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105 Pretty Scottish Girl Names: From Popular to Unique

Explore fun Scottish girl names that can travel across every Scottish loch.

You’re in for a memorable adventure when looking for Scottish girl names! Scotland is known for its ancient culture with Celtic, Scandinavian, Roman, and even French influences. Usually, Scottish names for girls come with multiple stores, so how do you find the right one for your little girl?

Our cool list of beautiful Scottish female names offers everything from meanings and pronunciations to gorgeous name variations. So grab your bagpipes, find a delightful castle, and get cozy for the best Scottish girl names ahead.

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105 Cute Scottish Names for Girls

Hike the highlands by checking out these storied Scottish girl names below.


Aberdeen is more familiar as a port city in Scotland (and a town in Washington State in the U.S.) than a girl’s name. It was first used as a surname for descendants of the Scottish Picts tribe but is now a fantastic way to name your little girl.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Mouth of the river Don
  • Pronunciation: AE-Ber-DIYN
  • Variations: Aberdeane, Aberdeene, Aberdyne
  • Namesakes: Aberdeen Shikoyi, a Kenyan rugby player and the women’s rugby union team captain.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 98 people were named Aberdeen worldwide, mainly in the U.S.
Unusual, Rare


Abigail comes from the Hebrew name Avigail, meaning “my father is exulted.” It consists of “ab,” meaning “father,” and “g-y-l,” meaning “to rejoice.” Abigail is the English version of Gobnait in Gaelic, which makes it easier to use for girls today.

  • Origin: Scottish, English, Hebrew
  • Meaning: My father’s joy
  • Pronunciation: AEB-ih-Geyl
  • Variations: Abbigail, Abigale, Abigayl
  • Namesakes: Abigail Williams, an American girl who accused neighbors of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. Abigail Dahlkemper, an American soccer player for the United States national team.
  • Popularity: Abigail ranked 1,806th worldwide, is most popular in Nigeria, and ranked 37th in Ghana.
Formal, Traditional


Adele comes from the German Adel, from “adal,” meaning “noble.” Its male equivalent is Adel, it also means “kind” and is currently a top choice among Scottish names for girls.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: Nobility
  • Pronunciation: Ah-DEHL
  • Variations: Adell, Adhelle
  • Namesakes: Adele Adkins (known as Adele), an English singer/songwriter whose album 21 is the world’s best-selling album of the 21st century. Adele Graham, the former First Lady of Florida from 1979 to 1987.
  • Popularity: Adele ranked 3,749th worldwide, is most popular in Italy, and ranked 138th in Afghanistan.
Pretty, Common


Aila comes from the Swedish Old Norse “heilagr,” meaning “blessed” or “holy.” It’s the Finnish version of Helga or Olga but is the cutest choice for strong and sweet baby girls.

  • Origin: Scottish, Finnish
  • Meaning: From the strong place
  • Pronunciation: AY-Lah
  • Variations: Ayla
  • Namesakes: Aila Flöjt, a Finnish ski orienteering competitor and gold medalist at the World Ski Orienteering Championships in 1975. Aila Meriluoto, a Finnish writer, known for her collection of poems called Lasimaalaus.
  • Popularity: Aila is uncommon worldwide and mostly used in Finland, where it ranked 118th.
Cute, Uncommon


Ainsley began as an 11th-century surname, composed of the Old English Ainslie, meaning “one’s own meadow.” It may be based on Ansley in Warwickshire but can belong to your little girl wherever she calls home.

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Hermitage, clearing
  • Pronunciation: EYN-ZLiy
  • Variations: Ainsly, Ainslye, Ainslie
  • Namesakes: Ainsley Harriott, an English chef and TV host for the BBC series Ready Steady Cook. Ainsley Hamill, a Scottish singer and winner of the Silver Pendant at The Royal National Mòd in 2013.
  • Popularity: Ainsley is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 261st in Samoa.
Formal, Unique


Ally comes from the French Aalis, but may be connected to the Greek Alexander, meaning “defender of men.” It could be used as a nickname for Alison, Alexandra, Alyssa, or Alice, so make a good choice soon for your sweet Ally.

  • Origin: Gaelic, French
  • Meaning: Noble, defender of man
  • Pronunciation: AEL-iy
  • Variations: Alli, Allie, Alley
  • Namesakes: Ally Sheedy, an American actress known as one of the Brat Pack actors in the 1980s. Alice “Ally” Lundström, a Swedish figure skater and the 1957 Nordic champion.
  • Popularity: Ally ranked 3,995th worldwide and is most popular in Tanzania, where it ranked 20th.
Cute, Informal


Arabel comes from the Latin Arabella. It’s composed of “ōrābilis,” meaning “answered prayer.” Arabel may be another variation of Isabella, which connects it with a long history of beautiful Scottish girl names.

  • Origin: Scottish, Latin
  • Meaning: Prayerful
  • Pronunciation: AA-raa-Behl
  • Variations: Arabelle
  • Popularity: In 2014, 902 people were named Arabel worldwide, mostly in the Philippines, while it ranked 3,724th in Uruguay.
Formal, Feminine


Ardis also means “fervent” and is a shorter version of Allardice, once a surname. Ardis may be connected to “ardent” and has a modern flair for girls who want to be the master of their worlds.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Blooming meadow
  • Pronunciation: AAR-Dihs
  • Variations: Ardyce
  • Namesakes: Ardis Fagerholm, a Dominican-Swedish pop singer whose single “No Man’s Land” was on the soundtrack for the film Hamilton. Ardis Krainik, an American opera singer and general director of the Lyric Opera of Chicago.
  • Popularity: Ardis is rare worldwide and mainly used in the U.S., where it ranked 2,828th.
Unusual, Rare


Babette also means “my God is my oath” in French. It was commonly used as a diminutive of Elizabeth or Barbara, like other French names ending in “-ette.” A 14th-century French-Scottish alliance has left us with many French names in Scotland.

  • Origin: Scottish, French
  • Meaning: Promise of God
  • Pronunciation: Baa-BEHT
  • Variations: Babbete, Babbett, Babbette
  • Namesakes: Babette Cole, an English children’s writer and illustrator known for the BBC program Bagpuss. Babette Preußler, an East German pair skater and bronze medalist at the 1983 East German Figure Skating Championships.
  • Popularity: Babette is uncommon worldwide, mainly used in Germany, and ranked 647th in the Netherlands.
Cute, Uncommon


Barbara comes from the Greek “barbaros,” meaning “foreign,” to indicate a traveler in a foreign land. St. Barbara is associated with lightning and fire, making Barbara a powerful choice for your young saint.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Strange
  • Pronunciation: BAAR-Bahr-ah
  • Variations: Barbra, Barbaah
  • Namesakes: Barbara “Barbra” Streisand, an American singer and actress and winner of an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT). Barbara Roche, a British Member of Parliament from 1992 until 2005.
  • Popularity: Barbara ranked 96th worldwide and is most popular in the U.S., where it ranked 15th.
Traditional, Popular
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Beathag comes from the Gaelic “beatha,” from the Celtic “bivo-tūts,” meaning “life.” It’s a Gaelic version of Beatrice, unlike any other girl’s name around.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: BY-Hheyk
  • Variations: Beathan
  • Popularity: In 2014, four people were named Beathag worldwide, mostly in Scotland.
Unusual, Ancient


Blair comes from the Gaelic “blàr,” meaning “field,” and is the name of various locations in Scotland. It’s also the name of the Graham clan but can work well for your little girl who likes to run through fields.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Plain, meadow
  • Pronunciation: BLEHR
  • Variations: Blaer, Blaere, Blaire
  • Namesakes: Blair Brown, an American actress known for the play Copenhagen on Broadway.
  • Popularity: Blair is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 274th in New Zealand.
Unique, Uncommon


Bonnibel also means “attractive” and “fair” in Scottish. It’s used as a variation for Annabelle or Belle but may be the prettiest version as Bonnibel.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Pretty
  • Pronunciation: BAA-Nih-BAHL
  • Variations: Bonnibelle
  • Popularity: In 2014, 43 people were named Bonnibel worldwide, mostly in the U.S.
Cute, Formal


Brichtrede is the most obscure of Scottish female names, with no popularity stats available. It comes from an ancient world of strong Scottish women and can live on in the baby girl you’re expecting.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Bright and strong
Unusual, Rare


Bridget is an Anglo version of the Irish Brighid, meaning “the exalted one.” In Celtic mythology, Bridget is the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom, which may be why this popular name has survived the centuries.

