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100 Captivating Gypsy Names: With Fascinating Origins

Gypsy names are as beautiful and powerful as the culture of the Romani people.

The Romani are a nomadic group that resides across Europe and America. They are not to be confused with the Irish travelers – another nomadic people originating in Ireland and Britain.

These travelers are sometimes called gypsies, a word now used to reference a free-spirited person who enjoys wandering across the globe!

Gypsy names used by these groups are fascinating, each telling a story and connecting you to your nomadic ancestors.

Since Gypsy names are so worldly, it can be challenging to find the right ones. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 100 authentic Romani gypsy and Irish Traveler names to make your quest a bit easier.

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100 Popular Gypsy Names for Boys and Girls

Keep reading to discover beautiful Gypsy names for your Romani prince or princess!


Acorn was a common name among Romany traveler families in Victorian Britain. The ancient Romani saw acorns as symbols of fertility and virility. As an acorn grows into an oak, so your sweet little gypsy will transform from a small child into an adult who’s strong and beautiful as a tree!

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Acorn
  • Popularity: Acorn was a popular name for Romani gypsies in the early 19th-century.
Natural, Unique


Everyone knows Aladdin as the charming (and mischievous) gypsy who wins Princess Jasmine’s heart in Disney’s 1992 cartoon, Aladdin. You might be less familiar with Aladdin’s roots, derived from the Arabic Ala ad-Din, from “ala” (excellence, elevation), and “din” (religion, faith). Aladdin is a playful option for your future mischief-maker.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Elevated faith, excellent religion
  • Popularity: Ladin (a diminutive of Aladdin) was recorded as one of Britain’s top male gypsy names in the early 19th-century.
Cute, Religious, Whimsical


This Spanish and Italian export is derived from the Germanic “adal” (noble) combined with “funs” (ready). A prominent bearer was Alfonso Arias, a Mexican-Romani writer who publicly denounced government corruption and human rights violations against the Romani and other ethnic minorities in Mexico.

  • Origin: Spanish, Italian
  • Meaning: Noble and ready
  • Variations: Alonso, Ildefonso
  • Namesakes: Alfonso Arias, a Mexican musician, writer, and social activist.
  • Popularity: Alfonso was the 879th most popular name for U.S. boys in 2021.


Lovely and original, Alifair’s exact origins are unclear. It’s likely derived from either Allovera (all true) or Alfher (elf warrior), both of ancient Germanic origins. Most associate the name with Alifair McCoy, a tragic victim of the notorious 19th-century Hatfield-McCoy feud.

  • Origin: Romani, English
  • Meaning: Elf warrior, all true
  • Variations: Alefare, Allifair, Allifare, Alafair, Alefaire, Alifear, Alafear, Hellfeare, Elifair, Elafare, Ellafare, Ellafair, Elafaire
  • Popularity: Alifair was a prevalent name for Romani girls living in Britain and the American South during the early 19th-century.
Beautiful, Whimsical, Sophisticated


A popular choice among our Romany gypsy names, August has been a top choice in Denmark, Sweden, and the U.S. for decades. While August doesn’t have Romani origins, it’s common for Romanian people to choose given names prevalent in their country of residence. This was the case for 20th-century Danish-Romani professor August Krogh, best known in biology for developing the Krogh Principle.

  • Origin: German, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Catalan, English
  • Meaning: Exalted, venerable
  • Namesakes: August Krogh, a Danish-Romani professor of zoophysiology at the University of Copenhagen from 1916 to 1945.
  • Popularity: August is rising in the U.S., ranked 121st in 2021.
Cool, Popular


Batholoway is an elegant name with religious undertones. It’s the Romani form of Bartholomew – a byname for the apostle Nataniel, a missionary and martyr whose name became popular in England during the Middle Ages. Choosing Bartholoways could be a great way to honor your Romani heritage and Christian faith.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Son of Talmai
  • Pronunciation: bar-THO-lo-ways
Unique, Religious, Old-fashioned


Bartley is an old-school option among our Gypsy male names, receiving its highest ranking for U.S. boys in the early 1900s. If you’re an Irish Traveler, you’ll appreciate the association with Bartley Gorman – a high-ranking English bare-knuckle boxer from 1972 to 1992 who proclaimed himself the “King of the Gypsies.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Birch woodland clearing
  • Variations: Barclay
  • Namesakes: Bartley Gorman V, an English and Irish Traveler who was a prominent bare-knuckle boxer in the 70s and 80s.
  • Popularity: Bartley has only made the U.S. top 1,000 three times in 1900, 1904, and 1959.
Strong, Natural


Flowery and elegant, Begonia is the name of a flowering plant found in tropical climates in Central America, Africa, and Asia. The species was named after prominent French botanist Michel Begon- his last name meaning “member of the beguin” (a religious order named for its founder, Lambert Le Begue). This feminine name is perfect for your little gypsy girl, who’s as bright and colorful as the Begonia flower.

  • Origin: Romani, French
  • Meaning: Member of the beguin
Natural, Beautiful


Bireli is a mysterious Romani name with an unknown meaning. Its most famous bearer was Bireli Lagrene, a Romani-raised French jazz guitarist often likened to renowned musician Django Reinhardt. If you’re a music fanatic, Bireli is one to consider.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: BEE-ray-lee
  • Namesakes: Bireli Lagrene, a French-Romani jazz guitarist who rose to prominence in the 1980s.


Boban is either a diminutive of the Serbian/Macedonian Bogdan (given by God) or Slobodan (freedom). It’s associated with Boban Markovic, a Romani trumpet player who’s the brass ensemble leader for the town of Vladičin Han in Serbia. If you love the nickname Bob but prefer something more distinctive than Robert, Boban could be a winner.

  • Origin: Serbian, Macedonian
  • Meaning: Freedom, given from God
  • Variations: Bosko
  • Namesakes: Boban Markovic, a Serbian-Romani trumpet player.
Strong, Unique
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Many Roma peoples living in France came from Bohemia – a historical region located in the present-day Czech Republic. The French people later used the word “Bohemians” to refer to artistic individuals living impoverished lifestyles. Calling your little one Bohemia implies she’ll be a free spirit who knows the value of creative freedom.

