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100 Charming Names That Mean Life: For Boys & Girls

These intriguing life names will excite you to welcome your sweet baby.

There’s no greater joy than meeting your baby for the first time. At that moment, you feel a surge of love and a desire for them to have the best life possible. Many parents capture this feeling by giving their baby a name that means life.

This comprehensive list gathers all the most incredible names that mean life in one place. Dive into an intriguing world of meanings, origins, namesakes, and popularity. From exotic to trendy, there’s sure to be a title you’ll adore.

By the time you reach the end of the alphabet, you’ll be armed with dozens of options.

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100 Beautiful Life Names for Boys and Girls

Without further ado, here are 100 gorgeous life names for your little lady or gentleman.


One of the most exotic girl names that mean life, Aahna is a rare jewel. It’s easy to see that Aahna is a title for a survivor, making it an excellent option for the little one who had a bumpy entrance. Those who love A letter schemes will adore Aahna.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: To live, survive
  • Pronunciation: AH-nuh
  • Popularity: Aahna is a globally unique name.
Exotic, Rare, Delicate


Sunday school graduates will recognize Abel as the second-born son of Adam. Abel is a fabulous choice for parents who want one of the most spiritual boy names that mean life. Abel originated from “hevel,” symbolizing life as a vapor in the wind. Your little star will always remind you to cherish every moment.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Breath
  • Pronunciation: AY-bull
  • Namesakes: Abel Tesfaye, a Canadian singer also known as The Weeknd.
  • Popularity: Abel spiked in 2015 and remained in the top 300 American boy names.
Biblical, Spiritual, Strong


Abella can be interpreted as “breath of life” or “breath of the creator.” Both interpretations are spiritual terms, as the church often refers to God breathing life into humans. Notable namesakes include Abella of Salerno, one of the first female doctors. Call your little angel Bella for short.

  • Origin: Hebrew, French
  • Meaning: Sigh, Exhale
  • Pronunciation: uh-BELL-uh
  • Popularity: Abella is a rare name worldwide.
Beautiful, Elegant, Sophisticated


Achaz is the perfect option for parent’s hoping their child will live an honorable life. Little is known about Achaz, giving your bouncing boy complete control of his destiny. Go with the traditional Hebrew pronunciation “uh-HAAZ,” or strengthen the title with “ahk-AAZ.” May your little Achaz always remind you to look for a divine purpose.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God’s way of life
  • Pronunciation: uh-HAAZ, ahk-AAZ
Unique, Exotic, Unusual


A variation of Adam, Adem represents the start of life. In the Bible, Adam was the first man ever created and the husband of Eve. Your little Adem has many namesakes, including athletes, film directors, and writers. Adem could be a fantastic option for parents wanting to give their children an edgy biblical name.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Turkish
  • Meaning: Earth
  • Pronunciation: uh-DEEM
  • Variations: Adam
  • Namesakes: Adem Asil, a Turkish Olympic gymnast.
  • Popularity: Adem is popular in Turkey but rare in western culture.
Biblical, Spiritual, Cool


Alba may be considered unisex, but Spanish-speaking countries consider it strictly female. You may recognize it as the last name of Jessica Alba, a famous actress known for her role in Fantastic Four. Alternate meanings include “new day,” representing the dawn of a new era. What a fabulous name to describe the birth of your sweet baby.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: New life
  • Pronunciation: AL-buh
  • Namesakes: Alba Calderon, an Ecuadorian realist painter.
  • Popularity: Alba is a popular name in Spanish countries but rare in America.
Unique, Exotic, Rare


Parents who adore Disney will recognize Anastasia from the hit movie by the same name. Anastasia perfectly represents coming back to life, a fabulous pick for the girl who made your dreams come true. Traditionally, Christians chose Anastasia for daughters born near Christmas or Easter, making this a nifty option for a holiday baby. Call your little dream weaver Stacy or Anna for short.

  • Origin: Greek, Russian
  • Meaning: Resurrection
  • Pronunciation: an-ah-STAY-zha
  • Variations: Anastassia, Anastacia
  • Namesakes: Anastasia Munoz, an American voice actress known for her work in Japanese animé.
  • Popularity: In 2018, Anastasia was among the top 150 American girl names.
Vintage, Elegant, Sophisticated


Floral names are all the rage, and Anemone is a unique way to participate in this trend. Aphrodite transformed her lover’s blood into the red anemone flower in Greek legends. The anemone flower symbolizes the arrival of spring or new life. Anemone could be an attractive choice for the free spirit who marches to her own beat.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Windflower
  • Pronunciation: uh-NEH-muh-nee
  • Popularity: Anemone is a globally rare name.
Rare, Unusual, Beautiful


If you’re looking for a Hindu life name, add Ankur to your list. Ankur was a popular American name in the 1970s but now sticks to its country of origin. Alternate meanings for Ankur include “sprout” and “blossom,” both adorable words describing your little boy.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: New life
  • Pronunciation: ahn-KOOR
  • Namesakes: Ankur Nayyar, an Indian actor known for his role in Kashmeer.
  • Popularity: Ankur is a popular name in India but rare in the United States.
Masculine, Strong, Exotic


Aoibhe is an excellent option for parents who want their daughter to have an authentic Irish name. At first glance, you’d never guess it’s pronounced the same as Eva. Once the confusion clears, Aoibhe is a title no one will forget. Alternate meanings for Aoibhe include “beauty,” a word that describes your princess to a tee.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: EVA
  • Popularity: Aoibhe is a popular choice in Ireland.
Elegant, Delicate, Beautiful
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Apela may appear unassuming but has deep spiritual significance. Apela represents your desire for your little man to live a long life. In Hawaiian culture, breath can bring both positive and negative energy. Every time you see your little Apela, you’ll be reminded to embrace the positive.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Breath of life
  • Pronunciation: uh-PEL-uh
  • Popularity: Apela is a globally rare name.
Unique, Unusual, Spiritual


