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100 Biblical Girl Baby Names: For Your Little Miracle

These biblical girl names should be on your radar.

The Bible doesn’t contain as many girl names as it does male names, which can make for fewer choices for faith-based families. But some of the female Bible names on our list were once the names of men or places. In our modern era, they make great unisex names.

If you’re looking for divine inspiration, one of the 100 biblical girl names on this list might do the trick.

100 Biblical Girl Names and Meanings

These sacred girl names all appear in the Bible, either as a name for women, places, or in some cases, men. If you’re the religious type, one of these may be suitable for your daughter. We have possibilities from both the New Testament and the Old Testament.

1. Abigail

Abigail stems from the Hebrew name, Avigail, which means joy of the father.

As recounted in the Bible, Abigail shared a prophecy with David that he would someday rule over Israel as king. In the U.S., Abigail is one of the most popular girls’ names, coming in as the 11th most given name.

2. Abilene

This Hebrew name means land of the meadows.

Abilene wasn’t a person in the Bible — it was a place. This name would be a unique choice for parents who love the nickname of Abby but don’t want their daughter to be one of the many Abigails in their school.

3. Adah

Adah is a Hebrew name that means adornment.

Adah Isaacs Menken, who lived from 1835 to 1868, was at one point the highest-paid actress in America. She was also well known for her marriages and affairs before dying of illness at the age of 33.

4. Addi

Like Ada, Addi in German means noble.

Addi can be a nickname for Adele or Adelaide, or it can be a standalone name.

5. Adina

This Hebrew name means gentle or delicate.

A male member of David’s army, Adina sounds feminine according to modern standards. The name is pronounced AH-dee-nah.

6. Ahira

This Hebrew name means brother of the shepherd, brother of wrong, or unlucky, depending upon which source you believe.

In the Bible, Ahira, the son of Enan, was a man, but in modern times it sounds quite feminine. It’s pronounced Ah-ee-rah and would be unique enough that your daughter would likely be the only one in her class with that name.

7. Ahlai

Of Hebrew origin, Ahlai means beautiful adornment or ornamental.

This name shows up twice in the Bible — once as Zabad’s father and the other time as Sheshan’s daughter.

8. Amasa

A Hebrew name, Amasa means burden.

This was a boys’ name in the Bible, but it’s seldom used today. It’s time to reboot it as a girls’ name since it sounds similar to the popular girls’ name Amara.

9. Anna

Anna means grace and comes from two other names — the Greek name Ἄννα and the Hebrew name Hannah.

Anna is an ancient name that never seems to grow old. Every year, it ranks on the popularity charts in the U.S., reaching number 63 in 2019.

10. Ariel

This Biblical Hebrew name means lion of God.

Although this was a male name in the Bible, most people in the U.S. think of it as a girls’ name because of The Little Mermaid.

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11. Asa

This Hebrew name means healer.

Although it was a male name in the Bible where it referred to the third King of Judah, it’s seen as a unisex name now. With the healer meaning, it would be a wonderful Christian name for a child who is the daughter of a doctor or nurse.

12. Atarah

Atarah is a Hebrew name that means crown.

In the Bible, Atarah is the mother of Onam and the second wife of Jerahmeel. Although it’s a unique name these days, it could be a good alternative to the more common name Tara.

13. Bela

This Hebrew name means devouring.

Although it was a male name in the Bible, it could be used as a holy name by parents who like the name Bella but want a more unusual spelling of the popular girls’ name.

14. Bernice

Of Greek origin, Bernice means she who brings victory.

Bernice, which is also sometimes seen as Berenice, was a Herodian princess who merited a brief mention in the Bible.

15. Bethany

Of Hebrew origin, Bethany means house of welcome.

Although Bethany was a village name in the Bible, it makes a fantastic girls’ name. It first made the list of the Social Security Administration’s most popular 1,000 names in 1949, and it has remained there ever since. In 2019, it was number 560.

16. Candace

Candace is a Latin name that means sincere, white, or pure.