  • Origin: Romani, English
  • Meaning: Home of the Boii
Whimsical, Unique


Do you want your son to have an influential Romani namesake? Look no further than Ceferino, a traditional Spanish boy’s name associated with activist and patron saint of the Romani, Ceferino Malla. If your son is anything like his role model, he will fight against injustice and stand up for the Romani people!

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: West wind
  • Pronunciation: seh-feh-REE-no
  • Variations: Zeferino
  • Namesakes: Ceferino Malla, a Roman Catholic catechist and activist for Spanish Romani causes.
  • Popularity: Ceferino fell out of Spain’s top 1,000 in 1960.
Old-fashioned, Religious


Ceija is an exotic and rare Romani name, with very few bearers outside the community. The most famous namesake is Ceija Stoja, a Roma Holocaust survivor who survived internment at Auschwitz, Ravensbruck, and Bergen-Belsen. Calling your daughter Ceija could be a great way to honor your strong Romani ancestors.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: say-JAH
  • Namesakes: Ceija Stojka, an Austrian-Romani writer, painter, activist, and survivor of the Holocaust.


While Charlie isn’t a traditional Romani name, it’s associated with one of the most famous gypsies ever – silent filmmaker and actor Charlie Chaplin. If you want a classic English name with Romani ties, Charlie could be “the one.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Man, army, warrior
  • Namesakes: Charlie Chaplin, a Romani-English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who became a worldwide icon through his on-screen persona, the Tramp.
  • Popularity: Charlie is more popular for U.S. girls than boys, ranked 127th in 2021.
Common, Popular


Cinderella is a famous fairy tale about a sweet-natured girl who is tormented by her evil stepmother and stepsisters before winning the love of a prince. This magical name is scarce outside the Romani community, where it’s been popular since the early 1800s. If you love Cinderella but want something casual for everyday use, try nicknames Cindy and Ella.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Little ashes
  • Popularity: From the start of the 19th-century, Cinderella became a popular female gypsy name.
Beautiful, Unique, Whimsical


Vintage girl’s name lovers will appreciate Clementina – the feminine form of old-timey Clement. Clementina hasn’t been popular in Europe or the U.S. since the early 20th-century, so this lovely name will undoubtedly turn heads. Clementina’s delicate sound and sweet nickname, Tina, could suit a gentle girl of mild temperament.

  • Origin: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Merciful, gentle
  • Pronunciation: kleh-mehn-TEE-na
  • Namesakes: Princess Clementine Leopoldine, a princess of Belgium and member of the House of Wettin.
  • Popularity: Clementina left Spain’s top 500 names for girls in 1950.
Old-fashioned, Beautiful


Damian comes from the Greek name Damianos, derived from “damazo” (to tame). The name is associated with Saint Damian, who was martyred along with his twin brother, Cosmas, in the 4th-century. After this, Damian became a popular given name in Europe and in the Romani Christian community.

  • Origin: English, Polish, Romanian, Dutch
  • Meaning: To tame
  • Variations: Damion, Damiaan
  • Namesakes: Damian Draghici, a Romanian musician of Romani origin, best known as the leader of the Damian and Brothers band.
  • Popularity: Damian’s ranked in the U.S. top 200 names for boys since 2001.
Popular, Cool, Religious


Danior is an unusual choice among our male gypsy names, derived from the Romani word “dand,” meaning “tooth,” ultimately from the Sanskrit “danta.” Even if your little guy isn’t born with a set of chompers, Danior is still a cool Romani name for you to “sink your teeth” into.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Born with teeth


Elegant and exotic, Darklis has excellent potential outside the Romani community. This stunning name is either derived from the Greek Dorcas (gazelle) or a corruption of the English word “darkless” (free from darkness). Your little Darklis could brighten the lives of all she meets.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Free from darkness, gazelle
  • Pronunciation: DARK-lis
Cool, Unique


Delia is a mythical choice among our female gypsy names, initially used as an alternative title for the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, Artemis. Today, Delia is a popular given name for Romani and non-Romani girls in Italy, Romania, and Spain. Choosing Delia could give your daughter the beauty and strength of the goddess!

  • Origin: English, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Greek
  • Meaning: Of Delos
  • Pronunciation: DEE-lee-ah, DEH-lya
  • Namesakes: Delia Grigore, a Romanian Romani writer, philologist, academic, and Romani rights activist.
  • Popularity: Although Delia’s still a popular name throughout Europe, its favor has decreased in the U.S., falling out of the top 1,000 in 2007.
Mythical, Cute
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Tasteful and distinctive, Didem is derived from the Persian “dideh,” for “eye.” A well-known celebrity is Didem Kinali, a Turkish belly dancer and singer of Roma descent who gained recognition after appearing on the Turkish TV program Ibo Show. Didem could be a perfect choice for your beautiful little girl, whose deep eyes will tell the story of her gypsy heritage.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Eye
  • Namesakes: Didem Kinali, a Turkish belly dancer, model, and singer.
  • Popularity: Didem made Turkey’s top 100 girls’ names in 1986 and 1988.


Django is a well-known option among our male Gyspy names, associated with the Roma musician Django Reinhardt – one of the first significant jazz talents to emerge in Europe. The name’s popularity was rekindled in 2012 when Jamie Foxx portrayed a slave-turned-bounty-hunter in the revisionist Western film Django Unchained.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: To awake
  • Pronunciation: JANG-go
  • Variations: Jango
  • Namesakes: Django Reinhardt, a Romani-French jazz guitarist and composer.
Cool, Unique


Drafi might be a great choice for a family that loves music. It’s best associated with Drafi Deutscher, a singer of Sinti (group related to the Roma) origin, and his father, Drafi Kalman, an accomplished pianist. Drafi’s elegance, distinctiveness, and ease of pronunciation could add to its appeal.

