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100 Gorgeous Italian Baby Girl Names: With Meanings

Don’t miss out on the best list of Italian baby girl names this side of the Atlantic.

Whether you or a loved one has Italian heritage, you have developed a love of all things Italian, or you simply like Italian baby girl names, finding the right one can be challenging.

Luckily for you, we’ve trawled the internet and hard copy archives to find some of the most beautiful, popular, and unique Italian girl names for you to explore. Plus, we’ve added carefully researched and confirmed meanings and a few fun facts to entertain you on your name-finding journey.

100 Italian Girl Names and Meanings

Italian names for girls can be pretty, traditional, or edgy, and these are our 100 favorites.

1. Adelaide

Adelaide is a form of the Germanic Adalheidis, meaning noble type.

Born into a noble family, Adelaide of Italy was married off to the nominal king of Italy by the king’s father. On her husband’s death, she dodged another forced marriage before choosing to marry Otto the Great.

2. Agata

Agata is a form of Agatha, meaning good.

Italian mathematical logician Agata Ciabattoni is a professor of the faculty of informatics at the prestigious TU Wien, known for some time in English as the Vienna University of Technology.

3. Agnese

Agnese is a version of Agnes which means chaste.

Agnese has enjoyed steady popularity in Italy this century. The name has hovered around number 80 to 85 in the top 100 Italian girls’ name chart, making it a common name.

4. Agostina

Agostina, the Italian feminine form of Augustinus, means to increase.

Agostina Segatori was a 19th-century Italian model who posed for painters such as Vincent van Gogh, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, and Édouard Manet.

5. Alba

Alba is Italian for dawn.

Alba is also two additional, entirely different names. First is a Germanic name meaning elf, which is short for longer names with the alf element. Second is the Latin feminine form of Albus, meaning white, bright.

6. Alessa

Alessa means defender of man.

Alessa is a great name for fans of the survival horror game series Silent Hill. The character Alessa Gillespie is the central figure in the franchise.

7. Allegra

Allegra means lively, cheerful in Italian.

Allegra comes from the same root as Allegro, the basic tempo marking in music that indicates a beat of between 120 to 156 beats per minute.

8. Amaranta

Amaranta evolved from Amarantha, which means fading.

Gabriel García Márquez’s classic novel One Hundred Years of Solitude features two Amarantas in different generations of the Buendía family. Considered a landmark in literature, this novel was voted number four in the Penguin Must Read 100 (1).

9. Ambra

Ambra is a form of Amber referencing the gemstone or the color.

Over 1,000 baby girls were named Ambra in Italy during 2019. In the U.S. in 2012, the only year there were figures high enough to register, five babies were given this Italian girl name.

10. Amedea

From the Late Roman Amadeus, Amedea means love of God.

Those who don’t speak Italian are likely to pronounce Amedea as eh-ME-DE-a, like immediate but with an a at the end. However, Amedea is pronounced a-meh-DEY-a, like Amadeus but with an a at the end instead of an us.

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11. Amore

Amore is Italian for love.

While this is an Italian name, as a word amore has seeped deeply enough into the English language for most people to know that it’s the Italian word for love. Consequently, this name is likely to earn some raised eyebrows.

12. Annachiara

Annachiara means favor, grace, and clear, bright, famous.

A combination of Anna and Chiara, which is the Italian form of Hannah, could be a good option for honoring multiple family members from the past.

13. Annunziata

The Italian girls’ name Annunziata means announced.

This old Italian name for girls references an event in the Christian Bible’s New Testament. It is the moment when the Virgin Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel and told of the imminent birth of Jesus.

14. Arianna

The Italian form of Ariadne, Arianna means most holy.

Arianna went from nowhere in the U.S. charts in 1985 to number 40 in 2014. It has since become slightly less popular, but in 2019, it was still at number 116 when 2,495 little ones were given the name.

15. Bianca

The Italian name Bianca means white, fair.

American actress Bianca Lawson has made multiple TV and movie appearances but is currently best known for her portrayal of Darla Sutton in the series Queen Sugar.

16. Bice

Bice is a short form of Beatrice, meaning traveler, voyager.

We give this short, snappy Italian name for girls plenty of points for looking cute and edgy. However, we take all those points back because it’s pronounced BEE-ach, which sounds too much like B*tch for use in English-speaking countries.

17. Bruna

Bruna means brown or amour, protection.

