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100 Cool Hawaiian Boy Names: With Their Meanings

Who says your baby boy has to have a common name, with these unique Hawaiian boy names to choose from?

Hawaiian boy names are deeply meaningful and rich in naming traditions. From birth, babies are typically named after the family’s eldest member, or given an ancestral name, handed down from generation to generation. Other names are inspired by dreams and visions or reflect an inspiring aspect of nature.

If you’re looking for a way to honor your Hawaiian heritage or simply looking for a unique, very exotic name, then you’re at the right place!

Here you’ll find some of the finest Hawaiian boy names for your sweet little man.

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100 Popular Hawaiian Names for Boys

These Hawaiian boy names are sure to bring those sunny beaches and lofty sea breezes to mind.


Ahe (AH-eh) is a Hawaiian name that means “a gentle breeze.”

Ahe is a variant of Aheahe, and is considered a unique and unusual name. Perfect for the little one that likes to stand out! Aheahe also means “softly blowing breeze.”

Simple, Natural


Ailani (ah-ee-LAH-nee) translates to “high chief.”

If you have great dreams and aspirations for your future child, you can’t go wrong with this name. Ailani is one of the most commonly used names, ranking #541 in the U.S. top 1000 in 2020. This is also a term used to reference a person above all others in rank or authority- a supreme ruler. Perhaps a perfect name for parents who hope to raise a strong leader.

Strong, Regal


Alelo (ah-LEH-low) is a strong boys name meaning “language or tongue.’”

Alelo also refers to the tip of a canoe paddle, which cuts through the water and propels the boat forward. It’s an excellent name if you wish to help your son always move forward in life, to keep learning and discovering all his talents and dreams.

Strong, Traditional


Ali’i (aa-lee) is a Hawaiian and Samoan name meaning “chief or leader.”

In ancient times, you may think there would have been one Chief or leader over all the people. In actuality, there were many different levels of Ali’i who had distinct roles in the community’s well-being and the island’s prosperity. This strong name may inspire a life of leadership and service to others in your boy’s life.

Historical, Regal


The Hawaiian name Alohi (aa-LOW-hee) translates to “shining and brilliant.”

This name is perfect for the island where the sun is always shining! Alohi is derived from the Hawaiian word Aloha, a common Hawaiian greeting meaning “Hello.” Alohi is not currently on the top 100 list of Hawaiian male names, which makes a perfect choice if you’re looking for something to set your little one apart!

Simple, Happy

Anuenue Akua

Anuenue Akua ( AA-nuw-eh-nuw-eh-aa-KUW-aa) is a Hawaiian name meaning “rainbow’s spirit” or “God’s rainbow.”

In Hawaiian culture, rainbows symbolize “the veil between the realms of the gods and the realms of the humans.”

Hawaii is also known as the rainbow capital of the world, with the most frequent and diverse rainbows on display worldwide. It’s no surprise that it’s also known as the Rainbow State. As in many cultures, rainbows are a sign of transformation and hope- a wonderful way to capture the new life you’re about to welcome into the world.

Unique, Spiritual


Ekewaka (eh-keh-wah-KAH) is Hawaiian for “wealthy protector.”

Ekewaka is inspired by the English or Polish name Edward, derived from “ead,” meaning “wealth or blessed,” and “ward” or “weard,” meaning “guard or protector.”

Strong, Unique


Elta (eh-t-UH) is a Hawaiian spiritual name meaning “the Lord is my God.”

Devout Christians in Hawaiian culture often use this name for their baby boys to pay tribute to their faith.

Spiritual, Simple


Etana (ih-t-aa-NAH) is the Hawaiian word for “strong.”

Etana also translates to “dedication or strength” and is derived from the English and biblical name Ethan.

Simple, Classic


Eusebio (ew-say-be-oh) in Hawaiian translates to “worships well.”

Spirituality and religion are two important values in Hawaiian culture. If you’d like another variant, Eukepio might be the right name for your little one. Eukepio has the same meaning and offers an adorable nickname: Pio.

Spiritual, Unique
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Hae (HEY) is Hawaiian for “wild.”

