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100 Cute Girl Names: With Meanings

We’ve got the cutest girl baby names for your cute new addition.

Choosing cute names for girls is tricky. Not because it’s challenging to find cute girl names, but because one person’s idea of cute may sound clunky to another. And many cute girl names are either overused or so popular that they have strong connotations, some of which may be negative.

So we put together a list of the cutest girl names, according to parents around the world. Then we filtered out those that are overused and identified the true name meanings. We also threw in some fun facts to help you choose the perfect name to fit your little one.

100 Cute Names for Girls

Check out these cute baby girl names with carefully researched meanings.

1. Addie

Addie is an English language name, meaning “noble type.”

Addie began as a short form of Adelaide, which is where the meaning comes from. It has since become a nickname for kids with the names Addison, Adeline, and others that begin with “AD.”

2. Agnes

Agnes evolved from the Greek name Hagne which means “chaste.”

The roots of Agnes became mixed up with the Latin word angus, which means “lamb.” For this reason, the Christian Saint Agnes is often shown holding a lamb.

3. Aleta

The English name Aleta means “truth.”

In the American comic strip Prince Valiant, Queen Aleta is the wife of the title character. The comic strip was first published in 1937, which is perhaps why the name first became popular in America during the 1940s.

4. Aline

Aline is a French name, meaning “noble.”

Aline evolved from Adeline during the medieval period in France. Rather than being pronounced as it is spelled, the correct pronunciation is AY-LEEN.

5. Amelia

Amelia is a Germanic name that means “work.”

Amelia Earhart was a pioneer in the field of aviation, being the first woman to, among other things, fly the Atlantic solo and fly across the U.S. non-stop from coast to coast.

6. Anissa

Anissa evolved from the Arabic word for “friend” or “friendly.”

Released in 2020, Anissa is a track by French R&B singer and songwriter Wejdene. Peaking at #3 on the charts, the record became famous after she initiated a TikTok challenge for followers to cover the song and choreography.

7. Avila

Avila is an ancient Germanic name that means “desired.”

This cute name is an excellent option for a baby girl born to parents who have waited a long time.

8. Bea

An English and Hungarian name, Bea is short for Beatrix or Beata.

Although Bea began as a nickname, it began to see use as a standalone name in the U.S. during the early 20th century.

9. Beth

The name Beth evolved from the name Bethany, meaning “house of figs” or “affliction.”

Beth was most popular in the U.S. in 1964, when it was listed as the 65th most popular name for girls.

10. Bláthnat

Bláthnat is a Celtic name, meaning “little flower.”

Pronounced BLAW-nit, this pretty Irish name is sometimes written Bláthíne. The Bláthnat of legend was the daughter of a fairy king.

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11. Bia

Bia is a Portuguese diminutive of Beatriz, meaning “traveler.”

In Greek mythology, Bia was the personification of force and the sister of Nike, Kratos, and Zelus. After the war between the Titans and Olympians, Zeus made the four of them his companions.

12. Blossom

Blossom is an Old English name, meaning “flower of a plant.”

The Blossoms were an American all-girl group in the 1960s that provided backing vocals to many of the decade’s biggest hits, including “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and “River Deep, Mountain High.”

13. Bonita

Bonita means “pretty” in Spanish.

Although this is a Spanish word, it is not widely used as a name in Spanish-speaking countries. This name is sometimes spelled Benita. It was an especially popular name for baby girls from the 1930s to the 1960s, but is less common in recent years, making this a great choice for a unique baby girl name today.

14. Cassie

Cassie is an English name that means “to shine.”

Singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and model Cassie Venture is known professionally by just her forename, Cassie. As well as being a successful artist in her own right, Cassie has appeared with The Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, LoLa Monroe, and others.

15. Cécile

Cécile is a French name that means “blind.”

In France, the name day for Cécile is November 22nd, making Cécile an excellent name for a cute girl born on that day.

16. Clara

Clara is a Late Latin name, meaning “bright, clear, famous.”

Clara was the feminine form of Clarus, but during the medieval period in Europe, the name evolved into Claire. This original form saw a resurgence in the 19th century.

17. Claudette

Claudette is a French name that means “close.”

Many places list Claudette as meaning “lame” or “crippled” because they believe it came from the Latin word claudus. However, the word comes from the Latin word claude which means “close.”