Asher has Hebrew roots, so it’s no surprise it first appeared in the Bible. Asher was one of the tribes of Israel known for its wealth and olive oil. With riches like these, it’s easy to see how Asher became associated with a happy life. Asher is gender-neutral but is a popular name for boys.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Happy life
  • Pronunciation: AA-shur
  • Namesakes: Asher Benjamin, an American author, and architect.
  • Popularity: Asher is among the top 50 boy names in the U.S.
Biblical, Trendy, Cute


Aurora is the perfect Latin title for your princess. Made famous by Disney, Aurora has been an elegant option for decades. Aurora is a multidimensional name referring to a historical goddess or a stellar nature event. Either way, you have a winning name for the new life you’ll love forever.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Dawn, new life
  • Pronunciation: ah-ROOR-uh
  • Namesakes: Aurora Straus, an American race car driver.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Aurora was America’s 31st most popular girl name.
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Delicate


Despite its adorable pronunciation, Avabelle remains a rare name worldwide. It follows the trend of combining two forenames, eliminating the need for a middle name for some parents. If Avabelle is a mouthful, call your little beauty Bella for short. May your sweet lass have the beautiful life her name suggests.

  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: One who has a beautiful life
  • Pronunciation: ay-VAH-bell
  • Variations: Avabella
Cute, Delicate, Beautiful


Like many ethereal names, Ayelet can refer to a planet or the concept of new life. Christians may find Ayelet spiritual, as Jesus Christ refers to himself as the morning star. Alternate meanings for Ayelet include “gazelle,” a symbol of female beauty. Call your little star Ella for short.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Morning star, new life
  • Pronunciation: eye-EL-et
  • Namesakes: Ayelet Waldman, an Israeli-American author.
  • Popularity: Ayelet is a unique name worldwide.
Exotic, Delicate, Elegant


A unique alternative to Nathan, Beathan was once famous in Scotland. It’s since become obsolete but remains a superb option nonetheless. Beathan is entirely off the books, but a star like your boy could make it a household name. Cute nicknames include Bay.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: BAY-than
Masculine, Unique, Unusual


Beatrix is a title for the whimsical girl with a spunky side. There’s no shortage of amazing namesakes, the most notable being Beatrix Potter, who created Peter Rabbit. Celebrities like Jodie Sweetin put Beatrix back in the spotlight when choosing it for their daughter. Cute nicknames include Trixie.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Voyager through life
  • Pronunciation: BEE-uh-triks
  • Variations: Beatrice, Beatrixe, Beatrize
  • Namesakes: Beatrix Ong, a British shoe designer.
  • Popularity: In 2019, Beatrix was one of the United States’ top 1,000 girl names.
Vintage, Elegant, Delicate


Popular in the late 1800s, Betha is waiting to make a comeback. Vintage names are back in style; who’s to say Betha won’t be the next big thing? This variation is rare, but there is one standout namesake. Betha the Good was a mystic nun who bore the stigmata on her body.

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: BEH-thuh
  • Variations: Beatha
  • Popularity: Betha is a unique name worldwide.
Cute, Beautiful, Elegant


Your little Bibiana is set to travel the world with this multicultural title. Bibiana can be interpreted as a life name or “lively,” making this an attractive option for a spirited little lady. Those who love Los Angeles will recognize Bibiana as the patron saint of this great city. Call your full-of-life girl Bibi for short.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: bib-YAH-nah, bib-ee-AH-nah
  • Namesakes: Bibiana Beglau, a German actress known for her role in The Legend of Rita.
  • Popularity: Bibiana is popular in German and Spanish-speaking countries but rare in the U.S.
Exotic, Spiritual, Cool


You can consider Bindhas a prescription for how to love life. Alternate meanings include “daring” and “relaxed.” Those interpretations may seem like a juxtaposition, but balance is key. May your little honey live every day to the hilt.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Enjoy life
  • Pronunciation: BIN-dahs
  • Popularity: Bindhas is a popular name in India but rare in western culture.
Unusual, Strong, Unique
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Science enthusiasts will jump at the chance to name their son Bion. Aside from meaning “life,” Bion refers to robots. Notable Bions in history include Bion of Smyrna, a Greek poet. Your little dude will turn heads with this dystopian title.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: BYE-on
  • Namesakes: Bion Tsang, an American cellist and Grammy nominee.
  • Popularity: Bion is a globally unique name.
Cool, Rare, Masculine


Minimalistic parents will delight in the no-fuss Bo. Though often used as a middle name, Bo is cool enough to stand independently. Bo is unisex and nondescript, making it a fabulous nonbinary option. Alternate meanings include “wave,” fitting for the baby full of life.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Chinese
  • Meaning: To live
  • Pronunciation: BOH
  • Namesakes: Bo Burnham, an American comedian.
  • Popularity: Bo is one of the top 500 American names.
Cute, Delicate, Sophisticated


Cinemagoers will recognize Bourne from the popular Bourne Identity series. The films feature a highly trained assassin, making many people see Bourne as a macho title. Others will associate Bourne with life and death, giving it a philosophical meaning. Bourne may be an excellent option for the energetic boy who lives by water.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Life by the stream
  • Pronunciation: BORN
  • Variations: Borne
  • Popularity: Bourne is a popular surname but a rare forename.
Masculine, Cool, Unique


Calian is one of the most remarkable boy names that mean life. Warriors are respected in Native American culture, making it among the highest honors. Alternate meanings include “eternal hope,” giving it a spiritual twist. At times, life can be a battle, but your little Calian will always know he’s a winner.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Warrior of life
  • Pronunciation: KAL-ee-uhn, ka-LEE-uhn
  • Variations: Callian
  • Popularity: Calian is a globally unique name.
Rare, Unique, Sophisticated


Everyone needs water to survive, making your little Cansu indispensable. For centuries, water symbolized fertility, creativity, and resurrection. Foreign names are high-fashion, with Cansu at the top of the list. Call your little water bug Jan for short.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Life water
  • Pronunciation: jan-SOO
  • Namesakes: Cansu Yag, a Turkish football player.
  • Popularity: Cansu is popular in Turkey but rare in western culture.
Exotic, Cute, Delicate


One of the best things about Korean names is they come with various interpretations. Chae-won is most commonly interpreted as “the beginning” or “life,” but it can also mean “source” or “gather.” Hyphenate Chae-won for an exotic feel, or combine the name to keep it simple. May your sweet newborn be just as flexible as her name.

