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100 Cute Names Meaning Ocean: Boys & Girls

These names meaning ocean, provide superb inspiration for your child’s name.

If you have strong feelings for nature and the world’s oceans, then why not gather inspiration for your child’s name from nature itself. There are many beautiful names meaning ocean from cultures worldwide, so you’re likely to find some adorable choices for your son or daughter that suit your preferences.

With so many options, how can you choose just one ocean-inspired name? Here we’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of 100 gorgeous names that mean sea for boys and girls.

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100 Cute Ocean Names for Boys and Girls

If you need inspiration for your child’s name, you should appreciate these cute names that mean ocean below.


While commonly seen as a Finnish surname, Aalto is also a cute ocean name for boys. Waves are a force of nature, which could provide great inspiration for your son’s name. Aalto could encourage him to grow into a powerful man, always drawn to return to the beach.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Wave
  • Pronunciation: Ah-el-to


Adrian has a long history dating back to ancient Rome, derived from Hadrianus, but it has retained its modern appeal. Adrian is also a popular choice in fiction, with characters in the television show Monk and Harry Potter carrying the moniker. Adrian also opens up the possibilities of the nicknames Ade and Dray.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: From the Adriatic Sea
  • Pronunciation: Ade-ree-an
  • Namesakes: Adrian Peterson, an American football player. Adrian Grenier, an American actor, best known for the television show Entourage.
  • Popularity: Adrian ranked 64th in the U.S. in 2021.


Amphitrite is a figure in ancient Greek Myths as the wife of Poseidon and mother of Triton. Amphitrite is said to be the personification of seawater, making her a powerful figure in legends, worshiped by sailors, fishermen, and travelers. Amphitrite is a very unusual name, perfect for your little goddess.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Encircling
  • Pronunciation: am-feh-TRY-tee
  • Popularity: Amphitrite is rarely used, making it a unique name.


Since Ariel is not of the names that mean ocean, we thought it had to be included, belonging to everyone’s favorite Disney character from The Little Mermaid. Ariel also has a biblical history as a male name, known as a messenger of Ezra.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Lion of God
  • Pronunciation: A-ree-ell
  • Namesakes: Ariel Winter, an American actress known for her role on Modern Family.
  • Popularity: Ariel has consistently ranked in the U.S. top 250 for decades.
Cool, Biblical


Arnav is a Hindu name derived from the Sanskrit word for “ocean” or “agitated waters.” Arnav remains a popular choice in India, which considering how much of the country’s borders are on seas, highlights the importance of the name for Indian culture.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Pronunciation: Arn-av
  • Namesakes: Arnav Bhasin, an Indian actor, best known for the television show Cubicles.
  • Popularity: Arnav featured in the U.S. top 1,000 between 2003 and 2014.


Asherah is an ancient name first recorded in the 10th-century BCE in Sumer and Mesopotamia. Asherah is the mother to gods and goddesses and is depicted as being able to walk on water. Asherah is a strong name offering the cute nicknames Ash or Ashee.

  • Origin: Sumerian
  • Meaning: She who walks on the sea
  • Pronunciation: Ash-err-ah
  • Popularity: Asherah is rare, with only 6 girls in the U.S. in 2020 named Asherah.


Aukai is a pretty name, perfect if you want to inspire your child to be a fearless explorer. When you name your child Aukai, you can use the cool nickname Kai.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Seafarer
  • Pronunciation: Au-kai
  • Namesakes: Markus Sieber, a German musical artist who uses the stage name Aukai.
  • Popularity: Aukai is rare, with only 7 children given the name in 2020.


Avisa means “ocean” in Sanskrit, while in Latin, it comes from Avis for “bird,” symbolizing freedom and hope. Avisa also has an ancient regal connection, as the House of Aviz were kings in Portugal who ruled between 1385 and 1580. You may also love the cute nicknames Avisa offers- Avi or Vee.

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Pronunciation: ah-vees-uh


Beryl is considered an old-fashioned name but is due for a revival considering its beautiful meaning. Beryl has a long history, and the root of the word “brilliant” comes from the Latin “berillare,” which means “to shine like a beryl.” Beryl is worthy of consideration if you’re looking for a pretty ocean-inspired name with a traditional feel.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sea green jewel
  • Pronunciation: Beh-ruhl
  • Namesakes: Beryl Reid, an English actress, known for the movie The Killing of Sister George and for playing the grandma in the Adrian Mole saga.
  • Popularity: Beryl is rare today and was last recorded in the top 1,000 in 1957.


Calder is the perfect name to equip your son to deal with rough times in his life. Calder should be ready to tackle any challenges. By naming your son Calder, you could inspire him to have hidden depths and carve out his path, regardless of the terrain.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Rough waters
  • Pronunciation: Cal-der
Adventurous, Cool
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Cari has Turkish and Welsh origins and shouldn’t be confused with Carrie, a short form of Caroline. In Turkish, Cari means “flows like water,” while in Welsh, it means “beloved.” Cari a beautiful way to express that your new daughter is surrounded by love.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Flows like water
  • Pronunciation: Ka-ree
  • Namesakes: Cari Fletcher, an American singer who reached the Billboard Hot 100 with her first single in 2019.
  • Popularity: Cari is rare, with only 29 girls in the U.S. named Cari in 2020.