  • Origin: Celtic, Irish
  • Meaning: Strength
  • Pronunciation: BRIHJH-Aht
  • Variations: Bridgit, Briget, Brigid, Brigitte
  • Namesakes: Bridget Namiotka, an American pair skater and gold medalist in the ISU Junior Grand Prix series. Bridget Brind, the British Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Jordan.
  • Popularity: Bridget ranked 2,317th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 35th in Ireland.
Traditional, Common


Brody also means “ditch” or “mire” in Gaelic. It’s taken from the old Irish “broth,” meaning “second son.” Brody is traditionally a boy’s name but has also been used by girls- just because it’s cute that way!

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: A little ridge
  • Pronunciation: BROW-Diy
  • Variations: Brodie, Brodi
  • Namesakes: Brody Dalle (born Bree Robinson), an Australian musician and member of the punk rock band The Distillers. Brody Jenner, an American TV personality in The Princes of Malibu series.
  • Popularity: Brody is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 2,363rd in Australia.
Cute, Rare


Brooke is derived from the Norman “Broc,” meaning “at the brook.” It was originally a surname for people living near a brook, but your sweet Brooke can live anywhere she likes.

  • Origin: French, Scottish
  • Meaning: Stream
  • Pronunciation: BRUWK
  • Variations: Brook
  • Namesakes: Brooke Baldwin, an American journalist, and host of CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin. Brooke Henderson, a Canadian golfer named Canadian Press female athlete of the year for 2017 to 2018.
  • Popularity: Brooke is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 347th in Australia.
Feminine, Uncommon


Camden also means a “maiden,” in Scotland, or a young woman. It originally referred to a place name, meaning “crooked alley,” but nowadays, Camden is a cool unisex name girls can get excited about.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Winding valley
  • Pronunciation: KAEM-Dehn
  • Variations: Camdyn
  • Namesakes: Camden Joy (born Tom Adelman), an American author known for The Last Rock Star Book. Camden Toy, an American actor, known for the Emmy Award-winning series The Bay.
  • Popularity: Camden is very rare worldwide and mostly used in the U.S., where it ranked 7,928th.
Unique, Rare


Caoimhe comes from the Irish “caomh,” based on “cóem,” meaning “noble.” It’s the Gaelic version of Kevin and the original name for St. Kevin, associated with all things kind and lovely.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Dear, noble
  • Pronunciation: KIY-Vah
  • Variations: Caoim, Caoimh
  • Namesakes: Caoimhe Butterly, an Irish human rights activist named one of Time Magazine’s Europeans of the Year in 2003. Caoimhe Guilfoyle, an Irish contestant in the 11th series of Big Brother UK in 2010.
  • Popularity: Caoimhe is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Ireland, where it ranked 556th.
Ancient, Rare


Catriona is a Gaelic variation of Catherine that’s used throughout Ireland and Scotland. It comes from the Greek Hekaterine and is a badass way to transform your Catherine into an unforgettable Catriona.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Pronunciation: KAET-Riy-AH-nah
  • Variations: Cotrienah, Caitriona
  • Namesakes: Catriona Rowntree, an Australian TV presenter on the Nine Network’s Getaway program. Catriona Shearer, a Scottish presenter for BBC Scotland’s program Reporting Scotland.
  • Popularity: Catriona is very uncommon worldwide and mostly used in Scotland, where it ranked 202nd.
Feminine, Uncommon
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Chloe means “fertility” in Greek and is associated with Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture (and all things green). It represents young, green plants in spring, which makes a good symbol for the little lady you love.

  • Origin: Scottish, French
  • Meaning: Blooming
  • Pronunciation: KLOW-iy
  • Variations: Cloee, Cloey, Cloie
  • Namesakes: Chloe Marshall, an English plus-size model who reached the finals for the Miss England competition. Chloe Hooper, an Australian author whose novel A Child’s Book of True Crime (2002) was a New York Times Notable Book.
  • Popularity: Chloe is uncommon worldwide and mostly used in England, where it ranked 356th.
Cute, Pretty


Clara is based on the Latin Clarus, meaning “clear” and “famous.” It also means “shining,” “renowned,” and “upstanding,” all terrific attributes for a bright little girl.

  • Origin: Scottish, Latin
  • Meaning: Bright
  • Pronunciation: KLAER-ah
  • Variations: Clare
  • Namesakes: Clara Alm, a Swedish footballer midfielder for Mallbackens IF. Clara Sosa, a Paraguayan model, crowned Miss Grand Paraguay in 2018.
  • Popularity: Clara ranked 730th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 82nd in Colombia.
Pretty, Popular


Coleen comes from the Scottish MacCallum, meaning “the son of the gillie of Callum.” It’s connected to the Irish “caile,” meaning “countrywoman,” and is a great representation of Gaelic culture for little girls.

  • Origin: Scottish-Gaelic
  • Meaning: Girl, woman
  • Pronunciation: KOWL-Liyiyn
  • Variations: Colleen
  • Namesakes: Coleen Menlove, the general president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1999 to 2005. Coleen Sommer, an American high jumper who competed at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Coleen is uncommon worldwide, mainly used in the U.S., and ranked 438th in Guyana.
Traditional, Pretty


Cora may have originated as the Greek Kórē, another name for the Greek goddess Persephone. The Gaelic Cora is based on “cóir,” meaning “just” and “honest,” qualities meant for the baby girl you’re excited about meeting.

  • Origin: Scottish, Greek
  • Meaning: Virtuous
  • Pronunciation: Kow-Raa
  • Variations: Corra, Kora
  • Namesakes: Cora Huber, a Swiss bobsledder who competed at the 2006 Winter Olympics. Cora Anderson, the first woman and Native American elected to the Michigan House of Representatives.
  • Popularity: Cora is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 372nd in Ireland.
Pretty, Uncommon


Darcie is a Norman place name, meaning “Of Darci.” It also refers to a “dark-haired” girl, but Darcies can come in all shapes, sizes, and hair colors with this adorable name.

  • Origin: Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Dark
  • Pronunciation: DAAR-Siy
  • Variations: Darcy
  • Namesakes: Darcie Dohnal, an American speed skater who competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics. Darcie Edgemon, an American children’s book author known for Seamore, the Very Forgetful Porpoise.
  • Popularity: Darcie is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 1,595th in Congo.
Cute, Informal


Davina is the feminine form of David, taken from the Hebrew David, meaning “beloved.” It’s composed of “deore,” meaning “dear” and “ling,” a suffix meaning “littleness.”