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Beginning, life, source
  • Pronunciation: CHOO-wahn
  • Variations: Chaewon
  • Popularity: Chae-won is popular in Asian countries but rare in the U.S.
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Rare


Chai may bring sweetly spiced beverages to mind, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The infamous tea got its name because ancient royalty wanted a drink to make them feel alive. Royal chefs whipped up a blend of invigorating spices, and it’s been enjoyed ever since. Don’t be surprised when your little Chai has a taste for the finer things in life.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Living, vital
  • Pronunciation: CHYE
  • Variations: Tsai
  • Namesakes: Chai Jing, a Chinese journalist and environmental activist.
  • Popularity: In 2008, Chai was among the top 150 surnames in China.
Delicate, Cute, Exotic


Scholars will be interested to know that Chaim is the masculine form of Eve, the first woman. Chaim is a popular name in Israel, with many presidents and actors claiming it as their own. Popular among Jewish and Hebrew cultures, Chaim is a timeless title that shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: HYE-eem
  • Variations: Chayim
  • Namesakes: Chaim Potok, an American author and rabbi.
  • Popularity: Chaim has been one of the top 1,000 boy names since the 1980s.
Biblical, Spiritual, Strong


Most people have never heard of Chimalma, which will appeal to parents who want their daughter to be on her own level. Everyone can agree that Chimalma was the goddess of life and death, comforting those headed to the afterlife. You’ll find Chimalma in Aztec mythology, where her story has various accounts. Cute nicknames include Chi Chi.

  • Origin: Aztec
  • Meaning: Shieldbearer
  • Pronunciation: chee-MALL-muh
  • Popularity: Chimalma is a rare name worldwide.
Exotic, Rare, Mythical


Chivy is an authentic Cambodian title traditionally used for little girls. While there’s not much information about this life name, we do know that it originated in Cambodia. Short and sweet, Chivy is the perfect way to let your little girl know she is your whole world. Call your little love Vee for short.

  • Origin: Cambodian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: chih-VEE
Cute, Delicate, Unique
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The Kanji system often defines Japanese names. One name could have a multitude of interpretations based on its symbols. Chizu’s most notable meanings include “thousand” and “celebrate joy.” May your little Chizu have a thousand reasons to celebrate the joy in her life.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Long life
  • Pronunciation: CHEE-zoo
  • Popularity: Chizu is famous in Japanese-speaking countries but rare in America.
Exotic, Cute, Rare


Dawn symbolizes the rebirth of another day and, for some, the resurrection of Christ. The 1970s made Dawn a household name, with many actresses sharing this title. With the start of a new millennium, Dawn fell off the charts but remains a great option.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Sunrise, dawn
  • Variations: Dawne
  • Namesakes: Dawn Wells, an American actress known for her role on Gilligan’s Island.
  • Popularity: In 1970, Dawn was the 16th most popular American girl’s name.
Vintage, Beautiful, Sophisticated


Daxson is a magical name often passed over in favor of Dax, though the two are unrelated. With similarities to Jackson, Dax is rare but flies under the radar. Alternate meanings include “water,” the ultimate life-giver. Your little Daxson will feel like a rock star with this badass title.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Life-giving drink
  • Pronunciation: DAK-suhn
  • Popularity: Daxson is rare and doesn’t appear on any name charts.
Cool, Masculine, Strong


A name can mean different things, depending on its country of origin. The Arabic interpretation of Deen is among the edgiest boy names that mean life. Deen can mean “religion” or “way of life,” speaking of the soul. This could appeal to parents hoping their son values faith above all else.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Way of life
  • Variations: Deene
  • Popularity: This particular variation of Deen is unique compared to traditional Dean.
Vintage, Popular, Sophisticated


Eiju is a title created with eternity in mind. In the Kanji system, nearly every interpretation of Eiju refers to longevity. Besides its meaning and origin, Eiju is a story waiting to be told. Perhaps your little boy will be the main character.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Long life, longevity
  • Pronunciation: ee-JOO
  • Popularity: Eiju is a moderately popular name in Japan but rare in the U.S.
Exotic, Rare, Cute


Some use Ella as a moniker for Isabella, but it’s been a famous stand-alone title in recent years. Ella has claimed a top 20 spot since 2008 and shows no signs of stopping. Alternate meanings include “fairy maiden,” giving this title an ethereal slant. There’s no better life name for the girl who lives each day like it’s her last.