While not strictly meaning “ocean,” Caspian is the name of a body of water between Asia One and Europe. Caspian is derived from the Latin Caspii, which is the name of the original inhabitants of Central Asia. Many of us will likely be more familiar with Price Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia book series by C.S. Lewis.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: Cass-pee-an
  • Namesakes: Caspian Diament, an American actor, featured on the television shows This is Us and Modern Family.
  • Popularity: Caspian has ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since 2017.


Chantara is the Thai form of Chantal, but Chantal has a different meaning of “stone.” Naming your daughter Chantara creates the nickname possibilities of Tara or Chan if you want to use a short form.

  • Origin: Thai
  • Meaning: Moon water
  • Pronunciation: Chan-tah-rah
  • Namesakes: Chantara Cleo, an American singer known for her song Distant Star.
  • Popularity: Chantara is rare and doesn’t appear on U.S. rankings.


If you’ve ever been scuba diving, you’ll likely find the beauty of the coral reefs completely mesmerizing. Coral could provide wonderful inspiration for your daughter’s name. While Coral has not been popular for many decades, it could be due for a revival.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Sea growth
  • Pronunciation: Koh-rahl
  • Namesakes: Coral Taylor, an Australian rally driver and four-time winner of the Australian Motorsport Rally Championship alongside teammate Neal Bates.
  • Popularity: Coral is rare in the U.S. and hasn’t ranked in the top 1,000 for over 50 years.


Cordelia has been consistently popular in fiction- from Shakespeare’s King Lear, whose youngest daughter was named Cordelia, to Buffy the Vampire Slayer character Cordelia Chase. Cordelia offers cool nicknames, such as Cordie, Cory, and Delia.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Daughter of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Cor-dee-lee-ah
  • Popularity: Cordelia peaked in the late 19th-century and hasn’t ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since 1950.


While typically a second name, Cove has started to gain popularity as a first name among U.S. babies. A name such as Cove could inspire your child to offer shelter to those in need and treasure the important things in life.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Small bay
  • Popularity: Cove is very rare in the U.S.


Daria is the Persian form of the Russian Darya and the feminine form of Darius. Darya features in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, while in the U.S., Daria is the title character of the MTV animated series about a disgruntled teen who can’t relate to her family.

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Pronunciation: Dah-ree-ah
  • Variations: Darya
  • Namesakes: Daria Saville, an Australian tennis player who peaked with a world singles ranking of 20 in 2017.
  • Popularity: Daria has rarely featured in the U.S top 1,000.


Delmar is a cross-cultural, nautical name. Delmar was also used as a British surname derived from the Norman French “de la mare.” Delmar hasn’t been seen in the U.S. for several decades, so it could be ripe for the taking!

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Del-marr
  • Namesakes: Delmar Watson, an American actor known for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Heidi.
  • Popularity: Delmar has waned in popularity in the U.S. since the mid-1900s.


While Delmare is used as a girl’s name, it’s also used as a last name arriving in England after the Norman conquest in 1066. Delmare is a unique name, but you can use the more familiar Mare or Mary as a short form.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Del-mare
  • Popularity: Delmare has rarely been used outside of France and French-speaking areas.


Delmore is an old French name with a strong literary appeal due to Delmore Schwartz. Whether you’re fans of his poetry, want to inspire your son to develop a love for literature, or simply want a unique ocean-inspired name, Delmore is an excellent choice.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Of the seas
  • Pronunciation: Del-mor
  • Namesakes: Delmore Schwartz, an American poet, best known for In Dreams Begin Responsibilities.
  • Popularity: Delmore is rare even in its native France.
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Deniz is a Turkish form of Denise or Dennis. While it was traditionally a boy’s name in Turkey and remained so in The Netherlands, today, Deniz is considered a unisex name. Deniz provides a unique alternative to the more common Dennis and Denise in English-speaking countries.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: Deh-neez
  • Namesakes: Deniz Undav, a German soccer player for the British Premier League.
  • Popularity: Deniz has consistently ranked in the Turkish top 100 since 1980 but is rarely seen in the U.S.


Derya is a Turkish cousin of Daria and Darius, but is even more unique in the U.S. Derya rolls off the tongue, so it’s pretty easy for English speakers to pronounce. You can also use Derry, Dee, or even Ya-Ya as nicknames.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: Derr-yah
  • Namesakes: Derya Bedavaci, a Turkish singer.
  • Popularity: Derya is rarely seen outside of Turkey.
Unusual, Serene


Doris dates back to classic Greek myths as the daughter of Oceanus. Doris was mother to fifty golden-haired nymphs, the Nereids, who often accompanied Poseidon to help sailors. While Doris may not have had the revival in popularity enjoyed by Dorothy and Dorothea, Doris is a classic name due for a popularity bump.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Gift of the Ocean
  • Pronunciation: Doh-riss
  • Namesakes: Doris Day, an American actress, singer, and lead in the Doris Day show, best known for the film Calamity Jane and her cover song Dream a Little Dream of Me.
  • Popularity: Doris peaked in the 1920s in the U.S. but dropped from the top 100 in the 1950s.


Douglas is an unusual name, consistently popular as a first and second name. Douglas comes from the Gaelic “dubh,” and “glais,” meaning “dark” and “water,” respectively. Douglas first became a clan name in the Scottish lands of Douglas, through Sir James Douglas, a trusted deputy of Robert the Bruce and the heroic knight who carried his remains on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land after his death. Douglas only began to be used as a first name in the 16th-century.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Blackwater
  • Pronunciation: Dug-las
  • Namesakes: Douglas Smith, a Canadian actor known for the TV series Big Little Lies.
  • Popularity: Douglas consistently ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 but peaked in popularity in the 1940s.