  • Origin: Scottish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Friend
  • Pronunciation: Dah-VIY-naa
  • Variations: Daveena, Davena, Davinah, Davyna
  • Namesakes: Davina Delor (born Martine Lahary), a French choreographer who adopted monkhood as a Buddhist nun in 2004. Davina Ingrams, a crossbench member of the House of Lords.
  • Popularity: Davina is uncommon worldwide, primarily used in Brazil, and ranked 150th in Congo.
Unique, Uncommon


Davita is another Scottish form of Davina, from the Hebrew David. When appearing as DaVita, it becomes Italian for “giving life,” but as a Scottish name, it’s full of love.

  • Origin: Scottish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Pronunciation: Dey-VIHT-aa
  • Variations: Davina
  • Namesakes: Davita Vance-Cooks, the 27th Public Printer of the United States.
  • Popularity: Davita is very rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 4,335th in Georgia.
Unique, Rare


Donalda comes from the Gaelic Domhnall, and is the feminine variation of Donald, another classic Scottish name. It’s composed of “dubro,” meaning “world,” and “val,” meaning “rule,” making it a powerful choice for Gaelic gals.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: World mighty
  • Pronunciation: Daan-AELD-ah
  • Variations: Donaldina
  • Namesakes: Donalda Duprey-Abadie, a Canadian hurdler who competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Donalda is very rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 1,292nd in Scotland.
Traditional, Rare


Donella also means “dark-haired elfin girl” in Gaelic. It came from “Dòmhnall,” meaning “king of the world.” Its root, “dubno,” is a Celtic name for the God of the Dobuni, but it can also be a cool choice for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Ruler of the world
  • Pronunciation: Dow-NEHL-ah
  • Variations: Donnella
  • Namesakes: Donella Meadows, an American environmental scientist known for The Limits to Growth book. Donella Burridge, an Australian synchronized swimmer who competed at the 1984 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Donella is very rare worldwide, primarily used in the U.S., and ranked 1,369th in Scotland.
Feminine, Rare


Edina also means “pleasure” and “delight.” It comes from the English “ead,” meaning “wealth,” yet is also super-popular in Hungary and Germany, making Edina a worldwide blessing for girls.

  • Origin: English, German
  • Meaning: Rich, prosperous friend
  • Pronunciation: Eh-DIY-Naa
  • Variations: Edwina, Edeena, Edynah
  • Namesakes: Edina Balogh, a Hungarian beauty queen, crowned Miss Hungary in 2003. Edina Müller, a German wheelchair basketball player for ASV Bonn in the German league.
  • Popularity: Edina ranked 4,525th worldwide, is most popular in Tanzania and ranked 59th in Hungary.
Cute, Pretty
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Effie is the nickname for the Greek Euphemia, first popular in the mid-19th century. It also means “auspicious speech” and can exist on its own as a given name for your baby girl.

  • Origin: Scottish, Greek
  • Meaning: Good repute
  • Pronunciation: EH-Fiy
  • Variations: Effi, Effy, Ephi, Ephy
  • Namesakes: Effie Smith, an African-American poet whose work appeared in the publication Harper’s Weekly. Effie Boggess, an American politician in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1995 to 2005.
  • Popularity: Effie is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 822nd in Greece.
Cute, Uncommon


Eilidh is a mysterious name from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It’s thought to be the Gaelic version of everything from Eleanor, Ellen, and Alice to Elizabeth.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Radiant one
  • Pronunciation: Ey-LIY
  • Variations: Ellee, Ellie
  • Namesakes: Eilidh Barbour, a Scottish TV presenter for BBC’s golf coverage. Eilidh McIntyre, a British sailor and gold medalist at the 2020 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Eilidh is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Scotland, where it ranked 373rd.
Unusual, Rare


Eisla is associated with the Spanish “isla,” meaning “island. It refers to an inlet near a body of water, like the many islands off Scotland. Eisla is an alternate to Isla, and a unique version of the pretty Scottish name.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Island
  • Pronunciation: AYS-lah
  • Variations: Isla
  • Popularity: In 2014, 49 people were named Eisla worldwide, mostly in Brazil.
Pretty, Unique


Eliza is considered a short form of Elizabeth. It may also be a version of Aliza, meaning “joyful,” which perfectly describes how you feel about the baby girl you’re expecting.

  • Origin: Scottish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • Pronunciation: Eh-LAY-Zaa
  • Variations: Elizah, Elyza
  • Namesakes: Eliza Orzeszkowa, a Polish novelist nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1905. Eliza Taylor, an Australian actress, known for the Australian soap opera Neighbors (2005 to 2008).
  • Popularity: Eliza ranked 2,710th worldwide, is most popular in Brazil, and ranked 90th in Malawi and South Sudan.
Feminine, Traditional


Elspeth also means “consecrated by God” and is the Scottish version of Elizabeth. It almost exclusively exists in the British Isles until you pluck it from history for your darling girl.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Chosen by God
  • Pronunciation: EHLZ-Pehth
  • Variations: Elsbet, Elsbeth, Elspet
  • Namesakes: Elspeth Hanson, the British violinist of the all-female string quartet, Bond. Elspeth Attwooll, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Scotland.
  • Popularity: Elspeth is rare worldwide, mostly used in England, and ranked 307th in Scotland.
Ancient, Rare


Erwina also means “friend of the sea.” It means “honorable friend” in German and is a unique version among Scottish names that mean water.

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Beautiful friend
  • Pronunciation: Er-VAY-Nah
  • Variations: Earwina, Erwenna, Erwinna, Erwnynna
  • Namesakes: Erwina Ryś-Ferens, a Polish speed skater and silver medalist at the World Junior Speed Skating Championships in 1974 and 1975.
  • Popularity: Erwina is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 2,122nd in Namibia.
Feminine, Formal


Esme comes from the French “esmer,” meaning “esteemed.” It’s from the Latin “aestimatus,” meaning “loved.” Esme appeared in Scotland as the Duke of Lennox in the 16th-century but is the perfect old name for your young duchess.

  • Origin: Scottish, French
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Pronunciation: EHZ-Meh
  • Variations: Esmee
  • Namesakes: Esme Ross-Langley (pseudonym Ann Bruce), the British founder of the Minorities Research Group. Esme Grant, one of the first women elected to the Parliament of Jamaica.
  • Popularity: Esme is uncommon worldwide and primarily used in Turkey, where it ranked 465th.
Cute, Cool


Ethel comes from the Old English Aethelthryth, meaning “noble” and “strength.” It’s also a diminutive of Eldreda from the German name Alfred, meaning “old counsel,” but is one of those vintage lady names that has come back in style.

  • Origin: English, German
  • Meaning: Noble maiden
  • Pronunciation: EH-Thahl
  • Variations: Ethyl
  • Namesakes: Ethel Hatch, a British artist known for her association with Lewis Carroll. Ethel Kennedy, the widow of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
  • Popularity: Ethel ranked 3,455th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 66th in Malawi.
Traditional, Common


Fenella is an Anglo version of the Gaelic Fionnuala, composed of “fionn,” meaning “fair,” and “guala,” meaning “shoulder.” Some see it as the best variation of Fiona, which isn’t a surprise since it’s the Scottish version.

