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100 Kawaii Anime Names for Girls

Are you an anime fan searching for the perfect girl name for your new baby?

If you’re an anime fan and you’re looking for a feminine baby name, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of thoroughly researched girl names from the best anime. Whether you’re a fan of all anime or have a favorite show you enjoy, you’ll find inspiration in our list of 100 anime girl names.

100 Anime Girl Names and Meanings

We’ve curated a list of 100 girl names from anime, tracked down the true meanings, and added a generous helping of fun facts.

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👧 Girl

Abigail is from the Hebrew name Avigayil, meaning “my father is joy.”

In “Great Pretender,” Abigail Jones is orphaned when her parents are killed in a bombing in her native Iraq. Her childhood ballet training left her strong and athletic, and she carries a dented ballet medal with her.


👧 Girl

The Japanese girl name Ai, 愛, means “love, affection.”

In the series “Hell Girl,” the website Hell Correspondence appears each day at midnight. Enter the name of someone you want rid of, and Ai Enma, also known as Hell Girl, will come and take them to hell.


👧 Girl

Aika means “time” in Finnish.

In “Aria the Animation,” it’s the 24th-century, and humans now live on Mars, which has been renamed Aqua. Aika is an Undine, a water-spirit who works as a guide at her family’s company. Aika hates that the employees give her special treatment because she’s the boss’s daughter.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Aiko means “love child.”

“Renkin 3-kyū Magical? Pokān” is an anime about four girls from the Netherworld who are traveling in the human world. One of the four, Aiko, may be a modern version of Frankenstein’s monster.


👧 Girl

Akane is a Japanese name, meaning “deep red, dye from the Rubia plant.”

A character in “Ghost Stories,” Akane, dies from a heart attack, and her ghost is trapped in a microphone. Akane curses anyone who hears her voice.


👧 Girl

Akari is a Japanese girl name that means “vermillion red, white jasmine.”

Akari Akaza is supposed to be the protagonist of “YuriYuri: Happy Go Lily.” However, because she is small and doesn’t have a big, bright personality, Akari often disappears into the background.


👧 Girl

Aki is a Japanese name, meaning “autumn.”

Aki-chan is a famous digital idol singer in the anime series “Rockman.EXE.” Aki becomes friends with Rockman after he saves her from a virus.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Akira means “bright” or “clear.”

In “Yosuga no Sora,” the lively, cheerful, and energetic Akira Amatsume lives alone on the property of a Shinto shrine.


👧 Girl

Alice is an Old French name, meaning “noble type.”

Season three of “Aria the Animation” introduces Alice Carroll as a water guide scouted by Orange Planet. Highly skilled in rowing, Alice constantly uses the word dekkai, meaning “huge.”


👧 Girl

Ana is an Eastern European form of Anna.

Ana Coppola is an English girl who has moved to Japan in “Strawberry Marshmallow.” Much of the time, Ana is teased because her name can be written as “bone,” “cave,” and “hole” in kanji.

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👧 Girl

Anita began as a Spanish affectionate form of Anna.

Anita Hailey is the alias of Shiho Miyano, a member of the Junior Detective League in the anime “Case Closed.” A gifted chemist, Anita began as a member of the Black Organisation before moving over to the “good guys.”


👧 Girl

Anna is an English evolution of Hannah, meaning “favor, grace.”

In the series “He Is My Master,” Anna Kurachi is one of a trio who takes maid jobs at the home of Yoshitaka Nakabayashi, a 14-year-old multi-millionaire. Unfortunately, when Nakabayashi demands they “Call Me Master,” what appears to be an easy job turns out to be anything but.


👧 Girl

Aoi is a Japanese name. It means “hollyhock” or “green-blue.”

In “Working!!” Aoi Yamada is the mysterious girl who takes a job at the family restaurant and lives in the building’s attic. Aoi claims to be 16 years old, but nobody knows for sure who she is, how old she is, or where she’s from.


