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100 Pure Names That Mean White: For Little Angel Babies

Dazzle friends and family with these blindingly bright names that mean white!

Do you have a dazzling daughter or a sparkling son? Is the aesthetic appeal of the color white calling to you? Or maybe your favorite season is winter? Why you want a white name doesn’t matter so much as finding the perfect one.

We’ve built the shiniest list of names that mean white just for your newborn angel. Browse popularity stats and namesakes, and learn a little more about each epithet along the way.

So let’s step into the light to discover all these glorious shades of white below.

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100 Popular Names Meaning White

You’ll start to glow with these 100 names that mean white.


Acheflow is a variant of Acheflour, a corruption of Blancheflour from Old French Blanchefleur. Acheflour was the grieving mother of Perceval in the Arthurian romance Sir Perceval of Galles. Wanting to keep her son safe from taking up arms, she raised him in the forest. It seems Acheflow is a medieval pick already touched by a mother’s love.

  • Origin: Middle English
  • Meaning: White flower
  • Pronunciation: AYK-floh
  • Variations: Acheflour, Acheflur
  • Popularity: Acheflow doesn’t appear on popularity charts, as it is probably extremely rare.
Pretty, Unusual, Unique


Aileen is a variant of Eileen, an Anglicized form of Irish Eibhlín which originates with the Greek Helen. Some suggest Aileen comes from Aylin, Turkish for “halo of the moon.” This lunar epithet associated with white will shine as brightly as your baby girl.

  • Origin: Scottish, Irish, Turkish
  • Meaning: Bright, shining light, halo of the moon
  • Pronunciation: AY-leen
  • Variations: Eileen, Aylin, Ayleen
  • Namesakes: Aileen Reid, a Northern Irish professional triathlete. Aileen Cannon, an American lawyer and jurist. Aileen Dent, an Australian artist.
  • Popularity: Aileen ranked 676th on the U.S. charts in 2021 but has fallen off in New Zealand, Ireland, and Scotland.
Radiant, Modern, Pretty


Put Akmar on your list of boy names that mean white for its exotic appeal and stunning meaning. It’s quite rare, and the only recorded celebrity namesake is the Malaysian press secretary, Datuk Akmar Hisham. Your boy or girl could really make this Arabic option their own.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Brilliant of whiteness
  • Pronunciation: AK-ma-r
  • Namesakes: Datuk Akmar Hisham, the press secretary for the prime minister of Malaysia.
  • Popularity: Akmar is borne by about 1,119 people worldwide and is most popular in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Unique, Exotic, Radiant


Alba is perfect for romantic types. Its etymologies are distinct and connected as Alba is the female form of the Latin name Albus, meaning “white.” This version is used in Spain and Italy, but Alba is also Spanish and Italian for “dawn” — two for one! As the most glorious of girl names that mean white, Alba is among the most darling.

  • Origin: Latin, Italian, Spanish
  • Meaning: White, dawn
  • Pronunciation: AL-ba, AL-buh, AAL-buh
  • Namesakes: Alba Baptista, a Portuguese actress. Alba August, a Danish-Swedish actress and singer. Alba Rohrwacher, an Italian actress.
  • Popularity: Alba fell off U.S. charts after 1923, but in 2021 still ranked 18th in Spain, 145th in England and Wales, and 8th in France.
Pretty, Soothing, Sophisticated


Albin is one letter off from Alvin, meaning it can blend into the contemporary crowd easily. Albin may stem from the Latin Albinus, derived from Albus, but it originates with several languages such as Polish, French, German, Scandinavian, and English. White names don’t all have to sound “holier-than-thou.” With old-school Albin, you can have a little fun.

  • Origin: Germanic, Slavic, Latin
  • Meaning: White, bright
  • Pronunciation: AL-bin, AAL-bin
  • Variations: Albinus, Albinos
  • Namesakes: Albin Zollinger, a Swiss writer. Albin Kurti, a Kosovar-Albanian politician, activist, and prime minister of Kosovo. Albin of Brechin, a 13th-century bishop of the Kingdom of Scotland.
  • Popularity: Albin ranked for the final time in the U.S. at 856th in 1943.
Cute, Cheerful, Vintage


Albus is an ancient Roman cognomen (a byname that eventually became hereditary) that produced the Portuguese and English term “albino.” Nowadays, most associate this moniker with Albus Dumbledore from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. But there was once a Holy Roman Empire coin called “denarius albus,” meaning “white pfennig.” It had high silver content resulting in a light color.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: White, bright
  • Pronunciation: AL-bus, AL-boo-ss
  • Namesakes: James “Jim” Albus, an American professional golfer.
  • Popularity: Albus is most common in Russia, but there are only about 110 bearers globally.
Regal, Unusual, Rare


Alvi stems from Latin Albin, meaning “white” — not to be confused with Alvie, a nickname for Alvin. Alvi is also an Estonian variant of Alve and a version of Alf which means “elf.” If you have a bright-faced little elf on your hands, Alvi is a perfectly adorable option.

  • Origin: Latin, Finnish
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: AL-vee
  • Popularity: Alvi has about 14,218 carriers worldwide, but it doesn’t make the top 1,000 in the U.S.
Cute, Playful, Sweet


Anwen encompasses the Welsh intensive prefix “an,” meaning “very,” and “gwen,” meaning “white,” “fair,” or “blessed.” It’s uncommon in the west but doesn’t make the top 1,000 names on U.S. charts. Anwen is full of goodwill for your baby daughter. Whether you’re honoring your ancestry or just love the look of this unusual epithet, Anwen is a solid choice.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Very fair, very blessed
  • Namesakes: Anwen Keeling, an Australian portrait artist. Anwen Muston, a British Labour Party politician.
  • Popularity: Anwen placed 881st in England and Wales in 2019 but hasn’t appeared since.
Pretty, Unique


Arjun is Hindu Sanskrit and a variation of Arjuna, a warrior hero from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Arjuna was the third of the legendary, princely Pandava brothers. He goes by many names, such as Shvetavāhana, meaning “one with milky white horses mounted to his pure white chariot.” Clearly, Arjun is deeply tied to the color white in all its splendor.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: White, clear, silver
  • Pronunciation: AR-juun
  • Variations: Arjuna
  • Namesakes: Arjun Bijlani, an Indian actor for Hindi TV and reality shows. Arjun Singh Atwal, an Indian professional golfer. Arjun Kanungo, an Indian singer, actor, and composer.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Arjun was 332nd in England and Wales and 582nd in the U.S.
Exotic, Radiant, Cheerful


Aubin is a French form of Albin from the Latin Albinus. Parents who prefer fancy-sounding white names will find that Aubin does the trick. Aubin isn’t hugely popular in the U.S., but it’s not too unheard of either. Why not try one of France’s top 500 male names and have fun butchering the French accent?

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: White, bright
  • Pronunciation: O-BEN
  • Variations: Albin
  • Namesakes: Aubin-Edmond Arsenault, a Canadian Prince Edward Island politician. Joseph Aubin Doiron, a Canadian Prince Edward Island politician.
  • Popularity: Aubin was 228th in 2021 in France.
Cute, Radiant, Elegant
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Aven is the Anglicized Old Irish form of Aoibheann. This stemmed from “oíb” meaning “beauty,” “appearance,” or “form,” and “finn,” meaning “fair” or “white.” Aven may also derive from the Old English surname Avon meaning “river,” or from the Hebrew Aven, meaning “something hurtful.” Most parents will probably stick to the Irish version since the connotations are somewhat more uplifting.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Fair radiance, fair of form
  • Pronunciation: A-ven, A-vn
  • Variations: Aoibheann
  • Popularity: Aven doesn’t appear on U.S. charts and is uncommon worldwide, with about 5,092 bearers.
Sweet, Cheerful, Pretty


Barra is a diminutive of Finbar or Bairrfhionn. Both derive from the Old Irish “finn” meaning “white” or “fair” and “barr” meaning “top” or “head.” If you have a blond cherub, this is a sensible choice. To say Barra like a native Irishman and add an element of playfulness, use a tongue tap for the “r” sound.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Fair-haired, fair-headed
  • Pronunciation: BA-ra
  • Popularity: Barra occurs most frequently on the Ivory Coast.
Exotic, Unusual, Unique


Belle is the French word for “fair” and “beautiful,” but it also derives from the Old and Middle English “belle.” The English version was an occupational surname for a bell ringer and a habitational surname for someone living near a bell tower. The melodious sound of ringing bells is an equally gorgeous association, making Belle ideal for the bell of the ball.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Fair, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: BEL
  • Variations: Bell, Bella
  • Namesakes: Belle Chuo, a Taiwanese actress, and model.
  • Popularity: Belle last ranked in 2020 at 1,000th in the U.S. and 324th in England and Wales.
Sweet, Elegant, Pretty


Bianca is the vivacious Italian younger sister to the toned-down French Blanche. It’s suited for girls as feisty as Bianca from Othello or as good-natured as Bianca from The Taming of the Shrew. As if Bianca wasn’t lovely enough, you could try Bee for a nickname, sweeter than honey.

