj

Druj is a Zoroastrian name that means falsehood or deceit.

In the ancient Zoroastrian religion, Druj was a demon who was the personification of evil. She was one of the principal evil beings.

68. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the English form of the Hebrew name Elisheba, which means God is my oath.

Elizabeth Báthory of Hungary, who lived from 1560 to 1614, was said to have bathed in the blood of young girls and eaten their flesh. Consequently, she has been cast as a real-life female vampire, despite the stories being dubious.

69. Empusa

Empusa is Greek and means one-footed.

In Greek mythology, Empusa was a shape-shifting demon. She was said to attack young men in their sleep, feeding on their flesh, and drinking their blood.

70. Enyo

The meaning of Enyo is unknown.

While not inherently evil, Enyo was the goddess of war and destruction. She is also closely associated with Eris, the goddess of strife.

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71. Euryale

Euryale is an ancient Greek name meaning far roaming.

One of the three demonic Gorgons, Euryale, was the daughter of a primordial sea god and goddess. Euryale was known for her bellowing cries, which could crumble stone to sand.

72. Hecate

Hecate is an Ancient Greek name and means worker from afar.

The Greek goddess Hecate was, among other things, the goddess of witchcraft and magic. Christianity emphasized these aspects of her legends and cast her as an evil figure.

73. Gello

Gello evolved from the Greek word gal, meaning to mock.

Gello was a demon in the court of Lucifer. Angry because she died while young and beautiful, Gello kills children while in their mother’s womb or shortly after their birth.

74. Gorgo

Gorgo evolved from the Sanskrit garjana, which refers to a guttural sound, like the growling of a beast.

Gorgo is an alternative name for Medusa, one of the three gorgons of Greek mythology. Medusa had live snakes for hair, and anyone who made eye contact with her would turn to stone.

75. Hala

Hala has Proto-Slavic roots and means the fury of the elements.

In Serbian folklore, Hala is a weather demon who drives hail and high winds into fields of crops, consuming them. Her voracious appetite sometimes caused her to eat the sun or moon, causing an eclipse.

76. Hel

Hel is an Old Norse name meaning death, or realm of the dead.

In Norse mythology, Hel, a giantess, is the daughter of Loki and Angrboða. She rules over the realm of the dead.

77. Jahi

Jahi is an Avestan name of unknown meaning.

This pretty, delicate name belies the fact that Jahi was a demon known variously as a libertine, courtesan, and the hussy.

78. Keres

A name of Greek origin, Keres means destruction of the dead.

Keres were female death spirits in Greek mythology. They did not cause death, but they waited for people to die so they could feed on their flesh. This personification of violent death was often found on battlefields.

79. Kikimora

Kikimora is a Udmurt word meaning scarecrow.

In Russian folklore, Kikimora grows up with a magician. When she is old enough, she spends the day spinning evil intentions for the world from flax.

80. Krasue

Krasue evolved from Sanskrit and means to cause another to suffer.

In Thai legend, the Krasue looks human during the day, but at night, her head and internal organs trail after it detaches from her body. This head goes hunting for prey and must return to her body before daybreak.

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81. Lamashtu

Lamashtu is an Akkadian name and means she who erases.

A demon of Mesopotamian mythology, Lamashtu would kill babies in their sleep or while their mothers were breastfeeding. She was also said to poison water with disease.

82. Lilin

Lilin Is a Hebrew name and means night spirits.

In ancient Mesopotamian religion, Lilin was an evil demon of the night who visited people in their sleep, causing bad dreams, sleep paralysis, and death.

83. Lilith

Lilith evolved from the Akkadian word lilitu, meaning of the night.

In ancient Assyrian myths, Lillith is a demon. In Jewish tradition, her offspring were the evil spirits of the world.

84. Mare

The meaning of Mare is disputed. It may mean oppressing, to rub away or doom.

In Germanic folklore, Mare is a demonic entity that visits people as they sleep and sits on their chests. She tangles their hair and causes nightmares.

85. Mircalla

Mircalla is a name created for literature and has no meaning.

In the vampire novel Carmilla, Mircalla is the title character’s real name, her alias being an anagram of her real name. Another good choice for a subtle vampire baby name.

86. Morana

The name Morana evolved from the Proto-Indo-European root mor, meaning death.

Morana was originally a goddess of life and death, but in some cultures, she evolved into an evil figure who brought death to those who displeased her.

87. Naamah

Naamah is a Hebrew name meaning pleasant.

In the Zohar, Naamah is a demon who visits men in their sleep and conceives their children who are also demons and who procreate with other humans.

88. Nimue

The meaning of the name Nimue is unknown.

Pronounced “nih-moo-way,” Nimue was a figure in Arthurian legend who may or may not have had evil tendencies, depending on which version of the stories you believe.

89. Nocnitsa

Nocnitsa evolved from the Ancient Greek word noc and means of the night.

Nocnitsa is a demon in Slavic folklore. She visits victims, usually children, while they sleep and sits on their chest, drawing their life energy.

90. Onoskelis

The literal translation of Onoskelis is she who has the legs of an ass.

Onoskelis told Solomon she was a demon who lived in caves. Sometimes she would turn men away from their true nature. On other occasions, she would simply strangle them.

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91. Pandora

Pandora comes from Greek roots and means all gifts.

In Greek mythology, Pandora was given a box containing all of the evils of the world and told not to open it. Unfortunately, she was curious, lifted the lid, and unleashed evil on humans.

92. Persephone

Persephone comes from the Greek words that mean to destroy and murder.

According to Greek mythology, Persephone was strikingly beautiful, and when Hades saw her, he kidnapped her. He then took her down into the Underworld.

93. Puck

An Ancient Germanic name, Puck evolved from pouke meaning devil or evil spirit.

Puck is a relatively popular girl’s name in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. Consequently, it may be a good choice as an evil name for those with Scandinavian heritage.

94. Rán

The exact meaning of Rán is uncertain, but it is thought to mean theft or robbery.

To Viking-age seafarers, the tumultuous nature of the sea was personified in Rán. It was said that she would rise up with her net and capture sailors, dragging them to the realm of the dead.

95. Rangda

An old Javanese name, Rangda, means widow.

In Balinese mythology, Rangda is a demon who is Queen of the Leyaks, an army of evil witches. She is seen as the personification of evil.

96. Rusalka

From the Latin Rosālia, Rusalka means day of the adornment with roses.

In Slavic folklore, Rusalka would use good looks and a beautiful voice to lure young men into the water. Once there, Rusalka would wrap long red hair around the victim’s legs, pulling him to his death.

97. Samara

Samara is a Latinized form of Shomron, which means watchtower.

After The Ring movies, in which the vengeful female spirit was named Samara, this name took off in the U.S. It reached number 256 in the top 1,000 baby names in 2018.

98. Selene

Seline is a Greek name that means moon.

Genuine evil girls’ names are hard to come by, so we’ve thrown in the name of the lead character of The Underworld series.

99. Stheno

From the Greek sthenos, this name means strength, force, or vigor.

Stheno was one of the three demonic Gorgons in Greek mythology. She is often depicted as having red snakes as hair, so this could be a good choice for a redheaded baby.

100. Usha

Usha is a Hindu name that means dawn.

In Hindi mythology, Usha is a demon princess. She is the daughter of heaven, and her sister is the night. Consequently, she is the space between day and night — the dawn.

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Names For Your Little Devil

Whether you are looking for an evil or demonic baby name or just a name with a bit of a dark side, our list of 100 will likely have something to pique your interest.

While they are not everyone’s taste, many of these names will ensure your child stands out from the crowd.

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