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100 Exceptional Girl Names That Start With X: With Meanings

These girl names that start with X will certainly hit the mark!

Every beautiful baby is special, and parents everywhere want a name that reflects that. We can see why so many are drawn to the exotic allure of girl names that start with X. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind moniker, this carefully chosen selection extols the virtues that X names for girls offer.

The letter X is not used often and isn’t even universal to every language, making it truly unique! There’s no shortage of old, new, traditional, and trendy names for girls that start with X. So read on to find the treasure trove hidden behind the X!

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100 Cool Female Names That Start with X

Experiment to your heart’s content with these 100 girl names that start with X.


Dip into the pool of life with Xaawo, the Somali form of Eve. Many are familiar with the biblical moniker, which comes from the Hebrew root “chawah” (to breathe) or “cha’yah” (to live). Among the noise of more familiar options, Xaawo could be a breath of fresh air for parents about to have their first baby girl.

  • Origin: Somali, Eastern African
  • Meaning: Living one, alive
  • Pronunciation: HA-woh
  • Variations: Xawo, Hawa
  • Popularity: Xaawo doesn’t appear on U.S. popularity charts, but there are about 6,702 in Somalia.
Exotic, Strong, Breezy


Xabiba is the Uzbek female form of the Arabic name Habib, meaning “beloved.” Habib itself comes from the Quranic root H6-B-B, making Xabiba an Islamic choice by extension. The traditional yet unique Xabiba proves girl names that start with X aren’t just fashion trends. Xabiba is perfect for the one closest to your heart.

  • Origin: Uzbek, Arabic
  • Meaning: Loved, beloved
  • Pronunciation: ha-BEE-bah
  • Variations: Xabiiba, Xäbibä, Habiba, Habeeba
  • Popularity: Xabiba is most popular in Somalia and Uzbekistan, though it doesn’t make the top 1,000 names there.
Wholesome, Cute, Cheerful


The true meaning and origin of the rare and elusive Xael is uncertain, but some suggest that it is Spanish. Anglo-Saxon roots have also been proposed, while others claim it’s a modern invention. What is certain is that this is one awesome-looking epithet. For the adventurous types, Xael is full of mystery!

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: From the sea
  • Pronunciation: zeye-AYL, ZA-ehl
  • Popularity: Xael is extremely rare, with less than 25 bearers worldwide, and is most common in Mexico.
Cool, Breezy


Xaila is an invented variant of Zayla, which ultimately comes from the Arabic Layla or Leila. The meaning of these root names is argued to be “night” or “ecstasy.” Either way, pretty little Xaila sounds trendy and fun, making it ideal for the contemporary baby. Like many X names for girls, Xaila is rarely used worldwide.

  • Origin: American English
  • Meaning: Night, dark beauty, dark-haired
  • Pronunciation: ZAY-la, ZAY-luh
  • Variations: Xayla, Zayla
  • Popularity: Xaila is the most common name in Brazil, though it doesn’t rank in the top 1,000 names there.
Pretty, Modern


Xaiya doesn’t get much love despite its affectionate meaning of “beloved.” And although it’s posited as Albanian in origin, it doesn’t have much presence in Albania. We think Xaiya is a great choice among girl names with X. It just needs a little TLC.

  • Origin: Albanian
  • Meaning: Loved, beloved
  • Pronunciation: ZEYE-ya
  • Namesakes: Xaiya Morris, the daughter of Trinidadian singer Destra Garcia.
  • Popularity: Xaiya is extremely rare, with a handful of bearers in Laos, the Caribbean, and the U.S.
Wholesome, Pretty, Charming


Xaliima is a Somali version of Halimah from the Arabic Halim. Xaliima’s Islamic connections can be traced to the Quranic use of Halim, where “al-Halim” is one of Allah’s names. Like other Somali names for girls that start with X, the X is pronounced as H. A real-world example includes Xaliima Axmed, also written as Halima Ahmed.

  • Origin: Somali, Eastern African
  • Meaning: Mild, gentle
  • Pronunciation: ha-LEE-ma
  • Variations: Halimah
  • Namesakes: Xaliima Axmed, a Somali political activist.
  • Popularity: Xaliima is borne by about 2,400 people worldwide, with the majority concentrated in Somalia.
Exotic, Melodious, Wholesome


Xalvadora is a newfangled variant of the Hispanic Salvadora, from the masculine Salvador meaning “savior.” Although there aren’t any known bearers of Xalvadora, the original version has a powerful namesake in the Argentine poet and feminist, Salvadora Medina Onrubia. Give thanks for your precious bundle with this eye-catching twist on a Spanish classic.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Savior
  • Pronunciation: ZAL-vuh-daw-ruh, KAL-vuh-daw-ruh
  • Variations: Salvadora
  • Popularity: Xalvadora doesn’t make popularity charts, making it exceptionally rare worldwide.
Regal, Exotic, Wholesome


Xalwo is a Somali dessert and means “sweet.” Every parent knows their baby is the sweetest, and Xalwo pays homage to that. It’s somewhat common in Somalia but hasn’t yet found a foothold in the West. Girl names with X are already quite unique, but Xalwo will feel especially exotic.

  • Origin: Somali
  • Meaning: Sweet
  • Pronunciation: kHAAL-woh, HAAL-woh
  • Variations: Halwo, Halwa
  • Popularity: Xalwo has about 1,842 bearers globally, making it quite rare.
Cute, Wholesome, Breezy


Xamara is an alternate spelling of Samara that is mostly used in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking territories. In Hebrew, Samara means “protected by God.” In Arabic, its figurative meaning of “she was/is a good friend” comes from the more literal meaning “companion in night conversation.” Babies love to babble, so Xamara should stick.

  • Origin: Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Friend/companion in night conversation, talk late into the evening
  • Pronunciation: ksa-MA-ra, SA-ma-ra, sa-MA-ra, zuh-MAH-ruh
  • Variations: Samara
  • Popularity: Xamara has about 42 bearers worldwide, mostly found in Mexico, Venezuela, and the U.S.
Charming, Pretty, Wholesome


Xamira is used as a modern variant of Zamira, the feminine form of Zamir. In Arabic, Zamira means “lean” or “slender,” whereas Zamir means “conscience.” In Hebrew, Zamir means “nightingale,” and in Albanian, it means “melodious” or “good voice.” As a variant of the Arabic Samira or Sameera, Xamira means “night conversation companion” and “good friend.” All great meanings!

  • Origin: Albanian, Spanish, English, Arabic
  • Meaning: Melodious voice, night conversation companion, slender
  • Pronunciation: ksa-MEE-ra, zah-MEE-ruh, ZUH-mee-ruh
  • Variations: Zamira, Samira
  • Popularity: Xamira is most prevalent in the Netherlands and the U.S.
Pretty, Melodious, Elegant
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Xamora is a variant of the Spanish last name Zamora. This toponymic (place name based on physical land features) surname refers to the city of Zamora in Spain. This feisty option means “wild olives” but may also mean “praised.” Xamora certainly has a spiritual air to it.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Wild olives
  • Pronunciation: ksa-MAW-ra, SA-MAW-ra
  • Variations: Zamora, Samora
  • Popularity: Xamora doesn’t appear on popularity charts as a given name but shows up as a rare surname limited to Mexico, Colombia, and the Philippines.
Breezy, Cheerful, Exotic


Xana may be a diminutive of Alexandra, ultimately from the Greek Alexandros. However, Xana appears in Greek mythology, where it symbolizes the wilderness in the form of a nymph. Perhaps related to this, Xana means “fairy” or “nymph” in Spanish. In Asturian, “xana” is believed to derive from the Latin name Diana and is also a water nymph in their mythology.

  • Origin: Portuguese, Asturian
  • Meaning: Nymph, fairy, divine, defender of men
  • Pronunciation: HA-NA, SHYA-nah, SHA-NA
  • Namesakes: Xana Morris, a Canadian pop musician. Xana Martínez, the daughter of Spanish football manager and former player Luis Enrique Garcia. Xana Tang, a New Zealand-born Chinese-Vietnamese actor.
  • Popularity: Xana is most popular in Portugal and Spain, with about 4,173 bearers globally.
Pretty, Powerful, Charming


Xanadu is an Anglicized version of the Chinese Shangdu, which combines the characters for “shàng” (above/upper) and “dū” (city). Shangdu was the summer capital of the Mongol Empire’s fifth Khan. Because of its description in a poem, it now symbolizes an idyllic place. Xanadu, or Shangdu, simply means “upper capital.” Try shortening this one to Xana (ZAN-uh).