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: bee-ANG-ka, bee-AHNG-kuh
  • Variations: Bianka
  • Namesakes: Bianca Ryan, an American musician and singer-songwriter. Bianca Jagger, a Nicaraguan activist and actress. Bianca Rinaldi, a Brazilian actress.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Bianca placed 447th in the U.S., and in 2020, it was 15th in Italy.
Elegant, Sophisticated, Regal


Blanca stems from the same root as the French Blanche. It isn’t as refined, but it still has quite a stylish air. Blanca has a host of gorgeous and talented namesakes, from actresses to beauty queens to singers. Ready your rising star for success with the pure and simple Blanca.

  • Origin: Spanish, Catalan
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: blang-KA
  • Variations: Blanka
  • Namesakes: Blanca Portillo, a Spanish actress. Blanca Reyes, a Puerto Rican-born American singer-songwriter. Blanca Heredia, a Venezuelan beauty pageant titleholder.
  • Popularity: Blanca was 951st on the U.S. charts in 2007 and 38th in Spain in 2021.
Modern, Unique, Pretty


Looking for powerful names meaning white? Blanchard originates with the Old French “blanchart,” from Old Germanic elements “blanc,” meaning “white,” and “hart,” meaning “hardy,” “firm,” or “brave.” Hart is also a word for stag from Middle English, or “hert,” which is where the “white deer” translation comes in. Others posit that Blanchard is an archaic term for a white horse.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Whitish, white deer
  • Pronunciation: BLAN-shurd, BLAAN-shard
  • Variations: Blanchart
  • Namesakes: Blanchard Montgomery III, an American football (gridiron) linebacker. Alva Blanchard Adams, an American democratic politician. Azariel Blanchard Miller, an American farmer, rancher, and city founder.
  • Popularity: Blanchard ranked 492nd in France in 1902 but hasn’t ranked since.
Sophisticated, Vintage, Soothing


In the west, Blanche is old-fashioned, but it has continued to flourish in France. Though many see it as outdated, Blanche maintains a classic atmosphere. Associated with royalty and women of importance, Blanche might have a shot at rebounding. It might be hard to shake off the grandma vibes, but at least it commands respect.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: BLAANSH, BLANCH
  • Variations: Blanch
  • Namesakes: Blanche of Castile, a queen of France by marriage to Louis VIII. Blanche Gardin, a French actress, comedian, and writer. Blanche Thebom, an American opera singer and director.
  • Popularity: Blanche ranked for a final time in the U.S. at 911th in 1964 but was 307th in 2021 in France.
Vintage, Sophisticated, Sweet


Blanchefleur is the mother of Tristan, from the tragic chivalric romance Tristan and Iseult. Though Blanchefleur is an iconic floral pick, it maintains a super rare status. Most will likely find it too long. In that case, it might be better providing balance as a middle name. Watch your baby blossom into a young lady with the dignified Blanchefleur.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: White Flower
  • Pronunciation: blaan-shu-flur
  • Variations: Blanziflor, Blancheflor, Blancheflour
  • Popularity: Blanchefleur is very rare, with only three known bearers worldwide.
Elegant, Rare, Beautiful


Bledar is one seriously badass-sounding pick on the same level as Baldur. It simply means “pale,” so it might work best for a baby with lighter features. Regardless of your baby’s appearance, Bledar should be on all parents’ top 10 names that mean white. But remember that your baby boy might have a penchant for football.

  • Origin: Albanian
  • Meaning: Pale
  • Pronunciation: BLEH-dar
  • Variations: Bledarus
  • Namesakes: Bledar Sejko, an Albanian guitarist, composer, and singer. Bledar Hodo, an Albanian professional football player. Bledar Marashi, an Albanian football player.
  • Popularity: Bledar is the most popular in Albania, with 7,774 carriers globally.
Cool, Strong, Unique


Blondell is a variation of Blundell, an ornamental or acquired name derived from the color of a person’s features. It came from “blond,” meaning “of light or white hair” or “of light or fair complexion,” combined with an “-ell” ending. Blondell hasn’t fully broken out of its surname phase, but given time, it could become more common as a first.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Fair-haired, of fair complexion
  • Pronunciation: BLON-del
  • Variations: Blundell
  • Namesakes: Blondell Brown, an American democratic party politician.
  • Popularity: Blondell does not appear on popularity charts.
Cheerful, Sweet, Rare
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Bora is sturdy enough to suit a tough little boy or girl. In Albanian, it has the gentle meaning of “snow” and is used for girls. Meanwhile, the Turkish Bora is a male option meaning “strong wind” or “squall.” Both versions seem to oppose and complement each other, much like yin and yang’s symbolic white and black.

  • Origin: Albanian, Turkish, Korean
  • Meaning: Snow, squall, purple
  • Pronunciation: BOH-RA, POH-RA
  • Variations: Bo-ra
  • Namesakes: Bora Dağtekin, a German screenwriter and director. Bora Aksu, a Turkish fashion designer. Bora Körk, a Turkish professional football player.
  • Popularity: Bora is most prevalent in Cambodia, while Bo-ra is mostly popular in Canada and Korea.
Strong, Unique, Exotic


Branwen derives from Old Welsh “bran,” meaning “raven,” and “gwen,” meaning “fair,” “white,” or “blessed.” In Welsh mythology, Branwen was a major tragic character of the Second Branch of the Mabinogi (a collection of ancient Welsh prose). It has a very Game of Thrones feel — probably thanks to Brandon “Bran” Stark. Your pretty Branwen could be just as tough.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White raven/crow, blessed raven/crow
  • Pronunciation: BRAN-wen
  • Namesakes: Branwen Gwyn, a Welsh TV presenter.
  • Popularity: Branwen is most popular in Wales, with about 328 bearers worldwide.
Cool, Unique, Strong


With a similar appearance to Branwen, Bronwen has had the meaning “white raven” attributed to it. This might simply be a mistranslation of the Welsh “bron,” which means “breast.” “White breast” could refer to complexion or be a figurative way of calling someone pure-hearted. As for Bronwyn, this is a uniquely English variant since, in Wales, “wyn” denotes male names.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White-breasted, fair breasted
  • Pronunciation: BRON-wen
  • Variations: Bronwyn
  • Namesakes: Dame Bronwen Scott Holdsworth, a New Zealand businesswoman and arts patron. Bronwen Maher, an Irish politician. Janet Bronwen Astor, Viscountess Astor, an English fashion model.
  • Popularity: Bronwen last ranked in England and Wales at 799th in 2003.
Strong, Exotic, Cool


Anglicized from the complex-looking Caoilfhionn, Cailynn ultimately stems from Old Irish elements “cáel,” meaning “slender,” and “finn,” meaning “fair, white.” Cailynn might come from ancient roots, but it has a distinctly modern sound. Despite this, there have only been 19 recorded bearers worldwide, all limited to Canada, South Africa, and the U.S.

  • Origin: English, Old Irish, Greek
  • Meaning: Slender, fair and white, pure
  • Pronunciation: KAY-lihn
  • Variations: Cailyn
  • Popularity: Cailynn doesn’t show up on popularity charts and is rare worldwide.
Sweet, Cheerful, Radiant


Apart from England and Wales, and the U.S., Callum is popular in other parts of Europe. In 2021, it ranked 87th in Northern Ireland, 56th in Scotland, and 39th in Ireland. Callum is a Scottish-Gaelic form of Columba — from the saint — meaning “dove.” Doves are traditionally associated with the color white and the qualities of peace and love.