  • Origin: German, English
  • Meaning: One who enjoys life
  • Pronunciation: ELL-uh
  • Namesakes: Ella Hiller, an American actress known for her role on Modern Family.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Ella was the 16th most popular American girl’s name.
Cute, Vintage, Trendy


If you want off-the-wall names that mean life, Eloma fits the bill. You may not find much information about Eloma, but it’s a cute gender-neutral title with potential. Call your little life giver El or Lo for short. Your little one will be unforgettable with an obsolete name like Eloma.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: EL-uh-mah, ee-LOH-mah
  • Popularity: Eloma is a globally unique name.
Exotic, Unique, Rare


You’ll sometimes see Elu as a surname, but it’s rarely used as a first name. Short names are in style, and Elu could be the next to capture hearts. Elu is already compact, but you can shorten it by calling your sweet beauty El or Lu. Elu captures your best hopes that your child will live a life they’re proud of.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Life full of grace, beautiful life
  • Pronunciation: EL-yoo
Exotic, Cute, Delicate


Enid made her debut in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King and was one of the most fashionable names in the 19th-century. Enid may be obsolete, but literary geniuses should add this spirited title to their list of possibilities. Male admirers would try to impress women by calling them a second Enid, meaning they were the ideal romantic partner.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Life, spirit
  • Pronunciation: EE-nihd
  • Namesakes: Enid Collins, an American handbag designer.
  • Popularity: Enid fell off the charts in 1954.
Vintage, Sophisticated, Strong


Ercan is a fabulous option for those looking to honor their Turkish heritage. Alternate meanings include “brave man” and “soul,” making Ercan fit for a warrior. A beautiful pronunciation is a cherry on top of an already unique title. Your little Ercan’s brave soul might just be what takes him far.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: AIR-cahn
  • Popularity: Ercan is a globally unique name.
Unusual, Unique, Rare
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Ethan began to climb charts in the late 90s and remains a popular option for boys in America, Scotland, and England. Christians can appreciate Ethan’s biblical associations, appearing as a wise man in the Old Testament. Alternate meanings for Ethan include “strong” and “firm,” giving this steadfast title a macho flair.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Long-lived
  • Pronunciation: EE-thin
  • Variations: Etan, Eitan
  • Namesakes: Ethan Hawke, an American actor known for his role in Moon Knight.
  • Popularity: Ethan was the 20th most popular American boy’s name in 2021.
Trendy, Masculine, Popular


Ettan is traditionally Hindu and given to sweet baby boys. In the Hindu religion, breath symbolizes life and a strong spirit. Your little Ettan will always know he is your breath of fresh air. Call your sweet baby Tan for short.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Breath of life
  • Pronunciation: eh-TAHN
  • Popularity: Ettan is a globally unique name.
Exotic, Beautiful, Unique


Evalynn is an attractive option for parents who enjoy trendy names with a twist. Decidedly French, Evalynn is a sophisticated title for the lively lass who loves her life. Don’t be surprised when your little angel has a spunky personality. You can call your girl Eva for short.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Zest for life
  • Pronunciation: eh-VAH-lin, EE-vah-lin
  • Variations: Evelynn, Evelyn, Evalyn
  • Popularity: This particular spelling of Evalynn is rare.
Cute, Beautiful, Elegant


There appears to be some disagreement about where Evette originated. Some say it’s Hebrew, stemming from Eve, while those who go strictly by pronunciations say it’s French. Whatever origin you prefer, the meaning remains the same, making Evette a globally loved option. Evette had a well-deserved moment in the sun when Paranormal Activity crafted a character with this name.

  • Origin: Latin, French, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Living one
  • Pronunciation: EE-veht-uh
  • Namesakes: Evette Branson, a British child welfare activist, and mother of Richard Branson.
  • Popularity: Evette peaked in the 1960s but has since become rare.
Sophisticated, Beautiful, Cute


Evika is an intriguing option for parents looking for unique girl names that mean life. Despite its cool appearance, Evika remains obsolete, but your little girl will make it look even better. Evika’s whole meaning is “a little one who gives life to everything,” which describes your little sweetie perfectly. Cute nicknames include Evie.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Little one, life
  • Pronunciation: EH-vik-uh
  • Popularity: Evika is a unique name worldwide.
Unique, Delicate, Rare


Ewa is the Polish variation of Eve, the mother of all life. Aside from being a petite title, Ewa is a lush beach in Hawaii. There’s no shortage of Polish namesakes, from brilliant politicians to artists. With a title like Ewa, your little princess will make life enjoyable.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Polish
  • Meaning: Brings life
  • Pronunciation: EH-vah, EE-wah
  • Namesakes: Ewa Petelska, a Polish film director who directed over 25 films.
  • Popularity: Ewa is a popular name in Poland but rare in the United States.
Cute, Rare, Exotic


Fajr is a Quranic name that refers to a prayer said as the sun rises. Many associate Fajr with the light one sees as one passes from this life to eternity. Fajr could be a fantastic choice for parents who want to honor the Islamic faith. With the birth of your little Fajr, you’ll never forget to say your prayers.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: First light, new life
  • Pronunciation: FUH-jur
  • Popularity: Fajr is a unique name worldwide.
Cool, Strong, Masculine


With similarities to vintage Gaylord, Gaidon is an outstanding choice for the old soul. Gaidon was once a common surname used for those who lived near Cheshire. Some theories say Gaidon was an occupational surname used for goat farmers. Your little Gaidon’s ability to see the silver lining might be what makes him so alluring.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: One who appreciates life and beauty
  • Pronunciation: GAY-don
  • Popularity: Gaidon is rare and doesn’t appear on any name charts.
Strong, Masculine, Cool


Genesis is the first book of the Bible, opening with the famous line “In the beginning.” Though it’s considered gender-neutral, you’re more likely to see girls sporting this title. Genesis is one of the most spiritual names that mean life, as it shares the story of where life began. If you choose this title for your girl, you can call her Genna or Sissy for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Birth, origin, life
  • Pronunciation: GEN-uh-siss
  • Namesakes: Genesis Lynea, a Bermudian-British actress known for her role in Silent Witness.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Genesis was the 75th most popular name in the U.S.
Biblical, Spiritual, Beautiful


With lyrical pronunciation, Gonora is a name for the spunkiest little girl. There are no notable namesakes for Gonora, allowing your daughter to play a starring role. Alternate meanings for Gonora include “imaginative” and “lively.” The ever-popular Nora will be a beautiful nickname for your sweet joy.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: One who lives life with joy
  • Pronunciation: GAH-nor-uh
  • Popularity: Gonora is a globally unique name.
Rare, Unique, Unusual
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Ha is a name that will throw people off as it appears to have one syllable but is pronounced with two. Ha is a commonly found surname in Asia, but it’s also the name of the Egyptian god of fertility. Alternate meanings include “warmth” and “sunshine,” making this an appealing possibility for your little ray of light.