  • Origin: German, Hungarian
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: DRAH-fee
  • Namesakes: Drafi Deutscher, a German-Sinti singer and songwriter best known for his 1965 songs Marble, Stone, and Iron Break, which sold over a million copies.
Sophisticated, Cool


When you hear the word “duke,” you likely think of the title of nobility used among English royals. However, Duke was also a name and an honorary title used by the Roma people, often given to their “voivodes” (chieftains). Bestowing this honorable title on your son could give him the confidence to lead.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Leader
  • Namesakes: Duke Andrew of Little Egypt, a Gypsy ruler of Belgium in the early 1400s.
  • Popularity: Duke reentered the U.S. top 1,000 in 2013, rising to 651st in 2021.
Strong, Sophisticated


Nature-inspired names are popular among the Roma. Durril is no exception, referencing the “gooseberry” – an edible fruit produced by the gooseberry bush. Durril’s similarity to the English Darrell makes it an accessible option for a Romani-American.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Gooseberry


Eldorai is the lovely, gypsy form of Hildegard – a Germanic name from “hild’ (battle) and “gard” (enclosure). If you love a dainty name with a strong meaning, Eldorai might be a perfect fit.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Battle enclosure
  • Pronunciation: EL-dor-ie
Beautiful, Strong, Unique


Elek is the Hungarian form of Alexis – a Greek boy’s name derived from “alexo” (to defend, to help). Roma people often choose names for their children that are popular in their country of residence. This is likely why Elek – a relatively common choice in Hungary in the 1920s – was selected for the famous Hungarian-American jazz musician of Romani descent, Elek Bacsik.

  • Origin: Hungarian, Greek
  • Meaning: Helper, defender
  • Pronunciation: EH-lehk
  • Namesakes: Elek Bacsik, a Hungarian-American jazz guitarist and cousin of famous jazz musician Django Reinhardt.
Cute, Traditional


Elvaira is the Romani corruption of Elvira – a Spanish girl’s name possibly derived from the Germanic elements “ala” (all) and “wer” (true). This was a common name for gypsy girls in Victorian Britain. Elvaira is an elegant and tasteful option, especially for a girl of Roma descent.

  • Origin: Romani, Spanish
  • Meaning: All true
  • Pronunciation: el-VIE-rah
  • Popularity: Elvaira was a popular name for Roma girls in England during the early 19th-century.
Beautiful, Sophisticated


In Greek mythology, Eros was the god of love and desire, whose arrows would cause his targets to fall in love (just like Cupid). Roma people have chosen mythology-based names like Eros for their children since the early 1800s. Eros could be the perfect choice for your little gypsy boy, whose sweet smile will strike your heart with love!

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Love, desire
  • Pronunciation: EHR-aws
  • Popularity: Eros was a popular Gypsy male name in 19th-century Victorian England.
Mythical, Cool


Delicate and fairy-like, Esma is cute enough for your little pixie. Esma is a variation of the Arabic name Asma primarily used on the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. A well-known bearer was Macedonian singer Esma Redzepova-Teodosievsk, nicknamed the Queen of the Gypsies for her contributions to Romani culture.

  • Origin: Turkish, Bosnian, Macedonian
  • Meaning: Supreme
  • Namesakes: Esma Redzepova-Teodosievska, a Macedonian Romani vocalist, songwriter, and humanitarian.
  • Popularity: Esma was the 5th most popular name in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the 50th in Turkey in 2020.
Cute, Whimsical
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Esmeralda is associated with the beautiful Gypsy girl loved by Quasimodo in Victor Hugo’s famous novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831). This Spanish beauty first entered the U.S. charts in the 1950s. It received its highest ranking in 1998, 2 years after Disney released the cartoon rendition of the book. Esmeralda remains in the U.S. top 500, making it a fashionable choice for your gorgeous gypsy girl.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Emerald
  • Namesakes: Esmeralda Santiago, a Puerto-Rican author known for her coming of age stories about being a Latina in the U.S.
  • Popularity: Esmeralda was the 453rd most popular U.S. girl’s name in 2021.
Popular, Beautiful


Evergreen refers to trees that don’t shed their leaves annually and stay “forever green,” such as pines, firs, cypresses, and spruces. Although your son will grow up one day, naming him Evergreen ensures his spirit will remain fresh and youthful as a coniferous forest.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Conifer
  • Popularity: Evergreen was a popular Romani gypsy name for boys in 19th-century England.
Natural, Unique


Femi is a Romani variation of Euphemia – a feminine Greek name derived from “eu” (good) combined with “phemi” (to speak, to declare). It’s also a unisex name in Nigeria, belonging to several African athletes and celebrities.

  • Origin: Romani, Greek, Nigerian
  • Meaning: To declare good, God loves me
  • Popularity: Femi became a popular name for gypsy girls in the early 1800s.


Fennix is a Romani corruption of Phoenix – a beautiful immortal bird in Egyptian and Greek mythology that would be consumed by fire before rising from its ashes. Your little Fennix may be let down, but he will always rise again!

  • Origin: Romani, Greek
  • Meaning: Dark red
  • Popularity: Fennix was a top choice for Romani gypsy’s in Victorian England.
Mythical, Cool


Finbar is a traditional Irish name commonly used among Irish Travelers (an ethnocultural group of nomads originating in Ireland). It’s derived from the Old Irish Finnbarr, with “finn,” meaning “white” or “fair” and “barr,” meaning “top” or “head.” This Irish classic is perfect for a gypsy boy with light blond hair.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Whitehead
  • Namesakes: Finbar Furey, an Irish Traveler and folk musician from Dublin.
Traditional, Common


Florin’s elegance will blossom with age, transforming your son from a tiny baby into a sophisticated young man. This beautiful name is derived from the Roman Florinus, with “flos” meaning “flower.” Floral names tend to be more popular for girls, but Florin is an exception, previously ranked in Romania’s and Spain’s top 500 boys’ names.

  • Origin: Romanian
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Pronunciation: flor-REEN
  • Namesakes: Florin Salam, a Roma manele (Romanian pop music) singer.


Lovely and original, Floure is the Romani form of Flora – a Latin name meaning “flowery,” associated with the Roman goddess of flowers and springtime. If your daughter is as gorgeous as freshly picked roses, calling her Floure could demonstrate her inner and outer beauty.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Flowery
  • Pronunciation: FLAWR
Natural, Mythical, Beautiful


Greek names are popular within the Romani community. Glykeria is no exception, derived from the late Greek “glykeros” (sweet, loving). A world-famous bearer is Glykeria, a Greek singer of Roma origin previously regarded as the “voice of Greece” for her unique voice, which mesmerized the nation.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sweet
  • Pronunciation: glee-kair-EE-ah
  • Namesakes: Glykeria, a popular Greek singer with international recognition who has had several multi-platinum releases.
Sophisticated, Cool


Gypsy comes from the Middle English word for “Egyptian” because it was initially believed the Roma people emigrated from Egypt. Although the Roma came from India, Gypsy stuck, used as a term to describe a Romani person or someone who is “nomadic” and “free-spirited.” Choosing Gypsy for your child implies he will march to the beat of his own drum!