18. Daisy

An English name, Daisy comes from the name of the flower.

The flower was named from the Old English word dægeseage, which means “day eye,” referencing the fact that daisies open up during the day.

19. Delia

This cute girl name comes from mythology, where Delia means “from Delos.”

Delia was a descriptive name that was used for the Greek goddess Artemis and her twin brother, Apollo. They were referenced in this way because they were born on the island of Delos.

20. Delilah

Delilah is a Hebrew name, meaning “delicate” or “languishing.”

Delilah has never been as popular in the U.S. as it is today. This name’s popularity exploded after the release of the hit song “Hey There, Delilah” in 2006 by the rock band “Plain White T’s.”

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21. Doris

The English name Doris means “Dorian woman.”

The Dorians were an Ancient Greek people. Unlike other cultures at the time, in Dorian culture, the men lived in a communal area until they were 30, and women were allowed to own property and manage estates.

22. Dorit

Dorit is a Danish name, meaning “gift of God.”

In addition to being a Danish short form of Dorethea, Dorit is also an entirely separate Hebrew name. In that case, Dorit is a feminine form of Dor which means “generation.”

23. Eartha

The English name Eartha comes from the word Earth with an A added.

In the Maine headquarters of the DeLorme mapping corporation, there is a globe named Eartha. The largest revolving and rotating globe in the world, Eartha has a diameter of over 41 feet.

24. Ebba

The origin and meaning of the name Ebba are uncertain.

Ebba may have evolved from the Old English name Æbbe, the meaning of which is unknown. Alternatively, it could be a feminine form of the Germanic name Ebbe, a nickname for Eberhard, which means “strong.”

25. Edda

The Icelandic name Edda means “great-grandmother.”

Edda is the name of a series of ancient Nordic poems and of the Edda people of southeast Nigeria. Some historians think the strong similarities between their cultural and religious practices suggest a link between these Nigerian and Nordic peoples.

26. Eden

Eden is a Hebrew name meaning “delight.”

While many English-speaking countries view Eden as a girl name, it is gender-neutral. In Isreal, it is almost exclusively used as a girl name and is pronounced E-DEN with the short “e” sound as in elephant.

27. Edmée

Edmée is a French name. It means “rich protection.”

Edmée is the feminine form of Edmé, which is short for Edmond. Edmond is the French form of Edmund, an Old English, Anglo-Saxon name which combines ead, meaning “fortune” or “wealth,” and mund, which signifies protection.

28. Effie

The two versions of Effie have distinct origins and meanings.

The first version is the Anglicized form of Oighrig, a Scottish Gaelic name, meaning “new speckled one.” The second is a shorter form of Euphemia which means “to use words of good omen.”

29. Eleanor

Eleanor is an English name of unknown meaning.

Eleanor may have evolved from the phrase “alia Aenor,” which means “the other Aenor.” Eleanor of Aquitaine was known as alia Aenor of Aquitqine to distinguish her from her mother, also Aenor.

30. Elsie

Elsie is an English name, meaning “my God is an oath.”

A cute alternative to the incredibly popular Elsa and Elise, Elsie saw brief usage as a girl name in the U.S. at the turn of the 19th century. In America, between 1885 and 1911, 204 boys were named Elsie, making this cute baby name an option for either gender.

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31. Elke

Elke is a Hebrew name that means “God has purchased.”

Elke is also an abbreviated form of Adelheid. It is likely this version that saw a burst of popularity during World War II in Germany when Elke peaked at the third most popular girl name for newborns.

32. Esme

Esme is an Old English name that means “loved.”

In the UK, you sometimes see Esme spelled Esmee or Esmae. Esme is also a Turkish form of the Arabic name Asma which means “supreme.” Esme became a popular name for girls following the release of the “Twilight” vampire book series in 2005.

33. Eydís

Eydís is an Ancient Scandinavian name, meaning “Island Goddess.”

Some academics believe the Ey in Eydís does not come from Ey, meaning “island.” Instead, they think it could be the Old Norse, ǣvi which means “eternity” or “life.” This would make the meaning “Eternal Goddess,” which is an awesome meaning for a baby girl name.

34. Florrie

Florrie is an English short form of Florence, meaning “prosperous” or “flourishing.”