  • Origin: English, Chinese
  • Meaning: Upper capital, idyllic place
  • Pronunciation: ZAN-uh-doo, ZAN-a-doo
  • Variations: Shangdu
  • Popularity: With less than 100 bearers worldwide, Xanadu is most prevalent in the Netherlands and the U.S.
Earthy, Exotic


Xandra is a Dutch short form of Alexandra, ultimately from the Greek Alexandros. This is one of the more popular female names that start with X, with almost 4,000 bearers internationally. Even Disney got in on the fun. The goddess of adventure from the Disney series Legend of the Three Caballeros is called Xandra.

  • Origin: Dutch, Greek
  • Meaning: Defender of men, defending men
  • Pronunciation: SAHN-dra, kSAHN-drah, ZAHN-dra
  • Variations: Sandra
  • Namesakes: Xandra Velzeboer, a Dutch short-track speed skater.
  • Popularity: Xandra has about 3,953 bearers worldwide, mostly found in the Netherlands.
Powerful, Regal, Strong


Xanh is a color name with a pleasant sound and refreshing meaning from Vietnam, where it’s most prevalent. It’s the equivalent of English speakers calling their children Blue or Japanese speakers using Kuro (ninth son/black). There aren’t many known bearers, but one notable Vietnamese Youtuber uses the social media handle Anh Tóc Xanh, meaning “the blue-haired man.”

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Cyan, blue, green
  • Pronunciation: SAN
  • Popularity: Xanh is the most popular in Vietnam.
Cute, Cheerful, Soothing


Xanım is the Azerbaijani form of the Turkish noble title “hanım” (lady/madam), which is the female equivalent of “khan” (king/ruler). Your little princess deserves a fitting title to mark her arrival. Xanım is an X name for girls with an aristocratic air and cultural weight.

  • Origin: Azerbaijani
  • Meaning: Lady, madam
  • Pronunciation: HAN-ihm, kHAN-ihm
  • Variations: Hanım
  • Namesakes: Xanım İsmayılqızı, an Azerbaijani journalist. Xanım Qafarova, an Azerbaijani theater and film actress, singer, and artist. Xanim Aliyeva, an Azerbaijani Instagram star.
  • Popularity: Xanım first ranked on charts in Azerbaijan in 2015 at 72nd and placed 92nd in 2022.
Exotic, Regal, Elegant


Xanthe has many lovely variants, all derived from the Greek “xanthos,” meaning “yellow,” “blond,” or “fair-haired.” This is one of the more mature-sounding women’s names that start with X — fitting for a baby who will one day be queen. Fair-haired babies and golden girls are welcome to use this ethereal moniker.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Yellow, blond, golden
  • Pronunciation: ZAN-thee, kSAN-teh
  • Variations: Xanthi, Xanthia, Xanthea
  • Namesakes: Xanthe Elbrick, an English stage actress. Xanthe Huynh, an American voice actress. Xanthé Mallett, a Scottish forensic anthropologist, criminologist, and TV presenter.
  • Popularity: Xanthe is rare worldwide but is most popular in England and Wales, ranking 957th in 2021.
Elegant, Powerful, Regal


Xanthippe was known as the disagreeable wife of the Athenian philosopher Socrates. Xanthippi is the modern Greek form of Xanthippe and is the more popular of the two. It stems from ancient Greek elements “xanthos,” meaning “yellow,” and “hippos,” meaning “horse.” Although its length might seem intimidating, Xanthippi remains a vibrant and sunny pick.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Yellow horse
  • Pronunciation: ksan-THEE-pee, ksan-TEE-peh, zan-THIH-pee, zan-TIP-ee
  • Variations: Xanthippe
  • Namesakes: Xanthippi Stamoulaki, the wife of Greek football player Sokratis Papastathopoulos.
  • Popularity: Xanthippi is most common in Greece, with just over 2,500 bearers worldwide.
Regal, Melodious, Cheerful


Xantina is a feminization of the Basque Xanti. Ultimately, it derives from Santiago, meaning “devotee of St. James.” Those with a traditional streak will appreciate the saintly nature of Xantina, as well as those who simply prefer girly girl names with X. Plus, Tina makes a classic nickname for your classy girl.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Little saint, little devotee
  • Pronunciation: SHAN-tee-na, kSHAN-tee-na
  • Popularity: Xantina is most commonly found in Peru and Uruguay, with less than five bearers worldwide.
Cute, Wholesome, Pretty


Xara is derived from the Arabic Zara/Zarah, not to be confused with Zahra (flower/blossom). This already popular choice is made all the more cool with the X respelling. Ultimately, it comes from the Arabic Zirwa, meaning “pinnacle,” “high,” and “exalted.” In Persian, Zara means gold. Xara may also be used as an American respelling of Sara, meaning “princess.”

  • Origin: American English, Arabic
  • Meaning: Exalted, high status
  • Pronunciation: ZAH-ruh, SA-ra
  • Variations: Zara
  • Namesakes: Xara Jetly, an American cricket player based in New Zealand.
  • Popularity: Xara is rare, with less than 400 bearers globally.
Cool, Regal, Modern
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Xareni originates with the Otomi people of Mexico. In the Otomi region, Xareni, also spelled Shareni, is a goddess of love. Although its meaning is uncertain, love feels like an appropriate association for your newborn. This goddess’ connection to the forest may also cultivate a love for nature in your little Xareni.

  • Origin: Mexican
  • Meaning: Princess of the forest
  • Pronunciation: sha-REH-nee, sha-RAY-nee
  • Variations: Shareni
  • Popularity: Xareni is most common in Mexico, with about 260 bearers worldwide.
Regal, Pretty, Exotic


Xaria is a modern English alternative spelling of the Arabic Zaria, meaning “scattering wind.” Being a parent is a whirlwind, and going with Xaria is one way you can capture that excitement. This fierce and feisty X name for girls is ideal for a fun-loving daughter.

  • Origin: American English, Arabic
  • Meaning: Scattering wind
  • Pronunciation: SHA-ree-a, ZAH-ree-uh, ZAH-rih-yuh
  • Variations: Zaria, Zariya
  • Namesakes: Xaria Dotson, an American artist and actress.
  • Popularity: Xaria is highly rare, with about 29 bearers internationally.
Modern, Breezy, Strong


Xarlie is an unusual way to spell a common epithet. It’s a modern respelling of Charlie, a gender-neutral diminutive of Charles. Do you want to be different while sticking to something familiar? Xarlie is the way to go. It’s quite rare, though, so you might have some explaining to do during introductions.

  • Origin: English, Spanish
  • Meaning: Free man
  • Pronunciation: ZAAR-lee
  • Variations: Charlie
  • Popularity: Xarlie is most prevalent in Spain but also shows up in Mexico and Peru.
Strong, Modern, Cheerful


Xatia is a variant spelling of Khatia. The Cyrillic alphabet used by, but not limited to, Belarusians, Kazakhs, Russians, Uzbeks, and more consists of the Kha or Ha. This letter is identical to the Latin letter X. Hence, Xatia is probably the more accurate spelling of Khatia in appearance. Perfect for your pretty painting!

  • Origin: Georgian
  • Meaning: Icon (religious painting) painted
  • Pronunciation: KHA-TEE-YA, KAT-ya
  • Variations: Khatia
  • Namesakes: Xatia (or Khatia) Buniatishvili, a Georgian concert pianist. Xatia (or Khatia) Dekanoidze, a Georgian politician.
  • Popularity: Xatia is most common in Georgia, with under 300 worldwide bearers.
Pretty, Elegant, Melodious


Xavia is a feminine modern English version of the Basque-derived Xavier. It might also have Arabic roots, with some suggesting the meanings “brilliant,” “bright,” “shining,” and “radiant.” Let Xavia light up your world when you bring home your ray of sunshine.