👧 Girl

Aono is Japanese and means “my blue-green.”

Aono Morimiya is a central character in “Sola.” When the story begins, she is bedridden in the hospital where she has been since she was born. However, Aono has a secret, and there’s a reason why she appears so sickly.


👦👧 Unisex

A gender-neutral Japanese name, Asuka, means “fly like a bird.”

In “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” Asuka is a pilot who has trouble being close to people because of a traumatic childhood incident. Asuka has a deep hatred for dolls and all things doll-like.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Ayu means “bound by love.”

In the anime “Kanon,” we encounter Yuuichi Aizawa, who is forced, after seven years, to return to a northern village and live with his aunt. Here he reconnects with a childhood friend, the left-handed, teriyaki-loving Ayu.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Ayumi means “beautiful reason.”

In “Honey and Clover,” Ayumi Yamada is one of five friends at the same art college. Gifted in ceramic arts, Ayumi is nicknamed “Iron Lady” because she runs four miles to and from school each day.


👧 Girl

Ayumu is a Japanese name, meaning “walking dream.”

“Azumanga Daioh: The Animation” features the strange and peculiar characters the populate an unnamed Japanese high school. The newest addition is transfer student Ayumu Kasuga, nicknamed “Osaka” after the place from which she came.


👧 Girl

Beryl is an English name. It means “precious color of seawater stone.”

In “Sailor Moon,” Queen Beryl is the evil ruler of an alternate universe. The queen is responsible for the attacks on Tokyo, and although she is cast in a tragic light in the manga, the anime sees her as purely evil.


👧 Girl

Celty is a name created for anime. It has no meaning.

Celty Sturluson is a Dullahan, a headless horseman who rides her motorbike from Ireland to Japan searching for her stolen head. Found in the series “Durarara!!” Celty could be the anime girl name of choice for those with an Irish heritage.

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👧 Girl

Chiaki is a Japanese name, meaning “a thousand autumns.”

“Minami-ke” is the story of three sisters. Chiaki is the youngest of the three, so this may be a good anime name for the third girl in the family.


👧 Girl

A Japanese name, Chihiro, means “a thousand fathoms.”

In “Ef: A Tale of Memories,” Chihiro Shindou spends all her time alone in an abandoned railway station, reading. Her life changes when Renji Asou crosses her path, and the pair find themselves on a journey of discovery.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Chiri means “a thousand miles.”

In “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei,” Chiri Kitsu is a pupil who likes everything to be done precisely. This is why her name was chosen as Chiri, which sounds like the Japanese word that means “precisely.”


👧 Girl

Diane is the French form of Diana, meaning “heavenly, divine.”

In “The Seven Deadly Sins,” Diane is a 750-year-old, thirty-foot-tall giant who is able to manipulate the Earth through her species’ strong connection to nature.


👧 Girl

Excel is a name created for anime.

The title character of “Excel Saga,” Excel is energetic, enthusiastic, and quite often totally incomprehensible. However, with Excel being a popular Microsoft program, this name may not go over as well in the Western world.


👧 Girl

Ezra is a Hebrew name, meaning “help.”

Ezra Scarlet is the most potent female wizard in the anime “Fairy Tale.” Abandoned as an infant by her mother, Ezra is given Scarlett’s name near the story’s beginning by fellow slave Jellal Fernandes.


👧 Girl

Faye is from the Middle English word faie, meaning “fairy.”

In “Cowboy Bebop,” Faye Valentine is the slightly built attractive team member who packs a mean punch. Vastly underestimated by others because of her appearance, Faye is also an accomplished marksman and pilot.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Fuko means “maple child.”

The sweet character Fuko Ibuki in “Clannad” is a lovely inspiration for an anime girl name. However, the similarity of this name to a particular English swearword may cause some issues for your girl if you choose this name.


👧 Girl

Guchuko is derived from the name of a small chocolate ball.