In 1890, Scottish author, explorer, and feminist Florrie Dixie wrote “Gloriana: the Revolution of 1900,” a book about a world where women are equal. She also wrote “Across Patagonia,” in which she disputes some of Charles Darwin’s zoological observations.

35. Freda

Freda is an English name, meaning “white, fair, blessed.”

Among German-speaking cultures, Freda, also spelled Frida, is the short form of names that end with FREDA, which means “peace.” However, in older English cultures, it was related to Winifred, an Anglicized form of the Welsh name Gwenfrewi.

36. Gertrude

The Germanic name Gertrude means “spear of strength.”

Gertrude was the 24th most popular girl name in the U.S. in the 1890s. This cute girl name is ripe for a revival, especially as Victorian girl names are set to be the next big thing.

37. Ginger

The English name Ginger means “reddish-brown.”

Initially, a nickname for people with red hair or a diminutive of Virginia, Ginger is now seen as a name in its own right. A stereotype-busting stunt woman of the 1930s, Ginger Stanley began her career as a professional mermaid.

38. Greta

Greta is a Germanic name that means “pearl.”

Greta is also the name of a genus of butterflies found in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The Greta Oto is also known as the glasswing butterfly because of its transparent wings.

39. Hadil

The Arabic name Hadil means “cooing.”

Pronounced HA-DEEL, this beautiful, lyrical name refers to the cooing noise a pigeon or rock dove makes. Pigeons are the world’s oldest domesticated bird, with references found on 5,000-year-old Mesopitainian tablets.

40. Harriet

Harriet is an English name, meaning “home ruler.”

In 1861, Harriet Jacobs published her classic autobiography, “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,” under the pseudonym Linda Brent. It was thought to be a work of fiction until the book was researched in the 1980s by Jean Yellin.

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41. Haru

Haru is a Japanese girl name, “meaning light” or “sun.”

Haru only means “light,” “sun,” or sometimes “male” when the kanji 陽 is used. Other kanji can be used to write Haru, such as 春, which means “spring” and 晴, which means “clear weather.”

42. Haze

The English name Haze has two meanings.

Haze is a variant spelling of Hayes. This can be from the English surname Hayes, meaning “enclosure” or “fence.” Hayes is also an Anglicized form of the Irish girl name Aodh, which means “fire.”

43. Hester

Hester is a Latin name that means “star.”

The name Hester was relatively unknown until Nathaniel Hawthorn gave the heroine of his classic novel, The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne. The Puritan woman was made to wear a scarlet letter A on her clothes after having an illegitimate child.

44. Indira

Indira is a Sanskrit name, meaning “beauty.”

Indira Gandhi was the second-longest-serving Prime Minister in Indian history. The first and, so far, only woman to hold the office, Gandhi was assassinated in 1984.

45. Isabella

Isabella is a Latin form of Isabel.

Isabella and Isabel are both names from Catalan and medieval evolutions of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is my oath.” It made the cutest girl name list because we think the nickname Izzie is adorable.

46. Ivy

Ivy is from the English plant name.

Up until the 1930s, Ivy saw continued use as both a girl and boy name in the U.S. Of the 29,582 Ivys in America today, roughly 7%, or 2,071, are boys.

47. Jae

Jae is a Sino-Korean name, meaning “talent” or “ability.”

The name Jae is traditionally gender-neutral. If other kanji are used, Jae can instead mean “wealth” or “riches.” English speakers tend to see this as a male name because boys with J names are often nicknamed Jay.

48. José

A Spanish and Portuguese name, José means “he will add.”

In Spanish, this name is pronounced as HO-zay, but in European Portuguese, it is ZOO-Zeh, and in Brazillian Portuguese, it’s ZO-zeh. Meanwhile, the French pronounce José JOE-zay, and in much of the rest of Europe, it’s joe-SEE.

49. Keisha

Kiesha is an American name, meaning “cassia” or “cinnamon.”

Not many people realize that this cute name for girls evolved from the Ancient Hebrew name Keziah. Written in Ancient Hebrew as קְצִיעָה or Qetzi’ah the name was transcribed as both Keziah, Keizha.

50. Kizzy

Kizzy is an English version of the name Keziah which means “cinnamon.”