Dwyn is a diminutive of Dwynwen and is unique for non-Welsh speakers. Its powerful meaning could inspire your daughter to be a force of nature. Whether you love strolling on beaches or are a keen surfer, Dwyn would be a perfect way to connect your daughter to her passions and interests.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Wave
  • Pronunciation: Dwinn
  • Popularity: Dwyn is very rare outside of Wales.


Dylan comes from the Old Wesh “dy,” and “llanw,” which mean “great” and “tide,” respectively. According to Welsh myths, Dylan Eil Ton plunges into the seas when he comes across his baptismal waters and swims as well as a fish. Dylan is also a sea deity in Celtic legends, and all the waves of Britain wept for him when he was killed.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Dh-lan
  • Namesakes: Dylan McDermott, an American actor known for The Practice and FBI: Most Wanted.
  • Popularity: Dylan has consistently ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1960s.
Mythical, Heroic


Earwen is a German form of Erwin, but its usage as a boy’s name has dwindled. Earwen is the name of an Elf in Tolkien’s Silmarillion, as the mother of Galadriel. With the current revival of interest due to the new Lord of the Rings inspired TV show, Earwen is a very up-to-date name with a beautiful and legendary meaning.

  • Origin: British
  • Meaning: Sea Maiden
  • Pronunciation: Ear-wen


Eldoris is another form of the Greek name Doris, the daughter of Oceanus in Greek myths. While Doris has become a little dated and is distinctly feminine, Eldoris provides a great unisex alternative. If you love the idea of your child being a “gift of the ocean” but feel Doris is too old-fashioned, consider Eldoris.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Gift of the ocean
  • Pronunciation: Eld-or-is
Unique, Cute


Ezili is derived from the Benin goddess, Erzulie, who traveled to Haiti with captured slaves. In addition to being a goddess of water and beauty, Erzulie is a grandmother, protector of small children, and a punisher of unfaithful lovers.

  • Origin: Benin
  • Meaning: Goddess of water and beauty
  • Pronunciation: Ez-ell-ee
  • Popularity: Ezili is rarely seen outside of West Africa.


Firtha is an old Scottish name derived from the Gaelic for “estuary.” Firth is thought to be derived from the Old Norse “fjord.” Firtha is one of the more unusual names that mean sea, as you may be more familiar with the last name, Firth.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Arm of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Fir-tha
  • Popularity: Firtha is rare even in her native Scotland.
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While this may seem like an invitation for tantrums, Fury is a powerful name that could inspire your daughter to be a force for good. In ancient Greek myths, the Furies were underworld goddesses who featured in Homer’s Iliad.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Nothing is more violent than the sea
  • Pronunciation: Fuh-ree


Although unusual, Gali has a familiar sound, not to be confused with Gail, which means “father’s joy.” Gali is a direct translation of the word “wave” in Hebrew. Among all the gorgeous names meaning ocean, Gali offers a relaxed vibe for a confident little girl.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Wave
  • Pronunciation: Gah-lee


Ginevra is related to Jennifer, but it is far less common. Ginevra gained a little notice through the Harry Potter character Ginevra (Ginny) Weasley. Ginevra is also related to Guinevere, making it a perfect name choice if you’re a fan of Arthurian legends.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: White wave
  • Pronunciation: Gin-ev-rah
  • Popularity: Ginevra is rare in the U.S.


Gyatso is a Buddhist name with significant meaning in Tibetan Buddhism, given to the new Dalai Lama. Whether you want to connect your son to your spiritual beliefs or traveling to Tibet is on your bucket list, Gyatso could be a keeper.

  • Origin: Tibetan
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Pronunciation: Gat-so


While Hali appears as a girl’s name in Hawaiian, it’s suitable for boys and girls in Greek. In Greek myths, Halie is a sea nymph and daughter of Nereus and Doris, who cries out in sympathy for Achilles when his friend Patroclus is killed. Halie was also married to Cotys, an early king of Lydia.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: Hal-ee
  • Variations: Halie


Heli is a boy’s name from Hebrew origins, but also a Celtic unisex name. Heli is taken from the Welsh town Pwllheli, creating a connection to Wales and Welsh culture. Heli is also an interesting alternative to the more common Hallie and Hayley.

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Saltwater pool
  • Pronunciation: Hell-ee


Hurley is best associated with Elizabeth Hurley, the British actress, so it’s not so common for boys. Hurley could make a unique option among ocean names for boys, connecting your son to Ireland or Irish culture. Even better if you’re a fan of the TV show Lost and the sweet, comic relief character Hugo “Hurley” Reyes.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Sea tide
  • Pronunciation: Hurl-ee


Iluka is a unique Aboriginal name from the now extinct Yaygir Aboriginal language. Iluka is also the name of two villages in Australia, making it a perfect name choice if you’ve enjoyed traveling through the region. By naming your daughter Iluka, you can provide her with a link to Aboriginal culture and use the adorable nicknames Illie or Luka.

  • Origin: Australian Aboriginal
  • Meaning: By the sea
  • Pronunciation: ih-LOU-kah
  • Popularity: Iluka is rare even in her native Australia.


