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100 Cool Turkish Girl Names: With Pretty Meanings

Take a look at these exotic and trendy Turkish female names.

Turkish girl names are exotic, rich in history, and beautiful in meaning, making it no surprise that these 100 Turkish names have come such a long way over the centuries.

The land of the Ottomans is steeped in cultural history, first influenced by the Anatolians dating back to the Bronze age, the Byzantines in the 10th-century, and eventually the Ottoman Empire in the 15th-century. Modern-day Turkey has indeed risen from the ashes of the world’s mightiest and longest-lasting dynasties.

This quick history lesson should be enough to give you an idea of how power-packed and meaningful these gorgeous Turkish female names can be.

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100 Popular Turkish Names for Girls

Here are the most delightful and meaningful Turkish girl names.


Afet is of Turkish origin and comes with multiple meanings, such as “lovable, forgiving, and attractive.”

Pronounced as A-fet, Afet is more popular as a girl’s Turkish name, meaning “bewitching beauty.” A distinct name with warmth, Afet is apt for a cheerful and beautiful baby girl full of sparkle.

In some translations, Afet means “catastrophically beautiful woman” or femme fatale.” Turkish historian, Afet İnan, was the adopted daughter of former Turkish President Mustafa Kemal.

Unique, Artistic


A Muslim girl’s name of Turkish origin, Ahu, means “gazelle.” In Persian, Ahu is a “female deer.”

Ahu is also said to be of Maori origin meaning “beautiful” and “bright.” Ahu is popular in the Hawaiian Islands, Tahiti, and New Zealand as a Polynesian name. The 3rd largest of the Hawaiian Islands is O’ahu, known as the Gathering Place.

Ahu is predominantly a girl’s name, with the gender split in Turkey, currently at just 5% male and 95% female. Ahu Sungur is a television actress known for her role in the Turkish version of the American television show Desperate Housewives.

Cute, Unique


Aisha is a popular name for Turkish girls, meaning “she who lives” or “womanly.”

Aisha and Ayesha, are both sought-after names for Muslim women in the United States, especially when the youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad was named Aisha!

You can also consider alternative spellings, such as Aicha, Aishat, A’isha, and A’aisha.

The popular song “Aicha” by French Algerian singer Khaled is about a woman named Aisha who is wooed by a man promising her jewels and other luxuries.

Vintage, Popular


Aiyla is an attractive girl’s name from the land of the Turks, meaning “moon’s halo” or “moonlight.”

Aiyla is a spelling variant of Ayla, with “ay,” meaning “the moon,” in Turkish and Hebrew. “La” means “with,” so Ayla or Aiyla translates to “with the moon.” In Sanskrit, Ayla refers to a “bright light or halo.”

No matter its origin, Aiyla is a bright and beautiful name for a strong-willed girl.

Classic, Popular


Ajda is a Turkish female name meaning “returning visitor.”

Ajda is Slovenian for buckwheat, a revered plant in Slovenian history. Buckwheat serves as a metaphor for life in Slovenian art and has become a pretty popular name throughout southern and central Europe.

Ajda Novak is a Slovenian slalom canoeist.



Alara is of Persian and Armenian origin, meaning “wondrous performer.”

According to Turkish mythology, Alara is the gorgeous water fairy of Lake Baikal in Siberia. The legends tell the story of Alara appearing in a shimmering form, and one look at her beautiful face would remove greed and hate from the hearts of people around her, enabling them to discover true love.

Armenians and Africans both claim this name. Similar-sounding names for your little munchkin include Alyra, Alyria, and Alorar.

Vintage, Popular


Asli is a Turkish girl’s name, meaning “real” or “genuine.”

The female lead of Asli ve Kerem, the famous Turkish love fable, is none other than Asli. Dating back to the 16th-century, this tragic love story is similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet.

As a boy’s name Asli means “authentic, rightful or truthful” in Hindi. However, in Somalian, it is a popular girl’s name meaning “original, pure and kind.”

Classic, Popular


Ayça is a sought-after Turkish girl’s name meaning “the crescent of the moon.”

Pronounced as ay-cha, Ayça is a unique name, primarily used in Germany and Belgium.

Ayça Ayşin Turan is an actress who starred in many successful Turkish television series and dramas, whose family emigrated to Turkey after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Cool, Unique


Aylin means the “light of the moon” in Turkish.

“Ay means “moon,” and “lin” means “light,” so Aylin translates to “moonlight.” As a Hebrew girl’s name, Aylin means “the oak tree.”

Considering the sheer number of sportswomen named Aylin, this seems to be the perfect choice for a sporty and adventurous girl who loves being in the spotlight.

Famous females named Aylin include Turkish weightlifter Aylin Daşdelen, German-Turkish football player Aylin Yaren, Turkish female basketball player Aylin Yıldızoğlu and Turkish volleyball player Aylin Sarıoğlu.

Classic, Sporty


Aysun is Turkish for “a girl whose face is as beautiful as the moon,” pronounced as IE-sun.

While “ay” indicates the moon, the word “sun” creates confusion about whether the girl is as beautiful as the sun or the moon. Either way, Aysun is a bright and warm name for a happy girl used by Muslims and Christians.

Aysun Kayacı, the Turkish model and actress, received the 2004 GD national award for the best Turkish model. She became famous nationally for her 2007 revolutionary Pepsi Cola commercial.

Trendy, Cool
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Ayten is a female Persian name with multiple meanings, including: “shining like the moon; the heart of the flower; and friend of the people.”

In Turkish, “ay” means “moon,” and “ten” means “skin.” Hence Ayten means “the one with luminescent skin.”

Ayten Alpman was a Turkish singer, while Ayten Mutlu was a Turkish poet and writer. This name seems ideal if you hope to raise a girl with an aptitude for music and poetry.

Vintage, Unique


A female name of Hebrew and Turkish origin, Azize means “beloved or precious”.