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Egyptian
  • Namesakes: Gypsy Dave Cooper, an actor known for An American Werewolf in London (1981) and Without a Clue (1988).
Unique, Cute


Harri is an adorable Harry variation frequently used in Northern Europe. Many Romani Gypsies – like Vienna-based jazz artist Harri Stojka – are given non-Roma names, like Harri, because they are popular in their country of residence. Harri is just as charming as Harry but less prevalent, making it an attractive option if you’re looking for a unique spin on the classic.

  • Origin: Finnish, Welsh, Estonian
  • Meaning: Home ruler
  • Pronunciation: HAHR-ree
  • Variations: Harry
  • Namesakes: Harri Stojka, a Viennese Gypsy jazz guitarist from the Lovara-Roma dynasty of the Bagareschtschi clan.
  • Popularity: Harri is most popular in England and Wales, ranked 353rd in 2020.
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Historically, many Romani people were given names from Greek mythology. Helios was one of these names, associated with a sun god who rode his chariot from east to west across the sky. A notable Roma bearer was Helios Gomez, considered one of the most influential Spanish graphic artists of the 20th-century.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sun
  • Pronunciation: HEH-LEE-OS
  • Namesakes: Helios Gomez, a Roma-Spanish painter, activist, and poet best known for his graphic art series, Viva Octubre.
Mythical, Old-fashioned, Natural


Idalia is a unique option among female gypsy names, with very few bearers. It’s likely derived from the Germanic “idal” (work, labor). Idalia was also a byname for Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of beauty – because many of her worshippers were from the city of Idalion in Cyprus. Theater fans may recognize Idalia as the protagonist in Polish writer Juliusz Slowacki’s famous play, Fantazy.

  • Origin: Greek, German, Polish
  • Meaning: Work
  • Pronunciation: eye-DAL-ee-ah
  • Namesakes: Idalia Serrao, a Portuguese politician of Romani origin who is now a board member for the leading Portuguese bank.
Unique, Mythical, Cute


When English speakers hear “Ion,” they’ll likely think of charged atomic particles taught in chemistry class. Interestingly, in Romania and Spain, Ion is a common variation of John. A prominent Romany bearer was Ion Voicu, founder of the award-winning Bucharest Chamber Orchestra.

  • Origin: Basque, Romanian
  • Meaning: Yahweh is gracious
  • Pronunciation: YON, ee-ON
  • Variations: Ioan, Iban, Ivan, Jon
  • Namesakes: Ion Voicu, a Romanian violinist and orchestral conductor of Romani descent.
  • Popularity: Ion has had some success in Spain, making the top 500 boys’ names from 1950 to 2010.


Irini is the modern Greek form of Eirene – the ancient goddess of peace and tranquility. Irini’s harmonious meaning and soothing sound will make you feel at ease each time you say your daughter’s name.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Peaceful
  • Pronunciation: ee-REE-nee
  • Variations: Eirini
  • Namesakes: Irini Merkouri, a Greek pop and laika (urban folk music) singer of Romani origin.
Mythical, Cute


A powerful option among male gypsy names, Ivailo is best associated with 13th-century Bulgarian rebel leader, Ivailo of Bulgaria, and Muslim-Romani boxer, Ivailo Marinov. Whether your son takes after the leader or the athlete, Ivailo gives him the strength to follow his ambitions.

  • Origin: Bulgarian
  • Meaning: Wolf
  • Pronunciation: ee-VIE-low
  • Variations: Ivaylo
  • Namesakes: Ivailo Marinov, a Bulgarian boxer of Muslim Romani ancestry who won a bronze and gold medal at the 1980 and 1988 Summer Olympics.
Natural, Strong


Iza is a shortened form of Isabella or Elizabeth in Israel, Hungary, and Slovenia. Iza is also the Romani form of Issac – a Hebrew name from “Yitzchaq” (he will laugh, he will rejoice). If you’re looking for a Romani-Christian name that isn’t as basic as John or Mark, Iza could be a keeper.

  • Origin: Romani, Jewish, Hungarian, Slovene
  • Meaning: He will laugh, my God is an oath
  • Pronunciation: I-zah, EE-zah
  • Popularity: Iza was one of the top male gypsy names for Romani people in England in the early 19th-century.
Religious, Cute


Feminine and elegant, Katarina is equivalent to the English Katherine. It’s used by many cultural groups, including the Roma people. Your gypsy and non-gypsy friends will likely adore this timeless classic.

  • Origin: Sweden, Norwegian, Danish, German, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Sorbian
  • Meaning: Pure, each of the two
  • Variations: Cathrine, Catrine, Katrin, Catharina, Katharina, Katherina
  • Namesakes: Katarina Taikon-Langhammer, a Swedish-Romany activist of the Kalderash clan who served as a civil rights movement leader.
  • Popularity: Katarina is a long-standing favorite in Slovenia, ranked 52nd in 2020.
Traditional, Beautiful, Common


Kezia is an Old Testament name belonging to a daughter of Job in the Bible. It was popular among Christian Romani Gypsies in Victorian times. It comes from the Hebrew word for “cassia” (Qetzi’ah), a type of spice tree that makes cinnamon.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Cassia, cinnamon
  • Pronunciation: ke-ZIE-ah
  • Variations: Keziah
  • Namesakes: Keziah Jones, a Nigerian singer-songwriter and guitarist whose music style is described as “Blufunk,” mixing elements of blues and funk rhythms.
Religious, Cute


Exotic and beautiful, Kibariye is the feminine form of Kibar – a Turkish name meaning “polite” or “courteous.” Kibariye’s uniqueness will undoubtedly turn heads.

  • Origin: Turkish
  • Meaning: Polite
  • Pronunciation: kib-ARE-ee-yay
  • Namesakes: Bahriye Tokmak, better known by her stage name Kibariye, a Turkish Arabesque-pop singer of Romani origin.


