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Little girl in a blue fairy costume playing in the park.

100 Beautiful Fairy Girl Names (From The Enchanted Forest)

Little girl lying on the grass in the park.

99 Beautiful E Names For Girls

Cute little girl playing under a tree.

100 Pretty J Names For Girls

Two little girl dressed in dark gothic costumes talking on a balcony.

100 Edgy Gothic Girl Names (For Your Dark Princess)

Cute little girl spending time in the park.

99 Unique Girl Names (With Interesting Origins)

Cute girl standing among the trees.

100 Pretty Female Names That Start With H (For Your Little Honey)

Blond little girl playing in the park.

100 Badass M Names for Girls

Happy little girl sitting in the park.

100 Cute Southern Female Names

Little girl in black cardigan walking in the park.

100 Pretty Female Names That Start with B (For Your Cutie Pie)

Happy little girl playing in the park.

100 Prettiest Female Names That Start with O (From Common to Quirky)

Little girl in red dress spending time in the park.

100 Unique R Names for Girls

Happy little girl walking in the garden

100 Cute Female Names That Start With C (For Your Little Cupcake)

Vietnamese girl in Ao Dai dress spending time outdoors

100 Pretty Vietnamese Names for Girls

Cute Asian girl spending time in the park

105 Exotic Asian Names for Girls

Little girl in white dress playing in the park

100 Beautiful A Names for Girls

A Muslim mother reading a book with her daughter in the park

103 Adorable Muslim Names for Girls

Little girl smelling daffodils in the garden

100 Cool D Names For Girls

Cute Danish girl looking out the window

104 Elegant Danish Girl Names (With Traditional Roots)

Little Scottish girl in tartan dress writing a letter

105 Popular Scottish Female Names (For Your Gaelic Girl)

Beautiful Celtic girl looking at the ocean

105 Top Celtic Girl Names (With Meanings)

Two young girls studying the globe at school

108 Awesome International Girl Names (With Meanings)

Cute Australian girl playing with sand on the beach

104 Popular Australian Names for Girls

Little German girl in a Bavarian costume sitting on a haystack

105 Beautiful German Girl Names (With Meanings)

Happy European girl spending time with her mother in the park

105 Popular European Names for Girls

Adorable little Finnish girl sitting near brook in the park

105 Beautiful Finnish Girl Names (With Meanings)

Cute girl spending time outdoors on a sunny day

105 Classic Latin Names for Girls

Little Roman girl in green dress holding an amphora

77 Regal Roman Names For Girls (For Your Little Goddess)

Happy little Thai girl sitting on the playground swings

105 Captivating Thai Female Names (With Beautiful Meanings)

Girl looking at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

105 Beautiful Egyptian Girl Names (From Popular to Unique)

Happy woman giving a piggyback ride to her little daughter in the park

105 Top British Names for Girls

Happy Dutch girl holding a bouquet of tulips

100 Beautiful Dutch Female Names (For Your Little Princess)

Little Muslim girl kissing her mother on the cheek

105 Exotic Persian Female Names (With Mystical Meanings)

Happy little Portuguese girl spending time in the park

105 Trendy Portuguese Female Names (For Your Sweet Girl)

An Indian mother holding her cute little baby girl

105 Cute Hindi Names for Girls

Two adorable Polish girls sitting in the hammock

105 Beautiful Polish Names for Girls

Cute Norwegian girl looking at Geirangerfjord

100 Gorgeous Norwegian Names for Girls

Happy Welsh girl lying on the beach

100 Strong Welsh Female Names (For Your Future Princess)

Happy Slavic girl playing in the park

105 Strong Slavic Girl Names (With Their Meanings)

Little Indian girl playing with her mother in the park

105 Beautiful Indian Names for Girls

Two smiling Brazilian girls are playing in the park

100 Unique Brazilian Girl Names (With Pretty Meanings)

Happy Hawaiian girl wearing a flower lei is standing on the beach

99 Sweet Hawaiian Female Names (With Authentic Meanings)

Happy Swedish girl playing in the snow

100 Popular Swedish Girl Names (With Meanings)

Arabic girl talking to her mother at home

100 Cool Arabic Female Names (From Popular to Unique)

Happy Turkish girl playing with her father in the park.

99 Delightful Turkish Female Names (with Meanings)

Happy and smiling Gaelic girl playing in the field

100 Beautiful Gaelic Girl Names (Popular and Unique)

A mother carrying her adorable Native American baby girl

98 Beautiful Native American Names for Girls

Smiling Chinese girl holding a flower in her hands

100 Adorable Chinese Girl Names (With Meanings)

Cute Irish girl in a green hat having fun in the park

100 Beautiful Irish Girl Names (with Unique Meanings)

Two happy little girls looking at each other on the street of Mykonos in Greece

100 Gorgeous Greek Names for Girls

A cute little girl hugging her mother at home

100 Sweet Short Girl Names (With Meanings)

Two Jewish girls looking at the Hanukkah menorah

100 Hebrew Girl Names (With Meanings)

A Hispanic mother lying on a blanket in the park with her baby girl

100 Beautiful Mexican Girl Names (With Meanings and Fun Facts)

A father lifting up his African baby girl

100 Popular African Names for Girls

Two girls roleplaying as anime characters

100 Manga and Anime Female Names (For Your Newest Addition)

Cute little girl with her hands in her mouth

100 Popular Cute Girl Names

Cute little baby in a funny hat

100 Classic Old Fashioned Girl Names (With Meanings)

Beautiful baby girl smiling in her purple tutu

100 Elegant Girl Names (That Never Go Out of Style)

Beautiful smiling woman

100 Girl Names Considered Sexy, Sultry, and Seductive

Beautiful mom and daughter in front of the Colosseum in Italy

100 Beautiful Italian Baby Girl Names

Cute sleeping newborn baby girl knitted bonnet

100 Victorian Girl Names (To Bring Tradition Back)

Baby girl wearing korean hanbok

100 Korean Girl Names (From Traditional to Trendy)

Beautiful mother and daughter tourists in Paris

100 French Girl Names for Your Sophisticated Princess

Happy japanese parents kissing their daughter on the cheeks

100 Japanese Girl Names (That You and Your Spouse Should Love)

Sweet father reading the bible with his daughter

100 Biblical Girl Baby Names (For a Christian Family)

Gorgeous happy mixed race baby girl

100 Exotic Baby Girl Names (With Meanings)

Happy mom and daughter

100 Strong Baby Girl Names for Your Little Warrior