In the Bible, Candace ruled as queen of the Ethiopians. There have been several famous women with this name, including actress Candace Cameron-Bure and Candice Bergen, who has a slightly different spelling of her first name.

17. Carmi

Carmi is a Hebrew name that means vineyard, garden, or orchard.

Carmi was a man in the Bible, but this name has more of a modern-day female tone to it. It sounds like a cross between Carmen and Cardi, a name that has an edge because of rapper Cardi B.

18. Chloe

A Greek name, Chloe means greenery, fertility, or blooming.

Chloe was a Christian woman in the Bible who appeared in this 1 Corinthians 1:11 verse: “For it hath been declared unto me of you, my brethren, by them which are of the house of Chloe, that there are contentions among you.” Despite being an older name, Chloe continues to shine. It was ranked as the 24th most popular girls’ name of 2019 in the U.S.

19. Cilicia

A Latin name, Cilicia means that which overturns.

Cilicia was a nation in the Bible, located in the southeastern section of Asia Minor. It could be a great name choice for a child who has ancestors or relatives from that section of the world.

20. Claudia

This Latin name means lame.

Claudia is mentioned in the Bible by imprisoned Paul in his final letter to Timothy. Claudia has been a popular name for decades but has been steadily falling in recent years. In 2019, it fell off the list of 1,000 most popular girls’ names in the U.S.

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21. Cozbi

This Hebrew name means liar or to lie.

This may be a better middle name than a first name because of some negative associations. Cozbi was the daughter of Zur in the Bible and was known for seducing men into sin. An unusual name today, it also sounds similar to Cosby, which many people equate with actor Bill Cosby and his crimes against women.

22. Deborah

Deborah is a Hebrew name that means bee.

Unfortunately, many of the women mentioned in the Bible are spoken of in less than favorable terms. That’s not the case for Deborah, who is a prophetess and heroine who ushers an army of Israelites to victory against the Canaanites.

23. Delilah

Delilah is a Hebrew name that means delicate.

Delilah was the woman who led to Samson’s downfall in the Bible. It’s a Biblical name that continues to soar in popularity, landing at number 88 on the popular names chart in 2019. For music fans, Delilah may be a good choice as it is the name of the soothing radio show personality, Delilah Rene.

24. Diana

This Latin name means divine or fertile.

Diana of the Ephesians was a goddess mentioned in the Bible. There have been many famous Dianas throughout history, such as Princess Diana and singer Diana Ross, and in fiction, such as Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman.

25. Dinah

This Hebrew name means God will judge.

Dinah was the daughter of Jacob and Leah in the Christian Bible, although her name is sometimes spelled Dina. This name was also immortalized in a song by Bing Crosby.

26. Drusilla

Drusilla is a Latin name meaning fruitful.

Drusilla and her husband, Felix, visited Paul when he was in custody to hear him preach the gospel, according to the Bible.

27. Eden

Eden is a Hebrew name meaning place of delight or pleasure.

The Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived, is a familiar place even to those who don’t practice Christianity.

28. Egypt

Egypt is a place name that means troubles or oppresses.

Egypt, which is one of the places mentioned in the Bible, could be a great name to give your daughter. Place names, such as Paris, Brooklyn, and Dakota, continue to be popular.

29. Elisha

This is a Hebrew name that means God is salvation.

A man’s name in the Bible, Elisha is also used occasionally used for girls. This name is pronounced ee-LYE-shah, although most U.S. parents opt to say it ee-lee-sha.

30. Elizabeth

This name stems from both Greek and Hebrew and means oath of God or God is bountiful.

Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist in the Bible, who was one of the New Testament’s more memorable characters. Elizabeth, who was married but childless, became pregnant at an older age after her husband was visited by the angel Gabriel and was told they would have a son.

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31. Esther

Esther, a Persian name, means bride or star.

This name is a wonderful pick for those who want a Biblical heroine to name their child after. Ester was known for her courage and strength, and she saved the Jewish people.

32. Eve

This English name means living.