Azize comes from Aziza in African languages and means “gorgeous, glorious, and magnificent.” In Dahomey mythology, the Aziza are a supernatural African race of forest dwellers with spiritual knowledge, known for providing magic to hunters.

Turkish taekwondo athlete Azize Tanrıkulu, Moroccan boxer Azize Raguig, and Turkish football player Azize Erdoğan are some well-known women named Azize. A sporty name for a spunky girl, Azize also means “valuable” in Swahili.

Trendy, Sporty


The Turkish name Azra is a modern and feminine version of the Arabic name Isra. Isra means “night journey” and refers to Prophet Muhammad’s night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem.

As a Turkish name for females, Azra means “pious, maiden, pure or virgin.” Azra can be considered by religious parents who hope to raise a God-fearing child with solid morals.

Azra Duliman won Miss Sweden in 2009, while the Dutch-Turkish beauty Azra Akın was crowned Miss World in 2002.

Modern, Cute


Bahar is a Turkish girl’s name meaning “the season of spring,” which may be derived from the Arabic word “baharat,” meaning “spice.”

In Hindi, Bahar means “outdoor.” It may also be a variant of Bahir, an Arabic boy’s name meaning “superb” and “brilliant.”

Bahar seems apt for a spunky, adventurous girl who loves being outdoors. The German singer Bahar Kizil is of Turkish descent.

Sporty, Trendy


Banu is a female name of Turkish and Indian origin, with multiple meanings, including “bride, little sister, and princess.”

Banu is a popular name across Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. In Persian, Banu means “lady.” Among Indians, the name is derived from the Sanskrit word “bhanu,” meaning “the sun.”

Banu can be used as a first name, middle name, or even surname. Actress Banu Alkan was considered Turkey’s 80s pop culture icon, while Saira Banu is a famous Indian film actress. The Mughal princess, Bahar Banu Begum, was the daughter of Emperor Jahangir.

Vintage, Popular


Basak is a female name meaning “ear of wheat” in Turkish.

Basak is pronounced as BAH-sak and can be used as a given name or surname. Basak is pretty popular in Iran, where it is the name of a village.

Başak Eraydın is a Turkish tennis player while Başak Ersoy, Başak Gündoğdu and

Başak İçinözbebek are all female Turkish footballers. Basak sure seems to be a perfect name for girls who love sports.

Sporty, Trendy


A Muslim girl’s name of Arabic origin, Belkis, means “queen or princess.”

According to the Hebrew Bible, Belkis is the Queen of Sheba, whom King Solomon wished to marry. Her beauty and wisdom were legendary, but she turned down his proposal.

There is a village named Belkis in Turkey. The first Turkish woman to fly, Belkıs Sevket Hanım, was a music teacher and writer.

Classic, Royal


A unisex Turkish name, Bengi, means “immortal, eternal, or never-ending.”

Bengi is said to be “a mythical water which gives a person immortal life,” and is a variant of the Turkish female name Bengu.

Bengi Semerci is a professor of psychiatry at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. Bengi Ali of Karaman, was the ruler of Karamanids, a historical dynasty among the most powerful beyliks in Anatolia.

Vintage, Noble


Here’s a keeper among our Turkish girl names, with multiple meanings: “clever, well-known and strong.”

Beren Saat is a Turkish actress who won two Golden Butterfly Awards. She played the female lead in the Netflix original series The Gift.

In Sindarin, Beren means “brave.” Sindarin is the language of the Grey Elves in The Lord of the Rings book by J. R. R. Tolkien.



A female name of Turkish origin, Beyza means “pale or white,” derived from the Arabic name Bayḍā.

Beyza is a popular Persian name. There is even a city named Beyza in Iran, previously known as Nesayak or Nesa. When Arabs invaded Iran, they translated the Parthian term Ns’yk to the Arabic word Bayḍā both of which mean “bright and white.”

Bayza, Baiza, and Bayda are similar-sounding names you can consider as they have the same meaning.

Vintage, Popular
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Bike may seem like a strange name choice to Westerners, but since it means “queen,” it’s a pretty familiar name for girls in Turkey. Bike also means “bride, old person, and wise.”

According to an old Turkish epic, Bike means “the dragon with seven heads.” Bike or Ejder represents the dragon in the Twelve Animals Turkish Calendar.

You can also look into some variations of Bike, such as Aybike, Bikem, İsenbike, Süyümbike, Aybüke, and Büke.



Birgül is a German name meaning “unique” or “first rose,” but it actually comes from Turkey, where it means “one rose.”

Birgül is a literal translation, with “bir” meaning “one” and “gül” meaning “rose.”

Birgül Sadıkoğlu is a Turkish women’s footballer and Birgül Oğuz is a Turkish writer. It’s also used as a surname, belonging to Turkish food writer, Refika Birgül.

Unique, Pretty


Burcu is a feminine Turkish name that means “scent” or “fragrance.”

More deeply, it means ”redolence.” It is about the way something smells rather than the smell itself. In other contexts, Burcucan also means “the scent of rain.”

If you love that heartwarming, earthy smell when it starts raining, then Burcu seems to be a delightful choice for naming your little girl.

In 2020, Turkish actress Burcu Özberk won the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actress in a romantic comedy Afili Aşk. Burcu Çetinkaya is a Turkish rally driver, while Burcu Dağ is the Turkish world champion para-archer.

Trendy, Sporty


As an Anglo-Saxon name, Buse is derived from the Old French “busse,” meaning “cask,” referring to someone who made casks or barrels. Its Turkish meaning is much prettier, meaning “kiss.”

Commonly used as a given name in Turkey, Buse seems popular as a surname in other countries. With over 3 million followers, American social media star Bryce Buse is best known for his TikTok profile.

Buse Arslan is a Turkish actress, Buse Tosun is a Turkish female sports wrestler, and Buse Güngör is a Turkish women’s footballer. Buse can also be used as a middle name, as in the case of the Turkish female swimmer, Dilara Buse Günaydın.



The term Çağlamak in Turkish is a description of the way water flows energetically in a waterfall. Thus the Turkish girl name Çağla means “flowing water, timeless or filled with life and energy.”