Little boys are often referred to as “wild things,” and Hae may be a perfect fit for your cute and perhaps a little adventurous one. Hae is also used as an adjective when referring to animals or the wilderness.

This Hawaiian boy’s name has been more popular lately!

Simple, Cute


Haikili (hey-eh-kee-lee) means the “god of thunder.”

In Hawaiian mythology, Haikili, the god of thunder, was renowned for his wisdom, which prompted jealousy among his fellow gods.

According to legend, the gods tricked Haikili into believing his son Kali was killed, but upon learning that he was still alive, he managed to rescue Kali from his rivals. In celebrating his reunion with his son, Haikili created the trees, wildlife, clouds, and weather.

Ancient, Strong, Powerful


Hale (hAA-lay) is Hawaiian for “house” or “hospitable person.”

Hale is an English and Hawaiian name of Old English and Germanic origin. Some sources say it originates from the Old English word “healh,” which means “nook or retreat.”

Simple, Traditional


In Hawaiian culture, Haleakala (hah-le-ah-kah-LAH) is known as the “house of the sun.”

Haleakalā, the only active volcano on the island of Maui, has been dubbed the world’s largest volcano. According to Hawaiian mythology, this is the place where Maui lassoed the sun and replaced it only when it promised to move more slowly.

Historical, Natural


Haleigha (Hae-lee-uh) is a Hawaiian phrase meaning “born in the house of the rising Sun.”

Fun fact: “House of the Rising Sun” is a song written in the 1800’s and has been covered by artists from Big Mama Thornton to Elvis. If this is one of your favorite songs, this could be the perfect name for your little guy.

Natural, Traditional


Hanai (HA-nah-ee) is an old Hawaiian tradition that loosely translates to “adoption.”

In olden times, the Hanai tradition is when paternal grandparents had an indisputable claim on the first-born boy and maternal grandparents on the first-born girl. While many Westerners may have found this perplexing, it was only interpreted as “sharing” by traditional Hawaiian peoples. A unique name such as Hānai may inspire a sense of unity and community in your sweet boy’s life.

Traditional, Unique


Haoa (HH-oh-wah) is the Hawaiian reference to “heavenly water.”

Water holds many blessings from God in Hawaiian culture and typically symbolizes life and birth. In Hawaiian legends, Kane and Kanaloa are the gods of water who created water sources throughout the island chain. Kane was gruff and impatient and created the ‘noisier waters’ such as rivers and streams, while Kanoala created the ‘calmer waters’ such as springs and pools due to his quieter nature.

Haoa is also the Hawaiian form of the English name Howard, which alternatively means “the chief” or “bodyguard.”

Spiritual, Simple


Hau’oli (HH-uw- OW -Liy) is the Hawaiian word for “happiness.”

Hau’oli la Hanau also means “Happy Birthday.” Hau’oli is an updated form of the name “Haunani” (also meaning “happiness”). A fantastic way to capture the ray of joy and new life about to enter your world.

Cute, Unique


Hawani (ha-WAH-nee) describes or refers to “the Hawaiian people.”

This is the perfect name if you are looking for something unique, with the option to shorten it down to nicknames like Ani or Wani. It’s an easy name to say and likely one that people will find very attractive.

Classic, Happy


Himeni (Hee-MEN-ee) in Hawaiian translates to “hymn.”

Christian hymns and Western string instruments, or Himeni, were brought to Hawaii in the 19th-century, which revolutionized earlier Hawaiian music, and provided building blocks for new musical genres.

Historical, Spiritual
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Hoku (hh-OH-ku) is a Hawaiian name meaning “star.”

In Hawaiian culture, stars are significant, such as the North Star, which they call Hokulani, used as their guiding light when navigating the seas. Hoku has been a baby name for decades with some famous bearers, including Hoku Ho (born 1991), an American actress, musician and singer-songwriter.

Simple, Cute


Ho’ola’i (HO-oh-LA-ee) means “to be still or quiet.”

A Hawaiian Baby Blessing and Dedication ceremony is held when a baby is born, known as the Ho’ola’a ceremony. This ceremony is held after the birth of a baby to present the child with their name. The Hawaiians believed this attached the mana (spiritual power) to the newborn.