The first woman was named Eve, according to the Bible. She sinned when she disobeyed God and ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

33. Gaddi

This is a Hebrew name that means my happiness.

Although traditionally a boys’ name, as it was in the Bible, it sounds like the popular girls’ names Maddy and Gabby. Maybe it’s time for girls to take over this name.

34. Georgia

Georgia is a Greek name that means farmer.

The oldest known Georgian Bible was dated to the fifth century. Georgia would make a fine girls’ name for someone who loves both Christianity and languages. Plus, it’s a popular name choice, ranking at number 205 in 2019.

35. Hannah

A Hebrew name, Hannah means grace or favor.

Hannah was the mother of Samuel, a prophet, in the Bible. For parents who love wordplay, Hannah can be a great name choice because it’s a palindrome — a word that is the same whether it’s read forward or backward.

36. Hatita

Hatita was the family name of porters in the Bible.

An unusual name choice, it lends itself to the nickname of Hattie. Hattie has been gaining traction on the popularity charts in the U.S. after dropping off the top 1,000 in 1969 and not resurfacing until 2011, where it appeared at number 994.

37. Heaven

This English name means paradise.

If you’ve been waiting for your daughter for years or have struggled with infertility, why not call your daughter Heaven? That’s what she feels like to you. If you want a less obvious version of Heaven, you can opt for Nevaeh, which is Heaven backwards and reached number 90 on the popularity charts in 2020.

38. Helah

Helah, a Hebrew name, means rusted.

Parents who have an ancestor named Helen may want to use Helah as a tribute name. It is more unique than Helen while still allowing your daughter to feel a connection to her namesake.

In the Bible, Helah was one of Ashhur’s two wives.

39. Huldah

In Hebrew, Huldah means world, lifetime, or weasel or rat, depending upon which source you believe.

A relation to prophet Jeremiah, Huldah was a prophetess. If you’ve always had an uncanny sixth sense about things, perhaps naming your daughter Huldah would be a fitting choice.

40. India

A place name, India means law or praise.

As a place, India is mentioned in the Bible. As exotic girls’ name, it’s rare still in the U.S., coming in at number 931 after being much more popular in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. India Arie is a famous singer in the U.S. who has been nominated for 23 Grammy Awards and has won four.

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41. Jael

This Hebrew name means wild mountain goat.

Jael was an original badass. She killed Sisera, the commander of the Canaanite king’s army who was known to be a cruel man. And she did it with nothing more than a tent peg and a hammer.

42. Janna

Janna is a Hebrew name that means flourishing.

This name enjoyed popularity from the 1950s to 1980s before falling out of favor. We think it could be an excellent alternative to Jenna.

43. Jemima

Jemima, a Hebrew name, means dove.

Sometimes Jemima is written as Jemimah in the Bible, depending upon the version. She was a beautiful woman who was one of Job’s three daughters.

44. Joanna

Joanna is a Latin name that means God is gracious.

Joanna was healed by Jesus Christ and decided to follow him on his travels, helping spread the word of his ministry.

45. Jordan

From the Hebrew word, yarden, Jordan means to flow down or one who descends.

A unisex name, the Jordan River was mentioned repeatedly in the Bible. Although Jordan makes the popularity charts both as a girls’ name and a boys’ name in the U.S., it’s still given to more males than females.

46. Judith

Judith comes from Yehudit, a Hebrew name that means woman of Judea.

A brave and bold heroine in the Bible, Judith killed Assyrian general Holofernes, thereby saving the people of Israel. Judith joins just three other women — Esther, Susanna, and Ruth — on the short list of females who had a biblical book named after them.

47. Julia

A Latin name, Julia means sky father or youthful.

Julia is a female version of the male names Julius and Julio. Famous Julias included actresses Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Roberts, and renowned chef Julia Child.

48. Kezia

Kezia is a Hebrew name that means cassia tree.

Kezia is Jemima’s sister, also a daughter of Job. An unusual divine name, it has an urban flair to it.

49. Leah

This Hebrew name comes from the word le’ah, which means weary.

