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100 Cool Greek Boy Names: With Meanings

You won’t find as many genuine Greek names for boys, with the correct meanings, anywhere else.

Whether you are choosing a Greek boy name to reflect your family’s heritage or picking out a moniker with a lyrical appeal, trying to find the correct spelling and meaning is crucial.

We’ve researched online, spoken with Greek family members and friends, and even emailed a respected professor of ancient Greek linguistics. All to bring you the best, most accurate, and appealing Greek names for boys you’ll find anywhere.

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100 Cool Greek Names for Boys

These gorgeous Greek names for Boys range from ancient to modern.


The Greek boy’s name Achilles is of unknown meaning.

Achilles may be from the name of the Achelous River, or it could have come from the Greek word achos, meaning “pain.”

In Greek mythology, the mother of Trojan war hero Achilles was said to have dunked him in the River Styx when he was a child, making him invincible. However, because she held him by the heel, this part of his body was vulnerable.

Toward the end of the Trojan war, Paris hit Achilles in the heel with an arrow, killing him and giving rise to the term “Achilles heel” as a euphemism for a point of weakness.

Ancient, Masculine, Strong


Aegeus is an Ancient Greek name meaning “of a goat.”

Aegeus was the king of Athens and the father of the unifying king Theseus.

Theseus traveled to Crete to slay the Minotaur, and on his return, Aegeus saw the ships and thought his son was killed because of a miscommunication. Believing Theseus was dead, Aegeus threw himself into the sea in grief.

The body of water is now known as the Aegean Sea.

Ancient, Strange, Unique


Aikat could have roots in the Greek word “aikia,” meaning “torture.”

Aikat is in the top 150 names in Greece, and the gender split is currently 51% male and 49% female.

Aikat shares a first syllable with Aikaterine, the Greek form of Katherine, so theoretically, you could claim Aikat as an equivalent to Kate. Aikat is also an Urdu name meaning “blessed moon” or “happy moon.”

Ancient, Complex, Strange


The Greek boy’s name Ajaz means either “mourner” or “land and earth.”

In mythology, Ajax was a powerful legendary Greek warrior, and the other Ajax was, after Achilles, the fastest of the Greek warriors.

Ajax is also a popular name for many things, including Dutch football club AFC Ajax, a famous French racehorse, and a painting by American painter John Steuart Curry. It’s also used for a set of web development techniques and a cleaning product.

Simple, Strong, Youthful


Akakios is a Greek masculine name meaning “innocent, not evil.”

The Latinized Ancient Greek form of Akakios is Acacius. Although the “K” version is more authentic, many people prefer the “C” version because, and we’re quoting here, “it is less spikey.”

Complex, Handsome, Strange


Alcaeus is from the Greek word ἀλκή, or “alke,” meaning “strength.”

Pronounced “al-SEE-as” this is the Latinized form of the Greek name Ἀλκαῖος or Alkaios. While we have listed the meaning as “strong,” others debate whether it is more accurate to define it as “mighty and/or strong.”

There are five significant figures in Greek mythology named Alcaeus, but we don’t have room to discuss them all!

Classic, Handsome, Strong


The Greek name Alexandros means “defending man.”

While many people will tell you that Alexandros is the Greek form of Alexander, it is the other way around. Alexander is the Latinized form of Ἀλέξανδρος or Alexandros.

The name spread across Europe in the medieval period when heroic tales of Alexander the Great, king of Macedon, became very popular.

Classic, Masculine, Strong


From the Greek word “alexo,” Alexis meaning “helper” or “defender.”

In English-speaking countries, Alexis is more often used as a feminine name, while in other countries, including Greece, it is viewed predominantly as, if not exclusively, masculine.

Somewhat randomly, Alexis is the 9th most common name for all residents in Burundi, where 100% of those with this name are male.

Informal, Modern, Youthful


Anargyros is a Greek name meaning “incorruptible.”

Anargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis is more commonly known as Archie Karas, a professional gambler famous for the longest-running, independently documented casino gambling winning streak.

In December 1992, Karas went to Las Vegas with $10, and by the beginning of 1995, he had $40 million, all of which he eventually lost.

Ancient, Complex, Strange


The Greek boy name Anastasios means “resurrection.”

The 17th most common boy name in Greece, Anastasios, has the advantage of two cute nicknames – Dass, which is Dutch, and Tas, which is used in multiple countries.

Complex, Elaborate, Serious
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Based on the Greek word ἀνδρεῖος or andreios, Andreas means “masculine or manly.”

Between 1963 and 2003, Andreas briefly hovered around the bottom of the US Top 1000 boy names. However, in the United States, Andreas has never been anywhere near as popular as its English language counterpart, Andrew.

Informal, Natural, Youthful


A Latinized form of the Greek Ἀνδροκλῆς, Androcles means “glory of a man.”

An ancient Roman story tells of a runaway slave who hides in a cave and discovers an injured lion. After Androcles removes a thorn from its paw, the lion is tame and shares its food with Androcles.

Androcles is recaptured and sentenced to death. When he enters the arena, Androcles sees that the lion sent to devour him is the same lion from the cave who refuses to eat him.

Classic, Creative, Unique


The Greek word “angelos” means “messenger.”

The word “angelos” influenced both the medieval Latin boy name Angelus and the English word angel. This is why Angelos means “messenger” rather than “angel,” as you might expect.