Spiritual, Unique


Huaka’i (HH-uw-AH-Kaa-ee) is a Hawaiian baby boy name that translates to “journey or path taken.”

Fun fact: the Aimalama conference holds multiple Huaka’i that you can register for, where you’re taken on themed guided tours while learning about Hawaiian history and culture.

Unique, Spiritual


Ikaika (IH-KAY-KAH) is Hawaiian for “strength.”

In Hawaiian culture, boys are expected to embody a certain amount of strength woven into their very being- or a good, strong man on the inside and out. Ikaika offers a few popular variation names, such as Ikaikah and Akaya.

Cool, Masculine


Ino (ee-NOH) means “storm” in Hawaiian.

The symbolism of storms can have a terrifying or ominous meaning for most, but we like to think of the name Ino as a symbol of strength through trials and adversity. Ino could hold significant meaning for a family that has overcome many challenges, and despite it all has welcomed a new blessing to the family. A beautiful interpretation, don’t you think?

Natural, Short


Kai (KAH-ee) is Hawaiian for “sea,” which is pretty popular among Hawaiian male names.

There is a deep respect and appreciation for nature within Hawaiian culture. For Hawaiians, the sea is the source of life, pride, and identity. To name your child after the ocean demonstrates a desire to instill the values of respect and appreciation for nature in your son or daughter. A variant of Kai is Kaj, meaning “pure” in Swedish.

Natural, Popular


Kahawai (Kaa-HH-aa-Waa-iy) is a Hawaiian term meaning “river.”

Rivers and bodies of water are symbolic of the flow of life in Hawaiian culture. The name symbolizes a strong sense of self, creativity, and wisdom.

Unique, Natural


The Hawaiian name Kahinu (KA-hi-nu) means “to anoint.”

Kahinu is the name of a famous surfer and swimmer, otherwise known as Duke Kahanamoku nicknamed “The Big Kahuna.” He popularized the ancient sport of surfing and won 5 Olympic medals for swimming between 1912 and 1924.

In Hawaiian culture, strength is earned by experienced elders, who are given the title of “kahuna.” Kahunas are spiritual leaders within their communities and provide wisdom to others using ancient practices.

Spiritual, Unique


Kaiaulu (kh-eye-aH-Luu) is a Hawaiian word to describe “a pleasant or gentle breeze.”

The name was popularized by the well-known song “Waiʻanae, Oʻahu” which sings about the winds of the mountain Ka’ala. Kaiaulu is commonly used as a middle name.

Natural, Common


Kailua (kahy-loo-uh) is Hawaiian for “two seas.”

Kai means “sea” or “seawater,” and “elua” means “two.” This name belongs to a famous tourist destination- Kailua Bay, known for its crystal blue waters and golden beaches. It received its name from two former fishponds in the region (Kawainui and Ka’elepulu) or from the two currents which flow through the bay.

Natural, Simple
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Kakahiaka (kah-kah-HEE-ah-kah) is the Hawaiian term for “morning.”

A common Hawaiian greeting is Aloha Kakahiaka, otherwise “Good morning” in English. Kakahiaka could be a perfect first or middle name to honor your Hawaiian heritage or perhaps if you find yourself more of a morning person!

Unique, Cool


Kalai (kuh-lai) means “clay” in Hawaiian.

This very unique and peculiar name may foster a strong appreciation for natural resources in your boy’s life. In Turkish, Kalai means “fortress.”

Cool, Spiritual


Kalei’opu’u (KAA -Leh-iy-oh-poo-oo) in Hawaiian is “lei on the hillside.”

Kalei’opu’u belonged to the son of Peleioholani, who was the King of Oʻahu and Kauaʻi in the 1700s. In Hawaiian, “lei” means “garland or wreath.” Apparently, the name was inspired by the ornament Peleioholani wore around his neck. An elementary school in Waipahu, also goes by the same name. Its location is said to be the same place ancient medicine healers came to collect herbs for their trade.

Historical, Unique


Kamaha’o (kah-MAH-how) means “amazing and wonderful.”