Kostas is a short form of the Greek Konstantinos and the Lithuanian Konstantinas, both derived from the Latin Constans (constant, steadfast). Kostas’s calm energy is suited for an easy-going boy who will likely be a continuous source of comfort in your life.

  • Origin: Greek, Lithuanian
  • Meaning: Constant
  • Pronunciation: KO-stas
  • Variations: Costas, Gus, Kostakis, Kostis
  • Namesakes: Kostas Hatzis, a Greek singer-songwriter and musician of Romani origin, considered a pioneer of the Greek social song.
Cute, Common
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A badass name for your powerful little gypsy, Lash had its heyday in the early 19th-century, especially among Americans. Today, it’s associated with pro wrestler Lash Huffman, better known by his stage name Stevie Ray.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Renowned warrior
  • Namesakes: Lash Steven Huffman, an American professional wrestler who, with his brother Booker T., won the WCW World Tag Team Championship 10 times.
Strong, Cool


Leander is the anglicized version of Leandros, derived from the Greek “leon” (lion) combined with “aner” (man). In Greek myths, Leander was the lover of Hero, a priestess of Aphrodite, and swam across a vast channel each night to be with her. Leander is popular in Norway and the U.S., whereas Leandre is more prevalent in France and Leandro in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. All versions of this worldly Gypsy name are up for grabs!

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Lion man
  • Variations: Leandros, Leandre
  • Namesakes: Leander Adrian Paes, a professional tennis player from India, regarded as one of the greatest doubles players of all time.
  • Popularity: Leander is most popular for boys in Norway, ranked 90th in 2020.
Sophisticated, Cool


Classy and refined, Leonor is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Elenor. Leonor was prevalent among Romani and non-Romani living in Southwestern Europe and the U.S. in the early 1900s. Leonor’s vintage charm and cool nickname, Nora, could revive it in the 2020s.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Meaning: The other Aenor
  • Namesakes: Leonor Teles, a Portuguese-Romani filmmaker who created her first film called Rhoma Acans in 2012, exploring her Romani roots.
  • Popularity: Leonor fell out of the U.S. top 1,000 in 1939.
Old-fashioned, Beautiful, Traditional


Historically, names relating to freedom and justice have been popular among the Roma people. Liberty is derived from the Latin “libertas” (freedom). Naming your little one Liberty could give her the confidence to pursue her own path in life.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Free
  • Namesakes: Liberty Ross, an English model and actress featured in publications like Vogue, Bazaar, i-D, and Dazed & Confused.
  • Popularity: Liberty’s popularity has spiked in the U.S. after periods of unrest or change, including in 1918 (at the end of World War I), 1976 (the American bicentennial), and 2002 (after 9/11).


Livia comes from the Latin “liveo” (to envy) or “lividus” (blue, envious). We’d be envious of this adorable gypsy name, too!

  • Origin: Roman
  • Meaning: To envy, blue
  • Pronunciation: LEE-vya
  • Namesakes: Livia Jaroka, a Hungarian politician and the second Romani ever elected to the European Parliament.
  • Popularity: Livia is currently ranked in Italy, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands’ top 100 names for girls.
Cute, Sophisticated


Lolita is a lively option among gypsy female names, perfect for your bubbly little girl. This upbeat title was successful in France, Latvia, and the U.S. in the 60s and 70s, likely inspired by Russian-American writer Vladimir Nabokov’s famous 1955 novel, Lolita.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Sorrows
  • Variations: Lola
  • Namesakes: Lolita Flores, a Spanish actress and singer of Romani descent with several top hits, including Sarandonga, Lo Voy a Dividir, and Si La Vida Son Dos Dias.
  • Popularity: Lolita fell out of the U.S. top 1,000 in 1973.
Cute, Friendly


Loni is the German and Romani form of Apollonia or Apollonius, both derived from Apollo – the Greek god of prophecy, music, art, and law. Loni is also a short form of Leiloni for girls and a variation of Lonny for boys in Hawaii. This worldly title is perfect for a Roma boy or girl with multicultural roots.

  • Origin: German, Hawaiian, Romani
  • Meaning: Strength, heavenly flowers, noble and ready
  • Variations: Lonie
  • Namesakes: Loni Kaye Anderson, an American actress best known for her role as the receptionist Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati.
  • Popularity: Loni was one of the top male gypsy names in Victorian England, lasting from 1837 to 1901.
Mythical, Cute


When you hear Mantis, you likely picture the giant green insect whose powerful forelegs bend together in a “praying” position. Mantis is also a Romani given name, used as a variation for Manuel – a shortened form of Emmanuel, the foretold name for the Messiah in the Old Testament. Mantis could be an attractive choice for nature lovers who are also religious.

  • Origin: Romani, Greek
  • Meaning: God is with us, Soothsayer
  • Popularity: Mantis was a prevalent male gypsy name in Britain in the early 19th-century.
Natural, Whimsical, Religious


Mariska is an exciting diminutive of Maria used primarily in Hungary and the Netherlands. In the U.S., Mariska could be a unique, Gypsy alternative for standard “M” names like Melissa and Mary. Mariska Veres is a notable bearer of Roma descent, often described as the Dutch version of Cher for her striking appearance and sultry voice.

  • Origin: Hungarian, Dutch
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Pronunciation: MAW-ree-shkaw, mah-RIS-kah
  • Variations: Mari, Marica, Marika, Marietta, Marieke, Marita
  • Namesakes: Mariska Veres, a Dutch singer of Romani origin best known as the lead singer in the rock group Shocking Blue.
Friendly, Cute, Common


Masilda is a unique Romani variation of Mathilda – a Germanic name from “maht” (might, strength) and “hild” (battle). The “mas” sound in Masilda makes it sound more delicate than Mathilda, so it’s mighty but also beautiful and feminine.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Battle mighty
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The Romani people are known for building strong ties with other Roma families in their communities. Naming your son Menowin will teach him the value of friendship from the moment he’s born. Menowin sounds excellent by itself or paired with the adorable nicknames Meno and Owin.