  • Origin: Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: White shoulder
  • Pronunciation: Fey-NEH-laa
  • Variations: Fennella, Fenelle
  • Namesakes: Fenella Fielding, an English actress known for the film Carry On Regardless (1961). Fenella Kernebone, an Australian radio and TV presenter of The Sound Lab on Triple J.
  • Popularity: Fenella is very rare worldwide, mostly used in England, and ranked 2,093rd in Scotland.
Feminine, Unique


Fiadh is based on the Irish “fíad,”‎ meaning “game” and “wild animals.” It also means “respect” and “wilderness” in Gaelic, but you can give this rarest Scottish girl name to your fawn girl.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Deer, wild
  • Pronunciation: FEE-Ah
  • Popularity: In 2014, nine people were named Fiadh worldwide, mostly in India.
Ancient, Rare
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Finnea is a very unusual Scottish name that may be a female form of Finn or Finnian. It also refers to “the stream of the wood.” Though no population stats are available on Finnea, it remains a gorgeous way to name your little girl of the wood.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Wood of the ford
  • Pronunciation: FIHN-iy-Ah
  • Variations: Finneah, Finnia, Finniah, Fynnea
Cute, Rare


Fiona is the Latin form of the Gaelic “fionn,” meaning “fair.” As a Scottish Gaelic name, it may come from Fionnghal, which may explain why it’s super popular in Scotland today.

  • Origin: Irish, Latin
  • Meaning: White, fair
  • Pronunciation: Fiy-OW-naa
  • Variations: Fionna, Fionah
  • Namesakes: Fiona Watt, a British children’s author known for the That’s Not My… series. Fiona Bruce, a British journalist and the first female newsreader on BBC News at Ten.
  • Popularity: Fiona ranked 3,256th worldwide, is most popular in England, and ranked 27th in Scotland.
Traditional, Common


Freya comes from the Scandinavian Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. It also means “lady” and is ideal for the miniature goddess you love.

  • Origin: Scottish, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Noblewoman
  • Pronunciation: FREY-ah
  • Variations: Fraya, Frea, Freyah, Freyja
  • Namesakes: Freya Mavor, a Scottish actress known for the E4 teen drama Skins. Freya Van den Bossche, the youngest ever minister appointed in Belgium.
  • Popularity: Freya is rare worldwide and most used in Germany, where it ranked 1,343rd.
Feminine, Rare


Gavina is also a Basque name based on “gabiña,” meaning “grove of bilberry bushes.” In the Celtic world, it’s the female version of Gavin, making it a more interesting name for nature-loving girls.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: White hawk
  • Pronunciation: Gae-VIH-nah
  • Popularity: Gavina is rare worldwide and mainly used in Italy, where it ranked 913th.
Unique, Rare


The Scottish name Greer is based on the medieval Grier. It originated as Gregor, the Scottish form of Gregory, and is a cool, modern way for girls to honor all things Scottish.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Alert, watchful
  • Pronunciation: GRIHR
  • Variations: Grear, Grier, Gryer
  • Namesakes: Greer Barnes, an American soccer player for FC Gold Pride. Greer Robson, a New Zealand TV actress well known for her role in the Shortland Street TV series.
  • Popularity: Greer is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 522nd in Northern Ireland.
Unique, Cool


Harriet comes from the German Henriette, and its equivalent is the male Harry. Harriet is also an English version of the French Henriette, so it’s got good company to choose from.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: Home ruler
  • Pronunciation: HHEY-riy-Aht
  • Variations: Hariet, Harriett, Harriette, Harriott
  • Namesakes: Harriet Brooks, the first Canadian female nuclear physicist. Harriet Andersson, a Swedish actress and part of Ingmar Bergman’s stock company.
  • Popularity: Harriet ranked 2,120th worldwide and is most popular in Uganda, where it ranked 29th.
Formal, Traditional


Heather refers to a pink or purple flowering shrub found in rural Scotland. It’s from the Scottish “haeddre,” meaning a “shrubland habitat.” Heather may connect to the German Heidi but is one of the more recognizable Scottish female names.

  • Origin: English, Scottish
  • Meaning: Evergreen flowering plant
  • Pronunciation: HHEH-Ther
  • Variations: Heathar, Hether, Hethar
  • Namesakes: Heather Mills, an English former activist married to Paul McCartney from 2000 to 2008. Heather McCallum, the first deaf Miss America winner.
  • Popularity: Heather ranked 968th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S. and ranked 47th in Northern Ireland.
Traditional, Popular


Hollie comes from the Old English “hol-lēah,” meaning “dwelling by the hollow.” The Holly tree symbolizes peace in Celtic mythology and is associated with Celtic gods of thunder, even though we recognize it as a symbol of Christmas.

  • Origin: English, Scottish
  • Meaning: Holly tree
  • Pronunciation: HHAAL-iy
  • Variations: Holley, Holly, Holli
  • Namesakes: Hollie Dykes, an Australian gymnast and gold medalist at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Hollie Smith, a New Zealand soul singer-songwriter whose four solo albums reached No.1 on the RIANZ albums chart.
  • Popularity: Hollie is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 651st in England.
Cute, Informal


Innis is a Gaelic word meaning “island” and is the name of an island in Scotland. It began as a Scottish surname and also means “meadow” and “pasture” for girls (and boys) who run wild in the natural world.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: From the river island
  • Pronunciation: IH-Nihs
  • Variations: Iniss, Inisse, Inyss
  • Namesakes: Innis Green, an American member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. Innis Swift, a Major General in the U.S. Army involved in the liberation of the Philippines in World War II.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 471 people were named Innis worldwide, mostly in the U.S., while it ranked 3,310th in Scotland.
Unique, Rare


Iona is the name of a Scottish Hebrides island. It derives from the Old Norse “ey,” meaning “island.” Iona also means “dove” for the Scottish bird you love best.

  • Origin: Scottish, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Island
  • Pronunciation: Ay-OWN-ah
  • Variations: Ioana, Ioanah, Ionna, Iyona
  • Namesakes: Iona Brown, a British violinist, and conductor with the Philharmonic Orchestra. Iona Opie, an English folklorist known for The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes (1951).
  • Popularity: Iona is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 499th in Scotland.
Uncommon, Unusual
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Isla is the name of a Scottish island and was originally Islay. It also means “island” in Spanish since many memorable islands exist worldwide.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Island
  • Pronunciation: IZ-Lah
  • Variations: Islah
  • Namesakes: Isla Dewar, a Scottish novelist known for her novel Women Talking Dirty. Isla Lang Fisher, an Australian actress, known for the Home and Away soap opera.
  • Popularity: Isla is rare worldwide, mostly used in Brazil, and ranked 503rd in Scotland.
Feminine, Rare


Isobel is a Scottish version of Isabel or Isabella, both Spanish versions of Elizabeth. It also means “beautiful,” which offers a new way to name your lovely girl.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Pronunciation: IY-zow-Behl
  • Variations: Isabel, Isbel
  • Namesakes: Isobel Joyce, an Irish cricketer who played at the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20 tournament. Isobel Buchanan, a Scottish operatic soprano with The Australian Opera.
  • Popularity: Isobel is uncommon worldwide, mainly used in England, and ranked 108th in Scotland.
Formal, Feminine


Jaimy also means “holder of the heel” and comes from the Hebrew “’akév,” meaning “heel.” It’s a Scottish version of James and Jacob but is currently a girl’s name with lots of history and meaning.