Çağla may also refer to green or fresh almonds, a Turkish delicacy.

Turkish ice dancer Çağla Demirsal won the Turkish National Championship in 2011 and reached 14th place at the World Junior Championships in 2013.

Trendy, Unique


Canan is a Turkish girl’s name meaning “darling” or “beloved.”

Canan is also a variant of the Hebrew name Canaan which means “from Palestine.” Canaan is the grandson of Noah and the son of Ham, from the Hebrew Bible. Canaan is pronounced as KAY-nan, while Canan is usually vocalized as JAH-nan.

Canan Dağdeviren is a Turkish scientist and Canan Öztoprak is a Turkish politician. Turkish women’s footballer Aslı Canan Sabırlı has used it as her middle name.

Vintage, Cute


Caria is a fashionable Turkish name that means “she who flows like water.”

Caria is also considered an African name meaning “successful lady.” In its Arabic origins, Caria means “beloved.” Caria could be a perfect choice if you hope your little one grows into a graceful and successful lady.

Caria or Karya was an ancient region in western Anatolia, where they spoke a native Anatolian language known as Carian.



The Turkish name Cemile means “beautiful” and “radiant.”

Cemile is a variant of the Arabic name Jamil, which is derived from the Arabic word “jamal,” meaning “elegance, grace, and beauty.” Rather than just outer beauty, Cemile is an expression of kindness, serenity, and the beauty portrayed in one’s character.

The daughter of Sultan Abdülmecid, the Ottoman princess, Cemile Sultan was the sister of the last four Ottoman sultans.

Classic, Pretty


Cemre is an ancient Turkish name that signifies the end of winter and the coming of spring. As a feminine given name, Cemre means “ burning ember.”

According to Turkish folklore, three embers fall to the earth, from the heavens, to warm up and turn a season from winter to spring. The first ember or cemre warms the air, while the second ember falls into the water to melt the ice. The third cemre falls a week later to warm up the soil.

Turkish badminton player, Cemre Fere, won 16 international titles in the singles and doubles events.

Cute, Charming


An elegant and attractive Turkish name of Mongolian origin, Ceren means “young gazelle.”

In Turkish, Ceren is pronounced JEH-ren. A similar-sounding name to consider is Seren, a Welsh name that means “star.”

From basketball player Ceren Sarper and volleyball player Ceren Kestirengöz, to handball player Ceren Demirçelen this seems to be a popular choice for women who love sports and action.

Sporty, Elegant
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Ceyda means “a girl with a long neck” in Turkish or “tall and beautiful.”

Ceyda sounds quite apt if you hope your girl will grow into a tall, elegant lady, as graceful as a swan.

At five ft. 11, Turkish professional female basketball player Ceyda Kozluca does indeed live up to the meaning of her name.

Sporty, Cool


A Turkish feminine name that means “drop of water” or “dewdrop,” Damla has its roots in Arabic. It can mean “drop by drop, water droplets, or drizzle.”

Cool and trendy, Damla is used for naming both Christian and Muslim girls. In Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, Damla is used as a first name and middle name for Christians.

Turkish water polo player Damla Deniz Düz and Turkish archer Damla Günay are notable people named Damla.



Derived from the Greek name Daphne, Defne means “laurel tree or bay tree.”

In Greek mythology, the daughter of the river-god Peneus, Daphne is a nymph who escaped from Apollo by changing into a laurel tree.

In 2020, Defne bagged the third spot on Turkey’s most popular baby girl names list. In 2016, Defne was ranked #192 in Germany’s list of baby girl names.

Popular, Classic


In Turkish, Deniz means “the sea.”

Initially, a masculine name, Deniz also started gaining popularity as a trendy girl’s name.

Deniz may be a variant of the Greek name Denis or Dennis, which means “follower of Dionysius.”

Famous personalities include Turkish actress Deniz Çakır and Deniz Orhun, a Turkish-American chef who represented Turkey and won first place in the 2007 International Cuisine Festival.

Cool, Vintage


The Turkish name Derya is derived from the Persian girl’s name Darya meaning the “sea.”

In Turkish, Derya is pronounced DER-Yaa. Deyra, Dara, and Dari are other similar-sounding names worth considering.

Turkish female Olympian swimmer Derya Erke specializes in backstroke events. She participated in both the 2000 and 2004 Olympics.

Sporty, Unique


Dilara is the Turkish variant of the Persian feminine name Delara meaning “beloved.”

Del means “the heart,” while the suffix “ara” is derived from the Persian “araidan,” meaning “embellisher, beautifier, or adorner.” Thus Delara or Dilara can take on multiple meanings, such as: “what makes the heart beautiful,” “she who is pleasing,” or “she who delights the heart.”

Dilara is quite popular across Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan. In the Persian Shahnameh (The Book of Kings), Queen Dilara was a wise and prudent ruler of the ancient Persian Empire. For hundreds of years, Persian poets have also used Dilara to represent a beloved and delightful woman.

Vintage, Adorable


Dilek is a Turkish girl’s name meaning “desire” or “request.”

Many places in Turkey are named Dilek, including Dilek town in the Malatya Province and Dilek village in Taşköprü.

Dilek Serbest is a Turkish model and actress. The German heart surgeon Dilek Gürsoy is of Turkish descent, renowned as the first female surgeon in Europe to implant an artificial heart.

Casual, Cool


Ela originates from the Aramaic term Elah, which means “oak,” while in Turkish, it means “hazel.”

Ela is often used to nickname girls named Eleanor, Elizabeth, or Angela. An English noblewoman, Ela of Salisbury, was the 3rd Countess of Salisbury.

From Indian activist Ela Bhatt and Israeli chess grandmaster Ela Pitam, to Slovak actress Ela Lehotská, Ela seems widespread across the globe.

Elegant, Trendy


Elmas, pronounced EL-mahs is a Turkish name for girls meaning “diamond, stubborn, willful and adamant.”