  • Origin: Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese
  • Meaning: Kiss of life
  • Pronunciation: HA-uh
  • Variations: Xia, Ha
  • Popularity: Ha is a popular surname but a rare forename.
Exotic, Cute, Rare


Hearty and hale could be some of the best words to describe your sweet blessing. Aside from meaning “healthy,” Hale once described someone who lived in a hollow. Hale is a common surname made famous by Jasper and Rosalie Hale, characters in Twilight. May your little Hale always experience good health and success.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Alive, healthy
  • Pronunciation: HAIL
  • Namesakes: Hale Irwin, an American golfer.
  • Popularity: Hale is a globally unique title.
Masculine, Strong, Unique


Harshavardhan has big shoes to fill, but your little ruler can get the job done. Harshavardhan may be rare, but one notable namesake is an Indian ruler from the Vardhana dynasty. Alternate meanings include “creator of joy,” which is a great philosophy for anyone wanting to enjoy life. Manageable nicknames include Harsha.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Lover of life
  • Pronunciation: har-SHUH-var-dan
  • Popularity: Harshavardhan is a globally rare name.
Exotic, Sophisticated, Elegant


Hava sounds like a deep exhale. It’s no surprise that this tranquil title means “breathe.” Hava is Yiddish and could be a beautiful way to pay homage to someone’s Jewish roots. Break the mold by using Hava as a forename instead of a middle name. May your little star’s personality be just as tranquil as her name suggests.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Breathe, life
  • Pronunciation: ha-VAH
  • Popularity: Hava is a unique name that doesn’t appear on any name charts.
Beautiful, Unique, Strong


Four-letter names are all the rage, making Haya trendier than you think. Islamic culture uses Haya to describe a modest personality, while Mesopotamians recognize Haya as the god of grain. Haya’s tidy appearance will appeal to those who like balanced names with exotic pizazz. Your little Haya’s humble heart may be what makes her so lovable.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: HAY-ah
  • Namesakes: Haya Kaspi, an Israeli mathematician.
  • Popularity: Haya is popular in Israel but rare in western culture.
Cute, Delicate, Rare


Islamic names are strong yet elegant, with Hayat being the perfect example. Hayat can be used for girls or boys, but it’s more commonly a boy’s title. Be sure to add the beautiful city of Hayat, in Algeria to your baby’s bucket list. Your little Hayat will remind you to do things that make you feel alive.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Alive, life
  • Pronunciation: HY-aht
  • Variations: Hayet
  • Namesakes: Hayat Mahmud, a medieval Bengali poet.
  • Popularity: Hayat is a rare title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Exotic, Unique, Unusual


Hisa is an adorable life name popular in Japan. In the Kanji system, Hisa means “progress,” “longevity,” and “old story.” What a fabulous choice for the baby written in the stars. Hisa is gender-neutral, but most choose this title for their sweet girl.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Long life
  • Pronunciation: HEE-zah, HIH-zah
  • Namesakes: Hisa Ota, a Japanese actress, and geisha.
Cute, Delicate, Exotic


The African variation of Ruth, Hiwot has a biblical twist Christians will adore. The Bible portrays Ruth as a loyal, hardworking woman who would do anything for her family. Her story is one of overcoming, making Hiwot an alluring name for any young woman.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: hee-WAHT
  • Namesakes: Hiwot Yimer, an Ethiopian Olympic long-distance runner.
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Strong


Inizio has the high-fashion sparkle that comes with Italian titles. With a name this hip, your little man could be the next big designer. Representing fresh starts, Inizio is the perfect way to commemorate the new life you created. Call your little sweetheart Zio or Iniz for short.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Beginning, new life
  • Pronunciation: ih-NEE-zee-oh
  • Popularity: Inizio is a globally unique name.
Exotic, Cool, Masculine


Jaan is unique in that it has an American pronunciation but originated in Estonia. In Indian culture, Jaan is used as a pet name and means “darling” or “my life.” Every time you say your boy’s name, you’re speaking positive words over him, even if he doesn’t realize it.

  • Origin: Indian, Estonian
  • Meaning: My life
  • Pronunciation: JAHN
  • Variations: Jan
  • Namesakes: Jaan Karner, an Estonian poet specializing in nature odes.
  • Popularity: Jaan is extremely popular in Estonia but rare in western culture.
Delicate, Cool, Rare
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Janus is known as the god of life from beginning to end. January was named after this Roman god, making it a fabulous pick for little men born at the start of the year. Popular in European countries, Janus has a distinct sophistication anyone can appreciate. Call your little man Jay for short.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Beginnings
  • Pronunciation: JAY-niss
  • Namesakes: Janus Genelli, a German painter who specialized in landscapes.
  • Popularity: Janus was one of Germany’s top 50 boy names in 2019.
Mythical, Cool, Unique


Juro is traditionally given to the tenth son in Japan, which may explain why it’s so rare. In Croatian culture, Juro is an occupational surname used to describe someone who works the land. While it’s unlikely that Juro will be your tenth son, it could be an excellent title for your little farmer. Perhaps your little boy will be the next great naturalist.