  • Origin: Scottish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: He who replaces
  • Pronunciation: JAY-Miy
  • Variations: Jamie, Jamey, Jaimey, Jami
  • Namesakes: Jaimy Gordon, an American writer, and winner of the National Book Award for Fiction.
  • Popularity: Jaimy is rare worldwide and mostly used in the Netherlands, where it ranked 1,312nd.
Cute, Rare


Jeannie is a Scottish variation of the French Jehane, the feminine version of John. It’s also a nickname for Jeannette and is a warm way to welcome your baby girl into the world.

  • Origin: Scottish, French
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: JHIY-Niy
  • Variations: Jeanie
  • Namesakes: Jeannie Marie-Jewell, a Canadian politician and the first female Speaker in the Northwest Territories legislature. Jeannie Longo, a French racing cyclist, and 13-time world champion.
  • Popularity: Jeannie is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 351st in Puerto Rico.
Pretty, Uncommon


Joanna is the English spelling of the German Johanna, based on Johan/John. It originates in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin and is currently very popular inPoland, making it a very international choice.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: Jhow-AEN-ah
  • Variations: Joana, Joannah, Joeana, Joeanna
  • Namesakes: Joanna Page, a Welsh actress known for the BAFTA-winning TV series Gavin & Stacey. Joanna Townsend, an Australian finance presenter on Nine News.
  • Popularity: Joanna ranked 831st worldwide and is most popular in Poland, where it ranked 8th.
Traditional, Popular


Karin has come a long way from the original Greek Katherine. The English version is Karen, but this Germanic version is popular everywhere, from Switzerland and Estonia to France and Japan.

  • Origin: Scottish, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Pronunciation: KAER-ahn
  • Variations: Karen, Karinne, Karine, Karyn
  • Namesakes: Karin Andersen, a Norwegian politician elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1997. Karin Miyawaki, a Japanese fencer and bronze medalist at the 2014 Asian Games.
  • Popularity: Karin ranked 602nd worldwide, is most popular in Germany and ranked 7th in Sweden.
Unique, Popular


Kellina is a unique Scottish version of Kelly that also means “caring” and “loving.” It once meant “war,” but covers all bases for powerful yet kind baby girls.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Strong-willed
  • Pronunciation: Keh-LIY-nah
  • Variations: Kelly
  • Popularity: In 2014, 647 people were named Kellina worldwide, mostly in South Africa.
Feminine, Rare


Kilmeny is a village on Islay island in Scotland. It comes from the Gaelic “cille,” meaning “church.” Kilmeny may refer to the “church of Saint Eithne,” but can bless your little girl just as well.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Monastery, church
  • Pronunciation: KIHL-meh-Nee
  • Namesakes: Kilmeny Duchardt, an American congressional correspondent at Newsmax.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 44 people were named Kilmeny worldwide, mostly in the U.S.
Unique, Rare


Kirsty is a Scottish variation of Kirsten, itself the Scandinavian form of Christina. It’s the nickname for Kristine yet works on its own as a very accessible modern name.

  • Origin: Scottish, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Pronunciation: KIHR-Stiy
  • Variations: Kierstie, Kirstie, Kyrsty
  • Namesakes: Kirsty Gallacher, a British TV presenter for The Great British Breakfast. Kirsty Blackman, a Scottish Member of Parliament since 2015.
  • Popularity: Kirsty is uncommon worldwide, primarily used in England, and ranked 101st in Scotland.
Cute, Pretty


Kylie also means “boomerang” and came from the Irish surname O’Kiely. It’s based on the Gaelic surname O’Cadhla, meaning “descendant of the graceful one.” Kylie also means “princess,” which makes it the cutest kind of royal moniker ever.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Graceful, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: KIY-Liy
  • Variations: Keily, Kiley, Kyleigh, Kylee, Kyllie
  • Namesakes: Kylie Minogue, an Australian singer and the highest-selling female Australian artist of all time. Kylie Masse, a Canadian swimmer and bronze medalist at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
  • Popularity: Kylie is uncommon worldwide and mostly used in Australia, where it ranked 90th.
Uncommon, Cute
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Leana is an Irish Gaelic version of Helen, meaning “light” and “beautiful woman.” Leana may be connected to Aileen and Eileen, but provides beauty by itself when given to your sweetest girl.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: To twine around
  • Pronunciation: Liy-AEN-aa
  • Variations: Leanna, Liana
  • Namesakes: Leana de Bruin, a South African and New Zealand netball player who competed at the Commonwealth Games. Leana Wen (born Wen Linyan), an American physician and op-ed columnist with The Washington Post.
  • Popularity: Leana is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 48th in South Ossetia.
Feminine, Rare


Leith is the name of a port near Edinburgh, itself named for the Leith river. It’s derived from the Gaelic Layth and means “lion” in Arabic, which gives it a wide variety of meanings to consider.

  • Origin: Scottish, Celtic
  • Meaning: Harbor, river
  • Pronunciation: LIYTH
  • Variations: Leath, Leathe, Leeth, Leithe, Liethe
  • Namesakes: Leith Stevens, an American music composer, and arranger for CBS radio. Leith M. Burke, an American actor, known for EastSiders (2012).
  • Popularity: Leith is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 1,238th in New Zealand.


Leslie was originally a place name in Aberdeenshire. It comes from the Gaelic “leas celyn,” meaning “holly-garden.” Leslie is a very different way of naming your baby girl Holly and is a more unisex choice.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Holly garden
  • Pronunciation: LEHS-Liy
  • Variations: Leslee, Lesleigh, Lesley, Lesli
  • Namesakes: Leslie Feist, a Canadian singer-songwriter and member of the indie rock group Broken Social Scene. Lesley Manville, an English actress, known for the Mike Leigh film Secrets & Lies (1996).
  • Popularity: Leslie ranked 1,216th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 56th in Jamaica.
Common, Unique


Lilias is a Scottish version of Lily, which comes from the Latin “lilium” for “lily.” It’s technically the plural, which offers an entire bouquet of lilies for the baby girl you’re expecting.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Lily flower
  • Pronunciation: LIY-liy-Aez
  • Variations: Lillia, Lillias, Lillian
  • Namesakes: Lily Gower, a Welsh croquet player and four-time winner of the Women’s Championship. Lillias Hamilton, the British court physician to Amir Abdur Rahman Khan in Afghanistan in the 1890s.
  • Popularity: Lilias is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Scotland, where it ranked 626th.
Unusual, Pretty


Lilidh is the Scottish spelling of Lilith, meaning “Lily flower.” In Mesopotamian myth, Lilith is a woman too rebellious to remain in the Garden of Eden, but in life, she’s the independent-thinking little girl you love.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Purity
  • Pronunciation: Lih-IHT
  • Variations: Lilith, Lillith
  • Popularity: In 2014, seven people were named Lilidh worldwide, mostly in Taiwan.
Unusual, Feminine


Lorna derives from Loren, associated with the laurel tree to represent honor or victory. It also means “crowned with laurels” and remains a playful choice for pretty girls.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Fox
  • Pronunciation: LAOR-Naa
  • Variations: Lornah, Lorrna
  • Namesakes: Lorna McNee, a Scottish chef, and winner of Great British Menu in 2019. Lorna Feijóo, a Cuban ballet dancer at the Cuban National Ballet.
  • Popularity: Lorna ranked 3,012th worldwide, is most popular in the Philippines, and ranked 58th in Jamaica.
Pretty, Common


Lyndsey also means “a place of linden trees.” It began as the English name Lindell and the Scottish surname Lindsay, meaning “Lincoln Island.” Your little one doesn’t have to be part of the Scottish Lindsay clan to call herself Lyndsey.