Informal, Popular, Youthful


An ancient Greek name, Antigonus, means “like ancestors.”

While we say Antigonus means “like ancestors,” it is not a direct translation, and some people may argue it has a slightly different meaning.

That’s because Antigonus is made up of two Greek words, ἀντί, or “anti” which means “like, compared to, against,” and γονεύς, or “goneus” which means “ancestors.” So, technically, you could say Antigonus means “compared to ancestors” or “against ancestors.”

Creative, Strange, Strong


From the Roman family name Antonius, Antonios is of unknown meaning.

Antonios is the more popular Greek adaption of this Roman family name, the other, less popular Greek form being Antonis.

Other versions include the ancient Macedonian forms Andon, Anton, and Antonij, which evolved in the Macedonian region, encompassing parts of what we now call Greece, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and Serbia.

Handsome, Natural, Youthful


Apostolos is Greek. It means “apostle, messenger.”

Apostolos Nikolaidis was a professional footballer and one-time manager of the national football team of Greece. He also competed in basketball, volleyball, and decathlon AND represented his country in soccer and athletics at the 1920 Olympics.

Also a successful racing driver, Nikolaidis was president of Greece’s Automobile and Touring Club and a prominent Greek businessman.

Creative, Refined, Serious


Aris is the modern Greek form of Ares.

Aris/Ares may come from either the Greek word ἀρή, meaning “bane, ruin” or ἄρσην, “arsen,” meaning “male.”

The son of Hera and Zeus, Ares was one of the twelve Olympians and the Greek god of war and courage. The Greeks had mixed feelings about Ares, approving of his bravery and courage but wary of his brutality.

Ancient, Classic, Modern


A Greek name, Aristeidis, means “son of best.”

Second-century Greek Christian writer Aristides was an apologist. This was a class of writers who wrote in defense of the Christian religion.

Works like “The Apologies of Aristides” were often addressed to Roman emperors. They sought to demonstrate that Christianity was highly ethical, had a philosophical basis, and was not a cult, immoral, or godless as the Romans claimed.

Intelligent, Strange, Whimsical


The masculine Greek name Athan means “immortal.”

Athan is a short form of the Greek name Athanasios and the more traditional, ancient Greek spelling of the name, Athanasius.

Athan is becoming a popular name among modern Greek parents because it has firm traditional roots and has a short, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce, 21st Century vibe.

Modern, Simple, Strong


A Greek name, Charalampos, means “to shine from happiness.”

Third-century Bishop of Magnesia, Charalambos, was arrested for preaching Christianity and tried by Roman military commander Lucius.

When he refused to worship Roman idols, Charalampos was tortured but continued to proclaim his faith. As a result, several of his torturers converted to Christianity.

Creative, Traditional, Vintage
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Charilaos evolved from Greek words meaning “grace of the people.”

Widely considered one of the greatest Greek Prime Ministers ever to have served, Charilaos Trikoupis held the post seven times between 1875 and 1895.

However, despite many of his progressive policies, the most famous statement of Trikoupis’s career was during his 1892 to 1893 tenure when he was forced to declare, “Regretfully, we are bankrupt.”

Refined, Strong, Vintage

Christos – Version One

From the Greek word “chrio,” Christos means “to anoint.”

The early Greek-speaking Christians used the name Christos for Jesus because, in Hebrew, he was referred to as מָשִׁיחַ, Mashiach which is Messiah in English, also meaning “anointed.”

Although it is pronounced and transliterated in the same way as the other form of Christos, it is an entirely separate name.

Classic, Handsome, Strong

Christos – Version Two

Christos is also a modern Greek form of Chrestos, meaning “good or useful.”

While the ancient definition of this version of Christos means “useful or good,” a more accurate modern definition could be “ethical, just, righteous, and virtuous.”

The most common endearing nickname for Christos/Chrestos is Christakis, but this is a strictly informal nickname, never used as a “proper” or formal name.

Classic, Handsome, Strong


An ancient Greek name, Chrysanthos, meaning “golden flower.”

As Chrysanthos is considered a firm, masculine, creative name, it’s no surprise to discover that Chrysanthos is the name of an Australian company famous for its high-quality ceramic glazes.

Available in the US for fired or unfired pieces, Chrysanthos glazes are made in China, where the “golden flower” meaning is written as 金花 and is considered a fortunate name.

Artistic, Creative, Masculine


“Golden mouth” is the meaning of the Greek name Chrysostomos.

Chrysostomos was an epithet frequently given to eloquent speakers or those who were persuasive with their words.

Chrysostomos of Smyrna was the Greek Orthodox bishop and supporter of Greek nationalism. Captured by Turkish soldiers during the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–1922, he was handed to and murdered by a lynch mob. Chrysostomos was later declared a martyr and saint in 1992.

Strange, Strong, Vintage


Cleon evolved from the Greek word “kleos,” meaning “glory.”

Cleon is a character in the 1979 cult movie The Warriors. Founder and leader of The Warriors, Cleon is intelligent and charismatic but also an impatient leader.

The movie was based on a book of the same name, inspired by Anabasis, the most famous work of the ancient Greek warrior and writer Xenophon.

Classic, Strong, Serious


An evolution of the Late Constans, Costas means “steadfast.”