This name is moderately popular in Hawaiian culture, used for naming both boys and girls! It belongs to a popular Maui spa, Kamaha’o Marilyn Monroe Spa, which offers a variety of signature products branded after the well-known vintage actress and icon.

Cute, Simple


Kamaile (KAH-MAH-lay) is a Hawaiian term describing the “vein of a lei.”

A lei is a garland, wreath, necklace, or string of flowers worn around the neck. Lei is also an ancient Hawaiian custom of adornment and spiritual connection to nature. The vein is what holds everything together.

Natural, Symbolic


Kanoa (kuh-NOH-ah) is a Hawaiian and Polynesian name meaning “the free one.”

Kanoa is an uncommon first name for children but is a popular last name. Variants include Kainoa, which means “the namesake.” Noa or Noah could make adorable nicknames!

Unique, Symbolic


Kanoe (KAH-now) in Hawaiian means “morning mountain mist.”

The name is also derived from Japanese origins. A variant of Kanoe is Kano meaning “powerful Man.”

Natural, Regal


In Hawaiian, Kanye (KAHN-yay) means “freedom.”

Surprisingly, this name isn’t as popular as you might expect, even though it was given to Kanye West, a well-known musician. The name has both African and Hawaiian origins.

Cool, Unique


Kaua (cow-wa) is a Hawaiin term meaning “you and me.”

Aloha, Kāua! A common phrase that may be used as a greeting to two individuals, which means “Hello, you two!” In Portuguese, Kaua means “sensitive.”

Short, Unique


Kauai (KOW-eye-ee) is an island of Hawaii known as “the Garden Isle.”

Kauai is one of the oldest main islands of Hawaii. When used with Aloha, this name is an expression of love. Imagine seeing your sweet little boy and greeting him “Aloha, Kaua!” which means “may there be love between us.” Another version of this name is Kealoha. In Japanese, Kauai is derived from Kawaii, meaning “cute.”

Common, Natural
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Kaui (cow-wee) is a Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “the youthful one.”

Children may eventually grow up, but some manage to retain a young and fresh outlook on the world throughout their lives. This charming name may be a perfect way to symbolize the young at heart! A common variant is Kauai, the 4th largest island of Hawaii, otherwise known as the “Garden Island.”

Cute, Symbolic


Kaulanne (KAA-uw-laen) is a Hawaiian name that translates to “famous.”

Popular alternatives include Kaelani, Kahuna, and Kaulana. Lane or Kau could make a cute nickname!

Unique, Cool


Kaulu (KAH-oo-loo) is a Hawaiian name meaning “ledge.”

Kaulu is a trickster god in Hawaiian mythology, known for his enormous strength and power, both physically and with magic, who experienced numerous adventures.

Unique, Mythological


The Hawaiian name Kawikani (kah-wee-KAH-nee) means “the strong one.”

While the historical importance is unknown, it is said that those named Kawikani have a “strong mind” and prefer to spend a lot of time in the mind. As a result, they are quiet and introspective and usually introverted.

Unique, Regal


Kayl (K-eye-l) is a Hawaiian name that translates to “the man who is free.”

This name comes from many origins, including Hawaiian, and has many meanings. The common English version is Kyle, which means “narrow or strait.”

Popular, Strong


Ke’alohilani (kay-law-hi-LAH-nee) in Hawaiian means “heavenly brightness.”

On its own, Alohilani means “bright sky,” where the element “ke” provides the loose translation of “heavenly sky or brightness.”

Spiritual, Natural


Keanu (KEY-aa-noo) is a popular Hawaiian boy’s name that means “the cool breeze.”

This name consists of two parts, with “ke” meaning “the” and “anu” meaning “coolness.” The name is associated with the famous Canadian actor Keanu Reeves, best known for his roles in the 1999 science-fiction film series The Matrix and as an assassin in John Wick.

Natural, Popular


Kekipi (keh-KIY-piy) is a Hawaiian term used to describe a “rebel.”