  • Origin: Scottish, Latin
  • Meaning: Dove
  • Pronunciation: KA-lum, KAY-lum
  • Variations: Calum, Kalum, Kallum
  • Namesakes: Callum Reid, a Scottish rugby union player. Callum Robilliard Turner, a British actor and model. Callum Watson, an Australian cross-country skier.
  • Popularity: Callum first ranked in the U.S. at 974th in 2008 and placed 273rd in 2021.
Soothing, Sweet, Cute


Candida comes from the Latin “candidus,” meaning “bright, white.” The English term “candid” stems from this root, though it has become more concerned with bluntness and honesty. Candida is borne by several saints, including Cándida María de Jesús, a Spanish nun and founder of the Daughters of Jesus. If Candida is too much of a mouthful, use the lively nickname Candy.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: kan-DEE-duh
  • Variations: Candidus, Cândida, Cándida
  • Namesakes: Candida Cave, a British artist, playwright, and art historian. Candida Doyle, an English band keyboardist and backup vocalist for Pulp. Candida Thompson, a British violinist.
  • Popularity: Candida last ranked on U.S. charts in 1976 at 885th and last ranked in Brazil at 896th in 1980.
Unusual, Vintage


Candide is the French version of Candida, from the Latin “candidus.” It takes what could sound a bit medicinal to some and makes it slightly fancier. Besides its Latinate meanings, Candide also means “naïve” in French. We can’t imagine a baby being anything but innocent and childlike, so Candide is quite fitting.

  • Origin: French, Latin
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: kaan-DEED
  • Variations: Candidus, Kandid
  • Namesakes: Candide Thovex, a French professional skier and filmmaker. Candide Rochefort, a Canadian politician. Candide Renard, daughter of football coach and former player, Hervé Renard.
  • Popularity: In France, Candide came 468th in 1917 but hasn’t appeared on the chart since.
Exotic, Vintage, Unique


Caylie is such a sweet pick but doesn’t get much love. It’s a derivative of the Irish Caoilainn, meaning “slender and white” or “slim and fair.” From Arabic origins, Caylie stems from the female form of Khaleel, meaning “close companion” or “beloved.” Caylie certainly has a warm and friendly vibe among girl names that mean white.

  • Origin: English, Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Slim and fair, companion
  • Pronunciation: KAY-lee
  • Variations: Kaylee, Kayleigh, Cailee, Caileigh
  • Popularity: Caylie has about 158 bearers globally but doesn’t show up on U.S. charts.
Cheerful, Cute, Sweet


Of all the names meaning white out there, Chitsa might be the only Native American option. In the Fallout 2 video game, one of the player character options is a young woman called Chitsa. If picked, she would be known as the Chosen One in the game. Besides this fictional namesake, baby Chitsa won’t have much competition for her epithet.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Fair
  • Pronunciation: CHIH-stuh
  • Popularity: Chitsa is the most popular in Zimbabwe, borne by about 74 people worldwide.
Exotic, Cute, Rare


Columba is a gentle gender-neutral option that pays homage to the Irish warrior monk, St. Columba. Latin for “dove,” Columba evokes images of the Holy Spirit. You can have peace of mind knowing your precious blessing is endowed with a pure pick.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Dove
  • Pronunciation: kuh-LUM-buh, koh-LOOM-ba
  • Namesakes: Saint Columba, an Irish abbot, and missionary. Columba Domínguez Alarid, a Mexican actress, singer, and painter. Columba Stewart, an American Benedictine monk.
  • Popularity: Columba is most prevalent in Mexico.
Sweet, Sophisticated, Elegant
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Columban is a derivative of the German and Romanian versions of the Latin Columbanus and Columba. If manliness matters to you, this version is more identifiable as exclusively male with the addition of the “n.” Still, with a saintly namesake and tender meaning, Columban can’t help but be soft and mild.

  • Origin: Latin, German, Romanian
  • Meaning: Dove
  • Pronunciation: kuh-LUM-bun, koh-LOOM-ban
  • Variations: Columbanus, Kolumban
  • Namesakes: Saint Columban, or Columbanus, an Irish missionary who founded several monasteries.
  • Popularity: Globally, about 72 people are called Columban.
Strong, Sweet, Cool


Ranking on U.S. charts since 1900, Crystal has been popular for a long time — and it’s clear to see why. In nature, a crystal is any solid material with a crystalline lattice, ranging from diamonds to snowflakes. With a frosty white meaning and wintry ties, Crystal is a perfect snow princess name. Elsa’s fine, but Crystal is better!

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Ice
  • Pronunciation: KRIH-stull, KRIH-stl
  • Variations: Krystal, Kristal
  • Namesakes: Crystal Allen, an American actress. Crystal Gayle, an American country music singer. Crystal Taliefero-Pratt, an American instrumentalist and vocalist.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Crystal was 960th on the U.S. charts and 747th in England and Wales.
Pretty, Modern, Cheerful


Damsa has a delicately beautiful meaning and a gentle sound. The saying “baby soft” comes to mind with this one. Go with the exotic Damsa for your pudgy bundle of sweetness.

  • Origin: Afghan, Persian
  • Meaning: White silk
  • Pronunciation: DAM-suh
  • Popularity: Damsa is borne by about 420 people worldwide.
Soothing, Elegant, Exotic


Danala is a rare find in the Hebrew language. Meaning “white swan,” Danala could be the next Princess Odette, full of beauty and grace. As swans symbolize love and devotion, this epithet wonderfully expresses how much you cherish your pretty princess. Let your daughter glide through life with Danala.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: White swan
  • Popularity: Danala doesn’t appear in the top 1,000 of any popularity charts, but there are about 243 bearers worldwide.
Sweet, Elegant, Pretty


Dhavalachandra is of Hindu Sanskrit origin. The Hitopadesha, a 12th-century Indian text, mentions that a patron of the writings was King Dhavala Chandra. Despite apparently being the name of a ruler, both versions of Dhavalachandra are extremely rare. The related name, Chandra, meaning “moon,” is more popular and is the 952nd most common name in the world.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: White moon
  • Pronunciation: DA-va-luh-CHAN-druh
  • Variations: Dhavala Chandra
  • Popularity: Dhavalachandra is not on any popularity charts, making it quite rare.
Unique, Soothing, Rare


Dwight is primarily from DeWitt, a Dutch surname meaning “the white one,” indicating the bearer had white hair. It was also adopted as a first name in English-speaking countries, but in Belgium and the Netherlands, it’s exclusively a surname. Dwight also stems from an English surname meaning “devotee of Dionysus.” This version derives from Diot, a diminutive of Dionysia.

  • Origin: Dutch, English
  • Meaning: White, blond, devotee of Dionysus
  • Pronunciation: DWEYE-t
  • Namesakes: Dwight Gooden, an American professional baseball pitcher. Dwight York, an American stand-up comedian, and writer. Dwight Yoakam, an American country singer, actor, and film director.
  • Popularity: In 2004, Dwight ranked 888th in the U.S. top 1,000 names but hasn’t appeared since.
Cute, Sweet


Edelweiss is an Anglicized spelling of the German, Edelweiß. It’s made up of Germanic elements “edel,” meaning “noble,” and “weiss/weiß,” meaning “white.” The dainty Edelweiss flower, a wooly white blossom, grows in rocky, mountainous regions. It’s said that gifting an edelweiss to a loved one is a promise of commitment. Show your devotion to your darling daughter with Edelweiss.

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Noble white
  • Pronunciation: AY-dl-weyes
  • Variations: Edelweiß
  • Namesakes: Edelweiss Tuzon, a Filipina actress.
  • Popularity: Edelweiss is very rare, with about 1,149 bearers worldwide.
Regal, Elegant, Beautiful


Eira might only be four letters, but it’s definitely not as simple as it looks. It means “snow” in Welsh and “kindling” in Arabic, from the Quranic root “W-R-Y.” Eira is also a modern form of the Norse name Eir, meaning “mercy” or “protection.” That’s something every parent wishes for their little one. Give the multifaceted Eira a shot.