In Rummer Gordon’s children’s novel The Diddakoi, the central character, Kizzy, is a half-Romani girl who is shunned by all parts of her community because of her origins.

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51. Lani

A Hawaiian name, Lani means “heaven, majesty, royal.”

Lani Hall is a Grammy-award-winning singer, lyricist, and author. She was known for her rendition of “Never Say Never Again,” theme song for the James Bond movie of the same name.

52. Leonie

The German name Leonie means lion.

The life story of American journalist, editor, and educator Léonie Gilmour is told in the movie “Leonie.” Gilmour kept her relationship with writer Yone Noguchi a secret due to fear of prejudice until she bore his son.

53. Lerato

The Soth African, Sotho name Lerato means “love.”

With such an adorable meaning, it’s difficult not to like this cute African name that is used for both girls and boys worldwide. The name has grown in popularity especially the past decade or so, making it a great choice for a baby trendsetter.

54. Letitia

Letitia an English name that means “joy” or “happiness.”

During the Middle Ages in England, Letitia was commonly written as Lettice. Consequently, Letitia has a built-in super-cute nickname that you can legitimately claim is historically accurate.

55. Layla

Layla means “night” in Arabic.

Nizami Ganjavi was a 12th-century Persian author who wrote “Layla and Majnun.” The poem retells a traditional Arab tale about the poet Majnun, whose real name was Qays, and his love, Layla. The poem inspired the song “Layla.”

56. Lilibeth

Lilibeth is a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is my oath.”

Lilibeth is a nod to relatives named Elizabeth, or variants of this name, while the “lily” element gives it that flower-name vibe. Finally, it can be shortened to Lily, or Beth, providing plenty of options for a grown Lilibeth.

57. Lindiwe

Lindiwe is an African girl name that means “waited for” or “awaited.”

Used predominately by the Swai, Zulu, Ndebele, and Xhosa people of southern Africa, this is an excellent choice for those who want to honor their ancestry and can trace it to this part of the world.

58. Lottie

The Swedish name Lottie means “army.”

Lottie has a complex evolution. It’s a short form of Charlotte, which in turn is a French feminine version of Charles. Charles is an English and French form of the Germanic name Karl, which is short for Háriolus, which means “army”!

59. Lucia

Lucia is a feminine form of Lucius, an Ancient Roman name, meaning “light.”

French sailors bestowed the name for Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean. The sailors were shipwrecked on the island on December 13th, the feast day of Saint Lucia, and named it in her honor.

60. Lupe

Lupe is a Spanish name, short for Guadalupe.

Guadalupe is the site of a Spanish convent, and it is thought the name means “valley of the wolves.” The “Lupe” element came from the Latin lupus, the valley of the wolves. Consequently, your cute Lupe is also a wolf.

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61. Mabel

Mabel is an English name, meaning “lovable.”

Mabel Alabama-Pearl McVey is a British-Swedish singer-songwriter known professionally as Mabel. Winner of the MTV “Brand New” award in 2018, she has also supported Harry Stiles, LANY, and Khalid on tour.

62. Maëlle

Maëlle is a Breton name, meaning “prince” or “chieftain.”

The Celtic word Mael means “chieftain” or “prince.” It is from this that the Breton girl name Maël and the feminine form Maëlle come.

63. Maisie

A Scottish name, Maisie is a common nickname for Mairead.

In 1944, French resistance fighter Maisie Renault and her sister were arrested in Paris. Neither sister gave information during their interrogations, giving their brother time to escape. Deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp, Maisie Renault was liberated in 1945.

64. Maple

The name Maple comes from the English name for Acer trees.

Maple can be shortened to “Mae,” which is a cute, short and sweet name to call a baby girl. Originally, geographic Beanie Babies were created for exclusive sale in the countries for which they were created. In 1997, Maple became the first geographic Beanie Baby sold outside of the U.S.

65. Martha

Martha comes from the Aramaic word for Marta, meaning “the mistress.”

Martha was among the top 30 girl names in the U.S. at the end of the 19th century. This could be because of the influx of immigrants from Germany, where it was in the top five until 1908.

66. Manu

Manu is a French, Spanish, and German name, meaning “God is with us.”

Manu is also an Indian girl name that means “thinking” or “wise,” in Sanskrit. It is also a Finnish variant of the Scandanavian name Magnus which means “great.”