In addition to being an Italian girl name, Bruna is also a popular girls’ name in Croatia, Spain, France, and Portugal.

18. Carmela

Carmela comes from the Hebrew Karmel, meaning garden.

Carmela was a popular name in both Spain and Italy, as well as being a relatively common name among immigrants heading from those countries to the U.S.

19. Caterina

Caterina is an Italian form of Katherine.

The meaning of Katherine, and consequently Caterina, is debated. It could be from the Greek Hekaterine, meaning each of the two, or from the name of the goddess Hecate meaning far off. Early Christians associated it with Katharos, meaning pure.

20. Celeste

Celeste means of the sky, heavenly.

American novelist Celeste Ng won critical acclaim for her debut novel, Everything I Never Told You. Ng’s second book, Little Fires Everywhere, has been developed into a mini-series available on Hulu.

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21. Cesarina

Cesarina means hairy.

The correct pronunciation of Cesarina is cheh-za-REE-na. However, if you live in a region where English is the dominant first language, you’ll frequently hear it mispronounced as Caesar, as in the salad, and eena.

22. Chiara

Chiara means bright, clear, famous.

This specifically Italian form of Clara is a viable alternative to the more common Keira, Claire, and Clare, all of which have evolved from the same Late Latin name, Clarus.

23. Cinzia

The Italian form of Cynthia, Cinzia means Woman from Kynthos.

Cynthia was an epithet, or descriptive phrase, for Artemis, the Greek moon goddess. Kynthos was the mountain where Artemis and her twin, Apollo, were said to have been born.

24. Clarissa

This Italian form of Clarice means bright, clear.

American nurse Clarissa Harlowe Barton was a teacher, patent clerk, and self-taught nurse during the American Civil War. After the war, Barton became involved in the suffrage movement and was eventually responsible for founding the American Red Cross.

25. Clelia

The meaning of Clelia is unknown.

Clelia is the Italian form of the Roman name Cloelia. Cloelia was a legendary Ancient Roman who was given as a hostage, escaped, returned, and then set free by her captors, who were impressed by her bravery.

26. Clio

From the Ancient Greek Kleos, Clio means recount, glory.

In Greek mythology, Clio was the muse of history. Clio is also a car model for Renault, an awards program for advertising, communication, and design, and a cosmetics company in Korea.

27. Concetta

Concetta means conception.

This Italian form of the Spanish name Concepción references the Christian belief of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. Consequently, this was a popular Italian girls’ name among Roman Catholic families.

28. Corona

Corona is Latin for crown.

Until 2020, Corona was not only a girls’ name but a popular name for multiple consumer products. However, this may no longer be a name anyone wishes to use for obvious reasons.

29. Cosima

Cosima means order, decency.

Cosima evolved from Cosmo, who is the patron saint of doctors. So, perhaps Cosima is the ideal Italian girl name for the child of a doctor or doctors.

30. Costanza

Costanza means constant, steadfast.

The Italian fairy tale Costanza tells of a princess who refuses her arranged marriage runs away, takes on the identity of a man, completes impressive feats, and marries a king.

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31. Dania

The Italian name Dania means God is my judge.

Dania is also an entirely separate Arabic girls’ name. In the case of the Arabic name, it is an alternative transcription of دانية or Daniyah, which means close, near.

32. Diletta

Diletta means beloved in Italian.

Diletta Leotta is an Italian TV presenter from Sicily. Leotta currently presents the Series A football league broadcasts for the streaming and internet TV service, DAZN.

33. Donata

Donata means given.

Like many Late Roman names, Donata is in use not just in Italy, but also in other European countries that speak Romance languages. These include Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland.

34. Edda

Edda, an Italian evolution of the Germanic name Hedwig, means war.

Edda is also an Ancient Scandanavian name, used most frequently in Iceland. The Icelandic version of the name Edda means great-grandmother.

35. Eloisa

Eloisa is the Italian form of Eloise, meaning healthy.

Eloisa is a retired U.S. Army Nursing Corps officer who is also a Lipan Apache civil rights leader, professor and lecturer who is an opponent and litigant against the U.S. Mexico border wall.

36. Elvia

Elvia means honey-yellow, blond.

This unique Italian girls’ name would be an excellent choice for the parents or caregivers of a child with golden, blonde tresses.

37. Emanuela

Emanuela means God is with us.

Italian voice actress Emanuela Pacotto has dubbed TV programs, video games, and movies as diverse as Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Pokémon movies, and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

38. Enrica

Enrica means home ruler.