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Lake
  • Pronunciation: LIHND-Ziy
  • Variations: Lindsey, Lindsay, Lyndsay
  • Namesakes: Lynsey de Paul (born Lyndsey Rubin), an English singer-songwriter representing the UK in the 1977 Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Popularity: Lyndsey is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in England, and ranked 347th in Northern Ireland.
Traditional, Uncommon


Mackenzie started as the Gaelic surname MacCoinnich, meaning “pleasant to look at.” It also means “child of the wise leader” and “born of fire,” so it packs a lot of Scottish punch into one adorable name.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Beautiful, attractive
  • Pronunciation: Maa-KEHN-Ziy
  • Variations: Mackenzie, MacKensie, McKenzie, Mackenzie
  • Namesakes: Mackenzie Phillips, an American actress known for the 1970s sitcom One Day at a Time. McKenzie Wark, an Australian critical theory writer, known for A Hacker Manifesto.
  • Popularity: Mackenzie is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 1,321st in Malawi.
Formal, Uncommon


Maeve came from the Irish Medb, meaning “the intoxicating one.” In Irish mythology, she was the Queen of Connacht and the queen of the fairies, so your baby girl can be in great company as Maeve.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: She who rules
  • Pronunciation: MEYV
  • Variations: Maev, Maive, Mave
  • Namesakes: Maeve Murphy, a Northern Irish screenwriter whose 2002 film Silent Grace screened at Cannes. Maeve Higgins, an Irish comedian, and panelist on the NPR show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!
  • Popularity: Maeve is rare worldwide and mostly used in Ireland, where it ranked 189th.
Ancient, Rare


Mairi is a Scottish version of Mary, meaning “the sea.” It’s Mair in Welsh and Maire in Ireland. It can also mean “wished for child” and “beloved” to welcome your little girl home.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Bitter
  • Pronunciation: MAA-Riy
  • Variations: Mhairi, Maire, Mair
  • Namesakes: Mairi Chisholm, a Scottish nurse in the First World War called “The Madonnas of Pervyse.” Mairi Hedderwick, a Scottish illustrator, known for the Katie Morag series of children’s picture books.
  • Popularity: Mairi is uncommon worldwide, mainly used in Nigeria, and ranked 329th in Greece.
Unique, Uncommon
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Maisie is an adorable Scottish nickname for Mairead and Margaret. It started as the Greek Margarites, also meaning “pearl,” and is lovable as Scottish names for girls come.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Pronunciation: MEY-Siy
  • Variations: Maisy, Mazie
  • Namesakes: Maisie Richardson-Sellers, a British actress known for The CW series The Originals. Maisie Renault, a French Resistance fighter and member of the Confrérie Notre-Dame network.
  • Popularity: Maisie is rare worldwide, mostly used in England, and ranked 582nd in Jamaica.
Rare, Cute


Malvina comes from the Gaelic “mala-mhìn,” meaning “smooth brow.” It began as a Greek name meaning “woman with a smooth forehead” and is a specific way to honor the lovely young lady you know.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Smooth brow
  • Pronunciation: Mael-VIY-naa
  • Variations: Malveana, Malveena, Malvinah
  • Namesakes: Malvina Hoffman, an American sculptor known for sculptures of dancers like Anna Pavlova. Malvina Reynolds, an American folk/blues singer-songwriter best known for the song “Little Boxes.”
  • Popularity: Malvina is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in Brazil, and ranked 383rd in Albania.
Feminine, Uncommon


Marjorie is a medieval form of Margery, which may be inspired by the marjoram herb. It came from the Latin Margarita, meaning “pearl.” We know it as one of many versions of Margaret and a more uniquely feminine choice.

  • Origin: Scottish, French
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Pronunciation: MAAR-Jhaor-iy
  • Variations: Margery, Marjory, Margorey
  • Namesakes: Marjorie Noël (born Françoise Nivot), a French pop singer who sang in the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest. Marjorie Cottle, an English motorcycle rider and winner of the Silver Vase in the International Six Days Trial of 1927.
  • Popularity: Allen ranked 1,966th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 50th in Haiti.
Feminine, Common


Maud is a shorter form of Matilda and comes from the Germanic Mahthilt. It also means “strong battle maiden,” which is an awesome introduction to the baby girl in your life.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: Might in battle
  • Pronunciation: MAWD
  • Variations: Mawd, Maude
  • Namesakes: Maud Gonne, an English-Irish revolutionary who advocated for Home Rule of the Irish Republic of 1916. Maud Hawinkels, a Dutch TV presenter of the VARA programs Honk and FF wat Anders.
  • Popularity: Maud is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in France, and ranked 146th in Sweden.
Unique, Uncommon


Moira originally meant “drop of the sea” in Irish. It comes from the Irish Gaelic Máire, a very different version of Mary for your seabound girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Bitter, beloved
  • Pronunciation: MOY-Raa
  • Variations: Moirah, Moire, Moyra
  • Namesakes: Moira Cameron, the first woman Yeoman Warder of the Tower of London. Moira King, a Scottish actress, known for The Red Shoes (1948).
  • Popularity: Moira is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in England, and ranked 110th in Scotland.
Pretty, Traditional


Murdina is a variation of the Scottish Murdag, originally meaning “seaman” or “mariner.” Its male equivalent is Murdo and Mardan, but Murdina remains a Scottish secret for young girls of the sea.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Sea warrior
  • Pronunciation: Mer-DIY-nah
  • Variations: Murdag
  • Popularity: In 2014, 442 people were named Murdina worldwide, mostly in Scotland, where it ranked 1,055th.
Rare, Unusual


Muriel is based on the Irish Muirgheal, made up of “muir” meaning “sea” and “gheal,” meaning”bright.” It appears as Muireall in Scottish Gaelic and Merial in the medieval period, but you can go with the most popular Muriel for your seafaring lass.

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Of the bright sea
  • Pronunciation: MEW-riy-Ehl
  • Variations: Muireall
  • Namesakes: Muriel Day, the first singer from Northern Ireland to represent the Republic of Ireland in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest. Muriel Barbery, a French novelist, known for the 2006 novel The Elegance of the Hedgehog.
  • Popularity: Allen ranked 4,820th worldwide and is most popular in France, where it ranked 190th.
Traditional, Feminine


Myna also means “a bird” in Hindi and “delightful” in Sanskrit. It’s also the name of a Starling bird, but this smart birdie name sings its own pretty song for your little girl.

  • Origin: Greek, Hindi
  • Meaning: Of the mind, intellect
  • Pronunciation: MIY-Nah
  • Variations: Mina, Mynah
  • Namesakes: Myna Potts, an American historical preservationist, and curator of the Medicine Mound Museum in Texas.
  • Popularity: Myna is very rare worldwide and mostly used in Ukraine, where it ranked 711th.
Cute, Rare


Natalie derives from the Latin “natale domini,” meaning “birth of the Lord.” St. Natalie was a saint in the Orthodox church, which is why Natalia is common in Russia. Your baby girl doesn’t have to be a Christmas day birth for you to use Natalie.