  • Origin: Welsh, Arabic
  • Meaning: Snow, kindling
  • Pronunciation: EE-ra, EYE-ra
  • Variations: Eiraa
  • Namesakes: Eira Lydiard, a Finnish gymnast. Eira Stenberg, an award-winning Finnish author and playwright.
  • Popularity: In 2020, Eira ranked 406th in England, and in 2021, it ranked 59th in Norway.
Soothing, Cute, Cheerful


Eirwen not only looks Welsh but also sounds very Welsh. It’s made up of the words “eira,” meaning “snow,” and “gwen,” meaning “white,” fair,” or “blessed.” Eirwyn is the masculine form of Eirwen, so little boys can get in on the frosty fun too! For lovers of the powdery white winter season, Eirwen is an ideal choice.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White snow, blessed snow
  • Pronunciation: EER-wen
  • Variations: Eirwyn
  • Namesakes: Eirwen Gwynn, a Welsh nationalist, writer, teacher, and physicist. Eirwen Davies, a Welsh broadcaster and TV news presenter.
  • Popularity: Eirwen is most popular in Wales, with about 1,596 bearers worldwide.
Exotic, Cheerful, Sweet


Euphemia comes from the Greek “euphemeo,” meaning “to use words of good omen.” It’s made up of the elements “eu,” meaning “good,” and “phemi,” meaning “to speak” or “to declare.” In the Japanese anime Code Geass, Princess Euphemia was a much-loved advocate for peace whose words touched hearts. Some lovely nicknames include Euphie, Effie, or Femi/Phemie.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Fair speech, well-spoken
  • Pronunciation: yew-FEE-mee-uh
  • Variations: Eufemia
  • Namesakes: Lady Euphemia Millais, a Scottish art model and the wife of painter John Everett Millais. Euphemia Barnett, a Scottish botanist.
  • Popularity: Euphemia ranked once at 943rd in 1903 on U.S. charts.
Elegant, Regal, Sophisticated
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Eurwen takes the Welsh elements “aur,” meaning “gold,” and “gwen,” meaning “white,” “fair,” or “blessed.” This one is pretty unique and only has about 244 bearers worldwide. Already considered a precious substance, gold has been used for centuries as currency, jewelry, and as a status symbol. Eurwen’s “white gold” implies an illustrious gleam, perfect for your newborn.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White gold, blessed gold
  • Pronunciation: UR-wen
  • Variations: Aurwen
  • Namesakes: Kate Eurwen O’Toole, an English actress.
  • Popularity: Eurwen is most prevalent in Wales.
Unique, Cool, Strong


Fairchild is more common as a surname. It stems from a Middle English nickname for a handsome child or a “handsome youth of noble birth.” It could also imply a “fair-haired child.” Fairbairn is the Scottish variant, and though it sounds quite cool, Fairchild is easier for English-speakers to adopt.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Fair/handsome child
  • Pronunciation: FAIR-cheyeld
  • Variations: Fairbairn
  • Popularity: Globally, Fairchild is borne about 142 people.
Rare, Sophisticated, Unique


Fenella comes from the Old Irish Fionnghuala, which combined “finn,” meaning “white” or “fair,” with “gúala,” meaning “shoulder.” Fionnghuala, popular in medieval Ireland, maintains this status with the modernized Fionnuala. For the non-Irish, Fenella is perfect for honoring the original moniker without being too cumbersome.

  • Origin: Scottish, Irish
  • Meaning: White shoulder
  • Pronunciation: fuh-NEL-uh
  • Variations: Finella
  • Namesakes: Fenella Fielding, an English stage, film, and TV actress. Fenella Mukangara, a Tanzanian politician. Fenella Kernebone, an Australian radio and TV presenter.
  • Popularity: Fenella last ranked in England and Wales at 871st in 2001.
Sweet, Unique, Playful


Finn has two etymologies — one from the Old Irish Fionn, meaning “fair” or “white,” and the other from the Old Norse Finnr. Finnr means “Sámi,” which is a person from Finland. Finn is quite popular worldwide, from the U.S. to Germany and beyond. Why not try the simple and sweet Finn for your handsome young man?

  • Origin: Irish, Old Norse
  • Meaning: Fair, white, from Finland
  • Pronunciation: FIN
  • Variations: Fionn, Fynn
  • Namesakes: Finn Wolfhard, a Canadian actor known for Netflix’s Stranger Things. Finn Trond Isaksen, a Norwegian politician. Finn Russell, a Scottish rugby union player.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Finn ranked 42nd in Austria, 72nd in England and Wales, and 184th in the U.S.
Cute, Modern, Sweet


Fintan is well-known in Ireland, England, and Wales but is uncommon in the U.S. Besides “white flame,” it may mean “little fair one” or “fair-headed.” In Irish mythology, the only survivor of the Great Flood was Fintan mac Bóchra, who found refuge on the island of Ireland. Fintan gets its air of longevity and sturdiness from this tale.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: White fire
  • Pronunciation: FIN-tn, FIN-tun
  • Variations: Fionntan
  • Namesakes: Fintan O’Toole, an Irish columnist, editor, and drama critic. Fintan Connolly, an Irish film director, screenwriter, and producer. Fintan Cullen, an Irish academic and writer.
  • Popularity: Fintan ranked for the final time in Ireland at 97th in 1972 and in England and Wales at 944th in 2011.
Cool, Strong, Vintage


Fiona has Gaelic roots but is famous as Princess Fiona from the Shrek movie franchise in the west. Despite being well-known and quite pretty, Fiona has died off in most countries, including New Zealand, England, and Wales. However, it ranked 59th in Switzerland in 2020 and last ranked in the U.S. in 2021. Clearly, Fiona has its fans.

  • Origin: Scottish, Irish
  • Meaning: White, fair
  • Pronunciation: fee-OH-nuh, fee-OH-nah
  • Variations: Fionn
  • Namesakes: Fiona Staples, a Canadian comic book artist. Fiona Christianne Dourif, an American actress, and producer. Fiona Flanagan, known as Fiona, an American singer, and actress.
  • Popularity: In 2017, Fiona peaked in the U.S. at 180th and placed 296th in 2021.
Pretty, Elegant, Cute


Fjolla derives from the Albanian “fjollë,” meaning “fine snow.” The spelling of this delicate option might put some people off, but don’t let that errant “j” fool you. It makes an “EE” or “y” sound like in the word “yo-yo.” Still not sold? Fjolla is rare enough that your baby feels special. Plus, you can use a super-cute nickname like Fee-Fee.

  • Origin: Albanian
  • Meaning: Snowflake, fine snow
  • Pronunciation: fee-OH-lah, fee-OH-luh
  • Namesakes: Fjolla Kelmendi, a Kosovar judoka (judo practitioner). Fjolla Shala, a Kosovar women’s football player.
  • Popularity: Fjolla is most prevalent in Kosovo, with over 1,000 bearers worldwide.
Exotic, Pretty, Cheerful


Galatea sounds straight out of a work of science fiction. Whether you’re enamored with androids or galaxy cruisers, Galatea has a luxuriant air. It’s the Latinized form of the Greek Galateia, stemming from “gala,” meaning “milk” — fitting for Pygmalion’s ivory statue from Greek myth. It’s also perfect if your baby has milky white features or a gentle personality.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: (She who is) white as milk
  • Pronunciation: gala-TAY-uh, gala-TEE-uh
  • Variations: Galateia, Galathea, Gallathea
  • Namesakes: Galatea Ranzi, an Italian film, stage, and TV actress.
  • Popularity: Galatea is borne by about 144 people globally.
Regal, Beautiful, Radiant


Although Gannon sounds powerful and tough, it has a sweet meaning. This Anglicization of the Irish surname Mac Fhionnáin stems from “finn,” meaning “white” or “fair.” We’re unsure how the original moniker came to be spelled so differently, but it’s certainly unique. Gamers may recognize Gannon as another spelling of Ganon, the main villain of The Legend of Zelda.