In the anime “Potemayo,” Guchuko is a mysterious creature who appears in the refrigerator of a central character. Guchuko likes to eat chocolate balls called guchus and can fire energy beams from the two horns on her head.


👧 Girl

The Japanese girl name Hayuu means “feather.”

Hanyuu is a central but enigmatic character in “When They Cry: Kai.” Although she appears meek, Hanyuu can be pretty frightening when she is angry. Hanyuu is also in the habit of ending her sentences with “It is so.”

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👧 Girl

In Japanese, Haruhi can refer to a spring day or spring sunlight.

“Ouran High School Host Club” features Haruhi Fujioka, the only scholarship student at the elite Ouran Academy. Haruhi had gum in her hair and cut it out, leaving her new schoolmates under the impression she’s a boy.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Haruko means “spring child.”

In “FLCL,” the pink-haired alien investigator, Haruko Haruhara, is also known as Wasp Woman because she rides around on a yellow Vespa. Haruko’s blue Rickenbacker guitar is strung upside down, has a pull-cord motor, fires bullets, and is a rocket launcher.


👧 Girl

Himeko is a Japanese name, meaning “princess child.”

In “Pani Poni Dash!” Himeko Katagiri is a student who cannot focus on a single subject for more than a few moments. Himeko has a lock of hair on her forehead that gives her mysterious powers.


👧 Girl

Hitagi is a name created for anime. It has no meaning.

Hitagi Senjougahara labels herself a tsundere, the Japanese term for a character’s story arc that takes them from cold and stand-offish to warm and kind. However, in “Bakemonogatari,” some would argue that only her hard, unfriendly side exists.


👧 Girl

The name Hitoha is Japanese. Hitoha means “one flower.”

“Mitsudomoe” is the story of triplets who couldn’t be more different from each other. The youngest of the three is Hitoha, who seems to be the quietest, most gentle of the children, but nothing could be further from the truth.


👧 Girl

The Japanese word Hitomi means “pupil of the eye.”

“Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary” features Hitomi-sensei, a school nurse who can help with growing pains, shrinking issues, body parts that become detached, or issues caused by uncontrollable spells.


👧 Girl

When written as 条, Ichijou is the Japanese word for article.

In the surreal world of “Paniponi Dash!” Ichijou stands out as being the most surreal character of all. Known for her random comments, Ichijou can break all the laws of physics to make a joke.


👧 Girl

Ika is Japanese for squid.

Ika Musume is “The Squid Girl” who rises from the sea to stop people from polluting her home. However, almost immediately, Ika accidentally knocks down a wall and has to take a waitressing job to pay for the damage.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Isumi means “serene.”

In “Hayate the Combat Butler,” Isumi Saginomiya is the friend of the central character, Nagi Sanzenin. Isumi is soft-spoken and has long black hair. She is almost always seen wearing a kimono.


👧 Girl

Kaede is a Japanese name, meaning “maple.”

The kings of gods and demons move next door to Tsuchimi Rin, changing life for him and his childhood friend Kaede Fuyou. Kaede is the mixed-up girl who cares for Rin in the anime adaptation of “Shuffle!”

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👧 Girl

Kafuka is a name of no meaning. It was created for anime.

Kafuka Fuura is the positive counterbalance to the pessimistic Nozomu Itoshiki in “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei.” Her name was inspired by that of Franz Kafka.


👧 Girl

Kagura’s name is written with the characters for “easy” and “god.”

In “Gintama,” a young alien named Kagura comes to Earth and attempts to escape her violent heritage. Kangura has translucent skin, which she protects with an umbrella, a bulletproof umbrella that fires bullets from the tip.


👧 Girl

Kino is a kawaii Japanese name, meaning “wandering soul.”

The title character of “Kino’s Journey,” is a teenage traveler who rides a talking motorcycle, Hermes. Unlike other stories, Kino and Hermes travel the world observing but not influencing the peoples, cultures, and customs they encounter.


👧 Girl

Kiri is a Maori name, meaning “skin of a fruit or tree.”