  • Origin: French, Latin
  • Meaning: Christmas Day
  • Pronunciation: NAED-ah-Liy
  • Variations: Natali, Natallie, Nathalie
  • Namesakes: Natalie Don, a Member of the Scottish Parliament since 2021. Natalie Nougayrède, a French journalist and the first woman executive and managing editor of Le Monde.
  • Popularity: Natalie ranked 1,730th worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 82nd in the Czech Republic.
Traditional, Common


Nessie also means “lamb” in Greek as a diminutive of Agnes. It’s better known as the nickname for the famous Loch Ness monster. Nessie is too cute to let the monster association scare you off, but you can claim she’s a Vanessa if you like.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Pure, chaste
  • Pronunciation: NEH-Siy
  • Variations: Nessy
  • Namesakes: Nessie Stewart-Brown, a British suffragist involved with the Women’s Liberal Federation. Nessie Blackford, an English actress known for The Knave of Hearts (1919).
  • Popularity: Nessie is rare worldwide, mostly used in the Philippines, and ranked 720th in Liberia.
Cute, Rare
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Norrie was a Scottish clan also known as MacLeod. It was used as a term for “someone from Norway” by the French and English. Norrie may be the Scottish version of the English Norris, but it’s also one of the cutest Scottish girl names.

  • Origin: Scottish, French
  • Meaning: A Northerner
  • Pronunciation: NAO-Riy
  • Variations: Norie, Norry, Nory
  • Popularity: Norrie is very rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 978th in Scotland.
Unique, Cute


Paisley began as a Scottish surname and is a town in the central lowlands of Scotland. It also means “man of the church” and may be the loveliest design for your baby girl’s name.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Church, cemetery
  • Pronunciation: PEY-Zliy
  • Variations: Paisli, Paislie, Paizley, Paslie
  • Namesakes: Paisley Currah, an American political scientist known for his work on the transgender rights movement. Paisley Wu, a Hong Kong TV presenter on music programs for TVB.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 777 people were named Paisley worldwide, mostly in the U.S., while it ranked 6,391st in Liberia.
Unique, Rare


Petal is the English word for a flower petal, but it also comes from the Greek “petalon,” meaning “leaf.” It’s a literal version of Petunia and evokes the most beautiful flower feeling as a natural name.

  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Flower petal
  • Pronunciation: PEHT-ahl
  • Variations: Petel
  • Namesakes: Poppy Petal Donahue, an Australian-American actress known for the CBS drama Without a Trace from 2002 to 2009.
  • Popularity: Petal is rare worldwide, mainly used in the U.S., and ranked 548th in Guyana.
Pretty, Cute


Petunia is the name of a gorgeous flower with white or pink blossoms. In Latin, it means “flower of the nightshade family.” Petunia is often used as a pet’s name, but it also brings old-world charm to blooming baby girls.

  • Origin: Scottish, Latin
  • Meaning: Petunia flower
  • Pronunciation: Peh-TIYUW-niy-AH
  • Variations: Patunia, Petounia, Petuniah, Petuniya
  • Popularity: Petunia is rare worldwide and mostly used in South Africa, where it ranked 1,686th.
Formal, Feminine


Poppie comes from the Old English “popæg,” referring to the red poppy flower. In Latin, it means “milk of happiness,” which is a roundabout way of naming your gal after an iconic flower.

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Poppy flower
  • Pronunciation: PAAP-iy
  • Variations: Popey, Poppy, Poppi
  • Popularity: Poppie is rare worldwide and mostly used in South Africa, where it ranked 1,815th.
Informal, Cute


Reyne also means “ruling counselor” and “queen.” It’s pretty different in Hebrew, where it means “song of the Lord.” Reyne was once the German surname Ragin, but has come a long way to arrive at your young lady’s name.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: To rule
  • Pronunciation: REYN
  • Variations: Rain, Raine, Rayne, Reign
  • Popularity: Reyne is rare worldwide, mostly used in the Philippines, and ranked 4,588th in Congo.
Unique, Rare


Riley also means “rye meadow” in Gaelic and began as an English and Irish surname for people living near a rye clearing. It started as O’Raghailligh, but you’ll probably agree that Riley is a much easier name.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Valiant
  • Pronunciation: RIY-Liy
  • Variations: Reilly, Rylee, Rylie
  • Namesakes: Riley Mants, a Canadian swimmer who competed at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Riley Clemmons, an American Christian musician, known for the hit Broken Prayers.
  • Popularity: Riley is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 1,074th in Australia.
Uncommon, Unique


Robyn was a Scottish surname created from the male name Robin, a nickname for Robert. It comes from the Germanic “hrod,” meaning “fame” and “berhtl,” meaning “bright.” Though unisex, Robyn is much more common as a girl’s name.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: Bright fame
  • Pronunciation: RAA-Bihn
  • Variations: Robbin, Robbyn, Robin, Robynn
  • Namesakes: Robyn Smith, an American jockey and the first female jockey to win a stakes race in 1973. Robyn Curnow, a South African journalist and news anchor on CNN Newsroom.
  • Popularity: Robyn is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 62nd in New Zealand.
Traditional, Uncommon


In Hebrew, Rona also means “my joy.” When spelled Rhona, it means “rough island” in Gaelic. The Scottish Rona may be connected to Rhonwen and carries a lot more strength than others.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Might, song
  • Pronunciation: ROW-Naa
  • Variations: Rhona
  • Namesakes: Rona Anderson, a Scottish actress known for the film The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Rona Munro, a Scottish writer best known for the last serial of the original Doctor Who in 1989.
  • Popularity: Rona is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the Philippines, and ranked 393rd in Scotland.
Pretty, Uncommon


Ronalda is a feminine version of Ronald, as is Rhonda. It might be connected to the Old Norse Rögnvaldr, meaning “King’s advisor.” Ronalda is connected to Rona but is the more formal, old-world version of this regal name.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: Mighty counselor
  • Pronunciation: Raa-NAALD-ah
  • Variations: Reynalda, Ronaldea
  • Namesakes: Ronalda Pierce, a basketball player for the University of Florida.
  • Popularity: Ronalda is rare worldwide, mostly used in Brazil, and ranked 5,068th in Albania.
Formal, Rare
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Rossalyn is also associated with the Latin Rosalind, meaning “rose.” It means “promontory,” or “waterfall over the edge,” which the rugged, beautiful land in Scotland has in droves.

  • Origin: Scottish, Latin
  • Meaning: From the peninsula
  • Pronunciation: Rows-AH-Lihn
  • Variations: Rosalyn, Rosaline, Rosalinn, Rosalynn
  • Namesakes: Rossalyn Warren, an American audience editor for Reuters.
  • Popularity: In 2014, 265 people were named Rossalyn worldwide, mostly in the U.S., while it ranked 6,393rd in the Solomon Islands.
Feminine, Rare


Saundra is an interesting combination of the Greek Cassandra and the English Sandra. It also means “warrior,” but the Scottish version is a short form of Alexandra, so it doesn’t lose its powerful meaning.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Man’s defender
  • Pronunciation: SAAN-Drah
  • Variations: Sandra, Sondra
  • Namesakes: Saundra Meyer, an American member of the Wyoming House of Representatives between 2007 and 2008. Saundra Santiago, an American actress for the NBC series Miami Vice (1984 to 1989).
  • Popularity: Saundra is uncommon worldwide and primarily used in the U.S., where it ranked 1,361st.
Traditional, Uncommon


Seema also has Arabic origins, meaning “forehead.” In Hindi, Seema means “limit” or “restriction,” but there are no limits to how adorable your baby girl’s name can be.