  • Origin: English, Irish
  • Meaning: Fair-skinned, fair-haired
  • Pronunciation: GA-nun
  • Variations: Ganon
  • Namesakes: Gannon Nickell, an American voiceover artist, producer, and stuntman. Gannon Sinclair, an American football (gridiron) player.
  • Popularity: Gannon peaked on U.S. charts in 2014 at 414th and last ranked 884th in 2018.
Cool, Strong, Modern


Gauri is Hindu Sanskrit and is one of the names of the goddess Parvati due to her light complexion. Parvati was the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess Sati, the first wife of Shiva. Sometimes, Gauri’s epithet could be translated as “the golden one.” That alone should put Gauri on your list.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: White, fair, shining, brilliant
  • Pronunciation: GUHW-ree
  • Variations: Gouri
  • Namesakes: Gauri Karnik, an Indian actress for Hindi and Marathi films. Gauri Pradhan Tejwani, an Indian model and Indian TV actress. Gauri Khan, an Indian film producer and fashion designer.
  • Popularity: Gauri is most popular in India and Nepal.
Radiant, Exotic, Unusual
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Gavin is a modern variation of the medieval Welsh moniker Gawain, meaning “little falcon” or “white hawk.” It’s a moniker fit for a knight. Instill the qualities of chivalry in your boy with Gavin, and watch as he develops a white heart. What’s that, you ask? It means your Gavin will be pure in spirit, word, and deed.

  • Origin: Scottish, Welsh
  • Meaning: White hawk, little falcon
  • Pronunciation: GA-vin, GA-vun
  • Variations: Gawain
  • Namesakes: Gavin MacIntosh, an American actor. Gavin Rossdale, an English musician, and actor. Gavin Turk is a British artist.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Gavin was 173rd in the U.S. and 92nd in Canada in 2019.
Strong, Cool, Modern


Glinda was invented by L. Frank Baum for the “Good Witch of the South” from his Oz novels. In the books, Glinda is the strongest sorceress in the Land of Oz. Every parent wants their child to be good, so why not give Glinda a go? It’s become a relic in the U.S., so it really stands out.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Fair, good
  • Pronunciation: GLIHN-duh
  • Popularity: In 1951, Glinda peaked on the U.S. charts at 733rd and ranked for a final time in 1955 at 859th.
Vintage, Sweet, Sophisticated


With Hindu Sanskrit roots, Gour is a masculine option for lovers of unusual white names. The variant, Gaur, means “fair one” but also “one paying attention.” Show some love for your family history or explore another culture with Gour.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: Fair, white
  • Pronunciation: GUHWR
  • Variations: Gaur
  • Popularity: Gour is most prevalent in India.
Unique, Exotic, Cute


Guinevere’s medieval feel stems from the Arthurian character, Queen Guinevere of Great Britain. Names meaning white come in all forms, and this is probably one of the most ethereal. If your little girl wants to be a beautiful fairy, grant her wish with Guinevere.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White fairy, white phantom, fair one
  • Pronunciation: GWIN-ah-veer, GWIN-ah-veeuh
  • Variations: Guenevere, Guenever, Gwynnevere
  • Namesakes: Guinevere van Seenus, an American model and jewelry designer. Guinevere Turner, an American actress, and screenwriter. Guinevere Kauffmann, an American astrophysicist.
  • Popularity: Guinevere ranked for the first time in the U.S. at 965th in 2021.
Sophisticated, Radiant, Regal


Gwen is the feminine form of Gwyn, meaning “fair,” “white,” or “blessed.” It’s an element used in many Welsh names, sometimes without the “g.” Gwen has become quite popular on its own and continues to captivate parents around the globe. It’s easy to see why Gwen is such a hit, considering how simple and sweet it sounds.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair, white, blessed, holy
  • Variations: Gwyn, Gwenn
  • Namesakes: Gwen Stefani, an American singer-songwriter, actress, and record producer. Gwen Swinarton, a Canadian ASMR YouTuber. Gwen Humble, an American actress.
  • Popularity: Gwen ranked 734th in England and Wales and 855th in the U.S. in 2021.
Sweet, Cute, Cheerful


In The Life of Merlin, Gwendolen was the wife of the magician Merlin. Gwendolen or Gwendolyn consists of the Welsh “gwen,” meaning “white,” “fair,” “blessed,” or “holy.” It makes sense for the wife of a sorcerer. Multiple versions of the moniker have been used since the 19th-century, but no others have taken off in the U.S., like Gwendolyn.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair bow, blessed ring
  • Pronunciation: GWEN-doh-lin
  • Variations: Gwendolin, Gwendolyne, Gwendoline⁣, Gwendolen
  • Namesakes: Gwendolyn Masin, a Dutch-Irish violinist, and author. Gwendolyn Brooks, an American poet, author, and teacher. Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith, a British model and actress.
  • Popularity: Gwendolyn enjoys frequent spikes in the U.S. It neared the top 100 over the last century before settling at 399th in 2021.
Pretty, Radiant, Cute


Gweneth is a lovely option if you’ve been blessed with a daughter. Gwyneth might be more mainstream, but in Welsh, the element “gwyn” is masculine. Gweneth and its cousins may all be related to Gwynedd which was a 5th-century Welsh kingdom. Some suggest that Gwynedd has ties to the Celtic “wēnā,” meaning “band of warriors.”

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair, blessed, white
  • Pronunciation: GWEH-nuth, GWEH-nith
  • Variations: Gwenyth, Gwyneth, Gwenith
  • Namesakes: Gweneth Molony, an Australian figure skater. Gweneth Lilly, an England-born Welsh author, and teacher.
  • Popularity: Gweneth is most popular in the U.S., with about 2,225 global bearers.
Sophisticated, Rare, Sweet


Although Haku can mean “white,” other kanji provide meanings like “count,” “eldest brother,” “hundred,” “chief official,” or “soul.” As a surname, Haku is the English Mr. or Mrs. White equivalent. In Spirited Away, Haku belongs to a boy who can turn into a white dragon. Meanwhile, in the Naruto anime, the minor character Haku has ice powers.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: White, pure
  • Pronunciation: HA-koo
  • Namesakes: Shinkun Haku, a Japanese politician. Kiyoko Haku, pen name Kiyoko Arai, a Japanese manga artist.
  • Popularity: With about 3,373 worldwide bearers, Haku is the most popular in India and Japan.
Sweet, Exotic, Cute


Hakuryu is a badass Japanese dragon name that means “white dragon.” This is an extremely rare pick with only one known celebrity namesake. In Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, a boy called Haku, or Kohaku, turns into a majestic white dragon. In eastern culture, these dragons came to be associated with purity and the spirits of virtuous kings.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: White dragon
  • Pronunciation: HA-koo-REE-yoo
  • Variations: Hakuryuu
  • Namesakes: Hakuryu, born Jun Jung-il, a Korean-Japanese actor and musician.
  • Popularity: There are a little over 20 known bearers of Hakuryu worldwide, with most found in Japan.
Elegant, Cool, Rare


Haunani is a combination of the Hawaiian “hau,” meaning “snow,” and “nani,” meaning “beauty” or “glory.” Most people will think of sun and sand when they hear Hawaii, so Haunani makes for a pleasant twist. Take a load off with this relaxing island option that calls to mind gorgeous snow-covered beaches.

  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Beautiful snow
  • Pronunciation: how-NA-nee
  • Namesakes: Haunani-Kay Trask, a Hawaiian activist, educator, author, and poet. Haunani Minn Singer, an American actress.
  • Popularity: With about 263 carriers worldwide, Haunani is popular in French Polynesia and the U.S.
Soothing, Unique, Pretty
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In Korea, Hayan isn’t commonly used. It comes from the adjective “hayata” meaning “pure,” “white,” or “pale.” Hayan is more popular in Saudi Arabia but still falls short of the top 1,000 names there. As an alternate form of the Arabic Hayyan, it means “life.” Purity and life are both wonderful blessings for your baby boy or girl.