  • Origin: Basque, English, Arabic
  • Meaning: The new house, shining, bright
  • Pronunciation: ZAY-vee-uh
  • Variations: Zavia
  • Popularity: Xavia is most prevalent in the U.S., though it does not crack the top 1,000 names.
Regal, Melodious, Cool


Xaviera is the feminine form of the Basque Xavier, meaning “new house.” It has also been said to mean “brilliant” or “bright” in Arabic. This is a great option for parents who prefer not to get too funky with their pick. Xavier is already well known, making Xaviera feel familiar.

  • Origin: Basque, Spanish, English
  • Meaning: The new house
  • Pronunciation: SA-vee-eh-ra, KSA-vee-eh-ra, ZA-vee-eh-rah
  • Namesakes: Xaviera Gold, an African-American singer and former DJ and mixer. Xaviera Simmons, an African American contemporary artist. Xaviera Plas, a German columnist and writer.
  • Popularity: Xaviera is most commonly found in Suriname and the U.S. but doesn’t make the top 1,000 names.
Charming, Cheerful


If you thought Xavier was fancy, the French feminine form adds another layer of sophistication. Ultimately, this is derived from the Basque place name Etxeberria, meaning “the new house.” To some, Xavière might sound indistinguishable from its male counterpart, but a trained ear will pick it up.

  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: The new house
  • Pronunciation: GZAV-yeh, ZAV-yehr
  • Variations: Xavérie, Xavéria
  • Namesakes: Xavière Tiberi, the wife of the French politician and former mayor of Paris, Jean Tiberi. Xavière Gauthier, a journalist, editor, and feminist literary academic.
  • Popularity: Xavière is most popular in France, where it last ranked 437th in 1938.
Elegant, Regal, Cool


Xaya is a modern English respelling of the Mongolian Zaya. Although this X name for girls is appealing for its simplicity and modernity, it isn’t that popular yet. Maybe Xaya has just been waiting for the right time to shine. If you believe in the power of destiny, perhaps Xaya is for you.

  • Origin: English, Mongolian
  • Meaning: Fate, destiny
  • Pronunciation: ZAY-yah, ZEYE-yah, ZEYE-ya
  • Variations: Zaya
  • Popularity: With about 26 bearers internationally, Xaya is extremely rare. It’s most commonly used in Azerbaijan.
Pretty, Breezy, Cute


Xaylee is an alternate spelling of the invented Zaylee. This is a mashup of the elements “zay/zai,” meaning “life, lifetime” or “honey, something sweet” from ancient Farsi, and “lee” from the Anglo-Saxon “leigh” (meadow/clearing). Some have suggested it means “sea strength” as “zai” could be associated with the Arabic word for “sea.”

  • Origin: American English
  • Meaning: Honey meadow, sea strength
  • Pronunciation: ZAY-lee
  • Variations: Zaylee
  • Popularity: Xaylee doesn’t show up on popularity charts.
Cute, Modern, Cheerful


Don’t be intimidated by Xaysavanh’s spelling or length. This Lao pick is only three syllables long and soothing to the ear. It’s a combination of the Lao elements “xay,” meaning “victory,” and “savanh,” meaning “heaven” or “paradise.” For a heaven-sent gift, Xaysavanh is quite apt. It pairs well with shorter names, so consider it for the middle name spot.

  • Origin: Lao
  • Meaning: Victory heaven, victory paradise
  • Pronunciation: seye-sa-WAN
  • Variations: Saysavanh
  • Popularity: Xaysavanh is most common name in Thailand.
Wholesome, Exotic, Traditional
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Xela is a diminutive of Ánxela, the Galician form of Angela. Ultimately, this comes from the Latin masculine Angelus. As it’s based on the heavenly spirit creature mentioned in the Bible, it takes on the meaning “messenger.” Xela is a cute spin on a vintage classic. Babies look like tiny cherubs anyway, so why not complete the picture with the adorable Xela?

  • Origin: Galician
  • Meaning: Angel, messenger
  • Pronunciation: SHEHY-yah, SHEH-la, kSEH-la
  • Variations: Xella
  • Popularity: Xela doesn’t show up on U.S. popularity charts but is more common in Spain.
Wholesome, Charming


Find perfect harmony with Xen, a modern English variant spelling of Zen. It comes from “sen/zen,” a Japanese term for a state of enlightenment and peace that goes back to the Sanskrit “dhyāna,” meaning “absorption, meditative state.” Zen was once the new fad, but Xen seems to be gradually taking that spot. Give your baby a spiritual connection with Xen.

  • Origin: English, Japanese
  • Meaning: Silent meditative state, virtuous, goodness
  • Pronunciation: ZEHN, DZEHN
  • Variations: Zen
  • Namesakes: Xen Martin, the son of American actress Tisha Campbell and actor Duane Martin.
  • Popularity: There are just over 1,000 bearers of Xen internationally.
Cool, Soothing, Modern


Xena is famous for the popular 90s TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. This background gives Xena a formidable feel. As it’s likely a variant of the Greek Xenia, it has an inviting meaning. Sure, it can mean “stranger,” but put into context, it means “guest” or “hospitable/hospitality.” Welcome your baby girl home with Xena.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Stranger, guest, foreigner, hospitable
  • Pronunciation: KSEE-nah, ZEE-nuh
  • Variations: Xenia
  • Namesakes: Xena Maria Evers, a Dutch philosopher and documentary maker. Xena Avramidis, a Greek actress and model noted for a minor role in the Game of Thrones TV series.
  • Popularity: Xena first appeared on U.S. charts in 1996, ranking 758th, and was seen for the final time at 766th in 1997.
Modern, Cool, Powerful


Xendaya is a modern respelling of an already modern moniker. Zendaya was inspired by the South African Shona language Tendai, which is derived from the root word “tenda” (to be thankful). Zendaya Coleman is the only famous namesake of the original epithet, but her star power has surely inspired a new generation of parents. Xendaya is merely the next evolutionary step.

  • Origin: African American, Shona
  • Meaning: To be thankful (to God), to give thanks (to God)
  • Pronunciation: zehn-DAY-uh
  • Variations: Zendaya
  • Popularity: Xendaya doesn’t show up on any popularity charts.
Modern, Wholesome, Strong


The feminine Xenia means “guest” and “hospitality.” This epithet is derived from the Greek “xenos,” meaning “foreigner,” “stranger,” or “guest.” Xenia appears to have a foothold in Spain but doesn’t hold up as well in its place of origin. Regardless, Xenia could be a warm welcome home to your new guest.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Hospitality, welcomed guest
  • Pronunciation: KSEN-ya, kSEN-ee-ya
  • Variations: Ksenia, Kseniia, Ksenija, Kseniya
  • Namesakes: Xenia Palazzo, an Italian Paralympic swimmer of Russian descent. Xenia Kalogeropoulou, a Greek actress for Greek and English-speaking films. Xenia Goodwin, an Australian actress and dancer.
  • Popularity: In Catalonia, Xenia last ranked 97th in 2016.
Exotic, Pretty, Charming


Xenobia is a fun entry on our list of girl names that start with X. Usually, this Greek option is spelled Zenobia, but this is an alternative English spelling. Zenobia was a queen of the 3rd-century Palmyrene Empire who cultivated intellectualism and multiculturalism during her reign. The original is great, but you can mix it up with the respelling Xenobia.

  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Life of Zeus
  • Pronunciation: zeh-NOH-bee-ah
  • Variations: Zenobia
  • Namesakes: Xenobia Clayton, the twin sister of American civic leader Xernona Clayton.
  • Popularity: Xenobia is most popular in the U.S. and South Africa.
Powerful, Earthy, Melodious


Move aside Cleopatra, it’s Xenopatra’s time to shine. Xenopatra combines the Greek “xenos” (foreign/stranger/guest) and “patra” (fatherland/homeland) or “patros” (of the father). If you have a budding daddy’s girl on your hands, why not pay homage to that special bond? Xenopatra will definitely turn heads, and you can always nickname her Xen (ZEHN), Xena (ZEE-nah), or even Patty.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Foreign father, guest of the father
  • Pronunciation: ZEE-noh-PAH-truh
  • Popularity: Xenopatra doesn’t appear on any popularity charts.
Regal, Powerful


Xénova is the Galician and Asturian version of the Italian port city, Genova. This settlement is more commonly known to English-speakers as Genoa. It likely stems from the Latin word “genu,” meaning “knee,” though some claim that it comes from the Latin “janua,” meaning “door.” If nothing else, Xénova could open up conversations about history and language.