Stereotypically, little boys are often classified as “little rebels,” so the name Kekipi may work perfectly for the cute little rascal in your life. Kekipi also carries a strong Hawaiian tone and may be perfect for parents who wish to raise an independent and strong soul.

Cool, Unique


Kekoa (keh-KOH-ah) in Hawaiian means “courageous.”

Kekoa is used to describe brave warriors, with “ke” meaning “the” and “koa” meaning “warrior.” The name was likely popularized by the character Kekoa Tanaka from the show Baywatch.

Strong, Popular


Kipaoa (Kiy-PAO-aa) is the Hawaiian word for “basil.”

In English, Basil also stands for a “king.” This name alludes to royalty or the majesty of kings- perhaps a touching name for your very own little prince in the making!

Natural, Regal
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Koa (koh-uh) is a cute boy’s name meaning “brave, bold or fearless.”

Koa is derived from the Hawaiian acacia tree, or Acacia koa, which is endemic to Hawaii and typically grows between 49 to 82 ft high and 20 to 39 ft wide. The wood is popularly used to create surfboards and canoes. There are many types of koa trees in Hawaii, but one thing they have in common is that Hawaiians use all parts of them! Koa can also mean “warrior.”

Short, Strong


Koho (KOH-ho) is the Hawaiian word for “choice.”

Koho is commonly used with various phrases when making types of decisions or elections, such as “Lā koho” (Election Day) and “Koho lāʻau” (to Draw Straws).

Unique, Simple


Kona (K OH-nuh) is a Hawaiian directional term meaning “leeward” or “dry side of the island.”

Kona refers to an actual district on the big island of Hawaii, or Kona Coast, known for being well sheltered from the wind. Kona district or moku is renowned for cultivating a rich, flavorful coffee on the Hualalai and Mauna Loa mountains, which is one of the most expensive coffees in the world! You’ll also find the Ironman World Championship Triathlon held in Kona.

Common, Cool


Ku (kh-OO) is a Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “stand.”

Ku can also mean “the earth.” We really love this one because it could not only encourage strength in the life of your boy but also a sense of confidence and courage.

Short, Strong


Lani (LAH-nee) in Hawaiian means “sky or heaven.”

Children given this name are considered “higher than the rest” or “exalted.” Lani could make an adorable middle name as well!

Common, Spiritual


LonaKana (ay-OWN-ah-KAA-nah) means “gift from God” in Hawaiian.

LonaKana is derived from the English name Jonathan. The LonaKana Project, created by The Portable Playhouse, Inc., is an NPO running a specialized art therapy beading program for women and children in hospitals and outpatient cancer centers since 2000. This could be a gorgeous name to capture the gift of life about to enter this world.

Unique, Spiritual


Lono (LOW-no) is the Hawaiian name for “the God of rain.”

Nature gods are essential in Hawaiin culture, holding major significance in interpreting weather and climate. Similar to many islands in Polynesia, Hawaii has its own power animal or totem called a “totem animal” – ʻaumakua. In Hawaiian mythology, Lono’s ʻaumakua is a shark god who inhabits Wailua Bay.

Mythological, Natural


Mahana (MAH-ha-NAH) is a Hawaiian term meaning “be warm.”

This name is currently rising in popularity. Mahana is also a Japanese boy’s name meaning “companion or friend,” and in Assyrian, it means “sunlight.”

Cool, Unique


Maika’i (my-KAH-ee) is a Hawaiian male name meaning “good health.”

Health or freedom from illness is an important value in Hawaiian culture. While offering an inspiring meaning, it also offers the sweetest nicknames, such as Mai and Kai.

Cute, Spiritual


Maka’ala (MAH-kah-aa-la) in Hawaiian means “alert and watchful.”

Maka’ala refers to someone performing a task vigilantly and with great care. Hui Makaala is also an Okinawan scholarship organization in Hawaii that strives to promote Okinawan culture and spirit while working and serving together.

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Makai (muh-kahy) is a Hawaiian word that means “toward the sea.”

Makai is often used when giving directions but is also a popular baby name for Hawaiian boys! Kai would also make a great nickname.

Common, Natural


Makaio (Mah-KAH-yoh) means “gift of God” in Hawaiian.