  • Origin: Korean, Arabic
  • Meaning: White, alive, life
  • Pronunciation: heye-AN
  • Variations: Hayyan
  • Popularity: Hayan is the most popular in Saudi Arabia.
Rare, Exotic, Pretty


Helen might stem from the ancient Greek “Helene,” meaning “torch” or “light,” or from “Selene,” meaning “moon.” A classic option, Helen has maintained its popularity in England and the U.S. Sadly, it hasn’t fared well in other countries where it no longer graces charts. Helene is the preferred version in Norway and France, ranking 100th and 437th in 2021, respectively.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Light, bright, torch
  • Pronunciation: HEH-ln, HEH-lin
  • Variations: Helene, Helena
  • Namesakes: Helen Castillo, an American fashion designer. Dame Helen Mirren, an English actress. Helen of Anjou, a queen consort of Serbia.
  • Popularity: Helen was most popular in the U.S. between 1900 and 1919 at 2nd and ranked 440th in 2021.
Sophisticated, Sweet, Elegant


We’re almost sure you haven’t heard of Himu. With under 9,000 worldwide bearers, this Bengali option is almost exclusive to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Indonesia. If you want something cute but a little unconventional, Himu is just right.

  • Origin: Bengali
  • Meaning: White, pure, snow
  • Pronunciation: HEE-moo
  • Namesakes: Humaira Himu, a Bangladeshi TV and film actress. Islam Mohamed Himu, a Bangladeshi businessman.
  • Popularity: Himu is most popular in Bangladesh, though it doesn’t make the top 1,000 names there.
Pretty, Soothing, Cute


Isolfr is an Old Norse combination of “íss,” meaning “ice,” and “ulfr,” meaning “wolf.” We’ve presented the easiest version for English-speakers, but feel free to use any variation. Just don’t be surprised if your baby gets summoned by the gods to embark on some epic quest! The icy Isolfr is not for the faint of heart.

  • Origin: Old Norse, Icelandic
  • Meaning: Ice wolf
  • Pronunciation: EE-sol-vur, EE-sohl-fur
  • Variations: Ísólfr, Ísólfur
  • Popularity: Isolfr does not appear on popularity charts and is extremely rare.
Cool, Strong, Regal


Ivory is Middle English but stems from the Anglo-Norman “ivurie,” a derivative of the Latin “ebur.” This hard white substance forms the tusks of animals like elephants and walruses. Many cultures have long coveted it to the detriment of some species. Despite being gender-neutral, in modern times, Ivory is mostly used for girls. But ultimately, you decide.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Ivory, creamy-white
  • Pronunciation: EYE-vuu-ree, EYE-vree
  • Namesakes: Ivory Hunter, an American R&B singer-songwriter and pianist. Ivory Aquino, a Filipina-American actress. Ivory A. Toldson, an American academic and author.
  • Popularity: In the U.S., Ivory last ranked 976th for boys in 1979, but in 2021 it ranked 568th for girls.
Pretty, Soothing


Izotz is probably the coolest choice for names that mean white — literally. Not only does it look and sound like an Aztec god, but it means “ice.” Take Izotz across Spanish borders and bring him home in a stroller.

  • Origin: Basque
  • Meaning: Ice
  • Pronunciation: ee-SOTS
  • Popularity: Izotz is limited to Spain, where there are about 42 bearers.
Cool, Unique, Strong


Jatau is Hausa, a western African language spoken by the Hausa ethnic group. Ordinarily, Jatau would be given to a baby boy with light skin, likely because these names are descriptive of what the parents observe. Regardless of what your baby looks like, anyone can use Jatau.

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Fair-coloured, light
  • Variations: Jā̀tau
  • Popularity: Jatau shows up most frequently in Nigeria and has about 11,571 bearers worldwide.
Exotic, Playful, Unique


Jennifer is common in English-speaking countries, but most people don’t realize it fits in with other girl names that mean white. It’s the Cornish form of the Welsh Gwenhwyfar, meaning “fair” or “white phantom.” So next time you consider passing over Jennifer, remember its pretty meanings. Or you can choose the alluring Yenifer and shorten it to Yen.

  • Origin: Cornish, Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair one, white phantom
  • Pronunciation: JEN-ih-fur, JEN-ih-fr
  • Variations: Jenifer, Jenefer, Yenifer
  • Namesakes: Jennifer Aniston, an award-winning American actress and film producer. Jennifer Ackerman, an American author. Jennifer Bartlett, an American artist.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Jennifer placed 469th in England and Wales and 493rd in the U.S.
Modern, Sweet, Cheerful


Jökull is reminiscent of another Norse word, Jötunn. These were mythical, supernatural non-human beings, of which the most prominent were the frost giants. Jökull might not have anything to do with giants, but it certainly is a chilly choice. Last seen blowing up the charts in its homeland, Jökull could potentially be a hit elsewhere.

  • Origin: Icelandic, Old Norse
  • Meaning: Glacier, ice
  • Pronunciation: YOH-kool
  • Variations: Jokull, Jǫkull
  • Popularity: Jökull is most popular in Iceland and Sweden and ranked 7th in Iceland in 2016.
Strong, Cool, Exotic


Kalkin is the 10th incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. It might stem from Kal, meaning “time.” Although the original term may have been Kalki, meaning “white,” the color of a horse on which this incarnation rides. With this celestial connection, Kalkin acquires a majestic undertone.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: White (horse)
  • Pronunciation: KAL-kin
  • Variations: Kalk, Kalki
  • Popularity: There are less than 20 people called Kalkin recorded worldwide.
Playful, Exotic, Rare
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Kenneth is an Anglicization of the Scottish-Gaelic Coinneach, meaning “handsome” or “fair,” and Old Irish Cináed, meaning “born of fire.” While both etymologies are great in their own right, Kenneth sounds overly formal. Yet, this double-syllable moniker remains well-loved worldwide. Shorten it to Ken or Kenny for a more relaxed vibe.

  • Origin: Scottish, English
  • Meaning: Fair, handsome, born of fire
  • Pronunciation: KEH-neth
  • Variations: Kennith
  • Namesakes: Kenneth Chesney, an American country music singer and songwriter. Kenneth Grahame, a British novelist and author of The Wind in the Willows. Kenneth Rogers, an American singer-songwriter and actor.
  • Popularity: Kenneth last ranked in England and Wales at 929th in 2019 and continued ranking on U.S. charts at 258th in 2021.
Strong, Sophisticated


Kenyon comes from a surname derived from an English place name. Honestly, it sounds like someone smashed together the words canyon and Kenya to make something cool and unique. Though it’s lost some momentum, Kenyon is backed by famous creatives and athletes, like American basketball player Kenyon Martin. Bouncing back may be in Kenyon’s future.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Blond, white-haired
  • Pronunciation: KEH-nyon
  • Namesakes: Kenyon Cox, an American painter, illustrator, writer, and teacher. Kenyon Hopkins, an American composer. Kenyon Nicholson, an American playwright, and screenwriter.
  • Popularity: Kenyon peaked in the U.S. at 663rd in 2005, with a final rank of 926th in 2009.
Unique, Unusual, Cool


Laban is a biblical moniker mentioned as a personal and place name. It comes from the Hebrew word “lavan,” meaning “white.” In the Bible, Leah and Rachel’s father was the only person called Laban. The location bearing the same name was mentioned once concerning the desert plains in front of Suph.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: LAY-ban
  • Variations: Lavan
  • Namesakes: Laban Ainsworth, a record-holding American pastor. Laban Moiben, a Kenyan long-distance runner and professional marathon runner.
  • Popularity: Laban is popular in Kenya.
Unusual, Cool


Laksha means “white rose” in Hindu Sanskrit, but another suggested meaning is “aim.” A white rose symbolizes purity, innocence, divine love, and hope. We think at least one of those qualities will resonate with you. Laksha is a lovely Indian option that’s sure to perfume your home with the fragrance of a new bloom.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: White rose
  • Pronunciation: lak-SHAH
  • Popularity: Laksha is most popular in India and Sri Lanka, with a little over 2,000 bearers worldwide.
Beautiful, Elegant, Rare


Lebanon is primarily a place name stemming from the Semitic root “lavan,” meaning “white,” and a Phoenician root “lbn,” meaning “white.” The biblical Mount Lebanon may have acquired the descriptive epithet regarding its light-colored limestone cliffs or snow-capped slopes. Lebanon is also a modern-day country, meaning that this white name doubles as a travel name.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Phoenician
  • Meaning: White (mountain)
  • Pronunciation: LEH-buh-non
  • Popularity: About 1,067 people are called Lebanon globally.
Cool, Rare, Strong


Livna is one of the few Hebrew girl names that mean white on our list. Moms and Dads searching for a Hebrew name (for use in a religious context) might consider Livna. Perhaps you wish to honor an ancestor or simply make a reference to your daughter’s blonde locks. Livna covers all your bases.

