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70 Last Names That Start With X: With Fascinating Origins

Uncover the mysteries of these rare and fascinating surnames, starting with X!

Do you or others you know have last names that start with X, and are you curious about their origins? Or maybe you’re wondering what last names starting with X are out there? If so, you’re in the right place!

Surnames starting with X are rare in most cultures and languages, making their history and origins fascinating. Let’s dive into these unique X last names and uncover the stories they have to tell.

13 Most Common Last Names That Start With X

Discover the most popular X surnames and their fascinating origins.

  1. Xavier – of Basque origin, meaning “new house,” popular in Spanish-speaking countries.
  2. Xenos – from Greek, meaning “stranger,” initially referencing newcomers to ancient Greece.
  3. Xi – a common Chinese surname, associated with a state in ancient China.
  4. Xia – this Chinese surname, which means “summer,” is one of the oldest in China.
  5. Xiang – derives from the ancient state of Xiang and the legendary hero Xiang Yu.
  6. Xiao – meaning “resemble” in Chinese, Xiao is associated with the descendants of a legendary emperor.
  7. Ximenes – this variation of the Spanish Jiménez is primarily found in Mexico and Colombia.
  8. Xin – meaning “new” in Chinese, Xin is often part of compound surnames.
  9. Xing – is Chinese for “star” or “awakening,” giving it a poetic feel.
  10. Xiong – this Chinese surname meaning “bear” is popular among the Hmong people.
  11. Xochitl – a 7-letter given name and surname of Nahuatl origin, meaning “flower.”
  12. Xu – one of the most common surnames in China, meaning “slowly” or “to promise.”
  13. Xue – a lovely option among last names starting with X, meaning “snow” in Chinese.

24 Cool Last Names Starting With X

Let’s check out some awesome last names starting with X from around the globe.

  1. X – symbolizing anonymity or a break from tradition, X was used by activist Malcolm X.
  2. Xander – a short form of Alexander, meaning “defender of the people,” popular in many cultures.
  3. Xanders – similar to Xander, implying a connection to the given name Alexander.
  4. Xanthopoulos – of Greek origin, meaning “son of a blonde,” denoting familial lineage.
  5. Xanthopoulou – the feminine form of Xanthopoulos, referencing a “daughter of a blonde” in Greek culture.
  6. Xanthos – means “yellow” or “fair” in Greek, representing someone with fair characteristics.
  7. Xarxa – this X surname is linked to fishing or net-making, reflecting the coastal geography of Catalonia.
  8. Xasan – a variant of Hassan, Arabic for “handsome” or “good,” suggesting beauty and virtue.
  9. Xaver – a good option for unique name lovers as a rare form of the Basque Xavier.
  10. Xerxes – associated with the Persian king, symbolizing power and leadership.
  11. Xian – a strong Chinese surname meaning “immortal” or “virtuous.”
  12. Xiaochun – this 8-letter Chinese surname means “early spring,” symbolizing new beginnings.
  13. Xiberras – a Maltese surname related to a unit of measurement called a “xiber.”
  14. Xie – meaning “thank you” in Chinese, Xie is often traced to the ancient state of Chu.
  15. Ximenez – this variation of Jiménez was borne by Basque sailor Fortún Ximenez.
  16. Ximines – another variant of Jiménez, primarily found in Mexico and Colombia.
  17. Xinos – from Greek, Xinos may indicate origins in a specific geographical location.
  18. Xiqués – this 6-letter Catalan surname was borne by baseball player Leovigildo Xiqués.
  19. Xiu – in Chinese, Xiu means “elegant” or “beautiful,” reflecting grace and refinement.
  20. Xuân – a Vietnamese surname meaning “spring,” symbolizing renewal and rejuvenation.
  21. Xuarez – a less common variant of the Spanish Suarez, meaning “swineherd.”
  22. Xun – this 3-letter Chinese surname has ancient roots, tracing back to the Zhou Dynasty.
  23. Xydias – this beautiful Greek surname may come from “xylon,” meaning “wood.”
  24. Xylander – this German surname ultimately comes from the Greek “xylon” (wood) and “andros” (man).

33 Unique Surnames Starting With X

Let’s uncover the mystery behind these rare last names beginning with X.