American economist Enrica Detragiache taught economics at Johns Hopkins University before taking up the role of Head of the Germany Desk at the International Monetary Fund.

39. Ermina

Ermina is of unknown meaning.

Ermina is the name of a central character in an epic poem by the Italian poet Torquato Tasso. First published in 1581, the poem, Jerusalem Delivered, tells a mythical version of the First Crusade.

40. Ernesta

Ernesta means serious.

Other versions of this name include Ernestina, Erna, and Ernestine. A popular Victorian girls’ name, Ernesta, is ripe for a revival.

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41. Eulalia

Eulalia means sweetly-speaking.

Throughout history, people have chosen names in the belief that the name will influence their life or personality. Eulalia would be a good option if you’re looking for such a name.

42. Evelina

Evelina means desired.

If you like the sound of Eve or Eva but want something a little less popular, Evelina is the name for you. It isn’t an unusual-sounding name, so it might be a good choice for American Italians who want something that won’t be mispronounced.

43. Fabia

Fabia means bean.

Bean is a popular nickname for an unborn baby, with many parents referring to their child in this way. Name your child Fabia, and you can continue the tradition.

44. Fabrizia

Fabrizia means craftsman.

With its distinct meaning, Fabrizia could be a good choice for the child of artisans and craftspeople of any kind.

45. Fausta

The Ancient Roman name Fausta means lucky or auspicious.

Fausta ia an opera by composer Gaetano Donizetti. First performed in 1832, the text was begun by Domenico Gilardoni and finished by Donizetti after Gilardoni’s death. The opera is a dramatization of Roman Empress Fausta’s life.

46. Felicita

Felicita means good luck, fortune.

Although it looks similar to the Italian word felicità, which means happiness, Felicita as a name is not the same. The accent over the a in felicità impacts the pronunciation.

47. Fernanda

Fernanda means brave, daring journey.

Fernanda is an Italian feminine form of the Germanic boys’ name Ferdinand and is also common in Spain and Portugal. Ferdinand is “more Italian” but a little more clunky than Fernanda.

48. Fiammetta

Fiammetta is Italian for little flame.

Fiammetta was the nickname given to Maria d’Aquino, a 12th-century Italian noblewoman. Giovanni Boccaccio wrote a novel based on her life. The book is considered to be the first psychological thriller.

49. Filomena

Filomena combines friend, lover with mind, strength, force.

This Italian spelling of Philomena is a pretty way to use an old-fashioned, Victorian girls’ name, but with a more modern twist.

50. Fina

Fina, short for Serafina, means fiery one.

In addition to being an Italian girls’ name, FINA is the Fédération Internationale de natation or the International Swimming Federation. FINA administers six water sports — swimming, open water swimming, artistic swimming, diving, high diving, and water polo.

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51. Fioralba

Fioralba combines the Italian words for flower and dawn.

Fioralba does triple duty as an Italian girls’ name, a floral name, and a girls’ name connected to time.

52. Fiore

Fiore means flower in Italian.

If you are considering Flora, but are discouraged by its current overuse, then perhaps Fiore could be a suitable alternative.

53. Fiorenza

Fiorenza means prosperous, flourishing.

Despite appearances, Fiorenza is not a longer or more formal form of Fiore. Instead, Fiorenza is the Italian form of Florence.

54. Flavia

Flavia means golden or yellow-haired.

Both Flavia and its more elaborate sibling, Flaviana, began as Ancient Roman family names. However, once one of the Roman emperors began to use the male form, Flavian, as a forename, other people joined in.

55. Fortunata

Fortunata is an Ancient Roman name meaning fortunate, happy, blessed.

The classic Redwall series of books is like a combination of Lord of the Rings and Watership Down, but for kids. In the series, Fortunata is an anthropomorphic fox.

56. Francesca Pia

Francesca Pia means pious, dutiful French woman.

Rather than two separate names, Francesca Pia is used as a hyphenated, double-barrelled forename, just without the hyphen, which can cause some confusion for those unfamiliar with the name.

57. Gaetana

Gaetana means from Gaeta.

Known in ancient times as Caieta, Gaeta is perched on the side of Mount Orlando in Southern Italy. Much of the medieval city is still intact, as are the castle, numerous ancient places of worship, and an Ancient Roman mausoleum.

58. Gaia

Gaia is from the Greek word gaia, meaning Earth.