It’s also used in Armenian and Arabic cultures. In Armenian, it’s a short form of the name Almast. Elmas originates from the Arabic word “almas,” meaning “diamond.”

Elmas is a popular name for girls, but it also belonged to some famous men. Elmas Mehmed Pasha was an Ottoman statesman appointed as a vizier in 1695. He was a handsome and brave man, and many great Turkish wars were fought and won during his time.

Artistic, Classic


Elnara is a Turkish name often given to Muslim girls, meaning “people,” “country,” or “nation.” In its Arabic origin, Elnara means “fire or light.”

In Hebrew, it means “the light of God,” while in Turkish, it can also mean “Azerbaijan: the motherland of pomegranate.”

Elnara was a popular choice for naming Arabian princesses. If you are into RPG video games, you may have heard of Elnara, the sorceress who imprisoned the demon Lord Darkhul King within the Temple of Shadows.

Popular, Royal
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Emel is a beautiful Turkish name meaning “desire” or “wish.” In Arabic, it is often pronounced as “Amal,” which means “hope” or “inspiration.” In Hebrew, it is a unisex name meaning “labor and hardworking.”

Emel is also a short form for German names starting with “amal,” like Amalka. “Amal” means “work” in German, a variant of Amalia, and “hope” in Arabic.

Tunisian musician and producer Emel Mathlouthi is well known for her protest song “Kelmti Horra,” which later gained fame as the anthem for the Tunisian revolution.



Emira is an Arabic name for girls, meaning “princess” or “high-born girl.” In Hebrew, it’s pronounced as Amira and means “treetop” or “saying.”

The French also use this lovely-sounding name with the same meaning: “princess” or “speech.”

Emira is usually spelled as ehm-IH-rah, and is the feminine form of Amir. Amir in Hindi means “rich and noble.” Amira and Emira sound equally great for your little princess.

Vintage, Noble


Esma comes from the Arabic name Asma. Although a Turkish name, Esma is also favored by the Romanis and Bosnians, meaning “supreme.”

In France and Spain, Esma means “beloved or “esteemed.” Esma is also a short form for Esmeralda, a very trendy Spanish name.

Many famous personalities share this name, including Esma Agolli, the Albanian artist, and Esma Aydemir, the Turkish long-distance runner.

Popular, Cute


Eylem, pronounced eyle-em, is a Turkish name predominantly used for girls, meaning “action.”

Most people with this name are Turkish or French. Eylem Elif Mavis is a Turkish female mountaineer who rose to glory with her climb of Mount Everest. Eyle Atmaca is a popular Turkish singer and vocalist.

No matter a boy or girl, Eylem speaks of a personality who dares to dream big!

Unique, Artistic


In Turkish and German, Ezel means “eternity,” while it means “beginning” or “time” in English.”

It also offers a range of other meanings. In Arabic, Ezel means “gift of God” and “the cornerstone” in Hebrew. In the Philippines, Ezel means “a kind-hearted woman who is intelligent and has a very strong personality.”

Ezel is pronounced as ai-zal and is popular across various cultures, including the Germans, British, Polish, Africans, and Filipinos. Turkish American writer, Ezel Kural Shaw, is the wife of historian Stanford J. Shaw.

Popular, Exotic


Fatima means “one who weans an infant” or “one who abstains.”

Fatima is a very popular female name of Arabic origin, pronounced as fa-ti-mah. In Turkish, it is usually pronounced as fat-ma.

Prophet Muhammad had many female relatives with this name, including his daughter Fatimah. As the usage is spread across the Middle East, the name has many variations, such as Fadime and Fatemeh.

Fatima is also very common amongst Syrians, Egyptians, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Persian, Tajik, and Afghans.

Classic, Popular


Feriha is a girl’s name of Turkish origin, meaning “merry woman.” In Urdu, it is spelled as Fareeha and means “happy, joyful, and cheerful.”

Feriha is used many times in the Quran and is derived from the F-R-H6 root. The name is pronounced as Feh-Ri-hah.

Some famous personalities with this name are Feriha Ecem Calik, Feriha Eyuboglu, and Feriha Tevfik Negüz. All three are famous Turkish actresses.

Unique, Sporty


Feryal is a female name of Arabic origin, meaning “decoration or ornamentation,” and “possessing the beauty of light.”

It is a popular Persian, Turkish and Iranian name, pronounced Feh-RAY-ahl. Other variations of Feryal include Feryale, Feryall and Feryalle.

Some notable people include Feryal Ozel, the Turkish-American astrophysicist, and Feryal Clark, the British politician.

Unique, Cool


Fidan is a Turkish name for girls meaning “sapling.” In Greek, it means “lean or svelte,” while in Urdu, Fidan means “one who makes a sacrifice.”

Fidan is commonly used across Afghanistan, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Emirates, Egypt, Palestine, and Qatar. Fidan was voted the most popular name in Azerbaijan in 2008.

You can even find women named Fidan in African countries such as Libya, Somalia, and Tunisia. The name represents higher wisdom and speaks about intellectual consciousness.

Classic, Charming


Filiz is a beautiful Turkish female name meaning “blossom” or “to flower.” Other meanings include “sprout” or “offspring.”

It also offers some lovely variations, such as Felicia, Felice, Felix, and Felicia and could perfectly portray a child’s blossoming personality.

Filiz is popular among multiple religions, especially Islam, and many Hindu girls in Pakistan also have this name. Filiz Akin was a Turkish film actress, while Filiz Ali was a famous pianist and musicologist.

Common, Popular
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Gamze is an adorable modern Turkish name, meaning “the dimple on the cheek when a person smiles.”

Gamze is predominantly used as a girls’ name, but you can also find this name among boys. Famous males include Gamze Bezan, the Turkish footballer, and Gamze Bulut, the Turkish middle-distance runner.

Amongst women, we have Gamze Nur Yaman, the Turkish women’s footballer, and Gamze Tazim, the Turkish-Dutch actress.

Modern, Cool


A gorgeous choice among our Turkish girl names, Gokcen means “beautiful woman,” “blue-eyed woman,” and “belonging to the sky.”