Irving is more common as a surname but can be used as a first name. Irving has Scottish origins, initially used as a first name for first-generation Jewish American boys whose parents looked to British surnames for assimilation and class. If you name your son Irving, nicknames such as Ving and Irv are possible.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Sea friend
  • Pronunciation: Irv-ing
  • Namesakes: Irving Penn, an American photographer known for his photos used in advertising campaigns for Clinique. Irving “Ving” Rhames, an American actor known for his action movies Con Air, Pulp Fiction, and the Mission Impossible movies.
Cute, Heroic


Itsaso can trace her origins to the Basque country in Spain, home to strong cultural traditions, a distinct, ancient language, and celebrated cuisine. If you have traveled to Bilbao or other cities in the Basque region or it’s on your bucket list, Itsaso is a beautiful name to pay tribute to this vibrant area.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: It-say-so
  • Namesakes: Itsaso Arana, a Spanish actress known for the Spanish TV series High Seas.
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Jennifer traces her origins back to the regional language of Cornwall, England. Jennifer is the Cornish form of Guinevere and has been used in the English-speaking world for over 200 years. Jennifer could be a perfect fit if you love popular names and adore its cute nicknames: Jenny, Jen, and Jenna.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: White Wave
  • Pronunciation: Jen-ee-fer
  • Namesakes: Jennifer Aniston, an American actress known for her rom coms and role in the television show Friends. Jennifer Lopez, an American actress, singer, businesswoman, and dancer.
  • Popularity: Jennifer consistently ranks in the U.S top 500.


Jordan is derived from the River Jordan and the Hebrew word “Yarden,” meaning “to go down,” depicting how it flows into the Dead Sea. The River Jordan is a special place for Jews, symbolizing their return to the Promised Land. It’s also where Jesus was baptized. Jordan remains a trendy choice if you want to connect your child to your spiritual beliefs.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: To flow down
  • Pronunciation: Jor-dan
  • Namesakes: Jordan Danger, an American actress known for her role as Zoe Carter in the TV series A Town Called Eureka.
  • Popularity: Jordan has ranked in the U.S. boy’s top 1,000 since the 1800s, but since the 1980s, it’s also ranked in the U.S. girl’s top 500.
Biblical, Serene


In Hawaiian culture, everything revolves around the sea, making Kai a significant name for Hawaiians. Kai also has German and Scandinavian roots as a “safe harbor.” Kai is a character in The Snow Queen, a Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, who is rescued by Gerda when the Snow Queen captures him.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Namesakes: Kai Havertz, a German pro soccer player, who plays with the German national team and for the Premier League team, Chelsea.
  • Popularity: Kai has become increasingly popular, ranking in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1980s.


Kailiani is a pretty name with a distinct Hawaiian sound. Naming your daughter Kailani could be a fantastic way to connect her with your love for nature. You can also use the charming nicknames, Kai or Lani.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Sea and Sky
  • Pronunciation: Kai-lah-nee
  • Namesakes: Kailani Craine, an Australian figure skater who represented Australia at the 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympics.
Pretty, Elegant


Kaimana is a gorgeous one among names meaning ocean, especially if you’re waiting to discover if you’re having a boy or girl. Kaimana could be a great way to inspire your little bundle to become a force for positive change. There are also several nickname possibilities, including Kai, Mannie, and Mana.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: The power of the ocean
  • Pronunciation: Kai-mah-nah
  • Popularity: Kaimana is rare in the U.S., with only 1 child named Kaimana among 53,000 babies in 2020.


Although similar to Carrie, Kairi is a unique Japanese name, ideal for video game lovers. Kairi is one of the seven princesses in the role-playing adventure video game Kingdom of Hearts.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: Kai-ree
  • Namesakes: Kaori Housako, a Japanese pro wrestler best known under her WWE stage name Kairi Sane.
  • Popularity: Kairi is quite unusual, only appearing on the U.S. baby naming charts in 2010.


Kano also means “capability” in Japanese. By naming your son Kano, you could inspire him to overcome the challenges he faces in life using his inner ability and power.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: God of the water
  • Pronunciation: Kha-no
  • Namesakes: Kane “Kano” Robinson, a British rapper, actor, and pioneer of grime music, known for working with Dizzee Rascal and Wiley.
Powerful, Cool


Kelby is a beautiful name that conjures up the calm feeling of sitting by a spring or stream edge. Naming your son Kelby could be an excellent way to connect him to nature. Kelby also has the possibility for several nicknames, including Kel, Kelly, and Bee.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: By the spring
  • Pronunciation: Kel-bee
Serene, Cute


Kendra’s precise origin remains a mystery, with some believing it comes from the Welsh Kendrick or the Olde English Ceneric. Regardless of her origins, Kendra is a consistently popular name, especially if you’re a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, featuring the character Kendra Young.

  • Origin: Unknown
  • Meaning: Water baby
  • Pronunciation: Ken-drah
  • Namesakes: Kendra Wilkinson, an American model, and TV personality, best known for the E reality series The Girls Next Door.
  • Popularity: Kendra has consistently ranked in the U.S. Top 500 since the 1960s.


Laguna is a unisex name with a marine theme. Laguna Beach is a beautiful coastal city in California known for its scenic beaches, coves, and numerous art galleries. Whether you want to connect your child to Italy and Italian culture or inspire him to embrace a boho spirit, Laguna is a great name option.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Pond or lake
  • Pronunciation: Lah-gun-ah
Unusual, Serene
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Lana also has Russian and English roots. Lana is a short form of Svetlana in Russian, meaning “shining light,” while in English, Lana is derived from Alana, meaning “handsome.” Whichever origin you prefer, Lana is a pretty name, perfect for your beautiful new daughter.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Afloat in calm waters
  • Pronunciation: Lah-nah
  • Namesakes: Lana Turner, an American actress with a career spanning over 50 years, best known for The Postman Always Rings Twice.
  • Popularity: Lana peaked in the U.S. in 1948 but has had a mini-revival since 2002.