The Costas Hummingbird, or Calypte costae, is a species found in the southwestern parts of the United States and northwestern Mexico.

Fully grown adult Costas Hummingbirds are 3-3.5 inches long and primarily green-black, with a paler patch of near-white feathers on their chests. The males have a fabulous iridescent purple chest flair, merging with a slightly less shiny cap.

Informal, Popular, Youthful


Cyrus evolved from a Persian name, Kūrush, meaning “young” or “far-sighted.”

The Greek form of Kūrush is Κῦρος or Kyros, which is Latinized as Cyrus. Many lists mistakenly define Cyrus as meaning “lord,” and this is likely from the incorrect presumption that Cyrus is from the Greek word κύριος or “kyrios,” which does have the “lord” meaning.

Serious, Strange, Vintage


Dimitrios is a modern Greek transcription of Demetrios.

Demetrios and Dimitrios both evolved from Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture. The precise meaning of Demeter, and hence all other variations, is unknown.

However, the “meter” element means “mother.” At the same time, the beginning of her name could be “earth” or “grain,” which would imply that Dimitrios is the modern masculine equivalent of “earth mother,” a concept we rather like here at Mom Loves Best.

Classic, Informal, Youthful


Dion is a short form of Dionysos. It means “of Zeus.”

Dion is a short form of many masculine Greek names beginning with “Dion.” Still, it is most often associated with Dionysos, the ancient Greek god of theater, wine, merriment, and Zeus’s son – hence the “of Zeus” meaning of the first syllable.

Dion has a shorter, more modern feel than Dionysos, which is why it nudged the original off of our list.

Modern, Simple, Strong
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The masculine form of Dorothea, Dorotheos means “gift of God.”

In 1631 Venice, a Greek language book was published called “Historical Book” or “Βιβλίον Ιστορικόν” with the author listed as Pseudo-Dorotheos of Monemvasia.

The writer wanted to remain anonymous, but to give their work credibility, they chose a respected Greek name held by many leading members of the Greek Orthodox Church. They gave “Dorotheos” a senior religious rank in an imaginary diocese.

Ancient, Elaborate, Serious


From the Greek name Drakon, Draco means “serpent or dragon.”

Draco, sometimes written as Drako or Drakon, used to record written law in ancient Greece. The citizens discovered many of his laws were harsh, hence the term Draconian, referring to strict or harsh rules.

There were also several physicians named Drako in the family of Hippocrates.

Consequently, Draco could be a good choice for those in either the legal or medical professions.

Complex, Creative, Strange


Efstahios is from the Greek “eustathios” meaning “stable, well-built.”

A Greek Orthodox icon, Efstathios took his name after he became Christian. Exiled by the Roman Emperor, he was called back to aid a military campaign. After the campaign’s success, Emperor Hadrian ordered him to make offerings to pagan gods, which Efstathios refused.

Efstathios, his wife, and their sons were tortured to death. He and his wife were made saints – known as Saint Eustace and Saint Teopista.

Artistic, Creative, Informal


Eleftherios is a modern Greek spelling of Eleutherios meaning “free.”

In addition to being a Greek boy’s name, Eleutherios was also used as an epithet for Dionesyus, Eros, and Zeus. In this case, it means “the liberator.”

The “standard” nickname for Eleftherios was, and still is, Lefteris, although this is generally used in communities with native Greek speakers. A common handle for Eleftherios in English-speaking locations is “Lefty.”

Classic, Refined, Strong


A form of Elijah, Elias means “my God is Yahweh.”

As well as being the preferred version of Elijah in much of Europe, Elias is the form used in the New Testament of the Christian bible, which was initially written in Ancient Greek.

One beautiful thing about Elias is that it’s easy to spell and pronounce in multiple languages, making it a winner for families with mixed heritage.

Modern, Refined, Youthful


A Greek name with Latin roots, Emilios means “rival.”

Aemilius was the name of an aristocratic Roman family who was said to have descended from Amulius, uncle of Romulus and Remus. This gave rise to Ameilios, Emilios, and a slew of other similar male names.

In parallel, multiple female names evolved, including Emilia, Emily, and Émilie.

Modern, Stylish, Youthful


Emmanouil is the Greek form of Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us.”

The 19th Century Greek painter Emmanouil Lampakis studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts before moving onto the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. There he studied under the tutelage of Nikolaos Gyzis, one of Greece’s greatest painters.

Two of Lampakis’s paintings hang in the National Gallery of Greece.

Artistic, Elaborate, Strange


The Greek name Evangelos means “bringing good news.”

How more appropriate could a name be for a baby? “Bringing good news” is a gorgeous definition for this lyrical Greek boy name, also offering some serious Hispanic boy name undertones.

We think this combo makes Evangelos a fantastic option for anyone, but especially for a family with both Greek and Hispanic heritage.

Handsome, Strong, Youthful


An alternate transliteration of Φίλιππος, Filippos means “friend of horses.”

Filippos is often referred to as the Greek version of Phillip.*

However, Filippos is the modern transliteration of Φίλιππος or Philippos, and Philip is, in reality, the Latinized version of Philippos. Meaning the Greek came first!

*We’d like to add that in some academic resources, Filippos is listed as meaning “fond” of horses rather than “friend” of horses (1).