This name carries a lot of love and affection, making it perfect for any little boy you call your own! It is also the Hawaiian form of the common name Matthew.

Spiritual, Cute


Makali’i (MAH-kah-lee-iy) in Hawaiian means “little eyes” or “little stars.”

This touching name belongs to a curved constellation of five little stars called Ke Ka o Makali’i or The Canoe-Bailer of Makali’i”. We think this name would be perfect for the new little star about to enter your life!

Cute, Mythological


Mālama (MAH-la-MAH) is a Hawaiian phrase meaning “take care.”

This phrase is often used in Hawaiian chants to ask the gods for their blessing and protection over a child. Mālama could be meaningful to parents who hope to raise a strong, caring, and thoughtful boy.

Spiritual, Happy


Malana (MAH-la-NAH) means “to float” in Hawaiian.

It is vital to have a positive attitude in life, for the world may be a difficult place, and what better way to defend oneself from its cruelty than to keep afloat in a state of calm and peace.

Unique, Symbolic


Malu (MAH-loo) is the Hawaiian word for “umbrella.”

Perhaps an odd little name at first, but offering rich symbolism! In Asia, umbrellas symbolize wealth, status, and protection from evil and suffering, particularly when shielding oneself from the sun. Nature-lovers may also appreciate the quaint tree species, Schefflera arboricola, that fans out like an umbrella, better known as the Hawaiian Umbrella Tree. Many bonsai-enthusiasts will know this tree as a great one for beginners.

Symbolic, Cool


Mamalu (ma-ma-lu) is a Hawaiian boy’s name that stands for “honor.”

In Samoan, Mamalu represents nobility, honor, or glory. It could be a perfect name for parents who want their boy to grow up as a man of integrity, holding a healthy respect for himself, his family, and his community.

Strong, Unique


Mana’o (MAH-nah-oh) is a Hawaiian term that describes “wishes or opinions.”

Mana’o is a stunning name for parents who may have hoped for a child for a long time, eventually receiving their deepest wishes or desires in their new boy. Others may simply love the encouraging tone of this promise-filled name. Nicknames could include Manny or Nani.

Strong, Unique


Manuahi (MAH-nu-aa-hee) is a common Hawaiian phrase that means “free of charge.”

If a shop owner says to you, “Manauahi!” it means they are giving you something free of charge, without having to pay. The name may have been popularized by a Hawaiian trader who frequently gave gifts to his clients.

Cute, Unique


Mao (MAH-oh) is a descriptive term meaning “over there” in Hawaiian.

This simple name is often used when directing someone to an object or place. Alternatively, Ma’o is the Hawaiian word for various species of Hibiscus flowers.

Simple, Strong
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Mau Loa

Mau Loa (MOW-low-uh) is a Hawaiian term that means “eternal or forever.”

A common phrase used is Mai kēia manawa ā mau loa aku, from now to eternity; from now on and forever. A stunning name to portray the deep love and dreams you carry for your new little bundle.

Classic, Simple


Mauna (mao-cah) is a Hawaiian name meaning “toward the mountain.”

Hand in hand with Makai, Mauka is another commonly used directional term. This name may be ideal for the family looking to honor their love of mountains in the name of their son.

Natural, Unique


Maunakea (mah-NUH-kuh) is the Hawaiian name for “white mountain.”

Short for “Mauna a Wakea” in traditional prayers, or “Mountain of WAKEA, ” this is the name of an enormous, dormant volcano in Hawaii. It is believed that the volcano Mauna Kea connects us to the heavens. Certainly, an inspiring name for a little boy to carry one day.

Natural, Strong


Maunawili (MOW-nah-wee-lee) is a location in Hawaii known as a “twisted mountain.”

Mauna means “mountain,” and “kani” means “to sing.” This name carries a strong lyrical or musical appeal and is also the name of a valley in O’ahu.

Natural, Strong


Mele (meh-leh) is the Hawaiian word for “song.”

Many will recognize this word from the famous Christmas Song, Mele Kalikimaka, meaning Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. This could make the perfect name or nickname for your little boy! Alternative spellings include Mely.