It’s primarily heard in Central Asia, more precisely from the religion of Tengrism and often used as a surname.

You’ll also come across a town called Gokcen, in Izmir Province in western Turkey. Then the International Airport of Turkey is called Sabiha Gokcen, named after the famous Turkish female aviator.

Artistic, Pretty


Gorkem is a Turkish name with multiple meanings: “glory, reign, aesthetic, fame, and magnificent.”

Pronounced as grr-kem, Gorkem is one of the most popular names in Turkey, often used for naming girls and boys.

Some notable people include Gorkem Sevindik, the Turkish actor, and Ahmet Gorkem Gork, the Turkish footballer.

Popular, Noble


Gul is an Arabic name that’s very popular for girls amongst the Muslim community. It has several meanings based on the place it is used. In Turkish, it means “rose.”

In Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and Persian languages, Gul means “ flower,” derived from Gulab meaning “rose.” In Swedish, Gul means “yellow.”

Gul is also used as a family name in Asia and Europe. Gul is popular in Turkey, Persia, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. Indian actress, Gul Panag competed in the 1999 Miss Universe pageant.

Natural, Pretty


Gulizar is of Turkish origin, derived from the Persian word “golzar.” It is predominantly a girl’s name and means “rosy-cheeked” or “golden flower.”

Some believe that Gulizar is of Persian/Iranian origin, meaning “rose.” A few other meanings include “smile” “laughter,” and “the inspiring one.” Austrians claim it is of Kurdish origin meaning “golden rose.”

Irrespective of the origin, Gulizar is a beautiful name, speaking of elegance and grace.

Elegant, Popular


Gunseli is a beautiful Turkish name, meaning “day” or ‘sun,” with “sel” meaning “flood” or “stream.” If you take these two words together, Gunseli means “stream of daylight/sunlight.”

Gunseli is also used in Australia and Germany, and speaks of someone who is charismatic, creative, and possesses a lot of drive.

If you go by Vedic astrology, the moon sign associated with Gunseli is Aquarius, with an Air element. Famous people with this name include Gunseli Turkay, a famous designer for apparel and home textiles, and Gunseli Basar, the former Turkish beauty contestant, and Miss Europe.

Unique, Artistic


Haleh is a gorgeous female name of Persian origin, and a Turkish variant of the Arabic girl’s name Hala. Haleh means the “halo around the moon.”

Also spelled as Hale, it talks about a beautiful personality, both inside and out. As an Indian name, Haleh is said to have a Bengali origin.

Haleh Esfandiari is an Iranian American academic, and Haleh Jamali is an Iranian artist. And let’s not forget the famous Turkish film actress, Hale Soygazi.

Unique, Classic


Harika is a trendy Arabic name in Central and South Asia, meaning “wonderful.” Its other meanings include “excellent” or “beautiful.”

The name is pretty common in Turkey and is considered a Muslim girl’s name. However, it is also believed to be an Indian name that depicts the Goddess Parvati. In the Southern part of India, Harika means “Lord Vishnu, beloved by Indra.”

Harika has many pronunciations: HaaR-IY-Kaa, h-aw-r-ee-k-ah as well as a simple hari-ka. Another similar name is Haritha which refers to the ”greenery of nature.”

Popular, Royal


Havva is Arabic and Turkish, derived from the female name Eve.

She is regarded as the first woman among the Abrahamic religions along with Adam, the first man. It is believed that the whole of humanity descended from this pair. In the Bible, Eve and Adam are the first man and woman.

Havva is derived from the Arabic word Hawa, which is borrowed from the Hebrew word Chawwah.

Some popular personalities with this name are Havva Elmali, a Turkish para-athlete, and Havva Mammadova, the Azerbaijani politician.



Hayrünnisa is the beautiful Arabic version of the female name Khairunnisa or Kherunnisa. Both mean “goodness of women.” Khair means “good” and “nisa” means “women.” It can also mean “woman with good deeds.”

The name “Hayrunnisa” is derived from the Latin word “istunus” or “iustus,” which means “just.”

Many other popular names with the suffix “nisa” include Zebunnisa and Mehrunnisa. Hayrunnisa Gul was the wife of Abdullah Gul and the 11th first lady of Turkey.

Unique, Elegant
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Hazal is a Turkish name for girls, derived from the Persian word “gazal” and Kurdish word “xezal,” meaning “deer” or “gazelle.”

This name is prevalent in Central Asia. Famous bearers are Hazal Kaya, Hazal Turesan and Hazal Sankaya. The former two are popular Turkish actresses, while the latter is a renowned Turkish swimmer.

Unique, Vintage


Hülya is a female Turkish name with multiple meanings, although the most commonly accepted meaning is “star.” Another popular meaning of Hülya is “daydream.”

Many famous Turkish ladies share this name, including the actresses Hulya Avsar and Hulya Kocyigit. Hulya Sahin is a Turkish female boxer, while Hulya Vurnal Ikizgul is a well-known Turkish sculptor and mosaicist.

Hülya is also considered an attractive name for boys.

Classic, Cute


Idil comes from the Turkish city of Idil, located in the Sirnak Province of South-East Turkey. This Turkish name means “from the river,” referring to the Volga river in Europe.

Idil Biret, the famous Turkish pianist, Idil Firat, the Turkish Actress, and Idil Uner, the German-Turkish actress, are a few famous ladies with the name.

Idil Hiloule is a famous Somali filmmaker. In the Somali language, Idil means “complete,” as in completely perfect.

Historical, Vintage


Ipek in Turkish means “silk.”

With such a regal meaning, Ipek could be perfect for your little princess. It showcases loyalty, generosity, and reliability and personifies family loyalty.

Ipek is commonly used to name girls in Azerbaijan, Albania, Turkmenistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Turkish tennis player Ipek Senoglu, and Turkish volleyball player, Ipek Soroglu, are notable women with the name.

Unique, Pretty


Quite popular among Turkish female names, Irmak means “river.”