Intelligent, Modern, Youthful


Derived from the Greek word “phos,” Fotis means “light.”

The older transcription of Fotis is Photios and Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Photios I of Constantinople, is Saint Photios the Great in both the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Catholic Church.

Considered by his contemporaries to be the most significant intellectual of the time, Photios developed a two-part nomocanon that remains the foundation of Church Law in the Greek Church.

Modern, Simple, Strong
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From the Greek “georgos,” Georgios means “earth-worker, farmer.”

Among the people of Greece, Georgios is not just the name chosen most often for newborns in any particular year; it is the most popular male name since records began and the most common male name in all current, living residents.

From recent records, Greece was approaching 500,000 people with the name Georgios in Greece, that’s 1 in 24 of the total population.

Classic, Handsome, Traditional


Gerasimos is from the Greek word “geras,” meaning “gift and prize.”

Gerasimos is generally considered to mean “prize, gift or honor,” but it’s slightly more complex.

In Greek, Gerasimos is written Γεράσιμος. The first part γέρας, or “geras,” means “honor, prize and gift.” The second part, ιμος, is a suffix meaning “deserving of,” or “one who deserves.”

Consequently, a more accurate definition might be “one who is deserving of honor/a prize.”

Strange, Strong, Vintage


From the Hebrew name Yochanan, Giannis means “Yahweh is gracious.”

The Greek name Ἰωάννης, or Ioannes, gave rise to the Latin name Iohannes, which eventually evolved into the English name John.

For sports fans, Giannis evokes thoughts of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the professional basketball player nicknamed “The Greek Freak.” He is known for leading the Milwaukee Bucks to their 2021 NBA finals win and was named MVP.

Ancient, Intelligent, Traditional


Gregorios is a Greek name meaning “watchful, alert.”

Greek boy names are resplendent with fabulous role models, including boccia player Grigorios Polychronidis, who has competed at every Paralympics since Beijing 2008 and holds one gold, three silver, and two bronze Paralympic medals.

Competing in both the mixed team and mixed individuals events, Polychronidis is highly respected and was selected as Greece’s flag bearer at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio.

Classic, Handsome, Masculine


A gender-neutral Greek name, Haris, means “kindness and grace.”

Haris is a modern Greek transcription used in place of either the masculine Greek name Chares or the feminine Greek name Charis.

Haris is relatively popular in England, Wales, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, but it’s impossible to tell whether that’s because of the Greek version or the Arabic and Urdu version, meaning “cultivator and plowman.”

Modern, Strong, Stylish


A Greek name, Hermes, means “boundary marker, cairn, or a pile of stones.”

In Greek mythology, Hermes was the messenger to the gods, particularly of Zeus. The patron of athletes, merchants, orators, travelers, and writers, Hermes was known for his speed and good luck.

Perhaps this makes Hermes a good choice for a boy delivered quickly? A speedy baby and good luck for mom.

Ancient, Artistic, Strong


The Greek name Hieronymus means “sacred name.”

Hieronymus Bosch was a Dutch painter famous for his paintings of religious concepts and narratives viewed through a fantastical lens, and some would say, disturbing imagery. He oil-painted many triptych (3-panelled) altarpieces on oak wood.

It is also the name of fictional detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, who was named by his mother in honor of the painter.

Artistic, Creative, Whimsical


Homer is a Greek name meaning “pledge or hostage.”

Homer is the modern Greek transcription of the Ancient Greek name Ὅμηρος, traditionally transcribed as Homeros.

Although Homer is a Greek name, it is rarely used in Greece, and 69% of the Homers alive today were born in the United States.

Ancient, Modern, Simple


The Greek name Iason means “healer.”

Iason is the Greek name, Anglicized as Jason. This makes Iason an excellent alternative to the classic, perhaps overused “J” version of the name.

As a hero, adventurer, and leader of the Argonauts, you could do worse than naming your son after Iason but be sure he doesn’t treat women the same way as his Greek mythology namesake.

Handsome, Simple, Youthful


The Greek name Ignatios is of unknown meaning.

This cool Greek name comes from the Roman family name Egnatius. The family name was altered to align with the spelling of the Latin word “ignis,” meaning “fire.” This is why so many erroneously define Ignatios as meaning “fire.”

Ancient, Complex, Strange
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Ilias is from the Hebrew name Elijah. It means “my God is Yahweh.”

Ilias is the second Elijah variant on our list. Elias was chosen because of its popularity in so many languages, and Ilias because it’s an exclusively Greek language variant.

This modern Greek transcription also coincides with the sound of the ancient Greek city Ilius, also known as Troy. Homer’s epic poem, “Ilias poiesis,” meaning “Poem of Ilius,” was Latinized as Iliad.

Intelligent, Modern


Iaon is from the Hebrew Yochanan, meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”

While Ioan is generally seen as a Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Welsh form of John, it is also a short form of the Greek name Ioannes.

Consequently, many other variations have emerged, such as the English boy’s name John, the masculine Slavic name Ivan, the gender-neutral French name Yannik, and the Irish boy’s name Sean.

Modern, Simple, Stylish


Konstantin is from the Latin “constans,” meaning “constant and steadfast.”

While Konstantin is considered a Russian, Slavic, and Germanic form of the Latin name Constantine, and not a Greek name, it is the most popular form in Greece.