  • Origin: German, Romani
  • Meaning: Strength of friends
  • Pronunciation: MEH-no-vin
  • Namesakes: Menowin Fröhlich, a German pop singer of Romani descent, known for his hit singles If You Stayed and Waiting for Christmas.
Friendly, Cute, Whimsical


Your sweet baby will be bursting with joy with a happy name like Meriful. Although Meriful was traditionally given to Romani boys, its shortened form, Meri, could make it an appealing option for females.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Full of merriment
  • Popularity: Meriful was a prevalent name for Romani gypsies in Britain during the 1800s.
Friendly, Whimsical


Nan is an old-timey variation of Ann or Nancy. It was a top pick for U.S. girls in the early 20th-century, falling out of favor by the 1960s. Although Nan is not as prominent as it once was, its old-fashioned charm may be too cute to pass up.

  • Origin: English, Irish
  • Meaning: Grace, favor, chaste
  • Variations: Ann, Annie, Nance, Nancy, Nannie, Nanette
  • Namesakes: Nan Joyce, an Irish Travelers rights activist who worked to improve the lives of Travelers living in Ireland.
  • Popularity: Nan received its highest U.S. ranking of 433rd in 1904.
Simple, Old-fashioned


Naomie is an elegant option on our list of female gypsy names, as a Romani variation of Naomi – an Old Testament name born by the mother-in-law of Ruth. Naomie’s rhythmic sound and “pleasant” meaning could make it a favorite among your friends and family.

  • Origin: Romani, French, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Pleasantness
  • Pronunciation: nay-O-mee
  • Variations: Naomi, Noam
  • Namesakes: Naomie Harris, an English actress featured in several movies and TV series, including Simon and the Witch (1987), 28 Days Later (2002), and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013).
Cute, Religious, Sophisticated


Are you looking for a traditional name with a religious flair? If so, Nehemiah may be a dream come true. This Old Testament pick has been prevalent in the Romany Gypsy community for years. It didn’t catch on in the general population until the 1990s, moving its way into the U.S. top 500 boys’ names in 2005.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Yahweh is comfort
  • Pronunciation: nee-hi-MIE-ah
  • Namesakes: Nehemiah Curtis “Skip” James, an American Delta blues singer, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter.
  • Popularity: Nehemiah received its highest U.S ranking of 342nd in 2012.
Religious, Traditional, Common


Nelus is the Romani version of Nelu – a Romanian form of John. Nelus has Christian ties but isn’t overused, presenting you with a religious name that’s meaningful and unique.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Yahweh is gracious
  • Popularity: In Victorian Britain, Nelus was a common male gypsy name.
Religious, Unique, Cool


Obi is the Romani variation of Obed and Obadiah, biblical boy names referencing serving or worshiping God. Obi is an excellent way to honor your religion and heritage if you’re a Romani Christian.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Worshiping, serving Yahweh
  • Pronunciation: OH-bee
Religious, Cute, Simple


Ocan means “sun” in Calo (a language spoken by Spanish and Portuguese Romani). If you live in an English-speaking country, Ocan will make people think of the ocean instead of the sun. Despite this, Ocan still gives off calming, natural vibes, making it a perfect fit for a future outdoorsman.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Sun
Natural, Unique


Ossory is a poetic title best suited for a boy who loves spending time in nature. It comes from the Old Irish Osraige, associated with a Medieval kingdom located in present-day County Kilkenny. Ossory’s Irish roots make it a suitable option for a boy of Irish Traveler descent.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: People of the deer
Natural, Cool, Unique


Otto is an old-timey name recently revitalized in Scandinavia, England, and Wales. In the U.S., Otto was a top boys’ name in the early 1900s before losing favor. It regained some ground recently, rising to 336th in 2021. So, now is the time to select this cool male gypsy name before it’s too hot!

  • Origin: German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish
  • Meaning: Wealth, fortune
  • Namesakes: Otto Mueller, a German expressionist painter of supposed Romani origin, nicknamed “Gypsy Mueller.”
  • Popularity: Otto was Sweden’s 16th most popular boys’ name in 2021.
Cute, Old-fashioned, Popular
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Paddy is one of those classic Irish names that’ll make you smile whenever you hear it. This cheerful title belonged to several Irish Travelers, including Paddy Keenan – an uilleann pipes musician and founder of the traditional Irish music group, The Bothy Band.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Nobleman
  • Variations: Patsy
  • Namesakes: Paddy Keenan, a son of Irish Traveler John Keenan, who gained fame as the founding member of The Bothy Band.
Cute, Common, Friendly


Papusza is an adorable name associated with one of the most famous Romani poets of all time – Bronislawa “Papusza” Wajs. Papusza was a talented singer and writer who wrote many ballads and poems using traditional Romani story-telling methods. Perhaps your little Papusza will be a great storyteller, too!

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Doll
  • Namesakes: Bronislawa “Papusza” Wajs, a Polish-Romani classic poet and singer who wrote many poems about “Nostos” (returning home), a common theme in Roma poetry.
Cute, Unique


An excellent choice for nature-lovers, Patrin is a Romani corruption of the Sanskrit “Patta” (leaf). Patrin is distinctive yet straightforward, striking the perfect balance between uniqueness and comprehensibility. Similar-sounding Patrick has been favored in the U.S. since the 1800s, making Patrin the perfect Romani alternative.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Leaf


Persuvius may be a Romani corruption of the Greek Paraskevas, meaning “preparation,” sometimes thought to represent “Friday” since this was the day early Christians prepared for the Sabbath. Persuvius may have also derived from Vesuvius – the famous volcano the Romans regarded as sacred to the demi-god, Hercules.

  • Origin: Romani, Greek
  • Meaning: Preparation, Friday, Son of Ves
  • Pronunciation: per-SOO-vyoos
  • Popularity: Persuvius was one of the most prevalent Romany Gypsy names for boys in Victorian Britain.
Unique, Mythical, Old-fashioned


Show your little gypsy girl how much you love her by naming her Philomena. This enchanting name is derived from the Greek “Philo” (to love). Although Philomena has been around for centuries, it first gained public attention in the early 1800s after a tomb of a martyr named Filumena was discovered in Rome.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: To be loved
  • Pronunciation: fil-ee-MEEN-ah
  • Namesakes: Philomena Franz, the first Romani woman to record her experiences in writing about her time in the concentration camps under the Third Reich.
  • Popularity: Philomena left the U.S. top 1,000 in 1942.
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Old-fashioned


While most associate Pomona with the sunny city in Los Angeles, California, its roots go back to ancient Rome, belonging to a goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards. The name is ultimately derived from the Latin “pomus” (fruit tree).