Irmak Bozoglu is a fictional character of the Turkish TV series Alacakaranlik. Other notable personalities are Irmak Atuk, who was titled the Best Model of Turkey in 2002 and the Turkish motocross racer, Irmak Yildrim.

Irmak is also used as a surname such as Cagan Irmak, a Turkish film director and producer.

Classic, Popular


Işıl is a Turkish feminine name with multiple meanings: “ablaze, sparkling, brilliant, and bright.”

Işılis portrays a personality that shines brightly and a mind that sparkles with brilliance.

Some notable personalities include Ayse Isil Karakas, the Turkish academic, Isil Alben, the Turkish female basketball player, and Isil Yucesoy, the Turkish singer and actress.

Trendy, Unique


Izel is a rare Turkish name for girls and boys, with a suitable meaning: “unique.”

For the Nahua people, living mainly in Central Mexico, Izel means “only one,” or “unique.” The name is also used amongst Spanish and Ladino people.

Famous personalities include Izel Celikoz, the Turkish pop singer, and Izel Rozental, the Turkish caricaturist.

Cute, Modern


Jale is a popular name in Persia and Turkey, also used as a surname, meaning “hailstone” or “dew.”

Often spelled as Jaleh, Jhale, or Zhaleh, this name is also becoming popular in Iran. Some famous bearers include Jale Arikan, the Turkish-German actress, and Jale Inan, the Turkish archeologist.

There is Afife Jale, the Turkish stage actress, and Elif Jale Yesilirmak, the Turkish wrestler of Russian origin.

Trendy, Cute


Jihan is suited to both boys and girls, originating from Arabic, Hindi and Urdu. Like its origins, it also has many meanings.

In Arabic, it means “the universe,” while in Hindi and Urdu, it means “cosmos,” and “of the world.” It also means “link of God,” “obtaining,” and “flying like an arrow” in Sanskrit.

Jihan is also very popular as a surname in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Lebanon. For example, Jihan El Tahri is a famous Lebanese filmmaker and producer, while Jihan Malla is a popular Lebanese television actress.



Kadriye is an inspiring choice among Turkish girl names, meaning “valuable.”

It’s derived from Kadriye village, situated in Serik District, in Antalya Province, Turkey. Kadriye refers to a girl born on Kadir Gecesi, “the night of power,” on the 27th day of the Ramazan. This was also the day the Quran was revealed.

Kadriye is a mighty name that speaks volumes, portraying intuition, confidence, determination, and compassion.

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Kamelya is a beautiful Turkish girl’s name, meaning “a type of flower.”

In English, this flower is known as Camellia, a flowering plant of the tea family. Kamelya is also popular in Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria. Kamelia Vladimirova Veskova was a famous Bulgarian singer, actress, and TV presenter, born in 1971.

In Russia and Ukraine, it is pronounced ka-ma-li-ya. Kamaliya Zahoor is a famous Ukrainian singer and former Mrs. World.

Unique, Pretty


Kiraz is a Turkish name meaning “cherry tree.”

This strong name represents love, harmony, and intelligence. Pronounced as kee-rahz, Kiraz is predominantly a girl’s name.

Kiraz is also a surname, such as Ferhat Kiraz, the famous Turkish footballer, and Emrah Kiraz, the soccer player. The name is also heard in Europe and Central and Southern Asia.

Sporty, Cool


Lara is derived from the Latin name Laura, which represents “the laurel leaf.” In Egyptian, Lara means “sun ray,” while it means “water fairy in Turkish.”

Lara has become a popular name due to the fictional character Lara Croft. According to Roman mythology, Lara was the name of a beautiful nymph.

Lara is also the short form of the Greek and Russian name Larissa. Larissa, as per Greek mythology, was the girlfriend of Poseidon and bore him three sons who later ruled Greece.

Lara is believed to come from the word “Lares,” which refers to the Roman god, the protector of home and fields.

Popular, Historical


Leila means “daughter of the night,” and originates from the Semitic languages, such as Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Often pronounced as lay-lah, girls who are born in the night are mostly given this name. In Nordic countries, the name is pronounced as Lie-lah and means “holy.”

The name perhaps came to glory through Quais Ibn Al-Mulawwah’s romantic poems “Layla and Majnun.” These poems are the epitome of unrequited, chaste love. It has multiple spellings such as Laela, Laelah, Laila, Leilah, and Leela. Leila Bela, the Iranian-American actress and musician; Leila Hatami, the Iranian actress; and Leila Barros, the Brazilian volleyball player are some of the famous personalities with this name.

Elegant, Noble


Lunara is a short form of the Kazakh name Gulnara, meaning “flower,” “rose,” and “pomegranate.” It is believed to be of Turkish origin, while some say the name is Persian.

Lunara also means “merging of the Luna,” whereas Luna means “moon.”

Lunara is a fictional character in Heroes of the Storm, a multiplayer online battle arena video game.

Artistic, Charming


Melek is an unusual Turkish name meaning “angel.”

Melek is also the name of a village in the Nitra District of Slovakia. Famous personalities include Melek Sina Baydur, former Ambassador of Turkey, and Melek Bilge, the Turkish basketball player, and Melek Hu, the Chinese-born Turkish table tennis player.

Melek is also used as a surname, such as Abdurrahman Melek, the Prime minister of the Republic of Hatay.



This Turkish female name is predominantly found amongst girls, meaning “queen.”

It is a variant of the Arabic word “malika” which means “wife of the King.” Melike can also mean “angel,” “beautiful,” “pearl of god,” and even “fragrant red grapes.”

Melike Gunal, a Turkish weightlifter; Melike Mama Hatun, the female ruler of the Saltuklu dynasty, and Melike Ozturk, the Turkish footballer are a few notable personalities with this name.

Royal, Elegant


Mercan is a popular Turkish girl’s name which means “coral.”

In Turkey, boys also have the name, although this is not common practice. Mercan can be found as a surname for girls and is especially popular in Istanbul and Ankara. Mercan is also used as a surname in Northern Cyprus and Romania.