Unless you’re Welsh, Llyr will likely bring pronunciation challenges for some, so you may prefer the Irish alternative Lir. If you love Wales and Welsh culture, and want something super unique, then this sea-inspired name is up for the taking!

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: The sea
  • Variations: Lir
Unique, Cool


Malik not only has an “ocean” meaning but also has religious significance for Muslims. Al-Malik is one of Allah’s names in the Islamic religion, so it’s a popular name choice among Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Wave
  • Pronunciation: Ma-leek
  • Variations: Malek, Maliq
  • Namesakes: Malik Willis, an American football player, drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 2022 NFL Draft.
  • Popularity: Malik has ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1970s.
Ancient, Adventurous


Manami is a lovely name with several meanings, including “ocean,” “beautiful,” and “love.” Naming your daughter Manami could inspire her to have a connection to the oceans and be a loving and beautiful person throughout her life. You can also use the sweet nicknames Mee or Mani.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Pronunciation: Man-ah-mee
  • Namesakes: Manami Toyota, a Japanese professional wrestler known as the Flying Angel in the All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling promotion.
  • Popularity: Manami rarely appears on U.S. top-name listings.


Mar has Latin roots but is the Portuguese and Spanish word for “sea.” While Mar is often used as a short form for Martine, it’s also used as a first name. Mar could not be more apt if you are looking for unique names meaning ocean.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: Mahr


While Marcelline could appear to be a feminine form of Marcel, she has a different root and meaning. If you want to inspire your daughter to have a love of the seas and be prepared to advocate for it, Marcelline is a beautiful name choice. Marcelline also has several nickname possibilities, including Marcy and Celina.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Defender of the sea
  • Pronunciation: MAR-SU-LEEN
  • Popularity: Marcelline is rarely used outside of France and French-speaking countries.


Maree is a French form of Marie and a variation on Mary. Maree could provide a unique form of Mary if you want to pay tribute to a relative or don’t want a common name for your daughter. You could inspire her to be a strong and confident person with this name.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Ocean tides
  • Pronunciation: Mar-ee
  • Namesakes: Maree Cheatham, an American actress best known for the show Days of Our Lives.


Although considered a form of Marcella, Marella has a different, sea-themed meaning. Marella could express how your daughter is your little star and provide her with a connection to the seas and oceans. You could use Mar, Maree, or Ella as nicknames.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Star of the Sea
  • Pronunciation: Mar-ell-ah
  • Popularity: Marella is a rare name, particularly in the U.S.


Marin is a unisex name found in several European countries, including France, Scandinavian countries, and Croatia. In America, you may be familiar with the pretty Marin county, north of San Francisco. Whether you are a wine lover, have enjoyed traveling in the area, or simply want a unique “sea” name, Marin is a great choice.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: Ma-ren or ma-REEN
  • Variations: Maren
  • Namesakes: Marin Cilic, a Croatian professional tennis player who won several titles, including a major in the 2014 U.S. Open and runner-up in the 2018 Australian Open.
  • Popularity: Marin has rarely ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 but is #33 for boys in Croatia in 2021.
Cool, Unique


Marina is a multi-cultural name found in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and Slavic countries. Marina is the feminine form of Marius, an Old Roman name. It also has Eastern Orthodox connections through Saint Margaret of Antioch, a 4th-century virgin martyr known as Saint Marina. Marina is a character in Pericles, Prince of Tyre, which many scholars attribute to William Shakespeare.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: From the sea
  • Pronunciation: Mar-ee-nah
  • Namesakes: Marina Yers, a Ukrainian influencer with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Popularity: Marina consistently ranks in the U.S. top 1,000 but peaked in the 1990s.
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Marino is the masculine form of Marina but is far more unusual. Marino has a pleasant seaside feel, but it could also be a tribute to the record-breaking football player, Dan Marino.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Mah-ree-no
  • Popularity: Marino is unusual outside of Italy, France, and Spain.


Although it may appear an alternative to Melissa, Marissa has different origins as a variation of Maria. Marissa has biblical roots that could even date back to the ancient Egyptian “myr.” Marissa has several nickname possibilities, such as Mar, Issa, and Mari.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Drop of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Mar-ris-ah
  • Namesakes: Marissa Ribisi, an American actress best known for the movies Dazed and Confused and Pleasantville.
  • Popularity: Marissa ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1960s but peaked in popularity in 1994.
Biblical, Elegant


Marvin originates from the Welsh Merfyn. Merfyn Frych was a 9th-century king of Gwynedd in Wales who ruled for 20 years. Marvin is a more timeless alternative to Martin, which has developed a bit of a “nerd” vibe.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Sea hill
  • Pronunciation: Mar-vin
  • Namesakes: Marvin Gaye, an American singer, known for his Motown hits, Let’s Get It On and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.
  • Popularity: Marvin has consistently ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1800s.
Heroic, Ancient


Maury is considered an alternative to Maurice, but both names have an old-fashioned feel. Since Maury has not been popular since the 1960s, it could be up for a revival.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Sea channel
  • Pronunciation: Maw-ree
  • Namesakes: Maury Povich, an American TV personality known for his show Maury.
  • Popularity: Maury has not ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1960s.