There are 237,907 people with this name in Greece, making it the seventh most common name and fifth most popular boy’s name. Meaning there are 1 in 46 Greeks named Konstantin.

Classic, Handsome, Masculine


From the Latin word “constans,” Konstantinos means “constant and steadfast.”

Konstantinos is the specifically Greek form of Constantine and the name of Prime Ministers and royalty, but it sees less use than the more popular Konstantin.

However, that’s not to say it isn’t popular. Close on the heels of Konstantin, Konstantinos is the 13th most common name and 9th most common boy’s name in Greece. This makes 1 in 74 Greeks named Konstantinos.

Handsome, Masculine, Traditional


The Greek name Kostas means “constant, steadfast.”

The final variant or derivative of Constantine – we promise!

Kostas is a short form of Konstantinos, but there is a slightly odd detail to this. Although Kostas is regularly used as a short form of Konstantinos, we couldn’t find any examples of it being short for the more common Konstantin.

Modern, Simple, Strong


Kyriakos is from the Greek word kyrios, meaning “lord.”

Kyriakos Mitsotaki has been the leader of the Greek political party New Democracy since 2016 and the Prime Minister of Greece since 2019.

A member of a prominent Greek family, Mistotaki’s father, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, was Prime Minister of Greece from 1990 to 1993. His older sister, Dora Bakoyannis, was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2009.

Intelligent, Modern, Strong


Lambros is a Greek name. It means “radiant, shining and bright.”

There are almost 16,000 people across the globe with the name Lampros, and over 15,500 of them are in Greece.

The alternative spelling is Lambros, which may be the way to go if you want a very rare Greek name. There are fewer than 3,000 with this name on the planet, and, for a change, the largest population is not in Greece but in Cyprus.

Strange, Strong, Unique


The Greek name Lazaros means “my God has helped.”

Lazaros evolved from the Hebrew boy’s name El’azar, which later became Eleazer.

The ancient Greeks adopted Eleazer, which eventually became Lazaros in the Greek transcription of the Bible. Later, Lazaros received the Latinized treatment and became Lazarus.

Ancient, Creative, Informal


Leander is a Greek name that means “lion-man.”

Leander was in regular, if low-level use in the US from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The last time it appeared in the US top 1 000 boy names was 1969.

However, since HBO released the crime series The Wire, which features a character by the name of Leander Sydnor, little Leanders have begun to appear once more.

Creative, Masculine, Strong


Leonidas is a Greek name meaning “son of the lion.”

Leonidas I, the best-known King of Sparta, is legendary for his role in the Battle of Thermopylae. Here Leonidas led 300 Spartan soldiers into battle against the invading Persian forces.

A statue commemorating Leonidas at Thermopylae bears the inscription “Come and take them,” the phrase Leonidas used when Xerxes I offered to spare the Spartans if they laid down their arms.

Ancient, Masculine, Strong
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The Greek name Linus means “flax.”

In Greek mythology, Linus of Thrace was the personification of the lamentation or dirge, which is likely where the Greek song genus “linos” received its name.

Linus taught music first to his brother Orpheus and then to Hercules. However, during a lesson, Linus corrected Hercules, who promptly turned around and beat his teacher to death with his lire.

Classic, Intelligent, Refined


An ancient Greek name, Loukas, means “from Lucania.”

Lucania was a region in what we now call southern Italy, and Loukas was the name the ancient Greeks gave to the people who lived there.

Loukas was eventually adopted as a forename, and the Romans wrote this as Lucas. In this form, the name traveled across Europe, eventually shortened in some areas to Luke.

Creative, Strong, Vintage


Marios is a Greek name meaning “male.”

Marios came from the Roman family name Marius, which originated from either the Latin words “mas,” or “maris,” or from Mars, the Roman god of war.

The Greek equivalent to the Roman god Mars was Ares, from which the name Aris evolved. Consequently, we think the Greek names Aris and Marios make a great pair of names for brothers, especially twins.

Classic, Popular, Youthful


From the Hebrew name Mattityahu, Matthaios means “gift of Yahweh.”

Jun Matthew Brecio is a songwriter, rapper, record producer, DJ, and streamer, known to his fans as Matthaios.

From Las Piñas City, in the Philippines, when he’s not making music, Matthios is a ludology student. To save you the trouble of Googling ludology like we had to, it is the study of gaming and gaming culture.

Classic, Strong, Traditional


Michail is the modern Greek transcription of Micheal, meaning “who is like God?”

Michail or Μιχαήλ can also be transcribed as Mihail. If neither of these spellings works for you, there is also the contemporary variant of Micheal, Μιχάλης, which transcribes as Michalis or Mihalis.

Michail is also an alternate transcription of Михаил or Mikhail, the Russian form of Micheal.

Ancient, Modern, Youthful


A modern Greek variant of Micheal, Michalis means “who is like God?”

Although we have already included one Greek variant of Micheal, we’ve included this second option for one particular reason. Some of our team saw Michail and feel it looks like someone’s attempt to use a random alternative spelling.

Consequently, we think Michalis is an attractive alternative to a robust and traditional name.

Handsome, Strong, Traditional


Miltiades is a Greek name meaning “son of red earth.”