  • Origin: Asturian, Galician, Latin
  • Meaning: Knee
  • Pronunciation: zeh-NOH-vah
  • Variations: Genova
  • Popularity: Xénova has one recorded bearer in England.
Modern, Elegant, Charming


Whether your baby girl is a perfect angel or a ball of energy, Xeraphina is probably your best bet. This alternative spelling of the English Seraphina is derived from the female form of the Latin Seraphinus. Ultimately, this comes from the biblical “seraphim,” Hebrew for “fiery ones.”

  • Origin: English, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Fiery one, seraphim
  • Pronunciation: SEH-ruh-FEE-nuh, ZEH-rah-FEE-nah
  • Variations: Seraphina, Serafina
  • Popularity: Xeraphina is extremely rare and doesn’t appear in the U.S. top 1,000 names.
Pretty, Modern, Melodious


Xeres comes from the Persian Xerxes, meaning “ruler over heroes.” Your girl could be a leader with a moniker like this! It’s considered an Islamic option but has gained popularity outside the community. As a bonus, Xeres looks much like the Latin Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest.

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: Nice, caring, ruler over heroes
  • Pronunciation: ZEH-reez, khs-EH-rez
  • Popularity: Xeres is the most popular in the Philippines, with about 105 bearers worldwide.
Cool, Wholesome, Strong
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Xeyal is an ethereal Kurdish epithet meaning “daydream,” “fantasy,” and “illusion.” Xeyal is also the Turkic form of the Persian Khayal, which is related to the Quranic root KH-Y-L. All these names have the same meaning, making them essentially interchangeable. But if you want to keep that X factor, Xeyal remains the star of the show.

  • Origin: Kurdish
  • Meaning: Illusion, daydream, thought, imagination
  • Pronunciation: sehy-AAL, thay-AL
  • Variations: Khayal
  • Popularity: With about 1,236 bearers worldwide, Xeyal is the most popular in Azerbaijan.
Traditional, Exotic


Xhesika looks more complex than it is. This is the Albanian form of Jessica, pronounced surprisingly close to the English version. Jessica is extremely popular worldwide but has declined on the charts over time. This is a great opportunity to breathe new life into a once-loved classic. Why not spice it up with Xhesika?

  • Origin: Albanian
  • Meaning: To behold
  • Pronunciation: jeh-SEE-kah
  • Namesakes: Xhesika Berberi, an Albanian model and beauty pageant titleholder. Xhesika Ndoj, an Albanian musical artist.
  • Popularity: Xhesika has a little over 2,000 bearers worldwide and is most popular in Albania.
Exotic, Pretty, Strong


Xhuri is an English variant spelling of the Swahili Zuri, also used in Albania as a rare “X” surname. Xhuri is a great choice for parents who want to praise their daughter’s beauty. Additionally, if you have African heritage, Xhuri can help your little one to feel connected to her roots.

  • Origin: East African, Swahili
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ZOO-ree
  • Variations: Zhuri, Zuri
  • Popularity: Xhuri doesn’t make popularity charts.
Cute, Wholesome, Earthy


Xi is probably the shortest X name for girls on our list. At two letters and one syllable, it’s one of the most common surnames in China and the 708th most common surname internationally. Xi originally meant “cloth” or “mat,” but modern meanings include “strive,” “hope,” “admire,” “happiness,” and “careful.” For parents looking for some flexibility, Xi proves its worth.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Hope, admire, happiness
  • Pronunciation: SHEE, SEE
  • Namesakes: Xi Luo, a Chinese competitive synchronized swimmer. Xi Luo, a Chinese Olympic and World Championship medallist in synchronized swimming.
  • Popularity: Xi is most popular in Hong Kong and Vietnam.
Melodious, Cute, Wholesome


Xia comes from the Chinese character for “xià,” meaning “summer,” or “great, grand,” or “xiá,” meaning “rosy clouds.” This is a nature name with a warm, cozy feel. If you want to try exotic names for girls that start with X, put Xia on your shortlist.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Summer, rosy clouds, glow of sunrise
  • Pronunciation: SEE-a, SHEE-a, SHYAH
  • Namesakes: Xia Zhào, ring name Xia Li, a Chinese professional wrestler.
  • Popularity: Xia is most prevalent in Hong Kong, with over 13,300 bearers worldwide.
Cheerful, Cute, Soothing


Xiadani is a sing-song option from the Zapotec culture. It uses the elements “xia,” meaning “flower,” and “dani,” which operates as a suffix that might be part of a longer moniker. This works well for babies born in spring. As a bonus, Dani makes for a very hip nickname.

  • Origin: Mexican, Zapotec
  • Meaning: The flower that bloomed, blooming flower
  • Pronunciation: hee-ah-DAH-nee
  • Popularity: Xiadani has about 30 bearers globally, with almost all found in Mexico.
Strong, Melodious, Cheerful


Xiamara doesn’t only sound lovely, but it looks pretty, too. This rare epithet is Aramaic for “joyful deer” and has great potential as a whimsical nature name. There are already a few famous namesakes, but popularity stats indicate that it will still stand out from the crowd. Your sweet fawn deserves a gentle woodland epithet like Xiamara.

  • Origin: Aramaic
  • Meaning: Joyful deer
  • Pronunciation: zee-ah-MAH-ra
  • Namesakes: Xiamara Sophia Bernardo Vigor, a British-Filipino child actress and TV host in the Philippines. Xiamara Jennings, a R&B and soul singer.
  • Popularity: Xiamara has about 52 bearers internationally.
Melodious, Cheerful, Charming


Xian uses the Chinese character for “xiàn,” meaning “present, manifest,” “xián,” meaning “string, chord,” or “xiān,” meaning “before, first.” It can also mean “law,” “elegant, refined,” “savory, salty,” or “virtuous, worthy.” That’s a lot of meaning packed into such a small moniker! An additional meaning comes from Xian’s Galician roots, where it is a diminutive of Xulián.

  • Origin: Chinese, Galician
  • Meaning: Elegant, good, chord, downy-bearded
  • Pronunciation: SHYEHN, SYEHN, shee-ANG
  • Variations: Xián
  • Namesakes: Xian Mikol, an American model and actress. Alexander Xian Lim, a Filipino-American actor, model, singer, and professional basketball player.
  • Popularity: Xian tends to rank in the top 1,000 names in China. It’s also common in Galician, Spain, ranking 35th in 2021 for boys.
Wholesome, Pretty, Breezy


Xiana is a diminutive of Xuliana, the Galician form of Juliana. Stemming from Julius, it means “downy-bearded,” but metaphorically, it probably means “youthful.” While it’s still going strong in Galicia, it last ranked in 2010 at 257th in Spain proper. It seems the perfect time to help make Xiana more popular in the English-speaking world.

  • Origin: Galician
  • Meaning: Downy-bearded
  • Pronunciation: shee-AH-nuh
  • Namesakes: Xiana Mendez, a Spanish secretary of state.
  • Popularity: In 2021, Xiana placed 25th in Galicia, Spain.
Charming, Cheerful, Pretty


Xianna is an American English variant of Xiana, ultimately a feminine form of Julian. The Chinese meaning of Xianna comes from the characters for “xián,” meaning “virtuous,” “worthy,” or “good, and “nà,” meaning “elegant” and “graceful.” How you choose to pronounce and interpret this one is up to you. For a Western-sounding nickname, go with Anna.