  • Origin: Scottish, Arabic
  • Meaning: Listener, face
  • Pronunciation: SIY-Maa
  • Variations: Sima
  • Namesakes: Shanthakumari Nambiar (known as Seema), an Indian actress in over 200 Malayalam. Seema Bowri, a British actress known for the ITV police drama The Bill from 2004 to 2007.
  • Popularity: Seema ranked 1,271st worldwide and is most popular in India, where it ranked 166th.
Unique, Common


Sheena is another version of Sinead in Gaelic, but is better known as a Scottish equivalent to Jane. Its meaning comes from the Hebrew John but shines on its own among Scottish female names.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: SHIY-Naa
  • Variations: Sheana, Sheenagh, Sheenah
  • Namesakes: Sheena Easton, a Scottish singer and one of the most successful British female performers of the 1980s. Sheena Tosta, an American track and field athlete and silver medalist at the 2008 Olympic Games.
  • Popularity: Sheena is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in India, and ranked 185th in Scotland.
Pretty, Uncommon


In Scottish, Skye means “island of clouds” or “winged.” It’s the name of the Isle of Skye on the northwest Scottish coast. Skye also means “scholar,” making your little one the smartest cloud in the sky.

  • Origin: Scottish, Norse
  • Meaning: Cloud
  • Pronunciation: SKIY
  • Variations: Sky
  • Namesakes: Skye Kakoschke-Moore, an Australian senator in the Parliament of Australia since July 2016. Skye Blakely, an American gymnast and a member of the U.S. women’s national gymnastics team.
  • Popularity: Skye is rare worldwide, mainly used in the U.S., and ranked 611st in Australia.
Unusual, Rare


Sorcha comes from the Old Irish “soirche,” meaning “brightness.” It’s the Scottish spelling of the Irish Saoirse, which comes in handy when you want to spell your baby girl’s name easily.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Brightness
  • Pronunciation: SAOR-Kaa
  • Variations: Sorchah, Sorchya
  • Namesakes: Sorcha Groundsell, a Scottish actress known for the Netflix series The Innocents (2018). Sorcha MacMahon, an Irish nationalist, involved in the Easter Rising of 1916.
  • Popularity: Sorcha is very rare worldwide, mostly used in Ireland, and ranked 550th in Northern Ireland.
Cool, Rare


In Scottish, Tara directly means “on a hill where the kings met.” It also means “star” in Sanskrit. Tara is the Anglo form of the Gaelic “teamhair,” meaning “hill,” and is one of the most classic Scottish names for girls.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Hill
  • Namesakes: Tara Patrick (known as Carmen Electra), an American actress/model best known for hosting the MTV dating game show Singled Out. Tara Winch, an Australian writer and the 2020 winner of the Miles Franklin Award.
  • Popularity: Allen ranked 682nd worldwide, is most popular in India, and ranked 27th in Nepal.
Traditional, Popular


Thomasina is the feminine variation of Thomas. It’s based on the Arabic “teoma,” meaning “twin.” It’s a beautifully formal name, but if you need a nickname for your Thomasina, Tamsin is another excellent option.

  • Origin: English, Arabic
  • Meaning: Twin
  • Pronunciation: Taah-maa-SIY-Naa
  • Variations: Tommasina, Thomasena, Thomaseena
  • Namesakes: Thomasina Miers, the English co-founder of the Wahaca Mexican street food restaurants. Thomasina Jordan, an American activist, and the first American Indian to serve in the U.S. Electoral College in 1988.
  • Popularity: Thomasina is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 589th in Scotland.
Formal, Rare


Torri is a diminutive for Victoria. It was also a Scottish surname, a Japanese name meaning “bird,” and a lovable way to name the baby girl you’re expecting.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Triumphant
  • Pronunciation: TAOR-iy
  • Variations: Tori, Torrie, Tory
  • Namesakes: Torri Edwards, an American sprinter who competed at the 2008 Olympic Games. Torri Webster, a Canadian actress, known for the YTV teen sitcom Life with Boys.
  • Popularity: Torri is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 3,101st in Belarus.
Cute, Informal


Trudy is the nickname for Gertrude, meaning “ruler of the spear.” It’s also associated with the German Ermintrude, meaning “wholly beloved,” which combines the strong with the sweet for baby girls to become Trudy.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: Spear maiden
  • Pronunciation: TRUW-Diy
  • Variations: Trudey, Trudye
  • Namesakes: Gertrud “Trudy” Späth-Schweizer, the first woman to hold political office in Switzerland in 1958. Trudy Forster, an American writer known for the book Los Gatos del Casino.
  • Popularity: Trudy is uncommon worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 337th in Switzerland.
Pretty, Uncommon
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Una comes from the Irish word “uan,” meaning “lamb.” It’s also the name of the Queen of the Fairies in Irish mythology, so it’s built upon a long history of storytelling, and whimsy girls will love it.

  • Origin: Irish, Latin
  • Meaning: One and only
  • Variations: Unagh, Unah, Unna
  • Namesakes: Una Healy, an Irish singer and member of the girl group The Saturdays. Una Hanbury, an American sculptor with exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington in 1971.
  • Popularity: Una is uncommon worldwide and mainly used in Ireland, where it ranked 137th.
Cute, Unique


Vertie began as a Scottish surname but also means “sunflower” in India. It’s associated with the English Verity, meaning “virtue,” but is quite rare, so its full meaning is yours to create for the Vertie you love.

  • Origin: Scottish, Hindi
  • Meaning: Truth
  • Pronunciation: VEHR-Tiy
  • Variations: Verity
  • Popularity: In 2014, 772 people were named Vertie worldwide, mostly in the U.S.
Unusual, Rare


Willow comes from the Old English “welig,” which refers to the willow tree. It began as a surname for anyone who lived in an area containing willow trees, but today Willow is a favorite bohemian name girls can grow into.

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Willow tree
  • Pronunciation: WIHL-ow
  • Variations: Willough, Wyllo, Wyllow, Wylo
  • Namesakes: Willow Shields, an American actress best known for The Hunger Games film series (2012–2015). Willow Smith, an American singer, and daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.
  • Popularity: Willow is rare worldwide, mostly used in the U.S., and ranked 2,649th in Australia.
Pretty, Unique


Wilma is a shorter form of the German Wilhelmina, made up of “wil,” meaning “desire,” and “helm,” meaning “helmet.” It’s the female version of William and is still quite popular globally, especially in Scotland.

  • Origin: Scottish, German
  • Meaning: Resolute protection
  • Pronunciation: WIHL-Mah
  • Variations: Vilma
  • Namesakes: Wilma De Angelis, an Italian TV host of the cooking show Telemenù from 1978 to 1987. Wilma Jiménez, the 13th First Lady of Puerto Rico.
  • Popularity: Wilma ranked 2,172nd worldwide, is most popular in the U.S., and ranked 95th in the Netherlands.
Feminine, Common


Yvaine may also be French for “yew,” but it’s best known as a combination of Yvonne and Elaine. It first became famous in a Neil Gaiman fantasy novel but is still super rare today- until you welcome the most unique Yvaine into the world.

  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Evening star
  • Pronunciation: YAE-Viyn
  • Variations: Yavin, Yavyn, Yavyne
  • Popularity: In 2014, 58 people were named Yvaine worldwide, mostly in the U.S.
Unusual, Rare
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