Miltiadis is the modern Greek transcription of the Ancient Greek name Μιλτιάδης or Miltiades. It combines the word “miltos,” which means “red earth,” with “ides,” which means “son of.”

We adore the idea that this name can be interpreted as “son of the earth,” “son of clay,” or “son of red pigment,” depending on how you view red earth.

Creative, Handsome, Masculine


From the Greek word “nektar,” Nektarios means “nectar and drink of the gods.”

With its direct link to nectar, Nektaros is a magnificent nature name for boys.

We love that there aren’t any adaptations of Nektarios in other languages and the word “nectar” is thought to come from νεκταρ. This is a combination of “not” and “kill,” so nectar means “immortal.”

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Nikolaos is a Greek name. It means “victory of the people.”

Saint Nikolas of Myra and his anonymous generosity formed the basis for the modern-day Santa Claus.

Nikolaos was known for dropping anonymous gifts to the homes of people in need and performing miracles such as the resurrection of three murdered children. He is the patron Saint of children, students, sailors, brewers, repentant thieves, pawnbrokers, and prostitutes.

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Orpheus is a Greek name meaning “the darkness of night.”

According to ancient Greek religion, the wife of Orpheus, Eurydice, died, so he visited Hades, god of the Underworld. After hearing Orpheus’s beautiful singing, Hades agreed to let him leave with his wife but warned Orpheus not to look back.

As they reached the surface, Orpheus looked back to ensure his wife was still behind him, and so she was dragged back into the Underworld forever.

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Panag means “all holy.”

Panag is a modern Greek, short form of the traditional name Panagiotis, a Greek title for the Virgin Mary.

The shipwreck of the MV Panagiotis lies on a beach on the Greek island Zakynthos. Criminals were using the ship to smuggle illegal cigarettes, and it was wrecked during a storm while pursued by the Greek Navy.

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Pantelis is a short form of the Greek name Panteleimon, meaning “all compassionate.”

Singer-songwriter Pantelis Pantelidis began by writing and recording songs which he would send to his friends and family. They began to post his videos to YouTube, where they were seen by a record producer, who offered him a contract.

In 2013 he won several “best newcomer” awards but died in a car crash three years later.

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The meaning of the Greek name Paris is unknown.

Paris was the Trojan prince of Greek mythology who kidnapped Helen, queen of Sparta, and began the Trojan War. He was also the one to slay Achilles by firing an arrow into his heel.

It’s unrelated to the name of the French capital, named after a Gallic tribe called the Parisii who lived on the lands where Paris stands.

Ancient, Modern, Simple


Pavlos is a Greek name meaning “humble and small.”

Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, is the son of King Constantine II of Greece and Anne-Marie of Denmark. This title is purely honorary as the monarchy was abolished in Greece in 1973 when the country became a republic.

Although Pavlos is the second-born child, he is next “in line to the throne,” displacing his older sister Alexia because of male-preference primogeniture.

Ancient, Classic, Traditional


Periklis is the modern Greek transcription of Pericles, meaning “around glory.”

Because of his investments and promotion of the arts, education, and literature, the prominent Greek statesman and general Pericles was nicknamed the “First Citizen of Athens.”

This promotion of knowledge, combined with a massive rebuilding project, made Athens a cultural center. Building projects initiated by Pericles can be seen in the Acropolis and Parthenon, which are still standing today.

Ancient, Artistic, Creative


Petros is a Greek name. It means “stone.”

Pete Sampras is better known to most people as “Pistol Pete” Sampras, the American tennis player, formerly ranked as the world’s number one player. His 14 significant singles wins were a record at the time of his retirement in 2003.

Known for his technique, he is considered by many as the greatest “serve and volley” player in the history of professional tennis.

Natural, Popular, Traditional


The meaning of the Greek boy’s name Phineus is unknown.

There are two main theories on the origins and meanings of Phineus.

The first is that Phineus combines ἶφι, or ‘iphi,” meaning “powerful and strong,” and νοῦς, or “nous,” meaning “mind.” This combination makes the meaning “powerful mind” or “strong mind.”

The second theory is that Phineus comes from the Greek φίνις – phinis or φήμη – phene, both of which mean “vulture.”

Complex, Creative, Strange


The Greek name Proteus means “first” or “primordial.”

The obvious idea is to use Proteus for your firstborn or firstborn son.

However, Homer calls Proteus “halios gerôn” or the “Old Man of the Sea,” as Proteus is the shape-shifting god of the sea and bodies of water. This name could also be an excellent choice for sea lovers or seafarers.

Ancient, Complex, Strange


Savvas is from the Hebrew word “sava” meaning “old man.”

Savvas is the modern Greek transcription of the Ancient Greek name Σάββας or Sabbas.

Saint Sabbas Stratelates was a Roman general and military commander. When he refused to forsake his faith Sabbas was tortured. When he failed to break, 70 Roman soldiers threw down their arms and converted to Christianity. They were promptly beheaded.

Sabbas was then tortured and drowned the next day.

Modern, Strange, Strong


From the Hebrew origin word “seraphim,” Serafeim means “fiery ones.”

In the Jewish faith, seraphim are celestial beings in the fifth rank of the Jewish angelic hierarchy. They are the equivalent of Christian archangels, the highest level of heavenly, winged beings in Christianity.

In Islam, seraphim are comparable to “ḥamlat al-arsh” the “Bearers of the Throne” who have six wings and four faces.