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: White
  • Variations: Livnat
  • Popularity: Livna is most prevalent in India and Israel but is quite rare worldwide.
Rare, Cute, Exotic


You can’t spell “illumination” without Lumi. In Finland, this radiant option is a girl’s name, but in Norse, Lumi is gender-neutral. Despite being borne by less than 3,000 people worldwide, it’s fairly widespread and is most popular in Nigeria and Finland.

  • Origin: Finnish, Old Norse
  • Meaning: Snow, light-bringer
  • Pronunciation: LOO-mee
  • Namesakes: Lumi, professional name lushlumi, a British makeup artist and Instagrammer.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Lumi placed 38th in Finland.
Beautiful, Radiant, Cute


In ancient Roman mythology, Luna was the embodiment of the moon and her Greek counterpart was Selene. It’s perfect for a girl since the moon represents feminine energy. Maybe that’s why Luna is so popular in France, Australia, the Netherlands, and the U.S., among others. Make your home a haven of peace under the pale moonlight.

  • Origin: Italian, Spanish, Latin
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Pronunciation: LOO-nuh
  • Variations: Lúna, Louna
  • Namesakes: Luna Blaise Boyd, an American actress and singer. Luna Wedler, a Swiss actress known for Netflix’s Biohackers. Luna Maya Sugeng, an Austrian-Indonesian model and actress.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Luna placed 49th in Spain, 35th in England and Wales, and 11th in the U.S.
Soothing, Beautiful, Regal


Miyuki is a stunning pick from the island nation of Japan. It can be read as “mi” meaning “beautiful,” and “yuki” meaning “happiness,” or “good luck,” or more commonly as “snow.” Who can deny the magic of all that glittering white powder on a sparkling winter’s day? Miyuki makes a perfect fit for a happy baby with its cheerful feel.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Beautiful snow, deep snow, beautiful happiness
  • Pronunciation: mee-YOO-kee
  • Namesakes: Miyuki Sawashiro, a Japanese actress and voice actress. Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of former Japanese prime minister Yukio Hatoyama. Miyuki Maeda, a Japanese international badminton player.
  • Popularity: Miyuki is the most popular in Japan.
Sweet, Cheerful, Beautiful


At first glance, it might be easy to butcher an unusual epithet like Muireann. Fortunately, it’s surprisingly simple to say. As a bonus, it should also whet the appetites of fans of nautical names. From the Old Irish “muir,” meaning “sea,” and “finn,” meaning “white” or “fair,” Muireann conjures imagery of a shore white with crashing waves.

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Sea white, sea fair
  • Pronunciation: mooy-REN
  • Variations: Muirenn, Mairenn
  • Namesakes: Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, an Irish musician and folk singer.
  • Popularity: Muireann is most prevalent in Ireland, where it ranked for the final time in 2011 at 87th.
Unusual, Playful, Exotic
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Neve is an Anglicized form of Irish-Gaelic Niamh, meaning “bright,” but also stems from the Latin “nivis,” meaning “snow.” It’s ideal for a daughter as radiant as bright white snow. Although Neve is primarily feminine, one anomaly exists. It’s maintained a spot in Israel’s top 1,000 names since 2014 and was 60th for boys in 2020.

  • Origin: Irish, Latin
  • Meaning: Bright, snow
  • Pronunciation: NEEV, NEHV
  • Variations: Niamh
  • Namesakes: Neve Campbell, a Canadian actress.
  • Popularity: Neve was 275th in 2021 for England and Wales.
Cheerful, Radiant, Sweet


Nola is a diminutive of the Irish Fionnuala, meaning “fair shoulder,” and the floral epithet, Magnolia. The magnolia flower comes in a few shades, the most common being a soft pink or a stunning white. Whichever etymology you derive Nola from, rest assured that you’ll have an adorable pick that means white.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: White shoulder, fair shoulder
  • Pronunciation: NOH-luh
  • Namesakes: Nola Ishmael, a Barbadian nurse and the first black ethnic director of nursing in London. Nola Barron, a New Zealand potter. Nola Fairbanks, an American actress.
  • Popularity: Nola was most popular in the U.S. in 1904 at 266th and placed 597th in 2021.
Cute, Sweet, Pretty


Olwen is fairly uncommon. It comes from the Welsh elements “ol” meaning “footprint” or “track,” and “gwen,” meaning “white,” “fair,” or “blessed.” Olwen is a Welsh mythological figure. She’s depicted in the Mabinogion as a stunning beauty in a fire-red dress with pale white skin and hands. Notably, white flowers would spring up with every step she took.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White footprint, white track
  • Pronunciation: OL-wen
  • Variations: Olwyn
  • Namesakes: Olwen Wymark, an American writer and playwright. Lady Olwen Brogan, a British archaeologist. Olwen Fouéré, an Irish stage and film actress and director.
  • Popularity: Olwen is most prevalent in England and Wales and has about 6,420 bearers globally.
Unique, Soothing, Cute


Paloma means “butterfly” in Catalan, but in most other Spanish dialects, it means “dove.” Finally, a name depicting this peaceful white bird that’s exclusively for girls. Look to the prominent Argentinian ballerina Paloma Herrera for a namesake full of similar grace.

  • Origin: Spanish, Catalan
  • Meaning: Dove, butterfly
  • Pronunciation: pa-LOH-ma, puh-LOHW-muh
  • Variations: Palóma
  • Namesakes: Paloma Herrera, an Argentine ballet dancer (formerly a principal dancer) and choreographer. Paloma Bloyd, a Spanish-American actress, and model. Paloma del Río, a Spanish journalist.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Paloma came 667th in England and Wales, 270th in France, and 886th in the U.S.
Exotic, Pretty, Sophisticated


Riko is feminine in Japanese but masculine in Estonian and some other cultures. The kanji for Riko can be read as “ri” meaning “white jasmine,” or “ri” meaning “reason/logic,” and “ko,” meaning “child.” In the anime, Made in Abyss, Riko is a young blonde orphan and the only child of the White Whistle, Lyza.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: White jasmine child, logic/reason
  • Pronunciation: REE-koh
  • Namesakes: Riko Sawayanagi, a Japanese professional tennis player. Riko Gunji, a Japanese badminton player. Riko Azuna, a Japanese singer-songwriter.
  • Popularity: Riko is most popular in Indonesia and Japan.
Sweet, Playful, Cute


Rosalba is derived from the Latin words “rosa,” meaning “rose,” and “alba,” meaning “white.” This moniker is heavily associated with the Italian and Spanish languages and finds most use in Spanish-speaking countries and Italy. While everyone else is preoccupied with Blanchefleur, you can take it one step further with the unique and refined Rosalba.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: White rose
  • Pronunciation: ROHZ-al-bah, ROHS-al-bah
  • Variations: Rosalva
  • Namesakes: Rosalba Ciarlini, a Brazilian doctor and politician. Rosalba Carriera, a Venetian painter. Rosalba Castañeda, a Mexican politician.
  • Popularity: Rosalba frequently appears in Mexico, Colombia, and Italy.
Sophisticated, Elegant, Strong


There’s no mystery behind Sherlock’s fame. Though it didn’t take off in nurseries, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes put this moniker on the map. Sherlock is from the Old English “scir-lock” meaning “bright lock,” however, it could also mean “shorn locks” or “shear lock.” It was likely a personal name at one point, but nowadays, it’s more often used as a surname.

  • Origin: Old English
  • Meaning: Fair-haired, bright-haired
  • Pronunciation: SHUR-lok
  • Popularity: About 1,395 people are called Sherlock worldwide.
Playful, Unusual, Cool


Although it won’t look that different to non-Japanese, Shiro meaning “white,” and “Shirō,” meaning “fourth son,” aren’t the same. They’re pronounced slightly differently, and Shiro (white) is commonly used for pets like a dog or cat. It’s even more likely to be a surname. If you like Japanese culture and aren’t bothered by a few lighthearted jokes, go with Shiro.