  • Origin: Roman
  • Meaning: Fruit tree
  • Popularity: Pomona was a common Romani Gypsy name for girls in Victorian Britain, beginning in the mid-1800s.
Mythical, Unique


Priscilla is one of those low-key biblical girl names that could be perfect for a Christian Romani family looking for something more original than Mary or Hannah. Priscilla (also called Prisca) and her husband, Aquila, were a missionary couple who housed the apostle Paul when he visited Corinth.

  • Origin: English, Italian, French, Roman
  • Meaning: Ancient
  • Namesakes: Priscilla Presley, an American businesswoman, actress, and ex-wife of singer Elvis Presley.
  • Popularity: Priscilla is a long-standing favorite in the U.S., ranked in the top 1,000 since the 1880s.
Religious, Cute


Pyramus was derived from the river Pyramos in ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, Pyramus was the forbidden lover of Thisbe, who had to express their feelings for each other through a crack in a wall. Its variation, Piramus, is more prevalent in Romani gypsy communities.

  • Origin: Greek, Romani
  • Meaning: Fire, wheat
  • Pronunciation: peer-ah-mus
  • Variations: Piramus
  • Popularity: Pyramus and Piramus were two of the top Romani names for boys in England in the early 19th-century.
Mythical, Old-fashioned, Unique


Robi is a Hungarian diminutive of Robert – a Germanic name from “hrod” (fame) and “beraht” (bright). This name’s youthful energy makes it an excellent option for a free-spirited little guy. Robi could also be a lively nickname for Robert – way more original than old-school Rob and Bert.

  • Origin: Hungarian
  • Meaning: Bright fame
  • Pronunciation: RO-bee
  • Namesakes: Robi Botos, a Hungarian-Canadian jazz pianist of Roma descent who won the JUNO Award for the Best Jazz Album for his recording of Movin’ Forward in 2016.
Cute, Simple, Friendly


Show your son how proud you are of your heritage by naming him Romani. Romani comes from “rom,” meaning “man” or “Roma person.” This authentic Gypsy name is shared with activist Romani Rose, the civil rights movement leader for Sinti and Roma citizens in Germany.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Man
  • Pronunciation: ro-MAHN-ee
  • Variations: Romany
  • Namesakes: Romani Rose, a German-Romani activist and head of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma.
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Romica hails from Croatia as a diminutive of the masculine Roman or the feminine Romana and Romina. In the U.S., Romica could be an exciting alternative for retro Monica.

  • Origin: Romanian, Croatian
  • Meaning: Roman
  • Variations: Roman, Romana, Romina
  • Namesakes: Romica Puceanu, a Romani Gypsy singer and music interpreter from Romania.


Dainty and feminine, Rosaleen is an attractive option for your little flower! In Ireland, it’s associated with James Mangan’s Dark Rosaleen, a patriotic poem disguised as a love song. Rosaleen’s ties with prominent Irish Traveler Rosaleen McDonagh make it an excellent option for your little Traveler.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Beautiful rose, soft horse
  • Variations: Rosaline, Roisin
  • Namesakes: Rosaleen McDonagh, an activist, playwright, and Irish Traveler who writes for the Irish Times with a focus on the feminist Traveler perspective.
Beautiful, Sophisticated


Rudolf is a classic Germanic name derived from “hrod” (fame) and “wulf” (wolf). It was a popular choice for Romani gypsies in Germany, Austria, and Hungary in the early 1900s. A notable bearer was Rudolf Sarkozi, a Roma rights activist who helped achieve legal recognition for the Romani minority in Austria.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Fame of the wolf
  • Variations: Rolf, Rodolf
  • Namesakes: Rudolf Sarkozi, the founder and former chairman of the Austrian Romani Cultural Society.
  • Popularity: Rudolf left Germany’s top 100 boys’ names in 1937.
Old-fashioned, Common


Ruslo is a charming gypsy name for boys, taken directly from the Romani word “ruslo” (strong). It has rarely been used since the mid-1800s, so it is up for grabs! Ruslo can easily be shortened to Rus to give this old-school name a modern upgrade.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Strong
  • Popularity: Ruslo was a common Romani name for boys in Victorian England.
Cute, Old-fashioned


Today, most Romani Gypsies are of the Christian faith. Sampson – a legendary Israelite warrior and judge whose strength came from his uncut hair – could be an excellent option if you want to name your son after a biblical figure lesser-known than John or Michael. Sampson hasn’t been in the U.S. top 1,000 since the late 1800s, making it an appealing choice for vintage boy’s name enthusiasts.

  • Origin: English, French, Hebrew, Greek
  • Meaning: Sun
  • Variations: Samson
  • Namesakes: Sampson Low, a bookseller and publisher in London in the 19th-century.
  • Popularity: Sampson peaked with a U.S. ranking of 409th in 1898.
Strong, Religious, Old-fashioned


Sani is a straightforward name that’s easy to spell, offering an appealing option if you’re looking for a simple name. Although Sani is simple, it’s still unique, never making the U.S. top 1,000 names. Another attraction is that it belongs to Sani Rifati – an influential rights activist and founder of the Voice of Roma, which has helped Romani refugees throughout Europe.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Brilliance
  • Pronunciation: SA-nee
  • Namesakes: Sani Rifati, a Yugoslavian human rights activist for the Roma people.
Cute, Simple


This is a rare gypsy name associated with Settela Steinbach – a young Romani girl who became an icon of the Holocaust after appearing in a video on a wagon to Auschwitz. Many Romani families lost ancestors in the Holocaust. Calling your daughter Settela could be a great way to honor them.

  • Origin: Romani
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Pronunciation: set-EE-la
  • Namesakes: Settela Steinbach, a Dutch Jew of Romani ancestry who was lost during the Holocaust.
Old-fashioned, Traditional


Silvanus is a mythical choice among our male gypsy names, associated with a Roman god of forests, trees, and cattle. The name also has biblical ties, born by a companion of Saint Paul in the New Testament. If you want an elegant Romany Gypsy name with mythological or religious roots, Silvanus could be a keeper.