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Silas is from the Latin “silva,” which means “forest, woods.”

Silvanus was the Roman god of the forests and became a Roman family name. It is then unclear how the names Silvanus, Silas, Seila, and Saul evolved.

Perhaps Silus was the Greek nickname for Silvanus, or Silas was an original Greek name that became linked to Silvanus through nicknames and translations.

Simple, Strange, Traditional


Simon is a male Greek male meaning “flat-nosed.”

In Greek mythology, Simon was thought to be one of the Telchines, the original inhabitants of the Greek island Rhodes. The Telchines were renowned metal workers and made Posidon’s trident and the sickle of Cronos.

This name is distinct from the Greek version of the Hebrew name שִׁמְעוֹן or Shim’on which means “he has heard.”

Strong, Traditional, Youthful


Sotirios was a Greek name for Jesus, meaning “deliverer and savior.”

Sotirios “Sam” Panopoulos was born in Vourvoura, Greece, and emigrated to Canada when he was 20. After working in the mines, he became a cook and opened a restaurant with his brothers.

Panopoulos owned the Satellite Restaurant in Ontario and experimented with sweet and savory flavors, eventually putting pineapple on a pizza and creating the Hawaiian (2).

Ancient, Classic, Traditional


A Late Greek name, Spyridon, means “basket.”

In the first modern Olympics, it was suggested that there should be an event named the marathon, inspired by the “legend of Pheidippides.”

Spyridon Louis was a Greek water carrier that transported water from wells and springs to people’s homes. Louis was persuaded to try out for the new event and won the first-ever Olympic Marathon, becoming a national hero in Greece.

Simple, Creative, Strong


From the medieval Greek word “stamato,” Stamatios means “stop.”

Head Emeritus of the Space Department of the APL (Applied Physics Laboratory) Stamatios Krimigis was born in Vrontados, on the Greek island of Chios. A specialist in solar, interplanetary, and magnetospheric physics, asteroid 8323 Krimigis is named in his honor.

Krimigis is President of the Greek National Council for Research and Technology and Chair of Science of Space at the Academy of Athens.

Creative, Informal, Unique


Stavros is a Greek name meaning “cross (of the crucifixion).”

Stavros was traditionally given to boys born on the day of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. This feast day celebrates the discovery of the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

In branches of the Orthodox Church following the revised Julian calendar, they celebrate the feast on Sept. 14. Whereas in branches that follow the original Julian calendar, it is Sept. 27.

Classic, Popular, Vintage


The Greek name Stephanos means “crown or wreath.”

While we’ve used the standard definition of Stephanos, it could be more accurate to say it means “that which surrounds.” Stephanos was also given as a title rather than a name.

Saint Stephanos was the first Christian martyr and is also sometimes referred to as the Protomartyr.

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A masculine Greek name, Stergios, means “to be content or to love.”

Stylianos of Paphlagonia gave his inheritance away to the poor and went to live in the desert. There people came to hear him preach, even after he died.

A plague befell his village, and people prayed to “Agios Stylianos” to save the children from death, which he did. Consequently, he was given the epithet “Stergios.” People naming their children after Saint Stylianos used “Stergios,” and a new name arose.

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A Greek name, Stylianos, means “pillar.”

As the 25th most common boy’s name in Greece, Stylianos is relatively popular, but a large number of those people choose to use the popular nickname Stelios on a day-to-day basis. Consequently, Stelios is sometimes considered a variant of Stylianos rather than a stand-alone moniker.

Refined, Strange, Strong


Takis is a Greek name with many meanings.

Once, it was common to hear Takis in Greece, as it is a common nickname for Antonios, Dimitrios, Eleftherios, and Panagiotis. Today it’s more common for people to use their full names rather than nicknames or diminutives, so there are far fewer calls of “Takis” on the schoolyard.

However, Takis is still a forename given to almost 4,000 boys across Greece and Cyprus.

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Theodoros is a Greek name meaning “God’s gift.”

Theodoros uses the same Greek name elements as Doretheos, except they are in the reverse order.

This makes Theodoros and Doretheos an excellent pairing of names for twins. Or, in the case of a male/female twin pair, you could use the masculine form of one name and the feminine form, Theodora and Dorethea, of the other.

Classic, Strong, Vintage


Theofanis is a Greek name that means “manifestation of God.”

Theofanis has roots in ancient Greek, but it is directly linked to the Greek Orthodox Church. On Jan. 6, the church celebrates the day of Theofania, or the appearance of God.

This was the day when Jesus was baptized, bringing about the three persons of the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Refined, Stylish, Strong


Vangelis is a Greek name meaning “bringing good news.”

Vangelis began as a short form of Evangelos but soon became popular as a name in its own right.

Another similar option, from the same root name, is Vaggelis. Still, the team here at Mom Loves Best thinks this second variation could be a little too ripe for teasing or bullying in a predominantly English-speaking country like the US.

Strange, Strong, Traditional


Vasilis is a Greek name meaning “king, emperor or royal ruler.”

Vasilis is one of over 50 names sharing their roots with the Greek word “basileus,” a term or title to signify a ruler. By the time of Alexander the Great, it had come to symbolize royalty.

Saint Vasilis is celebrated in the Orthodox Church on January 1st, making Vasilis a popular name for boys born on that day.