  1. Xa – is commonly found among Chinese communities in Vietnam, meaning “car” or “war chariot” in Chinese.
  2. Xanh – in Vietnamese, Xanh means “green,” symbolizing growth, nature, and vitality.
  3. Xanthakys – likely a Greek surname derived from “xanthos,” meaning “yellow” or “fair.”
  4. Xanthis – in Greek, Xanthis means “yellow” or “fair,” indicating someone with fair features.
  5. Xantus – a name of Hungarian origin, associated with zoologist John Xantus.
  6. Xatart – likely of Basque origin, suggesting a specific regional connection.
  7. Xavier Da Moura – this elegant compound name suggests Portuguese or Brazilian heritage.
  8. Xaviour – a modern variant of Xavier, meaning “new house” in Basque.
  9. Xayachack – is Lao in origin, possibly denoting a historical or familial connection to Laos.
  10. Xayarath – of Laotian origin, reflecting the country’s rich cultural heritage.
  11. Xayavong – this Laotian surname beginning with X symbolizes prosperity and continuity within the family.
  12. Xenakis – often associated with composer Iannis Xenakis, meaning “foreigner” in Greek.
  13. Xenes – of Greek origin, meaning “foreigner” or “newcomer,” referencing early migration.
  14. Xenofontos – this uncommon surname means “foreign voice” in Greek.
  15. Xenophontos – a rare option among X last names, associated with a Greek monastery in Mount Athos.
  16. Xenophontov – a Russian surname derived from the Greek Xenophon (foreign voice).
  17. Xerri – this Maltese surname likely derives from the Arabic “sharīy,” meaning “noble-born.”
  18. Xhaferaj – an Albanian surname from the Arabic Xhafer, meaning “river” or “stream.”
  19. Xhaferi – similar to Xhaferaj, indicating a connection to rivers and nature.
  20. Xhaferraj – another variant of Xhaferaj that’s even less common.
  21. Xhaka – an Albanian surname, famously borne by Granit Xhaka, a professional soccer player.
  22. Xhani – is derived from Xhan, the Albanian form of John.
  23. Xhekaj – with Albanian roots, this cool surname is linked to hockey player Arber Xhekaj.
  24. Xhemali – from an Albanian personal name, possibly meaning “son of Xhemal.”
  25. Xhixha – this Albanian surname literally means “uncle,” referencing familial relationships.
  26. Xhuvani – likely from an Albanian personal name, meaning “son of Xhuvan.”
  27. Xiradakis – a rare option among last names that start with X, primarily found in Greece.
  28. Xoxa – a 4-letter option among surnames starting with X, linked to Albanian author Jakov Xoxa.
  29. Xuereb – a Maltese surname, likely from the Arabic “sharib” (drink) or “shurbah” (soup).
  30. Xydas – this 5-letter name is a variant of Xydis, meaning “vinegar.”
  31. Xydis – may derive from the Greek “xydi” (vinegar), referring to a vinegar maker or seller.
  32. Xypolitopoulos – an expansion of Xypolitos, meaning “descendant of the barefoot one.”
  33. Xypolitos – of Greek origin, meaning “barefoot,” possibly denoting someone of humble beginnings.

Last Names That Start With X FAQs

Why Do People Use X as a Last Name?

Using X as a last name is often a powerful statement, chosen by those wanting to break from their past identity or lineage. Many adopt the surname X to distance themselves from names given during slavery or colonialism, creating a new identity of their choosing. A well-known example is Malcolm X, who used “X” to symbolize the loss of his African ancestry and to reject his slave name. Choosing X as a last name has inspired others to see it as a symbol of empowerment, transformation, and self-definition.

Are X Last Names the Rarest?

Last names starting with X are quite rare around the world. This rarity is because X is one of the least used letters in many languages and isn’t typically found in traditional naming practices. However, there’s an exception in Chinese culture, where X surnames are more common thanks to linguistic norms. But remember, these X surnames are just transliterations of Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet. Despite this exception, X surnames still represent a tiny portion of family names worldwide, making their origins incredibly fascinating!

What Is the Most Common Last Name Starting With X?

The most common last name starting with X is Xu. This surname is widespread in China and among people of Chinese descent worldwide. The name Xu goes back to ancient China, coming from the legendary Xuanyuan Huangdi, also known as the Yellow Emperor. He was a cultural hero seen as one of the ancestors of the Chinese people. For centuries, scholars, officials, and significant historical figures have carried the Xu surname, contributing to its rich history and the remarkable people who have borne the name.

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