67. Matilda

Matilda is a Germanic name, meaning “strength in battle.”

It’s challenging to find a cute girl name with undercurrents of strength, but Matilda is it. Evocative of sweet, girly girls, the meaning of Matilda gives it a fierce edge.

68. Maud

Maud is a Medieval form of Matilda — see above.

A popular Victorian name for girls, Maud is currently the 5,374th most frequent name for girls presently living in the U.S. With approximately 1 in 131,354 Americans named Maud, there are 2,760 in the country today.

69. Melite

An Ancient Greek name, Melite means “honey.”

In Greek mythology, Melite was a nymph who had a son with Hercules. At the request of Zeus, her jealous ex-lover, Melite’s father, the god Aegaeus, prevented her from having further relations with Hercules, who promptly left her.

70. Merle

Merle is French for Blackbird.

In America, Merle has generally been used more for boys than girls, but in the rest of the world, it is way more popular for girls. Merle is most frequently used in Estonia and countries in the Caribbean.

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71. Nilam

Nilam is a Sanskrit name, meaning “sapphire” or “dark blue.”

German actress and vlogger Nilam Farooq is not only an award-winning TV and movie regular but also an accomplished linguist. She is fluent in Polish and English, alongside her native German, and has credentials in Ancient Greek and Latin.

72. Nimue

Nimue is a name from literature. It’s meaning is unknown.

Nimue, pronounced NIM-oo-ay, is the name of The Lady of the Lake, a central figure in medieval Arthurian literature and legend. Recognized in popular culture as an other-worldly being, Nimue is also referred to as Vivien in French forms of the stories.

73. Nekesa

The Luhya name Nekesa means “born during the harvest.”

The meaning of this cute girl name from the Eastern African Luhya people of Kenya makes it ideal for children born during your local time of harvest.

74. Noam

Noam means “pleasantness” in Hebrew.

In the U.S., this gender-neutral name is usually pronounced as NOME. However, in Hebrew, it is pronounced with two syllables: NO-AM.

75. Nora

Nora is an English name, possibly meaning “honor.”

A Top 100 Victorian girl name in most of the English-speaking world, Nora fell out of favor in the early 1900s. However, the last decade has seen an explosion in popularity, seeing Nora in the top 30 names for baby girls in the United States.

76. Nubia

Nubia is a name of unknown origin, possibly meaning “gold.”

Nubia was the name of a region that is now in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Believed to be one of the earliest cradles of civilization, Nubia may have been named because of the people’s use of gold.

77. Odell

An Old English name, Odell means “Woad Hill.”

Woad is a plant that produces an indigo blue dye. In medieval Europe, woad was cultivated and became a significant source of trade, so to own an Odell or woad hill was a sign of wealth.

78. Ofri

Ofri means “my fawn” in Hebrew.

Although Ofri is a gender-neutral name, its use in the U.S. has been exclusively feminine. With only approximately 20 girls named Ofri in America, your child will be the only one to respond when you call out this cute name on the playground.

79. Olive

Olive comes from the Latin word oliva, or “olive tree.”

Contrary to popular belief, Olive is not connected to the girl name Oliver in any way. Instead, it is simply adopted from the name of the tree.

80. Padma

Padma is a Sanskrit name meaning “lotus.”

This cute gender-neutral name from Idia is the English language transcription of both masculine form पद्म and the feminine form पद्मा. The Tamil derivative of Padma, Padmini, is extra cute and means “a multitude of lotuses.”

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81. Penelope

Penelope is a Greek name, probably meaning “duck.”

Another possible meaning is connected to the Greek words pene, meaning “weft” or “threads,” and ops, meaning “face.” This meaning would align with the legend of Penelope, who was said to be pretending to weave as a way to rebuff suitors.

82. Posy

Posy is the English word for a bunch of small flowers.

Posy is sometimes spelled Posie or Posey. A posy is also the name of a short motto, quote, or line of verse engraved on the inner surface of a ring. Posy rings became popular in Europe during the 15th to 17th centuries.

83. Rike

Rike is a German name that means “peaceful ruler.”

This short and sweet name for baby girls is both strong and cute. It is the short form of German girl names that end in RIKE, such as Friedrike. Other meanings connected to this name are “rich,” and “mighty,” making this a powerful name choice for a baby girl.