In “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei,” Kiri Komori is a hikikomori, or recluse, who takes up permanent residence in her school. Some people at her school believe her to be a zashiki-warashi, a spirit-like being. In Japanese, kiri translates as “fog.”


👧 Girl

Kou is a Hmong word, meaning “gold.”

Kou is shrine maiden to mischievous fox deity Tenko Kugen in the anime “Our Home’s Fox Deity.” The pair are sent to live with and defend the Mizauchi family. Kou is highly trained in combat, so her attempts to act as a domestically efficient person fail, hilariously.


👧 Girl

Created for anime, Konata has no meaning.

In “Lucky Star,” Konata Izum is the happy-go-lucky, friendly, and slightly eccentric leader of the four main characters. A massive video game fan, Konata works at a cosplay cafe to finance her love of gaming.


👧 Girl

Kotonoha translates from Japanese as “word” or “language.”

Kotonoha Katsura is a shy, softly-spoken female character in “School Days,” an anime based on the game of the same name.


👧 Girl

Kuri is Japanese for “chestnut.”

The female protagonist of “Steins;Gate,” Kurisu Makise is a teenage genius and member of the Brain Science Unit. In the visual novel, her hair is chestnut colored, hence her name, but in the anime, it is red.


👧 Girl

Lacus means “award” in Latin.

Lacus Clyne appears in two installments of “Gundam.” A popular vocalist, Lacus is a genetically enhanced human, working to end the war between the Coordinators and Naturals.


👧 Girl

Lina is a nickname for names that include the “lina” sound.

“Slayers” features Lina Inverse, an adolescent sorceress who is prone to overreacting and using destructive magic, often with comical results.

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👧 Girl

Lucy is an English name, meaning “light.”

Lucy Heartfilia is the central female mage in the “Fairy Tale” universe. By using Stellar Spirit magic, Lucy can summon a variety of spirits, each of which has a unique magical ability.


👧 Girl

Lum, or ラム, is the Japanese word for lamb.

We debated whether to include Lum as an anime girl name. After all, in “Urusei Yatsura,” Lum is an alien princess and not a human girl. However, the fun storylines driven by the differences in her physiology made Lum a shoo-in.


👧 Girl

Machi is the Japanese word for town.

In “Blue Orchid Island,” Machi is the wide-eyed, innocent-looking woman who is, in reality, a bit of a sadist. Machi is particularly fond of using her voodoo doll and will always choose the most dangerous way to do anything.


👧 Girl

Mahoro has no meaning.

“Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden” is the unlikely tale of Mahoro Andou, an extremely powerful battle android. Mahoro has one year of battery life left and elects to spend her time living a domestic existence.


👧 Girl

Marie is a corruption of Marie, which is of unknown meaning.

Marii Buratei is one of five rakugo, storytelling, girls in the anime “Joshiraku.” With long, straight red hair, Marii speaks in a curt, masculine manner and often acts as the “straight man” to her fellow storyteller’s jokes.


👧 Girl

Megumi is a Japanese name, meaning “love.”

“Nodame Cantabile” is the story of Megumi Noda, a talented pianist who plays, predominantly, by ear. Megumi’s cooking and housekeeping talents are as bad as her playing is good. Also called Nodame, Megumi is based on a real person.


👧 Girl

Mion combines the Japanese characters for fascination and sound.

Mion Sonozaki is the class president in “When They Cry.” Mature, skilled in social situations, and a tomboy, Mion calls herself Oji-san, which means “old man.” However, Mion also has a secret girly side, even when she’s toting her guns.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Misaki means “beautiful blossom.”

“Welcome to the N.H.K.” is the story of Tatsuhiro Satou, a hikikomori who, on one of his rare visits outside, meets Misaki Nakahara. Misaki is intent on saving him from his hermit-like life and bizarre conspiracy theories.


👧 Girl

Miyako is Japanese and means “beautiful child” or “beautiful might.”