  • Origin: Japanese, Croatian
  • Meaning: Longevity
  • Pronunciation: JOO-roh, YOO-roh
  • Popularity: Juro is a globally unique name.
Exotic, Cute, Delicate


Karasi embodies life and wisdom, two things that go hand in hand. Namesakes are hard to come by, but Karasi is a beautiful Estonian village and the title of a champion racehorse. With two different pronunciations, Karasi is open for customization. Adorable nicknames include Kari and Sisi.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: KAIR-uh-see, kar-AH-see
Beautiful, Elegant, Sophisticated


Commonly associated with a luxury car brand, Kia has been heard many times. In Africa, Kia represents the start of a new season, which happens with the birth of every child. If you’re looking for short girl names that mean life, Kia is worth a second glance. Kia could be a fabulous option for a girl born with the changing weather.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Season’s beginnings, new life
  • Pronunciation: KEE-ah
  • Namesakes: Kia Abdullah, a British novelist and travel writer.
  • Popularity: Kia fell off the charts in 1998.
Cute, Delicate, Exotic


In Ireland, Kiena means “a very old person,” referring to someone who has lived a long life. K names are livelier than most, giving Kiena a spunky angle. Kiena may not have many namesakes, but your daughter can be her own hero. Though your little Kiena may not be immortal, your love for her will be.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: One who lived a long life
  • Pronunciation: KEE-eh-nuh, KYE-eh-nuh
  • Popularity: Kiena is a globally rare name.
Beautiful, Strong, Sophisticated


You can almost guarantee Langhuie will remain obsolete. With an interesting spelling and pronunciation, Langhuie will have many scratching their heads. Despite its complexity, Langhuie has an ethereal feel, referring to one who is immortal. Call your little queen Huey for short.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Long life, the lasting one
  • Pronunciation: lang-HYOO-ee
Rare, Unusual, Unique


Lazarus is one of the most compelling life names, as it brings the biblical figure to mind. In the Bible, Jesus brought Lazarus back to life. His resurrection has remained one of Jesus’ most popular miracles. Your little Lazarus could be a constant reminder that anything is possible.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my helper, brought to life
  • Pronunciation: lah-zah-RUSS
  • Namesakes: Lazarus Powell, the former American governor of Kentucky.
Spiritual, Biblical, Rare


Some use Liv as a moniker for Olivia, but it’s a force to be reckoned with on its own. Liv is an ancient Norse term meaning “life” or “protection.” If you’re looking for a straightforward life name, Liv is your girl. Celebrities like Steven Tyler and Julianne Moore made Liv high-fashion when they chose it for their daughters.

  • Origin:Norse, Swedish, Danish
  • Meaning:Life
  • Style:Cute, Delicate, Trendy
  • Variations:Live
  • Namesakes:Liv Tyler, an American actress known for her role in Lord of the Rings.


Luljeta is a bit of a riddle, perfect for parents who appreciate a play on words. Luljeta means “flower that lives,” referring to the beauty of a woman, not an actual plant. Popular in European countries, Luljeta is an exquisite choice for your little blossom. Your adorable Luljeta will bring you beauty and joy, whichever meaning you choose.

  • Origin: Albanian
  • Meaning: Flower of life
  • Pronunciation: luhl-YAY-tuh
  • Namesakes: Luljeta Bitri, a voice actress known for her role in Finding Nemo.
  • Popularity: Luljeta is popular in Albania but rare in the United States.
Elegant, Unique, Unusual


Shakespeare fans will appreciate the literary connotations behind Macbeth. Most commonly known as a fictional political character, Macbeth’s story warns us of the internal struggles that come with power. Macbeth was also the real king of Scotland in 1057. Alternate meanings include “religious man.”

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Son of life
  • Pronunciation: MACK-beth
  • Popularity: Macbeth is a unique option worldwide.
Masculine, Vintage, Strong
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In the Philippines, Maguimba is an ancient deity with the power to heal and bring people to life. This god was vital to the Filipinos when they had limited access to medicine. The village shaman controlled Maguimba’s coming and going, giving him power over the villagers. May your little Maguimba always hope for miracles.

  • Origin: Indian, Filipino
  • Meaning: God of resurrection
  • Pronunciation: mah-GWIM-bah
  • Popularity: Maguimba is a rare name that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Exotic, Rare, Unusual


If you follow astrology, you know the new moon is the ideal time for new beginnings, like a baby. This phase of the moon cycle is also when many are emotionally aware of things like life and death. Neona is a strong Greek title that reminds its bearer that every day brings new beginnings. Call your girl Ona for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: New moon
  • Pronunciation: nee-OH-nuh
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Delicate


Nurcan is the perfect foreign choice for the girl who lights up your life. Alternate meanings include “bright soul,” a good attribute for any sweetheart. Nicknames include Jan, which will help your exotic queen blend in anywhere she goes.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Light of life
  • Pronunciation: nur-JAN
  • Namesakes: Nurcan Baysal, a Turkish journalist and human rights activist.
  • Popularity: Nurcan is popular in Turkey but rare in the United States.
Exotic, Unique, Unusual


Nyssa is a simple title with a buffet of interpretations. In Greek, Nyssa means “beginning,” while the Latin interpretation is “end.” Many view this name as a metaphor for life’s journey. Nyssa also refers to multiple cities, including one spared by Alexander the Great.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Greek
  • Meaning: Beginning, end
  • Pronunciation: NEE-sah, NISS-ah
  • Variations: Nissa
  • Popularity: Nyssa is among Belgium’s top 2,000 girl names.
Delicate, Cute, Sophisticated


Omri appears in the Bible as a wise king who brought prosperity and renewed life to Israel. Perhaps this is why Omri’s alternate meaning is “sheaf of grain.” Omri has strong leaders in its bloodline, making it the ideal choice for your future CEO. Who knows what great things your little man will accomplish?