84. Róisín

An Irish name, Róisín means “rose.”

Róisín is correctly pronounced ro-SHEEN, but this elegant Irish name for girls is often mispronounced as RAW-sheen, ROY-sin, ROSH-in, or even ROYCE-in.

85. Rosie

The English name Rosie is a diminutive of Rose.

While Rosie began as a nickname for girls called Rose, Rosamund, Rosalind, and Rosarie, it grew into a name in its own right.

86. Ruby

Ruby is an English name from the Latin ruber, meaning “red.”

This elegant gemstone name for girls became the number one name in the UK in 2007. However, unlike other cute baby names that see an upturn of popularity in multiple English-speaking countries simultaneously, Ruby still hovers around #100 on the U.S. baby name charts.

87. Rudo

Rudo is a Shona name, meaning “love.”

Because Rudo has the same meaning as Lerato, this could make a pair of cute girl names for twins, especially if your family has ancestors from Zimbabwe.

88. Sabia

Sabia is an Irish name that means “sweet” or “goodly.”

Sabia is the Anglicized version of the Ancient Irish mythological name Sadb. This root name, Sadb is pronounced SIEV which leads to another alternate spelling, Siev.

89. Scout

An English name, Scout, means “one who covertly gathers information.”

Actress Scout Taylor-Compton is most famous for her role as Laurie Strode in the Rob Zombie remakes of the Halloween movies.

90. Selah

Selah is a Biblical name that comes from a musical term.

In the religious text of Psalms, Selah is used frequently as a musical term, probably meant to indicate a pause in the music. This makes Selah an excellent cute girl name for a family with musical connections or passions.

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91. Serenity

Serenity is an English name that means “tranquil.”

A “direct from dictionary” word name, Serenity is a fabulous choice if you’re hoping the name you choose will bestow specific qualities upon your child.

92. Setare

The Persian name Setare means “star.”

Setare is an alternative transcription of the Persian word ستاره, more frequently transcribed as Setareh. This would pair well with Sitara, which means “star” in Urdu.

93. Shawnee

Shawnee means “southern people” in Algonquin.

Shawnee Smith is an actress, movie producer, and director. Best known for her role as Amanda in the “Saw” movies, this strong female lead is also a bit of a rock star. She plays guitar and sings and has been an active lead in both a punk band and country duo.

94. Sibyl

Sibyl is an English name, meaning “prophetess.”

In Ancient Roman and Greek mythologies, sibyls were exclusively female prophets who worked at holy sites. In Christianity, they were believed to have divine knowledge, which is what led to the use of their title as a name.

95. Silvie

A Czechoslovakian name, Silvie means “wood” or “forest.”

This Czech form of the more common Silvia has the same roots in Roman Mythology but a much softer, more playful feel. Unique without being odd, this pretty girl name has recently been making a comeback on the baby name charts.

96. Thea

The Greek name Thea means “divine.”

Although Thea stems from the Greek for God or divine, the name is most prevalent in Germany. This could be because Thea began as a nickname for many names, such as Dorethea and Theodora.

97. Tilda

The English name Tilda means “war” or “battle.”

The meaning of Tilda stems from the Germanic name element hild, meaning “battle,” which makes it a cousin of Hilda, Isolde, and Swanhild.

98. Viola

Viola is the Latin word for the color violet.

There are 63,495 people named Viola in the United States, and the average American named Viola is over 70 years old. A handful of these Violas are male, making this a less common but still cute gender-neutral baby name.

99. Willow

Willow is a sweet English baby name that comes from the tree of the same name.

A lovely nature name for girls, Willow also sounds adorable. It falls in that sweet spot between unique and unusual, making it ideal if you want a baby name that’s “out there” but not too far over the horizon.

100. Ziba

Ziba is a Persian name meaning “beautiful.”

Ziba is also a Hebrew girl name that means “station.” Although we think this unique baby name is very cute, you may want to prepare yourself for constant zebra references from kids, as the English pronunciation rhymes with the striped animal.

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The Cutest Girl Names

Every new parent believes their baby to be the cutest child ever. And doesn’t the cutest baby girl ever deserve an adorable, cute name to match?

With this list of 100 cute baby girl names, you should have no trouble coming up with several choices for your sweet little bundle.

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