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-roh
  • Namesakes: Shiro Kikuhara, a former Japanese football player.
  • Popularity: Shiro appears most frequently in Japan.
Cute, Playful, Sweet


Shweta is Hindu Sanskrit and is quite popular. It has about 155,012 bearers worldwide, with many notable namesakes. Singing and acting seem to be the primary talent of women with this moniker, making Shweta great for theater babies.

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: SHWEH-ta
  • Variations: Shveta, Sweta
  • Namesakes: Shweta Bhardwaj, an Indian model, and actress in Hindi films. Shweta Pandit, an Indian Bollywood singer, and actress. Shweta Gulati, an Indian TV actress.
  • Popularity: Shweta is most popular in India and the United Arab Emirates.
Unusual, Exotic, Cute


Snow is derived from the Old English “snāw.” This one cuts to the chase. It’s ideal for nature lovers or anyone with a penchant for fairy tales — think Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow is pretty modern and sees increased usage each year. It’s a sweet epithet that tends to be overlooked.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Snow
  • Pronunciation: SNOH
  • Variations: Snowe
  • Namesakes: Brittany Snow, an award-winning American actress known for the 2007 Hairspray movie and the Pitch Perfect franchise.
  • Popularity: Snow is borne by about 164,487 people worldwide.
Soothing, Pretty, Modern
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Raising your daughter to be a holy knight? Tanwen is the most suitable option. It’s made up of the Welsh “tan” meaning “fire,” combined with “gwen,” meaning “white,” “fair,” or “blessed.” Though it’s a relatively modern moniker, Tanwen sounds ancient and cool.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: White fire, holy fire
  • Pronunciation: TAN-win, TAN-wen
  • Variations: Tanwyn
  • Namesakes: Tanwen Evans, a Welsh violinist and wife of opera singer Wynne Evans. Tanwen Hughes, a British actress and TV producer.
  • Popularity: Tanwen has about 1,111 known carriers worldwide.
Unique, Strong, Cool


The Titans of Greek mythology have many suggested etymologies. Hesiod posited Titan stemmed from “titaino,” meaning “to strain,” or “tisis,” meaning “vengeance.” Although it’s sometimes used for girls, this powerful pick is primarily masculine. The American singer and actress Kelly Rowland chose Titan for her son, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: White clay or gypsum, defender
  • Pronunciation: TYE-tun, TYE-tn
  • Namesakes: Titan Leeds, an 18th-century American almanac publisher.
  • Popularity: Titan appeared on U.S. charts in 2012, ranking 963rd, and in 2021, ranked 741st.
Strong, Cool, Regal


Whit has only ranked a handful of times on U.S. charts. Despite several celebrity namesakes, it remains very rare, with about 2,955 global bearers. Its association with a sharp wit or cleverness is a plus for anyone blessed to carry this gem.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: WIT
  • Variations: Whitt
  • Namesakes: Whit Johnson, an American journalist and TV co-anchor. Whit Burnett, an American writer, and educator. Whit Hertford, an American actor and theater director.
  • Popularity: Whit last ranked in 1903 in the U.S. at 846th.
Playful, Unique, Sweet


The Old English habitational surname, Whitaker, stems from various place names. It’s a combination of the Old English “hwit” meaning “white,” or “hwite,” meaning “wheat,” and “æcer,” meaning “cultivated land.” This was likely a reference to the light appearance of a wheat field. The Bible describes this phenomenon with the line “…view the fields, that they are white for harvesting.”

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: White field
  • Pronunciation: WIT-ih-kur
  • Variations: Whittaker, Whitacre
  • Namesakes: Whittaker Chambers, an American writer, editor, and former Soviet spy.
  • Popularity: Whitaker has about 257 bearers globally and is most popular in the U.S.
Cheerful, Rare, Sophisticated


Whitney was first written as Witenie, meaning “white water” or “white island.” Whitney only really took off for girls in the U.S. from the early ’60s, but it’s been around a lot longer for boys. Once a surname, nowadays, this gender-neutral option is most commonly given to girls. In England and Wales, it last ranked in 2011 at 915th.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: White island, white water
  • Pronunciation: WIT-nee
  • Namesakes: Whitney Houston, an American singer and actress. Whitney Mercilus, an American football (gridiron) linebacker. Whitney Wolfe Herd, an American entrepreneur.
  • Popularity: Whitney thrived in the U.S. for girls from 1962 to 2020, where it placed 938th.
Modern, Pretty, Cheerful


Winter is a snug pick for a baby born in the coldest season of the year, stemming from the Old English “winter.” However, it goes further back to Old High German “wintar” from Old Norse “vetr” meaning “time of water.” With all the ice, sleet, and snow that comes with the December package, that meaning is pretty fitting.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Winter season, frosty, time of water
  • Pronunciation: WIN-tur, WIN-tuh
  • Variations: Wynter
  • Namesakes: Winter Ave Zoli, an American actress and model. Winter Lunde, a Canadian fashion model. Winter Hall, a New Zealand silent film actor, later acting in sound films.
  • Popularity: Winter peaked in the U.S. at 315th in 2020 and placed 324th in 2021.
Cool, Modern, Pretty

Xue Fang

Xue Fang is the only Chinese option on our list of names meaning white. We simply had to include this enchanting choice. With about 45 known bearers worldwide, Xue Fang is super rare and up for grabs. New moms can attest that newborns tend to smell good, so an epithet that means “fragrant snow” could be perfect.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Fragrant snow
  • Pronunciation: ZHWAY-FANG, ZHWAY-FAN
  • Variations: Xuefang, Xue-fang
  • Popularity: Xue Fang or Xuefang ranked 836th in China in 2014.
Elegant, Soothing, Exotic


Yuki gets its meaning from the kanji “yuki,” meaning “happiness,” or “yuki” meaning “snow.” Other readings include “yu” meaning “reason,” or “cause,” paired with “ki” meaning “valuable,” or “ki” meaning “chronicle.” However, Yuki is not to be confused with Yūki, which has a different pronunciation and meanings. In Japanese folklore, there is a yōkai (spirit) called Yuki-onna, meaning “snow woman.”

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Snow, happiness
  • Pronunciation: YOO-kee
  • Namesakes: Yuki Maeda, a Japanese enka (stylistically traditional Japanese music) singer. Yuki Kashiwagi, a Japanese idol and singer. Yuki Hashimoto, a Japanese judoka.
  • Popularity: Yuki is most popular in Japan, but in the Netherlands, it ranked 465th in 2022.
Pretty, Cute, Sweet


Zuleika is a variant of Zulaikha. It’s no joke that this epithet is associated with stunning good looks. Zuleika Soler Aragón, a Salvadoran-American model and beauty queen, is the only proof you need. Activists such as fashion designer Zuleika Jones and anti-racism activist Zulaikha Patel show how girls called Zuleika are also blessed with inner beauty.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Bright and fair, brilliant beauty
  • Pronunciation: soo-LAY-ka
  • Variations: Zulaikha, Zuleikha, Zuleyka, Zulekha
  • Namesakes: Zuleikha Robinson, a British actress. Zuleika Bazhbeuk-Melikyan, an Armenian painter. Zuleika Fuentes, a Puerto Rican handball player.
  • Popularity: In Brazil, Zuleika last ranked in 1940 at 889th.
Radiant, Unique, Vintage


Derived from the Basque “zuri” meaning “white,” Zuriñe is the Basque equivalent of Blanca. Typically given to girls with Caucasian features, pretty Zuriñe has the potential to suit any baby. After all, Zuriñe rolls off the tongue effortlessly.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: White, light-skinned
  • Pronunciation: soo-REE-nyeh
  • Variations: Zurine
  • Namesakes: Zuriñe Rodríguez, a Spanish triathlete. Zuriñe Gil García, a Spanish women’s football player.
  • Popularity: Zuriñe finds the most use in Spain, where it last ranked 458th in 2000.
Unique, Elegant, Beautiful
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