Leah has been a popular name long before the 1900s. But it reached new heights in the 2000s, landing at number 44 in 2019.

50. Lilith

Babylonian in origin, Lilith means belonging to the night.

Although Lilith isn’t mentioned in the Bible, she does have ties to the book. Jewish mythology tells tales of Lilith being Adam’s first wife, and in ancient Babylonian writing, she was a female demon. Despite the dark history, Lilith is on the rise in the U.S., appearing on the most popular names list in 2010 and climbing to a high of number 403 in 2019.

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51. Lois

When of English origin, Lois means desirable, but from the German origin, it means famous warrior.

There have been many famous women named Lois, including author Lois Lowry and model/actress Lois Chiles. But the most famous woman named Lois is fictional — intrepid reporter Lois Lane who is known as Superman’s girlfriend.

52. Lydia

Of Greek origin, the name means from Lydia.

Lydia of Thyatira is believed to be the first known Christian convert in Europe. She is also sometimes known as The Woman of Purple or St. Lydia.

53. Mahlah

A Hebrew name, Mahlah means weary.

The daughters of Zelophehad, Mahlah, and her sisters successfully were able to claim their father’s inheritance at a time when an inheritance was typically only given to males.

54. Mara

This Hebrew name means bitter.

In the Bible, Naomi, who had two sons who died, assumed the name Mara as a way to note her grief.

55. Martha

Aramaic and English in origin, Martha means lady.

Martha of Bethany appears in the Gospels of Luke and John. She saw her brother, Lazarus, resurrected by Jesus.

56. Mary

Mary is an English name that means rebellion, bitter, or wished-for child.

Both the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene are well-known Marys in the Bible. Mary is the English version of the Latin name Maria.

57. Melea

This Biblical name, which is believed to be of Hebrew origin, means supplied or supplying.

Melea was a mans’ name that was only mentioned once in the Bible by the evangelist Luke. More commonly, it’s used as a girls’ name now.

58. Merari

A Hebrew name, Merari means bitter.

Pronounced Me-ra-ri, it is also more typically used as a boys’ name. But some traditional boys’ names, such as Jordan, are being used more frequently for girls, and we think Merari would fit right in with this trend.

59. Miriam

Another name that means bitter, Miriam is Hebrew in origin.

A prophetess, Miriam makes her first Biblical appearance in the Book of Exodus. She is considered to be one of the main seven Israel female prophets.

60. Moriah

This feminine name is of Hebrew descent and means the Lord is my teacher.

Moriah wasn’t a person in the Bible — it was a place, a mountainous area in Jerusalem. But it has gained popularity as a girls’ name, ranking number 959 in 2016, and can be used as a rarer alternative to Mariah.

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61. Naamah

This Hebrew name means pleasant or delightful.

Naamah was a descendant of Cain, and Cain was the first son of Adam and Eve who murdered his brother Abel.

62. Naarah

Naarah, a Hebrew name, means maiden or girl.

Along with Helah who appeared earlier on this list, Naarah is a wife of Asshur of Judah.

63. Naomi

Another Hebrew name, Naomi means pleasantness.

Naomi was an Israeli woman who moved to Bethlehem from Moab. After the death of her sons and husband, she begins calling herself Mara instead of Naomi. Mara means bitterness.

64. Persis

A Greek name, Persis means someone from Persia.

Persis was a woman of the Christian colony in Rome, who received greetings from Paul.

65. Phebe

Of Greek origin, Phebe means bright or good to speak.

Parents who cherish the Bible may like using the spelling of Phebe rather than the more popular Phoebe, which also means bright. In 2019, Phoebe ranked number 291 on the popular charts while Phebe didn’t make it on the charts.

66. Priscilla

A Latin name, Priscilla means venerable or ancient.

In the New Testament, Priscilla and her husband Aquila become good friends with Paul. Priscilla continues to be a popular name, with several famous women named this, including Priscilla Presley and Three’s Company actress Priscilla Barnes.

67. Rachel

This Hebrew name means female sheep or ewe.