Cute, Simple


Moanalua (MOW-nah-loo-uh) in Hawaii refers to a “valley or stream.”

Moanalua has various interpretations but usually means “water.” A unique location to live would be in the middle of a Hawaiian Valley, as they are known for their microclimates, with no two valleys alike! In 2018 in the United States, less than 5 girls and boys were given the name. It’s safe to say your little one will stand out with a name like this!

Natural, Unique


Moanauil (MOH-ah-NAH-ow-lee) in Hawaiian refers to a “sorcerer.”

Moanauli Loop, is a street or cul-de-sac situated in Hawaii. Moana translates to a “large body of water,” and Uli is a Hawaiian Sorceress.

Unique, Spiritual


Moe’uhane (moh-eh-oo-hah-ney) is the Hawaiian word for “dream.”

In Hawaiian culture, dreams give important messages or signs to guide people through their lives. These dreams can be in the form of symbols, words, or images.

Spiritual, Traditional


Moku (MOH-ku) in Hawaiian means “broken in two.”

While this name refers to severing or separation, the word moku also refers to separate districts in Hawaii. There are six moku in the State of Hawaii.

Simple, Symbolic


Na’alehu (NAH-ah-eh-loo) is Hawaiian for “the volcanic ashes.”

Na’alehu is a community in Hawaii located near the southern edge of the Ka’u district, home to many space stations, and is used to communicate with space modules in orbit.

Strong, Unique
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Na Ao Lani

Na Ao Lani (NAH-OW-LAH-nee) is Hawaiian for “floating clouds.”

Clouds carry significance in Hawaiian culture. The open, cotton-puff cumulus clouds are known as “aopua’a.” In Hawaiian, “pua’a” means “pig,” and a line of cumulus clouds appears similar to a mother pig with a train of piglets trailing behind her, which usually means good weather!

Natural, Happy


Nahele (NAH-heh-leh) is a Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “forest or wilderness.”

Nahele is perfect for the little adventurer in your life or for that little boy who fancies himself a second Merlin (after all, he does know how to talk to the trees). Nahele is relatively rare in America, where it only ranked #1210 in 2015.

Strong, Cool


Nainoa (NEY-AH-Now-AH) in Hawaiian is known as “the one who guards small children.”

Nainoa could be an attractive option for a first-born son or daughter, especially when the oldest sibling is considered the protector of their younger brothers and sisters.

Strong, Masculine


Nalu (nah-loo) in Hawaiian means to “wave or surf.”

Nalu is a fun name for your boy, as it goes well with the beach theme. It was also used in an old TV series called “Hawaii Five-O.”

Cool, Happy


Noelani (NOH-lah-nee) in Hawaiian means “mist of heaven.”

Noelani is used predominantly in Hawaii, originating from Polynesian languages. Noelani also means “lucky, blessed, or beautiful flower.” There are 100 people in Hawaii with this name. The French version of Noelani is Noelane, while the Spanish version is Noelin or Noof Heaven.

Natural, Spiritual


Nohea (Now-HEH -aa) is a Hawaiian unisex name meaning “lovely.”

Nohea provides some trendy nicknames, such as Naha and Nohe. Alternatively, Nohea means “pretty or beautiful.” This could make an excellent middle name or nickname for your little boy or girl.

Spiritual, Cute


Olakino (oh-LAH-kee-noh) is a Hawaiian name that means “well-being.”

The word “olakino” refers to one’s physical and mental well-being. The words “ola,” means “life and health,” and “kino” means “body.”

Traditional, Strong


Olaola (OH-lah-Oh-lah) is the Hawaiian word for “life.”

Olaola also occurs in Africa, where “ola” means “exalted.” This could be an inspiring name for those who wish to celebrate the joy of a new about to enter their world.

Happy, Classic

‘Oli ‘Oli

Oli’ Oli’ (oh-LEE oh-LEE) means “to chant” in Hawaiian.

Oli is a common phrase referring to chants used in Hawaiian culture. A common name Hau’oli refers to a chant meaning “happiness.”

Simple, Unique


Olopana (oh-LOH-pah-nah) is the Hawaiian name for the “high chief of Oahu.”