In “Hidamari Sketch,” Miyako is a strange classmate with a good ear and a love of food. Perhaps Miyako is the anime girl name of choice for foodies or music lovers.


👧 Girl

Murasaki is the Japanese name for the plant lithospermum erythrorhizon.

Murasaki Kuhouin is the pure-blooded daughter of the aristocratic ruling Kuhōin family. Destined to spend her life in the “Inner Sanctuary,” Murasaki escapes to the village of May Rain to live as a commoner.


👧 Girl

Nadia is an Arabic name, meaning “delicate, moist, tender.”

“Fushigi no Umi no Nadia” tells the story of Nadia, an orphan who knows nothing of her past. A peaceful vegetarian, Nadia wears a mysterious necklace, is distrustful of adults, and suspects she may have roots in Africa.


👦👧 Unisex

The gender-neutral Japanese name Nagisa means “beach, shore.”

The protagonist of the anime and manga “Clannad” is Nagisa Furukawa, a high-school senior who had to repeat the ninth grade because she spent nine months in the hospital.


👧 Girl

The Japanese kanji that spell Nano translate to “vegetables” or “greens” plus the possessive article.

“My Ordinary Life Episode 0” is the story of a seemingly ordinary school that’s anything but. Nano is a robot with a large metal key in her back who is constantly upgraded against her will.


👧 Girl

An Anglicized form of a Greek name, Nausicaä, means “burner of ships.”

Nausicaä is not only a skilled swordswoman, but she is also the Princess of the Valley of Wind, the only sanctuary left on an Earth ravaged by nuclear war. The peace is shattered by antagonists from whom Nausicaä must protect her people.


👧 Girl

Nino is a Georgian name that may be related to “fish.”

Nino is the female protagonist of “Arakawa Under the Bridge.” A strong swimmer, her name comes from the label in her swimsuit, which reads “Class 2-3” or ni-no-san. Nino catches all of the fish that feeds the village.


👧 Girl

Nobue is a Japanese name of disputed meaning.

The oldest central character in “Strawberry Marshmallow,” Nobue Itoh, goes to high school in the manga series but morphs into a college student in the anime because of her drinking and smoking habits.


👧 Girl

Noelle is an English name that comes from the French word for Christmas.

In “Black Clover,” Noelle Silva is the silver-haired fourth child of the king and a member of the Black Bull Squad. Silva has trouble controlling her magic and is disowned by her family when her mother dies giving birth to her.


👧 Girl

Olivier is a Dutch name that means “elf warrior.”

Olivier Mira Armstrong is a military officer in “Fullmetal Alchemist.” A Major General, Olivier believes in survival of the fittest and tells her team that they should leave her behind if she falls in combat.


👧 Girl

Popura is an anime name that evolved from the name of the poplar tree.

Popura was named after the tall, graceful poplar tree, which is ironic because Popura is short and clumsy. People tend to treat her as a child, a big mistake as the other characters in “Working!!” discover.


👧 Girl

Rebecca is from a Hebrew name that means “to join.”

In “Paniponi Dash!” Rebecca Miyamoto has an American father and a Japanese mother and chose to adopt her mother’s name. At nine, she was a student at MIT. She graduated at 11 years old and became a mathematics teacher at Peach Moon Academy.


👧 Girl

Rei is from the Japanese word for beautiful.

In “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” Rei Ayanami pilots one of the Evas — giant machines that are capable of fighting the evil angels invading and destroying the Earth.


👧 Girl

Rena is an English name that means “born again.”

The cuteness obsessed Rena Ryuuguu is one of four protagonists in “When They Cry.” Rena likes to visit the town dump to find adorable items which, invariably, nobody else finds cute. However, Rena is also observant, determined, and scary when she’s angered.


👧 Girl

Rika can be written with the characters for “pear” and “flowers.”

Rika Furude is also a protagonist of “When They Cry.” The seemingly idyllic village in which she lives has an undercurrent of darkness and horror. Rika likes to end her sentences with nonsense sounds and pepper her speech with sound effects.