  • Origin: Roman
  • Meaning: Wood, forest
  • Variations: Silas
  • Namesakes: Silvanus Trevail, the most prominent Corish architect of the 19th-century.
Mythical, Sophisticated, Religious


Shelta is a secret language spoken by Irish Travelers in Ireland and Britain. Many etymologists believe it comes from the Irish Gaelic “siulta,” meaning “moving,” as in being emotionally moved by something. Shelta is deeply tied to gypsy culture, making it a meaningful name option for a baby from this nomadic ethnic group.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: A voice that moves
Unique, Strong


Sotis is a diminutive of Sotiris – a Greek name from “soter,” meaning “savior” or “deliverer,” referring to Jesus. Sotis could be a perfect title for your little blessing from above if you’re a Romani Christian.

  • Origin: Greek, Swedish
  • Meaning: Savior, soot
  • Variations: Sotiris, Sotirios
  • Namesakes: Sotis Volanis, a Greek-Romani singer best known for his 2002 hit, Poso Mou Leipei.
Religious, Traditional
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Starlina, often shortened to Stari, is a stunning English name inspired by the stars in the sky. Starlina is also a variation of Starling – a unisex name derived from a type of songbird with metallic, shimmery feathers native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Whether your gypsy girl is as bright as a star or sweet as the Starlings’ song, Starlina captures her inner radiance.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Star, Starling bird
  • Variations: Starlena, Starline, Starling
  • Popularity: Starlina was a common name for female gypsies in England and surrounding areas in the early 19th-century.
Natural, Beautiful, Whimsical


Theodosia is a gorgeous vintage option among Romany Gypsy names, popular for Gypsies and non-Gypsies in the late 19th-century. Its popularity was boosted by silent film actress and beauty icon Theodosia Burr Goodman, better known by her stage name, Theda Bara. Try shortening this lovely, feminine name to Theo for a unisex vibe.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Giving to God
  • Pronunciation: teh-oh-DO-SEE-ah
  • Namesakes: Theodosia Burr Goodman, a popular silent film actress who earned the nickname of “The Vamp” for her femme fatale roles.
  • Popularity: Theodosia was popular in the U.S. in the late 1800s, falling out of favor by 1895.


Trafalgar is derived from the Arabic “tarag-al-garb,” meaning “end of the west” or “taraf-agarr,” meaning “end of the column” – a reference to the pillars of Hercules. Trafalgar Square in London was named after Cape Trafalgar in Spain, the site of an important battle. Romani gypsies living in England in the early 1800s occasionally chose Trafalgar as a given name for their sons in honor of the London monument. A typical nickname is Algie.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: End of the west, end of the column
  • Namesakes: Trafalgar Boswell, a son of the famous Romani gypsy Sylvester Boswell, mentioned in the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society (1890).
Unique, Strong


Vadoma is the feminine form of Vadim – a Russian name meaning “to know,” referring to pagan magicians called “veduny” (the knowing ones). Your little Vadoma could be a fortune teller with excellent insight into the future.

  • Origin: Romani, Russian
  • Meaning: To know
Mythical, Unique


Vasil is a popular form of Basil used in several languages. Vasil still has a natural, earthy vibe but is less apparent than naming your son directly after the green, leafy herb.

  • Origin: Bulgarian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Georgian, Albanian
  • Meaning: Basil
  • Pronunciation: va-SIL
  • Variations: Basil
  • Namesakes: Vasil Troyanov Boyanov, a Bulgarian recording artist of Romani ethnicity known professionally as Azis.
Natural, Cute


This bold gypsy name is derived from the Roman Vincentius, which, in turn, comes from the Latin “vincere” (to conquer). Vicente is popular in Europe, South America, and North America, so your little nomad will be warmly accepted wherever his path takes him.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese, Roman
  • Meaning: To conquer
  • Pronunciation: bee-SEHN-teh, bee-THEHN-teh
  • Namesakes: Vincente Escudero, a 20th-century Spanish-Romani dancer regarded as the leading male flamenco dancer of his era.
  • Popularity: Vicente’s been in the U.S. top 1,000 since the early 1900s, ranking 759th in 2021.
Strong, Common, Traditional


Woodlock was initially an Old English surname derived from the personal name Wudlac from “wudu” (wood) and “lac” (play, sport). Woodlock is bohemian and natural – perfect for a gypsy boy who loves the great outdoors.

  • Origin: Romani, English
  • Meaning: Wood sport
  • Popularity: Woodlock was one of the top Romani names for boys in Victorian England.
Natural, Unique


Yul is well known in the Romani community, associated with prominent actor Yul Briner, best known for portraying King Mongkut in the musical and movie, The King and I. Perhaps your little Yul will take after his namesake, becoming the next big Romani star!

  • Origin: Russian, Greek
  • Meaning: Downy-bearded
  • Pronunciation: YOOL
  • Variations: Yuliy
  • Namesakes: Yul Briner, a Russian-American actor of Romani ancestry who won two Tony Awards and an Academy Award for Best Actor.
Cute, Simple


Z names are all the rage right now, with Zara making the charts in 12 countries in 2021. Although Zara is popular, it’s still memorable, ensuring your beautiful gypsy girl will stand out from the crowd. If this name is too short for your liking, go for the longer, Bohemian name, Zaharina, and use Zara as a nickname.

  • Origin: Bulgarian
  • Meaning: Yahweh remember
  • Namesakes: Zara Mygoyan, a Russian pop singer, actress, and social activist who was awarded the title of Merited Artist of the Russian Federation in 2016.
  • Popularity: Zara entered the U.S. charts in 2005 and skyrocketed to 213th place in 2021.
Popular, Cool, Religious


Zoltan is likely derived from Sultan – a title for sovereign rulers in Muslim countries. Choosing this mighty name for your little gypsy boy will make him feel like he’s on top of the world!

  • Origin: Hungarian, Slovak
  • Meaning: Sultan, king
  • Variations: Zsolt
  • Namesakes: Zoltan Lunka, a Romanian professional boxer who won a flyweight bronze medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics for Germany.
  • Popularity: Zoltan’s been in Hungary’s top 50 boy names since 2003.
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