The exact origins of Maya are unknown. Maya could be a version of Maia, a goddess in ancient Greek myths, or from Maia, the Roman goddess of spring and fertility. Maya could also be derived from Mayan, Hindu, or Persian cultures.

  • Origin: Unknown
  • Meaning: Water
  • Pronunciation: May-ah
  • Namesakes: Maya Angelou, an American poet known for her civil rights activism. Maya Rudolph, an American actress, known for her comedy film Bridesmaids and the TV show, The Good Place.
  • Popularity: Maya has been consistently in the U.S. top 1,000 since 1970 but peaked in popularity in 2006.


Mayim is a unique name, best associated with Mayim Bialik from the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory. Mayim is a variation of Miriam and the name for an Israeli folk dance. Whether you have connections to Israel, are fans of Mayim Bialik or want a unique name, Mayim could be one for the shortlist!

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Water
  • Pronunciation: May-im
  • Namesakes: Mayim Bialik, an American actress known for her role in The Big Bang Theory.
Nature-inspired, Cool


Meri is a cheerful variation of Mary that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. If you are looking for a cute name that will inspire your daughter to develop a happy disposition, Meri is an attractive choice.

  • Origin: Finnish
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: Merr-ee
  • Namesakes: Meri Te Tai Mangakāhia, a Maori feminist icon and campaigner who inspired generations of women in New Zealand.


Mira features in a variety of countries and cultures among names that mean ocean, including “peace,” “world,” and “ocean.” In India, Mira was a Hindu princess in the 16th-century who dedicated her life to Krishna and is celebrated in songs and poetry. If you’re interested in astronomy, Mira is a star in the Cetus constellation discovered approximately 400 years ago.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Pronunciation: Mee-ra
  • Namesakes: Mira Sorvino, an American actress known for her award-winning role in the movie Mighty Aphrodite
  • Popularity: Mira has ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since 2001.


Moana is unique among names meaning sea, which would’ve remained under the radar were it not for the Disney movie. Moana is a cute sea-inspired name ideal for fans of Polynesian culture or even Disney lovers. If you are looking for cool and unique names that mean sea, Moana certainly fits the bill.

  • Origin: Polynesian
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation: Mo-ah-na


Morgan has quite a complex origin, initially thought to be an anglicized form of the Old Welsh Morcant. Morgan could also come from the Celtic goddess of war, death, and fate, Morrigan. Morgan may also be derived from “moraigeanta,” which is Irish for “high-minded” and “generous.” Regardless of its origins, Morgan is a familiar name ideal if you are waiting to be surprised whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Seaborn, sea song
  • Pronunciation: Mor-gan
  • Namesakes: Morgan Freeman, an award-winning American actor with a career spanning over 50 years.
  • Popularity: Morgan has consistently ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 boy names. As a girl’s name, Morgan ranked in the U.S. top 100 between the mid-1980s and 2012.
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Morwenna is an old Welsh name relatively unknown in the U.S. You may be familiar with Morwenna if you’re a fan of the British TV shows Poldark and Doc Martin. Morwenna also has some great possibilities for nicknames, such as Mory and Wenn.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Waves of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Mor-wen-ah
  • Namesakes: Morwenna Banks, a British comedy writer, and actress known as the voices of Mummy Pig and Madam Gazelle in the children’s animated show Peppa Pig.


Moses is likely derived from the Hebrew Moshe and has particular religious significance. In the Book of Exodus, when Moses was a baby, his mother placed him in a basket in the River Nile to avoid the Pharaoh’s order to kill all male Hebrew babies. Moses is also considered a significant Jewish prophet who wrote the first five books of the Bible.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Delivered from the water
  • Pronunciation: MOZ-is
  • Namesakes: Moses Ingram, an American actress known for the TV shows, The Queen’s Gambit and Kenobi.
  • Popularity: Moses has consistently ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1880s.


Murdoch is a traditional Scottish name mostly used as a surname outside Scotland. Murdoc Niccals is the fictional founder and bassist of the virtual indie band Gorillaz. Whether you have a connection to Scotland, are a fan of Gorillaz music, or simply want a unique name for your son, consider Murdoch.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Mariner
  • Pronunciation: Mur-dock
  • Variations: Murdock, Murdo, Murdoc


Muriel features in a Celtic poem as the angel who governs the summer month, June. Muriel is also popular in fiction, featuring as Miss Muriel Stacy, a lively teacher in Anne of Green Gables, and as Aunt Muriel, Ron Weasley’s nosy relative in the Harry Potter series.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Of the bright sea
  • Pronunciation: Muer-ee-el
  • Variations: Muriel
  • Popularity: Murial and Muriel have waned in popularity since the 1960s.


Murray comes from the ancient Scottish clan, Murray, but since the mid-1900s, it’s become a popular first name in Scotland. Murray also features in fiction on the U.S. TV shows Degrassi: The Next Generation and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Settlement by the sea
  • Pronunciation: Murr-ee
  • Namesakes: Murray Hill, an American comedian, and entertainer (Busby Murray Gallagher), considered the “hardest working, middle-aged man in show business.”
  • Popularity: Murray hasn’t ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1970s.