👧 Girl

Rin is a Japanese name, meaning “severe, dignified, cold.”

After the death of his grandfather, bachelor Daikichi Kawachi is surprised to meet Rin, his grandfather’s secret, illegitimate daughter. When the rest of the family shun Rin, she is taken in by Daikichi. The manga series “Bunny Drop” tells their story.


👧 Girl

Riza is from the Spanish surname Ricial. It means “rice field” or “greenfield.”

In the “Fullmetal Alchemist” universe, Riza Hawkeye is the voice of reason, keeping Roy Mustang on the straight and narrow and preventing him from losing his cool.


👧 Girl

A Japanese name, one definition of Rui is “flow.”

Rui Hoshino is the narrator of “Martian Successor Nadesico.” Also, a central character, Rui is a child prodigy who bonds with the ship’s computer while keeping it running.


👧 Girl

Sakari is a species of tree that’s sacred to the Shinto faith.

“Azumanga Daioh: The Animation” features Sakaki, a tall, quiet, athletic beauty whom the girls all aspire to be. Despite her outwardly lofty appearance, Sakaki is a soft-hearted, kind girl who likes to help others.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Sakura means “cherry blossom.”

Sakura Kinomoto, the title character of “Cardcaptor Sakura,” accidentally releases a set of magical cards which pose a danger to the entire world. Sakura must recapture the cards while discovering and mastering her newfound magic skills.


👧 Girl

Sayoko is written with the kanji for “small, night, child.”

In “Mahoraba: Heartful days,” Sayoko is a girl living in poverty, using cardboard boxes as furniture. Sayoko has long been estranged from her rich, successful sculptor father.


👧 Girl

Shiki is a Japanese name that means “poem of the seasons.”

“The Garden of Sinners” character Shiki Ryougi begins the series with three personalities, one male, one female, and one genderless. After a car accident and two years in a coma, Shiki feels detached. She also becomes a detective of supernatural events.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Shion means “aster.”

Four thousand years after humans abandoned the Earth, Shion Uzuki is a research and development engineer who finds herself in the middle of a battle for the future of humanity in “Xenosaga: The Animation.”


👧 Girl

Sofiya is a Russian name, meaning “wisdom.”

“Black Lagoon,” tells the story of Sofiya Pavlovna. A mercenary, Sofiya is better known as Balalaika, a Soviet military slang term for the Dragunov sniper rifle she favors. In Japan, she operates under the pseudonym Vladilena N. Vasilinov.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Shouko means “clear child.”

In “Baka & Test,” the entire school is sorted by test scores rather than age. Shouko Kirishima is top student in class A, essentially the brightest student in the school. However, she spends the most time with her friend in the lowest class, F.


👧 Girl

Sora is the Japanese word for “sky.”

Sora Kajiwara is a gifted artist who carries her sketchbook with her everywhere. With an eye for detail, Sora attempts to capture the transitory nature of life with her art in “Sketchbook”.


👧 Girl

The kanji for Suigintou translates to “mercury lamp.”

In “Rozen Maiden,” Suigintou is the first doll in the Rozen Maiden Collection. Suigintou differs slightly between the manga and the anime. In the manga, she has a broken body, and in the anime, she has a missing torso.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Sun means “sunshine.”

“My Bride is a Mermaid” features Sun Seto, a teenage mermaid who saves a young man from drowning. Because she is still young, Sun has trouble maintaining her human form, her tail reappearing at any contact with water.


👧 Girl

Created for anime, the name Suiseseki means “green meteorite.”

“Rozen Maiden” tells the story of five animatronic dolls who mysteriously turn up at the home of Jun Sakurada. Suiseiseki is one of the five dolls who must fight each other for the chance to become a real person.


👧 Girl

The anime name Taiga was created to sound like Tiger.