Ancient Greek mythology tells of the mother goddess, Gaia, who presided over the entire Earth. The Italian pronunciation is GA-ya, while the Classical Greek form is GUY-ah.

59. Gelsomina

Gelsomina means jasmine, the climbing plant.

This unlikely relative of Jasmine and Yasmin would be a great choice, paired with Giacinta if you were looking for a couple of floral names for twins.

60. Giacinta

Giacinta is the Italian form of hyacinth.

Hyacinthus was a figure in Ancient Greek mythology. When they were accidentally killed by Apollo, the god caused the hyacinth flower to grow from his spilled blood.

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61. Giacoma

Giacoma is the Italian feminine form of James.

While James was often used in the U.S. as a gender-neutral name, the practice has fallen out of style. If you’re not ready to take the leap, try Giacoma instead.

62. Giada

Giada is Italian for Jade.

The name Jade, and consequently Giada, comes from the Spanish phrase (piedra de la) ijada, meaning (of the) flank. This is because, in traditional medicine, Jade was believed to cure renal colic and kidney stones.

63. Gilda

Gilda is from the Germanic gild, meaning value, sacrifice.

Actress Rita Heyworth’s most iconic role may be that of the title character in Gilda. The Library of Congress chose Gilda for inclusion in the U.S. National Film Registry because of its historical, cultural, and aesthetic significance.

64. Gioconda

Gioconda means pleasant, happy, delightful.

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is known in Italian as Monna Lisa or La Gioconda because the subject is thought to be Lisa del Giocondo.

65. Gioia

Gioia is Italian for joy.

Non-Italian speakers are prone to butchering this name a little; I’ve even heard it said as GEE-eye-oh-ee-ah. However, the correct pronunciation is akin to the meaning — Joy-ah.

66. Giusi

Giusi means He will add.

Giusi is a short form of Giuseppa, the feminine form of Giuseppe, which is the Italian form of Joseph. Joseph is from the Hebrew Yosef, meaning He, as in god, will add.

67. Grazia

In Italian, Grazia means grace.

In recent years the English language name Grace has become popular and subsequently overused. Grazia is a suitable and equally meaningful alternative.

68. Gregoria

Gregoria means alert, watchful.

This Italian feminine form of the Late Greek boys’ name Gregorios seems custom-made for the baby who is instantly watchful and alert after birth.

69. Ilaria

Ilaria means cheerful.

This Italian name is a form of Hilarius, an Ancient Roman boys’ name. However, the more commonly used English language form is Hilary.

70. Ilda

Ilda means battle.

Ilda comes from the Germanic name element hild, which means battle, so Ilda could be an excellent Italian name for a baby whose parents have had an uphill struggle to start a family.

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71. Imelda

Imelda means whole, universal battle.

In the Disney movie Coco, Imelda Rivera is the Rivera family matriarch and the person who banned music in their homes.

72. Isotta

Isotta is thought to mean ice battle.

Spelled as Iseult, Isolde, or Yseult, depending on which language you are speaking, a second possible meaning of Isotta is she who is gazed upon.

73. Lelia

Lelia is a form of Laelius, a Roman name of unknown meaning.

At its most popular in 1882, Lelia was the 163rd most used girls’ name in the U.S. That year, 95 newborns were given the name.

74. Leonarda

Leonarda means brave lion.

Leonarda Productions Inc. was an American record company that specialized in the recording of pieces by female composers from the medieval period right up until the present day.

75. Letizia

Letizia means joy, happiness.

This Italian form of Latisha and Leticia is popular in both Italy and Spain. Spanish journalist Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano married Felipe, Prince of Asturias, and after the death of the prince’s father, became king and queen of Spain.

76. Lia

Lia is from the Hebrew word le’ah, meaning weary.

Lia can also be a short form of Rosalia, meaning Rose, or Julia, meaning downy bearded.

77. Liana

Liana means favor, grace.

Liana is a type of vine that grows from the jungle floor. The liana winds its way up tree trunks, striving to break through the canopy in search of sunlight.

78. Liboria

Liboria means free.

This archaic Italian girls’ name is now rarely used in either Italy or within Italian-speaking populations elsewhere in the world.

79. Lisa

Lisa is a short form of Elizabeth, meaning my God is my oath.

In popularity, Lisa overtook the more traditional Elizabeth in the U.S. in the 1950s. Lisa was the number one most popular girls’ name in the U.S. from 1962 to 1969.