In the Bible, Rachel, one of Jacob’s two wives, tried unsuccessfully to have children, but was eventually able to birth two sons — Benjamin and Joseph.

68. Reba

Reba is a Hebrew name that means to tie or bind.

Reba was a king of Midian who died in battle. These days, Reba is thought of as a girls’ name, thanks in large part to country singing superstar and actress Reba McEntire.

69. Rebecca

Rebecca originates from Hebrew and means to tie firmly.

From a Biblical perspective, Rebecca was married to Isaac and birthed twins, Esau and Jacob.

70. Reumah

A name from Israel, Reumah means sublime or lofty.

Reumah was a concubine who had four children — Maachah, Thahash, Gaham, and Tebah.

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71. Rhesa

A Persian name, Rhesa means lord, prince, or head.

A boys’ name in the Bible, Rhesa merits one mention as Jesus of Nazareth’s ancestor. But we think this name in modern times sounds more feminine than masculine.

72. Rhoda

Of both Latin and Greek origin, Rhoda means rose.

Mentioned one time in the New Testament, Rhoda was the first to see Peter at the door after he was released from prison.

73. Rizpah

A Hebrew name, Rizpah means pavement or floor.

In the Bible, Rizpah was known as a devoted mother. Following her sons’ executions, she vigilantly watched their bodies until they could be honorably buried.

74. Ruth

A Hebrew name, Ruth means friend or companion.

Known as King David’s great-grandmother, Ruth was one of the few inspirational women in the Bible. The name has been popular ever since, showing up on the popularity charts each year since 1990 and likely long before then. It’s not as popular as it once was as a first name, but it can also make a wonderful middle name.

75. Sapphira

A Hebrew name, Sapphira means precious or beautiful.

Sapphira and her husband, Ananias, were killed as punishment for lying to the Holy Spirit. Although she may not be the best role model, the name Sapphira is beautiful and modern sounding, so it might appeal to parents.

76. Sarah

As a Hebrew name, Sara means princess.

Featured in the Old Testament, Serah was Abraham’s wife and was viewed as the Jewish people’s matriarch. She became pregnant at the ripe old age of 90.

77. Sarai

A Hebrew name, as a variation of Sara, Sarai also means princess.

In some versions of the Bible, Sarah’s name was spelled Sarai. This spelling could be an excellent choice for a parent who wants a more exotic appearing name for their daughter.

78. Serah

In Hebrew, Serah means noblewoman or lady.

Serah, who was Asher’s daughter, warrants a brief mention in Genesis 46:17. Another alternative spelling of Sarah, this is a pretty variation.

79. Sheba

A Hebrew name, Sheba means promise.

The Queen of Sheba was the ruler of Sheba, a kingdom that is referenced in the Old Testament. An uncommon name, it could be a good choice for parents who want a powerful Biblical name for their daughter.

80. Sheerah

Sheerah is a Hebrew name that means kinswoman.

According to the Bible, Sheerah built three cities — Uzzen-sheerah, upper Beth-horon, and lower Beth-horon.

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81. Sherah

A variant of Sheerah, Sherah is also a Hebrew name that means kinswoman.

For a daughter of an architect or engineer, Sherah, or its variant of Sheerah, would be a fitting name, especially if the parents are hopeful she’ll follow in their footsteps of building.

82. Shiloh

A Hebrew name, Shiloh means gift of God.

Shiloh was an ancient city referenced in the Old Testament and the Hebrew Bible. It’s no coincidence that the name Shiloh made its debut on the list of the most popular names in the U.S. for the first time ever in 2007. In 2006, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the first biological child of actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, was born.

83. Shua

A Hebrew name, Shua means crying for help.

If you’re looking for an extremely uncommon name, this one fits the bill. It has been used only 11 times, according to some sources, from 1880 to 2018.

84. Susanna

A Hebrew name, Susanna means lily.

There have been many famous women named Susanna, including Susanna Hoffs of the all-girl musical group, The Bangles. This band was popular in the 1980s for hits such as Walk Like An Egyptian, Eternal Flame, and Hazy Shade of Winter.