Complex, Creative, Strange


The Greek name Vasileios means “king.”

Vasileios is the modern Greek transcription of Βασίλειος or Basileios and is the root of the English name Basil.

The basil plant received its name because it was used in royal perfumes and was known as the βασιλικόν φυτόν, or basilikón phutón, which means “kingly plant.”

Handsome, Refined, Strange


Vladimiros is the Greek form of the Slavic name Vladimir meaning “rule with greatness.”*

We’ve listed Vladimiros as meaning “rule with greatness,” but it’s a little more complex.

Vladimiros combines Slavic word elements “vladeti,” meaning “rule,” and “meru,” meaning “famous or great.” Some experts interpret this as “rule with greatness,” while others claim it is “ruler who is great” or “great ruler.”

Meanwhile, instead of “meru,” the second element could be “miru,” meaning “world, peace.”

Refined, Strong, Stylish


From a Hebrew name, Zaharias means “Yahweh remembers.”

Zaharias is a variant transcription of the Greek name Zacharias, but the spelling without a “C” allows for a better, more authentic pronunciation in Greek.

Some sources suggest the name could be from the Greek word for sugar, zahari. However, the word zahari was not used until, after the 6th century C.E., centuries after Zaharias was recorded as a name.

Artistic, Creative, Refined


From the Proto-Indo-European word Dyeus, Zeus means “sky, heaven, god” or “to shine.”

In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of or the highest of the gods, presiding over all others on Mount Olympus.

Sometimes referred to as the “Allfather,” Zeus was a weather god who was often depicted holding a lightning bolt. Because of his amorous nature, Zeus had multiple offspring, including Athena, who was born from his head.

Ancient, Classic, Strong


Zinon is a modern transcription of Zenon, a derivative of Zeus.

Zinon provides a contemporary alternative to the ancient Greek name Zeus, which can feel a little “mythological” for some modern parents.

Modern, Strong, Youthful


From the Greek word “zissi,” meaning “lifetime or life.”

The name day for Zissis falls on a different date each year because it is celebrated five days after Easter. Zissis shares this name day with Zoi, although the two names are only connected by meaning rather than evolving from the same root.

This name-day celebrates eternal life and is also known as the day of Pigi Zois.

Natural, Youthful, Whimsical
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Greek Name FAQs

Researching Greek male names, we came across other people asking the same questions repeatedly, so we think a Greek Name FAQ will be helpful.

What Greek Boy Name Means Warrior?

While other sites list a range of names meaning warrior, ourselves included, we couldn’t find any genuine Greek names with this exact meaning. Even contacting Greek language specialists drew a blank.

The closest we can find is the feminine Greek name Hera which means “warrior, hero,” and the masculine Greek name Heron also means “hero.”

What Name Means Beautiful In Greek?

This list covers Greek names that mean beautiful, or have beautiful, or beauty, in their meaning.

Greek Male Names

  • Aglaokarpos means “bearing beautiful fruit.”
  • Kallias means “beauty, beautiful.”
  • Kallikles means “beautiful glory.”
  • Kallikrates means “beautiful power.”
  • Kallimachos means “beautiful battle.”
  • Kallimedon means “beautiful, noble.”
  • Kallinikos means “beautify victory.”
  • Kalliphon means “beautiful voice.”
  • Kallippos means “beautiful horse.”
  • Kallisthenes means “beautiful strength.”

Greek Female Names

  • Aglaia means “splendor, beauty.”
  • Caliadne means “beautiful and holy.”
  • Callidice means “beautiful justice.”
  • Callithoe means “beautiful and swift.”
  • Callirrhoe means “beautiful flowering.”
  • Callithyia means “beautiful cyprus-pine.”
  • Eunoia means “beautiful thinking.”
  • Kale means “beauty, beautiful.”
  • Kallianeira means “beautiful, man.”
  • Kalleis means “beauty.”
  • Kalligeneia means “beautiful born.”
  • Kalliope means “beautiful voice.”
  • Kallisto means “most beautiful.”
  • Kallistrate means “beautiful army.”

What is the Most Popular Male Name In Greece?

The most popular male name in Greece is Georgios. At the most recent count in 2019, there were 456,323 born in Greece named Georgios.

What Names Mean Strong In Greek?

Iphis is a gender-neutral name meaning “strong.”

Male names that mean “strong” in Greek

  • Alcaeus means “strong.”
  • Alkmenor means “born under a strong moon.”
  • Alkimos means “strong, brave, stout.”
  • Eurymenes means “broad and strong.”
  • Iphiclus means “strong, glory.”
  • Iphitos means “mighty, strong, stout.”
  • Iphikrates means “strong, powerful.”
  • Pegasus means either “strong” or “from a (water) spring.”
  • Peristhenes means “exceedingly strong.”
  • Sthenelus means “strong one.”

Female names that mean “strong” in Greek

  • Dynamene means “she who is capable, she who is strong enough.”
  • Iphianassa means “strong queen.”
  • Iphigeneia means “strong born.”
  • Iphimedeia means “ruling over with strength.”
  • Iphimedusa means “to protect with strong rule.”

What is the Most Common Greek Last Name?

The most common last name in Greece is Papadopoulos. There are 59,044 people with this surname, or 1 in every 188 Greeks.

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