  • Origin: Chinese, American English
  • Meaning: Virtuous and graceful, virtuous and elegant, downy-bearded
  • Pronunciation: SHYAH-na, shee-AH-nuh, ZEE-a-nuh
  • Variations: Xian Na
  • Popularity: Xianna is commonly used in China, with about 6,773 bearers worldwide.
Elegant, Wholesome, Modern
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Xiao has a foot in two cultures. In Galician, it’s a variant of Xián, meaning “downy-bearded” or “youthful.” Xiao has several sunny meanings in Chinese, but it can also mean “reverent of the elderly.” It’s popular enough that a playable Genshin Impact character goes by Xiao. Although it seems more popular for boys, Xiao is still a gender-neutral option in China.

  • Origin: Chinese, Galician
  • Meaning: Sunrise, dawn, skyline, downy-bearded
  • Pronunciation: shee-OW, see-OW, tCHYOW
  • Namesakes: Xiao Wen Ju, a Chinese model. Xiao Wang, a professor at MIT.
  • Popularity: Xiao is most popular in Hong Kong and the U.S.
Soothing, Cheerful, Exotic


Xiaoli is made up of the Chinese “xiǎo,” meaning “small,” or “xiǎo,” meaning “dawn, daybreak,” or “know, understand.” It’s paired with “lì,” meaning “benefit, advantage,” “lǐ,” meaning “reason, logic,” or “lì,” meaning “beautiful.” Take your pick of one of these or explore other characters for further meanings. Your daughter can steal the show with the exotic Xiaoli.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Small and beautiful, small advantage, beautiful dawn
  • Pronunciation: SHYOW-LEE, SYOW-LEE
  • Variations: Xiao Li
  • Namesakes: Xiaoli Ma, an electrical engineer of Chinese descent. Xiaoli Zhang, a mechanical engineer of Chinese descent.
  • Popularity: Xiaoli is the 334th most common name in the world and is most popular in China and Taiwan.
Pretty, Exotic, Strong


Although Xiaoyan also means “small bamboo,” “rocks, cliffs,” and “know, understand,” it’s ideal for your newborn songbird. True to the meaning of “dawn swallow,” famous bearer Xiaoyan Zhou was called “China’s First Lady of Opera.” After being exiled to a farm during China’s cultural revolution, she eventually returned to establish an opera training program. She certainly left her mark on Xiaoyan.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Dawn swallow, small swallow
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-ow-yan, SYOW-yan
  • Variations: Hsiao-yen, Xiao-yan
  • Namesakes: Xiaoyan Liao, a Chinese track and field athlete. Xiaoyan Cheng, a former Chinese shot putter. Xiaoyan Zhuang, a Chinese female judo coach and former international judo champion.
  • Popularity: Xiaoyan is the 164th most popular name in the world, with most bearers found in China.
Cute, Earthy, Exotic


Xiara is a variant spelling of Siara, which itself became a variant of both Ciara and Sierra. Due to similarities in the spelling, the Spanish Sierra (mountains) has been conflated with the Irish Ciara (dark-haired) among English-speakers. Xiara is simple but has a touch of internal complexity.

  • Origin: Spanish, English
  • Meaning: Mountains, dark-haired
  • Pronunciation: see-A-ruh
  • Variations: Siara
  • Popularity: Xiara is most prevalent in Spain, Panama, and the U.S.
Pretty, Modern, Melodious


Xienna is a cool respelling of the English word “sienna,” meaning “orange-red, ochre.” It stems from Siena, Italy, as the clay in this city is yellowish-brown. Sienna comes from the Italian phrase “terra di Siena” (earth of Siena). Although this version is spelled with an X, it’s still pronounced like the original (SEE-eh-nuh).

  • Origin: Italian, English
  • Meaning: Orange-red, ochre
  • Pronunciation: SEE-eh-nuh
  • Variations: Sienna, Siena
  • Popularity: Xienna has about 21 bearers limited to the Philippines.
Earthy, Pretty, Elegant


Xila has many potential origins. It’s a modern alternative transcription of the Indian Shila, used in English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking territories. In China, Xila (transcribed as Xīlà) means “Greece.” Xila may also be a modern alternate spelling of the Hebrew Zillah, meaning “shade/shadow” or “shelter.”

  • Origin: Indian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
  • Meaning: Conduct, disposition, Greece
  • Pronunciation: ZIL-ah, SHEE-lah
  • Variations: Shila, Sheela
  • Popularity: Xila is most common in China, Taiwan, and Mexico, but with about 1,334 bearers worldwide, it’s extremely rare.
Cute, Modern, Wholesome


Xilenia sounds smooth and sophisticated, but the meaning of this beautiful melodic option is uncertain. It’s most likely a modern derivative of Selene and Selena, meaning “moon.” Xilenia is a fitting pick for your lunar princess if your baby was born at night.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Pronunciation: sih-LEHN-ya
  • Popularity: Xilenia is highly rare worldwide but is commonly used in Venezuela
Melodious, Soothing, Elegant


Xiloxoch is a floral pick from the Aztec Nahuatl language, meaning “calliandra (flower).” Many English-speakers get intimidated by the appearance of Aztec names, but it’s quite straightforward once you break it down. Why not take this traditional option for a spin? If you’re still hesitant, Xiloxoch works well as a middle name for girls.

  • Origin: Mexican, Aztec
  • Meaning: Calliandra (flower)
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-loh-shohch
  • Popularity: Xiloxoch is quite rare as it doesn’t show up on popularity charts.
Exotic, Traditional, Earthy


Ximara is possibly an alternate spelling of Xiomara, a Spanish form of the unisex Guiomar. Perhaps your baby girl is a fighter, or you want her to grow up strong. Ximara captures those sentiments in its fierce meaning. Nicknames for Ximara include Mara or Xima (SEE-ma).

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Battle famous, famous in battle
  • Pronunciation: see-MA-ra, ksee-MA-rah
  • Variations: Xiomara
  • Popularity: Ximara is commonly used in Venezuela and the U.S., though it doesn’t make the top 1,000 names in either territory.
Powerful, Cool, Strong


Ximena is the female version of Ximeno. Although its meaning is uncertain, Ximeno is believed to be a form of Simon from the Hebrew Shim’on (hearing/listening). It may also be derived from the Basque word “seme” (son). It could feel strange to call your daughter “son,” but it’s a good choice for parents who want an attentive child.

  • Origin: Spanish, Basque, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Son, hearing, listening
  • Pronunciation: khee-MEH-na, hee-MEH-nah
  • Variations: Jimena
  • Namesakes: Ximena Córdoba Londoño, a Colombian model and actress. Ximena Sariñana Rivera, a Mexican singer-songwriter and actress. Ximena Duque, a Colombian actress and model.
  • Popularity: Ximena peaked in the U.S. in 2018 at 143rd. In Mexico, it placed 6th and 7th in 2020 and 2021, respectively.
Wholesome, Pretty, Charming
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Ximora is likely an alternate spelling of Xiomara, a Spanish form of Guiomar. This stems from the Germanic Wigmar, which consists of the elements “wig” (war/battle) and “mari” (famous). With little competition, Ximora is a variant that your daughter can make her own.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Battle famous, famous in battle
  • Pronunciation: SEE-maw-ra, kSEE-maw-ra, ZEE-maw-ruh
  • Variations: Xiomara
  • Popularity: Ximora is extremely rare, with about ten known bearers globally.
Powerful, Strong, Cool


Xin is a gender-neutral option with a refreshing list of meanings. From the character written as “xīn,” it means “heart, mind, soul,” while “xīn” means “dawn.” It can also be written as “xīn” (fragrant), “xīn” (fresh/new), or “xìn” (trust/believe). The Chinese character can be read in several other ways, so have fun picking your favorite one!

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Fragrant, prosperous, new, happy
  • Pronunciation: SIN, SEEN
  • Namesakes: Xin Wang, a Chinese retired badminton player and former World No. 1 women’s singles player. Xin Li, a Chinese women’s basketball coach and former international player who won an Olympic silver medal.
  • Popularity: Xin is most prevalent in China, but in 2011, it ranked 937th in England and Wales.
Melodious, Soothing, Wholesome


The meaning and origin of Xina is unclear, but it’s believed to be an alternate spelling of Xena and a variant of the Greek Xenia. In Marvel Comics’ Earth-928, the character Miguel O’Hara has a friend called Xina Kwan. Real-life namesakes are harder to find, so your baby Xina could be one in a million.