85. Tabitha

Hebrew in origin, Tabitha means grace and beauty.

This disciple resided in Joppa, a Jerusalem seaport. As a name for girls, Tabitha was on the Social Security Administration’s popularity charts for decades before appearing for the last time in 2016.

86. Tamar

Another Hebrew name, Tamar means date or palm tree.

There were two Tarmars in the Bible, both appearing in the Old Testament. One Tamar was the daughter of King David and was raped by Amnon, her half-brother. The other Tamar had a son who appeared in the family tree of Jesus.

87. Terah

Believed to be Latin or Hebrew in origin, Terah means hillside, earth, or flourishing.

Terah was known as Abraham’s father. Although it was a boys’ name in that context, it is also used as a girls’ name. It’s a good alternative to the more popular Tara.

88. Timna

A Hebrew name, Timna means holding in check.

Timna tried to become a part of Abraham’s household, but when she wasn’t welcomed there she became Eliphaz’s concubine.

89. Tirza

A Hebrew name, Tirza means pleasantness, cypress tree, or delight.

Tirza was both a woman and a city in the Bible. That tells us that the current trend of naming people after cities or countries is not a new one.

90. Tryphena

Tryphena is a Greek name that means delicacy.

Tryphena, or Tryphaena, according to some accounts, is a woman briefly named in Romans 16:12.

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91. Tryphosa

Another Greek name, Tryphosa also means soft or delicate.

Tryphosa was another holy woman mentioned in that text — in the same sentence as Tryphena. Perhaps these would be good middle names for twin sisters.

92. Vashti

A Persian name, Vashti means lovely.

Vashti’s story in the Bible took place around 480 BC. In this tale, Vashti was a queen who refused to parade her beauty at the king’s feast and, as a result, was deposed because of his anger. This might be a fitting name for a daughter who is expected to be independent and a free thinker.

93. Zarah

With roots in both Arabic and Hebrew languages, Zarah means radiance or princess.

Also known as Zerah in the Bible, this was the son of Judah and Tamar. Zarah, as a modern name, could be a fun alternative to Sarah or Tara.

94. Zemira

A Hebrew name, Zemira means song.

While not popular as a girls’ name, Zemira has a lyrical lilt to it. And because of its meaning, it would be a fine choice for the daughter of musicians.

95. Zeresh

Zeresh may stem from a Persian word, zaris, which means golden.

The wife of Haman, Zeresh seemed bloodthirsty when she suggested impaling Mordechai on a pole. That didn’t work out well for Zeresh. Instead, Mordechai prospered and her husband was the one to die on the pole.

96. Zeruah

An Iraeli name, Zeruah means pinnacle, top or exalted, although some sources also list a possible meaning of leper.

Zeruah was King Jeroboam’s mother. The name is pronounced ze-roo-a.

97. Zeruiah

This biblical name means tribulation of the Lord.

Not to be confused with Zeruah in the Bible, Zeruiah was one of David’s two sisters. Zeruiah is sometimes used as a modern Israeli name for girls.

98. Zia

A Latin name, Zia means light or grain.

In the Bible, Zia was a boys’ name. Today, it’s more commonly used as a girls’ name and could be a wonderful option for those who like Tia, Lia, and Mia, but want something more unusual.

99. Zillah

A Hebrew name, Zillah means shadow or shade.

Zillah, one of the wives of Lamech, has the distinction of being the third woman mentioned in the Bible.

100. Zina

As a Greek name, Zina means guest or stranger, but in the African meaning, it means a secret spirit name.

Zina enjoyed a six-year span, from 1962 to 1967, of being included on the list of the Social Security Administration’s 1,000 most popular names for girls. After that, it dropped off the list and has not reappeared.

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Find a Wonderful Name for Your Gift From God

A baby is the ultimate miracle, and yours should be celebrated with a fitting name that will inspire her and help her to realize she’s part of a larger picture.

No matter what you name her, you’ll love watching her change and grow with each day that passes.

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