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: ahm-REE
  • Namesakes: Omri Katz, an American actor known for his role in Hocus Pocus.
Exotic, Strong, Biblical


Enthusiasm and spunk are admirable qualities in a girl. With deep Latin roots, Oriella embodies those traits and more. Oriella is a unique title with no famous namesakes, giving your daughter the spotlight. It’s up to her what she does with it, but with a name like Oriella, it’s bound to be exciting.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Full of life and energy
  • Pronunciation: ohr-EE-EL-ah
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Elegant


For centuries, the phoenix bird symbolized life after death and resurrection. Painting a picture of rising from the ashes, Phoenix reminds us of human resilience in the face of tragedy. Celebrities like Nick Lachey and Danny Fuller put Phoenix front and center when they claimed it for their children.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Dark red
  • Pronunciation: FEE-niks
  • Namesakes: Phoenix List, an American actor known for his role in Rabbit Hole.
  • Popularity: Phoenix peaked in 2020 and remained among the top 300 U.S. names.
Trendy, Cool, Mythical


Prana stems from the Sanskrit word meaning “life force.” Many yogis value this concept believing it stems from the sun and connects nature and humanity. Though, you don’t have to practice yoga to love this adorable title. Prana is short but sweet, just like your little blessing.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Breath, life
  • Pronunciation: PRAH-nah
  • Popularity: Prana is popular in India but rare in the United States.
Exotic, Cute, Delicate


In Greek mythology, Psyche was the wife of Cupid, the god of love. Once a beautiful mortal, Psyche completed a series of impossible tasks to gain her title as the goddess of human life and soul. Alternate meanings include “breath,” making Psyche one of the best mythical names that mean life.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: The human life, mind, and spirit
  • Pronunciation: SYE-kee
  • Popularity: Psyche is a rare name worldwide.
Spiritual, Cool, Mythical


The author of Twilight made Renee a household name with the creation of Bella Swan’s mother, Renee Dwyer. Long before that, Renee was mostly associated with the Christian concept of salvation or being born again. Notable namesakes include Princess Renee, a 16th-century royal. Renee peaked in the mid-90s, but it’s still a great life name with vintage dazzle.

  • Origin: French, Latin
  • Meaning: Reborn, resurrection
  • Pronunciation: ruh-NAY
  • Namesakes: Renée Zellweger, an American actress known for her role in Bridget Jones’s Diary.
  • Popularity: Renee peaked in the 1970s and is among the top 1,000 girl names in America.
Spiritual, Strong, Beautiful
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Religious people believe that a person’s spirit is the most important part of life, determining where they will spend eternity. Spiritual names are all the rage, but Spirit is passed over for trendier options like Peace or Hope. Aside from being the nonphysical part of a person, the spirit represents a person’s enthusiasm for life. Notable fictional namesakes include Spirit the horse, a popular children’s cartoon.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Soul, Zest for life
  • Pronunciation: SPIR-it
  • Popularity: Spirit is a globally unique name.
Spiritual, Biblical, Unique


Su-Jin has a variety of meanings, with standout options like “precious,” “rare,” and “long life.” This particular Su-Jin spelling is rare but does appear as a surname in Asian countries. Su-Jin is technically unisex but more likely to be used for females.

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Long life, life span
  • Pronunciation: SOO-JEEN
  • Variations: Soo-Jin
  • Popularity: Su-Jin is a popular surname but a rare forename.
Exotic, Cute, Unusual


Once used to describe heirs, Suchart is the ideal option for the boy who gets what he wants. Suchart is unique to the United States but a household name in Thailand. Alternate meanings include “good birth,” something every mother wishes for themselves and their child.

  • Origin: Thai
  • Meaning: Born into a comfortable life
  • Pronunciation: soo-KART
  • Namesakes: Suchart Chaivichit, a Thai chess player and five-time champion.
  • Popularity: Suchart is popular in Thailand but rare in western culture.
Rare, Cool, Strong


Sulya is a Hindi name referring to God’s breath. In the Hindu Veda, God is described as inhaling to keep the human race alive. With God’s breath comes vitality, peace, and strength. Sulya could be a beautiful name to honor your religion of choice. Call your little man Lee for short.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Thy breath
  • Pronunciation: SOO-lee-yah
  • Popularity: Sulya is an obsolete name that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Exotic, Strong, Masculine

Sura Oighrig

Many Native American titles refer to new life, with Sura Oighrig being a prime example. Sura Oighrig is hardly heard, making it alluring to parents who want to be unique. Shorten this life name by calling your sweet daughter Sura.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: New life
  • Pronunciation: soo-RAH OY-rig
Exotic, Beautiful, Unusual


Parents who value customization will adore Taisha. With different pronunciations and spellings, Taisha remains open-minded. Hindus choose Taisha for their exuberant girls, making this a striking name for those who value faith and fun. Aside from being cute, Taisha is one of Japan’s most famous shrines.

  • Origin: Indian, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Full of life
  • Pronunciation: TYE-sha, TAY-sha
  • Variations: Tayshia
  • Popularity: Taisha is popular in Hindu culture.
Elegant, Sophisticated, Strong


Tshering is a melodic title for the baby who will live forever in your heart. This life name is Bhutanese, making it worth a shot if you have ancestors from Bhutan. Tshering may be hard to spell, but its cheeriness makes up for any headaches.

  • Origin: Bhutanese
  • Meaning: Long life
  • Pronunciation: sirr-INGgu
  • Variations: Tsering
  • Popularity: Tshering is a globally rare name.
Exotic, Sophisticated, Cute


Umar is a friendly title for the boy who is everyone’s best friend. Notable namesakes include Umar ibn al-Khattab, father-in-law of Muslim prophet Muhammed. This famous Umar was an “expert Muslim” known for his values and adherence to the Quran. Alternative meanings include “prosperous” and “flourishing.”

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Long life, popular
  • Pronunciation: OO-mar
  • Namesakes: Umar Gul, an Australian cricketer.
  • Popularity: Umar is among the top 2,000 names in Portugal.
Rare, Cool, Elegant


Vian is a gender-fluid name with European poise. Some use Vian as a moniker for Vivian, but the name is chic enough as a stand-alone. Vian is Hindu and English, with both interpretations meaning “lively.” Call your dashing guy or gal Vee for short.