  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Hospitality, stranger, guest
  • Pronunciation: ZEE-nuh, SHEE-nah
  • Variations: Xenia, Xena
  • Popularity: Xina has less than 400 bearers worldwide but is most common in the U.S.
Cute, Cheerful, Pretty


Xinavane is of Changana and Tsonga language origin and is a town in Mozambique. This one offers a chance to connect more deeply to your roots. It’s a part of African life and gives the sense that you’re building upon that ancestry. Welcome a new generation with Xinavane.

  • Origin: Southern African
  • Meaning: Propagate, to spread, mother
  • Pronunciation: ZIN-a-VEHYN
  • Popularity: With about two known bearers worldwide, Xinavane is extremely rare but shows up in South Africa and the U.S.
Earthy, Cool, Exotic


Xing has many Chinese character combinations and many meanings. Depending on how it’s written or read, it can mean “flourish, prosper,” “planet,” “star,” “intelligent,” or “carry out” and “perform.” Xing seems ideal for your rising star. It even sounds like someone making a cinematic “shing” sound effect!

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Star, clever, apricot, flourish
  • Pronunciation: SYUUNG, SHYEENG
  • Namesakes: Xing Aihua, a Chinese long-track speed-skater.
  • Popularity: Xing is highly popular in Mainland China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Breezy, Cute, Regal


Xinrui is uncommon in its homeland, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook it. It uses the Chinese characters for “xīn” (fragrant/aromatic) or “xīn” (like/admire) and “ruì” (felicitous omen/auspicious) or “ruí” (delicate/drooping leaves). What results is a somewhat strange meaning in English. Regardless of the translation, Xinrui has a tender atmosphere, perfect for your tender girl.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Fragrant drooping leaves, auspicious fragrance
  • Pronunciation: SIN-ROO-EE, SIN-RAY
  • Popularity: Xinrui is most popular in China and Taiwan, though it doesn’t crack the top 1,000 names in either.
Soothing, Exotic, Melodious


Xinyi sounds quite delicate and pretty. It comes from a combination of “xīn,” meaning “happy” and “delighted,” or “xīn,” meaning “soul,” “heart,” or “mind,” and “yí” (joy/harmony). You can never be too happy, and with Xinyi, you’re doubling up on good vibes.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Joyous heart, happy
  • Pronunciation: SIN-YEE, SEEN-YEE
  • Popularity: Xinyi usually ranks in the top 1,000 names in China and Taiwan.
Breezy, Cheerful, Exotic


Xinyue combines the popular “xin,” meaning “heart,” “soul,” “fragrant,” “happy,” or “dawn,” with “yue,” meaning “treasure,” “magical beads,” or “moon.” Yue is most well-known among Anglophones for its lunar connections. Xinyue has a musical and mystical atmosphere that makes it beloved beyond China’s borders.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: New moon
  • Pronunciation: SIN-YOOEH, SEEN-YOOEH, SIN-YOO-eh
  • Namesakes: Xinyue Yuan, a Chinese professional volleyball player.
  • Popularity: Xinyue is fairly popular in China and Singapore.
Elegant, Soothing, Charming


Xiomara may stem from the Old Germanic Giselmār,” which combines “gisel” (hostage/pledge) and “mâri” (famous). It could also come from the Spanish Guiomar meaning “famous in battle.” Xiomara is quite popular in Spanish-speaking territories. Other namesakes include Xiomara Alfaro, a Cuban soprano, and Xiomara Griffith Mahon, a Venezuelan judoka.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Famous in battle, battle famous
  • Pronunciation: SYOH-MA-ra, SEE-oh-MA-ra
  • Variations: Ximara
  • Namesakes: Xiomara Blandino, a Nicaraguan beauty pageant titleholder. Iris Xiomara Castro Sarmiento, also Castro de Zelaya, a Honduran politician, businesswoman, and the 56th president of Honduras.
  • Popularity: In 2022, Xiomara peaked on the U.S. charts at 493rd.
Strong, Melodious, Cool


Xion is an English spelling variant of the Hebrew Zion (TSEYE-on/ZEYE-on) and of the Japanese Shion (SHEE-on). This gives you dual meanings and the opportunity to connect with two very distinct cultures. In the Bible, Zion was a fortress city associated with God’s protection. The Japanese meaning “aster (flower)” is Greek for “star.” Xion feels quite heavenly.

  • Origin: Hebrew, Japanese
  • Meaning: Highest point, aster
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-on, TSEYE-on, ZEYE-on
  • Variations: Zion, Shion
  • Popularity: Xion is most popular in the U.S., but doesn’t make the top 1,000 names.
Cool, Regal, Melodious
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Xipil is extremely rare, and little is known about it. Even its meaning is uncertain. This Aztec option could be a way to connect to any indigenous ancestry your baby might have. Despite its proud, fiery meaning, the pronunciation sounds similar to the English word “sheep” — fitting for a baby as soft and gentle as a lamb.

  • Origin: Aztec
  • Meaning: Noble one, of fire
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-PEEL
  • Popularity: Xipil doesn’t appear on popularity charts, making it quite rare.
Powerful, Exotic, Regal


Xitlali originates with the Aztecs, though more specifically with the Nahuatl language. It’s a variant derived from Citlālicue (star garment), a creator goddess in Aztec mythology. Alongside her husband, she made the stars and the Earth. Xitlali is a celestial option, perfect for parents interested in history and Mesoamerican cultures.

  • Origin: Mexican, Aztec
  • Meaning: Star
  • Pronunciation: SIT-lah-lee
  • Variations: Xitlalli, Citlalli, Citlali
  • Namesakes: Xitlali Sarmiento, a Mexican singer.
  • Popularity: Xitlali is fairly popular in Mexico and the U.S., falling within the top 2,000 names there.
Melodious, Traditional


Xitlalic is a variant of the Aztec Nahuatl (language) Citlālicue, meaning “star garment.” This version drops only the last two letters of the original, with its unique sound separating it from other variants. It’s already being used in its home country, but we think it deserves more attention. Let your little girl shine bright with Xitlalic.

  • Origin: Mexican, Aztec
  • Meaning: Star
  • Pronunciation: SIT-lah-lihk
  • Variations: Xitlali, Citlali
  • Popularity: With just under 300 bearers globally, Xitlalic is found mostly in Mexico.
Exotic, Cheerful, Melodious


Xiuhcoatl is Classical Nahuatl and means “turquoise serpent.” The more symbolic meaning is “fire serpent,” which fits this Aztec fire deity. Xiuhcoatl, the spirit form of Xiuhtecuhtli, was associated with dry grass, the solar year, and turquoise. Despite the perceived complexity of this Mesoamerican moniker, parents worldwide can enjoy its rich history, as it isn’t difficult to say.

  • Origin: Mexican, Aztec
  • Meaning: Turquoise serpent, fire serpent
  • Pronunciation: SHEW-koh-atl
Cool, Powerful, Regal


Xiuhcuetzin is a little higher on the complexity scale than some of our other X names for girls. Regardless, this Aztec Nahuatl language epithet will blaze a trail straight to your heart. Not only is Xiuhcuetzin known for its association with an Aztec empress, but it symbolizes the streak of light made by a meteor (a comet entering Earth’s atmosphere).

  • Origin: Mexican, Aztec
  • Meaning: Grass skirt, turquoise skirt, fire skirt, skirt of a comet
  • Pronunciation: SHOO-koo-EHT-sin, SHEW-koo-EHT-sin
  • Namesakes: Xiuhcuetzin, a Tenochtitlan queen and wife of the Aztec emperor Acamapichtli.
  • Popularity: Xiuhcuetzin is extremely rare worldwide as it doesn’t show up on popularity charts.
Exotic, Strong, Melodious


Xiya is an English variant of the Arabic Ziya (dee-YA), derived from “diya” meaning “light,” “splendor,” and “glow.” Strangely enough, the Chinese meaning is similar. The Chinese character for “xī” (splendid/bright/glorious), “xī” (hope/rare/expect), or xī” (evening/dusk) is paired with “yǎ” (refined/elegant/graceful.) Xiya is perfect for the sweet light of your life.