Nese Mercan is a popular female Turkish Paralympic goalball player. Famous men named Mercan include Faruk Mercan, the Turkish journalist, and Leven Mercan, the German footballer.

Charming, Cute


Meryem refers to “Mary: the mother of Jesus.”

Maryam or Meriem are other lovely variations. While Maryam and Meryem are Turkish female names, Meriem is a popular name and surname of North African origin.

The protagonist of the popular Turkish drama series, Ethos, has made the name familiar amongst Turkish audiences. Some notable females with this given name are Meryem Uzerli, the Turkish-German actress, and Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco.

Vintage, Popular


Miray is a Turkish girl’s name with Persian roots, meaning “beginning of the month.” In Turkish, it means “glowing like a moon,” derived from the Turkish word “ay” meaning “moon.”

In Persian, Miray means “leader that emanates light like the moon, derived from the word “mir” which means “prince or leader.”

Miray or Miraysah are very common names in Istanbul and Elazig.

Adorable, Exotic
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Müjde is a popular girl’s name in Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Persia, meaning “good news.”

It is pronounced as mog-deh or moz-hh-deh. Notable female personalities include Müjde Ar, the Turkish film actress, and Müjde Yuksel, the Turkish female basketball player.

Müjde is also used as a surname such as Funda Müjde, the Turkish-Dutch actress.



In Slavic language, Nadiya means “hope.”

Nadia is trending in the whole Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, as well as the Arab world. It originates in Slavic and Greek languages.

In Russian and Bulgarian, Nadia is the short form of the name Nadyezhda. In Arabic, Nadia means “tender,” or “delicate.” In Russian, the voice warning system in the military aircraft is named Nadia.

Other variants of this name are Nadja, Nadya, Nadiya, Nadine, and Nadiia. Some famous people include Nadia Abdala, the Mexican professional tennis player, and Nadia Cortassa, the Italian triathlete.

Elegant, Classy


Nasrin is one of Iran’s most popular Persian girl’s names, meaning “wild rose.”

Other variations include Nasreen, Nesrin, and Nisreen. Nasrin is also common in South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. All the more, Nasrin is also considered a popular Arabic, Turkish and Kurdish name.

Taslima Nasrin is a famous Bangladeshi feminist writer. Other popular personalities include Nasreen Pervin Huq, Bangladeshi women’s rights activist and Nasreen Jalil, the Pakistani politician.

Classic, Exotic


Nihal is an Arabic girl’s name meaning “joyous” or “successful.” In Persian, it means “sapling.”

In Egypt and Turkey, Nihal is popular as a girl’s name. However, in Southern Asian countries such as India, Nihal is considered a boy’s name, especially in the Sikh religion. It means “gratified,” “delighted,” and “happy.”

A very popular war cry amongst Sikhs is “Bole so Nihal” given by their Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. It means “ whoever utters, shall be fulfilled.”



Oya is a name of African-Yoruban origin and means “wind-warrior goddess.” It is a very common Turkish name and means “lace” or “Irish lace.”

Oya is pronounced as oo-ya or oh-ya and is also used as a surname in Japanese. Depending upon the kanji used to write the name, the meaning changes. It is either “big arrow,” “big house,” or “big valley.”

Notable personalities include Oya Arasli, the first woman group deputy chairman of Turkey, and Oya Basar, the Turkish comedy actress. Oya is also used as a surname, as seen with Goichi Oya, who was the captain in the Imperial Japanese Navy, and Arif Oya, the Governor of Alanya.

Trendy, Common


Özlem is a popular and intriguing Turkish girl’s name meaning “yearning” or “missing.” It also means “desired.”

Özlem is commonly used in the Czech Republic, France, and Turkey. It can be used as a given name or a surname.

Examples include Özlem Arac, the Turkish women’s footballer, Özlem Tekin, the Turkish singer, and Yilmaz Özlem, the famous Turkish footballer.



Pınar is a Turkish name for girls, meaning “spring” or “fountain.” It may have originated from the Old French word “pinard,” which refers to a small medieval coin.

Pınar can be used as a first name and surname. Some notable Turkish personalities include Pınar Selek, the sociologist, Pınar Soykan, the pop singer and Pınar Yalçın, the Turkish-Swedish footballer.

Those with Pınar as a surname include Sedat Pınar, a Bosnian basketball player, and Leyla Pınar, a Turkish musicologist.

Classy, Noble


Reyhan is a Turkish name of Arabic origin, meaning “good scent’” or “fragrance.”

It is quite common in the Muslim community and is predominantly used for naming boys. Reyhan has many more meanings, such as “aromatic plants,” “basil,” and “myrtle.”

Rehyan is also spelled as Rayhaan, Raihaan, Rehan, or Rayhaan. It is also the name of places in Iran, Palestine, Israel and Lebanon.

Reyhan can be used as a first name or surname. Reyhan Angelova is a Bulgarian Romani singer, while Ada Rehan was an American actress.

Classic, Cool


Roshan is Persian in origin and means “splendid light, or “bright light.” It also has many other meanings such as “illumination” and “daylight.”

Roshan is very popular in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, and Azerbaijan. In Hindi and Urdu languages, Roshan means “bright.”

You can find this name for boys and girls among Christians, Hindus and Muslims. Roshini is a beautiful variant, used exclusively for naming girls.

Artistic, Trendy


Sahar means “just before dawn,” referring to Shahar, the Ugaritic God of dawn.

Sahar has its roots in Arabic culture and is commonly given to girls throughout the Persian-speaking world. Some say Sahar is of Hebrew origin, referring to an ancient Akkadian word for the crescent moon, typically used for naming girls and boys.

Azeri, Turkish, Urdu and Pashto speakers also use this name. In Turkey and Azerbaijan, Sahar is usually pronounced as se-her, used as a first name and surname.

Classic, Cool
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Selda is of Old German origin, a variation of the German name Zelda, meaning “gray battle” or “dark battle.”