80. Liviana

Liviana means envious.

Liviana is an Italian forename that came from the Roman family name Livianus. Mamercus Aemilius Lepidus Livianus was an Ancient Roman military commander and politician who reached the most senior position in the senate.

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81. Lucetta

Lucetta is a diminutive of Luce, meaning light.

In Shakespeare’s play, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Lucetta is the intelligent and sassy lady-in-waiting who dishes out wise advice to Julia.

82. Ludovica

Ludovica means famous battle.

Ludovica is the Italian feminine version of the Germanic boys’ name Ludwig. This combination makes Ludovica a viable option for families with both Italian and German heritage.

83. Maddalena

Maddalena means from Magdala.

Maddalena is the name of a neighborhood in the old town area of Genoa, Italy. Because it is close to the harbor, Maddalena has always been the economic heart of the city.

84. Marcellina

Marcellina means male, man.

The Italian girls’ name Marcellina evolved from Mars, the Roman god of war, making it ideal for a family with military heritage.

85. Mariasole

Mariasole combines the meanings wished for child and sun.

MariaSole espresso is an award-winning coffee from Scilly. The coffee has reached cult status because of the unique taste achieved by slow roasting over an open wood fire.

86. Marisa

Marisa is a combination of Maria and Luisa.

American actress Marisa Tomei won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1992 comedy, My Cousin Vinny.

87. Mattea

Mattea means gift from God.

As Mattea is a feminine form of Matthew, this could be the Italian girls’ name to choose if you wish to honor a relative named Matthew.

88. Michelina

Michelina means who is like God.

At one time, Michelina was a reasonably common girls’ name in Italy and among Italian communities in the U.S. However, with the advent of the frozen entree company of the same name, it’s less popular.

89. Mirabella

Mirabella means wonderful.

Mirabella is a cosmetics brand based in Kansas City, Missouri. The company was founded by a salon owner who wanted to create a line of professional quality make-up for non-professional users.

90. Natalina

Natalina means Christmas Day.

Natalina is closely related to Natalie, Natalia, and Natasha. All versions were traditionally used for babies born on Christmas Day.

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91. Nerina

Nerina means nymph, sea sprite.

Nerina Pallot is a singer, songwriter, and record producer from England. Pallot has released six albums since 2001 and was nominated for the Best Female Solo Artist at the Brit Awards.

92. Norina

Norina is an Italian diminutive of Nora.

Nora can be short for Eleanor, which is of unknown meaning. Nora can also be an alternative transcription of the Arabic name نورة, نورا or Nura, meaning light.

93. Novella

Novella means young, new, novel.

In addition to being an Italian girls’ name, a novella is a short novel. Longer than a short story, but shorter than an entire novel, a novella is usually between 17,500 and 40,000 words.

94. Ondina

Ondina means wave.

This is an alternative spelling of Undine, a name created by a Medieval author named Paracelsus. Ondina is also a genus of sea snails.

95. Petronilla

Petronilla means yokel.

The Christian martyr Saint Petronilla was thought to be the daughter of Saint Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus. However, it’s believed that this association came about because of the similarity in names.

96. Raffaella

Raffaella means God has healed.

Italian film producer Raffaella De Laurentiis has produced movies such as The Bruce Lee Story, Conan The Barbarian, and the Dragonheart series. The aunt of Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis, she has appeared in multiple episodes of Giada at Home.

97. Romola

Romola means of Rome.

English actress Romola Garai’s first role was in the movie The Last of the Blonde Bombshells. Since then, she has starred in multiple films, including Amazing Grace, The Last Days On Mars, and Dominion.

98. Rosalba

Rosalba means white rose.

The prettiness of this name and its meaning is ironic when you consider Rosalba is also a genus of beetle containing 29 species.

99. Rossa

Rossa means red in Italian.

The village of Rossa in Switzerland was first documented in 1694. Just over the border with Italy, the population sits at around 135, most of whom speak Italian.

100. Saveria

Saveria means the new house.

This Italian, feminine form of Xavier could be the name of choice for those of Italian heritage or fans of a particular professor from the Marvel X-Men Universe.

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Nomi di Belle Ragazze Italiane

It was difficult to choose only 100 beautiful Italian girls’ names. Our first, brief scan of the internet gave us over 600 options from which to choose, and that didn’t include the short forms, variations, and alternative spellings.

We whittled the list until we found our favorites — and we hope this gives you several options to work with.

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