Naia is a Spanish name from the Basque region but also features in Greek and Hawaiian culture. Naia rolls off the tongue, even for English speakers. Whether you’ve traveled in these areas or have a connection to Spain, Greece, or Hawaii, Naia is a pretty choice.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Seafoam
  • Pronunciation: Ni-ya
  • Popularity: Naia has rarely featured in the U.S. top 1,000.
Cool, Unusual


Nerida can trace her origins to ancient Greek myths derived from Nereid. Nereids were the sea nymph daughters of Nereus, who often accompanied Poseidon and would inhabit any water, fresh or sea.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sea nymph
  • Pronunciation: Nerr-ee-dah
  • Namesakes: Nerida Cortese, a New Zealand professional dancer and choreographer, best known for the New Zealand version of Dancing With the Stars.


Nerissa is considered an alternative to Marisa but has a unique aesthetic appeal. Nerissa is likely derived from Nereids (sea nymphs) depicted in ancient Greek myths. Nerissa is a character in The Merchant of Venice, as Portia’s confidante, but she also has regal connections, as the Queen of Britain had a cousin named Nerissa.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: From the sea
  • Pronunciation: Nerr-iss-ah
  • Namesakes: Nerissa Bowes-Lyon, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth of Britain.
  • Popularity: Nerissa is very rare worldwide.


Nori is a type of seaweed. If you love Japanese culture and cuisine, Nori is a perfect name choice. Kim Kardashian also uses Nori as a pet name for her daughter North.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Seaweed
  • Pronunciation: Nor-ee
  • Namesakes: Nori Horikoshi, a Japanese actress known for the movies First Love and Judgment.
  • Popularity: Nori started appearing in the U.S.’s top 1,000 baby names in 2015.
Cute, Unusual


Ocean is a common word in English-speaking countries that originated from the Greek “okeanos.” This charming “o” name seems to be rising considerably in popularity among names that mean ocean. If you want your child to be a little more unique, consider the alternative Oceane.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Pronunciation: O-shun
  • Variations: Oceane
  • Namesakes: Ocean Maturo, an American actor best known for the television shows Girl Meets World and American Horror Story.
  • Popularity: Ocean was rarely seen in the U.S. until it bounded into the top 1,000 in 2020 and 2021.
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In Greek myths, Okeanos was the Titan God of the earth encircling the River Okeanos. Ancient Greeks believed Okeanos was the source of all the earth’s fresh water, including rivers, springs, wells, and even rain clouds. Okeanos is the god who regulates the waters.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Body of water
  • Pronunciation: oh-kee-ah-nos
Mythical, Heroic


Not to be confused with a short form of Rhonda, Onda is a sweet ocean-inspired name perfect for any little girl. Whether you have a connection to Italy, enjoy Italian culture or simply love to think of your daughter as a little wave, Onda is a keeper!

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Wave
  • Pronunciation: Un-da


Ondine is a lovely name with some mythical connections. Undine is the mythological water spirit, but you may be more familiar with the 2010 Colin Farrell movie, Ondine. In the movie, Colin Farrell’s fisherman character catches the beautiful Ondine in his nets out at sea.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Little wave
  • Pronunciation: Un-deen-ne
Mythical, Adventurous


Pearl is the perfect name for your little sea jewel and the birthstone for June, making it a lovely choice for summer babies. Pearls are a beautiful accident of nature occurring spontaneously in oysters, while ancient Arabs believed they were created as dew drops filled with moonlight fall from heaven. Pearl may be considered a little old-fashioned, so she’s certainly due for a comeback.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Sea birthstone
  • Pronunciation: Purl
  • Variations: Perle, Perla
  • Namesakes: Pearl Aday, an American singer, and stepdaughter of rock legend Meatloaf.
  • Popularity: Pearl has reduced in popularity in the U.S. since the early 1900s.
Pretty, Serene


River was first used as a name in the 1960s, inspired by the hippie generation who embraced nature-sounding names. Over the last three decades, River has become more mainstream. For fiction-lovers, River Tam features as the badass heroine of the Sci-Fi series Firefly.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Flowing water to the ocean
  • Namesakes: River Phoenix, an American actor known for the movies Stand By Me, My Own Private Idaho, and Running on Empty.
  • Popularity: River has ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1990s.
Nature-inspired, Powerful


Sedna is the Inuit goddess of the sea and the guardian of marine animals and the underworld. According to some legends, Sedna became a sea goddess when her father threw her into the ocean. Sedna is also a great choice for astronomy lovers, as a dwarf planet was discovered in the outer solar system and named Sedna.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Goddess of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Sed-nah
Mythical, Unique


Sereia is a magical sea-themed name if you find mermaid stories beautiful and enchanting. Mermaid legends and myths from many cultures may inspire your daughter’s name. While the spelling may seem a little unusual, Sereia rolls off the tongue, and you could use Ray, Raya, or Serrie as nicknames.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Mermaid
  • Pronunciation: seh-ray-ah
  • Popularity: Sereia is rare even in her native Portugal.
Mythical, Adventurous


Serena comes from the Latin “serenus,” which describes the seas and weather as “tranquil, clear and calm.” Serena is an ancient name, dating back to the 16th-century. If you’re looking for more subtle names meaning “ocean,” Serena could be a good option.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Clear and tranquil
  • Pronunciation: Sa-reen-ah
  • Namesakes: Serena Williams, an American tennis player, ranked world #1 by the Women’s Tennis Association for a record 319 weeks.
  • Popularity: Serena has consistently ranked in the U.S. top 1,000, peaking at #209 in 2000.