  • Origin: English, Indian
  • Meaning: Full of life
  • Pronunciation: VEE-an
  • Namesakes: Vian Smith, a British author who wrote about horses.
  • Popularity: Vian is a rare name worldwide.
Cute, Delicate, Unique


Vidal is a high-fashion title bringing to mind the luxurious hair care brand. This multicultural title has Spanish, French, and Portuguese roots. Notable Vidals in history include Vidal of Tolosa, a 14th-century rabbi. Your sweetie pie will be ready for the runway with Vidal as his theater marquee.

  • Origin: Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: vee-DAL
  • Namesakes: Vidal Sassoon, a British hairstylist and businessman.
  • Popularity: Vidal peaked in 1972 but has since become rare.
Strong, Sophisticated, Beautiful
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Vihaan is synonymous with the start of something new, perfectly describing the birth of your son. Vihaan originated in India but has remained moderately popular in the U.S. Don’t be surprised when your little Vihaan is a morning person. The arrival of your little sprout will be prettier than the most majestic sunrise.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Dawn, beginning of a new age
  • Pronunciation: vee-HAHN
  • Namesakes: Vihaan, an Indian TikTok star, and poet.
  • Popularity: Vihaan has been one of America’s top 1,000 boy names since 2011.
Masculine, Cool, Strong


Vitale has Latin roots with an Italian pronunciation that will make your heart sing. Bringing to mind visions of vitality and good health, Vitale is the perfect option for any bouncing boy. Surprisingly, Vitale is a common Russian surname, though its roots are further South. With a title like Vitale, your little man is ready to backpack through Europe for sure!

  • Origin: Latin, Italian, Russian
  • Meaning: Life-giving, vital
  • Pronunciation: vee-TAL-ee
  • Namesakes: Vitale de Bologna, an Italian Renaissance painter.
  • Popularity: Vitale is a popular surname rarely used as a forename.
Exotic, Elegant, Sophisticated


Though Wahuj is not a Quranic name, its still suitable for Muslims because of its positive meaning. Wahuj refers to a beautiful sunrise, which many see as a new chance or new beginning. The mother who gives birth in the early morning may want to commemorate the occasion with Wahuj. Call your sweet ray of light Jay for short.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: New beginning, first light of day
  • Pronunciation: wah-HUH-jay
  • Popularity: Wahuj is a unique name that does not appear on any name chart.
Exotic, Unusual, Strong


Girls with X names certainly stand out from the crowd, especially when it’s a gorgeous title like Xiola. Xiola has English roots but was inspired by zoilos, the Greek word for “life.” Similar to flowery Viola, Xiola will make a splash wherever she goes. Cute nicknames include La La.

  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: ZYE-oh-lah
  • Variations: Ziola
  • Popularity: Xiola is a globally unique name.
Rare, Unique, Cute


In South Korea, it was trendy to name your boy something that started with a variation of Yeong. This fun fad lasted about 20 years and crafted some brilliant titles, like Yeong-Su. Though Yeong-Su has fallen off the charts, it is still a popular surname claimed by writers and chemists. Try an alternate spelling for a cool change of pace.

  • Origin: Korean
  • Meaning: Perpetual, eternal, lifespan
  • Pronunciation: yong-SOO
  • Variations: Young-Su, Young-Soo
  • Popularity: In 1960, Yeong-Su was the 2nd most popular boy name in South Korea.
Exotic, Delicate, Sophisticated


Zenobia represents the greatness of the mythical ruler Zeus, the God of all life. Zenobia has greatness in her veins, with Egyptian Queen Zenobia claiming the title as her own. Tina Fey gave Zenobia 15 minutes of fame when she chose it as her daughter’s middle name. If Zenobia is too much of a wild card, you can always call your goddess Zen for short.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Life of Zeus
  • Pronunciation: zen-OH-bee-uh
  • Namesakes: Zenobia Camprubi, a Spanish-American writer, translator, and poet.
  • Popularity: Zenobia peaked in 1909 but has since fallen off the charts.
Mythical, Beautiful, Strong


Zera has been present since the start of life. In the Bible, God commands zera, or seeds, to produce food for humans. The Hebrew term doesn’t just describe a seed in the ground but anything that produces new life. Zera is an intriguing way to give your girl a biblical name with a unique edge. Who knows what fantastic things your little Zera will create?

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beginnings, seeds
  • Pronunciation: ZEE-rah
  • Variations: Zerah
  • Namesakes: Zera Selassie, head of the imperial house in Ethiopia.
  • Popularity: Zera is a unique name worldwide.
Biblical, Spiritual, Unique


NCIS fans will recognize Ziva as the main character on the hit show. Ziva is a bright name for your animated little maiden, with Hebrew roots and a mythical twist. Legend tells us that Ziva was the goddess of life, embodied by water. Christian meanings include “light of God,” making Ziva friendly for people of all faiths.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: ZEE-vah
  • Variations: Zivah
  • Namesakes: Ziva Rodann, an Israeli-American actress and mime artist.
  • Popularity: Ziva is a rare title that doesn’t appear on name charts.
Mythical, Cute, Delicate


Zoe is making a major comeback, landing a spot on American name charts for 12 consecutive years. Short and lovely, Zoe is pleasing to the eye and ear. The deeper meaning of Zoe refers to eternal life, often in a Christian setting. From All My Children to Sesame Street, Zoe certainly rules the big screen.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: zoh-EE
  • Variations: Zoey, Zooey
  • Namesakes: Zoe Kravitz, an American model, actress, and singer.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Zoe was among America’s top 50 girl names.
Trendy, Popular, Strong


Zoticus was once a popular name for saints, the most unforgettable being Zoticus, the guardian of orphans. Other namesakes worth mentioning include a 3rd-century poet and a philosopher. This clever title has a great legacy, with many brave men cheering your little man toward the future. Endearing nicknames include Zo Zo.

  • Origin: Latin, Greek
  • Meaning: Full of life
  • Pronunciation: ZOH-tih-kuss
  • Namesakes: Zoticus of Comana, a 3rd-century Canadian bishop.
Strong, Masculine, Vintage
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