Taiga Aisaka is one of the two protagonists of “Toradora!” Her tiny stature and fierce personality earn her the nickname Palmtop Tiger.


👧 Girl

Tamaki is the Japanese word for ring.

Kendo prodigy Tamaki Kawazoe is nicknamed Tama-chan by the other characters in “Bamboo Blade.” While she enjoys kendo, she doesn’t have much choice as she lives at a Kendo dojo owned and run by her father.


👧 Girl

Tomoko is a Japanese name, meaning “wisdom child.”

Many of us can identify with the cheerful high schooler Tomoko Kuroki in “WataMote.” Tomoko is somewhat socially awkward and not the best at speaking with people, but she’s always hopeful, Tomoko’s plans often fail to pan out because she spends so much time procrastinating.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Tooru means “pierce.”

Tooru Honda is the kind, cheerful, selfless central character of “Fruits Basket.” Full of optimism and empathy for others, Tooru is so gentle, she finds it impossible to say her lines when playing the Wicked Stepmother in the school play Cinderella.


👧 Girl

The meaning of the Japanese name Tsukasa is unclear.

“Lucky Star,” tells the story of four high school girls, one of whom is Tsukasa Hiiragi. The sugar to her twin sister Kagami’s spice, Tsukasa is smaller than the average child and spends a lot of time asleep.


👦👧 Unisex

Ukyo is a gender-neutral Japanese name. Here, it means “right, respect.”

In “Ranma ½,” Ukyo Kuonji decides to live life as a boy after suffering ridicule in martial arts classes. After falling into a cursed spring, Ranma Saotome turns into a girl every time he gets wet. Hilarity ensues.


👧 Girl

Wendy is an English name that means “white, fair.”

In “Fairy Tale,” Wendy Marvell is a dragon slayer who can manipulate air. Her ability to eat air helps her heal, but this is impeded when she’s in polluted places.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Yakumo means “eight clouds.”

In the romantic comedy anime “School Rumble,” the quiet character Yakumo Tsukamoto is able to read minds and communicate with ghosts.


👧 Girl

Yoko is a Japanese name, meaning “ocean child.”

“Gurren Lagann,” tells the story of a pair of teens, born and raised in a village below the Earth’s surface. The couple fights off an attack from above with the help of the gun-wielding surface dweller Yoko Littner.


👧 Girl

A Japanese name, Yui means “to tie, to bind.”

Yui Hirasawa can’t play an instrument and joins the school’s Light Music Club because she thinks they play easy music, but she’s wrong. “K-On!” follows her story as she is taken in by the club and learns to play guitar.


👧 Girl

A Japanese name, Yuki, means “happiness.”

“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” is the story of a high school club focused on the supernatural. Yuki Nagato becomes a club member only because they start meeting in the room where she reads.


👧 Girl

Yūko is a Japanese name, meaning “gentle child.”,

In “Tsubasa Chronicle,” Yūko Ichihara is a free-spirit who loves to eat, drink, and go on crazy mad adventures. Possessing powerful magic and deep knowledge, Yūko can be the sensible sage when she needs to be.


👧 Girl

The Japanese name Yuno means “dream.”

Yuno is the protagonist of the anime “Hidamari Sketch.” The series follows the story of Yuno as she is accepted to art school, leaves home, moves into the Hidamari Apartments, and makes friends.

Maybe Anime?

Whether you are a fan of strong female characters in general, a devotee of anime, or a mixture of both, an anime girl name may be the ideal choice for your newest tiny human.

While most anime names for girls come from Japanese roots, there are plenty of choices from other languages as well. And even if you chose a Japanese name, it’s unlikely to raise many eyebrows once people move past the novelty factor.

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Patricia Barnes

Patricia Barnes is a homeschooling mom of 5 who has been featured on Global TV, quoted in Parents magazine, and writes for a variety of websites and publications. Doing her best to keep it together in a life of constant chaos, Patti would describe herself as an eclectic mess maker, lousy crafter, book lover, autism mom, and insomniac.