Selda is often used as a short form of Griselda, which refers to “a woman of exceptional patience.” Selda may also be used as a surname.

Some famous personalities are Selda Bagcan, the Turkish singer, Selda Alkor, the Turkish actress, and Selda Gunsel, the Turkish American mechanical engineer.

Vintage, Pretty


Selma means “peaceful” and comes from the Arabic name Selima, which in turn originates from the Arabic boy’s name Selim. In its Celtic origins, Selma means “beautiful view.”

Salma is a commonly used variant of Selma in Turkey. Selma is a frequently used feminine name in German and Scandinavian countries. “The Songs of Selma” by Scottish writer, poet, James Macpherson popularized this name even more.

The Swedish poems of Frans Michael Franzen made the name fashionable in his country, whereas it was introduced in Denmark by Swedish immigrants. Selma Lagerlof was a famous Swedish author.

Casual, Adorable


Taahira is very popular as a girl’s name in Middle Eastern Asia and South Asia, predominantly in the Muslim community. Although a popular Turkish name, Taahir means “pure” or “chaste” in Arabic.

Taahira can also mean “virtuous,” “pious,” and “devoted to God.” The name has been used in the Quran several times and is derived from the T16-H26-R root.

It is also common in Australian, Danish, Pashtun, and Swahili languages. Pronounced as TA-HI-RAT, Tahira or Tahirah are some charming spelling variations. Tahira Kashyap is a famous Indian film director and producer.

Popular, Vintage


Taliah is a beautiful Turkish female name, meaning “heaven’s dew” in Hebrew. In its Aramaic origin, Taliah means “lamb.”

It is generally pronounced as TAA-Lyah. Variations include Tahlia, Talia, Talea, Taller, Taleah, and Talya.

Famous personalities named Talia include American actresses Talia Balsam and Talia Shire. Talia Madison, the female wrestler is better known under the ring name Velvet Sky.

Cute, Sporty


Ubah originates from the Urdu language, meaning “flower.”

Ubah is used in Arabic, Hindi, and Bengali cultures, and has many variations. The name is most prevalent in Africa, and Central and South Asia. Somali-Canadian model Ubah Hassan is known for her work with top designers.

As a name for boys, Ubah means “heavy rain or sea waves” from the Arabic word “ubab.” During the military regime of General Sani Abacha, John I Ubah was the Administrator of Kebbi State in Nigeria.

Trendy, Pretty


Vega is an Arabic name for girls, meaning “swooping eagle.”

It is a habitational name given to people from Vega or La Vega. Here, Vega refers to a “meadow” and means “dweller in the meadow.”

Some believe that the name has a Pre-Roman origin and means “irrigated land.” Vega is usually pronounced as VEE-guh. Vega is also one of the brilliant stars in the sky.

In Spain, Vega is more used as a surname. Suzanne Vega is a famous singer and songwriter.



Vesile is a Turkish girl’s name meaning “reason.”

This unusual name is a variant of the traditional Muslim name Waseela which in turn comes from the Quran’s Wasila.

“O you who believe! Fear Allah and seek a wasila to him”. Here “wasila” refers to a link or an intermediary to reach God.

Vesile is commonly used across Azerbaijan, Albania, Turkmenistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uzbekistan, and Lebanon.



Yasmin is a gorgeous name of Persian and Arabic origin, meaning “jasmine flower.”

Yasmin is pronounced similar to Jasmine, but with a “yay” sound at the beginning. Yasmin is popular across Central and South Asia. It can be spelled in several ways: Yasmine, Yasmeen, Yazmine, and Yassmin.

Some popular personalities are Yasmin Abbasey, the Pakistani judge, Yasmin Abdulaziz, the Egyptian actress, and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a Ugandan-born British journalist.

Artistic, Popular


Yildiz is a gender-neutral name meaning “one who shines like the star.” It is of Turkish origin and quite trendy in Central Asia.

Commonly used to name girls, Yildiz is now gaining popularity as an attractive name for boys. Yildiz is also the name of a place located in the Istanbul district in Turkey. Many historical structures are present there including Yildiz Palace and Yildiz Park.

Yildiz is more commonly used as a surname in Germany, pronounced as ji-ldiz.

Unique, Trendy


Zehra is an Arabic name with multiple meanings, including “beautiful,” “bright,” and “shining.”

In the Egyptian language, the name is spelled as Zahrah and means “flower,” “blossom,” and “beauty.”

In Persian, the name is spelled as Zahra and means “sparklingly bright,” and “beautiful.” This popular girl’s name is common in countries like Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia. Zehra is also used as a surname, particularly in Malta.

It has many spelling variations: Zahrah, Zara, Zohra, and Zehra. Notable personalities include Zehra Bilir, the Turkish folk singer, and Zehra Fazal, the South Asian-American voice actress.

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Turkish Names FAQs

What is the Most Common Turkish Girl Name?

Aisha, Banu, Fatima, Meryem, Nadia, Selma, and Yasmin rank high among the most common Turkish girl names.

What Name Means Beautiful In Turkish?

Afet, Cemile, Ceyda, Gokcen, Harika, and Zehra are all Turkish girl names that mean “beautiful.”

Afet means “bewitching beauty,” while Cemile is “radiant and beautiful.” Ceyda, in Turkish, means “tall and beautiful.”

Gokcen simply means “beautiful woman.” Harika has the meanings “excellent” or “beautiful,” while Zehra means “beautiful,” “bright,” and “shining.”

What Name means Princess in Turkish?

Banu is a Turkish name that means “bride or princess.” Belkis means “queen or princess” in Turkish, while Emira means “princess” or “high-born girl.” Bike and Melike are Turkish female names that mean “queen.”

Is Selina a Turkish name?

Selina is a variant of the Turkish female name Selin which means “lush, flowing water.” Selani, Selima, Celina, and Celine are some of the other variations of this name.

Selina or Selena is derived from the Greek word “Selēnē” which means “moon.” According to Greek mythology, Selene is “the goddess of the Moon.”

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