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Hannah Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Hannah including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Hannah Overview

  • Meaning: Hannah means “favor,” “grace,” or “God has favored me with a child.”
  • Gender: Hannah is typically a name for girls.
  • Origin: Hannah is a derivative of the Hebrew name “Channah.” In the Hebrew Bible, Hannah was a once-childless woman who became the mother of the prophet Samuel.
  • Pronunciation: The correct pronunciation of Hannah is “han-uh.”
  • Popularity: Hannah is a very popular name throughout the world. It was the second most popular name in the year 2000.
  • Nicknames: Common nicknames for Hannah include Anna, Anne, Grace, Gracie, Ann, and Annie.
  • Variations: Anna, Ann, Anne, Chana, Chanah, Channah, Hana, Hanna, Hanne, and Johanna are the most common variations of the name Hannah.
  • Namesakes: Hannah Dakota Fanning, who many simply refer to as “Dakota Fanning.”

The name Hannah has a long and beautiful history dating back thousands of years. But, what does it mean and where did it come from? Read on to find out and learn even more about the name Hannah.

What Does Hannah Mean?

Hannah is a Hebrew girl’s name that means “favor” or “grace.” It can also mean “God has favored me with a child.”

In the Hebrew Bible, Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel and the wife of Elkanah. Because of its roots in religious text, Hannah is a popular name for both Christian and Jewish girls. However, it’s fairly common for secular families as well.

Many parents name their daughters Hannah because of its meaning. Others may choose the name simply because they love how it sounds. No matter the reason, Hannah has been fairly popular for centuries.

What Is the Origin of the Name Hannah?

Hannah is an anglicized version of the Hebrew name “Channah.” It’s uncertain when the name Hannah first came to be. Of course, given that it appears in the Hebrew Bible, it has likely been around for quite a while.

How Popular Is the Name Hannah?

For years, Hannah was one of the most popular names in the United States. It was the second most popular girls’ name overall in the year 2000.

Over the years, the popularity of this name has slightly declined. However, Hannah is still a very common name around the world. In recent years, it has ranked #39 in popular girls’ names in the United States (1).

How Do I Pronounce Hannah?

“Ha-nuh” is the phonetic pronunciation of the name Hannah. However, the pronunciation of Hannah can vary slightly depending on your dialect.

Is Hannah a Boy or Girl Name?

Hannah is traditionally a name for women. Still, there are always exceptions, and there are likely a few boys who bear this name as well.

Several masculine names sound similar to Hannah, such as “Hans” or “Hansel.”

Variations of Hannah

Several cultures have adapted the name “Hannah” to their own languages, including the original Hebrew. Here are a few common variations or alternate spellings for this name:

  • Anna (French)
  • Ann (English)
  • Anne (English)
  • Chana (Hebrew)
  • Chanah (Hebrew)
  • Channah (Hebrew)
  • Hana (French)
  • Hanna (Hebrew)
  • Hanne (Scandinavian, German, Dutch)
  • Johanna (German, Dutch)

Nicknames for Hannah

Because Hannah is a short and easy-to-pronounce name, it’s not a common source of nicknames. However, there are still a couple of potential nicknames for people named Hannah.

These include:

  • Anna
  • Anne
  • Annie
  • Grace
  • Gracie
  • Han

Similar Names to Hannah

If you enjoy the name Hannah but aren’t sure it’s the right fit, there are plenty of alternatives.

Here are some names that have similar meanings, origins, or pronunciations to the name Hannah:

  • Abigail
  • Annamaria
  • Grace
  • Hannibal
  • Hans
  • Hansel
  • Janet
  • Janna
  • Nancy
  • Rebecca

Middle Names for Hannah

Choosing the right middle name can make a forename shine and give your child’s name a special ring.

Here are some middle names that pair well with the name Hannah:

Sibling Names for Hannah

There are plenty of names that go well with Hannah. If you have a child named Hannah and would like some fitting names for future siblings, here are some names to consider.

For a sister:

For a brother:

Famous People Named Hannah

When it’s such a popular name, it should come as no surprise that there are several famous people named Hannah. Here are a few famous people who bear this beautiful name:

  • Hannah Adams: An American author from the 18th Century.
  • Hannah Brown: A television personality who starred in season 15 of “The Bachelorette.”
  • Hannah Dakota Fanning: A famous actress. Many know her as simply “Dakota Fanning.”
  • Hannah Gadsby: A comedian from Australia.
  • Hannah Stocking Siagkris: An internet star and actress.

Hannah in Popular Culture

There are several characters named Hannah throughout pop culture. From children’s novels to live-action TV, it seems this name is a pretty popular choice. Here are a handful of fictional characters named Hannah:

  • Hannah Abbott: A character from the novel and movie series “Harry Potter.”
  • Hannah Ashworth: A character from the British TV series “Hollyoaks.”
  • Hanna Marin: A character from the novel and TV series “Pretty Little Liars.”
  • Hannah McKay: A character in the Showtime TV series “Dexter.“
  • Hannah Montana: A character from the Disney Channel TV show “Hannah Montana.”

Hannah FAQs

Want to know more about Hannah’s name meaning? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What Is Special About the Name Hannah?

While it is a fairly common name, the name Hannah can still be very special. The meaning, ”God has favored me with a child” stems from Hannah’s prayer to God. This name can be especially fitting for mothers who have struggled to conceive a child in the past.

Hannah’s appeal is today part of the prayer service for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year (2).

Is Hannah a Pretty Name?

It’s safe to say that Hannah is a lovely name for a child. Not only does this name have a beautiful meaning, but it has a rather feminine sound to it as well. It also pairs wonderfully with other feminine middle names like Rose or Belle!

Parents looking for a beautiful title for their little one should add Hannah to their list of baby names. After all, it’s a rather popular name throughout the world for a reason.

When Was the Name Hannah First Used?

While the original Hebrew version “Channah” dates back to biblical times, the anglicized derivative “Hannah” is more recent. Many speculate that it first appeared in the 1600s among English Puritans.

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