While the more familiar Stella has consistently ranked in the top 1,000 since the late 1800s, Stellamaris is more unique. Of course, you can still use the short form Stella, but Stellamaris will connect your daughter to the seas. There is also the option of using Maris or Mari as a nickname.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Star of the sea
  • Pronunciation: Stel-ah-mah-ree
  • Popularity: Stellamaris is quite rare in the U.S. top 1,000 rankings.


While it may appear to be a variant of Tahnee or Tawny, Tarni has different origins. If you love Australian culture, Tarni could make a cool first or middle name for your gorgeous girl. After all, what is more, Australian than surfing?

  • Origin: Australian Aboriginal
  • Meaning: Surf
  • Pronunciation: Tar-nee
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Thalassa was the ancient personification of the seas in Greek mythology. Thalassa is considered Aphrodite’s mother and features as a moon of Neptune discovered in 1991. Thalassa is also the name of a luxury resort in Greece.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Pronunciation: Thal-ass-ah
Mythical, Ancient


Trent is a British name and surname, meaning “the flooder,” associated with The Trent River- the third-longest river in the UK. Trent is also a short form of Trenton, which comes from the 17th-century “Trent’s town,” a modern-day city in New Jersey.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Gushing water
  • Namesakes: Trent Reznor, an American musician, composer, and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist in the industrial band Nine Inch Nails.
  • Popularity: Trent has ranked on the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1950s.


Ula is a Celtic ocean-inspired name, also used in Scandinavian countries as a short form of Ursula or Eulalia. If you like short, cute names, Ula is a lovely pick that will also express how your little girl is a precious jewel.

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Gem of the seas
  • Pronunciation: Oo-lah
  • Popularity: Ula hasn’t ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the early 1900s.


If you want your daughter to have a connection to the seas, Umiko is a wonderful choice among ocean names for girls. Umiko is also a character in the Japanese Anime New Game, as the smart programmer and weapons expert. Since anime and manga are seeing a surge in popularity in the West, Japanese names are also likely to see a boost.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Child of the seas
  • Pronunciation: Oo-mee-koh
  • Popularity: Umiko is rare outside Japan.
Unusual, Ancient


Vanora has Welsh origins but is also an Old Scottish form of Guenore. Vanora’s Grave is a grass-covered mound with two Pictish stones in Meigle, Scotland. Vanora is also a German form of Wanda and provides cute nickname options: Van, Nora, and Vana.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White wave
  • Pronunciation: Van-or-ah
  • Namesakes: Vanora Bennett, a British journalist, and author, best known for her book Portrait of an Unknown Woman.
Adventurous, Unusual


While a name ending in “a” is usually feminine in many languages, Varuna is a boy’s name in this case. In Hindi, Varuna is the god of water and oceans and the masculine of Varuni. If you want a more masculine sound for English speakers, you may prefer the variation Varun. In either case, Varuna is a powerful name that could inspire your son to master the oceans.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: God of water and oceans
  • Pronunciation: Vah-roon-ah
  • Variations: Varun
  • Namesakes: Varuna Darensbourg, an American visual effects artist who worked on a long list of movies, including Spiderman, No Way Home, Avengers: End Game, and Alita: Battle Angel.
Powerful, Heroic


Wade originated as a British surname from the Old English “Wada.” Wada also features in Germanic myths as a ferryman who had power over the seas and was honored and feared by the coastal people of Northern Britain. Wade is mainly used as a first name in the U.S. and Australia.

  • Origin: British
  • Meaning: At the river crossing
  • Pronunciation: Wade
  • Namesakes: Wade Williams, an American actor, best known for his role in Prison Break and as the voice of Two Face in the Batman animated movies.
  • Popularity: Wade has consistently ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since the 1800s.
Traditional, Cool


Yara features in several cultures worldwide. In Indigenous American, Yara is a variation of Iara, meaning “lady of the water.” In Persian, Yara means “friend or helper.” Many people associate Yara with the Game of Thrones character Yara Greyjoy. This nautical sea warrior sails the seas of Westeros, plundering riches and fighting for the title of Queen of the Iron Islands.

  • Origin: Brazilian
  • Meaning: Water lady
  • Pronunciation: Yah-ra
  • Namesakes: Yara Shahidi, an American actress known for the TV show Black-ish.
  • Popularity: Yara has ranked in the U.S. top 1,000 since 2017.
Pretty, Elegant


Zale has ancient Greek origins and could provide the perfect inspiration for your daughter to grow into a strong and independent woman, able to tackle any challenges life brings.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Power of the seas
  • Pronunciation: Zayl
Mythical, Powerful


In Slavic myths, Zarya is a water priestess considered a protector of warriors. So, naming your daughter Zarya could be a great way to inspire her to become a strong, independent individual. Zarya also features in Persian culture, meaning “gold,” creating another way to express how precious your daughter is to you.

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: Water priestess
  • Pronunciation: Zar-yah
  • Namesakes: Zarya Manzo, a Mexican actress known for the movie Two Drops of Water.
Mythical, Unique
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Ocean Names FAQs

Can I Name My Child Ocean?

Yes, Ocean is fast becoming a popular name, ranking in the U.S. top 1,000 for boys and girls in 2021.

What are Nicknames for Ocean?

Ocean offers unique nickname possibilities, such as Cee, Cea, and Ocy.

What Name Means God of the Ocean?

Oceanus, Okeanos and Dylan mean “God of the Ocean.”

What Name Means Goddess of the Ocean?

There are several “Goddess of the Ocean” names, including Amphitrite, Oceana, and Doris.

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