Olopana carries great honor and is the name of a chief in Hawaiian Mythology. It’s also an excellent name for parents who wish to develop strong leadership skills in their son’s life.

Regal, Strong
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Pahokee (PAH-oh-kee) is a Hawaiian term for “grassy waters.”

Pahokee is a unique name hardly heard today. There is a town with the same name, referred to as “The Muck” by locals. While it may sound less appealing, this nickname comes from the mineral-rich soil used to grow sugar cane, fruits, and corn.

Natural, Cute


Pi’iholo (PEE-ho-low) means “mountain summit” in Hawaiian.

Piiholo is a 689-meter tall mountain with the perfect temperature to grow plants such as pine and pecan. There is also a ranch that goes by the same name in Maui.

Strong, Natural


Pilialoha (Pih-LEE-aa-low-ha) is a Hawaiian word used to describe someone as “beloved.”

Pilialoha can also mean “a bond of love.” The most treasured and unbreakable bond is between a mother and child or father and child- one which you will undoubtedly form between you and your beloved son.

Cute, Classic


Pomoaika’i (poh-MOH-my-KAH-ee) is a Hawaiian term meaning “good fortune.”

A charming name to capture the great hopes and good fortune you carry for your son. It also offers some great nicknames such as Maikai, Mai, and Kai.

Happy, Cute


Pono (POH-no) is a Hawaiian male name meaning “harmony.”

One of the most prevalent translations of Pono is “harmony or balance.” Pono may be a wonderful way to encourage steadfastness and consistency in your boy’s life while always striving for peace- both among others and within himself.

Simple, Common


Pupuhi (PUH-PUH-ee) in Hawaiian means “blow or as a strong wind.”

This funny-sounding name is derived from a well-known Hawaiian proverb- “Pupuhi ka he’e o kai uli.” This means “the octopus of the deep spits out its ink,” which roughly translates to “the octopus evades its foes by spitting ink and darkening the water.”

Strong, Symbolic


Uhane (OO-ha-NAY) is the Hawaiian word for “soul.”

Uhane is often heard as a surname but is also rising in popularity among Hawaiian boy names. Uhane is also known as a spirit or soul ghost in Hawaiian mythology.

Spiritual, Simple


Ulupalakua (oo-loo-PAH-lah-KOO-ah) is a Hawaiian descriptive term referring to “ripened fruit.”

In Hawaiian folklore, an island king was known for having his favorite breadfruit brought to his home. Nicknames include Kua and Koa.

Natural Traditional


Waiho’olu’u (why-uu-OH-uu-loo-uh) is an uncommon Hawaiian name meaning “colorful.”

A well-known song called the Hawaiian Color Song is also known as Na Waiho’olu’u. Waiho’olu’u may be perfect for parents who have a strong love and appreciation for art and creativity.

Unique, Happy


Wehilani (WEH-hee-LA-nee) is a Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “adornment from heaven.”

In Christian Hawaiian culture, children are considered a gift from God. This name is befitting the precious angel about to enter your life. Variations include Wehilanea, Wehilaneah, Wehilanee, Wehilaney, Wehilanie, and Wehilany.

Spiritual, Common
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Hawaiian Names FAQs

What Name Means Gift From God In Hawaiian?

There are many gorgeous Hawaiian names referring to gifts from God. Some common examples include Ionakana meaning “a gift from God,” Keona meaning “God’s gracious gift,” and Makaio meaning “gift of God.”

What Name Means Beautiful In Hawaiian?

While “beautiful” is not commonly used to describe boys, many Hawaiian boy names refer to something beautiful or endearing. These include names such as Kaimana, meaning “diamond,” Kealoha, meaning “love one,” Keonaona meaning “sweet fragrance,” and Kalani, meaning “of the heavens.”

What Name Means Brave In Hawaiian?

Bravery is an important quality in Hawaiian culture, often expected of young men. Names that often display bravery and masculinity include Kekoa, meaning “the warrior,” Kaeo meaning “strength,” Koa meaning “brave warrior,” and Lokela, meaning “legendary warrior.”

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