  • Origin: Chinese, Arabic, American English
  • Meaning: Splendid, light, glow
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-ya, DEE-ya, ZEE-yuh
  • Variations: Ziya, Diya
  • Popularity: Xiya is most prevalent in Taiwan and Thailand but remains rare worldwide.
Cute, Modern, Cheerful


Can you guess what Xoana is derived from? This is the Galician version of Joanna, a feminine form of John. John itself is an English equivalent that ultimately stems from the Hebrew Jehohanan/Yehochanan. But Xoana may also originate with the Greek word “xoanon,” a primitive wooden likeness of a deity. Either way, Xoana certainly feels spiritual.

  • Origin: Galician
  • Meaning: Jehovah has shown favor, Jehovah has been gracious
  • Pronunciation: HWAH-nuh, SHWA-nuh
  • Variations: Joanna, Jane
  • Namesakes: Xoana Iacoi, an Argentine professional handball player.
  • Popularity: Xoana is found commonly in Spain and Argentina, with less than 400 bearers worldwide.
Wholesome, Breezy, Charming


Xochi is a diminutive of the Aztec Nahuatl language Xochitl. The pronunciation of this floral epithet is as sweet as a daisy, and it looks simply adorable! Flower names seem to be loved in every culture, which is also true of Mesoamerica. Xochi is ideal for parents who want a traditional Aztec moniker that’s easy to read and write.

  • Origin: Mexican, Aztec
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Pronunciation: SHOH-CHEE
  • Namesakes: Xochi Birch, an American computer programmer and co-founder of several companies.
  • Popularity: Xochi is most popular in Mexico and the U.S. but is still extremely rare in both.
Cute, Soothing, Pretty


Xochiquetzal is Aztec and stems from the Nahuatl language. This was a goddess of love, fertility, handicrafts, flowers, and plants, a part of the Aztec and Toltec mythos. Xochiquetzal is a combination of “xōchitl” (flower) and “quetzalli,” meaning “quetzal feather” or “precious thing.” This one might be a bit of a mouthful, but it retains a sense of gracefulness.

  • Origin: Mexican, Aztec
  • Meaning: Precious flower, precious quetzal feather, precious feather flower
  • Pronunciation: shoh-chee-KEHT-sal
  • Popularity: Xochiquetzal has about 632 bearers worldwide, with the majority concentrated in Mexico.
Pretty, Regal, Traditional


Xochitl is a Nahuatl language moniker from the Aztec Empire. This is a fairly common epithet in Mexico, both in the past and present. Xochitl is the basis for several other girl names like Xīlōxōch (calliandra flower), Ēlōxōchitl (magnolia flower), and Miyāoaxōchitl (maize tassel flower). Plant the seeds of success and watch your little girl blossom with Xochitl.

  • Origin: Mexican, Aztec
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Pronunciation: SHOH-CHEET, SHOH-CHEETL
  • Namesakes: Xochitl Gomez, an American actress who debuted in the sitcom Raven’s Home. Xochitl Dominguez Benetton, a Mexican scientist. Xochitl Gonzalez, an American novelist, screenwriter, and producer.
  • Popularity: Xochitl has neared the top 1,000 names in the U.S. several times but remains most popular in Mexico.
Pretty, Soothing, Exotic
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Xoday is the Tatar word for God, which ultimately stems from the Persian Khuda (HOO-dah). With so much weight behind Xoday, it’s only fitting that it’s so uncommon. To Anglophones, Xoday is one letter from being “today.” Maybe this one is trying to tell you to stop procrastinating!

  • Origin: Tatar
  • Meaning: God
  • Pronunciation: huh-DEYE, HOH-deye
  • Variations: Khuda
  • Popularity: Xoday is extremely rare and does not appear on popularity charts.
Powerful, Regal, Exotic


Xoe is an alternate spelling of Zoe and Zoey, from the Greek root “zōē,” meaning “life.” This was a Hellenized Jewish translation of Eve (life/alive/breath). If you like your meanings to be straightforward, then this one might be for you. Easy to say and spell, Xoe is just different enough to stand apart from the original.

  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: ZOH-ee, ZOH-wee, SWEH
  • Variations: Xoey
  • Namesakes: Xoe Arabella, an American social media personality.
  • Popularity: Although Xoe is most common in the U.S., it doesn’t crack the top 1,000 names.
Wholesome, Cute, Modern


Xoese sounds like a breath of air, making it feel so light. Using two “E”s adds to that open and airy atmosphere. Mark the special occasion of your baby’s birth with this uplifting Ghanaian pick.

  • Origin: Ghanaian
  • Meaning: Believe, hope
  • Pronunciation: KWEH-SEH, KWAY-suh
  • Popularity: Xoese is extremely rare worldwide and mainly used in Ghana.
Wholesome, Breezy, Cheerful


Xola comes from the South African Xhosa language, meaning “stay in peace.” Xola is also a variant of the American English Zola, which appears to be an invented moniker. It may stem from the Xhosa root “zola,” meaning “calm,” “relax,” or “peaceful.” It has also been suggested that Zola may have Latin roots.

  • Origin: South African, American English
  • Meaning: Stay in peace, calmness, mound of earth
  • Pronunciation: ZOH-luh, ZOHW-luh, KOH-lah
  • Variations: Zola
  • Popularity: Xola is most prevalent in South Africa but falls short of the top 1,000 names there.
Earthy, Soothing, Cute


Xora is an alternate spelling of Zora. This originates from a Slavic word meaning “aurora” or “dawn,” as well as the Xhosa language Zora, meaning “anoint” or “God’s blessings.” It all sounds very pretty, but beware that The Legend of Zelda fans will only be able to think of fish people.

  • Origin: Slavic, South African
  • Meaning: Dawn, aurora, God’s blessings
  • Pronunciation: ZOH-ra, ZAWR-uh
  • Variations: Zora
  • Popularity: Xora is most common in the U.S., but with less than ten bearers globally, it is quite rare.
Strong, Cool, Wholesome


Xosha is an African-American variant of Xhosa, a South African ethnic group. In the Khoisan languages, the word means “angry” or “fierce.” Perhaps your daughter is a fighter or just a bit sassy. Xosha could embody that feisty spirit while giving her a cultural connection.

  • Origin: African American
  • Meaning: Fierce
  • Pronunciation: ZOH-shah
  • Variations: Xhosa, Xosa
  • Namesakes: Xosha Kai Roquemore, an American actress.
  • Popularity: Xosha is most common in South Africa but is extremely rare, with about five recorded bearers worldwide.
Exotic, Powerful, Cool


An X followed by a Q? For English-speakers, Xquenda is linguistic treason. However, this epithet is fairly easy to pronounce and has a tender meaning. It’s a combination of the Zapotec “guenda” (spirit/soul/essence) and the possessive prefix “X.” Xquenda is a unique option that reveals the depths of parental love.

  • Origin: Mexican, Zapotec
  • Meaning: My spirit, my soul
  • Pronunciation: tsKWEN-da
  • Popularity: Xquenda is limited to Mexico, but even there, it’s highly uncommon.
Exotic, Wholesome


Xsara may be an English or French creation based on the Arabic Zahra (flower) or Zarah (high status). Perhaps it was meant to capture a bit of both, making it perfect for a pretty princess. The French automobile company, Citroën, has used this epithet to name their cars. Examples include the 1997 Citroën Xsara and the 1999 Citroën Xsara Picasso.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Exalted, high status, flower
  • Pronunciation: KZAH-ruh, EK-sar-uh
  • Variations: Zsara
  • Popularity: Xsara has less than five known bearers, limited to England and the U.S.
Regal, Modern, Cool


Xuan is a gender-neutral pick for parents who don’t want to get too girly. Depending on how the character is written, Xuan can mean “beautiful jade,” “choose, select,” “mysterious, profound, deep,” or “black, dark.” It can also mean “day lily” or “lofty, high pavilion.” You can also pronounce it the Chinese way (SHWEHN) or the Vietnamese way (SOON).

  • Origin: Chinese, Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Beautiful jade, mysterious, black, lily
  • Pronunciation: SHWEHN, SOON
  • Namesakes: Xuan Dong, also called Michelle Dong, a Chinese actress and singer. Xuan Ai, a Chinese painter. Xuan Liu, a former Chinese artistic gymnast.
  • Popularity: Xuan is most prevalent in China and Vietnam.
Earthy, Cute, Exotic


Xue has several uses, from a surname to a given name for both boys and girls. The Chinese character for Xue can be written as “xuě” (snow) or “xué” (learning/study/school/studious). In China, it’s more common as a surname, with roots tracing back to the State of Xue in what is modern-day Shandong.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Snow, learning, studious
  • Pronunciation: SHWEH, SWEHY
  • Namesakes: Xue Shen, a Chinese pair skater. Xue Han, also known as Cecilia Han, a Chinese singer and actress. Xue Sang, a Chinese female diver and Olympic synchronized swimming gold medalist.
  • Popularity: Xue is most popular in Hong Kong, often ranking in the top 1,000 names there.
Soothing, Elegant, Breezy
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Xueye is a combination of the Chinese characters for “xuě” (snow) or “xué” (study/learning/school) and “yè” (splendid/bright/glorious/firelight). Thus, it can also mean something to the effect of “splendid student.” Xueye captures many parents’ hopes and dreams for their child’s success and even doubles as a nature name.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Brilliant snow, bright snow
  • Pronunciation: SHWEH-yuh, SWEHY-yeh
  • Variations: Xue Ye
  • Popularity: Xueye is rare worldwide but commonly used in Taiwan.
Charming, Melodious, Cheerful


Xueying doesn’t just have a beautiful etymology, it’s also quite popular. It’s made using the Chinese character “xuě” (snow/learning/studious). The latter half can be written as “yīng” (hero/brave) or (flower/petal) or “yíng” (welcome/greet). It could also mean “yǐng” (clever/talented/outstanding), or (husk/head of grain), or “yíng” (lustrous, luster of gems).

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Snow flower, lustrous snow, welcome the snow
  • Pronunciation: SHWEH-yung, SWEHY-eeng
  • Namesakes: Xueying Zhang, also known as Sophie Zhang, a popular Chinese actress. Xueying Li, a Chinese World Championship and Olympic weightlifting gold medalist.
  • Popularity: Xueying is the most popular in China and is the 1,797th most common name in the world.
Melodious, Soothing, Cheerful


Despite its melodious sound, Xun is short and sturdy-looking. It comes from the Chinese character for Xun, which can be written in several ways. From “xūn,” it means “rank” or “meritorious deed,” and from “xùn,” it means “sudden, fast.” As the Mandarin Chinese surname, Xun has the older meaning of “herb.”

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Swift, meritorious deed
  • Pronunciation: SHOON, SHOO-in, SHOONG
  • Namesakes: Xun Zhou, a popular Chinese actress and singer.
  • Popularity: Xun is prevalent in China, often among the top 1,000 names.
Cool, Cute, Earthy


In English, Xureila is an invented name. Here, the prefix “Xur” doesn’t have a meaning. However, the latter half of this epithet, “-eila,” might take inspiration from Leila, derived from the Arabic Layla (night). It could also come from Sheila, meaning “blind.” In Spanish, Xureila is a variant of Zuriela, from the Hebrew Zuriel, meaning “my rock is God.”

  • Origin: Latin American, English
  • Meaning: My rock is God, night, blind
  • Pronunciation: zuh-REYE-luh, zuh-RAY-luh
  • Variations: Zuriela
  • Namesakes: Kaitlyn Bullitt, an American YouTube gamer whose username is Xureila.
  • Popularity: Xureila doesn’t appear on any popularity charts.
Modern, Pretty, Wholesome


Xuri is Swahili for “beautiful” and sounds as sweet as it looks. You don’t need a reason to call your daughter beautiful. Place this pretty epithet proudly in the first name spot, right where it belongs.

  • Origin: Eastern African
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: ZOO-ree
  • Variations: Zuri
  • Namesakes: Xuri Fenton, a Mexican social media personality and artist.
  • Popularity: Xuri does not make U.S. popularity charts and is rare internationally.
Pretty, Charming, Cute


Xyla could be an English invention based on the Greek word “xylon,” meaning “wood.” It’s popular in the U.S. but is still quite rare internationally. Xyla’s popularity is fairly recent, though, so don’t worry about having too many doppelgangers.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Wood
  • Pronunciation: ZEYE-lah, ZEYE-luh
  • Variations: Zyla
  • Namesakes: Xyla Foxlin, an American engineer, entrepreneur, and YouTube personality.
  • Popularity: Xyla ranked on U.S. charts for the first time in 2022 at 979th.
Elegant, Modern, Breezy


Xylina was coined in the early 20th-century, making it a modern option. It might be a variant of Xylia (wood) or directly derived from the Greek word “xylinos” (wooden/of wood). Rather than a metaphor for being stiff and stern, consider this as the material of choice for doll-making at one point.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Wooden, wood
  • Pronunciation: zeye-LEE-nuh
  • Variations: Xylia
  • Popularity: Xylina is most common in the U.S., though it doesn’t make the charts.
Cute, Cheerful, Charming


Xylo stems from the Greek word “xylon,” meaning “wood.” You may recognize it as the first part of the word for an instrument known as the “xylophone” (wood sound). If your daughter has musical inclinations, why not go for Xylo? It also fits right into the trend of names like Kylo and Mylo.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Wood
  • Pronunciation: ZEYE-loh
  • Popularity: Xylo has less than 20 known bearers internationally, making it extremely rare.
Cool, Earthy, Soothing


Xyra is an Islamic choice that means “moon” in Arabic. Quite a few girl names that start with X have this meaning, but Xyra is the only one with Arabic and Filipino ties. No matter your cultural background, Xyra is a refreshing choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Pronunciation: ZEYE-ruh
  • Popularity: About 382 people in the world were named Xyra, and it’s most prevalent in the Philippines.
Breezy, Soothing, Pretty


Why have one when you can have two? Xzandria gives you two unusual letters at once (X and Z). It’s a variant of Xandria/Zandria, as diminutives of Alexandria. If your daughter was born to be a leader, then you’ve found a strong contender. With little attention given to this epithet, she could have it all to herself.

  • Origin: Greek, English
  • Meaning: Defending men, protector of men
  • Pronunciation: ZAN-dree-uh
  • Variations: Xandria, Zandria
  • Popularity: Xzandria is limited to the U.S. and South Africa, where it is extremely rare.
Regal, Powerful, Strong
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X Names for Girls FAQs

What Are Unique Female Names That Start With X?

Xoday and Xipil are two highly unique girl names that start with X.

Xoday (HOH-deye) is a Tatar variant of the Persian Khuda (HOO-dah), meaning “God.” It doesn’t appear on popularity charts and doesn’t have any known namesakes (1). Besides being quite rare, you don’t often call a baby “God.”

Not much is known about the Aztec Xipil beyond its rarity and unusual pronunciation (SHEE-PEEL). Even its meaning is uncertain. For those in English-speaking nations, Xoday and Xipil will definitely stand out from the crowd.

What Is the Most Popular Baby Name for a Girl That Starts With X?

Ximena is one of the most popular X names for girls, especially in the Americas (2). This Spanish option is extremely widespread, growing in popularity globally (3). Tracing its roots to the biblical Simon, Ximena means “hearing/listening.” Ximena is ideal if you’re looking for trendy girl names that start with X but prefer a more traditional meaning.

If you want something fairly popular but a little more exotic, consider the Portuguese and Asturian Xana. It isn’t as common but is fairly widespread, appearing all over Europe and the Americas, in parts of Africa, and the Caribbean (4).

What Girl Names That Start With X Are in the Bible?

Xila and Xion are names for girls that start with X, found in the Bible — technically! Xila and XIon are actually modern alternative spellings of Zillah and Zion, respectively.

In the Bible, Zillah meaning “shadow” or “protection/shelter,” was the second of Lamech’s two wives. As for Zion, this was a hillside fortress city of Jerusalem. It eventually came to be known as the City of David and was called God’s “holy mountain.”

Xila and Xion are rare modern interpretations of these traditional Bible names. Although, Xion finds more use in the U.S. (5).

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